6 Date Night Decor Tips to Make Valentine’s Day (or Any Day) Feel Extra Special

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching—but plans might look a little different this year. Instead of a fancy dinner out, many couples are opting for a date night in. But for some, that can feel like a bit of a let-down. After all, how can you make Valentine’s Day dinner (or any date night dinner, for that matter) feel special, when you spend night after night together at home?

All it takes is a bit of creativity and planning ahead! With a few decor swaps and some rearranging, you can make an at-home date night or celebration feel just as special as a night on the town. So, whether it’s Valentine’s Day, a Galentine’s get-together, or an upcoming birthday, anniversary, or special milestone, we have the tips you need to elevate your night in.

Read on for a round-up of simple tips and small decor shifts to take you from a regular dinner at home to a very special, thoughtful date night in.
date night decor tips

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1. Tidy Up

Key to making date night feel different from any old evening? A clean home. After all, your favorite restaurant doesn’t have dirty dishes in the sink or toys strewn about the floor, does it? Elevate the vibe of your space by giving it a good clean! So, either the night before or day-of, give yourself some time to tidy up your space so that when dinner time comes around you can sit back and relax.

2. Bust Out the Fancy Stuff

Do you have special dishes, glasses, or cutlery that you only use when you have company over or on major holidays? Well, consider this the perfect opportunity to bust out that special occasion tableware. Use your nice dishes, your best serveware and flatware, and your favorite wine glasses. Have a decanter or wine chiller collecting dust at the back of your cabinet? Date night is the perfect time to elevate your drink presentation as well! Pour your red wine into a decanter for serving at the table, or keep your white wine or champagne chilled, tableside.

Stylist Tip: If you and your partner have a favorite restaurant, try to recreate the vibe of that space at home! Bring in decorative elements and tabletop pieces that visually resemble the restaurant’s ambiance and style.

date night decor tips

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3. Create Some Ambiance

Nothing says “there’s nothing special happening here” like bright, unflattering overhead lighting on date night. So, make sure you create some ambiance before settling in for dinner! Dim (or entirely turn off) your overhead lighting and light some candles! You can go with tapers, a trio of pillar candles, or even a few flameless votives. Want a little more light? Consider investing in a mood-setting new lamp to place on a buffet or console table!

But ambiance isn’t just about lighting. Queue up some background music, too! Bonus points if it’s on vinyl, played on a nearby turntable.

date night decor tips

4. Arrange Some Fresh Flowers

A simple floral bouquet or vase of fresh greenery will help enliven the mood and serve as a beautiful centerpiece while you dine. Want your space to feel even more special? Scatter a few different arrangements of florals and greenery around your room—from the table to a buffet and even your bar cart. (More on that next!)

date night decor tips

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5. Prep Your Bar Cart

Plan ahead for what you want to drink on date night, whether that’s a fancy cocktail or mocktail, or some celebratory bubbles. Make sure your bar cart is stocked and styled with the necessities. From there, take it to the next level by sprinkling in little moments of delight that will make mixing drinks feel extra special—like a vase of fresh flowers, flickering candles, a decanter, and perhaps a book of love poems!

No bar cart? No problem. Here are 7 ways to create an impromptu bar!

date night decor tips

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6. Consider Setting Up Somewhere Special

If having dinner at your dining table feels too “everyday,” consider setting up your dinner or appetizers elsewhere in your home. Don’t be afraid to dine in your living room by the fireplace (how cozy!), lounging by your sofa, or even at your eat-up kitchen counter if you want to recreate the vibe of your favorite bar! (What is it about sitting side-by-side on barstools that feels so romantic?) Any of these relocations will help your date night feel different than the ordinary day-to-day scene.

Stylist Tip: If you set up in your living room, consider swapping in a few special throw pillows and extra cozy blankets to up the cozy and romantic vibe of your space!

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Post-Holiday Decor Tips: How to Combat the Winter Blues with Interior Design

The holidays are over—but winter certainly is not. And if you’re anything like us, your home might feel a bit barren and cold when all the holiday decorations come down. It’s too early to decorate for spring, but sometimes it feels like holiday decor is the only winter decoration option out there. But trust us—that’s not the case.

In fact, post-holiday winter decor is the perfect way to add an extra dose of coziness to your home! So, even during a time of year where the days are short and cold and the nights are dark and even colder, you can experience some cozy living as you bide your time until spring.

To be fair, our fall decor tips had elements of cozy. But with winter, it’s time to embrace Hygge decor and make some other cozy decor updates. And we’re not just talking about Christmas decorations—though Christmas trees and twinkle lights are an absolutely necessary part of winter decor ideas. But we’re also talking about updates that go beyond the holiday season and will keep you feeling cozy well into the new year! Because the festive cheer shouldn’t end when the new year begins—it just looks a little different.

It can be difficult to nail down winter decorating ideas after the holidays though. When the tree and twinkle lights come down, our houses often feel bare and kind of sad. But we have a solution with a plethora of post-holiday winter decor tips.

Read on for our best winter decor tips and cozy interior design ideas!


trendy grey living room with large sectional and Moroccan inspired rug

Take Time to Declutter

The New Year is a great time to hit reset on your home. Take a day or weekend to declutter and cleanse your space. This might mean taking down the holiday decor, but it can also be a time to reflect on what’s been useful in your home this past year and what no longer serves you. (Maybe it’s a good time to re-watch Tidying Up with Mari Kondo??) Donate those items you no longer need to make more space for what’s important.

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dining room with oblong white dining table and red velvet dining chairs around it

Incorporate Winter Greenery

Having greenery indoors adds life to your home during the dark winter months when we can’t frequent the outdoors as easily or as often. And certain types of greenery feel especially wintery. Boxwood and eucalyptus are lovely winter greens. They both last a long time and look beautiful even when they’re dried out. Bonus: Eucalyptus also has a calming, soothing scent.

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Different types of winter greenery work particularly well with different design styles:

  • Redwood, pine, blue spruce are great for traditional styles
  • Juniper, cedar, and magnolia fit well in farmhouse-style homes
  • Eucalyptus goes well with mid-century modern, minimal, eclectic styles
  • Seeded eucalyptus is great for boho spaces

Stylist Tip: If you’re decorating your fireplace mantel with a garland, soak your greenery in the tub in cold water to “enliven” it, which will make it last longer. Gently spray with water every day. If it’s a bouquet of greenery in a vase, rather than a wreath or garland, change out the water daily to keep it fresh longer.


hygge living room with large plush sectional and moody walls

Snuggle Up With Lots of Textures

Bringing a multitude of different textures into your space will really amp up the cozy factor. Think about incorporating textures throughout your space by layering in pillows, throws, and additional rugs in various cozy textures. Think: boucle, sheepskin, tweeds, faux fur, mohair, velvet. And don’t forget about the chunky knit throws and natural elements! Want a little bit of indulgence? Consider investing in a cashmere throw. They’re worth it for the extra soft texture! And don’t forget about the winter greenery from our last tip! The greenery you bring into your space during the winter months will add extra texture!

