Green Accent Wall Ideas

Painting an accent wall is a fun way to add a pop of color to a room without making too much of a statement or commitment. Accent wall designs can come to life in many different paint colors (or wood panelling or wallpaper for that matter!). The color, material, or pattern you choose is simply a matter of preference.

This past year, we’ve been noticing a lot of green accent walls in people’s homes—and we must say, we’re loving them. Green is a super versatile hue that goes beautifully with a wide variety of materials, finishes, and other colors. The different shades of green run the gamut from bold, saturated colors to “colorful neutrals” that add a bit of color without being too visually loud. And since it’s a color found throughout nature, green is widely considered a calming, grounding, and serene color. With the variety of the shades of green out there, you can undoubtedly find a green accent wall color that perfectly complements your existing furniture and decor.

Dark green accent walls are particularly trendy at the moment—from forest green and emerald to teal and other shades of earthy and jewel-toned dark greens. Dark green walls add a ton of depth and extra contrast, plus give off some lovely moody vibes.

Today, we’re sharing a round-up of our favorite shades of green paint to consider when painting a green accent wall! Along the way, you’ll find some design ideas for decorating rooms with a green color scheme. Read on for the best accent wall paint colors in the green color family!

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Salamander, Benjamin Moore

Salamander is a shade of dark green that can read almost black in different lighting due to its inky undertones. Because of that, this deep green appears to be more of a neutral than a color. It’s a moody paint color that’s a beautiful choice if you’re looking to paint dark green accent walls but don’t want anything too saturated. We love the contrast of this deep green painted on walls surrounding a white brick fireplace, like you can see in the design above, and it looks great with natural materials, too.

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Artichoke, Sherwin-Williams

Artichoke is a yellow-green color that is very versatile. Yellow-green is very springy, fresh, and creates a soothing vibe in any room. It looks particularly great when paired with a light-toned palette, like light woods and white. This color is great for any room where you want to create a sense of peace—like a bedroom or home office.

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Green Bay, Sherwin-Williams

Green Bay is a dark green-gray that goes with an array of color palettes. Since it has some teal undertones, this dark green shade is fun to mix with other colors, like the pink and yellow seen in the design above. This color can easily dominate a space due to its deep hue, so it needs lots of white and light colors to balance it out. We particularly like it with white or light wood furniture!

Contemporary style living room with accent wall painted in Ripe Olive by Sherwin Williams

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Ripe Olive, Sherwin-Williams

A true, deep olive green, Ripe Olive brings a sophisticated touch of color to any room. We love the saturated hue of this green paint, which adds a pop of color without being too loud or bright. It’s perfect for a sophisticated space, paired with other earth tones and natural materials—like wood, leather, and linen. This shade of green goes really well in modern rustic spaces.

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Studio Green, Farrow & Ball

Studio Green is the perfect color for a moody accent wall. A classic deep green, this paint color has gray and black undertones, which gives it a striking and bold look. We love the way this color acts as a dramatic backdrop for the living room pictured above, allowing the rich materials of the space to pop against the deep gray-green hue.

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Saguaro, Sherwin-Williams

Saguaro is a “desert green,” similar to the color of a saguaro cactus (hence the name). A lively and nature-inspired shade of green, this color pairs well with neutrals, which allow this green accent wall to be front and center in any room it’s in. We love how vibrant and fun saguaro is as a bedroom accent wall color, like in this boho desert-chic bedroom!

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Dark Teal, Benjamin Moore

The perfect blend of green and blue, Dark Teal is one of our favorite examples of a jewel tone green. We prefer this paint color in smaller doses, so it makes for a great option for a teal green accent wall (anything more than that would be overwhelming). It looks particularly beautiful in glam and mid-century spaces—but really, it’s a great accent wall color for any space where you want a bright and vibrant pop of color. This is fun as a bedroom accent wall in a kids room, like above, where pops of pink and white are used throughout the rest of the space—both of which beautifully compliment this teal green.


