How the Characters From Gossip Girl Would Decorate Their Homes Today

This just in: Gossip Girl is coming back this summer—with loads of new drama and betrayal, straight from the lives of the wealthy and elite of the Upper West Side. And this got us thinking—where would the stars from the original show be today?

Don’t worry, Blair and Chuck, as well as Serena and Dan, are still married. And Little J? She’s killing it in the fashion world. Want to peek into their lives, almost 10 years later? We’ve got the inside scoop—and we know you’ll love it.

Read on to get an exclusive look inside the gorgeous homes and workspaces of all your favorite Gossip Girl characters. Xoxo…Gossip Girl glamorous bedroom with lavender walls and a canopy bed

Blair and Chuck’s Upper East Side Townhouse

Blair and Chuck both always had strong personalities and viewpoints—and those both show up in their Upper East Side Townhouse. However, over the years they’ve learned more about compromise and helping the other person shine. As a result, their home beautifully reflects both of their styles.

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Gossip Girl glamorous bedroom with lavender walls and a canopy bed

The Fundamentals of Blair and Chuck’s Style

Their bedroom combines Blair’s feminine and classic style with Chuck’s more masculine and bold taste, creating a blended and balanced space. Blair brings in some Parisian inspiration  through flirty and classic design elements, mixed with vintage industrial touches. There is definitely some cool-French-girl styling happening in this space, which celebrates the gorgeous classic architecture but also brings in contrast with modern design elements.

Chuck’s masculine vibes and penchant for luxury show up in the dark wood nightstands (with their brass inlay), the modern canopy bed, and the metal accents of the bed, side table, and mirrors.

The blending of these two styles gives this space some dramatic flair—which is not surprising considering the high drama of their relationship. The pair would certainly have worked with a high-end interior designer to help them combine their styles and invest in unique pieces that also show their social status.

Gossip Girl glamorous bedroom with lavender walls and a canopy bed

Don’t Miss These Details:

  • Still besties, there’s a framed photo of Blair and Serena on Blair’s nightstand.
  • A chic crib in the corner tells us that Blair and Chuck are continuing to grow their family.
  • A luxe, modern dog bed sits on Chuck’s side of the bed, giving his pup a very cool place to sleep.
  • A photograph of Paris on the bookcase speaks to Blair’s never-ending love of all things French.
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s is still Blair’s favorite film, as the art print on the wall next to the bookcase proves.

Gossip Girl glamorous bedroom with lavender walls and a canopy bed

Get the Look

Love this combination of Chuck and Blair’s style? Get the look in your own space, setting the stage with a light yet saturated wall color. Bring to life that masculine/feminine dichotomy by combining soft, rounded silhouettes with edgy, metal pieces. Specifically, use black metals and pops of brass, but pair those with rich, dark wood to bring in that classical vibe. Use upholstery and rugs to create heightened contrast and bring some lightness into the space.
Gossip Girl green living room with large sectional and bold geometric rug

Serena and Dan’s Luxe West Village Home

Serena and Dan have become a bit more subdued and domestic over their years, and their interior design style shows that off. Straying away from the Upper East Side, they found a home in a hip West Village neighborhood, where they live a quieter life. Their home is much more down-to-earth and comfortable and Chuck and Blair’s, but it’s definitely still trendy.

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Gossip Girl green living room with large sectional and bold geometric rug

The Fundamentals of Serena and Dan’s Style

Their style reflects popular trends, embodying a relaxed California Casual vibe with a modern twist. Comfort is at the heart of their space, with conversational seating and furniture you can really curl up on and sink into. Serena’s free-spirited personality comes through in the decorative accents, which are modern, textural, and global-inspired. This space is full of bold and eclectic pops and saturated-yet-serene colors.

Gossip Girl green dining room with modern art and a sleek dining table

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Don’t Miss These Details:

  • While Serena probably took the lead on decorating their home, the corner of the living room is all Dan. Ever the writer, he’s carved out a reading nook, with nearby shelves to house his favorite books—plus a copy of the New Yorker (where his first article was published) on his chair.
  • We like to think of the art print in Dan’s reading nook, with the obstructed image of a woman, as an homage to Gossip Girl.
  • Serena may not have her mother’s iconic Prada Marfa sign. Instead, she’s leveled up and has an original print of a photograph of Prada Marfa, which is hung in her dining area.

