Style Spotlight: How to Get the French Farmhouse Decor Look

If you’ve scrolled through Instagram and Pinterest for design ideas, you’ve likely come across the French farmhouse style look.

While the rise of the Cottagecore Trend might be taking the design world by storm right now, French farmhouse style is a timeless look designer always turn to. Here’s a quick refresher of the style and what sets it apart.

What Is French Farmhouse Style?

It’s the perfect blend of rustic elegance with a focus on French farmhouse decor. The style originated from the cottage homes and vineyards located in the South of France, which are known for their rustic charm and chic approach to French country farmhouse decor.

Think lots of weathered woods, from architectural elements like wood beams, doors, and flooring to furniture that is salvaged, washed, or has that ‘chippy’ paint look. There’s also a mix of ornate decor and elegant pieces that feel like they were collected over time, which can sometimes give French country-style rooms a vintage eclectic look.

But it’s all rooted in the idea of furnishings that have a bit of patina and rooms that have aged beautifully over time. This timeworn appeal is the foundation of the French country style, which has a very defined elegance about it.

traditional vanity

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French Farmhouse vs. Shabby Chic

French country style has similar elements to Shabby Chic Style, with a vintage, aged, and timeworn look, but the two are quite different.

French Country style has a strong emphasis on antiquity and vintage charm, with pieces that either age nicely over time or are already aged. In French farmhouse interiors, you won’t find modern replicas or distressed furnishings that are made to look old and aged.

Expect to see: Carved wood pieces, curvy legs, and chairs, lots of ornate accessories.

Shabby Chic style began as a trending look in the 1980s, then it got revived in the early 2000s. The result is a boom in mass-produced ‘shabby’ furniture that was made to look purposely distressed and aged. It came to define this look, which is also more fashion-inspired and glam.

Expect to see: Simple wood pieces, textured details, and fringe, plenty of vintage-style accents.

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How to Get a French Farmhouse Design

Explore some of the timeless furnishings and design elements that are always signature to French farmhouse style look below!

dining room traditional french country

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Distressed & Whitewashed Woods

You’ll always find aged and raw wood furnishings in French Country style spaces. From distressed or whitewashed wood cabinets, benches, and dining tables to decorative accents like candleholders and bowls, weathered wood pieces in all shapes and sizes are the foundational French country decor that make up the look.

Ideas to Try

  • Add timeworn French chairs. Louis XVI-style dining chairs (yes, inspired by the famous King Louis the 16th of France) are not only great in a dining space but also as side chairs that can be pulled into any room. They’ll add instant French flair to a room.
  • Bring in a sideboard. Whether you use it as a bar, a console, or as storage for dining room essentials, a weathered wooden cabinet is a statement piece that lends major French country elegance.

entryway plant four wall art

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Botanical Prints

French farmhouse style often nods to nature in the form of florals and botanicals, from flowers to herbs to wild greenery. This is reflected in the French country decor mix as art prints, dried or real flowers, and even faux greenery that brings a touch of the lush outdoors in.

Ideas to Try

  • Curate botanical studies. A wall decorated with a coordinating series of botanical prints is the easiest way to infuse your space with French ease and elegance. You can try hanging a pair, a trio, or a collection; the key is grouping them closely together.
  • Expand with lush elements. You can extend the organic element and lushness of botanical art to faux greenery and plants that add major sculptural appeal—with none of the real-plant maintenance.

traditional farmhouse living room neutral color scheme

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Natural Materials & Textures

When it comes to French country style that’s specific to the South of France, there’s a huge emphasis on natural materials, such as linens, woven basketry, burlap, natural fibers, and other beautifully tactile accents. Mixing these textures with natural woods truly brings this style to life.

Ideas to Try

  • Lay down a large fiber rug. The best way to play up texture is to ground your French country room with a natural-fiber rug that covers the majority of your floor space. It will bring focus to the neutral furnishings on top while also adding an instant relaxed vibe.
  • Look for relaxed textiles. Linen pillows, burlap table runners, and light wool upholstery are key finishing touches with huge impact. They’ll usher in a soft ambiance and add to the French country aesthetic of the space.

bedroom traditional classic french design

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Neutral & Pale Blue Color Palettes

The primary palette with any French country-style interior is neutral tones that are always layered with notes of soft blues. Think signature blue-and-white toile, ceramics, gingham pillows or a pale blue floral rug for jumping-off points to working this timeless palette.

