Blissed Out: 10 Luxurious, Spa-Inspired Bathroom Design Ideas We Love

At the end of a long day, a soak in the tub, a face mask, or at-home manicure are perfect ways to unwind and pamper yourself. And where do those activities all take place? The bathroom. As a major hub of self-care, we’re big believers that bathrooms shouldn’t simply be functional spaces; we’re of the mindset that they should be as luxurious and spa-like as possible! After all, there’s no reason you have to wait until you’re on vacation or a weekend getaway to really pamper yourself. With a well-designed bathroom, that can be part of your daily routine!

Photo credit: Karolina Grabowska

We’ve compiled a list of 10 of our favorite pampering bathroom design ideas to elevate your space and transform it from a washroom to an at-home relaxation station. And, when you’re ready to transform your existing bathroom into a luxurious retreat, we’re here to help. With our Renovation Design services, we’ll create immersive 3D designs that help you plan out your space—from reconfiguring the layout to choosing fixtures and finishes.

Here are 10 tips for bathroom design upgrades that will make your bathroom truly feel like a pampering escape.

1. Go Monochromatic

Relaxing, luxurious spas tend to feature a very limited color palette—and that’s because simple, neutral color palettes tend to be incredibly soothing. To make your bathroom super relaxing, stick with a monochromatic neutral color scheme, using grays and light neutrals to create an airy, elevated vibe. And if you do want to add a bit of color, stick with light and soothing shades of blue or green.

2. Use Natural Stone

In a bathroom, the use of natural stone like slate, granite, marble, and limestone can make the space feel very spa-like. And it can be used in so many different places, from the floors, to wall tiles, shelves, and countertops. Not to mention decorative accents! Natural elements are a great way to add some texture and even color to your space in a way that still feels really organic and relaxing.

3. Install a Soaking Tub

We know that not everyone has the space for one—but a freestanding soaking tub is one of the number one ways that you can take your bathroom from functionality to luxury. With the addition of a soaking tub, your bathroom automatically begins to feel like a high-end spa, and they make the experience of soaking in a tub so much more enjoyable. But they are large, so if you want to add one to your space or swap out your current tub, just know that you need the floor space and the proper floor support to ensure you have the necessary space and structure .

4. Opt for Brass Hardware

Swapping out your current hardware for brass is a great way to instantly elevate your bathroom design. Brass is extremely versatile, style-wise, especially with the different types of finishes. Lacquered brass is more shiny and glossy—perfect for modern or glam spaces. Unlacquered brass, which develops a patina over time, is perfect for classic, traditional, and rustic spaces. But both add a classic, luxurious feel to a bathroom design, whether it’s cabinet hardware, mirror frames, or lighting fixtures.

Want something more contemporary? Matte black hardware is another great choice that beautifully complements a spa-like vibe.

5. Layer Your Lighting

In any bathroom—but especially one designed to feel like a spa—it’s important to have layered lighting. So, don’t just use bright ceiling lights! Instead, install a mix of overhead lighting, sconces, and recessed lighting, and make at least some of it dimmable. This allows you to shift the lighting level throughout the day and depending on what you need—like bright lights for applying makeup or doing a manicure or dim, moody lighting for soaking in the tub!

6. Upgrade Your Shower

Nothing says practical in a bathroom quite like a prefabricated shower. If you really want to upgrade your bathroom, install a large, glass-door walk-in shower with a waterfall or rainfall showerhead. Finish the walls in an organic tile or natural stone to further drive home the feeling of it being a luxurious retreat. You’ve now gone from practical to pampered, and your life will never be the same!

And while, with glass doors, you will be eliminating the need for a shower curtain, you still do have one curtain to consider—the one covering your windows. We love a mix of roman shades and a gauzy curtain, which offer both privacy and beautiful light-filtering texture to your space.

7. Add Wooden Accents

luxe bathroom with spa like wood tiling

Wood accents throughout your bathroom is a great way to bring an organic feel to your bathroom. A wooden stool, bathtub caddy, or woven hamper is a great way to bring visual warmth to your space without sacrificing an airy, serene vibe. Another way to add a natural element to your bathroom is with ceramic tiles that are designed to look like wood. Installing these on your floors or walls adds a very high-end spa retreat vibe without sacrificing the durability of your space.

8. Apply Wallpaper

Wallpaper can look very sophisticated and really elevate a luxurious bathroom if the colors and pattern are subtle and timeless. This is a great choice for an accent wall behind your vanity and mirrors or to highlight a unique architectural feature like a wall niche.

9. Incorporate Plants

spa like bathroom with wall planter

An excellent way to up the spa-like factor in your bathroom? Include greenery. But not just a small potted plant or two—make it part of the space with a green wall or built-in planters! This type of natural element will give your space a truly zen feel. Plus, many plants—especially of the tropical variety—will actually thrive in the bathroom if there’s enough natural light, due to high humidity levels. But if you don’t have enough natural light, go faux for the look without the risk of your plants dying!

10. Banish Clutter

tidy spa like bathroom

A spa is never cluttered—and your spa-like bathroom shouldn’t be either. So, keep your floors open and clear of dirty clothing and towels, and make sure your countertops only have the necessities out. For everything else, utilize baskets, canisters, and other organization tools to keep your products accessible and organized but out of sight when not in use.

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Love That Glam Life? Discover Hollywood Regency Style, With Designer Tips to Get the Look

All that glitters may not be gold—but it is glam. An interior design style that’s been popular to varying degrees for the past century, glam is all about bold, dramatic, and over-the-top design elements. It’s opulence at its finest.

It’s also a design style that goes by several different names. There’s plain and simple “glam,” yes. But it can also interchangeably be called Hollywood Glam, Hollywood Regency, or just plain “chic.” We personally prefer Hollywood Regency, a name which harkens back to this style’s roots.

We want to dig a little deeper into this luxe design style, and share a little history on where the name Hollywood Regency came from. Read on for our primer on Hollywood Regency style—along with a ton of stunning glam design ideas.

What is Hollywood Regency style?

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Hollywood Regency style is all things glamorous, luxurious, and opulent—plus a bit playful. Interiors of Hollywood Regency spaces focus on luxury and creature comforts. You’ll know when you walk into a Hollywood Regency space because everything, from the overall design and to the small details will scream “glamor,” but with a cheeky sense of humor.

On a scale of minimalist to maximalist, Hollywood Regency definitely leans maximalist—embracing a layered, textured look in the design elements and finishes. Case in point: the bold mix of patterns, textures, materials, and prints. This mix also means that Hollywood Regency spaces tend to have a unique and eclectic vibe that speaks to the personal preferences of the person who lives or works there.