Gossip Girl green living room with large sectional and bold geometric rug

Gossip Girl green living room with large sectional and bold geometric rug

Get the Look

Love that California Modern style that Serena and Dan have in their home? Start with a large, comfortable sofa in a light color. (You want it to be one you could sit on for hours at a time to binge your favorite show—like Gossip Girl—or read a favorite book.) This will set the tone for a comfortable setting and sense of calm—as will an earthy green wall color. Pair the comfy sofa with a bold, boho rug and tons of throw pillows to give the space an eclectic twist. Incorporate a trendy leather sling chair and non-objective art to drive home the modern vibe, but layer in plenty of natural wood tones to keep the look grounded.

Gossip Girl studio apartment with glam velvet sofa and charcoal walls

Dorota and Vanya’s Lavish Guest Quarters at Blair and Chuck’s

Blair’s housekeeper and closest confidant, Dorota, is definitely still in her life. In fact, Dorota visits so often that she has guest quarters right in Blair and Chuck’s townhouse!

The Fundamentals of Dorota’s Style

While Dorota didn’t get much of an opportunity to showcase her style on the show, we know she has a bold, colorful, eclectic side—while still appreciating luxury based on her upbringing and her exposure to the finer things in the Waldorf household. Remember when she designed Blair’s office? We think this design was a representation of Dorota’s personal style and she used that as inspiration for her own space—which she definitely designed on her own.

While her guest quarters might be small, the space definitely doesn’t lack style. Her studio in Chuck and Blair’s home would be a bright eclectic space with a contemporary flair. With blue as the foundational color in the space, Dorota would introduce pops of earthy, warm oranges for contrast. The space also features lots of gorgeous, luxe materials like velvet, burl wood, and bone inlay—proving that she has exquisite taste and that there’s much more beneath the surface that we didn’t get to see during Gossip Girl’s run.

Gossip girls redesigned living room

Don’t Miss These Details:

  • Dorota was always a huge fan of Cindy Lauper—so, naturally, she has a framed photo of her on her nightstand.
  • A famous Polish modern art piece hangs above the sofa is a nod to her motherland, showcasing her exceptional taste and love for art.

Gossip Girl character bedroom details with fancy nightstand styling and polka dot wallpaper

Get the Look

Love Dorota’s bold and eclectic style? You can bring this look home by going bold with your wall color. Opt for something vibrant such as a blue or green. To add some sophistication, match your sofa to the wall color and create a monochromatic look. Then, add complementary pops in earth colors for subtle drama, and layer in a rug that plays on both of the main colors of the space.

For accent pieces, pick gorgeous materials such as burl wood and pieces with bone inlay to create a layered, expensive look. And don’t be afraid to add pops of fun patterns throughout (through furniture, wallpaper, and decor) to play up the eclectic vibe!

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Jenny’s Eclectic Design Studio

Jenny always had a rebellious streak and punk rock style. While she’s grown up over the past 10 years, that edgy, dramatic style remains.

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Gossip Girl home fashion studio design

The Fundamentals of Jenny’s Style

Jenny’s home office is full of bold style, while still being a super chic space—showing off the fact that she’s a total tastemaker with her finger on the pulse of all the latest trends. The glamorous space is in a loft in Brooklyn (which is a much cooler place to live now than when she was in high school), with huge rays of sun shining through the industrial windows. It’s the perfect setting for her to get creative and design stunning outfits for her growing fashion business.

The color palette of her studio is inspired by her edgy, punk rock days—with a dark wall that’s both moody and edgy, like all teenage goths. While Jenny was often in the background as Dan’s spunky younger sister, her loft shows that today she has made her way out of the wings and is a powerhouse woman, making waves in the design world.

Gossip Girl home fashion studio design

Don’t Miss These Details:

  • Jenny definitely still works in the fashion industry. So, of course, her studio would include a fashion mannequin to act as a canvas that brings her ideas to life.
  • Notice the “J for Waldorf” bag? It’s a nod to Blair and Jenny’s ongoing professional relationship.

Gossip Girl home fashion studio design

Gossip Girl home fashion studio design

Get the Look

Jenny’s studio is dramatic, glamorous, edgy, and modern. To bring this vibe into your own space, start with a dark and moody wall color to give the room some dramatic flair. Then, layer in bold, sculptural light colors and high-contrast black and white art. Fill the room with other sculptural pieces as well, choosing unexpected shapes such as bold curves and cut-outs. For a touch of luxury, use pops of brass in finishes throughout the space. Other luxurious materials you could add? Sheepskin, boucle fabric, and burl wood.

