Our 6 Best Gallery Wall Ideas for Any Room in Your House

Designing a home gallery wall can feel intimidating when you’re staring at a blank wall or an awkward space—the area above a staircase, a weird hallway corner, all that spare room around your TV—and you have no idea how to decorate it. Meanwhile, you’ve likely seen hundreds of gallery wall ideas on Pinterest and Instagram, and still, it feels like nothing will work in your space.

Putting together a gallery wall takes time and patience. Whether it’s a picture wall that’s filled with family photos or a display of equestrian wall art that captures your love of rustic horse country life, home gallery walls require curation, planning, measuring, and styling. But where to start?

animal art gallery wall

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How do you curate a gallery wall?

If you’re wondering how to decorate large blank walls, first consider the room and space you’re working with. Is it the empty wall above your bed or an awkward corner? This will help determine the number of art pieces and the kind of wall decor ideas you’ll want for the space.

Pick Your Theme (Or Not)

Then, think about the subject matter and color scheme for your gallery wall. Eclectic gallery walls are fun and quirky if you have a large, mismatched wall art collection. But it can also be nice to create a themed gallery wall, where there’s a through-line that ties all the pieces together. (We love a themed gallery wall for people who have a specific passion, hobby, or collection they want to show off.) This could be a loose theme, like rustic-inspired artwork, or it could be a bit more literal, like an animal art gallery wall. A theme can also be as simple as choosing a color scheme—such as a collection of black-and-white photos or a series of paintings.

Land on a Layout

Finally, consider your gallery wall layout. Do you like the clean look of a row or grid of frames, or are you more into the idea of a mix-and-match arrangement that’s made up of different art placed a little more haphazardly? There’s no wrong answer—but different layouts will definitely give your gallery wall different vibes.

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For inspiration and guidance, we’ve rounded up our favorite gallery wall ideas that are easy to work into any style home or space. Check them out below, along with our tips for recreating a similar gallery wall look in your home.

gallery wall ideas

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1. The Eclectic Gallery Wall

If you’re looking for simple gallery wall inspiration, this look is tried and true. An eclectic collection of wall art comes together to create a focal point on this large blank wall. There’s no defined grid with this gallery wall look, but the art pieces are all carefully spaced out, which keeps the collection from looking haphazard.

What To Hang: If you’re going for a more casual look, lean into the eclectic nature of a mismatched gallery wall and hang an assortment of different framed artwork. However, if you want a  classic gallery wall look, curate your wall art around a theme you love. The grouping of pieces you choose will help elevate and set the tone of your space, as in the collection of horse paintings and outdoor-inspired prints in this rustic dining room. A good place to start is to choose pieces in similar styles or tie together a variety of art styles by using matching frames on all the pieces.

How To Arrange It: Begin with six pieces of art and build out your gallery wall from there. Center them on your bare wall in an arrangement to your liking. Opt for all rectangular frames to start. Vary hanging them horizontally and vertically, aligning them with each other while leaving space in between the frames to create some breathing room between all the art pieces.

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grid gallery wall

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2. The Grid Gallery Wall

For a gallery wall arrangement that’s easy, straightforward, and high-impact, try a clean-lined grid look. It’s the simplest way to display art with a curated look, and there’s no right or wrong way to do it as long as everything is lined up nicely on one wall.

What To Hang: Abstract art, paintings in complementary colors, or even black-and-white photographs are all fair game here. It also depends on the room your gallery wall is in. For instance, you may want prints in soothing colors for the bedroom versus bolder, more vibrant artworks that can instantly punch up your living room’s walls. However, we love a themed collection for a grid gallery wall, like the botanical prints above. But regardless of theme, make sure to choose matching picture frames for a totally cohesive look.

How To Arrange It: The single most important thing you need to remember is to precisely space out this gallery wall layout. You want to make sure that the space between each piece of art is the same so that it creates a perfect grid of four or more pieces.  Be sure you have a level here; it will help you get your measurements just right.