You’ll notice a lot of overlap with this style and Art Deco design in both its opulence and formality—but they’re not one and the same. While Art Deco leans more geometric, masculine, and serious, Hollywood Regency leans more ornate, eclectic, playful, and sometimes more feminine. Ultimately, Hollywood Regency’s style remains distinct and has gained international appeal, giving homes, estates, hotels, and shops around the world a sense of grandiosity.

Key Characteristics of Hollywood Regency Style

In Hollywood Regency spaces you’ll find a lot of:

  • Metallic finishes and mirrored surfaces
  • Richly layered textures (including velvet, furs, and silk)
  • High-contrast patterns (hello, animal prints!)
  • Ornamental furniture (from burl wood and marble to lacquer and carved woods)
  • Black and white color palettes
  • Vibrant pops of color
  • Smaller-scale furniture with slimmed-down profiles

It’s a luxurious and playful style that mixes different elements in a way that adds surprise and delight to a space.

What era is Hollywood Regency style from?

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Hollywood Regency, as a design style, was born in California in the 1930s during Hollywood’s Golden Age. This quintessentially American interior design style was inspired by the opulent designs of Hollywood sets seent throughout the 1920s–1950s, where interiors were full of ornate details, luxe textures, and shiny finishes. The look was contagious, and soon Hollywood actors were clamoring to bring the glitz and glamor of the silver screen into their homes. And, as it often goes with the rich and famous, the trend caught on. While it’s not always at the top of the trend charts, this is a design style that has never gone out of style since its inception.

Of course, Hollywood Regency interior design owes a bit of its style DNA to the Regency era of the early 1800s (hello, Bridgerton!). More inspired by rather than a copycat, these Hollywood set designers borrowed the classical design elements and luxurious interiors of the Regency era but reimagined them for the modern age. Speaking of old being made new—want to see some of our designers’ modern takes on Regency-era style? Check out some of their Bridgerton-inspired designs here, here, and here.

Famous Examples of Hollywood Regency Style

Want to see Hollywood Regency style in action? Here are some famous examples of Hollywood Regency interiors (particularly, hotels) that embraced this style and brought the look to life throughout the 20th century—with insights from our very own design historian and VP of Style, Alessandra Wood.

The Greenbrier Hotel

Dorothy Draper is the queen of Hollywood Regency style and her masterpiece, The Greenbrier Hotel, is an amazing example of her work. Redesigned in the late 1940s, its bright and bold style proves that classical design can live alongside avant-garde pieces. The design today still lives up to her original vision.

The Beverly Hills Hotel

When it was redesigned in 1947, the Beverly Hills Hotel took on its famous Hollywood glam style, with the green and white bold stripes, palm print wallpaper, and poppy cabanas. The hotel engaged Paul Williams—a famous mid-century, African-American architect—to design an addition in 1948, solidifying the hotel’s mid-century-glam, iconic vibes.

Prospect Hotel Hollywood

Martyn Lawrence Bullard’s designs make Hollywood Regency style feel timeless and current—despite designing this space only a couple of years ago. He brilliantly mixes patterns with bold colors and over-the-top gold accents to create Instagram-worthy spaces that pay homage to the style’s mid-century roots.

Viceroy Hotel, Santa Monica

Kelly Wearstler takes Hollywood Regency design to a new level through her maximalist style. With bold colors, prints, and dramatic statement pieces, Wearstler takes inspiration from the era’s designs but makes them something totally new for today’s modern eye.

How to Get a Hollywood Regency Look

Love the bold opulence of Hollywood Regency style? We can’t blame you. If you want to bring this look to life in your own home, read on. We’ve got 7 tips to help you nail the Hollywood Regency vibe.

Incorporate Animal Prints

Animal prints are fun, bold patterns to use in home design and decor—and an absolute must in a Hollywood Regency design. Whether zebra, tiger, cheetah, or leopard prints, these decorative motifs add a luxurious-but-playful pop to any space. Add animal print through a rug or throw pillow for a fun and bold impact. Or go big with animal-print wallpaper!

Add Shine with Metallic Finishes

Gold, brass, silver—you’ll find all sorts of metallic touches in a Hollywood Regency space. They add shine and a sense of luxury, no matter how big or small the metallic moment. You can go big with metallic finishes in kitchens and bathrooms, where hardware is prevalent, and in light fixtures. But you can also add pops of metallic finishes through furniture legs, nailhead trim on furniture, and through small decorative objects.

Try a Pink and Green Color Palette

Pink and green is a classic glam color palette, spanning all the way back to the 1930’s. You’ll see a lot of this color combo in the Beverly Hills Hotel, which we mentioned above. This color combo adds a feminine and whimsical feel to a space for a more playful, relaxed take on Hollywood Regency design. And this color palette meshes well with other luxurious finishes, like lacquer and brass.

Make a Statement with Sculptural Decor and Furniture

Hollywood Regency decor is all about drama. And sculptural, curved furniture and decor is the perfect way to up the drama factor in your space. Sculptural silhouettes can act as a focal point and serve almost as an oversized piece of art. Try adding a curved sofa or sculptural chandelier to make a bold statement in your space. Or go small-scale with sculptural tabletop decor.

Use Luxe Materials

Don’t shy away from luxe materials if you want to bring a Hollywood Regency design to life. Embrace them! And not just one; go for a maximalist vibe with materials like velvet, marble, burl wood, fur, lacquer, and mirrored surfaces. All of these materials add luxury to a space. Plus, all of these tend to be more expensive materials, so they instantly elevate the look of a room by virtue of what they are. You can use them in small decor pieces, like a marble bowl or a velvet pillow, or in larger, more extravagant pieces, like a burl wood dresser.

Add Drama with Scale

In Hollywood’s Golden Age, homes would often have large, over-the-top pieces to draw guests’ attention. After all, large-scale pieces of decor add visual impact and demand attention. Up the drama in your space by adding a wall of mirrors (or just one large floor mirror), an oversized piece of art, an extravagant chandelier, or even a large sculpture.

Decorate with Bold Colors

We’ve already established that Hollywood Regency style is bold—so it makes sense that the boldness wouldn’t stop at colors. Jewel tones are particularly great for Hollywood Regency designs, as their saturated tones add drama to a space. You can mix and match jewel tones with each other, as well as with those high-contrast black and white palettes that are so quintessentially glam. Plus, jewel tones look amazing with metallic accents! Try using jewel tones in furniture, like sofas and chairs, on your walls, or even just in small decor pieces.

Of course, you don’t have to tackle a redesign on your own! Our designers are experts in Hollywood Regency style—and mixing styles if you don’t want to go all in on Hollywood glam! Prefer more of a modern glam look? Or maybe you want help discerning the merits of Hollywood Regency vs boho glam style for your own home. Our designers can help bring all of your glam dreams to life when you start a design project with Modsy.

