19 Ways to Create a Chic and Functional Study Room

With remote classes and homeschooling here to stay, it’s all the more reason to dedicate time and space to designing a study room of some form for the kids! Whether they’re just starting elementary school or teenagers preparing for college, creating a designated study space will help them (and you!) stay focused on the tasks at hand.

There’s no shortage of inspiring study room ideas, but it ultimately comes down to what’s right for you. Do you need a multipurpose solution that maximizes your living and dining spaces because you don’t have an extra full room for a home office or study? Or maybe you’re looking for clever small study room ideas that make the most of your family-friendly apartment.

No matter how big or small your space, we’ve got you covered with our stylish and functional study room ideas. Read on to get our tips and start designing your own creative study space.

Blue library style study room office

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Create A Library Work Space

If you’re working with an existing home office or shared workspace, turn it into a full on study with a library-like look and feel that everyone in the family can appreciate.

Bring in a pair of comfy armchairs across from your work area for sitting and for taking breaks from work. It’s a simple and stylish way to turn a home office into a space where you can keep an eye on your kids and their schoolwork while you do your own work during the day.

gray corner study area

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Carve Out A Study Corner

One of the easiest ways to set up a functional and private workstation for your little ones is to build out a study nook.

Pull in a corner table or line up two desks into an L-shape arrangement. Pair it with a cushioned armchair or an adjustable seat that makes it comfy for the kids to sit in, log into class, and stay focused for hours. This set up also gives them a spacious work area to do everything from homework to crafts.

green and neutral office study room

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Add Task Lighting

You can create a stylish study space for the kids without devoting an entire room to the job. Turn your dining table or any surface into a study area by simply adding task lighting or a desk lamp.

With this approach, it creates a study spot where they can easily leave and pick up their work at different times throughout the day. Try adding a task light or lamp to one end of the dining table or on a console to make the most of these surfaces. If you’re working with a small table, you can’t go wrong with a classic small desk lamp.

study room area in a bedroom

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Opt For A Wall-Mounted Desk

When it comes to small-space study room ideas, a wall-mounted desk makes for a compact and convenient homework station in your kids’ bedroom.

With a wall-mounted desk, it not only saves floor space but it also creates a visually clean look in the space. It’s the perfect minimalist solution for a small kids room, or even a narrow hallway if you’re after a multifunctional working area that everyone in the family can use.

built-in storage office study room with black walls

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Go Big With Built-In Storage

For those with a home office or study that has built-ins, make the most of them by storing practical study materials, such as books, office supplies, and school materials for your kids.

Think of your built-ins as a shared storage space that everyone can access at any time. Additionally, treat your built-ins as a display case for decor and other favorite objects to give it a personal touch. If you’re looking for study room ideas that are a tad more traditional and formal, built-ins are a bold approach that will check those boxes for you.

study room lounge with dark blue walls

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Think Study Lounge

In a larger space, consider a study room design that conjures up the look and feel of a formal library-like lounge with an oversize sofa and warm, comfy accent pieces.

Start by anchoring your room with a plush sofa that makes for a perfect reading seat, then round it out with a side table and library-inspired art and decor on your walls and shelves. This is a great approach to a study space for you and your kids if you like to spend time as a family reading or doing creative activities in the same room.

Study room nook in a living room

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Zone Out A Study Nook

A stylish way to create an instant study area for kids is to partition off your living space into two different zones—one with a seating area for relaxing, and another with a desk for work.

This is one of the most common study room ideas for homes that need to maximize their living room usage. Try using an open bookcase as a room divider that offers functional storage, or you can also try using a folding screen or a rug to delineate your living space from your study spot.

shared office study room with two desks

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Create Distinct Study Spaces

In the same vein as dividing up your living space, consider turning an entire corner or area along a wall into a workspace for two with a partitioned setup of desks.

With this approach, you’ll be able to create two distinct office spaces that can be used by you and your kids. Set it up with matching desks, lamps, and wall decor, and use an open bookshelf divider as a shared storage unit. It all adds up to a perfect dedicated study corner for two kids. For more unique workspace setups, check out our tips for homeschool layout ideas.