Want to add some extra formality to your grid and make it even more of a focal point? Hang a sconce above the grid to shine a light on your collection and make it feel more like a true art gallery. (Just make sure the lightbulb is rated for artwork.)

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gallery wall ideas

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3. The Diptych or Triptych Gallery Wall

If you want something that has the formality and structure of a grid gallery wall, but with a bit more simplicity, opt for a diptych or triptych gallery wall. (AKA a duo or trio of artwork that is stylistically connected and hung as a collection.)

What To Hang: Sometimes diptych or triptychs are sold together as a collection, which makes curating a gallery wall like this quite simple. But you can also look for pieces done by the same artist and part of the same collection, so they visually look the same. (We have a lot of these types of collections in the Modsy catalog!) You can also create your own collection by simply picking two or three pieces that have similar color schemes and are the same size, for a more personalized look.

How To Arrange It: Like a grid gallery wall, with a diptych or triptych, precision is key. Hang each piece the same distance apart, with all two or three pieces lining up in a neat row on your wall.

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gallery wall ideas

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4. The Corner Gallery Wall

Think of this gallery wall idea as more of a picture wall. It’s a mini art space within the home that’s entirely devoted to your favorite prints, paintings, photos, and wall decor. What we love most about this fresh take on the gallery wall is that it has an eclectic vibe that feels at once curated but also casual—meaning it’s something that can be worked into any style room or home.

What To Hang: The key to this look is to make it eclectic by mixing all types of art styles and mediums. By bringing together simple line drawings, colorful prints, graphic abstract pieces, delicate paintings, and artful photographs, you’ll create a corner gallery that captivates and adds depth and visual interest to your walls. Start with a colorful piece and then pull in other works that repeat colors from the previous piece. Do this until you have a collection you’re happy with.

How To Arrange It: Just like the art, you want to keep the layout and arrangement free-flowing. Unlike other gallery walls you’ve seen, you want to break out of the grid pattern here. You can do that by combining a mix of different size art, frame materials, and even frame shapes. Then, be sure to spread out your arrangement across two adjoining walls. Yes, you heard us right—two walls! This is a bold approach and the more pieces you hang across multiple walls in a room, the better your gallery walls will look.

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gallery wall ideas

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5. The Wrap Gallery Wall

Have you ever wondered what to do with the wall behind your TV? Well, here’s one of our favorite gallery wall ideas that offers a stylish and practical solution. Once your TV is in place, you can arrange art around it. This helps to fill out the surrounding empty wall space, which would otherwise just be left empty and untouched. The result is a gallery wall that’s a focal point in a space like the family room.

What To Hang: Art pieces that are identical in sizes and similar in color and pattern will help create a cohesive look. The easiest way to do this is to purchase a series of framed art. If you want a more unexpected and eclectic look, you can play around with other wall decor ideas, such as woven baskets, wooden wall sculptures, or even tie-dyed fabrics in frames. Just be sure you have equal numbers of things and they all come together to create a balanced look.

How To Arrange It: With this gallery wall look, you’ll want to pull together at least six pieces of framed art. Using a specific grid pattern—based around your TV—will make your arrangement appear more controlled and purposeful. This gallery wall style is especially great in small spaces where you don’t want too much art on many different walls. This lets you direct focus and attention to one perfectly curated display that also lets you disguise and gussy up your more practical furnishings and objects.

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Floor to ceiling gallery wall

6. The Floor-to-Ceiling Gallery Wall

A floor-to-ceiling gallery wall is exactly what it sounds like—a wall of art that spans from the floor to the ceiling of a space. This tends to create quite a focal point, and it’s best for a large blank wall that doesn’t have any furniture pushed up against the wall.

What To Hang: This type of gallery wall is inherently eclectic, and therefore you can hang art of any style, shape, and medium. To play up the eclectic nature of a floor-to-ceiling gallery wall, pick a variety of art styles and subject matters. But consider using a limited color palette sot hat the arrangement isn’t too busy or overwhelming.

