How To Fake An Entryway: Design Tips for Homes With No Entryway

Entryways can be tricky spaces to design. They’re often small spaces, awkwardly shaped, and need to pack in a lot of function. So it’s even more challenging if you live in a home that doesn’t have a clearly designated entryway inside the front door per se.

From apartments to family houses, many homes have a front door that opens straight into the living room. Some homes might open into a small space or hallway that leads directly into a staircase. Or in other instances, the entryway has little to no room so it doesn’t look or feel like an entryway at all. If this is you, don’t fret!

To help you tackle this design dilemma, we’ve rounded up 8 easy ways to fake an entryway in your home, from adding storage to stylishly setting your space apart.

Need help outfitting your foyer? Also, check out our entryway furniture checklist and simple and stylish entryway design tips! Otherwise, read on to find out what you can do to instantly carve out an entryway when you don’t have one!

fake an entryway

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1. Create A Landing Strip

If you have a front door that leads into an open-concept space, delineate a foyer area using furnishings that blend in with the rest of the room.

In this makeshift entry space, the bench and cabinet offer practical storage and seating but are curated to complement the room’s modern rustic interior design aesthetic. By keeping the pieces lined up against the staircase wall, it helps designate the space as an entry checkpoint.

Just remember that beyond using a cabinet and bench for shoes, purses, and jackets or as a catchall, dressing them with accents will make the pieces feel more integrated into your space while still providing all the functions of a full-size entry.

fake an entryway

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2. Define The Entry Wall

An easy way to ‘mark’ an entryway zone is to paint or wallpaper the space around your front door—especially if it opens directly into a large open room.

Take a cue from this open-space entry: Using a bold paint color that contrasts with the rest of the space, the accent wall instantly zones the ‘entry’ as its own area. For a vibrant approach, you can swap paint for a brightly patterned wallpaper that adds color and pop to the wall around your front door. It’ll have the same effect as paint except it makes even more of a statement.

Be sure to round out your entryway accent wall with practical foyer essentials, such as a rug, console table, mirror, and stylish lighting to give it the look and feel of a space of its own.

fake an entryway

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3. Fake A Mudroom

For an entryway that leads straight into a long, narrow hallway, try creating the illusion of a mudroom by adding practical accents like hooks, baskets, and a bench for putting on and taking off shoes.

Try anchoring your small entry hallway with a bench, then topping it off with hooks and a wall shelf to make the most of your vertical storage space. All of this will help frame the space to feel more like an actual foyer, and it’s the perfect solution for a busy family home without a clear entryway.

Be sure to ground this space with other practical mudroom essentials, such as storage baskets and an indoor-outdoor rug or a natural-fiber one, to complete the look. Also, check out our small entryway design tips for stylish ways to cozy up a tiny foyer.

fake an entryway

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4. Add An Entryway Closet

One of the best (and foolproof) ways to fake an entryway inside your front door is to define it with a large storage piece, such as a freestanding closet armoire.

Consider filling out the space in your home’s entrance with a tall wardrobe cabinet that adds tons of storage in a concealed way. While they’re big, wardrobes and armoires make for practical storage that will instantly signal the space as your entryway. Make sure to choose a storage cabinet piece that fits the dimensions of your front door space for a seamless look.

This is definitely an investment, but the best part? If you decide to rethink your space down the line, you can easily use it as storage elsewhere in the home.

fake an entryway

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5. Delineate With A Rug

Entryways that open into a small hallway or room are harder to define (see faking a mudroom above). A simple way to zone it as a foyer is to lay down a rug across your front door.

In this entry, the rug helps to frame the area around the awkwardly positioned front door. The result is a practical landing strip for taking off shoes and keeping dirt from being dragged into the rest of the home. Additionally, adding a rug is an inexpensive way to bring a bit of texture and color to a makeshift entryway space.

If you’re pressed for space and can’t fit an area rug or wide doormat, a long and narrow runner will do the trick. In fact, a runner in the foyer is one of our favorite entryway ideas.

fake an entryway

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6. Consider A Cubby System

Similar to faking a mudroom, storage cubbies or lockers are practical storage pieces that are great for defining an entryway area.

Here, the cubby cabinet transforms the tight space inside the front door into a distinct entryway, complete with tons of storage and the look of a custom built-in unit. This is a great solution for family homes with school-age kids. A cubby cabinet is also the perfect low-lift, high-function investment piece if you’re looking to fake an entry without hanging or painting your space.

fake an entryway

7. Divide Your Space

No entry in a small open living room? No problem. One of our favorite ways to fake an entryway is using a room divider, such as with a low bookcase, to separate a front door space from the living area.