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Stylist Tip: Layer textures evenly throughout your room so no one piece of furniture or corner of the room feels lonely or without an element of cozy. And remember: not everything has to be covered in pillows. You can keep it simple with just 1-3 pillows maximum for sofas and larger chairs, accompanied by a cozy throw.

Scandinavian inspired living room with large tan sectional and fuzzy white rug

Sheepskin Rugs

We find sheepskin rugs (faux or real) to be the perfect textiles to help home feel more cozy throughout the winter. Layer a sheepskin rug with your existing area rug to create a cozy corner in your space. Or, add it to the side of your bed so its plush warmth is the first place your feet land every morning! We love the organic shape they bring to a space as well.

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earth tone reading nook with woven baskets on wall and leather lounge chair

Fill the Void With Layers of Decor

You know that void that decluttering and taking down Christmas decor leaves behind? Aside from layering in different textures, like we just mentioned, another way to bring winter coziness into your home is to layer surfaces around your home with cozy details. So, yes, add a textural throw blanket and pillow to your sofa. But think about your other furniture as well.

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On a credenza or console, add a candle and a few sprigs of winter greenery, such as juniper. To your bed, layer on a quilt and perhaps a throw blanket at the foot of the bed. On your coffee table, layer in some seasonal coffee table books and more candles, or a decorative object that feels wintery. One or two new elements in any given area of your home can make a huge difference to the overall vibe of your space! This will help fill the void that taking down holiday decor leaves behind.

You can also think in layers when it comes to arranging your furniture. Layer in a small pouf by your sofa or a couple of storage ottomans at the foot of your bed to stash extra blankets. In your entryway, layer in a few baskets to house extra mittens, wool socks, hats, and other winter gear!

traditional living room with two ruffled white sofas facing each other

Embrace Layered Lighting

The winter season tends to get rather dark and dreary, so now is the perfect time to create layered lighting options in each room of the house. We do this through accent lighting—like table and floor lamps—as well as using lots of candles!

Need help deciphering what lamps you need? Check out our ultimate guide to lighting!

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close-up of dining table in natural wood with candles and greenery all around it


After the holidays, we love replacing Christmas lights with candles and other ambient lighting. This helps ease the transition out of the holidays and still create that warm, cozy vibe. Candles are a great way to add light, warmth, and a moodiness to any space. Layer them onto bookshelves, coffee tables, nightstands, kitchen counters, or even small side tables. Anywhere you want that comforting, flickering glow! You can opt for scentless pillar candles, or bring in cozy winter scents!

Stylist Tip: For high-traffic or kid-friendly spaces, opt for flameless candles. They offer the same ambiance and warmth, without the fire hazard!

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close up of nightstand in dark grey with small lamp and trinkets

Accent Lights

With lots of grey days and the sun setting early, we love using accent lights to create a warm glow in our living areas. Consider layering a table lamp in your entryway, in addition to the overhead chandelier you might already have. You could also add a few smaller decorative table lamps for light (and style) to areas like bar carts or credenzas for an eclectic accent.

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contemporary dining room with blue walls and round dining table

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Decorate With Winter Blues

No need to feel blue this winter. A fresh, cheery color palette will breathe new life into your home—whether you incorporate it into your living room, bedroom, or dining room! We love crisp blues for a winter color refresh. Paired with cheerful yellows will keep things feeling bright. But you can also go high-contrast with black or create a warm palette when paired with warm woods and leather accents. (Bonus: Blues transition seamlessly to spring and summer!)


winter decor tips | post holiday winter decor

Bust Out the Winter Storage

Depending on what area of the country you live in, the weather throughout the winter can range from wet and gloomy to full-on snowstorms. Either way, this calls for some extra outdoor gear. So, bring out baskets you keep tucked away during the warmer months to serve as quick storage of hats, mittens, and scarves in your entryway or mudroom. This is also a great time of year to bring in a coat rack or hang extra wall hooks for your jackets and coats! You could also bring out extra baskets in your living room or bedrooms for extra throw blankets and quilts to keep cozy and warm on winter evenings.

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bohemian inspired bedroom with green walls and rust colored accents

Upgrade Your Bedding

During the winter months, it’s important to update your bedding—especially if you live in a colder climate. When it comes to sheets, flannel is the best option for winter bedding. And you may want to replace your duvet with a heavier down option. From there, layer your bed with a cozy quilt and additional throw blanket for optimum coziness. Really want to relax at night? Try layering on a weighted blanket!

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winter decor tips | post holiday winter decor

Bring in Winter-Inspired Art

Art is a great way to bring a little life and lightness into your home in the winter. (And also a great way to support your post-holiday winter color palette.) So, simply swap in any art that inspires you and makes you feel at peace during the winter months. These swaps can be simple and small or large and impactful. Pressed winter flowers or greenery make great winter art. We also love swapping in paintings of winter scenes, such as snowy mountains, or impressionist wintery landscapes.

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dark grey living room with white sofa and two accent chairs over a jute and sheepskin set of rugs

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Make Some Upholstery Swaps

Textures, materials, and colors make a huge difference on the overall feel of your space. Winter is a great time to switch out your rugs and drapery if you want to establish a cozier, moodier vibe.


Make sure your rug is reflective of the overall vibe you’re going for in the space. If your rug feels more summery with brighter colors while your winter decorations and textiles (like pillows, throws, and poufs) are darker, high-contrast, and cozy, consider swapping out your rug for one that brings out those winter hues for this time of year. Or, opt for a chunky jute rug, which easily suits any season! Otherwise, swap in thicker knits like a chunky wool or a saturated vintage-inspired pattern for the ultimate cozy winter feel. Alternatively, you could also just layer in more rugs—like the sheepskin we mentioned earlier—if you’d rather not swap out an entire rug.


black and white living room with white sofa facing two modern rustic accent chairs


More often than not, you’re probably not buying new drapes for every season. However, if you live in a cooler climate, it’s best to invest in a heavier drape for winter to help keep the cold air out. (Bonus: it will make your space look cozier, too.) Veer away from sheer linens and instead opt for materials like blackout curtains or thicker fabrics like velvet or canvas-like materials, which are both heavier weights.

