Best Home Organization Hacks According To Designers

Organization is essential to a comfortable home. While we’re not saying we all need to commit to the life-changing magic of tidying up, there’s no denying the calming feeling of a well-organized home with little to no clutter in sight.

Good home organization can feel like a daunting task. We’ve all been there: Closets never seem to stay neat; there are too many books, paper, and mail in random places; there’s ‘stuff’ that doesn’t fit inside any storage pieces. Yep, we’ve alllll been there.

So for guidance, we polled our designers for their organizing tips for every room in the home. Keep reading for some of their favorite home organization hacks.

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But first… Why is organizing your home important?

It comes down to functionality. The truth is, home organization can often feel like a huge undertaking, no matter how small the task. But the truth is, a little tidying up and organizing in the home goes a long way to make your space more functional. And more functionality means less time looking for things and sorting through piles and drawers, which leads to less stress.

It makes you more relaxed. Speaking of less stress… it’s easy to see how visual clutter and a disorganized home can be stressful. Psychologically, when we’re looking at more “things” (say a messy desk or an overflowing pantry) there’s more for our brains to digest. This can lead to a “cognitive load” which can cause mental stress (think the mental health equivalent of having too many tabs open on your computer). So in turn, staying organized and keeping rooms looking neat can have major positive effects on our stress levels!

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It saves you time AND money. Having well-organized spaces not only saves you time when looking for things, it can also help you save on unnecessary (and accidental) spendings. If you’re like us, you’ve probably gone to the grocery store for pasta only to come home and find that there were unopened boxes hidden in the kitchen pantry. Whether that’s happened to you or not, a bit of organizing can help you take stock of what you have at any given time and not buy things you don’t need.

We know that can feel like a lot, but we’re here to help! Organizing your home doesn’t have to feel like a chore once you find a system that works for you and is easy to keep going. Get started with some of our designers’ best home organization hacks and smart organizing tips below.

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Home Organization Solutions from Our Designers

entryway storage

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Home Organization for Your Entryway

The foyer is the first stop in the home, so it should make a tidy impression that sets the tone for the rest of your space. Try these easy home organization hacks that our designers swear by. Need more help? Check out more entryway design tips.

  • Create a drop zone. Make it a breeze to move in and out through your entry with easy-to-maintain storage pieces. The goal is to have a place where you can quickly grab keys, sunglasses or pet leashes as well as set down a jacket or bag.
  • A console as a catchall. One that’s narrow with drawers is great for keys and everyday items you can grab on the go. It’s also a good place for a system of bowls and trays to sort mail to minimize paper clutter slipping into the home.
  • Designate some shoe storage. Whether it’s a storage bench, shoe bin or a lined mat, they will help keep dirty pairs from getting into other rooms. If you have kids, try adding a bookcase with cubbies labeled for each child’s shoes and backpacks.
  • Go all out on wall hooks. A hanging coat rack, open shelving, and key hooks always make for stylish organization in an entry, especially if you’re pressed for space!

bedroom storage modsy

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Home Organization for Your Bedroom

Clutter in the bedroom can disrupt your daily well-being. After all, it’s where you rest and start and end each day. These organizing tips will keep it feeling calm rather than chaotic.

  • Streamline your nightstand. Organize your bedside table with essentials that don’t include technology, like a book for bedtime and a tray filled with a carafe of water and a dish for rings and jewelry. A nightstand with a drawer is a good place to tuck away your phone each night so that you can truly rest.
  • Better looking clothing storage. Organized clothing storage changes the whole mood in a bedroom. Whether you store your clothing in a walk-in closet or a dresser, make it a point to give everything a home. Try rolling clothing and putting them in drawers or containers for the closet, and keep seasonal pieces in underbed storage bins. This will minimize your closet and dresser clutter.
  • Add closet door storage. One of our designers’ favorite home organization hacks is hanging a shoe holder on the back of closet doors. Besides shoes, it’s also perfect for scarves, makeup, and anything that doesn’t have a place.
  • Away with your hamper. Put your dirty laundry hamper in a corner that’s easy to access—or even better, your closet. No one (not even you) wants to see your dirty laundry, and your bedroom will thank you for it.

home office storage modsy

Home Organization for You Home Office

With WFH becoming the norm, an organized home office is key. Here are a few home organization hacks for a more inspiring and productive workspace.