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Our Designers’ Favorite Ways to Decorate With Animal Print

Cheetahs, leopards, zebras, oh my! Animal prints are fun, bold patterns to use in home design and decor. These decorative motifs that add a luxurious, glamorous pop to any space. While they’re often associated with Hollywood Glam style, animal prints can truly be used in any decor scheme.

Want to learn more about animal print decor? We’re unpacking the different types of animal prints, discussing if it’s still trending, and showing you some different ways to incorporate animal prints into your home’s decor!

Are animal prints in style for 2021 and 2022?

The short answer? Yes! Animal prints are all over the fashion world and are a major trend for Fall/Winter 2022. But the animal print trend isn’t just for clothing. It’s a truly classic interior design motif that never really goes out of style. So, even when animal prints aren’t at the top of the trend list, these motifs will still look amazing in your home. In fact, animal prints are great if you want to design a timeless home.

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Popular Types of Animal Prints

What are the animal prints that are used in interior design? Well, pretty much any animal that has a beautifully patterned coat will make for amazing animal print decor. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Cheetah Print
  • Leopard Print
  • Tiger Stripes
  • Zebra Stripes
  • Dalmatian Spots
  • Giraffe Print
  • Tortoiseshell Print

Cheetah vs Leopard Print: What’s the Difference?

Wondering how to spot the difference between cheetah and leopard prints? Both of these feline-inspired prints are quite popular in interior design. And at a glance they may seem like they’re one and the same. But there are actually some differences between the spots of these two felines.

Leopards have tawny or warm golden tan coats with spots (called rosettes). The rosettes tend to be somewhat c-shaped and have a black border and a light-brown interior. Cheetahs have a beige and black-spotted coat. The base color is lighter than that of a leopard, and the spots are closed and fully black. They also tend to be smaller and closer together than leopard rosettes.

Some animal-print enthusiasts say that cheetah print decor is superior to leopard print decor and has a more sophisticated vibe. But we say it’s simply a matter of preference, as both are beautiful and fun patterns!

How to Incorporate Animal Print Decor into Your Home

Ready for some practical examples and design ideas? Read on for some of our favorite ways—both bold and subtle—to incorporate animal print decor into your home!

luxurious living room with leopard print pillows

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1. Animal Print Pillows

Animal print pillows add texture and pattern to any space where throw pillows are used—from living room and bedrooms to an entryway bench or a reading nook.

How to Make it Work

Since animal print pillows offer a smaller surface for the print, you can definitely mix them with other patterns, like stripes or plaid. However, they also look great as stand-alone patterns in a room, with solid-colored pillows and upholstery.

This is a great choice… 

If you want to dabble in animal print decor but aren’t ready to make a huge commitment. Pillows are a good place to start if you’re unsure about animal print!

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2. Animal Print Rug

Animal print is a bold pattern for a rug! But it can add an amazing style statement to your room. You can find options where the print is oversized (like room above) or smaller scale—what you choose simply depends on personal preference. Large-scale prints will feel more bold, while smaller-scale prints will be more subtle.

How to Make it Work

When decorating with an animal-print rug, keep other prints to a minimum to not overwhelm the room. Offset the busyness of the rug with large pieces of solid-colored furniture, like the sofa pictured above, which grounds the rug.

This is a great choice… 

For a sophisticated, modern glam look! This would also be a really fun design choice in a teen’s bedroom to add a pop of personality!

Want to turn up the boldness dial even more? Check out two extra-bold animal print rug options, below.

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colorful living room with tiger rug

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3. Faux Animal Hide Rug

Want to add some extra drama to an already dramatic print? Choose a rug, like the one pictured above, that features an animal print in the shape of an animal hide. This tiger rug is an attention-grabbing and glam design choice that adds a really fun pop of personality and instant drama to your space. Faux animal hides with bold animal prints can be paired with other bold patterns—like this room, with the striped coffee table and tropical-print pillows.

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4. Off-Color Animal Print Rug

Who says animal print has to be its natural color? If you want to add an extra pop of color to an already playful pattern, try out animal prints in color schemes that defy nature! Here, the aqua green leopard print adds a vibrant pop to this fun dining space! (Of course, this isn’t limited to rugs. You can also do off-color animal prints in pillows, wallpaper, and more!)

5. Animal Print Wallpaper or Art

Another way to make a big style statement in a room? Animal print wallpaper. Whether decorating with zebra print or tiger stripes, dalmatian or cheetah spots, or even a repeating peacock feather print, animal print wallpaper is a great way to add a big moment of pattern to your space.

If you don’t want to go quite that bold, you can opt for animal print wall art instead. Framing a large print of your favorite animal print adds a splash of pattern and personality but with a lower level of commitment than wallpaper. (You could also jump on the animal art trend bandwagon if you want to feature the whole animal and not just the print!)

How to Make it Work

Animal print wallpaper is best on an accent wall rather than a whole room; animal prints are bold and busy, and wallpapering a whole room with animal print would be visually overwhelming. Similar to an animal print rug, in the typical room, you’ll want to keep other patterns to a minimum in a room where patterned wallpaper is used. Unless you’re a maximalist, that is. In that case, go all out, like in the room pictured above!

This is a great choice… 

For those who like making bold statements with interior design. Animal print wallpaper (or art) would be great in a home looking for some glam design ideas.

Glam dining area with fireplace and animal print

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6. Upholstered Animal Print Dining Chairs

Animal print on dining chair seats? Très chic! This adds a high-fashion vibe to a dining room, which is a fun but unexpected place to incorporate this print.

How to Make it Work

Since this is a bold way to incorporate animal print into a more formal space, consider looking for removable cushion covers with the animal print of your choice, so you can swap them out later if your style changes. You could certainly choose attached cushions or a fully upholstered dining chair with animal print upholstery—but this will be more expensive to replace if you ever want to do something other than animal print.

This is a great choice… 

For more neutral dining rooms where animal-print cushions or upholstery can really pop as the only pattern in the room.

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7. Animal Print Accent Chairs

Turn up the heat with animal print accent chairs! This is definitely a bolder statement—as is any printed accent chair. But, depending on the pattern you choose and the other furniture and decor you have in a space, it can feel more or less subtle. For example, this small-scale leopard print with ombre coloring adds visual texture and depth but isn’t over the top. Meanwhile, something like decorating with zebra print or tiger print will feel bolder and draw more attention to itself.

How to Make it Work

As with other animal print decor, pulling off the look of animal print accent chairs is simply a matter of what else you pair with it. This living room does a great job adding animal print in a subtle way. To get the look, balance out the animal print with a neutral sofa and natural materials like wood and rattan.

This is a great choice… 

If you want to make a bolder statement with animal print and aren’t afraid to incorporate it in a more permanent and prominent way. It’s also a perfect choice for people who want a classic, glamorous look in their home.