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Hillside View, Behr

Hillside View is an earthy green-blue with gray undertones. This shade of green looks great in contemporary spaces and with high-contrast palettes (like this one, with black, gray, and white—and that leather sofa). It’s a great green accent wall option for those who don’t want to go too saturated but prefer a more neutral shade of green with a hint of color.

Boho-Modern Nursery with accent wall painted in Rock Garden by Sherwin-Williams

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Rock Garden, Sherwin-Williams

A true, natural, deep green, Rock Garden adds a grounding and earthy feel to any space. This is a perfect choice for a green accent wall for any space where you want to add a zen vibe—like a bedroom or nursery! It looks especially beautiful when accented with light natural colors, off-whites, and a pop of red for contrast.

Kids bedroom with traditional style with accent wall painted in Breakfast Room Green by Farrow and Ball

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Breakfast Room Green, Farrow & Ball

Breakfast Room Green is a bright and springy shade that has slightly yellow undertones. We love this color for a space with lots of natural light, which makes it even more cheery and bright! This shade of green looks beautiful when paired with natural materials and white furniture, which looks very crisp against green accent walls. Since it’s somewhat in the pastel color family, it also looks good when paired with other pastels, especially in a nursery or kids room! (But, really, it would be great as a bedroom accent wall for people of all ages since it’s so cheerful and serene!)

Boho-industrial style dining room with Hunter Green accent wall by Benjamin Moore

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Hunter Green, Benjamin Moore

A deep, woodsy green, Hunter Green adds a wonderful dose of drama to a space. A great color choice for a dark green accent wall, this saturated green pops beautifully against white trim and adjacent walls—creating a clean and contemporary look. And we also love how the copper pendants in the design above look with this deep green! It’s a great color for rustic and modern rustic spaces.

modern office nook with accent wall painted in Mint Condition by Sherwin-Willams

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Mint Condition, Sherwin-Williams

Minto Condition is a shade of green that’s just what its name sounds like—light, breezy, and minty. As a more subtle shade of green, it looks good in spaces that are bright and full of natural light, as this paint color will reflect light. A fun and spunky color, it goes well with neutral colors like white and beige.

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Tarrytown Green, Benjamin Moore

Tarrytown Green is a truly versatile color. A mossy-but-neutral green with some darker undertones, it could be used in a traditional-style space or something more modern—like this mid-century-industrial living room. This shade of green is a bold look on the fireplace wall and allows all the other light color elements to contrast against it.

Living with fireplace and dark green walls in Salmander by Benjamin Moore

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Evergreens, Sherwin-Williams

Evergreens is a shade of olive green inspired by (you guessed it) the color of evergreen trees. This green feels classic and stately—a perfect forest green accent wall for a more traditional space. We love how it pairs well with other rich neutral colors, as you can see in the design above, from the black spindle bed to the vintage-style rug and wicker bench.

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Country Squire, Sherwin-Williams

If you’re looking for some emerald green decor ideas, give Country Squire a try. A true emerald green, this is a wonderfully dramatic shade of green—the perfect choice for an emerald accent wall. This vibrant, rich color is a perfect shade for glam and Art Deco-inspired spaces. And it pairs perfectly with the creamy tufted headboard and burlwood furniture in this space. This emerald green accent wall offers contrast to the furniture in this space while also bringing out the texture of each piece.

MCM eclectic dining room with accent wall painted Duck Green by Farrow and Ball

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Duck Green, Farrow and Ball

Inspired by a Mallard Duck’s deep green plumage, Duck Green is a strong-but-subdued shade. It pairs well with so many other colors, which makes it a perfect green accent wall color to act as a backdrop to a colorful gallery wall. This green color also looks beautiful with medium-tone woods, black accents, and other cooler colors.

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Sweet Basil, Benjamin Moore

Sweet Basil is a vibrant, springy shade of green—reminiscent of fresh basil, its namesake. This color can be used in many styles, from transitional to rustic and contemporary. It looks great paired with neutrals and natural materials, as you can see in the contemporary bedroom above with its light and natural woods. These tones feel harmonious with such a natural, earthy shade of green.