Want to keep exploring? Discover some of our favorite cozy living room designs, learn about why we’re embracing the Traditional Comfort trend for 2021, and read about how good design can help you keep your New Year’s Resolutions.

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Dining In, In Style: 5 Inspiring Holiday Tablescape Ideas

It’s obvious by now that holiday celebrations during COVID look mighty different than years past. But, even without large gatherings of family and friends, you can still make your home feel cheerful and festive this holiday season.

One great way to do that? Getting intentional about your holiday dinner place settings and table decorations! We’re making our holiday meals feel extra special by creating a thoughtful holiday tablescape. Just because you aren’t hosting guests doesn’t mean you can’t make your table settings and centerpiece feel merry and bright, right??

Read one for seven holiday dinner table ideas and holiday hosting tips for intimate gatherings. They’ll delight and inspire you, whether you’re flying solo this holiday season, celebrating with your partner or roommates, or if you have an immediate household that will be gathering around the table.


holiday decor in traditional style dining room

Setting Something Special

When setting your table for your big holiday meal, give each place setting a little something special. A surprise at each place setting offers an element of excitement and thoughtfulness to your holiday table. You can either do the same thing at each place setting or give a unique gift to each person at the table.

Need some ideas? Perhaps an ornament each person can hang on the tree and keep for years to come. Maybe a simple stocking stuffer or a favorite candy, tucked inside a mini stocking or a clear plastic tree ornament! We also love some simple greenery with a name card or petite candles they can burn later. You can really do anything that’s small and feels festive and charming!

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holiday decor in traditional style dining room

Let Your Light Shine

For casual dining settings, try creating a centerpiece with an assortment of your favorite candles for added warmth. Create visual interest by mixing candles of different heights and shapes. An added bonus? They’re not just for the holidays! You can keep these up into the New Year and throughout the winter for continued brightness and cheer around the table!

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holiday dinner table ideas

Keep it Simple

Have a teeny table in a dining nook? Go simple with your Christmas table decorations. We love using small wreaths as a simple centerpiece. They look (and smell!) festive on their own—but you can also throw a few candles in the center for a lively and bright Christmas centerpiece for an intimate holiday gathering! A lower centerpiece like this in a small dining nook doesn’t take up a ton of space, and it really elevates the look of your tablescape.

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holiday dinner table ideas

The Case for the Coffee Table

This one might be one of our favorite Christmas table setting ideas for 2020. If you’re flying solo or celebrating the holidays with just one other person, embrace the different year and gather around your coffee table for dinner instead! This small and intimate tablescape is perfect for those who are video calling other members of their family or enjoying a virtual cocktail hour with friends. A coffee table also allows you tons of space to spread out a family-style dinner or charcuterie board! Add festive touches around your coffee table—like seasonal foliage, candles, and cozy pillows and throws!

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Holiday decor dining room

A Formal Affair for Just a Few

Miss hosting large gatherings and want to create a more formal tablescape even though it’ll just be your immediate family around the table? We get it—and just because you have a smaller group this year doesn’t mean you can’t go all out with some stunning holiday decor ideas! And pulling it off is quite simple. Showcase a few of your favorite decorative objects (such as vases or nutcrackers) at the center of the table. Then, add in seasonal greenery to create contrast and add a bit of festive color and texture.

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holiday dinner table ideas

Sprinkling Festive Decor Throughout the Room

Not super into ornate or complicated tablescapes? You can always skip the holiday tablescape and instead introduce other elements of holiday or winter decor into your dining room. We love the idea of setting up a small tree in your dining room, or hanging your stockings into this area to help spread holiday cheer throughout your whole home! (Check out our holiday lookbook for more fun decor ideas.)

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neutral dining room with fall decor

Unexpected and Understated

Ok, so we may have highlighted this look for our Thanksgiving tablescape ideas earlier this fall. But we think it’s still relevant for Christmas! After all, just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you have to decorate your dining room in reds and greens. If understated, neutral, and timeless is your vibe, try going neutral with your decor. Opt for marble or stoneware vases with unexpected foliage. Then sprinkle in bits of cream, grey, and green to create contrast. (But with the green, opt for something other than winter greenery—like a bowl of fruit—to keep things unexpected and understated.)

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Want more dining room design ideas? Check out our dining room furniture checklist for all the essentials your dining room can’t live without!

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Christmas Tree Layouts: 6 Places to Put Your Tree

Holiday season is here! For many people, things will be a little different this year with holiday celebrations during COVID. But whether you’re spending the holidays in a different location or having a small gathering at home, more than ever this is the year to go big on decorations and close out 2020 on a festive note.

If you celebrate Christmas, it means you’ll probably have a tree. But before you get to trimming yours, deciding where to put a Christmas tree is key. You want your tree to shine and be seen, but you also don’t want it to get in the way of the flow in your space.

For inspiration, here are some of our best Christmas tree layout ideas to help you find the perfect spot for yours this holiday season. Read on for the best spots and get our Christmas tree ideas along the way!

You’ll also want to check out our holiday decor lookbook for tons of bright and happy ideas!

black and white living room with white sofa and modern accent chairs

The Tried-And-True

Setting up your Christmas tree next to your fireplace gives your space a nostalgic holiday look. It also adds a cozy ambiance to the room when there’s a fire crackling and the tree is lit up with Christmas lights. Make sure to leave enough room all around the tree for presents underneath!

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Fireplace Christmas Tree Ideas:

One of our favorite Christmas tree decorating ideas is to tie in our holiday mantel decor with our tree ornaments so you get a big cohesive moment at the front of the living room. Try hanging matching garlands, spreading out ornaments, and stringing lights across your tree and mantel.

where to put a christmas tree

The Stylish Surprise

Putting a Christmas tree in your dining space is an unexpected yet stylish move. It adds cheer and sparkle and turns the gathering space into a spirited setting that’s perfect for small get-togethers. This is best for larger dining rooms or open living-and-dining spaces where a tree can fill out an entire empty corner near or in front of large windows.

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Dining Room Christmas Tree Ideas:

If over-the-top Christmas tree decorating ideas are your style, use your dining space for a second tree in addition to your main one. Because, why stop at one? Have one tree for gifts and decorations and the second one in your dining room for just lights to add more holiday sparkle.

christmas tree in front of modern open stairwell

The Bright Welcome

For a big holiday statement, you can’t beat a decked-out tree in the entryway. One that’s dripping with Christmas tree decorations is a great way to show off the holiday spirit as soon as you enter the home. This is perfect for foyers with high ceilings or if you have an amazing staircase; it’s sure to be a dramatic showstopper.