  • Add a pegboard. It’s the perfect mood board and tool board rolled into one. Use it to put up notes, postcards, inspiration photos, and even hang stationery that you can mix and move around as needed.
  • Hack a bar cart. Sure, you use a bar cart in the office like an actual bar a la Don Draper from Mad Men, but you can also use it as storage for office supplies, papers, books, and even a printer. Think of it as a chic office caddy that corrals everything in your space neatly and stylishly.
  • Your desk should have storage. It’s a must. A practical desk is always the way to go, meaning drawers for papers, files, and extra pencils and pens. If you don’t need a monitor, try adding small bowls for binder clips or vases and thrifted mugs for pens on your desk surface.

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Home Organization for a Clutter-Free Kitchen

Nothing says a welcoming home like a tidy kitchen where people feel invited to gather around. You can instantly bring that vibe home with these simple storage and organizing tips.

  • Get your spices in order. Displaying cooking spices is stylish as long as they’re neatly organized on your counter, in a tiered rack, or on a round spicer holder. Or take it one step further and organize them in alphabetical order—so you can find that paprika in a pinch!
  • Do pantry bins. Stack and line up clear containers for pasta, flour, sugar, and other food ingredients are a great way to streamline the look in your cabinets. Use low bins and holders to keep things easily accessible and visible. Knowing that everything has a place is 90% of great kitchen organization systems.
  • Line those cabinets and drawers. The easiest of any home organization hacks is dividing up your kitchen drawers with utensil containers or even just cardboard boxes that keep everything in place.

bathroom storage

Home Organization for a Pristine Bathroom

A clean and beautifully organized bathroom has a way of soothing the mind and our senses. And it all starts with keeping things neat with these easy organizing tips.

  • Make towels look luxurious. One of the simplest and chicest home organization hacks is to roll your towels up and put them in a basket on the floor in your bathroom. No matter your space, it instantly adds a spa-like feeling to your bath. Bonus hack: You can continue the spa theme by putting small items like cotton balls and q-tips in jars on the counter to keep things visible yet clutter free.
  • Organize the medicine cabinet. Use small clear bins labeled with what’s inside each one and line them up in your medicine cabinet. If you have a small cabinet, skip the containers and arrange items in categories row by row—aka. Skincare products on the bottom, medicine at the top, etc. It will help keep your daily routines a breeze.
  • Hook it up. Wall hooks are essentials in a bath. They’re perfect for towels and robes that you use every day. Plus, they come in a wide range of styles and designs, so you’re sure to find ones that match your space.

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Home Organization for Your Living Room

It’s the busiest space in the home and the one most prone to mess and clutter. Which means having clever storage pieces and systems are key. Consider these foolproof organizing tips.

  • Contain your electronics. Keep TV remotes on trays, extra phone chargers and cords in pretty boxes, and (if you can) hide modems and routers inside your media stand or sideboard. Fewer tangled wires are one of the most common visual clutters in homes!
  • Bring in sneaky storage. As far as home organization hacks go, it doesn’t get simpler than furniture with hidden storage for anything and everything. Keep extra blankets folded and away in a storage coffee table or stow away board games inside a storage bench. Take a look at our home furniture checklist for more essential storage pieces.
  • Tray up the small things. Use trays with abandon to organize all the pretty things you keep on your coffee table and consoles, like candles, vases, books, and favorite objects. This helps make everything look curated and not cluttered.

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Home Organization for Your Electronics

Wires, cords, and bulky electronics are a hassle to store and make look neat in any room. To keep them within reach but out of sight, try these home organization hacks for electronics.

  • Go with storage bins. For all the different wires, headphones, and cords you don’t use everyday, either toss them or store them coiled up and labeled in a bin. There are usually more cords than we think, so take the time to sort through them. Bonus hack: If you have a free drawer to spare, embrace the cord drawer and store all your bins in there.
  • Basket your media. For all your bulky electronics like your TV system, try storing them in a basket near your sofa or coffee table. If you have game consoles and speakers, conceal them behind cabinet doors or stash them away when they’re not being used.

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Buying Guide: How to Choose Storage Furniture for Your Needs

We could probably all use a bit more storage and organization in our homes. But it can be overwhelming to start—not to mention knowing what you need to help you get organized! But you don’t have to hire a professional organizer to get your home in order. You simply need to identify what it is you want to organize, and we’ll help guide you to the best solutions.