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8. Animal Print Stool

A stool is an easy and practical way to add a bit of animal print to your home. You could choose an animal-print stool for a vanity stool, a living room pouf or ottoman, or even a kitchen island stool. Or as an extra seat in a home office, like pictured above! In this design, the zebra print draws the eye in and makes for a bold statement!

How to Make it Work

This is one of the easiest ways to incorporate animal print decor into your home. Stools are already accent furniture, which means they can blend in or stand out as much as you’d like. Simply choose a stool that features the animal print of your liking and use it as a visual “pop” in any room of the house.

This is a great choice… 

If you’re looking for a fun-but-less-permanent way to add animal print to your home, since stools can be easily moved around and repurposed in new places around your home.

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My Modsy Story: How I Transformed My Home Office Into a Glam Sanctuary 

When E moved into a new house they were determined to turn a drab room into an inspiring home office that reflected their personal creativity and bold style. Knowing they needed help, E. took the plunge and started their design process with Modsy.

Customer headshot for blog


Homeowner: E. (That’s right, —just E.)

Spaces: Office

My Style:  Glam Collector

Customer before photo of bedroom space

Customer before photo of bedroom space

The Backstory

“When my spouse and I moved from a one-bedroom apartment in LA to a three-bedroom home in Tucson, AZ, we finally each got the chance to truly have our own space. Aside from being excited by how much more space we had—anything is big after living in a 700 square foot apartment during a global pandemic—I was excited to have a dedicated home office space. I knew I wanted my office to have a warm and luxurious feel and blend old-school glam with some funky and eclectic choices. But the office had carpet we weren’t ready to rip up, and the walls were also this neutral yellow-beige—but it really just looked like the color of nicotine-stained walls from smokers.”

Contemporary home office with yellow walls and black and white desk

 “I’m a writer, and I make my living telling stories on the page—and I needed help from someone who tells stories through decor.”

The Design Dilemma

“I know my strengths and interior design ain’t one of them! With this in mind, I knew right away I’d need a little expert help for creating the glam office I wanted. In particular, I needed a designer to show me what I could do with color throughout the room—everything from selecting a wall color that would work with the carpeting to finding decor that would really shine in the space. I’m a writer, and I make my living telling stories on the page—and I needed help from someone who tells stories through decor.”

Aqua blue sofa with large mirror above it

The Modsy Moment

“I had no idea how the online interior design thing was going to work out. I wasn’t sure a 3D design could incorporate everything I wanted for my space, or if a stranger on the internet could find decor I loved that felt like ME. But I knew I couldn’t create what I wanted for the space alone, so I gave Modsy a try. I was blown away when I first saw my designs. When I showed them to my partner, he said, ‘Dang, that’s super fancy. It looks just like you.’ And then I proceeded to copy the sharable link from my Modsy project and send my office designs to my closest friends, who all squealed with delight.

“I just loved how my designer took my general ideas and put them to work in a design I love. She even mocked up designs using different wall colors so I could see how different options looked!  She was also able to help answer incremental questions along the way as I was debating different furniture options. I couldn’t have asked for more from the whole experience. And it’s super fun to know that everyone loves this desk I bought, too!”

“I was blown away when I first saw my designs. When I showed them to my partner, he said, ‘Dang, that’s super fancy. It looks just like you.’ And then I proceeded to copy the sharable link from my Modsy project and send my office designs to my closest friends, who all squealed with delight.”

Contemporary home office with yellow walls and black and white desk

The Real Results

“I walk into my office every day and spend anywhere from 8-9 hours there. I just love being in the space. I’m not rich, but my glam office makes me feel super posh and luxurious. I love what I do, but I bust my butt for a living. And my designer has made the space I bust my butt in a total delight.

“Modsy gets a bonus six out of five stars from me, especially since my glam office coordinates with the other two rooms we had designed! And our designer even incorporated my spouse’s and my widely divergent tastes to a tee. I feel like we have a real home now—not to mention some sweet rugs that really tie the room together!

Aqua blue sofa and side table with lamp

“Modsy gets a bonus six out of five stars from me, especially since my glam office coordinates with the other two rooms we had designed!”

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100 Years Later… How Today’s Stylists are Designing With Art Deco Influences

Do you love that quintessential “Great Gatsby” style or the bold geometric patterns found throughout the Empire State Building in New York? Then you might just be a fan of Art Deco style.

This iconic style is known for its symmetry and use of linear geometric patterns and luxurious materials. It’s a big, bold and glam style that has a bit of a vintage flair and creates a sense of approachable luxury. And an Art Deco color palette? It’s to die for.

The history of art deco design is quite interesting, and it’s had various resurgences in popularity over the past century—including right now. Art Deco interior design has been around for 100 years, with no plans of going away.

art deco interior design

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The Building Blocks Of Art Deco Interior Design

Art Deco is an ornate design style, and it often feels slightly masculine due to its heavy use of geometric details and repetitive shapes and patterns. Depending on the room, you’ll notice this geometry in the furniture, lighting, accent decor, or artwork. The use of plush materials and velvet help to balance out and soften the geometric shapes.

With its penchant for luxury, Art Deco design tends to use materials that have an inherent ornamental quality to them. Marbles and granites, burl wood, as well as metals in silver, gold, and brass finishes are all perfect accompaniments to Art Deco interiors.

There are many ways to approach color in Art Deco interior design—from bold and moody palettes of dark greens, deep purples and blues, and black (like the living room above) to bright white palettes with just pops of dark greens, light pinks, or deep blues. But whatever color direction you go, you’ll see it paired with metallics in the accent furniture, decor, and lighting.

Modern Art Deco interior design mixes the key elements of this design style with other styles and eras, for a look that’s eclectic and unique. There are so many ways to bring this look to life today.

Want to bring a modern Art Deco look in your own home? Check out how our designers are styling spaces with Art Deco influences—and get ready to be inspired!

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art deco bedroom design with burl wood nightstand and green velvet bed frame

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1. Of-The-Moment Art Deco

This room is a more trendy take on Art Deco style, with some mid-century modern flair. While, overall, this room has a neutral color palette, a pop of statement color makes the space feel fresh and trendy. (As does the burl wood nightstand.) This is a very of-the-moment take on Art Deco, with a playful and youthful vibe.

The Key Elements:

Add a pop of luxurious color and texture. The pop of emerald green in the headboard sets the tone for an Art Deco-inspired space in an otherwise monochromatic neutral room. The headboard not only adds a pop of luxurious color but it also adds rich velvet texture.

Layer in sculptural decor. Sculptural elements have a quintessential Art Deco quality to them. While the glass pendant light and vase aren’t necessarily Art Deco in style, they add a sculptural element that gives a nod to the style.