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The 80s Are Back: Here’s How Designers Are Styling With 1980s Decor Influences

We have some exciting interior design news: The 80s are back! But don’t worry—only the good parts. Think: bold shapes, natural materials, and geometric patterns. (No waterbeds, ruffled bedding, rag-rolled walls, or wall-to-wall carpet in sight!)

When you think of 1980s interior design, your mind might be drawn to walls full of those 80s glass blocks, or perhaps Laura Ashley florals or piles of shabby chic ruffles. Or maybe you think of The Golden Girls and Blanche’s bedroom design in all its Miami Boho glory. Preppy style, pastels, chintz, and geometric designs reigned supreme in the 80s.

80s Design Styles and Trends

The 1980s was an interesting time in American history. The economy was booming, and there was a wave of wealth and “new money.” Technology was making significant advances. And traditional gender stereotypes were being seriously challenged—with major pop culture icons exploring androgynous looks and more women entering the corporate workforce in high-level positions than ever before. It was a decade of opulence, of change and upheaval. And out of all of these cultural shifts came a lot of iconic interior design trends.

Want to walk down memory lane? Here are some of the most popular 80s interior design trends that people love (and love to hate).

Memphis-Milano Movement

Memphis Design

When you think of 1980s design, what probably comes to mind is bright colors, bold shapes, squiggly lines, and funky furniture and decor. What you might not know is that there’s a name for this style: Memphis Design. This look was created by the Memphis Design Group, a group of designers in Milan, Italy in the early 1980s. Pushing back against the minimal, modern look that was popular in the late 70s and early 80s, they started creating bold, colorful, zany furniture and home decor designs. While the Memphis Design Group developed this aesthetic, it was the application of the style in pop culture that brought it to the popular consciousness. (Think: the Saved by the Bell set, the early MTV logo, and the design of Pee Wee’s Playhouse.

Learn more about the Memphis Design Movement in our Q&A with a design historian!


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Glass-Block Walls

You can’t talk about design trends from the 1980s without talking about glass-block walls. Sometimes used in place of traditional windows or shower walls, sometimes used on interior walls to let in more light, glass-block walls were all the rage in the 80s. They added both style and practicality to a home—the practical part being that they let natural light in without being totally see-through, and they’re more energy-efficient than the average window! They may seem like a dated design element to many people today, but in the late 2010s, glass-block walls actually started making a comeback in home and commercial properties!


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Tropical Prints and Plants Galore

The obsession with plants didn’t originate with millennials in the 2010s—it was happening way back in the 80s (and even before). In fact, iconic interior designer Dorathy Draper first created palm-print wallpaper and fabric while redecorating the Greenbrier hotel after WWII; though it wasn’t until the 80s that tropical prints became a major trend. But once they did, you could see them everywhere. Once of the most iconic examples in pop culture? Blanche Devereaux’s bedroom from Golden Girls.

And the obsession with plants went beyond wallpaper and upholstery prints. In the 1980s, houseplants had a major moment—faux plants, specifically. Not as quality as the faux plants of today, the styles from the 80s definitely looked fake—and collected a lot of dust. So today, this trend gets a pretty bad rap. But the spirit of the trend was all about bringing greenery (and probably a bit of happiness) into your home.


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Lucite Furniture

Art Deco design had a resurgence in the 80s—and part of that renewed popularity was a love for clear furniture. However, rather than the glass furniture of the 1920s, the 1980s take was full of Lucite furniture. Lucite and acrylic plastic were first developed in the 1920s and 30s, and they grew in popularity as a furniture material in the 60s and 70s. But it was in the 1980s that clear furniture really hit its peak in popularity thus far, with Lucite being the favored material. (Fun fact: Lucite is a brand name of acrylic plastic. So, all Lucite is acrylic, but not all acrylic is Lucite.)


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Memphis design is one one end of the color spectrum when it comes to 1980s styles and trends—full of bright primary colors. However, on the other end of the spectrum was a love for pastels in the 80s. Pastel room design was a very popular move in the 80s, including shades of soft pinks and purples, as well as sea foam green. Sometimes you’d see small applications of pastel colors, and sometimes they overtook a whole room, top to bottom. The use of pastels showed up a lot in the next two trends we’ll show you.