Today, we’re breaking down all the best storage furniture and organizational options based on your needs. Whether that’s stashing clutter so you don’t have to look at it anymore or finding organization solutions for kids’ toys, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

For Corralling Clutter

Sometimes you just need to corral your clutter so there’s a semblance of organization in the midst of the chaos. We have some great options, both for items you want out of view and those things that you want on display.

best storage furniture

Trays and Boxes

Trays are a great way to corral items that you still want on-view. By placing a tray on your coffee table, dining table, or dresser, you can help a random collection of objects look intentional. Rather than a pile of books, candles, and a bud vase, you suddenly have an intentional and beautiful display.

If you’d prefer concealed storage, opt for a well-designed storage box that you can place on your bookcase or a floating shelf. The box will be pretty enough to have on view and is a great place to stash items like magazines, cords, sunglasses, and more. Both trays and boxes look good and have multiple uses, offering organizational versatility throughout your home.

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best storage furniture

Furniture with Drawers

We’re probably all guilty of having a junk drawer (or three) throughout our homes. But drawers truly are a great place to stash clutter—whether that’s a drawer on a console table, credenza, your nightstand, or an extra kitchen drawer. But it doesn’t have to be messy! You can have an organized drawer by using small boxes and simple drawer organizers—so you don’t have to dig for whatever you need. Utilizing furniture with drawers is a great way to stash small items that don’t have a home, like takeout menus, mail, pens, phone charges, loose change, and remotes.

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For Homes With Young Kids

When you have young kids, it can feel like a battle to stay organized every day. You may clean up at the end of each day, but by 7 a.m. it seems the house is already littered with toys, books, clothing, and every other imaginable item. We have some great storage furniture and accessories that can help your kids take a hand in clean-up and give you more peace of mind.

best storage furniture

Baskets and Bins

Baskets and bins are an easy and versatile organizational tool—and an absolute must for homes with young kids. Kids can easily add toys to a basket themselves and can also easily access it to get things out on their own. You can keep baskets and organizational bins throughout your home; basket storage solutions can live on the floor, under beds, in cabinets, on shelves—anywhere you need a bit of organization and stashable storage. We also love them because they’re soft and baby-safe. And a woven or felt basket looks nice out in the open—perfect for stashing toys, baby blankets, books, kids clothing and shoes, and so much more.

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best storage furniture

Storage Ottoman

Including a storage ottoman in your living room or playroom design offers a ton of practicality. First, it’s a soft piece of furniture, so it’s kid-friendly and safe but also stylish. It offers a surface for kicking up your feet when reading or watching TV, or offers an extra seat for your kiddo to sit on. But that’s not all. By opting for an ottoman with built-in storage, you also have an easy place to hide remotes, nice blankets, books and magazines, or any decor you don’t want your young kids to mess with. Or, in a playroom, it’s a great place for kids to stash their toys, so they can take ownership of clean-up time and you can feel a little less crazy. Wherever you use it, we love that it hides what you don’t want to look at all the time, but doubles as a practical piece of furniture.

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For Stashable Storage

Sometimes you need extra storage space, but you simply don’t want to look at whatever you’re trying to organize. For that, there’s hidden storage options.

best storage furniture

Dressers as Storage

Dressers aren’t just pieces of bedroom storage furniture for your clothing. They’re actually great for other rooms and items, too! In a playroom or craft room, you can use a dresser to store art supplies and crafting items, and categorize items by drawers! In a small kitchen, adding a three-drawer chest is a great way to store pans or other flat items, and gives you another surface for storage or food prep on top! In a small bedroom, you could also consider skipping a nightstand in favor of a three-drawer chest or tallboy dresser to squeeze in extra storage!

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long modern wooden buffet table with two chairs on the sides

Credenzas and Sideboards

Credenzas are great for dining room storage. Their closed cabinets are perfect for stashing napkins, table linens, silverware, and other entertainment items. Conveniently, they also offer a surface for placing food when hosting! Sideboards are super versatile and, while they’re great for dining room storage, they can also go in your entryway, to a large hallway, or even a living room. They offer stashable storage to any space, offering internal, as well as a surface for additional organization and display. Many sideboards have both drawers and cabinets, which gives extra versatility. Simply stash things away behind closed doors—out of sight, out of mind!

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wardrobe style dresser with floor mirror next to it

Armoires and Wardrobes

Armoires and wardrobes can be used as storage cabinets far beyond your bedroom. In fact, they’re perfect for use in a mudroom or entryway that doesn’t have a coat closet! Use them to store coats, boots, umbrellas, bags, pet supplies—whatever you don’t want to look at every time you come and go from the house. You could also use an armoire or wardrobe in a playroom to store larger toys and board games, or in a living room or guest room to stash extra pillows and blankets!