Ideas to Try

  • Try an overdyed rug. These beautiful rugs are perfect in French country-style spaces, thanks to their gentle washed colors and traditional design. Not to mention, they’re extremely soft on the feet so you get both comfort and classic elegance.
  • Pile blue-and-white bedding. This is a classic color combination you find in bedding and linens in French farmhouse interiors. Whether it’s indigo-and-white sheets or beautifully block-printed linens, this bedding palette will transport you to a charming hotel in the South of France.

dining living room neutral color scheme

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Antique Forms and Silhouettes

Inspired by the modern rustic charm of Victorian farmhouse style, antiques and vintage-style pieces are staples in French farmhouse interiors. And they’re usually more ornate and sculptural—you won’t find sleek furniture nor a lot of straight lines. Consider a classic roll-arm sofa, weathered-wood floor mirror, or an aged-wood pedestal table found at a flea market.

Ideas to Try

  • Hang an ornate chandelier. Take the time to hunt down an ornate or vintage chandelier that is an instant focal point in your space. It’s a common accent in French country style rooms that is also timeless and even practical.
  • Work in vintage nesting tables. There’s no shortage of these compact tables at flea markets and antique shops. Pull in a set made with aged wood or antiqued metal for elegant mini surfaces that add character, Old World charm, and French flair to spaces.

bedroom farmhouse traditional mirror

Soft Patterns

Bold patterns take a back seat in French farmhouse-style rooms. It’s all about soft florals, vintage overwashed rugs, romantic botanicals, and simple patterned checks and stripes. You can’t go wrong with a mix of these neutral patterns and prints.

Ideas to Try

  • Blue-and-white stripes are key. This is a quintessential pattern in French country-style interiors. And it’s never too much—layer this print everywhere, from pillows to throws to upholstery and right down to your placemats!
  • Mix trad and modern patterns. Keeping to a neutral (or blue-and-white) color scheme, mix patterns in the bedroom and living room! Think blue-and-white floral pillows with gingham with painterly printed bedding, which add up to a rustic-romantic French look.

neutral color scheme classic traditional farmhouse

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Comfortable Light Upholstery

French country decor is rooted in comfort through and through. And it starts with plush upholstery that’s light and inviting, from deep armchairs and padded headboards to down pillows and bedding. Casual, chic, and neutral are the name of the upholstery game.

Ideas to Try

  • Pull in a crisp armchair. A perfectly scaled and deeply plush armchair (or two!) is a must in French farmhouse interiors. They not only lend warmth and comfort, they also provide a traditional formal touch and will help balance out all the wood elements.
  • Combine simple neutral upholstery. Keep to classic upholstered pieces in a neutral palette for a look that’s relaxed and at ease. Try a fitted slipcover sofa, or one that’s skirted and has some give to the fabric, alongside a linen armchair, and a muslin bench.

entryway traditional classic design

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Gilded Mirrors

In addition to botanical prints and vintage art, gilded mirrors are quintessential French farmhouse wall decor. Hang a decorative gold-accented mirror or lean an oversized floor mirror with a window-pane frame—the perfectly imperfect look is always what you’re after.

Ideas to Try

  • Show small reflections. Just as you would arrange botanical prints for a gallery wall, swap them for a series of small antiqued mirrors for a bright focal point. Be sure to mix vintage mirrors in different shapes, sizes, and finishes that nod to the rustic French look.
  • Go for old and oversized. One designer trick we love is filling a stretch of empty wall space with a large oversized floor mirror that reflects light, gives the illusion of space, and makes for a sculptural statement piece that lends French farmhouse elegance.

Browse our gallery for more farmhouse design ideas!

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8 Ways to Design a Farmhouse Style Dining Room

Farmhouse style design is one of the hottest trends in the world of interior design these days. You’ve probably seen the trendy style all over Pinterest, Instagram, and HGTV shows (here’s looking at you, Fixer Upper)! But even if you know about this look, you might still be wondering what farmhouse style is exactly, if it’s the right look for you, and, if so, how to incorporate it into your space?

What is Farmhouse Style Decorating?

Farmhouse decor is often referred to as a style that seamlessly blends rustic and traditional design elements with old-school vibes and cozy warmth. Even though it seems vintage-ish, farmhouse dining room design can be combined with a modern touch to give it an updated feel. Let’s take a closer look at the basics of this style.

Elements of Farmhouse Style

This look, as the name suggests, was inspired by farmhouse design—both internal and external. It borrows design elements from countryside homes—think shiplap, neutral color schemes, rustic materials, and natural textures. Overall, spaces done in a farmhouse style feel warm and cozy. They definitely prioritize comfort and function over more modern, sophisticated looks. The key elements of a farmhouse dining room are the foundations—a farmhouse dining table and the right chairs to pair with it.

What is a Farmhouse Dining Table?

Farmhouse dining tables set the tone for many types of rustic dining rooms. They are typically very rustic and vintage-style and tend to be heavy-duty pieces and are often called the “workhorse of dining tables” and for good reason! They are substantial, solid, and sturdy pieces. It’s not the type of table that gets lost in a dining space, that’s for sure. You’ll usually find farmhouse dining tables made of unfinished wood and natural in color. This makes them super versatile—they can pair well with a variety of color schemes.

