How to Decorate Around a Fireplace

If your living room comes with a fireplace, consider it an interior design asset. Not only does it add major architectural appeal, but a fireplace also provides an instant focal point in your space that looks and feels welcoming.

We’ve touched on the best ways to lay out a living room with a corner fireplace and how to style your fireplace mantel. Now it’s time to tackle a less-discussed topic: How to decorate around your fireplace. Whether it’s arranging seating in front or framing your fireplace with matching furniture on both sides, you want to make sure the area around your hearth isn’t an afterthought.

To help you with that, we’ve rounded up our best ideas for how to decorate around a fireplace! Read on to get our tips on how to make furniture and decor work with any living room fireplace.

If you’re not quite at the decorating stage, start with our guide for how to design a living room with a fireplace!


dark grey fireplace with boho tassel garland across the mantle

1. Layer Eclectic Decor

Start by thinking about your fireplace decor holistically. It’s about the accents that go on top of the fireplace mantel as much as the pieces that go in front and inside of the hearth.

If you have a stone fireplace, try working in a lot of eclectic materials and textures to balance out the smooth look. One of our favorite fireplace ideas is to add layers of greenery, both on the mantel and next to the hearth, then mix in textures with a rug, a woven garland, and hanging textile accents. What you get in the end is a focal point that’s eclectic and unexpected yet hugely cozy and inviting.

For those of you with a non-functioning fireplace, you arrange different height candles inside the hearth instead. It’s another one of our favorite fireplace ideas that plays up a warm ambiance.

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fireplace that is flanked with two oversized floor mirrors

2. Frame With Mirrors

Flanking the hearth with matching floor mirrors is one of the chicest (and easiest!) fireplace decor ideas. They’ll add visual height and help visually frame your fireplace while also opening up the surrounding areas on both sides of the hearth. The result is an instantly more spacious look and feel in your room.

If you have a brick fireplace or a white fireplace, symmetrical mirrors are perfect accents, since their reflective surfaces will offer a dramatic look to match as well as provide visual balance.

If you’re at a loss for fireplace ideas, mirrors are always a safe bet, no matter the style of your room or the size and shape of your fireplace mantel.

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decorate around a fireplace
3. Flank With Built-Ins

If your fireplace mantel has built-ins on both sides, top them with a mix of practical and decorative accents to tie in with the rest of your room. Think books, lamps, candles, vases, woven art, and other accessories that captivate the eye from afar.

For those with a stone fireplace, leaning into bold art and accents is key. They’re foolproof fireplace decor ideas because they add texture, depth, and color all at once without distracting from the mantel and hearth.

If you’re more drawn to fireplace ideas that add impact in small ways, you can’t go wrong with this approach. Just be sure to use a cohesive color palette across all your accents and furniture to tie together the look in your room. If you’re not sure how to set up your living room furniture for that, check out our tips for the best living room layouts.

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decorate around a fireplace

4. Try Asymmetrical Decorating

In terms of fireplace ideas, this is an especially stylish approach for rooms where the spaces on either side of the fireplace are not identical in size. The idea is to balance your fireplace decor with both practical touches and decorative accents.

Try adding a floor mirror alongside a tall plant on one side of your fireplace and contrasting the other side with a TV and media stand. This is a great layout for living rooms with a fireplace and a TV. Or simply float an armchair floating at an angle in front of the fireplace. This creates a more organic layout that feels modern and collected but still cohesive.

If you have a modern fireplace, an asymmetrical arrangement of your furniture and home decor is especially great, since it will give your room a more thoughtful and curated look—versus a more traditional everything-matching look.

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fireplace with roll arm club chairs and a tray table in between them5. Set Up Seating In Front 

Adding seating in front of the fireplace is a timeless and elegant interior design approach. While it counts as one of the more traditional fireplace decor ideas, it’s practical and foolproof.

Start with a pair of matching armchairs and add a side table in between them to create a classic fireside moment for two. This is especially great for homes located in colder-climate places, as it offers a cozy seating area that’s both functional and stylish. Complete the look by topping off your fireplace with equally classic mantelpiece decor ideas.

If you’re looking for fireplace ideas for small spaces, this is also a good one to bookmark. It’s perfect in living spaces where there isn’t much room for extra seating except in front of the fireplace.

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decorate around a fireplace

6. Balance With Bookcases

Frame your fireplace in with open bookcases that add height, depth, and balance on both sides. This is one of our favorite affordable interior design ideas to mimic the look of high-end built-ins.

For this look, we love wooden bookshelves paired alongside a white brick fireplace, which brings a modern streamlined look to a room. Fill the shelves with both decorative and everyday decor pieces, like books, sculptures, baskets, and other small media items. Then balance them out with fireplace decors, such as a modern art piece or a tall plant placed in front of the fireplace.