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Entryway Christmas Tree Ideas: 

As far as 2020 Christmas tree trends go, two trees are always better than one. Just as you would put a tree in your dining room, think of your entryway Christmas tree as the main event. It’s where you’ll go big on ornaments and load up with presents on the floor. Another one of our favorite Christmas tree ideas is to keep the decorations consistent—think all ribbons or all silver and blue ornaments, which will leave a bold impression.

Christmas tree next to white swivel accent chair

The Big Spectacle

Make your tree the talk of the town by placing it in front of a large window so that it dazzles passersby. Think of this approach as creating your own holiday window showcase that’s the centerpiece of your house when seen from the outside. Indoors, having your tree in front of a large window gives it a dramatic backdrop and is sure to make it the focal point in your room.

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Window View Christmas Tree Ideas:

With a tree that can be seen from the outside, it’s all about the Christmas decorations versus the tree. So if you’re not sure about a real tree, you can go with other Christmas tree types that are great alternatives. In fact, some of the most iconic Christmas trees in history were not real. Choose one that gets people into the holiday spirit when they see it from the streets!

where to put a christmas tree

The Party Corner

Perfect for studios or apartments where there isn’t a lot of space for a big tree, this is all about setting up a corner that’s dedicated to all things festive for the holiday season. Mix in a smaller Christmas tree alongside accent furniture, like a bar cart that plays up the holiday spirit.

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Small-Space Christmas Tree Ideas:

When it comes to Christmas tree decorating ideas for small spaces, it’s less about the tree and more about the festive accents you’re bringing in. With a small space, think of the tree as not the focal point but part of the focal point you’re creating, which can include a hanging garland, a bowl of ornaments, a faux wreath, and other holiday trinkets you layer into a corner area.

where to put a christmas tree

The Classic Spotlight

Finally, you can keep with a traditional approach where your Christmas tree is set up in a corner in your living room. It’s the easiest and most common spot for a tree that doesn’t obstruct the flow nor take up too much floor space. If you need to rearrange your furniture a little, that’s normal too, and our living room design ideas offer some easy ways to set up for your tree.

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Classic Christmas Tree Ideas:

With a classic tree placement, go big on size. Try bringing in a tree that fills out an entire corner, from bottom to top, to add height and lushness to your living room. Bigger also means endless Christmas tree decorating ideas that will get everyone in the family excited about—meaning, gingerbread cookie ornaments, big ribbons and garlands, and tons of colorful lights. Here, more is always merrier.

Browse more holiday decor ideas!

Try out your Christmas tree ideas in your space!

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Our Guide to Picking the Right Christmas Tree for Your Needs

It’s safe to say that the holidays are upon us—which means Christmas trees are making their way into homes all across the country. Believe it or not, Christmas trees have been a part of American holiday celebrations since the 1850s. And—no surprise here—tree-trimming has become one of the most anticipated holiday traditions in many households.

And this year, with holiday celebrations during COVID making the season look quite different, people are turning to their Christmas trees to give their homes an extra sense of joy and cheer! (P.S. Our holiday decor lookbook is full of some beautiful living room design ideas and fun holiday mantel decor for every style if you need help with holiday decorating beyond your tree!)

Christmas tree types

However, while real, chopped-down-by-hand Christmas trees are emblematic of the holidays, they’re not the only options out there. From Noble Firs to tinsel trees, you can find the perfect tree for your home and interior design style, since Christmas trees now come in all different shapes, sizes and styles. What kind of tree you prefer is up to you, but we’re here to help make it easier to decide. Keep reading for our guide to the different types of Christmas trees!

Want to try your tree before you trim it? Start your project today and get expert design plans laid out in a 3D version of your exact room. It’s practically magic. Get some holiday decor ideas for the rest of your home and read up on our favorite iconic Christmas trees from history!

Get to know the five most common Christmas tree types and learn the pros and cons of each!

Live Christmas Trees

Do you love the smell of fresh pine and revel in the holiday tradition of picking out a tree every year? Then a live tree is the option for you. But be prepared—whether you’re cutting down a tree or simply picking one out at a Christmas tree lot, there are a lot of different varieties of evergreens to choose from! We’ll break down some of the more popular Christmas tree varieties below.

But first, it’s worth noting that live trees require a bit more hands-on care than an artificial tree. To begin with, you have to keep it watered throughout the holiday season and check it regularly for dryness, as letting your tree get too dry can become a fire hazard. And then there’s the inevitable clean-up necessary as needles drop, both during set-up and throughout the time you have your tree up. But for many people, this extra work is well worth the joy of having a live tree in your home for the holidays!

Christmas tree typesThe Fraser Tree

Live Fraser trees have become a classic American staple. In fact, they’re the most popular type of Christmas trees in the US—so you could even say they’re the best Christmas tree option out there! Similar to Douglas Firs, Frasers tend to be more slender and have blue-green needles with silvery undersides. This gives them an extra lush look and a nice glimmer when strung with lights.


  • Great for Lots of Ornaments: Frasier trees have upturned and stiff branches that make them perfect for hanging ornaments by the handful.
  • Stays Fresh and Lush: The needles retain their color for a long time, so your tree will stay fresh through the end of the year. This makes Frasers perfect if you like keeping your tree for a while.
  • No-Shed Needles: Worried about needle retention? Fraser trees don’t shed needles as quickly as other varieties, even if you forget to water them once or twice throughout the holiday season.
  • Beautifully Fragrant: These trees have a strong, fresh scent!
  • Fits Anywhere: They’re compact, so Frasers can tuck nicely into corners and also work in smaller spaces.


  • High Price Tag: Fraser trees grow slower, which makes them a more expensive option.

Christmas tree typesThe Noble Fir

Slender, tall, and narrow, Noble Firs—with their signature triangular shape—are a leaner variety among the different Christmas tree types.

Just as lush in color as their Fraser counterparts, Noble Firs also have deeper grey-green needles. Their strong branches grow horizontally in different bunches with larger amounts of space in between, which provides lots of room for ornaments to hang. They’re also lightly scented if you’re looking for just a touch of fragrance in the air.


  • Sturdy Branches: Noble Firs are the tallest of the different types of Christmas tree and have the strongest branches. This makes them a good choice if you’re looking to hang large and heavy ornaments. (Think: gingerbread houses, silver bells, mini angel figurines.)
  • No-Shed Needles: Boasting great needle retention, Noble Firs hardly shed their needles. This means they’ll last longer than most other Christmas tree types.