Incorporate geometric patterns. Art Deco is all about geometric patterns. We incorporated some in this room through the subtle patterning in the rug.

art deco entryway design with small credenza and cane backed dining chair

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2. A Minimalist Take

Here’s a more minimalist take on Art Deco design. This space is more about shape and texture, which is where the Art Deco moments come into play. With a minimal approach to styling, the negative space lets the statement pieces, like the console and the lighting, really shine.

The Key Elements:

Add a sculptural element. The sculpted, scallop-front console table in this entryway helps set the tone for the space, bringing in that repeated linear element inherent to Art Deco interior design. This is supported by the soft, clean lines of the side chair. The chair’s velvet and caning elements also give a nod to Art Deco interior design.

Establish a glam color palette. Since this is a minimalist space, we didn’t want to use any bold colors. Instead, we leaned into a softer glam palette, with gold and soft pinks. This combination, along with pops of black for contrast, create a subdued but glamorous color palette.

Hang some statement lighting. When you think of statement lighting, you might think something big, bold, and sculptural. But we went in a different direction, with something smaller but very visually interesting. The tiered pendant sconce has Art Deco-inspired sculptural elements, and the color combination in the fixture also speaks to this design style.

art deco dining room design with glass dining table, grey upholstered chairs, and dark gray walls

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3. Streamlined and Simple Dining Room

This is a more streamlined and contemporary take on Art Deco—yet the style still shines through in the actual structures and forms of the furniture pieces. There’s a transitional edge to the style of this room, and it doesn’t lean too hard in any style direction. It’s what we’d consider a more “safe” take on Art Deco design.

The Key Element:

Use foundational furniture to set the tone. In this dining room, the Art Deco style is brought to life through decorative touches on the foundational pieces. You can see this, specifically, in the base of the table—which is adorned with Art Deco-inspired metal pieces that create an intriguing silhouette and set the tone for the rest of the space.

Go “neutral” with supporting furniture. These chairs certainly have some Art Deco inspiration in their shape—but overall they’re more neutral in style. With their modern and contemporary influences that could easily translate into a different styled room. They look really nice paired with the table without taking away from its stunning design.

Paint dark walls for more of a statement. Dark walls add a more moody and glam edge to this space, which really complements the furniture. (In contrast, lighter walls would make this space skew more modern or set it more squarely in the transitional camp.)

art deco bedroom design with upholstered bed and emerald green walls

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4. Classic and Luxurious Art Deco Bedroom

This bedroom exemplifies a more “pure” take on modern Art Deco. It really leans into the luxe side of the side, with opulence coming through in the materials and the high-contrast color palette.

The Key Elements:

Use bold color to set the tone. A bold color scheme of emerald and gold is very Art Deco (and very luxe). This bold, high-contrast palette sets the style tone for the rest of the bedroom and gives it a more luxurious vibe.

Go dramatic with the furniture shapes and materials. The bed frame, while simple, has a bit of a grand and dramatic air to it, and pairs nicely with the burl wood nightstands, which are a little Art Deco in the natural ornamentation of the wood.

Use the supporting decor to drive home the style. The sculptural table lamps have some Art Deco influence in their shape, and the mirror behind the lamps, with their geometric metal detailing, drive home the style in this space.

black and white bedroom design with art deco inspired decor

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5. Small Bedroom, Big Style

Art Deco is a big and bold style. But that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate elements of this design style in small spaces! This small bedroom is a prime example. More of a “less is more chic” take on Art Deco, this room is infused with glam design touches throughout, especially in the choice of materials.

The Key Elements:

Opt for a black-and-white color palette. Since this is a small space, Art Deco influences could easily make it feel over-the-top. But a black and white color palette—with plenty of pops of gold—keep the look more grounded, while still giving this space a glamorous feel.

Go glam with the patterns. Abstract polka dot patterns show up throughout this room—from the wall art to the pillows and bench. This adds a playful but glam element to the space. The gold palm wall art and the subtle foliage pattern on the nightstand glam up the space even further.

Lean Art Deco in shapes. Art Deco design is all about the bold use of shapes. Both the sunburst table lamp and the tiered effect of the chandelier show off some Art Deco influences, as does the oval shaped mirror, along with the gold frame. Talk about packing a tone of style into a small space!

art deco bedroom design with mint green bed frame and colorful rug

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6. Colorful and Modern Art Deco

This bedroom is a great example of a modern and minimal space using just hints of Art Deco influences in the art and finishes. This isn’t in-your-face Art Deco, but rather taking the shapes and colors often found in this design style and applying it on a more modern canvas.

The Key Elements:

Embrace color and pattern. Saturated pastels with a tropical twist really enliven this version of Art Deco. The mint green velvet of the bed frame gives a definite nod to Art Deco. And the colors and patterns in the rug add a playful element to the space.

Incorporate Art Deco-inspired shapes. While, overall, this bedroom leans more modern and transitional, subtle decorative elements bring in Art Deco influences. The repetitive geometric shapes throughout—seen in the rounded forms of the table lamp, the mirror, and the wall art—all pay homage to this style.

Layer in some gold + brass accents. To incorporate the glam element of this style, we layered in some gold and brass accents—in the legs of the bed, the frame of the table lamp, the drawer pulls of the dresser, and most notably in the floral-embossed nightstand.


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7. Delicate Art Deco Sitting Room

This is a more dainty and delicate take on Art Deco style. The design of this sitting room was inspired by the color palette and designs of Issa Rae’s wedding in the south of France. It’s a very soft and feminine approach to this style, with some glam vibes rounding it out.

The Key Elements:

Go for a glamorous and chic color palette. We went with a mix of frothy pastels and crisp whites, contrasted against crimson red velvet. Très chic, no?

Add touches of feminine softness. The wall hangings and floor mirror help set a more feminine tone for this space. And a curved sofa, perched on extra long, thin legs, adds an extra touch of softness to this sitting room.

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8. Global Eclectic Deco Apartment

This studio apartment mixes Art Deco elements with global-inspired flair. But a mix of other colors, patterns, and textures gives the space a much more eclectic vibe—adding playful brightness and life to the space.

The Key Elements:

Set the tone with Deco foundations. The chanel-tufted, bowed back sofa in a luxurious blue sets the Deco tone in this space—along with the burl wood coffee table. But we love that they’re more contemporary forms of classic Art Deco pieces.

Stick to one main color family. There’s a lot going on in this space. Using blue as a foundation throughout keeps it from feeling too busy.

Use patterns to tell a story. There are so many different patterns in this space—from the aquatic-inspired pattern on the stools to the bone-inlay cabinet and botanical rug. This mix is what creates the global, eclectic feel of this space.