Another reason we’re fans of bookcases alongside a fireplace is because it’s very family-friendly. If you’ve been looking for fireplace ideas that can work in a home with energetic little ones, this is definitely our pick for a kid-friendly approach. You can also find more inspo in our gallery for living room design ideas.

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decorate around a fireplace

7. Create An Art Focal Point

When it comes to fireplace ideas, this is tried-and-true. Sometimes all you need for your fireplace decor is an evocative art piece that turns your fireplace mantel into the focal point in your living room.

The trick with hanging large artworks above your fireplace is to pair it with good wall lighting, be it sconces or track lights. You want to elevate the focus to the artwork and the space above the fireplace mantel. Also, be sure to balance out the artwork with more neutral furnishings and accents so as not to distract or layer in too many small pieces that compete for attention.

Playing up one large artwork as the focus also works great in minimalist interiors, where a single oversized piece can make for a dramatic visual element.

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decorate around a fireplace

8. Pull Up Some Stools or Benches

Probably one of the most practical, stylish, and versatile fireplace decor ideas is to place matching benches, poufs, or stools in front of the hearth. Just like armchairs, benches will bring a polished and sophisticated look that perfectly frames the fireplace.

Additionally, this is especially great if you’re working with a white fireplace since the benches will pop against the crisp mantel backdrop. Make sure the benches or stools don’t completely block the fireplace and are positioned in proportion to the length of the hearth—to ensure a balanced and cohesive look.

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3 Ways to Design a Living Room With Fireplace and TV

We’ve walked through how to design a living room with a fireplace and the best TV viewing layouts. But what about layout solutions for a living room with a fireplace and TV?

According to you, our Modsy customers, figuring out a living room layout that factors in both a fireplace and TV is a common conundrum. Especially when it comes to a living room layout that’s both functional and attractive.

So, to offer some guidance, we’ve come up with three stylish and functional living room layout ideas that take into consideration both a fireplace and TV. Also, don’t forget to check out our layout guides for more ideas, including the best living room layouts to help you get started.

living room with a fireplace and tv

Layout #1: The Entertainment Pit

In this open concept layout, the main seating faces the fireplace and TV, which are visually stacked on top of each other in the front of the room. The result is a centralized entertaining and gathering space with the fireplace and TV above it becoming one combined focal point.

The all-around seating forms a U-shape layout that helps to delineate the spot and set it off as a warm and welcoming living area within the larger space.

living room with a fireplace and tv

The Key Design Elements:

Have big, comfy seating. For a balanced look, you need sumptuous and large-scale pieces to anchor your living room furniture layout. Consider a leather Chesterfield sofa, deep upholstered armchairs, and cushy X-benches arranged in a U-shape for a comfy conversational setup.

Frame your focus. Any living room layout with fireplace and TV combined as the primary focus should be balanced out with a bit of symmetry. Try adding tall bookcases to flank your TV and fireplace, which will bring symmetry and visual cohesiveness to the gathering spot as a whole.

Keep walls minimal. Because all the attention is directed to the front of your living space, keep your walls bare to avoid visual clutter. If it feels empty, fill your bookcases next to the fireplace and TV with decor and objects, which make for finishing touches that are just like wall decor.

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living room with a fireplace and tv

It’s a great living room layout if you…

  • Want to skip the media cabinet for your TV and save space
  • Like the idea of a ‘2 for 1’ focal point, where the fireplace and TV are the main attraction
  • Prefer the look of a sofa directly facing a TV that’s wall-mounted at the perfect height
  • Have a square or rectangular living area with a fireplace and want a layout that accommodates comfortable seating and has good flow and tons of walking room

living room with a fireplace and tv

Layout #2: The Cozy Zone

In this compact living room layout, the corner fireplace and TV alongside it create two distinct focal points that help to frame an enclosed seating area. While there are several ways you can lay out a living room with a corner fireplace, this is probably our favorite because it forms an intimate and cozy seating area.

This furniture set up around the fireplace and TV is also ideal in a small living room with a corner fireplace.


living room with a fireplace and tv

The Key Design Elements:

A sectional is best. With a corner fireplace to consider, a sectional makes for all-in-one seating that is comfortable and perfectly frames your seating area. It will center the space while also giving even focus to both the corner fireplace and TV adjacent to it.

Opt for a media cabinet. You’ll need a media cabinet for your TV in this layout, which will also help to anchor the front of your room. This works with the main seating that’s facing the TV, and it also balances out the architectural elements of the fireplace.