What Kind of Chairs Go With a Farmhouse Table?

You can pair all kinds of chairs with a farmhouse table! It really just depends on the overall style you want for your space. The fun thing about these tables (and the style in general) is that it can be played with in different ways to suit your individual tastes! The main goal is to have fun implementing all of your dining room ideas.

The general rule for farmhouse chairs is to mix up materials to incorporate contrast. For example, you might want to refrain from pairing wood chairs with a wood table—avoid too much of the same material unless you’re a big fan of the matchy-matchy look.

A few ideas for dining rooms include these types of chairs:

  • Linen slipcovered chairs for a more formal, countryside look
  • Spindle chairs for modern take on farmhouse
  • A matching bench for a more family-friendly style
  • A mix of chairs with the two “captain” chairs on the ends of the table differing from the others

Farmhouse Dining Room Designs

If you’re hopping on board with these trendy dining room ideas, check out these 8 farmhouse dining room design ideas and get inspired!

farmhouse dining room designTraditional Farmhouse Dining Room

This is one of our favorite farmhouse dining rooms because it’s a perfect blend of comfortable and classic. The sturdy, traditional dining room table anchors the space and the high-contrast houndstooth rug lends a more formal vibe. Pinewoods, cross-back chairs and the neutral color scheme are all trademarks of traditional style.

Traditional farmhouse dining rooms benefit from a muted colors like this black, white, and cream color palette, warmed up by honey-colored wood furniture and accents. Instead of a chandelier, farm-style pendant lights hang over the table and the metal look is repeated in wall sconces for cohesion. The copper bowl on the table offers an homage to old kitchen utensils and tall candlesticks finish the tablescape.

This look is perfect for those who love traditional dining room design but want a rustic farmhouse influence. Homey but stylish!

Stylist Tip: For rustic dining rooms like this, anchor a large table like this with a durable and easy to clean rug. This patterned jute one hides dirt and pulls in colors from space.

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 farmhouse dining room designMinimal Farmhouse Dining Room

For a farmhouse look that’s minimal in styling, check out this simple but impactful dining room. It focuses on solid colors—simple and impactful with no busy patterns or loud colors. The weathered wood, animal artwork, pedestal table, and ceramic decor cultivate an inviting farmhouse look and the neutral color scheme gives it a stately vibe.

The farmhouse dining chairs are soft with a linen slipcover but also minimal with clean lines and pleats. The sideboard, made of weathered wood and metal, adds practical storage—that way you can hide dinnerware and bar items for a clutter-free appeal. Exposed bulbs offer a farmhouse feel but the sleek, metal form of the chandelier nods to the minimal aesthetic.

This is one of our favorite dining rooms for those who love rustic farmhouse materials without too much ornamentation.

Stylist Tip: Minimal farmhouse is easier to achieve with a simple color palette like this one—sandy brown, black, and white.

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 farmhouse dining room designRefined Farmhouse Dining Room

This is one of our favorite dining room ideas for putting an elegant spin on farmhouse style. Materials like weathered woods and antique metals play up the farmhouse look. Decorative touches like the layered art and lamp on sideboard give off sophisticated airs while the casual table seating and bench make you feel right at home.

The large mirror leaning on the floor brings a definite “WOW” factor and has a vintage farmhouse element. It also reflects light, opening up the room—using a bench instead of high-backed dining chairs on one side of the table also opens up the space visually. The colors are muted and cohesive, a signature aspect of refined style, with a very mellow blue wall, weathered black elements (softens up typical black furniture), antiqued metal, distressed oak, and green tones in the art.

This dining area is perfect for those with casual, kid-friendly homes but want a sense of refinement and polished spaces. It’s also one of the best rustic dining room ideas for large gatherings!

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 farmhouse dining room designContemporary Farmhouse Dining Room

This dining room look is all about contemporary style with clean lines and minimal ornamentation on furniture. Then it brings in plenty of farmhouse materials like natural woods, antiqued metals, and decor to set a warm and inviting tone.

We love the farmhouse table set-up with half spindle-back chairs and a bench. The dining chairs and table are all easy to clean and super durable, while the fur throw on the bench adds extra cushion and comfort but can easily be removed. The bench is one of the more inviting dining room ideas, as opposed to a strict set of dining chairs, too. Farmhouse decor like baskets, candle holders, and greenery adds a rural element to the room and the sheep art leaned up on the ledge is a great, casual focal point that helps tie the styles together.

Stylist Tip: Lighten up the area by placing visually heavy furniture on a bright rug (like this white one) to contrast the dark floors against the furniture.

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 farmhouse dining room designCountryside Farmhouse Dining Room

This country farmhouse dining room feels homey, inviting, and casual. There is an elegance to the rural simplicity and the emphasis on the large windows and view helps to bring the outside in. The room features a matching table and chairs in a neutral palette that’s easy to design around and establish a casual feel. Two-tone wood is super trendy right now with the farmhouse/country style!