How To Arrange It: Choose a couple of larger pieces to anchor the whole arrangement, then fill out the wall with a variety of smaller framed art. There’s no need to be overly precise on how you hang it. You can space pieces closer together or further apart, without any particular alignment. Essentially, how you arrange this type of gallery wall is up to your own intuition and preferences!

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7. The Off-Center Gallery Wall

If you’re using a piece of furniture to anchor your gallery wall, consider a quirky approach by hanging the collection off-center rather than directly centered over the piece. This more eclectic arrangement over a sofa, console table, or bed adds visual interest to your space—bringing the focal point away from the center of the furniture, making the art more prominent than the piece of furniture.

What To Hang: This eclectic arrangement looks best with a trio of framed art. It could be a related collection, like the pieces pictured above, or an unrelated trio. But three medium-sized pieces will generally fill the space best.

How To Arrange It: Use the center point of the furniture the art is hung above as a guide for the outer edge of your arrangement. From there, move the collection over to the right or to the left of the center, with the other edge going just past the end of the piece of furniture. Balance out the off-centered art with a lamp or a plant/tall vase and flowers on the other side of the tabletop or to the side of a sofa or bed.

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Mixed media gallery wall in a rustic country style

8. The Mixed Media Gallery Wall

A mixed media gallery wall is another take an eclectic gallery wall, but instead of just framed art, it also includes other wall hangings like mirrors, clocks, plants, tapestries, and wall sculptures.

What To Hang: This is one of the most personalized gallery wall styles, as it allows you to bring in a variety of wall hangings. So, bring in whatever speaks to you! To help ground the look of this eclectic gallery wall style, make sure all of the pieces fit together proportionally and aesthetically. (So, whether you go modern, rustic, industrial, or somewhere in between, keep all the pieces within the same general style for a visual through-line.)

How To Arrange It: It’s best to keep this type of gallery walls simple, with only five to eight pieces. This keeps the collection from feeling too random! It also helps to have one object as the centerpiece of the arrangement, so your eye knows where to land. (For example, the mirror in the image above!)

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A gallery wall going up a staircase with identical sized picture frames

9. The Stair-Step Gallery Wall

Make use of the wall space along your stairwell by creating a stair-step gallery wall! Hang your art in “steps” that gradually increase in height to align with your ascending staircase. This gives your stairwell visual interest, adding style to an often-forgotten stretch of wall.

What To Hang: A stairwell is a great place to display family photos, travel photos, or a collection of art prints. There’s no hard and fast rules for what to hang here—but since stair-step galleries tend to be evenly spaced, it helps to have all of your pieces in the same frame size for a uniform look.

How To Arrange It: The arrangement for this gallery wall is simple. Starting at the bottom of your staircase, hang a frame at eye-height, go up a few steps, and repeat all the way up your staircase, making sure each frame is evenly spaced, horizontally and vertically. The result is a simple stair-step design, as pictured above, with just a handful of frames on the wall. However, you could also do a floor-to-ceiling look here for something more dramatic! Just be cautious of any kids or pets who might be going up and down the steps to make sure heavy art pieces are safely secured, as staircases are a more high-traffic area where you tend to get closer to frames than other areas in your home.

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Mixed media gallery wall on photo ledge shelves

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mid-century living room with camel leather sofa and shelf gallery wall

10. The Shelfie Gallery Wall

The best part about gallery walls is that whatever you ultimately choose to frame or hang is really up to you and what you like! Beyond art on the walls, consider wall decor ideas that are also functional. We especially love this shelving approach, which provides a chic twist to the whole idea.