  • Skinny Looks: Noble Firs have a less full look than most other types of Christmas trees. So if you’re looking for a more robust tree that’s decked out with lights, ribbons, and lots and lots of ornaments, this might not be the right option for you.

Christmas tree typesThe White Fir (or Concolor Fir)

White Firs, also known as the Colorado White Fir tree, are lush evergreens native to the mountains of the western United States. Their branches grow in a spiral shape and have long, lush needles, resulting in a tree that’s dense from top to bottom! And their needles are also less poky than other long-needled evergreens!


  • Full Foliage: If you’re looking for a tree that’s big, fluffy, and perfectly shaped, the White Fir is a great option.
  • A Sweet Citrusy Smell: Many people love White Firs because they have a unique citrus scent that ushers in the holiday spirit. But if you prefer the smell of fresh pine, maybe consider another of the Christmas tree types instead.


  • Colors Fade: The needles on this tree variety don’t hold their color as well. While they start off as a bluish-green, they eventually fade to a duller green hue as the tree ages.
  • Medium-Weight Branches: Smaller ornaments are best on White Firs as the branches are only moderate in strength and won’t be able to hold heavy trinkets like other trees.

Artificial Christmas Trees

If you prefer the ease of simply bringing your tree up from the basement, then artificial is the way to go. (Bonus: you don’t have to worry about watering an artificial tree!) If you’re looking to purchase your first artificial tree, don’t skimp on price—cheap artificial trees look, well, cheap. If it’s in your budget, look for something a little higher-end, which will tend to look more like a real tree and will last longer. Really high-quality trees can easily last a decade. Miss the real tree smell? Hang some scentsicles on your tree, or stock up on your favorite pine-scented candles!

Read on for more info on the two most popular Christmas tree styles among artificial trees!

Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree IdeasThe Pre-Lit Tree

While fresh Christmas trees are lovey, they do require a good amount of work. Think hassling with the tree stand, watering daily, and dealing with a floor full of fallen needles.

Fake trees can save you from all that hassle, and they’re just as beautiful, like a pre-lit faux Frasier tree, which has glittering frost-speckled needles molded from natural cuttings.


  • Easy to Maintain: Set up is a breeze! You assemble the different parts of the tree, plug it into the wall, and it’s ready to go.
  • Built-in Sparkle: You can find artificial trees with snow-dusted branches to give your space a glimmering, wintry look that never fades. Even real trees can’t compete with that.
  • Zero Pickup: There are no fallen needles to clean-up. Simple as that.


  • Less Personal: You can’t change the color of the lights that come with pre-lit trees and many people find they have to use specific ornaments to compliment the shape or style of the tree.
  • Not Fragrant at All: Needless to say, unlike real trees this fake version doesn’t give off that signature sweet, fresh-chopped Christmas tree scent.
  • Surprisingly Pricey: Many pre-lit trees come with a hefty price tag. But if you don’t plan on re-purchasing a real tree yearly, this could be a worthy investment.


Christmas tree typesThe Tinsel Tree

Christmas trees don’t come any sparklier than Silver Tinsel trees, which have a retro look that’s reminiscent of 1950s aluminum trees. (Charlie Brown Christmas, anyone?) Because they’re all silver, light reflects beautifully from the branches and brings a cozy and magical ambiance to any room.


  • Choose Your Color: You’ll find tinsel trees in a range of color options, so you can be be sure this type of tree will bring a unique look to your space.
  • Minimal Decoration Required: Tinsel trees often look better with minimal decor, so it’s perfect if you prefer a simple tree with a low-maintenance look.


  • Expensive Upfront Cost: These trees are built for convenience over quality (meaning they might not hold up as long as some other faux tree varieties). Nonetheless, tinsel trees can still sport a hefty price tag and can be more expensive than a regular living tree.
  • No “Real Tree” Resemblance: If you’re looking for a fake tree that still looks like a real one, then a tinsel tree is not for you.


A Note About the Environmental Impact of Christmas Trees…

Contrary to popular belief, opting for a real Christmas tree is actually the more environmentally friendly option. According to The Nature Conservancy, live trees require a fraction of the carbon emissions that it takes to produce and ship artificial trees (since most artificial trees are made in and shipped from China). Not just that, but Christmas tree farms provide clean air and wildlife habitats (while also supporting a local economy). The National Christmas Tree Association reports that, for every tree purchased, farmers plant 1-3 seedlings in its place. These new trees (and the ones that weren’t cut down) produce oxygen, provide wildlife habitats, and support healthy soil. Plus, trees are biodegradable, so they can be composted or recycled for mulch or other purposes within local communities. (Whereas most artificial trees end up in landfills.)

But that’s not to say that artificial trees are evil. But it is worth looking into where your tree was produced. Buying US-made trees means fewer carbon emissions to ship them. And investing in a high-quality tree that will last for more than five years (rather than a tree that you’ll toss after, say, two years) further reduces the environmental impact of buying an artificial tree.

If you’re worried about the environmental impact, you could also consider a used artificial tree from your local thrift store. Many people donate old artificial trees when they move or downsize. This is a great way to lower your waste—and save some money!

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A Few of Our Favorite Things: 8 Festive Holiday Mantel Decor Looks

It’s hard to believe the holiday season is practically here! It’s been a long 2020, so it’s more the reason to break out the festive holiday decorations and cozy up the home for some much-needed celebration (and relaxation).

The best place to start decorating? Your fireplace mantel, of course! It’s where the stockings go after all. But it’s also an easy surface to layer with candles and ornaments or string up lights and a garland. Not to mention, the fireplace is also the centerpiece of the living room, so your holiday mantel decor is guaranteed to be a focal point in the space.

Explore more holiday decorating tips from Modsy designers! Need help pulling your living room together? Check out these ways to lay out a living room with a fireplace and even this guide to living rooms with corner fireplaces.

Although, there are many ways beyond classic Xmas red-and-white to deck out the mantel. To give you some wintry, holiday mantel inspiration, here are a few of our favorite looks for a festive and dazzling fireplace. Read on to get our tips on how to bring each look home.

rustic fireplace with boho wreath and string garland

Hygge It Up

Create a mantel focal point inspired by hygge, the Scandinavian winter mindset of embracing all things cozy and comforting. It’s a layered and lush alternative to a holiday mantel display that will bring in a sense of calm and quiet all through winter.

Learn more about acing a hygge design style.