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double desk stud room

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Design An Open Work Area

One of our favorite study room ideas, this double desk setup provides a collaborative workspace that can be used by everyone in the home.

By arranging two desks side-by-side in a hallway or open living corner, you have an instant office space that can easily double as a homework station for your kids. Stylish as well as practical, this approach provides a surface for your kids to spread out there homework, or for you to get some quick work done on your laptop at night.

breakfast nook study room

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Consider A Moveable Office

Rather than dedicating a fixed space for work and studying, try taking a more versatile makeshift approach with a rolling cart that’s stocked with all your office and school supplies.

By filling a serving or bart cart with notebooks, stationery, crafts and extra office supplies, you turn any dining or living space into a study spot as needed. And when not in use, you can easily tuck the cart away in a corner or along the wall to save space.

cloffice study room

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Repurpose A Closet For Work

Transforming a closet into a focused workspace is probably one of the best small study room ideas for any kids room. Not only does it save space in a room, it also provides a quiet, focused area for doing schoolwork.

A closet has just enough space to fit a desk and chair, and can make for the perfect little work nook in a kids bedroom. Think of it as decorating a tiny workspace, with a desk lamp, wall art, and floating shelves for storage. For more stylish small office decorating ideas, check out our tips for dorm room decor.

dining room and study area

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Maximize Your Dining Space

For families looking for low-lift study room ideas that don’t involve redecorating a room or buying new furniture, turning the dining room into a multipurpose space for work and homeschooling is probably the most practical approach.

With any long dining table, you can turn it into a makeshift study zone and work area for kids to attend remote classes and do homework during the day. You can also do your own work at the other end of the table. At the end of the day, simply clear off the table for meals and store away books, laptops, and other work supplies in a nearby storage piece, like a sideboard or a buffet.

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Build Out A Live-Work Space

More than any room in the home, your living space is often the best place for integrating an office and study zone.

Consider devoting an entire wall at one end of your living space for a work area for you and your kids. See if you can tuck your work zone into a corner or off to the side of your living room if you’re pressed for space. Either way, this is a great way to create a quiet study area that blends seamlessly into your living space and home.

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Put Your Bedside To Work

You can file this one under foolproof study room ideas that work in any kids bedroom design. By arranging a desk next to a bed, it doubles as study space as well as a nightstand. And the best part is that this setup can work wonderfully in smaller bedrooms or in kids rooms that are pressed for space. Just make sure that the height of your desk isn’t too tall alongside the bed. Need helping finding a desk that’s just right? Check out these desk ideas for kids.

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Play Up A Windowside Office

Transform any window space into a chic home office corner by adding a desk. The empty space in front of any window always makes for a good spot for work as it provides great natural light.

Round out your window workspace with simple study room decorations, like a desk lamp and a low tiered shelf. By minimizing furnishings and decor, it will help keep your office feeling curated, open, and airy.

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Use Every Inch In Small Spaces

The truth is, a study space can be made almost anywhere, even in the most compact rooms. The key to small study room ideas that work is to utilize every aspect of a space.

Here, the seating area under the loft bed in this kids room is both a space for relaxing as well as a study zone for doing homework. The comfy seating, floor cushion, and low table, which provides a spot to set books and laptops, all add up to a cozy and focused study zone.

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Consider A Guest Room Study

If you have an extra guest bedroom, consider adding a workspace in it for an elevated study room design.

This is a chic solution to a home office or study space if you’re tight on space in the rest of your home. You can dedicate half of your guest bedroom to being your study by adding a desk, table lamp, and a comfy chair, and it can function as your main workspace when you’re not hosting overnight guests.

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Make For A Corner Office Look

In a large open living space, you can also float a desk at one end of the room to create a dedicated workspace that has the look of an executive study room design.