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For Small Spaces

Small spaces require you to get a little more creative with storage and organization. So, it’s important to make use of some sneaky storage tips like utilizing vertical square footage and finding multi-purpose furniture.

best storage furniture

Dual-Purpose Storage Furniture

In a small space, investing in furniture that can pull double duty is an absolute must. Bonus points if it also offers storage! Some of our favorite dual-purpose storage furniture pieces include benches with built-in storage, storage coffee tables, storage beds, and even storage or sleeper sofas! All of these pieces look aesthetically pleasing in their design but also store items in an easily accessible manner. For storage coffee table ideas, consider stashing books, photo albums, pens and pencils, small electronics, chargers and cords, and remotes. Storage benches or storage sofas are great for bulkier items like shoes, kids toys, games, and extra blankets and pillows.

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best storage furniture

Vertical Storage

Making use of vertical space is also essential in a small space. That’s why we love vertical storage solutions like a wall-mounted bookcase. It doesn’t take up much horizontal space or floor space, but it offers ample vertical storage—giving you more storage space with a smaller footprint. Use the bottom shelves for baskets to incorporate some stashable storage or place larger items like records and a record player. Higher up shelves are great for a mix of books and decorative items.

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For Sneaking in a Tiny Bit More Storage

Want to make the most of every square inch of storage space you can get? We have some simple ways to sneak in a tiny bit more storage in your home.
best storage furniture

Wall-Mounted Shelves

Great for tight spaces, like a kitchen or bathroom, wall-mounted or floating shelves are a perfect way to add a little extra storage to a room without taking up floor space. Want some floating shelves design ideas? You can mount them above other furniture and store items that you don’t need to access as much, like certain books or office supplies.

Under-Bed Baskets

The perfect place to sneak in a tiny bit more storage? Under your bed. What else will you use that space for? But you don’t just want to throw things under your bed. Instead, use long but short baskets or bins with covers (to protect your stuff from dust build-up). This is a great way to store handbags you don’t currently have in rotation, or seasonal clothing and shoes. You can also use this space for luggage if your bed is a bit taller.

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For Flexible Storage

Sometimes you need storage space that you can move around, or that can sometimes be used for storage but sometimes offer a more practical use. Don’t worry—we’ve got your flexible storage needs covered.

bar cart and woven stool

Bar Carts and Utility Carts

Naturally, a bar cart can store beverage items, glassware, and drink mixing tools. But have you ever considered using a bar cart or a utility cart for books, kids items, kitchen utensils, games, or art supplies? Yup, it can be done. These pieces offer a ton of flexibility, since they’re on wheels and you can move them around to wherever you need them. And it’s easy to change up their use. Right now, perhaps you’re using a bar car to keep your kids’ school supplies organized and on hand. But you could easily turn it into a mobile bookshelf or back into a traditional bar cart if you’re going to have guests over.

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best storage furniture


A trunk is a sturdy piece of furniture that can be used to store many items—and it also offers a decorative look. It can double as a coffee table, be placed at the end of your bed like a bench, be a hallway or entryway piece, with hooks hung above it, or even as a kid’s toy chest. Since trunks are so versatile, you can use them in many ways as you redecorate over the years and they can easily travel with you if you move! (After all, that’s what they were originally used for!)

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For Display Storage

Not all organizational needs include items you want to hide away. If you have a collection you want to show off—whether that’s a personal library, your grandmother’s china, items from your travels, or other keepsakes—you’ll want to consider one or more of these display storage options.


Collectors rejoice! Étagères (a fancy French name for open shelving or display bookcases) offer the perfect place for showcasing collectable goods. They can be used to show off anything you want—but they’re best for aesthetically pleasing collections since the shelving is so open and really draws your attention to what’s on the shelves.

best storage furniture


Bookcases are, of course, great for displaying books. But we love to style bookcases with photo frames, artwork, and decorative objects to help visually balance out the shelves. These pieces of furniture are super flexible and can look at home in any space—from a living room or home office to a child’s room or your own room.

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best storage furniture

Glass Door Cabinets

A storage cabinet with glass doors is perfect for displaying collections that you want to keep out of reach of childrens’ hands. The closed doors offer an added layer of protection from breaking—plus they keep collectable items safe from dust. But you can still quite easily enjoy what’s on display. A glass door cabinet with storage is great for more formal settings, like formal living and dining rooms, where you can display collections of objects or special china and dinnerware.