Minimize accent pieces. Just as you would with small living room layouts, you want to maximize flow and walking room, so stick to a coffee table, one additional chair, and a side table. This also opens up the space around the fireplace and TV.

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living room with a fireplace and tv

It’s a great living room layout if you…

  • Have an open living room where you can float a sectional or sofa
  • Like your TV and fireplace to be separate focal points that are equally captivating
  • Want to have a space where you can enjoy a roaring fire AND watch TV at the same time without being distracted by one or the other
  • Live in a small space (corner fireplace or not) and want to create a cozy gathering space


living room with a fireplace and tv

Layout #3: The Double Focus

This spacious living room layout has the fireplace as the central architectural element and a focal point. Because it’s a fireplace surround without a mantelpiece, the TV has to be placed to the side on top of a media cabinet. The benefit of this is that even though the TV is not the central focus, it tucks nicely into an inlet next to the fireplace, creating a streamlined and balanced look.

living room with a fireplace and tv

The Key Design Elements:

Pull in a wide sectional. For this living room layout with fireplace front-and-center and TV lining the wall next to it, you need a sectional run almost the full length of the front wall for a balanced look. This also lets you enjoy both the fireplace and TV without having to move around.

Decorate your walls. To balance out the TV and fireplace front wall, bring in art and tall accents to fill out the vertical space. You want your fireplace and TV area to look well-rounded, so consider adding art above the fireplace and pulling in a tall plant or mirror to even things out.

Think high contrast. Lean into the streamlined aesthetic and the rectilinear forms of the fireplace and TV here to play up a contemporary, high-contrast look. Keep to black-and-white furnishings and crisp art and accents with clean lines and a modern sensibility.

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living room with a fireplace and tv

It’s a great living room layout if you…

  • Have a living room where the fireplace is the focal point architecturally and the TV is a secondary focus
  • Want to keep your fireplace and TV in the same space but not compete for attention
  • Prefer a living space that’s not just all about TV watching, but also captivates with other art and decor
  • Love a contemporary minimalist look with a modular approach to the living room layout

Check our gallery for more living room design ideas!

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Layout Guide: 3 Ways to Design a Living Room With a Corner Fireplace

A living room with a fireplace is an asset in any home. It provides warmth during the winter months and also makes for a chic focal point.

If you have a living room with a corner fireplace, even better. But figuring out your furniture placement around a corner fireplace can be a tricky design challenge. This is a common design challenge in single-family homes, and is common all the way from Los Angeles to San Antonio interior design schemes. Where do you put your sofa? Should the fireplace be the main focal point? What about the TV? While it all depends on how you want to use your space, a corner fireplace presents a “fifth wall” that needs to be taken into account in your living room layout.

For some guidance, we’ve designed one living room with three different corner fireplace layout ideas to show you some possible setups that are practical and stylish. Find out more below!

Not exactly dealing with a corner fireplace but need a hand pulling together your living room? Get started with our online interior design services.

corner fireplace layout

Layout #1: The Sophisticated Family Room

This layout is designed to be a family-friendly TV space that still has an elevated look and feel. While the focal point is on the TV wall, the corner fireplace acts as an extension to that and serves as an equally central visual element in the room.

When it came to arranging furniture around a corner fireplace here, it came down to balancing out the L-shaped formation of the fireplace and the TV all. That meant floating a sectional that also helped to delineate and frame the seating area into a rectangular gathering spot. To round out this layout, a reading chair is pulled in to help anchor the corner fireplace. This is one of our favorite (and the easiest) corner fireplace ideas that helps incorporate a fireplace into a living room seating area.

The Key Design Elements:

A sectional is essential. There’s no debating between a sofa or sectional with this layout. By anchoring your seating area with a sectional, you create visual balance because the sectional faces both the TV wall and the corner fireplace at an angle. This makes the fireplace feel more part of the room’s layout and design.

Decorate around the hearth. Since the TV wall is the main focus of this layout, you want to define the fireplace area so that it’s equally noticeable. The best way to do this is to define the corner fireplace and the area around it with inviting decor. Here, a mirror and a plush armchair both help draw the eye to the fireplace surround.

Bookend the space. Just as the balances out the corner fireplace, adding a console table behind the sectional will help clearly delineate your seating area. This also creates visual balance with the media stand along the TV wall. The result is a seating area that’s inviting and feels like a cozy yet tailored space of its own.

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This is a great layout for you if…

  • You want a family room that’s well-designed and not overly casual (because your kids are now off to college or live away from home)
  • TV watching and using your fireplace are everyday activities in your life.
  • You want a defined living space that feels cozy but still has a focus that’s not just a TV.
  • Your ideal living room is elevated in look and feel but is also perfect for casual lounging.

corner fireplace layoutLayout #2: The Curated Sitting Room

In this layout, the angled fireplace is the focal point. Think of this as the corner fireplace layout where the centerpiece of the room is the hearth and the furniture placement emphasizes that.