With this approach, it’s all about creating an open office that feels like a formal room within your living space. Round out your floating desk setup with a bookcase and an armchair to further play up the executive office feel, and ground it with a bold rug to set it apart as its own space.

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Section Out A Workspace For Two

What often sets apart great study room ideas is that they can accommodate more than one person.

In this workspace, a large desk is set up with a pair of chairs, making it the perfect office and kids study zone for two. It’s a chic and practical approach to a work area that’s designed for collaborating, whether it’s helping your child with homework or giving your kids a workspace where they can work together.

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My Modsy Story: Creating a Grown-Up Kids Room in Time for the School Year


Homeowner: Olympia A.

Spaces: Kids Bedroom

My Style: Contemporary Collector

modsy before image

The Design Dilemma

Olympia is many things—a busy consultant for nonprofits, a wine connoisseur, and a mother of three. But she’s not an interior design expert. However, as her sons Cash and Max entered middle school, she realized it was time to convert their small bedroom into something a little more grown-up and functional. Between her busy work schedule and lack of design knowledge, she struggled to create a practical layout where her sons could both relax and do school work in their room.

“Before we started our design journey, this room had gone ignored,” Olympia explains. “The room was an empty box with two rather child-like twin beds shoved in the corner.”

However, she knew that things in the space would have to change with the new school year fast approaching. “I needed to transform a space that was mostly for sleeping into a multi-functional room where they could do school work, relax, and play Xbox”.

Olympia says she even “cut out pieces of paper to replicate Max and Cash’s furniture to figure out the right layout!” Then, realizing that there had to be an easier option that could help with the room’s design, she Googled “virtual interior design” and found Modsy.
customer kids room modsy

The Modsy Moment

Olympia says both she and her sons were blown away by the first two designs they received from their designer. “The first layout was something I would have never imagined alone and I was really impressed with it. But the second design was perfect for my boys,” she explains. “When I showed them the design they actually thought it was a photo and that I decorated their room overnight! The designs were just that life-like.”

Max and Cash liked how the design gave them each their own side of the room and how the decor felt more grown-up. Olympia was impressed by how the designer opened up the space by adding hanging storage and a wall desk. And all three of them were crazy about the blue accent wall!

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kids room modsy

The Real Results

Now that the project is complete Olympia and her sons couldn’t be happier with the room. “Modsy provided me with a practical and beautiful design for my son’s room that we are all excited to show off. The whole design experience made me feel proud of what I could accomplish while designing from my sofa.”

Modsy customer on vacationOlympia, with her family enjoying time in California wine country

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5 Layouts To Set Your Little One Up for Homeschooling Success

There’s no doubt 2020 will be one for the books. With the pandemic, WFH has become the new normal and so has remote learning given school closures. All of which has turned our homes into offices, classrooms, gyms, you name it.

It’s not surprising then that many parents are struggling to balance working from home and homeschooling their kids. One major pain point we’ve been hearing from parents is figuring out how to make space in the home to do it all, especially when this might continue throughout the entire school year. It’s essentially moving the classroom into your home, which is no simple task. But don’t worry, we’re here to help with our best homeschool design tips and layout ideas.

Just like a home office, setting up your space with a homeschooling area will help keep school and home life separate for you and your kids—whether it’s getting creative with desk ideas for kids or designating a room that’s a full workspace for them. If you don’t have a separate room, don’t fret. With some simple layout adjustments, you can still carve out a great at-home study for your kids within your living spaces.

For some guidance, we’ve rounded up five room setups that make for perfect homeschool layouts. Read on to see the layouts and get our tips for working the ideas into your home.

homeschool layouts1. The Open Work Station

In terms of living room design ideas, a window nook is always a bonus. In this typical living room layout, a long bench for extra seating is replaced with a slim desk for a window nook workspace. The final set up makes for a perfect spot for homeschooling, video-chatting for remote lessons, and everyday studying.

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The Key Layout Elements:

Long slender desks. The addition of one or two longs desks fills out the nook without taking up extra floor space in the rest of the living room. If you have more than one child, this setup gives all your kids ample room to “go to school” comfortable side-by-side.