Stick to simple pieces that are sculptural and have a handmade, organic feel. That means layering up your mantel with decor such as a textured greenery garland, a macramé hanging, woven baskets and accents, and artisanal white ceramics. It all helps convey a feeling of comfort and warmth.

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holiday mantel decor

Keep It Classic Christmas Style

Nothing beats red and green Christmas mantel decor for that classic holiday look. It’s perfect for those who want a tried-and-true mantel that goes with the traditional holiday colors throughout the living room.

String a garland or simple branches of pine across the mantel, then add in festive accents in the Christmas palette. That can be a piece of vintage art (like this sleigh drawing), some candlesticks and berry stems, a reindeer figurine or special family ornaments, anything that nods to the holidays. It’ll make for an attractive focal point that can rival any Christmas tree.

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Traditional style fireplace with jewel-tone artwork and holiday garland

Go For Color & Glam

Give your mantel a glam update for the holidays with decor that dazzles and sparkles. This is perfect if you like your holidays to have a punch of color that’s not red and green and like a living room that’s fun, and festive.

Add decor in bright jewel tones and metallics to up the glitz factor. That includes everything from mercury glass votives and candleholders and mirrored sconces to silver ornaments and metallic tree sculptures. This is all about adding colors and glamour that shine, so no need to hold back!

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holiday mantel decor

Think Refined & Rustic

If you’re a fan of rustic style, this refined-rustic approach has farmhouse appeal but still brings in that wintry, holiday spirit. Instead of classic Christmas mantel decorations, this is all about layering rustic and vintage elements for that cozy, lived-in feel.

Start by adding sophisticated vintage accents, like flea-market art, antiqued brass animals, and weathered candlesticks. Then work in natural elements, like the wood-bead garland here and the full cypress greenery, for seasonal and organic touches. For a soft nod to the holidays, you can round out the mantel with white stockings, mini Christmas trees, and a woven basket for fireplace logs.

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rounded fireplace with eclectic Christmas decor

Give It A Quirky Twist

For an eclectic holiday mantel, mix quirky festive decor. If you prefer casual holiday decorations, this is the perfect twist for you. Not to mention, it’s a great solution if you don’t have room for a full-size Christmas tree.

You can take it in any direction you want, but a fun garland is a must (like this cute ‘Oh What Fun’ one.) Add in other charming decor, like red and green candles, some greenery branches, and a nutcracker or toy soldier sculpture. It’s about turning the mantel into a holiday scene, and when the time comes you can stack presents in front of the fireplace.

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holiday mantel decor

Opt For Trad & Organic

In the same vein as a rustic holiday mantel, this elegant take on classic holiday ushers in an elevated festive look. For those who have a formal living room or want a polished and sophisticated fireplace focal point, this is an easy way to do so.

Lean into classic mantel decor that lets you play up symmetry, like a pair of brass sconces flanking a mirror, a garland of gold pine cones that runs the length of the mantel, sculptural glass trees at varying heights. This is also a great moment for a wreath, which adds a pop of greenery and texture that balances out all the formality

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holiday mantel decor

Make It Minimalist

For true minimalists and modern-decor lovers, a simple mantel in black and white with touches of silver is the way to go. Believe it when we say there are ways to work a high-contrast palette so that it still feels cozy and full of holiday spirit.

Be sure to keep to small white accents, like ceramic vases, miniature trees, and black-and-white stockings. You can go big and top it all off with a black-and-white frame mirror that draws attention to the mantel. The key is to work in greenery, like small cypress trees or branches for some organic texture and for a nod to the wintry outdoors.

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Hannukah themed fireplace decor in blue and silver

Try Polished Blue & Silver

Like holiday red and green, blue and silver make for a wintry palette that can instantly bring the outdoors in. For those who celebrate Hannukah, this is color scheme also perfectly ties into the festive decor for the holiday.

The key is sticking to simple and modern blue-and-white decor, like sapphire velvet curtains, sky-color modern art, and silver candlesticks or menorahs. You can easily add a holiday touch by layering in mercury glass votives and candle holders, blue and silver ornaments. Practical finishing touches, like a big woven basket, will bring an instant warm appeal.

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Introducing Our 2020 Holiday Decor Lookbook

The holiday season will inevitably look different this year, with fewer (if any) holiday parties, and family gatherings being limited. But that doesn’t mean the season has to be devoid of holiday cheer! In fact, we say that it’s all the more reason to go all out on decor this year, and make our homes a place of joy and delight!

Bringing our community joy through design is always something we strive for at Modsy. And, this holiday season, finding a little extra joy at home is especially important. But, with the world feeling out of control, decorating for the holidays might feel like one more overwhelming thing on your to-do list.

Within this lookbook, you’ll discover three holiday looks: our Hygge Collection, our Traditional Charm Collection, and our Glitz + Glam Collection. Each look includes five decor packs—pillows, wall art, mantel decor, coffee table decor, and textiles—that you can easily layer onto any space and get a fresh look for the season! With these holiday decor ideas, it will be like hitting the “easy” button and instantly adding cozy cheer to your space!

We hope you love these looks as much as we enjoyed pulling them together. Here’s wishing you and your loved ones a safe and happy holiday season!

Who doesn’t love browsing a holiday catalog? Consider this our digital take, full of all of our favorite holiday decor trends. (Bonus: Many of these items are seasonless and can be used in your home throughout the year. Score!)

Flip through our Holiday Lookbook to see our three holiday looks along with the curated decor packs in each look. See something you love? You can shop directly from the lookbook with just a click! And you can purchase everything—no matter the mix of brands—through your Modsy shopping cart for a simple, streamlined checkout.

Explore Our Holiday Decor Collections

Want to dig a little deeper into our three holiday collections and get some holiday decorating tips? Look no further. Our three looks—Hygge, Traditional Charm, and Glitz + Glam—cover a range of styles. They all have a trendy, of-the-moment twist, while still being effortlessly approachable. And comfort is at the heart of all three looks—which is something we all need from our homes right now!

holiday decor

The Hygge Collection

Our Hygge Collection will bring loads of warmth and comfort to your home. Hygge is a Danish word for a feeling of coziness and comfort. It’s a concept that’s all about embracing life’s simple pleasures, which promote feelings of well-being and contentment. In decor, a Hygge design style is all about coziness, comfort, and warmth. That’s why this collection is full of plush materials like velvets, furs, and chunky knits. We’ve layered all of these plush pieces together with organic shapes and natural materials for your coziest winter yet.