By arranging a chesterfield sofa directly opposite the fireplace, it gives this seating area a contemporary curated look that is one of our favorite layout ideas for a corner fireplace. The overall setup, with the armchair and benches along the edges of this seating area, makes it an instantly cozy and intimate space for relaxing and conversation alike. Here, it’s all about creating a living room space that is equal parts formal and airy with modern industrial furnishings and art that are none too precious.

corner fireplace layoutThe Key Elements:

Choose a substantial sofa. Whether it’s a modern blue velvet sofa or a tufted leather chesterfield, you want your main seating to be as visually bold as the fireplace opposite it. Round out the living room by floating furniture to face the center of your seating area, which will help direct focus to the corner fireplace.

Punch up your mantelpiece. With the corner fireplace as the centerpiece in this angled living room layout, you want to make sure it stands out. Hang a bold graphic artwork or an abstract painting above your mantelpiece to visually direct attention to the fireplace.

Fill your vertical space. Because your fireplace extends all the way to the ceiling, balance out its height by decorating your walls with tall-standing bookcases and art. This is an easy way to draw the eye upward as well as to warm up the seating area with color and visually interesting objects.

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This is a great layout for you if…

  • You use your living room as a cozy place to relax, gather, and entertain all at once.
  • A contemporary and slightly industrial-minimalist design approach and aesthetic suits your style.
  • Your home has a separate family or media room for TV watching and use your living room more as a sitting room for quiet relaxing and unwinding at night.
  • You want your living room to also be a display space for your favorite artwork and objects.

corner fireplace layoutLayout #3: The Open-Flow Living Room

If you’re after a spacious and airy feeling living room where the furniture placement isn’t centered around the corner fireplace, this is an ideal setup. The corner fireplace is not the focal point in this layout, where the furniture is arranged against one end of the open living space.

In a living room with a fireplace in the corner, you can ultimately decide whether you want to incorporate the hearth to look and feel like a part of your seating area. And it can be a little separate if you want to, as in this living room design. In the end, you get a living space that still feels relaxing but has a more open atmosphere.

corner fireplace layoutThe Key Elements:

Mix in different seating. Whereas the previous two layouts focused on one main seating furniture piece, this encourages a diverse mix. Pull in a pair of leather armchairs and matching white ottomans to balance out a casual slipcovered sofa. By arranging these pieces away from the fireplace, it opens up the room. Meanwhile, the chairs and ottomans can be pulled near fireplace when it’s lit.

Spare your fireplace. You won’t come across too many corner fireplace ideas that tell you to keep it spare and minimally styled. But what you do use to decorate your fireplace, be it a raw-wood shelf mantelpiece or modernist ceramics, you want to make sure it makes a tall statement that adds to the blank vertical space in the room.

Let materials lead. Use earthy materials as the overarching theme in your space. Opt for tan leather, natural woods, crisp white linen, grainy woods, and smooth pottery to connect your seating area with your corner fireplace. This way, even though they are two delineated as two zones in your living space, the materials lend visual cohesion.

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corner fireplace layoutThis is a great layout for you if…

  • You have a busy family household and the living room is the central gathering space, which means more open space the better.
  • The fireplace is only used during the winter and colder months, otherwise, it’s more decorative.
  • You enjoy an actual living room space that’s not about TV viewing or formal lounging but actually is catered to everyday living and kicking back.
  • Modern-rustic design is your idea of ultimate comfort and style.

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How to Style a Bookcase: 5 Takes on this Storage Essential

Not every home update has to be a major reno. Sometimes all you need is to restyle a few surfaces to bring new perspective into your spaces. One way to do that is by rearranging your bookshelves.

There’s no shortage of bookcase styling ideas on Instagram and Pinterest—and for good reason. The bookshelf is the ultimate storage piece. Beyond books, you can decorate the shelves with art, sculptures, plants, and other storage vessels, which ultimately turn the shelves into stylish displays and focal points in a room. Whether you have a built-in bookshelf in your living room, floating shelves above your bed or a freestanding bookcase next to your work desk at home, consider filling them with your favorite decor objects alongside books to add a bit of visual interest.

bookcase styling

It’s not all just about style either. Part of what makes the bookshelf one of our top furniture essentials is that you can customize and tailor it to suit your storage needs as well as how you use your space. If you love plants, you can layer lots of greenery to create an interior vertical garden of sorts, or if you have children, you stow and stack away storage baskets and bins with toys. It’s all up to you how you want to decorate and use your shelving.