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Floral Bedding and Curtains

In the 1980s, upholstery was all about florals. Whether it was bedding, sofa and chair upholstery, drapes, or accent decor, floral and chintz patterns were everywhere. Laura Ashley is a home decor and clothing brand that helped popularize this trend—but you didn’t have to have the name brand to embrace this trend. And it wasn’t just one application of florals in a room. Often, you’d have a room full of florals, from the drapes to the rugs, plus chintz wallpaper, lampshades, and furniture. But it didn’t stop there. In the 80s, ruffles often went hand-in-hand with floral patterns, making this trend even more over-the-top.


Shabby Chic Design

The floral trend showed up in big ways in Shabby Chic design. This design style, which originated in the 1980s, was all about embracing the type of decor you might find in an old English countryside manor. Naturally, that included a lot of florals. But it also involved classic design elements and rustic finishes. The result was an elegant, feminine style that had some frills but was also quite comfortable and inviting.

How To Get an 80s Decor Look Today

Trends come and go in cycles, and 80s-inspired design elements have been slowly coming back in vogue for a while now. And while we’re definitely seeing a love of chintz come back in the Grandmillenial design trend, we’re seeing 80s-inspired interior design trends come to life more in the way of furniture shapes and materials, geometric patterns, and 80s color palettes. And even in some 80s-inspired takes on Art Deco-inspired design elements (a 100-year-old style that made a comeback in the 80s and is back in style again today).

Want to get the 80s look? We tasked our designers to show us how they’re designing with an 80s influence. Keep reading for a few different ways they’ve used 1980s interior design elements to get the look!

1980s interior design

Minimal 80s

With this minimalist take on 1980s interior design, a select few sculptural statement pieces take center stage. This design is more about the shape, material, and texture of the furniture than applied ornament or decor. While there aren’t many pieces in the space, the negative space lets the forms and textures shine—making this look perfect for the Minimalist Maximalists out there. (And you could easily amp up the drama with a bold wall color.)

The terracotta color of the chairs create a statement, while an otherwise black-and-white color palette creates contrast in the space. The chairs’ curved, sculptural design with a velvet finish speak to both the mod and glam elements of 80s design. Marble was very big in the 80s, so the dining table, while sleek and modern in shape, fits in with that 80s vibe.

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1980s interior design

Colorful 80s

With a bold color palette, this look gives a nod to the ubiquitous Memphis style of the 80s. The 1980s really influenced the use of shapes in furniture and decor—and this bedroom drives home that idea. Here, we see round bulbs combined with a sculptural nightstand and curved bed. Basically, with less “stuff” in the room, the forms of the furniture and decor are the stars of the show.

The color palette speaks to the bold use of color throughout 1980s interior design, but in a format that was most seen in Memphis design. The art, with its bold colors and layered geometry, drives home that homage to 80s Memphis design.

Need help from a Miami interior designer for your home? Modsy designers are pros at finding expert design solutions for rooms of all styles and locations!

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1980s interior design

Chic 80s

This living room is a glam, chic take on 80s design. Inspired by 80s beach house contemporary style, this look is all about bold drama through shapes and statement pieces. The “puffy,” rounded furniture has a sculptural quality, with the velvet sofa and chair feeling contemporary but very bold. The polished stone finish of the sculptural coffee table balances out the softness of the sofa and chair, and it also plays off the geometry of the rug and artwork.

The high-contrast palette—with black, white, and blush sitting center stage—has a feminine-inspired feel. But the color palette alongside the furniture forms balances the masculine and feminine sides of Chic 80s style.

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1980s interior designEclectic 80s

This living room, with its eclectic mix of shapes and materials, brings the funkiness of boho style to an 80s aesthetic. Natural materials like cane and rattan were widely used in the 80s—and we’re seeing that natural materials trend come back to life today in a big way. Today’s use, however, is in a lighter, trendier way—but it still gives a big nod to 80s design. The natural materials in this space balance out the bold forms and geometry in the room, making it feel more casual and approachable than some of the other takes on 80s-inspired design. Meanwhile, the low, rounded sofa (which has a very 80s vibe) compliments the natural materials of the cane and rattan.