What To Hang: Start by hanging two or three shelves, then use those as the canvas for your gallery! Stagger wall shelves over a sofa or a bed, or stack them on a stairwell wall, then prop and layer art on to them to create a more three-dimensional gallery wall. That also means none of the art has to be anchored to the wall, which makes it easy for you to rearrange and swap out pieces as you like. If you’re really at a loss as to what art to start with, go with some abstract prints in shades of a single color.

How To Arrange It: Varying sizes in your art and picture frames are key here. Try starting with two shelves and four art pieces. Lean larger artwork in the back and arrange the smaller pieces in front. As you get inspired by more gallery wall ideas, you can add more shelves and start to include other objects, like vases, candles, plants, and small sculptures, as a way to play up more visual variety and texture in your space.

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Not Sure What To Do With the Space Above Your Bed? No Problem.

bedroom wall decor

When it comes to affordable and stylish ideas for bedrooms, you can’t beat the colorful and instant impact of some thoughtfully curated wall art. We like to think of art, whether it’s above your bed frame or alongside it, as jewelry for the bedroom. It’s the decorative accessory that can truly brighten up your sleep space and add a pop of personality.

The big question with art, as with all home decor, is what should you hang in your bedroom? Are there art options other than paintings and photos that can work in the bedroom? And what’s the best way to fill an empty wall space?

To help you answer all those questions, we’ve rounded up 10 inspiring bedroom wall decor ideas that are stylish, budget-friendly, and easy to pull off. We’ve also included some quick tips for how to make wall art work in your space. Find it all below!

bedroom wall decor1. Hang A Statement Mirror

Among bedroom wall decor ideas, hanging an oversized mirror above your bed is guaranteed to add major bold appeal. It creates a dazzling focal point and it reflects light and will open up your space to make it feel larger and airier, no matter the style or size of your room.

We’re fans of this master bedroom that captures our idea of livable elegance, with its pops of pink and blue and it’s clean and cozy vibe. Try this light, pastel approach at home by keeping to a soft color palette and offsetting it with crisp whites.

Combine it all with a uniquely shaped mirror that’s visually interesting and has a bit of sculptural flair. It will serve as an eye-catching, functional piece of wall art that works nicely with the soft hues.

bedroom wall decor2. Show Off Your Collections

In small bedrooms where floor space is limited, think vertical. The wall area above and around your bed is the perfect spot for hanging art and a shelf that showcases your favorite objects, whether it’s a set of art prints or photographs and memorabilia from your travels.

Take a cue from this rustic-industrial modern bedroom, where wall shelving and matching mini gallery wall add function and warmth to the bed corner. It’s probably one of the coziest bedroom wall decor ideas we’ve seen. (Fair warning: It’s probably best for those of you who don’t live in earthquake zones!) It all goes perfectly with the room’s clean-lined yet earthy mid-century vibe.

If you’re looking to bring this look home, make sure to choose a streamlined shelving piece and keep to neutral art and warm wood tones that are in line with the modern look.

bedroom wall decor3. Get Bold With Color

Take an out-the-box approach to your bedroom wall decor by painting your walls a bold color to stand in as your main visual focus. Use negative space and captivating wall color to add impact and create a backdrop that lets your furniture pieces shine.

In this minimal-industrial master bedroom, the monochromatic blue walls give the room a bold and clean look. The color also helps set off the dark-metal canopy bed and sculptural light fixture, making them showpieces.

To reimagine this look in your own space, consider bold yet soothing wall colors, such as shades of green or neutrals, and pull in furnishings with strong lines that contrast with your walls. It’s a simple way to recreate this cool yet industrial look while still maintaining a cozy and comfy vibe.

bedroom wall decor4. Play Up A Decorative Headboard

Another way to work wall art into your bedroom without going the traditional route? Opt for a large, intricately designed headboard. It’s one of our favorite functional decor ideas for any bedrooms that have high ceilings and not that many wide empty walls for art. It’s also perfect if you want to make a statement without relying on tons of art and wall decor that could look visually cluttered in narrow wall spaces.