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The Key Elements of Hygge Style

holiday decor

Layers of Texture

A layered look is key to acing this style. So, pile on the pillows and textiles! We’ve curated the perfect mix to make layering effortless. You can pick and choose one or two of your favorite pieces—or go for the full pack! The key here is choosing pillows with a mix of different materials, which adds depth and contrast. It ensures you have a space that’s perfect for snuggling up all winter long!

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holiday decor

A High-Contrast Neutral Palette

A neutral color scheme is key to pulling off a Hygge look. It helps create calm and cozy vibes in your space. But bringing in high-contrast elements helps energize the look and add a little bit of drama. And don’t forget to add a few pops of greenery or leather to give your Hygge home some extra warmth!

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Hygge style living room decor

A Sense of Cozy Calm

Cozy calm is what this style is really all about. Lean into this sensibility with more pared-back styling. Other than your cozy textiles, keep things simple with just a few candles to help set the mood. (Is there anything cozier than sitting under a blanket, with a favorite beverage and book in hand, basking in flickering candlelight??)

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Traditional style holiday decor in living room

The Traditional Charm Collection

Get festive with a classic array of reds, plaids, and seasonal greenery. Our Traditional Charm collection is all about indulging in nostalgic comforts and your warmest holiday memories. That’s why we incorporated some Christmas decor classics in this look—a red color scheme, pine garlands, reindeer—but gave it a modern twist with some high-contrast moments throughout the collection.

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The Key Elements of Traditional Style

grey sofa with plaid throw pillows

Nostalgic Patterns

Who says you can’t mix different plaid patterns? If you’re going for a classic holiday look, we’re all about that plaid on plaid. These various plaid patterns evoke a feeling of being at grandma’s house during the holidays. Plaid decor is comforting and creates a very inviting look. Go for more of a classic holiday look with a traditional palette of cherry reds—or deviate from the norm with a mix of non-traditional colors!

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holiday decor

A Twist on Classic Holiday Motifs

This look has traditional style at its roots—but we’ve given it a 2020 spin. Find holiday decoration motifs like reindeers and sleds but in more subtle forms that can be on display all winter long.

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holiday decor

The Glitz + Glam Collection

Wrap your home in luxurious materials, bold jewel tones, and metallic shine. Our Glitz and Glam Collection will instantly infuse your space with chic but playful elegance. This take on holiday decor 2020 is far from traditional—kind of like this whole year. We like the idea of going for something unexpected this holiday season, with a more indulgent spin on comfort.

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The Key Elements of Glam Style

Moody Jewel Tones

A moody palette of rich jewel tones is definitely a different take on holiday decorating—but one that feels no less festive. This rich and luxurious color palette manages to feel both cozy and indulgent. Opting for jewel tones with earthy undertones keeps the look feeling festive and fresh.

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holiday decor

A Bit of Sparkle

Metallics bring a definite sense of holiday festiveness! Gold and silver accents make this look shine, and contemporary Christmas decorations like these milk glass trees and starburst mirrors give the holidays a modern twist. This is also a look that can easily stretch into the new year—which is great if you want your decor to last beyond the winter holidays.

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holiday decor

Luxurious Textures

Velvet on velvet? We say yes. Embracing the velvet decor trend is the perfect way to up the glam factor in your space. This material has a bit of shine and reflects light—which is perfect for winter months. But don’t stop at velvet! Layer in faux fur throws and even a sheepskin rug for extra cozy and chic warmth.

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Happy National Gingerbread House Day: Here’s What a Gingerbread House Would Look Like in Real Life

gingerbread houseThe holiday spirit has taken over at Modsy and with National Gingerbread House Day (yes, that’s a real holiday) right around the corner on December 12th, we knew we had to do something special. How festive would it be to live inside one of those frosted, gum-drop and candy-cane constructed homes? (Assuming the roof doesn’t cave in like ours always seem to do in real life).

Leave it to us. We created the gingerbread house of our interior design dreams. While the walls might be cookie and crumbly, the furniture inside is built to last. Oh yeah, you can actually shop all of these pieces IRL, in case you want to live in a sugary wonderland all year round.

gingerbread house

For anyone looking to live in the Modsy gingerbread house, look for a style that is whimsical and fun. We chose pieces that use the classic colors of gingerbread candy and evoke the textures of the yummy space. The vibe is playful and bright, but not too cheesy—gingerbread people have a sense of style, after all. We knew that the space needed to feel fun, but also wanted it to be achievable and even hit a specific style profile. Many of the pieces are actually named after pieces of candy, which made them feel right at home in this space.

gingerbread house

We envision a cool and trendy gingerbread family living here. They definitely march to the beat of their own drum and aren’t interested in any of those “cookie cutter styles” seen on TV (pun very much intended). The person (gingerbread or otherwise) who lives here likely loves a good vintage or retro piece, especially anything Mid-Century Modern. They aren’t afraid of bold colors and really want to make their space pop. Each piece tells a story; they’re sculptural and vibrant.

gingerbread house

Our favorite pieces in the gingerbread house are The George Nelson Marshmallow sofa which anchors the design and really inspired the overall look and color palette for the space. A few other Nelson pieces such as the clock and light fixtures add to the sophisticated whimsy of the design.

The CB2 Jellybean coffee table has the perfect shape and texture (and name!), along with the Hive side tables and the frothy Miles Shag rug which makes us think of the white icing so common on gingerbread houses. The green and purple poufs are a nod to gumdrops—the classic gingerbread decorating candy.

Shop the look of our gingerbread house!

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5 Holiday Color Palettes We Love (That aren’t red and green)

unique holiday decor ideasThe holiday season is upon us! If you haven’t already, it’s time to break out the festive holiday decor — and feel free to get as *extra* as you like! The days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve are the one time that it’s completely acceptable to layer on the glitz and glam and get cheesy festive. So we say embrace the season!

However, this year we’re shaking things up a bit. Rather than sticking with the typical reds and greens for Christmas or blues and whites for Hanukkah, we’re playing with some unexpected—but equally festive—color combos.

Want to join the fun? Keep reading for five unique and unexpected color palettes to inspire your holiday decorating.

holiday decorating1. Blush, Blue, and Gold

Blue and white is the classic color combo for Hanukkah. We wanted to warm up the palette by subbing out white for blush and gold. It still feels festive and seasonal but has a warmer and more inviting feeling while offering an unexpected twist.

Why We Love It

Gold is endlessly festive and celebratory, and the combo of blue and blush has a cozy flair. But we really love that this is a color combo that can be embraced year-round. All you have to do is add a Christmas tree, a menorah, or a few festive accents to make this color combo holiday-ready.