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Spice Up a Gray Living Room With These 9 Color Schemes

Gray (or “grey” if you’re British) is one of the most classic and versatile colors in interior design. And a gray living room, contrary to what many people think, doesn’t have to be boring!

More than any color, shades of gray span across all styles and aesthetics, from calming to chic to casual. But most of all, gray is a great neutral base you can easily play up or down to suit your space. You can go bold with moody gray paint colors for your walls, or you can opt for a gray living room with furniture in softer shades to add a bit of flair without too much drama. There are endless stylish gray living room ideas you can experiment with, but it really comes down to what’s right for your home and space.

Here, we’ve rounded up our favorite gray living room ideas in a range of styles and looks to inspire your own space at home. Plus, we’ve included tips for how to work in different gray room color schemes and combos along the way. Read on to find out more!

Struggling to land on a color scheme? Check out our guide on How to Choose a Color Palette to get started!

grey living room design

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1. Gray and Blue

When it comes to gray living room ideas, this is a classic interior design color scheme. It’s perfect if you want a gray living room that’s easy to work with. Most shades of gray and blue will work well together—it just depends on how cool or warm you want your space to feel.

Consider a wide range of gray paint colors to start. Deeper grays and blues will play up a sense of coziness while lighter shades will give your room an airier look and feel.

Be sure to also mix in a neutral color, like the off-white seen here that warms up the design a bit. A white sofa is always a great neutral anchor. (If you’re not sure about a white couch, read our guide on should you get a white sofa?) Finally, mix in metallic details for polished finishing touches, whether it’s chrome that reflects light or brass coffee table legs that add sparkle.

gray room color schemes

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2. Gray and Teal

If you love a color scheme that’s effortlessly glamorous, consider the teal and gray living room. With this combination, you’ll want to lean towards darker gray paint colors for your walls to match the drama of teal.

Additionally, because teal is such a bold color, a little goes a long way no matter the interior design of your space. Use it as a pop of color, like this tufted sofa, which brings an energetic and eclectic-chic vibe to the space.

This is one of our favorite gray living room ideas given the effortlessly elegant look. Round it all out with lots of small metallic touches, like brass or silver or gold, to balance out the boldness of the colors. Check out our gallery of living room design ideas for more ways to layer in teal and polished accents.

gray room color schemes

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3.Gray, Pink, and Gold

For a gray living room color scheme that’s not overwhelmingly gray, we love this soft, feminine, and glam combination. It’s also one of the simplest gray living room ideas to pull off at home.

Blush, gray, and gold make for a foolproof interior design palette. It has modern appeal and is versatile and easy to work with. Any style furniture in these colors will mix together seamlessly. Our designers love pairing Mid-Century and glam designs in these hues.

With this palette, it’s also a good idea to anchor your space with a light gray living room sofa. This provides an easy foundation for you to add in blush upholstery and other shades of gray and touches of gold without it all feeling like ‘too much’. Another key trick is to balance this palette with pops of white as a way to lighten up the palette even more.

gray room color schemes

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4. Gray and Mustard Yellow

Part casual, part contemporary-chic, this is the perfect color scheme for a gray living room look that’s laid-back but still feels sophisticated.

If you love modern and contemporary interior design but want colors that are family-friendly, gray and mustard yellow is your answer. It’s a palette that feels urban and hip as well as livable. Try keeping to one mustard-yellow tone, then pair it with varying shades of gray in your furnishings and patterns, like the striped rug, pillows, and sofa here.

When it comes to approachable gray living room ideas, this is likely the most everyday-friendly, as the colors are warm and inviting to look at but still provide a fun pop.

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gray room color schemes

5. Gray, Camel, and Rust

File this under masculine gray living room ideas with a twist. Gray and camel are a handsome and sophisticated color scheme, but when you add in rust hues, you’ll have a palette that’s deeply warm, welcoming, and modern.