When it comes to bedroom ideas that involve headboards, you can go wrong with a decorative boho glam design. There are endless options, from carved styles to ones upholstered with bright global patterns. But all are guaranteed to add artful color and flair to any bedroom.

If you love this glam, boho look above, start by looking for a stylish headboard that has a global aesthetic to it and pair it with a similar palette of light blues, pinks, greens, and reds. Finish with some pretty art and textiles in the same palette, and you’re all set.

bedroom wall decor5. Build Up Bedside Art Moments

If you’re more of a contemporary minimalist but not one that’s all about spare, empty spaces, this one’s for you. Instead of going for big moments above your bed or painting your walls, turn your bedside tables into artful displays. Within our endless bedroom wall decor ideas list, this one is the most practical and affordable for any bedroom, as it makes the most of a space you’ll interact with on a daily basis.

Try hanging abstract art on both sides of your bed to create a symmetrical look and install matching wall lights to add further balance. Sconces can also relieve you from needing table lamps if you want more space on your nightstand to display art or use it to hold books, your phone, jewelry, and other small objects.

We love the clean-lined contemporary look of this bedroom, which is easy to translate into your own home. Just start with neutral pieces that have simple lines but are big on comfort, like a white tufted headboard or a black dresser with gold hardware. Then just layer on your bedside with art and accents that have aspects of those designs and details.

bedroom wall decor6. Make It Easy With a Decorative Tapestry

Among our designers’ favorite wall decor ideas for the bedroom is hanging a distinct textile hanging piece above the bed. This is an easy alternative to bedroom wall art that instantly gives a space a modern boho vibe.

Look for one with a geometric design and minimal colors if you’re going for a more casual but cozy feel, or take it all the way eclectic with a bright tapestry piece that adds impact with color. The idea here is to let your wall hanging be the main focus amid your other furnishings, so try to keep to neutral pieces and light wood tones.

Stylist tip: This is a great hack if your bed frame doesn’t have a headboard. Hanging an oversized tapestry in its place can help visually define the area and give your room a pop of personality!

bedroom wall decor7. Set A Scenic Backdrop

Wallpaper is, without a doubt, the most statement-making approach to wall art in the bedroom. It’s also one of those bedroom wall decor ideas that never goes out of style. If you’re ready to take a bold leap in the wallpaper direction, try starting with a nature-themed covering and using it on the wall behind your bed to create an accent wall that tells a visual story. We especially love it as a dramatic focal point in a small bedroom.

The key to making wallpaper work is lean into its style roots by going for a more eclectic and glam look with your furnishings. Think natural materials, like wood, brass, and marble, along with pieces that have bold dramatic silhouettes and details to them. Finish it all off with plants and greenery that tie back to your nature-themed wallpaper.

bedroom wall decor8. Frame Your Windows

If you have large windows in your bedroom, you might not even need wall art. Instead, place your bed in front of your windows and hang curtains behind to create an illuminated focal point. When it comes to unconventional bedroom wall decor ideas, this is by far our favorite since it’s simple but feels incredibly sophisticated and elevated.

With this layout, you’ll want to keep to a modern classic approach with furnishings, which means tried-and-true pieces that have clean lines and are which are functional, comfortable, and easy to mix-and-match. To really set off your windows, surround it with dark neutrals and earth tones, be it through curtains, an upholstered headboard, a pair of black nightstands, or a mix of dark and light-hued pillows.

9. Consider A Piece of Sculpture

For art that adds depth and shape to your bedroom, hang a big sculpture piece above your bed to make a true statement. It’s one of those bedroom wall decor ideas that’s often overlooked since many people tend to gravitate toward paintings and photographs by default. But an oversized sculpture is great if you’re looking to bring in an unexpected touch.