In addition to the main furniture pieces, there are lots of on-trend farmhouse decor elements too, like the mason jar pendant light—a very on-point, classic farmhouse look derived from everyday items. The vintage style clock on the wall acts as art and offers a practical touch. And the vintage style fringe rug adds a subtle pattern to the rustic dining room design. Farmhouse style has a lot of distressed material like this—and an added bonus is that the rust/earth tone colors in the rug pull in outside scenery for a seamless look!

This farmhouse dining room is perfect for casual living, homes with kids, and folks who love simple, straightforward home decor.

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 farmhouse dining room designElegant Farmhouse Dining Room

This elegant farmhouse dining room combines classic design and farmhouse style for an upscale take on a downhome look! Classic elements like the slipcovered chairs, oversized art, and the grandiose space give it a refined/polished edge. Then the farmhouse materials bring it back to earth—weathered wood, a casual feel bench, woven decor, and the neutral, earthy palette.

We love the subtle pattern and worn look of the rug—it adds rustic flair with a refined touch. The large trio of abstract landscape pieces bring a cool pop of color to the space. Overall, the symmetrical layout gives off formal vibes and the bench balances it all out for a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.

This rustic dining room is perfect for those who love formal, elegant dining spaces but also want a homey farmhouse touch.

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 farmhouse dining room designRustic Farmhouse Dining Room

Rustic and farmhouse are very similar looks, which is why this dining room flows together so beautifully. The room features classic, X-back rustic dining room chairs with upholstered seats that add variation alongside the solid wood table. The wood adds warmth while the pop of black metal on the chair back ties into the dark notes in the chandelier and curtains. The buffalo check pattern brings a pop of contrast and a note of familiarity.

The Highland Cow art remains in the neutral color scheme but adds a crisp and clean element. Made of natural material, the jute rug is a classic rustic/farmhouse rug choice—the neutral color also makes it very versatile and durable.

This dining room is a perfect look for those who like rustic spaces and durability.

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 farmhouse dining room designClassic Farmhouse Dining Room

This style is inspired by a bright and cheery farmhouse vibe with a mix of natural and white woods. The trestle table is made of a classic knotty pine, a popular farmhouse material, and the dining chairs contrast against it with their white cage backs. The loosely fitted slipcover captain chairs add a soft touch and an elegant, almost “shabby chic” appeal.

Two beaded chandeliers feel antique and are perfect for this farmhouse style. The sconce is made of raw material in an outdoor style but looks refined inside on the white wall. Another farmhouse decorating trick is the layered look seen here with plants, books, and bowls to give a curated look of vintage farmhouse items. The beautiful shiplap walls are a very popular choice for classic farmhouse style.

This dining room is perfect for those who want true farmhouse style, a homey feel, and the richness and warmth of layered decor.

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Cabin in the Holly-Woods

We’ll be hibernating for the rest of Winter (maybe even some of Spring too) in this gorgeous “Cabin in the Holly-Woods” space. Part elegant hunting lodge, part wilderness chic, we designed this room for those who love rustic spaces with glamorous touches.

To start, we pulled together a base of hearty and comforting classic pieces, layered with delightful accents and luxurious statement pieces. Once the design was put together, we felt like our canvas – the room itself! – needed a little love. We decided some wall treatments were in order but, like many of you, we wanted to see the possibilities before committing. So, we came up with four options to choose from. We can’t decide, so pick your favorite!


Blank Slate: For our original room we went with Benjamin Moore’s “Decorator’s White.” A slightly cooler shade, this choice creates a simple base for any interior and lets the furniture and materials speak for themselves.

Bold Color: Drama is the name of the game with this paint job. A bold and saturated green-blue hue, Benjamin Moore’s Salamander brings a breath of fresh-forest air inside our rustic glam space. We love how the gold accents and velvet sofa pop against this shade!

wood-panelingWood Paneling: This version of the space has been transformed by some peel-and-stick wood paneling from west elm. Available in four colors, we opted for the white-washed reclaimed wood for a fresh take on a “rustic cabin” staple.

wallpaperWhimsical Wallpaper: Piero Fornasetti’s Nuvolette wallpaper – “little clouds” in Italian – provides the stormy backdrop for the final version of our space. One of our favorite designers at Modsy, Fornasetti’s whimsical design transforms our glamorous cabin into a dreamy interior.

Stylist tip: We paired “Decorator’s White” with our Nuvolette wallpaper. The cooler white complements the wallpaper’s palette, where a warmer shade would feel oppositional.

If you like farmhouse chic, traditionally chic, or refined rustic spaces, you’ll be sure to love this collection! Not sure what your Modsy style is? Take our Style Quiz to find out.

Shop all the products in this collection below, or see it in your space with Modsy.

The Collection