This is a gray living room look that’s rooted in moody shades of gray, so opt for upholstery and gray paint colors on the darker side. Offset the deep grays with camel and rust in both big and small ways, such as the tan-leather armchairs, suede pillows, earthy-hued art and accents here.

Additionally, this is a color approach that goes especially well with minimal and contemporary interior design styles with a traditional sway. Take a cue from the armless sofa, rounded edges of the armchairs, and the streamlined coffee table here. You’ll also want to keep to modern materials, such as leather, suede, and metal, which lend a sense of richness and timelessness to this palette.

black and white industrial living room with large gallery wall

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6. Gray, White, and Black

Edgy and modern, you can’t beat the foolproof look of a gray, white, and black color scheme. For those who love the contemporary loft or city apartment vibe, this color approach will give you a gray living room look with a similar cool and curated interior design aesthetic.

With gray living room ideas that are grounded in high-contrast shades, the key is to create warmth by adding in lots of texture into your interior design elements. For instance, in this gray living room, the woven wool rug, the array of patterned pillows, and the mix of wood and metal furniture throughout provide hard and soft contrast as well as add depth to the space.

Just keep in mind that this palette looks best with industrial, minimal, and modern styles, so make sure to stick to furniture and accents that are clean-lined and feature high-contrast tones. You’ll also want to make sure there are plenty pops of white to break up all the dark shades. Check out our Guide to Decorating With White for tips on working in white tones.

gray room color schemes

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7. Gray and Purple

This color scheme guarantees an elegant and formal gray living room. That’s because pairing gray and purple naturally results in a glam and elevated interior design look. It’s one of few gray living room ideas where the palette will always look and feel on trend and of-the-moment.

While all shades of gray will work, we love a softer shade because darker grays can sometimes appear muddy next to purple. So keep to lighter gray paint colors and furniture to start, like the tufted chesterfield sofa and paneled walls in this living room. Then mix in a range of purple tones, from mauve to lavender to deep plum, such as the ottoman, overdyed rug, and abstract art here. To round out the palette, add metallic touches, especially brass, to break up the colors.

gray room color schemes

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8. Gray and Sage

If you’re working with a large open living space, soft gray and sage can make for a very attractive color scheme. It brings both an airiness and earthy vibe to your interior design, resulting in a gray living room that’s anything but stuffy.

Sage is a soothing color, and light gray has an ease and groundedness to it, so together they can bring a sense of calm and comfort to large living rooms. Pairing this palette with natural materials like wool, jute, and wood will help bring in a more balanced feeling. The key is to also mix in pops of black that are evenly spread throughout the room as small focal points to add depth and contrast.

This color pairing is definitely one of our more unique gray living room ideas, since most people don’t immediately consider pairing light gray and sage. But it can really warm up a spacious living room when they’re thoughtfully layered together.

gray room color schemes

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9. Gray and Beige

If you think a beige and gray living room sounds boring, think again. While this color scheme can easily fall flat, it can also be the most comfortable and cozy palette when there are tons of textures mixed into the room.

The key to mastering a gray and beige palette is to pull in as many textured furnishings as you can into your design. Here, the plush gray sectional, woven tan rug, marble table with brass legs, natural-fiber basket, and textured pillows and curtains all add up to cozy touches that lend major comfort to the room. Try also aiming for beige tones in larger furniture pieces, such as wood cabinets and side tables to enrich the overall gray and neutral palette.

If you love modern rustic interior design but want a family-friendly space, this is one of the best gray living room ideas that marries both.

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5 Green Bedroom Ideas for the Perfect Relaxing Retreat

Much like the color blue, green gives off calm and relaxing vibes, making it the perfect hue for a bedroom design! The color green reminds us of nature and helps to bring the outdoors indoors with its fresh vibrancy. We love green bedrooms because they have the tranquility of a neutral space but all the excitement and personality of a colorful room design. Not to mention, green color schemes are versatile palettes that add harmony to any master bedroom. If you’re looking for ideas on adding some green to your bedroom walls, here are 6 great design ideas for green bedrooms.

green bedroom designCharming Light Green Bedroom Retreat

If you’re looking for an easy way to incorporate green in the bedroom, look no further than this charming mint green room. This green and white design scheme feels crisp and bright and creates a relaxing and rustic, cottage-meets-beach house vibe.