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9. Glamorous Deco Bedroom

Hollywood Glam and Art Deco interior design are a perfect pairing. Both styles have a flair for the dramatic and a penchant for luxury, along with a more-is-more maximalist approach. The result, in this bedroom, is a classic take on Art Deco style, with a bold and ultra-glam spin.

The Key Elements:

Pick out sculptural furniture. Since Hollywood Glam and Art Deco are both all about the drama, we thought a sculptural canopy bed added the perfect amount of visual impact. Accent furniture with sculptural elements help drive home the vibe. Art Deco decor, like the mirrors and lamps on either side of the bed, add even more sculptural moments.

Use a symmetrical layout. Visual symmetry around the bed, with the decor and accent furniture, helps this space lean more classic and formal in style.

Go for a high-contrast color palette. A color scheme of white and helps up the drama—and gold accents bring in the glam. The lavender wall? That’s just a fun, feminine addition. Black-and-white patterns throughout also help drive home the maximalist aesthetic.

Recognize this space? It’s one of our reimagined Gossip Girl room designs! This is what we imagine ​​Blair and Chuck’s Upper East Side townhouse would look like today.

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10. 80’s Deco Living Room

80s interior design is having a moment in the trend cycle. And since Art Deco style had a big revival in the 80s, it makes sense to see these two styles paired together today. Puffy, curvaceous furniture, a pastel palette, and glam accents helps bring these two styles together in a way that feels modern and relevant for today.

The Key Elements:

Pick an 80s-inspired color palette. Pale pastels and neutrals have a very 80s vibe—which is the perfect compliment to all of the 80s-inspired materials and shapes.

Bring on the Art Deco materials. Rich materials like burlwood, brass, and boucle (found in one of the chairs and the ottoman) balance out the softness of this space. Punching up the look with luxurious materials helps move this space from being straight 80s to a more Art Deco take on 80s revival style.

Try out the curved furniture trend. From the sofa to the accent chair, ottoman, and coffee table, the curved furniture trend is on full display here—celebrating the best of both 80s style and Art Deco interior design!

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11. Mod Deco Dining Room

Art Deco style is all about striking balance between form and material. In this dining room, curved furniture meets plush, luxe materials such as velvet to create a stylish and dramatic space. But it’s the clean lines within this space that make it a more modern take on a classic deco styling.

The Key Elements:

Make an iconic statement. The console table in this dining room screams Art Deco design. The brass finish and geometric design are quintessential hallmarks of the style—making it feel like it’s a piece of Art Deco furniture that was pulled right out of the 1920s!

Add a pop of contemporary design. The curved green velvet chairs are decidedly modern, as is the tulip table. Both of these elements help bring this look into the 2020s.

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12. Neutral and Natural Art Deco Office

Classic Art Deco motifs of curved forms and metallic finishes are noticeably present in this office. But it’s the natural materials that really make this look sing. While overall the color palette is very neutral and restrained, the natural materials bring in texture and dimension so the design doesn’t fall flat.

The Key Elements:

Use a restrained, neutral color palette. This is an unexpected direction, since Art Deco style is usually full of bright or saturated colors. But opting for a neutral palette lets the shapes and materials in this space do the talking.

Layer in a ton of different natural materials. The burlwood desk is the biggest statement in this space—a showstopping way to use material as ornament. But the caning on the chair, the woven stool, the terracotta vase, and the wool and jute rugs bring a lot of visual texture to this space.

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13. Miami Deco Living Space

The city of Miami has the highest concentration of Art Deco buildings in the world. This means that this vibrant, tropical city has its own unique take on Art Deco design. This living room was designed with that perspective in mind. The bold pops of color and playful tropical motifs hint at the warmth of this beach city.

The Key Elements:

Bring in tropical colors and motifs. Palm prints in the throw pillows and wall art bring in a tropical vibe. And a pink sofa is the perfect addition to any tropical-inspired space! (Green and pink create the perfect tropical color story!)

Layer in bold geometric shapes and forms. Bold geometric shapes and patterns are very Art Deco—making the coffee table and room divider perfect choices for a Deco-inspired room. Meanwhile, the sculptural furniture forms throughout add extra glam and drama to the space. We also love that the curves in furniture are repeated in the art!

Add a bit of drama. Tropical prints. Curvaceous furniture. Gold and velvet. Black and white stripes. All of these elements would make a statement on their own—together, they create a dramatic but playful space. Two other statement-making pieces we love in this space? The tiger rug and peace lily chandelier!

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14. Formal Deco Living Room With a Min-Mod Twist

Art Deco is a style with an air of formality. So, it seems natural to pair it with other stately styles, like classic formal. This living room brings together these two formal styles—but gives it a minimal and mod twist.

The Key Elements:

Choose classic foundations. A roll-arm sofa is classic formal at its finest. And the white upholstery drives home the formality while having that glamorous Art Deco edge.

Bring in moments of mod. The large-scale chandelier has an almost atomic-era quality, while the U-shaped coffee table is 70s mod at its finest. The circular shapes repeated in the art, lamp, chair, and stool are the perfect meeting point of modern and Art Deco styles.

Keep the styling minimal. Doing this lets all the sculptural shapes in this space do the talking. Minimal styling also has an air of formality to it, which helps play up the classic side of this style.

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15. Vintage Modern Art Deco Bedroom

This bedroom has some vintage mod vibes—but a lot of those mod elements are also classic Art Deco interior design moments. Overall, it’s the forms and materials in this space, rather than the color palette, that give it a leaning toward Art Deco design. (We’re pretty sure this is the quintessential millennial take on Art Deco style!)

The Key Elements:

Choose ornamental materials. Material as ornament is a big thing in Art Deco style. So it makes sense to bring in ornamental materials and finishes—like marble, velvet, brass, and sheepskin.

Celebrate curves. This bedroom has a lot of curves. The bedframe. The nightstand. The chairs. The mirror. All are a perfect blending of Art Deco and mod design.

Introduce contrast. A bed is the centerpiece of any bedroom. So bringing in a high-contrast bed—made of walnut veneer and navy velvet upholstery, with brass nailheads—is the perfect way to set the tone. Pops of black against creams and whites adds further contrast, elevating the level of drama in this space.

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Unlikely Pairings: Tour This Home Designed in Industrial Glam Style

Combining two styles in one space can feel challenging—especially when the two styles in question seem to be polar opposites. But, whether you have seemingly “competing” interior design interests on your own, or you and a partner are trying to design a space with opposite styles, it can be done. In fact, combining two unlikely design styles may even create a beautiful new style. Case in point: industrial glam.

Industrial glam interior design is what it sounds like: a design style that mixes industrial and glam elements in the same space. The result is a chic, less-is-more space. But it’s probably best if we define these two styles individually before getting into what they’re like when combined.

What is glam style?