The bold shapes in the mirror and table lamp are a nod to the forms made popular in the 80s. The wall art also features a bold, geometric design that is reminiscent of the Memphis design patterns of the 80s.

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Contemporary 80s

This look brings in some 80s design influences, but in a much “safer” way. It mixes contemporary 80s style with today’s transitional style for a less in-your-face look. With a more subtle approach, it relies on a few pops of bold 80s design elements on a neutral foundation—making it very easy to switch up the look of this space over time.

The 80s-inspired design elements noticeably come through with the bulbous lamp, the Art Deco-inspired mirror, and the glam acrylic vase. The pastel-hued wood console, with its geometric knobs, really speaks to the contemporary 80s vibe. The color scheme, combined with the art sketch, brings to life the soft, feminine side of 80s-inspired design.

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How to work from your favorite pop culture interiors

The first things on your mind before you start a video conference are probably “Do I look ok?” and “Is my house messy?” As working from home is becoming the new norm for so many of us, you might be getting tired of seeing the same video conferencing background hour after hour. If you’re finding yourself with a little wanderlust, looking for a change of scenery, or just don’t feel like tidying up before a video meeting, download one of our favorite reimagined spaces to set as your background for video conferences.

Want to work from the Friends apartment or from Frasier Crane’s iconic Seattle pad? Maybe you’d like to imagine yourself in Stars Hollow burning the midnight oil like Rory (or eating Pizza and takeout like Lorelai) from the iconic Gilmore Girls’ living room. Or, cut yourself a piece of cheesecake while you work from the Golden Girls living room. We’ve put together a collection of our favorite reimagined spaces.

Here’s How it Works:

Scroll down and find your new favorite WFH set-up. Click on your favorite image (or two or all of them) and save it to your desktop.

To use this feature in Zoom it requires specific settings, or you’ll look like a ghost! Check their site to see if your settings match. Then, make sure your Zoom account administrator has the Virtual Background setting enabled. When you’re on a Zoom call you’ll be able to change your background by clicking the little arrow next to the “start video/stop video” button. Then select “choose a virtual background.”  Click the plus (+) button on the right and add your favorite reimagined image.


So no one told you 2020 was gonna be this way. That’s why we put together these awesome Friends-themed backgrounds. They’ll be there for you and are the next best thing to hiring a New York interior designer!

Friends themed video meeting backgroundChandler and Monica

Friends themed video meeting backgroundRachel Green

Friends themed video meeting backgroundJoey Tribbiani


Looks like Festivus came early this year and we’re gifting you some cool Seinfeld themed backgrounds. You can have SERENITY NOW!

Friends themed video meeting backgroundJerry

Friends themed video meeting backgroundGeorge

Friends themed video meeting backgroundElaine

Sex and the City

You may not be able to grab a cosmo with the girls right now. But you can have a virtual drink in Carrie’s apartment.

SATC themed video meeting backgroundCarrie

SATC themed video meeting backgroundMiranda

Gilmore Girls

These Gilmore girls themed backgrounds are the next best thing to a weekend in Stars Hollow.

Gilmore Girls themed video meeting backgroundLuke

Gilmore Girls themed video meeting backgroundParis

Gilmore Girls themed video meeting backgroundRory

Golden Girls

The only thing your co-workers will like more than these delightful Golden girls backgrounds is a slice of cheesecake.

Golden Girls themed video meeting backgroundBlanche’s bedroom

Gilmore Girls themed video meeting backgroundThe Kitchen

Gilmore Girls themed video meeting backgroundThe Living Room


Frasier has left the building, so why don’t you sneak into his fab Seattle pad for your next meeting?

Fraser themed video meeting background
Frasier’s apartment

Will and Grace

For this Will and Grace themed background we decided to go with “Just Jack.”

Will & Grace themed video meeting backgroundJack’s rendition of Will and Grace’s apartment

House of Cards

We could all use a little bit of Claire Underwood’s steely reserve from time to time. Using this House of  Cards themed background will help you power through like she does.

House of Cards themed video meeting background

Claire’s Oval Office

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Here’s How the Golden Girls House Would Look in 2018

golden girls houseImage source NBC

Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia: thank you for being our friends…and inspiration for our latest TV show interior refresh! We are huge fans of the show, and couldn’t wait to makeover the Golden Girls house in celebration of the series’ upcoming 33rd anniversary on September 14th.