Here, we’ve rounded up five ways to style your bookshelf that are tried-and-true and guaranteed to give your rooms a whole new look and vibe. Read on for more and get our bookshelf styling tips along the way.

bookcase stylingTake #1: Shelves With A Mix Of Decor

Be it books and art or vases and bowls, this layered approach to decorating your shelves is all about curating a display of decorative objects and accents. Balance is essential here. You want to make sure your bookcase is arranged so that each of the shelves have an even distribution of decor and open spacing.

The Key Styling Elements:

  • Start with the big things. Begin by adding large, solid objects, such as tall vessels and boxes, to ground your shelves.
  • Layer in the small touches. Follow up with accessories, like framed art and decorative objects, so that each shelf tells a story and feels like a collection versus a random grouping of items.
  • Get creative with books. Line your books up vertically as usual, then stack bigger ones horizontally in piles of twos and threes. This helps balance out the shapes of the other decor.

Good rule of thumb: If you’re struggling with what objects to place where, try grouping things in threes (two small objects with one large item). It’s the easiest way to create a curated look.

This is perfect for… those who love a classic and elegant display that’s curated with all of their favorite books, art and mementos.

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bookcase stylingTake #2 – Shelves With Stylish Storage

Skip the books and double up on storage by arranging bookshelves with vessels, boxes, trays, and decorative baskets that provide even more storage. This is one of our favorite ways to minimize visual clutter of tchotchkes and small loose items. Plus, there’s no wrong way to decorate your shelves with this approach.

The Key Styling Elements:

  • Box it up. Stylish storage boxes are your best friends here since they come as a set in multiple sizes. Whether you stack them together or spread them out, it’ll always result in a cohesive look.
  • Think trays and jars. For a chic catchall, you can’t beat trays. Pair them with lidded jars that also keep knicknacks out of sight. From afar they’ll look like part of a beautiful bookshelf display.
  • Sprinkle in baskets. Not all baskets need to be tall and huge. They can be just big enough to hold books, toys, and remote controls. Go for matching ones so that you have a consistent look.

Good rule of thumb: The lower shelves are where you can be a little more prescriptive and just use them for storage baskets. It’s perfect for boxes for toys that children can easily grab.

This is perfect for… family-friendly spaces where practical storage is paramount but you still want your organization to come off as chic and cohesive looking.

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bookcase stylingTake #3 – Shelves With Plants & Greenery

Even if you’re not a plant parent, decorating with a bit of greenery on your shelves will help break up the color palette and also bring visual interest to your bookshelf. There’s no rule for the plants you bring in but we recommend low-light greenery and cacti, since those are low maintenance.

The Key Styling Elements:

  • Stack succulents. If you’re not sure how you’ll be able to take good care of plants, start with small cacti and succulents. Place them on stacks of books for some instant color and texture.
  • Opt for potted plants. Add large potted plants to serve as visual bookends that anchor top and middle shelves. Flowers, such as orchids, are great for bringing a colorful and sculptural touch.
  • Go faux. You also don’t have to go by the books and only stick to live plants. Faux greenery and flowers will provide the same vibrancy and color (without the need for care) to your shelves.

Good rule of thumb: Make sure to leave lots of breathing room for your plants on your bookshelves. You don’t want to overcrowd and dwarf them by adding books and lots of other objects. Stick to a few decorative items.

This is perfect for… modern minimalists who love airy plant-filled home look. This is definitely for someone who loves an uncluttered space as much as they love plants and greenery.

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bookcase stylingTake #4 – Shelves With Sculptural Objects

Your bookshelf is one of the best places to showcase personal collections, such as meaningful artworks and sculptures. With this approach, it’s all about filling your shelves with sculptures and accents that have unique and interesting shapes. Adding them alongside books is a great way to add movement and break up the straight lines of your bookshelves.

The Key Styling Elements:

  • Layer by size. Start by placing your largest sculptures and art pieces in the back of your shelves, then add smaller pieces in front. This creates a sense of depth that will draw focus.
  • Spread out similar items. Try to break up colors and shapes. It can be as simple as not grouping all the small white vases in one spot and dispersing them across several shelves.
  • Let statement pieces shine. Some accents shine brighter on their own, like statement vases and sculptures, which are more captivating without books and other objects around them.

Good rule of thumb: Not everything needs to be arranged in a cluster of three—which works best if you have an eclectic mix of decor. Separate matching objects and mix things up. It’ll feel more dynamic.

This is perfect for… collectors and art-lovers who want to show off the unique things they’ve amassed, be it a finds from their travels around the world or precious art given to them by friends.