Glam interior design is bold and dramatic and often mixes unexpected design elements together. Some specific glam design ideas? Luxurious materials, like velvet or silk—along with curved, tufted sofas; plenty of metallic accents; and, of course, animal print. Glam spaces tend to be more formal in nature. But with its bold use of color and texture, there’s still plenty of room for play!

What is industrial style?

In stark contrast to the polished chic of glam style, industrial style celebrates all things rugged, raw, and vintage in interior design. This style really comes to life through the architecture of a space, so it’s particularly suited to loft spaces and converted warehouses—or spaces with exposed bricks or ductwork, or even just large, open rooms.

So, what is industrial glam design?

Simply put, industrial glam design is a bold, dramatic, and elegant style. In an industrial glam space, glam will be the underlying style, with industrial design elements used to accent the space. Industrial elements will be more supplementary than the space being equal parts glam and industrial. But, in that mix, you’ll also see nods to minimalism and even traditional design elements, proving that mixing two design styles is never a cut-and-dried affair.

The glam elements come through in materials, textiles, and finishes. You’ll see a lot of glam in the base furniture, from the shapes to the fabric, along with plush rugs and other soft textiles. These pieces are what really bring an element of luxury to the space. The industrial comes through in the accents—particularly in the lighting. But you’ll also see industrial elements come to life through side tables, artwork, and other decorative accents, as well as the overall celebration of architecture in the space.

Want to create an industrial glam look in your home? Keep reading to learn how to combine these two styles into a chic, minimal space!

The Industrial Glam Living Room

While this isn’t a loft or warehouse space, there is a sense of celebrating the architecture of the room, from the moldings on the wall to the high ceilings, showing the sophisticated way glam and industrial styles can mix together. The curved forms and pleated finish of the accent chairs drive home the glam in this space, while the lighting brings in more industrial elements. And then there’s the side tables. Marble can go glam or industrial. And while these tables have a clean shape and more glam finish, the raw nature of the stone leans industrial—making these tables the perfect manifestation of industrial glam style.

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The Key Elements:

Opt for more traditional layouts. Glam spaces tend to have more traditional layouts. And, since glam is the underlying style of this space, we opted for a symmetrical set-up to set the tone.

Decorate with a muted color palette. While glam can skew pretty colorful, we went for a more muted, earth tone color palette, which lends itself to a more masculine, industrial look. Browns and creams ground this look, while gold and brass accents add some sophistication.

Go modern with the artwork. In more straightforward industrial spaces, you’ll see art with more literal industrial elements; here, we wanted to go in a more modern direction which lends an element of sophistication to the space.

The Industrial Glam Bedroom

In a space that leans more minimal in design, the bed is the centerpiece of this room. But there are plenty of other design elements that help bring this space to life. A hide rug adds a hint of warmth, along with an organic shape to offset the hard lines of the bed. The industrial glam lighting adds nuance. And the industrial heaviness of the dresser and bedside tables contrasts with the minimal bed frame, helping visually balance out the space.

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The Key Elements:

Ground the room with a statement bed. This canopy bed is the main focus in the space. It sits at the crossroads of the two styles—with dark, heavy metal that evokes an image of exposed pipes, accented with the gold corner pieces that give it a polished feel. It acts as a sculptural element, creating a big, beautiful shape in the middle of the room.

Lean industrial with light fixtures. There are several light fixtures within this bedroom—from the chandelier to the sconce and two table lamps. And all of them sit squarely in the industrial camp. But the gold finish of the sconce and dresser lamp brings in a glam element, as do the spherical bulbs on the chandelier.

Bring in some quirkiness and warmth through the decor. In this space, the industrial glam decor brings an element of humanity and quirkiness into what could otherwise be a rather cold style. The hand sculpture is playful; that, along with the abstract portrait by the bed brings some warmth and life to the space. The bench at the end of the bed also has an unexpected playfulness to it with the built-in table, which adds some definite personality to the space.

The Industrial Glam Dining Room

In this home, the dining room is right off the living room, in an open-concept layout typical of industrial-style homes. Since these spaces are so closely connected, we incorporated design elements that helped visually tie the two spaces together and help them live harmoniously alongside each other. But we also added some contrast—like the amorphous hide rug under the dining table, which contrasts with the geometric elements in the living room.

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The Key Elements:

Echo shapes throughout the space. You’ll notice that, throughout the room, there are a lot of repeated shapes. The dining room chairs echo the shapes of the living room chairs, giving a modern glam feel to the space. The dining room chandelier repeats the shape of the mirror of the living room. This repetition of shapes helps tie the two spaces together and visually grounds the two rooms.

Incorporate modern, sculptural elements. A dining room table is the centerpiece of any dining room. We brought in a sleek, modern element through a tulip table that beautifully combines industrial and glam. It’s visually heavier than your typical tulip table (a nod to the industrial) but the gold strip around the edge of the tabletop adds a moment of glam. The contemporary glam chandelier adds a sculptural element to the space, that manages to both tie in and contrast with the living room chandelier.

Add a bar cart. A bar cart is a must in any glam space. Find one with a shiny finish or stone element. This is a piece of furniture where something flashy is definitely encouraged.

The Industrial Glam Entryway

We kept things very simple in this industrial glam entryway. With large, heavy furniture and minimal styling, it glides seamlessly into the living room while still making a statement on its own.

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The Key Elements:

Add some texture. Texture is another way to add some nuance and warmth to an industrial glam space. We did that with this room divider. While it’s not actually being used as a room divider, it adds visual intrigue while taking the industrial idea of found materials and bringing it to life in a modern, manufactured way.

Let your furniture do the talking. The pedestal table is heavy, making quite the statement in this open entryway. While overall it leans industrial, the carved details and ornateness of the base are very considered and lean toward the glam camp. We love the idea of keeping the styling minimal so that the furniture is the visual feature of the space. Which leads us to our next point…

Opt for minimal styling. The entryway table features nothing but a vase and some moody florals. While you could certainly add a tray for your keys and mail for added practicality, the idea is to keep this visually clean. That’s also why we opted to not style the built-in shelves on the room divider—but you could add books and decorative objects on some of the shelves while maintaining a more minimal vibe.

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Glam Interior Design: The Difference Between Hollywood and Bohemian Glam

If you like the idea of making your home into a bit of an escape from the real world, glam interior design might just be for you. This is a style that’s all about drama and elegance, creating spaces that are elevated escapes from the hum-drum of life. It’s a style that’s synonymous with the Hollywood hills, glamour, and opulence.

This style first appeared in the 1930s, just a bit before mid-century modern style became super popular. It came out of Hollywood’s Golden Age, where movie sets were decadent and glamorous, and Hollywood stars began decorating their homes in a similar fashion. Dorothy Draper, an interior designer known for her bold and over-the-top style, brought glam elements into homes, hotels, and businesses across the country, popularizing the style. Today, Jonathan Alder brings this look to life with a modern spin.