Under table storage. Sneak in a filing cabinet for compact organization under the tables. It can be used for everything from crayons to notebooks to books. The best part is that it tucks away nicely without taking up room in your living space.

A stylish study chair. Think of your desk chair here as part of your living room seating. When not used for the office area, it can be turned around and pulled into the living space as extra seating.

homeschool layouts2. Partition Off An Office Corner

If you don’t have a window nook in your living room, there are still many ways you can divide up your space to include a homeschooling workspace. In this mixed-use room, a floating bookcase separates the living area from the office, resulting in a seamless and functional layout. (Check out this post on how to float furniture for more tips on this essential layout hack!)

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The Key Layout Elements:

A low bookshelf. This is the most essential decor piece in this layout since it separates the functions of your space. Choose one that’s not too tall but provides you with lots of open storage. Ideally, one with cubbies will give you room to store living room essentials, like remotes and smart devices as well as extra school items for the kids.

Streamlined desk. WIth any designated office area, you’ll want to anchor it with a modern desk that does it all. That means one with a deep drawer that provides you with lots of storage for your kid’s school supplies, notebooks, laptop, iPad, etc.

Thin area rug. One way to set off your work area is to ground it with a rug. Not only will it add soft padding for your office chair, but it will also make the office corner feel like it’s own space. It’s ideal to go with a flatweave or a thin area rug and don’t forget rug pads to hold it in place!

homeschool layouts3. The Communal Classroom

As we demand so much more out of our homes these days, the dining room is one space that sees the most action. Now, it’s the dining room home office, where in addition to a gathering spot for meals, it’s also a convenient place for spreading homeschooling the kids.

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The Key Layout Elements:

Communal dining table. A large dining table that lets you and your kids spread out their homework is key. Being seated at a big table and doing work actually brings a classroom vibe to homeschooling. A table cloth will also help keep everything neat and easy to tidy up.

A credenza for them. Rather than an elegant sideboard, a functional one with stylish storage is great for all the little school things your kids have. One with cubbies will give you extra storage for school supplies while remaining stylish looking in the space.

Organize a school corner.  Instead of staging your sideboard or credenza with formal accents, transform it for homeschooling. Hang up a map or alphabet chart, add a globe to the surface, and line up all of your kid’s books.

4. Set Up A Hallway Study Zone

If the living room and dining space don’t work for homeschooling, set up a work area for two in a narrow hallway. Think of it as an alternative to your console table. The best part is that it can still function as a display and catchall spot when this space isn’t used for studying or homework.

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The Key Layout Elements:

Open-base desks. Since this work zone is in a high-traffic hallway, choose one or two desks with a more airy look. Desks with open bases and a slender, streamlined top will help keep the workspace from feeling in the way.

Chic wall sconces. Sconces make for lighting that doesn’t take up desk or floor space. Hang a matching pair above your desk to add stylish lighting for both the work area and the hallway.

Educational gallery wall. Create a mini gallery wall above your work zone with art that mixes education and style. Think world maps, scientific animal prints, ephemera art, biology charts.

homeschool layouts5. The Integrated Live-Work Space

For those who have a standard rectangular or square living room layout, you can easily rearrange one wall to incorporate a workspace for homeschooling that’s in line with the rest of your decor. Rather than section off your office area, this is all about integrating it into your room.

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The Key Layout Elements:

A modern desk. A Mid-Century desk is always a great versatile option when you’re trying to complement existing decor. The modern aesthetic works with a range of decor and they’re streamlined in design and size, so they’ll fit neatly in with most living room layouts.

Mid-Century office chair. Pick a seat, maybe one of castors, that matches your desk. Just like your desk, a Mid-Century style chair is a chic, compact, and complementary choice for any living room decor.

Ladder bookcase. To give your work area both presence and practical storage, a ladder bookcase will do the trick. It has an open feel that blends nicely with an open living room layout, and it will also add storage for school items and books while taking up minimal floor space.

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