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bookcase stylingTake #5 – Shelves With Colorful Accents

If you’re looking for a fun way to liven up the mood in a room, punch up a bookshelf with bright accents that add pops of bold colors. This is great if you have bookshelves in a living room that has mostly neutral furnishings, or if you’re working with a space that’s surrounded with stark white walls. Think of your shelves as a blank canvas for color!

The Key Styling Elements:

  • Complementary colors. Stick to colors that complement each other (blues and oranges here) for anchors. You can then explore accents in all the different shades of the colors you choose.
  • Pair books with plants. Give your bookshelves a bold dose of color and texture by topping colorful art books with a leafy plant. The natural greenery will help offset all the bright tones.
  • Oddities are great. When it comes to colorful accents, the more whimsical and odd the item the better. So bring on the weirdly shaped urn and the wild-patterned bowl. They all belong here!

Good rule of thumb: Color-blocking with your books is always a winning look. Group together the coffee table books that have the same color cover and spine to create a coordinated look that turns your shelves into an organized and eye-catching display.

This is perfect for… boho-style lovers who enjoy a mashup of colors and eclectic finds that each have a backstory. It’s all about keeping things quirky here!

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12 Chic Ways To Style Your Mantel

A fireplace mantel in any living room design is an instant focal point. Although more often than not, it’s the last place you probably pay attention to when decorating your home. It’s understandable, since furniture, rugs, art, and other wall decor always seem to take priority. Nonetheless, decorating around a fireplace and taking the time to curate a few artful objects and mantelpiece decor items can make such a big difference to the focus and vibe in your living room.

However, there are some important questions to consider before you begin designing your fireplace mantel. First, what if your fireplace doesn’t have a mantel? How about if your fireplace is super shallow or curved? And what if the space above your mantel is the only place for your TV? Also: will you switch up your decor seasonally and invest in spring, summer, and fall mantel decor, plus holiday mantel decor? Once you’ve figured out those foundational elements, you can move on to the fun part and start exploring mantel decorating ideas that match your style.

To provide you with some inspiration and guidance, we’ve rounded up some of our most stylish layouts for living rooms with a fireplace. We’re breaking down some key fireplace design ideas and mantel decorating tips to help you style yours in a way that works for you. Find out more below!

mantelpiece decorFor An Eclectic Mantelpiece

For fireplace mantel decor that’s captivating and eclectic, decorate it with small objects in various shapes and sizes. Case in point: The rounded fireplace in this desert minimal space.

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3 Tips To Get The Look:

Function and beauty. A few pint-sized home decor finds that are pretty and practical will set your fireplace surround apart. Think: sculptural ceramics, woven accents, and hanging textiles.

Get eclectic with greenery. Mix white vases in different shapes on your mantel. Then fill them with a range of greenery that lends height, texture, and color to the arrangement. They’ll become instant focal points.

Fill the hearth. If you have a non-functioning fireplace (or one you don’t use), all the better since it opens up the possibilities! Use it to store old and new books to bring in an eclectic vibe.

mantelpiece decorFor Minimal Mantelpiece

Curation is key when it comes to the less-is-more minimalist aesthetic. For a small surface like the fireplace mantel, go with a few items that make a big statement in style and size.

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3 Tips To Get The Look:

Visually minimal. You want to play up an airy and edited vibe. Bring in objects with strong lines and shapes for the mantel that tie back to the minimalist modern designs of the rest of the room.

Relocate the big things. Instead of a mirror or a piece of artwork, stick to a few vases and bowls that command attention in a quieter way, which will add subtle intrigue to your mantel.

Keep it neutral. Use a minimalist palette of black, grey, and white tones that you carry through to the mantel decor, be it stone vases or white ceramics. This will help everything feel more cohesive.

mantelpiece decorFor a Fireplace With A TV

When living and family rooms are one and the same, that often means optimizing a modern space for function, TV viewing, and lounging around a fireplace. Here, it’s all about practicality and comfort.

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3 Tips To Get The Look:

Clear the view. Mounting a TV over the fireplace mantel can be stylish and it doesn’t have to be a huge hassle. Just keep decorative accents to a minimum so you don’t block the screen.

Stick to small and simple. You can add accents and objects, but just make sure they’re small and don’t distract from the TV. Tealights, tiny votives, and low vases for cacti are perfect.

Aim for big furnishings. With the TV as the main focal point, you’ll want to balance it out with equally substantial furniture. You can’t go wrong with a modern chandelier and clean-lined sofa.

mantelpiece decorFor An Asymmetrical Fireplace Mantel

Sometimes a built-in fireplace mantel that is at the mercy of a room’s interior architecture will make it appear awkwardly retrofitted into the space. Use that to your advantage for bold objects.

