Green Accent Wall Ideas

Painting an accent wall is a fun way to add a pop of color to a room without making too much of a statement or commitment. Accent wall designs can come to life in many different paint colors (or wood panelling or wallpaper for that matter!). The color, material, or pattern you choose is simply a matter of preference.

This past year, we’ve been noticing a lot of green accent walls in people’s homes—and we must say, we’re loving them. Green is a super versatile hue that goes beautifully with a wide variety of materials, finishes, and other colors. The different shades of green run the gamut from bold, saturated colors to “colorful neutrals” that add a bit of color without being too visually loud. And since it’s a color found throughout nature, green is widely considered a calming, grounding, and serene color. With the variety of the shades of green out there, you can undoubtedly find a green accent wall color that perfectly complements your existing furniture and decor.

Dark green accent walls are particularly trendy at the moment—from forest green and emerald to teal and other shades of earthy and jewel-toned dark greens. Dark green walls add a ton of depth and extra contrast, plus give off some lovely moody vibes.

Today, we’re sharing a round-up of our favorite shades of green paint to consider when painting a green accent wall! Along the way, you’ll find some design ideas for decorating rooms with a green color scheme. Read on for the best accent wall paint colors in the green color family!

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Salamander, Benjamin Moore

Salamander is a shade of dark green that can read almost black in different lighting due to its inky undertones. Because of that, this deep green appears to be more of a neutral than a color. It’s a moody paint color that’s a beautiful choice if you’re looking to paint dark green accent walls but don’t want anything too saturated. We love the contrast of this deep green painted on walls surrounding a white brick fireplace, like you can see in the design above, and it looks great with natural materials, too.

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Artichoke, Sherwin-Williams

Artichoke is a yellow-green color that is very versatile. Yellow-green is very springy, fresh, and creates a soothing vibe in any room. It looks particularly great when paired with a light-toned palette, like light woods and white. This color is great for any room where you want to create a sense of peace—like a bedroom or home office.

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Green Bay, Sherwin-Williams

Green Bay is a dark green-gray that goes with an array of color palettes. Since it has some teal undertones, this dark green shade is fun to mix with other colors, like the pink and yellow seen in the design above. This color can easily dominate a space due to its deep hue, so it needs lots of white and light colors to balance it out. We particularly like it with white or light wood furniture!

Contemporary style living room with accent wall painted in Ripe Olive by Sherwin Williams

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Ripe Olive, Sherwin-Williams

A true, deep olive green, Ripe Olive brings a sophisticated touch of color to any room. We love the saturated hue of this green paint, which adds a pop of color without being too loud or bright. It’s perfect for a sophisticated space, paired with other earth tones and natural materials—like wood, leather, and linen. This shade of green goes really well in modern rustic spaces.

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Studio Green, Farrow & Ball

Studio Green is the perfect color for a moody accent wall. A classic deep green, this paint color has gray and black undertones, which gives it a striking and bold look. We love the way this color acts as a dramatic backdrop for the living room pictured above, allowing the rich materials of the space to pop against the deep gray-green hue.

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Saguaro, Sherwin-Williams

Saguaro is a “desert green,” similar to the color of a saguaro cactus (hence the name). A lively and nature-inspired shade of green, this color pairs well with neutrals, which allow this green accent wall to be front and center in any room it’s in. We love how vibrant and fun saguaro is as a bedroom accent wall color, like in this boho desert-chic bedroom!

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Dark Teal, Benjamin Moore

The perfect blend of green and blue, Dark Teal is one of our favorite examples of a jewel tone green. We prefer this paint color in smaller doses, so it makes for a great option for a teal green accent wall (anything more than that would be overwhelming). It looks particularly beautiful in glam and mid-century spaces—but really, it’s a great accent wall color for any space where you want a bright and vibrant pop of color. This is fun as a bedroom accent wall in a kids room, like above, where pops of pink and white are used throughout the rest of the space—both of which beautifully compliment this teal green.