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May Edit: Best Entryway Ideas of the Month

Your entryway might not be seeing it’s usual action these days, but it’s still an important part of your home! It’s the last area you see before you head out into the day and the first space that welcomes you when you come home. The right small entryway ideas make sure that the room flows cohesively into your living room style and the rest of your home. It can also reflect your unique personality and add a little extra life and vitality to your living space. We’ve put together these 15 best entryway design ideas of the month to help you get inspired!

best entryway designsClassic and Collected

This is one of our favorite entryway design ideas for a classic formal style that’s both elegant and sophisticated. It’s very tastefully decorated with ornate vases, colorful art and a beautiful lamp—extra lighting one of our favorite small entryway ideas! We love this look because it’s a simple design that’s still very functional and makes a classy first impression.

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best entryway designsRustic Minimalism

We love entryway design ideas that let simple, natural materials do all the talking. This wood console table paired with ceramics and glass make a beautiful first impression and set the stage for a bright and streamlined approach to entryway design. The large credenza provides extra storage to tuck away excess clutter like shoes, umbrellas, and other things you might need to grab on-the-go. And the textured doors add plenty of intrigue and sophistication. Rustic minimalism is simple and restrained -definitely one of our favorite styles for modern entryway designs!

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best entryway designsBright Modern Entryway

If you love coming home to a cheery sight, bright, mid-century entryway ideas like this might be just right for you! This room offers a fun and playful take on mid-century modern design. The elements of this style are fun and playful with bright pops of color for added vibrance. The bookcase and bench add lots of extra storage—an important design element for an entryway! And we love how the rich acorn wood adds tons of extra warmth and retro mid-century modern vibes to entrance hall ideas like this.

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best entryway designsSimple Entryway Moment

This front door entryway has a super sparse and simple design with no extra frills. One of our favorite entryway design tips is to use a console table that’s a real showstopper! It features an inlaid design with eclectic coloring that brings together the various design elements for a dazzling first impression. The contrasting colors of the tapestry are a budget-friendly way to fill the blank walls and the pouf is a perfect place to sit and take off your shoes on your way in. Design ideas like this are a great option if you don’t have an entryway proper as they don’t require more than an empty wall.

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best entryway designsChic Greetings

This glam entryway design is rich with luxe materials like velvet, marble and brass to give you and your guests a luxury first impression upon arrival! It’s a super elegant look that can add a dose of richness and ritz to any space. The console table is minimal in form so it can showcase a couple of stunning decor pieces. And keeping baskets tucked away underneath is a great way to add storage without taking up any extra space.

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best entryway designsRustic Welcome

This entryway is one of our fave design ideas for a charming passthrough entryway. It makes use of both sides of the hallway to showcase both luxurious decor and functional pieces. The storage bench offers a place to sit and is also useful for stashing clutter or kids’ stuff. The console offers a handy place to toss mail and keys and the mirror above it opens up the space—and gives you a last-minute hair and fashion check on your way out the door!

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best entryway designsFarmhouse Entryway Nook

No proper entryway at home? There are plenty of small entryway design ideas that can help you solve that problem! This farmhouse entryway lets you create a tiny nook by tucking the console off to the side. This way, it makes use of the space behind the door that would otherwise go to waste! There’s tons of used space below the shelf for extra functionality—a stool for seating and a basket for easy stashing makes a great shoes-on/off area! Two shelves offer double storage space and a free-standing coat rack adds even more functionality.

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best entryway designsMid-Century Chic

This ultra-chic entryway is a mid-century modern dream if you ask us! It features a bold retro meets glam style filled with iconic mid-century shapes like the classic armchair and sputnik clock. There are plenty of bold jewel tones and gold accents to give the look extra pizazz. This is definitely an entryway that makes a statement you can’t miss!

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best entryway designsSeaside Style

For a healthy dose of seaside style, we love the look of this coastal entryway design. It features nautical motifs galore—check out the shell decor, woven textures, driftwood mirror and rope-wrapped lamps all throughout the look. The symmetrical design offers a more formal, balanced vibe and the woven textures contrast beautifully with the sage green wall. It creates a soothing welcome home greeting in any home.

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best entryway designsMural Moment

For a front door entryway design that makes a splash, try defining your entryway with an accent wall. The bold mural really sets this space apart from the rest of the house without clashing with other design styles. Hanging striking artwork on the wall makes an even bolder statement—this one keeps the art and mural in the same color palette to keep the look cohesive.