With the entryway in the living room here, the low bookcase functions as a makeshift wall without closing in the entry space. At the same time, it acts as an entryway catchall as well as provides storage for the living area. The key is to make sure to pick a bookshelf or divider that blends in with the rest of your furnishings and aesthetic. Then just round out the entry space with hooks.

As an alternative to a bookcase, a tiered console shelf can also work beautifully as a room divider. They’re even more narrow than a low bookcase so they’re a great option if you’re extra-pressed for space.

fake an entryway

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8. Think Skinny Console

When it comes to a front door that opens into a long hallway corridor, an easy way to create an instant entryway look and feel is to pull in a narrow console table.

In this tight entry hall, the slim console shelf takes up minimal space while still offering plenty of storage on the surface, inside the drawers, and down below. A narrow console also makes for the perfect entryway catchall and drop-off zone without impeding the walkway and the flow of the space.

Be sure to dress up the console with art, a lamp, and small accents to create a full entry look. You can add more definition by hanging a mirror above the console or pulling in a long runner, which is sure to set apart any small entryway with a burst of style and color.

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Buying Guide: The Ultimate Entryway Furniture Checklist

Ever wonder, when designing a room, what pieces are essential, and which things are simply nice to have if you have the space or budget for them? Well, no more wondering! With our interior design buying guides, we’ll walk you through the essential pieces for a space, the nice-to-haves, and the little touches that make a space shine.

Our Modsy designers have worked with many homeowners to furnish their entryways, so we know from experience what is the entryway furniture you absolutely need and the things you can hold off on—or just do without altogether.

Given the above, we obviously have amassed a ton of useful entryway design tips. But to help simplify what to bring into your own space, we’ve created this entryway buying guide to walk you through the essential pieces to get (mirror, rug, table lamp) and the big-ticket investment pieces you should save and splurge on at some point (credenza, console). Treat this as your entryway checklist for everything you need to design a space that’s welcoming, stylish, and functional. After all, the idea is for you to have an entryway that meets all your everyday needs and works for your lifestyle. And because everyone’s budget is different, we’ve included a general price range for each of the pieces you’ll want to consider for your space.

entryway buying guide

Early Entryway Considerations

The size and shape of your entryway

If you can, measure out your entryway so you know how much space you have to work with. This will give you an idea of the number of furniture pieces you can realistically fit in your space. This is also important because if you have a narrow entryway or a hallway entryway, you’ll want to avoid deep, bulky pieces.

How you use your entryway on a daily basis

A family entryway is used very differently than a space for someone who’s living by themselves. If you have children, you might need more storage while if you live solo, you might opt for a slim console instead of a credenza. Being clear about how the space needs to function for you will help narrow down your furniture choices.

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Entryway Essentials: Furniture and Decor Checklist

With all that in mind, let’s dive in on our entryway checklist!

entryway console in light wood with ceramic decor on top


Whether it’s a round, rectangular, or square mirror, it’s a functional piece that will open up your space, reflect more light into your entryway, and also let you get one last look at yourself before you run out the door. Hang any large mirror over a console table or credenza for a balanced look. Be sure it’s at the right height (eye level) so you can easily see yourself without stooping or going on tippy toes!

Stylist Tip: If you have a small space, mirrors are great for bouncing light around, and a large one can help make a cramped room or pass-through space feel more open.

Price Range: $100–$800

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A Welcoming Rug

Creating a landing strip in your entryway with a bright and durable rug. It not only adds comfort but a colorful rug will also make a statement and give your space a warm pop of color. A rug will also soften the overall look and feel in your entryway, adding a personal touch right when you (or visitors) come in the door. With a small entryway design, try a runner is great for more compact entryways, or go with a 3’ x 5’ mat in the center.

Stylist Tip: In high-traffic areas like an entryway, choose durable rugs and runners—natural fiber, outdoor designs—in darker colors. Washable rugs are also great options.

Price Range: $199–$2000

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Pillows & Throws

Similar to a rug, pillows and throws add comfort, color, and a personal touch. Layer one or two pillows on a chair or bench to give yourself something to lean on when you sit down to put on or take off shoes. The best part is that these are decorative pieces you can easily switch out seasonally. Consider warm-hued textiles for the spring and fall, and swap them for pillows and a light throw in cool tones during summer and winter.

Stylist Tip: No need to go overboard. One or two pillows and a throw will go a long way in an entry, and it’s usually all you need to add a pop of color.