The best part about re-imagining the Golden Girls house for 2018? Many elements of the original interior are actually back on trend today. So get ready to say hello (again) to lush palm prints, rattan, and wicker, just with slightly refined color palettes and cleaner lines.

Ready to see how Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia would have lived today? Grab your cheesecake and let’s see how the Golden Girls’ Miami home might have looked in 2018!

golden girls house

Golden Girls Living Room

We wanted to create a modern rendition of the iconic Golden Girls living room while still staying true to the overall character of their original space. Like the original, the 2018 space is full of rattan furniture, vibrant florals, palm leaf patterns and of course, an abundance of plants! The ladies would have relished in the succulent trend that has exploded today.

We gave the house a fresh coat of paint in a dusty pink color (Benjamin Moore’s Pale Petal) to brighten up the room and give it a crisp feel. The living room is full of rattan furniture with a modern, streamlined shape – it’s definitely the Golden Girls’ house through a modern lens!

Notice anything familiar? We had to give a nod to the original series by adding a cigar box, Dorothy’s Wedding photo, and a gift wrapped present with their theme song.

Shop the Look:

golden girls house

The Dining Room + Kitchen

The Golden Girls spent a lot of time gathered around their kitchen table, so we know we had to do this room justice.

If the four ladies moved into the space today, they probably wouldn’t renovate the kitchen, so we preserved the original cabinets and layout. The few foundational pieces all got a modern update, like the woven storage cabinet that is an ode to South Beach materials and textures.

The pastel Smeg fridge brings in even more greenery alongside their beloved plant collection. The Chinese Chippendale chairs are definitely back in style, so we opted to keep that look. For the bar stools we chose a more modern form with a rush seat. We also took a note from their infamous floral tablecloth and instead added wallpaper that feels bright and airy.

For super fans, you’ll remember that copper and chinoiserie was a big theme in the original space so we had to sprinkle that into the cookware, dinnerware, and wall decor. You can also find some cheesecake and pizza!

Shop the Look:

golden girls house

Blanche’s Bedroom

Blanche’s bedroom is so strikingly iconic and one of our favorite cinematic interiors. We made sure to preserve her love for exotic prints and fabrics (note the iconic palm wallpaper print) but gave it a modern twist. The wallpaper features a smaller-scale pattern and is actually removable (so Blanche can easily peel it off when the palm trend ends).

There are many nods to the original iconic statement pieces that populated Blanche’s bedroom. For example, the wallpaper, armoire, and vanity set and even Sophia’s memorable handbag (which you too can use to steal place settings from your favorite restaurant) all get a 2018 update.

Shop the Look:


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Iconic Interiors: How to Get the Look of Blanche Devereaux’s Bedroom

With a plate full of cheesecake and a wall covered in banana leaves, we are celebrating one of our favorite shows and style icons – The Golden Girls. Because the 80s trend is back, we gave Blanche Devereaux’s bedroom a 21st-century facelift.

To the untrained eye, if one were to look at Blanche’s bedroom today they might think it’s a little…over the top. The banana leaf comforter and walls. And drapes! The pink carpet! And pink chairs! And wicker everything! Blanche definitely wasn’t afraid of maximalism. But it’s maximalism with a very tropical boho flair (Dare we say she’s the original Jungalow queen?). It’s the Beverly Hills Hotel meets 1980s Miami interior design in the best possible way.

Blanche Devereaux's Bedroom with palm print beadspread

Our original re-design of Blanche’s bedroom

While an exact replica of her bedroom today might be a bit much, there are elements of her bedroom that would beautifully translate into a modern home. We had a few of our designers dream up modern-day takes on Blanche’s bedroom—and let’s just say we’re ready to completely redesign our own with these ideas. While there’s no Golden Girls wallpaper or Blanche Devereaux bedding in sight, there are plenty of palm prints, wicker, and glam elements to be found! Come take a peek inside the rooms and learn how to get the look!

Boho bedroom design with a rattan bed frame and pink decor inspired by Blanche Devereaux's bedroom

If You’re a Boho Blanche

This bedroom is a modern, boho take on Blanche Devereaux’s bedroom. (Like, if Anthropologie came out with a bedroom collection inspired by Blanche, it would look a lot like this.) It has a youthful, millennial vibe, with soft pinks making it a more inviting and soothing take on the original.