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Rustic and Retro

For those who love retro looks but want a toned-down version, try something like this 70s meets rustic design! This entryway features rustic woods and natural textures with a color palette that nods to 70s mod stylings. It is full of playful shapes, like the quirky console table, funky lamps and the faux-fur rug. Plus, it has a tucked-in stool for a quick spot to sit.

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best entryway designsTextural Treat

If you have a dedicated entryway like this, you can go all out in creating a beautiful, textured space that will set just the right tone for your home. This design features natural textures galore, like the jute rug, bone inlay console, knit pouf, baskets, and fringe chandelier. It creates a perfect contrast with the moody grey walls—a great way to make an eclectic style statement.

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best entryway designsSwing Into Gear

Take your entryway off the beaten path with a gorgeous setup like this! Bring a swing indoors for a fabulous seating option that’s both fun and unexpected. (Just make sure the swing is installed properly for safety!) This is a creative way to make a sunroom/porch if you don’t have one outside.

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best entryway designsRustic Welcome

Check out the welcoming vibes of this rustic entryway design scheme! Weathered woods give it a nautical edge and the hairpin bench and seaside accents like the art, decor and kelp patterned rug offer extra seaside sass. There are a lot of bold elements in this design but keeping the color palette neutral maintains the welcoming, soothing vibes of this style.

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5 Storage Ideas To Ready Your Entry For Summer

With summer in full swing (finally!) it’s time to step outside and soak up all that the season has to offer. No doubt you’ve been heading in and out of the house a lot more for beach days, picnics in the park, and summer evenings out with friends.

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So, make sure your entry is prepped for your on-the-go summer lifestyle by keeping it organized and functional. We’re offering up 5 easy entryway storage ideas that will turn it into the perfect hub and a practical yet stylish checkpoint for summer.

Ready to get your entryway into summer-shape? Read on for 5 of our best entryway storage ideas!

entryway storage ideas1. Add Breezy Catchalls

If you’re looking for easy, good-looking storage that doesn’t crowd up your entry, woven baskets are a great way to go. They’re an easy addition that’s guaranteed to add both function and a summery vibe to your entry.

They’re great for holding everything from your daily yoga mat to umbrellas and beach towels, or they make perfect hampers for dirty shoes and sandals that you don’t want to drag into the house.

Stylist Tip: Squeeze a few baskets into tight corners, line them up side by side, or even stack several small lidded ones on top of each other.

entryway storage ideas2. Hang It All Up

Work in some wall hooks and hanging shelves with coat racks in your entry to give yourself easy access to all your summer totes, beach towels, bike bags, backpacks, and light jackets. This not only helps you save on floor space but it also provides a place for all your summer essentials.

Stylist Tip: Make the most of your entryway by thinking vertically. Line up a row of hooks along one wall then add shelves above for even more storage space.

entryway storage ideas3. Ready Kid-Friendly Storage

Need your entry to be functional and family-friendly? Add a storage bench (or tuck a few baskets under a regular bench) so that your kids have their own designated space for stashing sandals, beach toys, and even swimming trunks. With a bench, you also have the added bonus of a seat in the entry for little ones to put on and take off their shoes.

Stylist Tip: For maximum functionality, incorporate wall hooks above your storage bench, which will turn your entry into a mini mudroom that has enough storage for the whole family.

entryway storage ideas4. Make For a Double-Duty Vanity

Add a console table and hang a mirror above it to give yourself a makeshift vanity where you can do a last-minute wardrobe checks before you dash out to all your summer parties. Use the surface for trays, bowls, and catchalls that can hold sunglasses, jewelry, and keys that you’ll need whenever you head out.

Stylist Tip: Choose an open-base console that allows you to squirrel away two ottomans underneath it for moveable seating. No need for perches? Bring in baskets instead for additional storage that’s also attractive.

entryway storage ideas5. Create a Convenient Storage Station

If you have a spacious entry, anchor it with a dresser or a storage chest that conceals all your everyday on-the-go essentials — be it extra chargers, notebooks, or blankets that you can fold and tuck away.

The best part about a storage chest is that you can also use it as a seasonal extension of your bedroom closet. Sneak in extra storage by using your entryway to hold extra summer scarves, sarongs, and light cardigans.

Stylist Tip: A storage chest alone is all function, but you can dress it up to be a focal point by bookending it with two chairs and adding a mirror or pretty art. To add durability, lay down a natural-fiber runner or rug to give your entry a relaxed summer vibe.


Need some entryway storage ideas for your space?