Price Range: $50–$200

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coastal entryway with large black mirror over light-wood console table

A Credenza or Cabinet

Storage is key in any size entryway. If you have the space, a credenza or cabinet gives you a practical surface that can serve as a catchall for keys, sunglasses, mail, and other items. A slender credenza or cabinet is always ideal for maximizing floor space, and you’ll want to arrange it along the largest wall in your entryway. This way it won’t feel too bulky and crowd your space physically and visually.

Stylist Tip: The best credenza or cabinet is one that meets all your needs. Say, if you need hidden storage, go with a design that has drawers or closed cabinet doors.

Price Range: $299–$2000

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neutral entry with sculptural wooden console table and minimalist chair

Console Table

For an alternative to a credenza or cabinet, a console offers practical storage on its surface and also underneath it. The difference is that many console tables come with open shelving and in much narrower sizes, making them perfect for entryways large and small. If you’re not sold on a credenza but need lots of storage, consider a console with drawers or tiered shelving. Just be sure to place it along the longest wall by the front door and invest in some console table styling ideas to make it an extra special welcome home sight.

Stylist Tip: Minimize your entryway furniture footprint as much as possible. Select a slim console that still hits all your needs, like hidden storage or space underneath for baskets, etc.

Price Range: $199–$1000

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block style black and white artwork over wooden console table


For added storage for smaller items, like shoes, bags, coats, umbrellas, and other accessories that you need on the go, baskets are indispensable. They’re what we call small-and-mighty workhorse pieces because they’re easy and practical storage that can hold a wide range of items and go anywhere in the home. A few well-placed baskets can go a long way, be it lined up against a wall or stationed right by your front door.

Stylist Tip: Keep to a few baskets so that they don’t overwhelm your entry, and layer them in a neat fashion, like tucked in a corner next to a console or squirreled away on a bottom shelf.

Price Range: $20–$199

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Rustic wood console table with ceramic lamp and eucalyptus plant decor

Table Lamp

Good surface lighting is key in the entryway. A table lamp on a console or credenza will add a touch of warm light and set a welcoming tone. If you have a small entryway, you can swap a table lamp for a pair of sconces, which you can hang on either side of your console, credenza, or bench. The idea here is to give yourself a light source that you can switch on when you come home at night.

Stylist Tip: Find a sturdy lamp that will sit comfortably on your console and not feel like it’ll tumble off if brushed gently by a passerby in the entryway.

Price Range: $50–$299

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Earth tone entryway with large marble table

Floating Table

For those with a spacious entryway, a nice-to-have furniture piece is a floating center table. It’s a great way to visually break up a large space, and it offers a large surface for setting down keys and mail. Floating a table in the center of a grand foyer also makes for a bold statement. You can top it with a centerpiece of seasonal flowers, which will instantly turn it into a stylish focal point that you can dress up or down for different occasions and holidays.

Stylist Tip: A floating table can crowd a small space, so it’s ideal for grand entryways or large rooms that adjoin a foyer. Opt for a round table, which allows for more walking room.

Price Range: $199–$1000

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hallway with floating shelves and wood slatted bench

Hooks & Shelves

Also, nice-to-have are hooks and wall shelves that maximize vertical space for sneaky storage. These practical storage pieces are great for hanging jackets, umbrellas, bags, keys, and anything you’ll need on your way out the door. You’ll want to first make sure you have enough wall space to hang coats without it looking overcrowded. The best part is that hooks and wall shelves add storage without taking up floor space, so they’re perfect for both large and small entryways.

Stylist Tip: Don’t overcrowd hangers or wall shelves. Keeping an odd number (two coat racks and one shelf, or two shelves and one coat rack) provides balance and visual interest.

Price Range: $40–$200

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entryway buying guide

Chair or Bench

It’s always nice to have a chair, a bench, or a set of storage ottomans in the entryway. It gives you a comfy place where you can sit down to put on shoes or have your kids hop on and wait while you finish gathering everything before leaving the house. Place a chair next to a console table or station a bench opposite a credenza for a balanced arrangement. A chair or bench also makes for a stylish catchall for your coat or bag when you enter and leave the house.

Stylist Tip: Have a spare dining room chair that you don’t need at the table? Your entryway is a perfect home-away-from-home for it! You can always move it back to the dining room if you need an extra seat, but it still serves a function on the day-to-day.

Price Range: $199–$1000

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blue entryway with blue console and black chair

Little Things The Bring Joy

While the entryway is meant to be a practical space, it should still feel visually exciting and inviting. You can still have fun and style it out by sprinkling little items that show off your personal taste. Decorate your storage surfaces with art, sculptures, vases, bowls, trays, and other accents that bring you joy. These little finishing touches will set a happy mood and are sure to make for welcoming sights every time you walk into your home.