Of all the rooms in this blog post, this is the most literal take on Blanche’s style. But it’s definitely not an exact replica. Instead of going for banana leaf everything, we reinterpreted a tropical motif in the art and decor—from pillows to wall art, the rug with a pattern inspired by bamboo stalks, and even a real palm in the corner. Also: that chandelier. Talk about spunky and glam! Very Blanche, if we do say so.

Blanche was endlessly fabulous, so we also added some boho glam touches throughout the room to balance the tropical and natural moments, with the brass-capped side table, a velvet chair in a rich green, and the brass and lucite nightstand (which also happens to be a nod to 80s design).

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80s style bedroom with a canopy bed frame and orange rug, inspired by Blanche Devereaux's bedroom

If You Want to Bring the 80s Back

If Blanche Devereaux had a stylish niece or granddaughter, this is how she’d style her space. This is a more minimalist and trendy take on Blanche’s bedroom, but with some definite 80s vibes. Quite opposite of Blanche’s actual bedroom, this space has a lot of breathing room and has a minimal edge. We stripped down the design, got rid of all the frills and instead focused on the shapes and materials within the space, for a light and airy take on Blanche’s bedroom.

The retro shapes seen throughout the space—from the bed and mirror to the rug’s pattern and even the lamps and nightstands—are very much rooted in a 1980s take on Art Deco. The rug also brings some bold patterns and colors into the space, taking cues from the 80s but with a current, trendy lens.

Rattan was very big for Blanche, and those elements come through in subtle ways; we hinted at them in the nightstand and the basket at the foot of the bed. And you can’t forget the banana leaves. We opted for a palm print on the decorative pillows as the biggest moment of this but echoed that pattern through the use of actual palm leaves in the room and the trees in the wall art.

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Modern interpretation of Blanche Devereaux's bedroom from Golden Girls

If You Love a Little Kitsch

This is a more transitional, comfortable take on Blanche Devereaux’s bedroom. While some may say it’s a “safe” way to bring her style to life, it certainly doesn’t lack personality! It’s simply a more mature and polished approach.

This comfortable, sturdy bed grounds the room, and it’s supplemented with nightstands in a similar style—a mix of mid-century, contemporary, and transitional styles. Definitely more straightforward pieces, it’s the rest of the furniture, decor, and color scheme that give this bedroom more personality.

The seagrass bench and rattan chair are more literal takes on Blanche’s style. But really, the whole space is anchored in the color palette of Blanche’s original bedroom. However, we toned down the colors and made them more subtle, and then integrated them throughout the space. But various shades throughout the green bedroom design really bring that Blanche vibe to life.

There are also hints of gold throughout the room, which brings in a touch of glam. As does the area rug, in a plush, velvet-esque material and rich green, which lends to that chic, glaminess of Blanche. And, breaking up the more demure vibe, the bamboo mirrors and the wrapped vase in the corner add to a kitschy tropical vibe, as do the various palm-print throw pillows.

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Modern take on Blanche Devereaux's bedroom from Golden Girls, featuring a green bed, palm leaf rug, and rattan bench

If You’re Making Miami Moves

This bedroom definitely has that Miami vibe, with the boldest, most large-scale take on the banana leaf and palm prints. And the rattan bench, oversized rattan lamps, and solid pink textiles are a nod to both Blanche and the 80s. This is a modern Golden Girls bedroom if we’ve ever seen one.

Fun Fact: The banana leaf print that originally adorned Blanche’s bedroom was Don Loper’s 1942 Martinique version. He designed the wallpaper for the Fountain Coffee Room inside the Beverly Hills Hotel, where it still adorns the walls today.

But, to keep the space from skewing too 80s, we added a contemporary, streamlined bed frame to ground the space (but in a glam green to make a statement), along with the modern nightstands. The asymmetrical gallery wall also adds a contemporary touch while tying into the overall tropical boho theme of the room. And the chandelier adds a tropical glam vibe that is SO Blanche.

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Blanche Devereaux's Bedroom design with two pink chairs and a tropical rug

Golden Girls was a show about more than cheesecake and banana leafs. It shined the spotlight on social issues of its day, such as a group of women living together for financial reasons (something quite common today). The show also eloquently touched on issues such as female sexuality, gay rights, and life after marriage and children.

So thank you, Golden Girls, for being a friend (sorry, we had to) but thank you also for championing the message of women supporting women with humor and style.

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This post was updated on August 18, 2021