To get the look start with an apple or mint green coat of paint and layer in darker hues in your art, accent decor, and throw pillows. Then temper out the green walls with natural materials like a natural fiber rug, linen skirted furniture, weathered wood storage pieces, and charming botanical prints. It’s peaceful, inspiring, and cheery, all at once.

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The Hue: Valspar Swan Dance

We chose Valspar Swan Dance for our bright and cheery bedroom. It’s a super subtle shade of green that helps highlight the natural textures and weathered wood pieces in the room.

This is perfect if…

You want a relaxing cottage look that’s almost neutral but super stylish at the same time. The pale colors blend together to create a super calm and refreshing oasis.

sage green bedroomSage Green Bedroom Idea

This bedroom has a modern and eclectic look that uses bold colors to both energize and soothe. It’s full of natural decor and textures, like leather, natural woods, simple metal accents, and a jute rug. It’s minimal, but the asymmetrical design and the prints and patterns give it an eclectic feel. And the muted green and neutral accents add a calming earthiness to the space.

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The Hue: Valspar Quaking Bog

We chose Valspar’s Quaking Bog, a gorgeous sage green paint. It has a deep earthiness to it, without being overbearing, and helps a bedroom feel like more of an intimate, personal retreat.

This is perfect if…

You love natural textures and want them to pop in an eclectic setting. Sage green doesn’t add a lot of bold color, but helps to add more depth and energy to a totally neutral space. It’s a great wall color for green bedrooms that have a more earthy feel.

green bedroom wallsSerene Green Bedroom Escape

Set the tone for a traditional, shabby chic bedroom with soft grey-green walls and traditional art, furniture, and accents. The vibe is super cozy and laid-back with extra comfy furniture, lots of beautiful antiques and quaint, down-home energy.

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The Hue: Wild Grass by Vista Paints

We chose Wild Grass by Vista Paints for more of a neutral take on green. This hue goes with almost anything and adds a slightly cool tint to your space. It helps set the tone for easy relaxation and winding down and is great if you like neutral paint colors but want a bit more saturation in your space.

This is perfect if…

You don’t want to fully commit to a green bedroom but also want a neutral non-white paint. The muted grey-green color is instantly serene and peaceful but also helps the room feel warmer and more put-together than white or neutral walls.

dark green bedroomEmerald Green Bedroom Haven

This dark green bedroom look is bold and daring but can instantly turn a bedroom into an alluring retreat. The emerald walls set the stage for a look that is glam to the max and also gives the room an art deco vibe. The furniture is chic yet comfortable, but the wall color definitely takes the look over the top. If you’re nervous about the dark green wall color is too bold, consider an accent wall instead! This will give you the same pop of color but won’t be such a commitment.

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The Hue: Black Emerald by Sherwin Williams

We chose Black Emerald by Sherwin Williams to make a statement in our emerald green bedroom. It’s incredibly bold but not aggressively green so you can have fun with the versatility.

This is perfect if…

You like bold wall color and want to show off your personality with your design choices. It’s a great way to make your natural decor pop instead of blending into the background.

teal bedroomTeal Green Bedroom Oasis

Go forth and conquer with this super bold mid-century bedroom design! The eclectic decor makes the room feel cozy and high-contrast. It’s all about natural woods, which are a staple of this style and pair beautifully with this vibrant teal green. Having a dark color like this on bedroom walls can give it a very cozy, retreat feeling.

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The Hue: Dark Teal by Benjamin Moore

We chose Dark Teal by Benjamin Moore to strike the perfect balance of blue and green. It adds personality and complements the natural wood tones of this design style.

This is perfect if…

You love the mid-century modern style and are seeking a bold and trendy aesthetic. The look helps create a cozy bedroom design that feels like your own private enclave. It’s also a perfect compromise if you can’t decide between blue or green bedroom design!

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