It’s perfect for…

Glam or classic interiors. However, if you celebrate Christmas you can even pair it with a white tree to embrace a super mod look.

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boho holiday decor2. Sage with Natural Textures

We love the idea of taking the traditional green of the holidays and diluting it down to a subtle sage. Then, pile on the natural textures! For this look, you’ll want to keep the rest of your decor in a more neutral palette so that the patterns and textures can shine.

Why We Love It

You may not think of natural textures when you think of the holidays. But they have an inherently cozy vibe, making them a perfect thing to focus in on during the holidays. When paired with sage—which is not only a lovely shade of green but an herb we love using for cooking this time of year—you have a look that feels festive and welcoming.

It’s perfect for…

Those who love a boho look year-round and don’t want to give it up for the holidays. Minimalists will also enjoy this muted and subtle holiday style.

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unique holiday decor3. Jewel Tones with Silver

This color palette is the boldest of our looks. Not only are we leaning into the festive glam of silver, but we’re turning things up a notch with the jewel tones. (Just look at those dining chairs!!)

Why We Love It

Jewel tones have a rich, luxurious feel, which is quite appropriate this time of year. Why not fully embrace the glamour of the season? Paired with silver, it takes on a playful vibe and ups the festive factor to an over-the-top level—in the best possible way.

It’s perfect for…

Classic mid-century modern lovers who want a bold and bright look. It’s also great for those who want to extend the festive spirit well into January to keep the winter blues at bay! Ah, the joys of an artificial tree…

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holiday decor ideas4. Blue, Cream, and Gold

Here’s another twist on the classic blue and white combo that’s full of winter magic. Cream lends a warmer vibe that plays extra nice with gold accents. Don’t you just want to move into this space? We went for a glamorous look here—with velvets, gold accents, and a plush sheepskin throw. Because luxe textures and materials mean an extra dose of cozy!

Why We Love It

There’s a sophisticated and chic feeling about this holiday decor color palette, but it also manages to be quite warm and inviting. We can see ourselves hosting holiday cocktail parties in this space, then turning around and snuggling up with hot cocoa and a cheesy holiday movie without skipping a beat.

It’s perfect for…

Those who appreciate a minimal, sophisticated approach to holiday decor.

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holiday color palettes5. High-Contrast Black and Gray

This is a high-contrast look that plays with patterns and textures. The many textural elements in this look add a warmth to this space that makes it extra inviting. And adding a big garland gives you some of that traditional holiday decor cheer!

Why We Love It

It’s the plush layers that make this style work and give it that cozy holiday vibe. (The pouf! The pillows! The leather chair!) This look also relies on a playful mix of patterns—from plaid to stripes and polka dots. We love that a neutral color palette allows us to embrace this mix of patterns. What results is a modern farmhouse vibe that we’re pretty sure Joanna Gaines would be proud of.

It’s perfect for…

People who love rustic and traditional styles that are approachable and cozy.

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15 Holiday Decorating Tips from Modsy Designers

holiday decorating tipsIt’s that time of year again! After we’ve had our full of turkey (and only then) we’re diving into full-on festive mode and getting our homes set for the holidays. No matter if you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Festivus, or nothing at all, it can still be fun to add a few seasonal or festive touches to your home decor.

And when it comes to holiday decorating, some people love to follow tradition while others prefer to shake it up with something new and unexpected each year. If you’re looking for some holiday decorating tips and inspiration, we’ve got you covered. We polled our team of Modsy designers to see how they decorate for the holidays.

Scroll on to get inspired with some designer-approved holiday decorating tips and ideas!

holiday decorating TipsDeck Out a Holiday Focal Point

“Pro tip: if you have a fireplace mantel, take advantage of it! You can string garland and lights on it with some of your favorite holiday decor. A fireplace/mantel is a statement for any home, so why not make it grand?”

– Miranda W, Modsy Designer

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“If you celebrate Christmas, go all out on the tree! I like to use ribbon, a set variety pack of ornaments, select specialty ornaments and some of the decorative sticks and BAM.. awesome tree.”

– Leah W

“I love a real tree. I take the clipping from the bottom and use them in vases all over the house. My daughters decorate our tree with the ornaments they received growing up and then—if there’s room—my husband and I will try and hang up some of ours too.”

– Janna C

Make It Uniquely Yours

“I enjoy picking a new, unique theme for my tree each year. A few of my favorites have been poinsettias, hats, ski lodge, and even childhood memories.”

– Julia G

“Each year I try to choose a new, out-of-the-box material to decorate my mantle. One year it was cork, the next it was tinsel. I pick a new theme and run with it but always strive to keep the overall look classic and timeless.”

– Erin K

It’s All About the Lights

“I love using string lights everywhere. They make any room feel more magical!”

– Tais K

“Lights are always a must! A strand of white and red lights can make any space feel warm and cozy.”

– Silver H

“I love white lights and garland, it makes my entire space so cozy! I always chose white lights over colored, they just add warmth to the whole room.”

– Morgan V

small space holiday decor tipsWork With What You’ve Got

“I live in a tiny apartment with my boyfriend and puppy, so space is limited! Instead of a tree, we like to hang some ornaments in our big living room window using different length ribbons. It looks so pretty and festive!”

– Mackenzie R

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“I live in a condo with limited floor/shelving space and a curious toddler, so what really gets me excited for any holiday or season is a decorative wreath on the front door. It provides the wow-factor that I want and it really makes a difference to have a nice wreath greet me, my guests, and neighbors during this time of year!”

– Andrea S

“For years I did an abundance of fresh garland and a real tree. It’s still my favorite because it doesn’t take much to make a big impact. However, this year I’m in a third floor walk-up so I’ve had to get creative. I have a small white on white flocked tree, pampas grass garland, and lots of paper snowflakes.”

–Logan R

colorful holiday decorating ideasPlay With Color in Your Holiday Decor

“I recently started investing in seasonal pillows, they’re a fun way to introduce more colors that I wouldn’t normally decorate with. Think muted reds and oranges around fall and forest greens with icy blues for winter.”

–Lauren H

“Stick to a color palette, and let that flow throughout your home! Currently, mine is white, silver, gold, and rose gold.

–Diana K

“The easiest way is with pillows and throws in my opinion, but there are also lots of fun ways to bring in some holiday decor unexpectedly. I have a few built-ins and shelves were there are everyday baskets and bins, and I like swapping them in with more festive pieces, either with cozy textures or fun holiday colors and patterns.

– Lauren M

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