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3 Tips To Get The Look:

The boldest accents. When decorating tricky areas, offset any awkward spacing with extra bold designs. Go for the large art and don’t worry about having too many sea glass vessels.

Mirror it. There’s no better place for an oversized mirror than above an asymmetrical mantel. Not only will it reflect light and center the room, it will also make for an unforgettable focal point.

Opt for potent hues. Find accents that reflect the brightest colors in the rest of the room, like the blue, green, and taupe combo here. They’ll make for finishing touches that pack a punch.

mantelpiece decorFor a Narrow Fireplace Mantel

In a living room with high ceilings and a fireplace mantel that doesn’t have a deep ledge, think vertical. The perfect accents will fill out the fireplace height and result in a cozier look and feel.

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3 Tips To Get The Look:

Fill up wall space. The higher the ceilings, the more room for a large-scale mirror or an oversized painting above the mantel. This kind of tall piece will instantly warm up the room.

Layer tall objects. Be it carved wooden candlesticks or obelisks or a tall plant, use tall accents to close the height gap between the ceiling and the mantel. It’s the key to visual balance here.

Contrast shapes. If you’re struggling to narrow down accent decor ideas, start with pieces that have curvy shapes and soften the lines of a room. It’ll feel a bit whimsical and add intrigue.

mantelpiece decorFor A Sculptural Curved FIreplace

With a fireplace that’s an architectural statement in and of itself, like this rounded adobe-style hearth, you want to amplify the construction instead of overrun it with decor. Embrace simplicity when it comes to corner fireplace living room layouts!

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3 Tips To Get The Look:

Think above and beyond. When you can’t hang art or mirrors on to a fireplace, decorate around it instead. Hang matching artwork alongside the fireplace to play it up as a focal point.

Play with accents. With architectural fireplaces, go easy on accents. Layer in a few whimsical objects, like figurines, and a large candelabra in the hearth, which you can swap out as needed.

Paint it! While this might sound daunting, painting an architecturally interesting fireplace is a surefire way to make it stand out. Choose a neutral that works with any style or color furniture.

mantelpiece decorFor A FIreplace With No Mantel

Unlike fireplaces with mantels, ones that are flush with no ledge for accents are natural focal points in any room. It’s a perfect backdrop for hanging objects that add style and personality.

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3 Tips To Get The Look:

Make it sculptural. With no fireplace mantel, a flush hearth can look like it lacks depth from afar. Install something sculptural or 3-dimensional to create extra visual interest. You could even install a pair of sconces!

Add bold texture. One of our favorite accents for fireplaces that are flush are woven baskets. They’re a lightweight and bring the perfect contrast of color and texture to the flush backdrop.

Go high contrast. With flush fireplaces, the more color and texture you layer on top the more elevated your space will feel. Try a black-and-white palette that plays up a modern eclectic vibe.

mantelpiece decorFor A Layered Fireplace Mantel

For foolproof fireplace mantel ideas, simply layer large artwork on your mantel. There’s no hard and fast rule except that you should showcase pieces that are framed and meaningful to you.

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3 Tips To Get The Look:

Lean your art. Instead of hanging your artwork, lean pieces against the wall on your mantel to emphasize the layered look. This also makes it easy to swap in new pieces whenever you want.

Mix it up. This is one approach where you want to combine all kinds of artworks for the most dynamic look. Think black-and-white photos, drawings, abstract paintings, etc. It’s all in the mix!

Layer in colorful accents. Add decorative touches like candles, vases, or bowls next to the art for pops of color and texture. Be sure to fill the whole mantel with art and objects for big impact.

mantelpiece decorFor A Focal Point Mantel

Speaking of ideas for fireplace decor ideas involving art—try a maximalist approach and simply hang one statement piece. This is the easiest way to decorate a fireplace with guaranteed visual impact.

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3 Tips To Get The Look:

Consider proportions. Keep the size of any artwork in proportion to your fireplace mantel. That means making sure there’s still a good several inches all around once it’s centered on the wall.

Big and bold only. Large abstract paintings, bright florals, and any elaborately colorful art that with bright patterns is the way to go. You want it to draw the eye from anywhere in the room.

Don’t rule out alternatives to art. No need to limit yourself to paintings and photographs. It can be a tapestry, a sculpture, or even a framed textile fragment. Get creative with your ideas!

mantelpiece decorFor A Mixed Material Fireplace Mantel

Nothing looks more sophisticated than a fireplace mantle that features both stone and wood. The combination of materials lends a sense of elegance and formal flair to elevates any room.