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Hillside View, Behr

Hillside View is an earthy green-blue with gray undertones. This shade of green looks great in contemporary spaces and with high-contrast palettes (like this one, with black, gray, and white—and that leather sofa). It’s a great green accent wall option for those who don’t want to go too saturated but prefer a more neutral shade of green with a hint of color.

Boho-Modern Nursery with accent wall painted in Rock Garden by Sherwin-Williams

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Rock Garden, Sherwin-Williams

A true, natural, deep green, Rock Garden adds a grounding and earthy feel to any space. This is a perfect choice for a green accent wall for any space where you want to add a zen vibe—like a bedroom or nursery! It looks especially beautiful when accented with light natural colors, off-whites, and a pop of red for contrast.

Kids bedroom with traditional style with accent wall painted in Breakfast Room Green by Farrow and Ball

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Breakfast Room Green, Farrow & Ball

Breakfast Room Green is a bright and springy shade that has slightly yellow undertones. We love this color for a space with lots of natural light, which makes it even more cheery and bright! This shade of green looks beautiful when paired with natural materials and white furniture, which looks very crisp against green accent walls. Since it’s somewhat in the pastel color family, it also looks good when paired with other pastels, especially in a nursery or kids room! (But, really, it would be great as a bedroom accent wall for people of all ages since it’s so cheerful and serene!)

Boho-industrial style dining room with Hunter Green accent wall by Benjamin Moore

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Hunter Green, Benjamin Moore

A deep, woodsy green, Hunter Green adds a wonderful dose of drama to a space. A great color choice for a dark green accent wall, this saturated green pops beautifully against white trim and adjacent walls—creating a clean and contemporary look. And we also love how the copper pendants in the design above look with this deep green! It’s a great color for rustic and modern rustic spaces.

modern office nook with accent wall painted in Mint Condition by Sherwin-Willams

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Mint Condition, Sherwin-Williams

Minto Condition is a shade of green that’s just what its name sounds like—light, breezy, and minty. As a more subtle shade of green, it looks good in spaces that are bright and full of natural light, as this paint color will reflect light. A fun and spunky color, it goes well with neutral colors like white and beige.

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Tarrytown Green, Benjamin Moore

Tarrytown Green is a truly versatile color. A mossy-but-neutral green with some darker undertones, it could be used in a traditional-style space or something more modern—like this mid-century-industrial living room. This shade of green is a bold look on the fireplace wall and allows all the other light color elements to contrast against it.

Living with fireplace and dark green walls in Salmander by Benjamin Moore

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Evergreens, Sherwin-Williams

Evergreens is a shade of olive green inspired by (you guessed it) the color of evergreen trees. This green feels classic and stately—a perfect forest green accent wall for a more traditional space. We love how it pairs well with other rich neutral colors, as you can see in the design above, from the black spindle bed to the vintage-style rug and wicker bench.

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Country Squire, Sherwin-Williams

If you’re looking for some emerald green decor ideas, give Country Squire a try. A true emerald green, this is a wonderfully dramatic shade of green—the perfect choice for an emerald accent wall. This vibrant, rich color is a perfect shade for glam and Art Deco-inspired spaces. And it pairs perfectly with the creamy tufted headboard and burlwood furniture in this space. This emerald green accent wall offers contrast to the furniture in this space while also bringing out the texture of each piece.

MCM eclectic dining room with accent wall painted Duck Green by Farrow and Ball

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Duck Green, Farrow and Ball

Inspired by a Mallard Duck’s deep green plumage, Duck Green is a strong-but-subdued shade. It pairs well with so many other colors, which makes it a perfect green accent wall color to act as a backdrop to a colorful gallery wall. This green color also looks beautiful with medium-tone woods, black accents, and other cooler colors.

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Sweet Basil, Benjamin Moore

Sweet Basil is a vibrant, springy shade of green—reminiscent of fresh basil, its namesake. This color can be used in many styles, from transitional to rustic and contemporary. It looks great paired with neutrals and natural materials, as you can see in the contemporary bedroom above with its light and natural woods. These tones feel harmonious with such a natural, earthy shade of green.