Look for a large sculptural piece with a captivating design that has bold lines, which will play up the organic modernist look we’ve been seeing all over and loving. But really there are no rules when it comes to picking a wall sculpture for your room, except that it should be big and eye-catching. The idea is that with one big sculptural piece, there’s no need to hang lots of other smaller art pieces.

bedroom wall decor10. Try a Simple Pair of Pendant Art Pieces

Simple and chic, you can’t beat the curated look of a set of art prints from one series. Hang a pair (or a trio or an entire collection of six or eight) over your bed to create a gallery wall focal point that draws attention no matter where you are in the room.

Among our favorite picks are a series of squiggly line drawings or abstract shapes in straightforward primary colors. They’re sure to add a mod and fresh look that’s impactful without overwhelming your space. Be sure you opt for matching frames for your pieces from the same art series. Simple black or wood frames will help continue the understated look. If you’re at a loss for bedroom wall decor ideas, this is one of the easiest ways to work art that looks stylish and purposeful into your space.

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6 Fresh Takes on the Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall Ideas

Who doesn’t love a good gallery wall? And while oversized wall art may be trending for 2018, sometimes you just need a way to display your fabulous collection of art all on one wall.  To give you a few fresh ideas on this look, we’re exploring a few different takes on the gallery wall game that are just as inspiring and impactful.

Read on for some ideas and tips for creating your own new and improved version of a gallery wall at home.


Gallery Wall Ideas

Try Some Shelfies

Rather than hanging your art, try propping a few of your favorite pieces on a shelf or two, which gives your wall an eclectic, layered look. This is a especially great if you like to switch up your artwork or move pieces around on the regular.

Stylist Tip: If you’re doing this over a sofa or your bed, be sure to anchor the art pieces to the wall with little nails and hooks in the back to secure them in place.


Gallery Wall IdeasDeck Out a Corner

Double the coverage with a gallery wall that fills out a complete corner. Try creating a display with graphic photos, paintings, and prints that hang on both walls of the corner as way to anchor a reading nook or a seating area just below. This take on the gallery wall is perfect for small and awkward corner spaces or even the base of a staircase.

Stylist Tip: Don’t be afraid to go vertical and hang art high up towards the ceiling. It will add intrigue and give the illusion of height. Mix in 3D objects or sculptures for a more eclectic vibe.


Gallery Wall IdeasGo Simple Grid Style

For a slightly more traditional take, create a grid-style gallery wall with pieces in all the same size and shape. Be it three artworks in a row or four in a grid, this is low-lift approach that guarantees a clean-lined arrangement.

Stylist Tip: Pick one style frame for all your pieces to create a more consistent and cohesive look.


Gallery Wall IdeasGive It the Midas Touch

Try using gold picture frames for all your pieces to bring unity to a gallery wall where artworks vary in sizes and subject matter. An array of gold frames will act as a common thread that ties the pieces together while also adding a little polish and shine to the overall look.

Stylist Tip: The best part about an eclectic mix of frames is that you can’t go wrong. If you can’t find a consistent frame for all your art, just mix and match with gold frames in various styles. Your gallery wall will look just as bold.


Gallery Wall IdeasHang From a Baseline

Usually when hanging artwork, the rule is to pick a midpoint and arrange all your art centered on that line. Break the rule: Try instead to determine a baseline and then hang all your different sized pieces in a row above that line.

Stylist Tip: Place taller art in the center and then taper outwards with smaller pieces; this will help the overall composition feel more balanced.


Gallery Wall IdeasKeep It Classic

The traditional gallery wall is all about the mix, so if make sure you play around with a diverse range of artworks in all mediums. This is one instance where the more mismatched your art, the more eclectic and personal the grouping will look above your sofa, bed, or a credenza.

Stylist Tip: With a gallery wall, always start with a hanging game plan. Consider the overall shape you want the pieces to form and work your way from the inside out. Next, lay your pieces out on the floor and decide where each artwork will go. If that sounds intimidating or you just want an extra set of eyes, Modsy can help create a 3D design plan for you to tweak until its right (don’t nail it until you nail it!).


Need help crafting a game plan for your gallery wall?