Stylist Tip: Arrange an odd number of art and accents (think groups of three) on the surface of a console or credenza for visual interest. Just leave space for practical items too, like a tray for keys and coins.

Price Range: $20–$1000

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Spice Up Your Entry With These 12 Chic Entryway Styling Ideas

This week we are taking on one of our favorite spaces that often gets overlooked—the entryway! Entryway design ideas are so important because it’s the first impression you get when you walk in the door and the last thing you see on the way out! You want to make sure that the entryway is a welcoming sight. Entryway table decor helps spruce up the look of your entryway and ensure your home looks stylish and beautiful from the second you walk in!

If you’re in need of entry table ideas or wondering how to style your table in foyer space, we’ve got some great entryway design tips for you! Read on to get inspired by these entry table ideas.

entry table ideasTraditional Welcome

This look provides minimal but tasteful styling in the entryway. The focus here is on form over function, so it’s filled with mainly decorative items. The traditional / classic style adds an elegant touch to your home decor and keeps the entryway table free of clutter. This is a great look for people who like traditional aesthetics and a sleek, clutter-free look.

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entry table ideasFarmhouse Foyer

For those who prefer entry table ideas with a fuller style console, this farmhouse style look packs in quite a bit of style! It has layers of function and decor with a mirror, lamp, baskets, and stool. It also displays art, plants, and books to give it a modern rustic decorative look. It’s one of our favorite small entryway designs! The compact stool and basket tuck away under the entryway table to keep the area small but extra functional.

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Southwestern Style Entry

This entryway table is rich with simple styling, including a small lamp, plants and tray. It’s part function, part decorative and we love the blend of mid-century boho and southwestern style. It’s a great look for those who want a trendy entryway with storage to tuck away odds and ends as well as beautiful styling with a botanical influence!

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entry table ideasSeating and Storage Galore

This is one of the best ideas for entryways to showcase pretty and tasteful decor on the console table, including the mirror, elegant lamp, and flowers. The style is modern rustic with monochromatic neutrals on the console and bench that can blend into a variety of design schemes. It’s a great choice for an entryway that is calm and open with a simple, neutral aesthetic to welcome you in.

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entry table ideasMinimalist Entryway

This entryway features a purely decorative styling that makes a beautiful statement. The entryway table features vases, greenery, etc. and is great for a foyer where you don’t need any practical storage. It also works well if you like to switch up your entry table decor ideas often. You can easily change greenery or vase arrangements to create a new look. The organic minimalist-maximalist style works well with a variety of entry table decor ideas because the neutrals and metallics don’t overwhelm the space!

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entry table ideasClassic Formal Details

This entryway is highly stylized with vase groupings, books, layers of candles, leaning art, etc on both the top and bottom shelf of the console table. It’s a small, compact look but packs in plenty of function. This entryway idea is perfect for those who don’t need too much storage in the entryway but love a stylized look with a bit of extra function. Plus, the classic formal style ups the elegance factor in any home!

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entry table ideasCoastal Greetings

We love the serene look this coastal classic style produces in the entryway. It’s super functional with a storage credenza, mirror, chair, and lamp all sticking to the same neutral color scheme and laid-back, beach look. Added decor like the book and greenery are mixed in for extra style and you can easily personalize an entryway design idea like this. This look is great for a larger entryway that is mighty functional and also creates a dazzling impact on arrival!

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entry table ideasNatural Materials

This is one of our favorite tables for foyers featuring neutral decor. The mix of lamp, greenery, and shapely items along with the variety of sizes creates a cool, dynamic look. The style uses lots of ceramic and natural materials and the floor mirror adds a functional aspect that’s unique because it’s not placed over the console like in most entryway table designs. This refined rustic look is perfect for those who want a ‘classic’ entryway with a bit of unique twist.

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entry table ideasAntiqued Entry

This multi-shelved console is tastefully stylized with bowls, trays, and baskets for small items to live. Having tons of practical dishes and baskets to stow your stuff makes it easy to keep a clutter-free entryway. The look is mixed with organic shaped vase and greenery in a traditional style. It’s great for those who want a traditional entryway table with both functional and beautiful decor.

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entry table ideasFormal Foyer

For a handsome, refined rustic look, we love this round table in the center of entry. It’s different from a typical console table and has both height and impact to make a bold statement in the center of the entryway. It’s great for those who need entryway ideas for a larger space and want to make a style statement with their home decor. However, it’s not the best for those who have a busy entryway with lots of traffic and kids coming in and out.