Glam design bridges the gap between Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern styles—both in time and in style. Glam decor features some of the patterns and colors found in Art Deco style, along with its love of opulence. But glam style favors more of the clean lines and silhouettes that mid-century modern style made popular. It’s certainly a different look from mid-century modern though—with far more opulence, textures, and patterns. And, while it’s a less well-known style than mid-century modern, it has certainly stood the test of time and remains a popular style today.

What Is Glam Interior Design?

But there’s not just one way to do glam. Today, you see it come to life in many different ways—from the more opulent Hollywood Regency style to the more approachable Bohemian Glam, and quite a bit in between. This style can be aspirational and over-the-top, feminine and chic, or even refined and reserved with only small pops of drama. The way that it comes to life is entirely up to you.

But what is consistent: glam interior design is all about luxury and glamour. When thinking about glam design ideas, the materials you use will really help drive home the style in your space. Metallic finishes, especially in gold and brass, are often found in glam spaces. For furniture, think velvet, marble, and furs for that high-end feel, and acrylic, lucite, or a high-gloss lacquer for a more modern spin. And, while a more formal style, it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Case in point: all good glam spaces have an animal print present in some form—whether in a rug, a piece of art, or throw pillows! It’s all about having a little bit of fun with the design of your home.

Glam spaces tend to have very layered looks that can be dramatic and over-the-top. So, maximalists: let yourself go wild! These spaces feature bold mixes of patterns, rich and vibrant colors, and plenty of metallic finishes. But it’s not just about the big-picture items like furniture and artwork. Once you have those pieces in place, make sure to layer in some lavish, ornate details that will give your space some added personality.

Get The Glam Look

With so many different takes on one overarching style, it can be difficult to know where to begin when designing a glam space. So, today, we’re breaking down the difference between two of the most popular takes on glam style—Hollywood Regency Glam and Bohemian Glam. We’ll show you what they’re all about and walk you through how to get the look. Read through the post, then let us know which one is your favorite!

hollywood glamHollywood Regency Glam

Hollywood Regency Glam is the older, more classical version of glam. It features a more formal approach to glam decor that’s rooted in classic design styles but with a glamorous facelift. It’s a style that’s perfectly suited for formal entertaining

The Key Elements:

In Hollywood Regency spaces, you’ll see furniture with vintage forms—like a rolled-arm chesterfield sofa—but in updated upholstery, like a luxe velvet. Curved forms and tufting are perfect in a Hollywood Regency-style room. Symmetrical layouts help add to the formality of this style, while pops of brass add warmth and a sense of luxury. As you’ll see in the glam living room above, a refined color palette adds a note of restraint. Some glam spaces go for bold colors—but in the Hollywood Regency sub-set of glam, a more subdued color palette is preferred. However, a major pop of animal print—in this case in the rug—makes an unexpected and bold statement.

This style of glam is perfect for…

Those who prefer a more formal style but still want to have some fun. The formality of the layout and larger furniture pieces speak to that classical, Old Hollywood glam—but lots of brass, the animal print rug, and acrylic side tables give this look a modern, playful edge.

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Bohemian Glam

Bohemian Glam is a more 2020 take on glam style. While it still has moments of opulence, overall it’s a more casual and modern approach to the style. While perhaps an unexpected pairing, boho and glam are actually great styles to pair together. They’re both eclectic styles by nature, allowing you to incorporate unexpected decor choices throughout your space. This take on glam actually reminds us quite a bit of Blanche’s bedroom from The Golden Girls, or the playful, tropical opulence of The Beverly Hills Hotel.

The Key Elements:

With Bohemian Glam, you can really lean into glam materials like velvet, marble, and brass and take a bold approach to styling. This is definitely a style where more is more and you can make unexpected styling moves—like a mix of art that’s leaning on the mantel and propped on the floor rather than hanging on the walls. Or the use of double side tables in place of a coffee table!

The boho elements come through in the color palette and natural materials textures. We love the use of a leather sofa to ground the look, along with some rattan pieces for extra texture. Beyond that, go for a tropical palette with a mix of jewel tones and vibrant colors.Then, infuse your space with playful patterns galore! In the boho glam living room above, we love how the curved, jewel-tone velvet armchairs mix glam and boho elements so well. And the leaf side table? It pretty much sums up this look in a single piece.

This style of glam is perfect for…

Those who enjoy the opulence of glam style but want a space that’s more laid back and approachable. There’s a cheeky eclecticism to this modern glam style that manages to fully celebrate the lavish details of glam as much as the carefree playfulness of boho style.

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Industrial Glam Bedroom

glam bedroomAt Modsy we don’t think that interior design styles, like art, exist in a vacuum. Rather, we believe that they grow and change as they endure through time, changing out bits and pieces that allow them to feel fresh and contemporary.

Hollywood Glam, sometimes called Hollywood Regency, is a style that has evolved through time, morphing itself in slightly different ways as the decades progress but always keeping its core tenets intact. Growing out of Hollywood’s “Golden Age,” the style was adapted from the luxurious designs of the 1930s celebrity homes and movie sets. Its key elements were bold colors (often pink and green), tufted sofas, furniture made from sumptuous materials, gold and glitz, and animal print. At its core the style alluded to a classical past through familiar forms while also conveying a sense of conspicuous luxury.

glam bedroom

This bedroom is a modern take on that old Hollywood style. Updated with an edge, here we see a more modern rendition of the style which easily agrees with its industrial setting. Set in a converted industrial loft interior, this beautifully bold bedroom will satisfy your cravings for both an edgy and a glitzy look. Lots of metals, lots of lucite, and lots of high contrasting pieces fill the space to the delight of our eye.

The color palette is based on the raw materials in the space. White, black, and metallic finishes are the perfect neutral base for an industrial look. The glam pushes back through the accessories and finishes that fill the room. Gold and brassy metals do the trick as they keep the space feeling warm even as they agree with the industrial undertone. Sharp angles and hard lines offer an industrial edge, but are softened by art featuring organic forms and natural patterns.

glam bedroom

glam bedroom

Industrial interior design might perhaps be described as Hollywood Glam’s exact opposite, which to our eye means nothing short of the perfect pairing. So how could these two polar opposites get along? Well, as it turns out, both styles share a penchant for being dramatic. The result is a sophisticated and edgy take on a dramatic and glamorous style.

If you love a space that is chic but also live by the motto ‘less is more,’ this is the perfect bedroom for you. Modsy’s Elegant Connoisseur and Industrial Chic users will also especially love this look. Not sure what your Modsy style is? Take our Style Quiz to find out.