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Bring the Outside In: 5 Simple Ways to Decorate With Plants

decorate with plantsSpring has sprung! That means it’s time to peel back those layers (of blankets, pillows, and rugs) and refresh your home for warmer weather.

The easiest way to kick off the new season and reboot your home? Bring in some (or lots) of greenery to liven up your spaces. Read on for some simple, fun, and totally refreshing ways to add greenery and decorate with plants in your home.

decorate with plants1. Liven Up Dead Corners

You know that one corner in your home where nothing else fits? Fill it up with a clusters of potted greenery, plants, and trees. Combine different greenery in varying heights to give the corner new life and depth.

Take it one step further and arrange mini clusters of smaller plants on floating shelves and as coffee table centerpieces. There’s power in numbers!

Stylist Tip: Opt for plants of different shapes and sizes to create some visual texture and keep your space feeling dynamic.

decorate with plants2. Try Hanging Plants to Save Floor Space

Hang a planter of leafy greenery in practical work spaces, like your office, to add a little life to your every day routine. It’s an easy way to bring a vibrant touch to a functional space. The same can be said for the kitchen, where a few hanging planters instantly lift the mood!

This is also a great way to work greenery in to small homes where floor space is limited.

Stylist Tip: When it comes to hanging greenery, choose a leafy trailing one, like a philodendron. They’re relatively low-maintenance as long as they get enough sunlight by a window and they grow out and downward in a really pretty way.

decorate with plants3. Make Old Spaces Feel New

Adding greenery is the best way to refresh your living areas for spring and bring the outdoors in. It’s also a lot less expensive than buying new furnishings if you’re on a budget.

Spread out a range of different plants and trees in your common areas to create a welcoming atmosphere and to ring in the new season.

Stylist Tip: Already have a few plants in your home? Just like other pieces of decor, plants can work in any room of your home. Go ahead and mix up where you display them from time to time. It’s a free way to make your space feel fresh and new!

decorate with plants4. Bring in Fresh Air

Go for a plant or two (or three) in the bedroom as a way to freshen up the air and the space. Not to mention, it adds a little life and lushness.

Try a big leafy plant that requires little watering in the corner or couple of hanging planters by the window as lively touches to start.

Stylist Tip: Make your bedroom extra calming and add a small lavender plant.

decorate with plants5. Spruce Up Neutral Spaces

If you’re not a fan of brightly colored furniture and decor, decorate with plants to punch up neutral spaces. They’ll add a nice pop of green and a soothing vibe without feeling overwhelming.

Stylist Tip: If you’re looking for something super simple, consider starting with a few leafy branches of greenery in tall vase. Then when you’re ready bring in other smaller plants in matching vases.

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Greenhouse Garden Retreat

You can eat your greenery or you can sit on it. Both have equally curative powers according to Pantone, who named this particularly leafy shade its 2017 color of the year. A symbol of new beginnings, the zesty, yellow-green hue is all about reconnecting, refreshing, rejuvenating, restoring, and pretty much any other “re-word” you can think of.

pantone's greenery

But if this tangy green reminds you more of Kermit the Frog than a vegetable garden, you’re not alone. While not eagerly hoping on the greenery bandwagon ourselves, we tried embracing the color for its symbolic, rather than purely aesthetic value.

Amid our current tumultuous social and political climate, Pantone chose greenery as a means to encourage “green” ways of thinking and living. Pantone suggests that the shade can inspire us to reconnect with nature as we disconnect with technology and promote green ways of thinking in respect to such things as design, energy, and even diet for the coming year. Kale yeah!

pantone's greenery

pantone's greenery

At Modsy we know that our environments shape our experiences, so we are taking a stab at incorporating some greenery into our domain. So if you can’t swing a spur-of-the-moment vacation to Airbnb’s Outside In London loft, we invite you to relax and photosynthesize inside our greenhouse garden retreat.

pantone's greenery

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