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Farmhouse First-Impressions

This look is all about rustic minimalism, featuring organic texture in the wood bowl, pampas grass, woven basket, and natural wood console. The simple organic and soft forms create a totally zen style and the bowl, lamp, and basket are all functional pieces. Plus the added chair makes a great stopping place to put on shoes, etc. This look is great for those who want a functional, rustic entryway but don’t love clutter or unnecessary decor.

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7 Pretty & Practical Entryway Ideas

entryway ideasMore than any other room in the home, your entryway should be a space that’s both stylish and functional. It’s the first room you and others will see, so it should make a lasting impression.

At the same time, it’s also a busy space that gets a lot of everyday use. As such, it needs to be practical and functional, designed with pieces that work with your lifestyle. Additionally, if you live in a small space and have a tiny entryway, it’s all the more important to make sure it’s styled and furnished just right.

All to say, the entryway is one space in the home that deserves lots of smart design attention. Read on for some of our favorite entryway ideas and tips for creating a perfect welcome spot in your own home.

modern entryway ideas1. Make a Stylish First Impression

Because it’s the first space guests will see, put your style on full display in your entry. This way you’ll set the tone and overall vibe for the rest of the home.

We love this minimal-Deco space with a rounded mirror and console. The accent chairs provide a pop of natural texture and a place to sit. The curved shapes on repeat give this entryway a curated and streamlined look that’s sure to captivate.

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rustic entryway decor2. Say Yes to Statement Storage

No closet space? No problem! Bring in a large storage console or sideboard to add major function to your entryway. Choosing a captivating storage piece will help to define your space by setting it off from the rest of your home.

Consider starting with a large enclosed piece that has elaborate carved detailing on the facade. This will add tons of visual texture, a must for any space. You can even opt for one in a lighter wood tone, as in this sideboard, will make for an especially show-stopping focal point in the entryway.

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small entryway decor3. Carve Out an Entryway Corner

If you don’t have the square footage for a full-on entryway, you can create a makeshift one in a corner.

To start, you can’t go wrong with this tried-and-true entryway furniture formula. A console paired with an art piece or a mirror, a stool and a tall plant. Then if you have the room, take a cue from this corner entryway and layer in a basket for some extra easy storage that’s perfect for shoes and kids items.

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4. Define the Space With a Rug

Just like a statement cabinet, another way to set off your entryway is to add bold style from the ground up with a rug. This is a great way to visually define your space and is one of our favorite entryway ideas.

For a durable rug option in the entry, lay down a natural-fiber rug, which can stand up to lots of foot traffic. Flatweave rugs are also good choices as they often come in a range of neutral and vibrant colors that can enliven your space. You can also use your rug as the jumping-off point for the rest of your entryway, as in this space, where the colors and patterns of the rug tie in with the warm wood of the credenza and the green walls.

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entryway ideas5. Pull In Pretty Seating

Needless to say, your entryway furniture isn’t just limited to consoles and credenzas. An elegant bench or settee is another way you can put the space to work while giving it a high-style look.

Pull in a chic settee, as in this classic one, to create a place for putting on and taking off shoes on the way in and out of your home. This is a great idea if your entry is part of a long hallways or pass-through space. Then round out your seating with equally pretty accents such as matching side tables, lamps, and a pillow or two. A captivating art piece will also help bring focus to the spot.

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bold entryway ideas6. Punch It Up With Wallpaper

There’s no better place than the entryway for impactful wallpaper. It’s an out-of-the-box option that’s guaranteed to leave a fun first impression for guests and also add a bit of whimsy and personality to your home.

You’ll also be less likely to get tired of a bold wallpaper in the entry since it’s mostly a pass-through space. Opt for a wallpaper pattern that’s a little unexpected, like this striated geometric motif, and try a color you normally wouldn’t go for in your living spaces. This is one of our favorite entryway ideas because it lets you experiment with new designs and expand and your decor boundaries. Don’t be afraid to go very bold. Offset your wallpaper with streamlined pieces to strike good visual balance.

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7. Tuck in Extra Seating

Finally, open consoles look great in the entryway but they lack the extra storage you’d get from a credenza. Nonetheless, you can put that open space to work by stowing stools and storage ottomans in there.

This is a great way to add extra seating to your entryway without taking up more floor space. Opt for a matching pair of ottomans and stools to create a cohesive overall look. If you’re not sure ottomans will fit underneath your slender open-base console, try pulling in a few baskets for easy storage instead. It will provide you the same compact and collected look.

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