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3 Tips To Get The Look:

Bring out the materials. You want the focus to be the fireplace surround here. Keep to simple and subtle art, like a carved wash-wood panel or a soft-hued painting that’s a neutral focal point.

Flank the mantel. Add sculptural decor but group them on the sides for visual balance. Ceramic vases in varying heights or a low-profile teak bowl will add to the layered material look.

Show your best. A chic stone fireplace provides the perfect spot for displaying favorite objects and collections from travels. Try pairing and combining things to find the best grouping of items.

mantelpiece decorFor A Modern Fireplace Mantel

When it comes to modern rustic fireplaces like this one, you want the brick surround to be the focus, so don’t cover it up. Use it as a textural backdrop for complementary graphic accents.

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3 Tips To Get The Look:

A simple palette. Take a cue from the brick and ground your accents in the same high-contrast color scheme. Black and white ceramics and art are great starting off points.

Play up visual textures. Streamlined patterns and subtle textures, like stripes, geometrics, and hand-thrown pottery, add an element of depth to the fireplace mantel that’s much needed here.

Try the one to three combo. For every piece of art, mix in three ceramic pieces alongside it for visual balance. This creates multiple focal points while keeping the fireplace appearing airy still.

mantelpiece decorFor A Traditional Fireplace Mantel

For those who prefer fireplace mantel ideas that are elegant and effortless, this styling approach is tried-and-true. While the mantel isn’t deep, the architectural details more than make up for it.

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3 Tips To Get The Look:

Let architecture shine. The tapered wall above the mantel is part of the fireplace surround—and in these instances, you want to honor rather than hide this fact. Flank it with accents to draw attention to how it beautifully blends into the wall behind.

Choose tall accents. Add thin but tall decor near the ends of the mantel, like candlesticks that pop against the white backdrop and lush greenery and dried flowers that offer a vibrant sight.

Beyond the mantel. To strike a visual balance, add art to side walls near the fireplace and put small decorative furniture and topiary plants in front of it as a way to bring out the molding details within the fireplace mantel.

Inspired to restyle your fireplace mantel?

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Easy Fireplace Mantel Styling Updates for Fall

There’s no better time than fall to give your fireplace mantel a simple and stylish refresh. Since your living room fireplace is where family and friends will likely gather during holiday parties, take this time to make your space look its best.

But rather than a thematic approach that calls for gourds and spice, or all things red and green, try switching up your mantel with a look that’s pretty and polished for all occasions.

Check out these easy ideas below for ways to turn your fireplace mantel into an eye-catching focal point.


Mantel Styling

Add Sleek Lighting and Accents

Turn your mantelpiece into an illuminating display by placing small table lamps on opposite ends with modern art and accents in between.

Lamps make for a stylish alternative to sconces, which require hanging, and they’ll provide good lighting that will help to emphasize your art pieces.

Opt for white picture frames and lamps along with artwork that’s easy on the eyes, such as illustrations, tonal paintings, and watercolors; this way, when grouped together, these pieces will appear sleek and polished rather than minimalist.

Round it all out by adding a small vessel and a single leafy stem, which will bring a little life to the spot and help direct people’s focus.


Mantel Styling

Layer Rustic Elements

Take a more seasonal and casual approach by simply updating your mantel with a few earthy accents. This is an easy way to give your space a dose of major rustic appeal.

When grouped together, this olive topiary, evocative painting and hanging lantern, add height, warmth and boldness all at once to this mantel.

And rather than leaning a handful of art pieces against each other, try propping up one impactful landscape painting so that you’re able to easily change it up with another piece according to the seasons (and your liking).

Similarly, a stack of your favorite books used as decor can contribute nicely to the overall rustic vibe but can easily be switched out.


Mantel Styling

Try a Sculptural Approach

If you’re looking to make a strong visual statement, hang a sculptural piece above your mantel to turn it into a focal point in your space.

Rather than your run-of-the-mill oversize painting or mirror, choose a large piece with lots of texture and pattern that grabs people’s attention immediately.

This hanging basket with a mesmerizing swirl design adds just the perfect sculptural and textural touch to an otherwise empty wall space.

Fill out the rest of your mantel with vessels and ceramics in quiet neutral tones that complement rather than distract from your bold centerpiece.


Mantel Styling

Curate an Elegant Scene

Rather than just a catchall for interesting accents and quirky objects, style your mantel as you would your bookshelves, with books neatly curated alongside pretty art and greenery.

If you’re tight on space, turning your mantel into a secondary bookshelf can be a pretty, space-saving hack.

A large round mirror will help to open up the space and bring a little lightness to a book-lined mantel, while botanical art layered in front and potted greenery can help to bring the outdoors in—even when the temperatures are cool.