Dream Home Tour: A Rustic Minimalist Retreat

Meet Rustic Minimalist design. With similar notes of rustic elements and minimalism that are found in Organic Modernism, this new style is an earthier, warmer take on the modern and organic home.

It brings more focus to Scandinavian style furniture, the beauty of unfinished wood, and rustic materials and textures. They’re then tied together through a palette of cozy neutrals—warm whites and linen, stone gray and charcoal, natural fibers and wood tones. The result is this calming, livable, and inspiring rustic minimalist home of our dreams.

From a living room that’s rooted in Nordic comfort to a bedroom that’s all about serenity, read on for our design tips and the essentials you’ll need to bring the look into your own spaces.

rustic minimalist designThe Entryway

If you’re a fan of the Japandi look (Japanese meets Scandinavian), you’ll love how Rustic Minimalist style can immediately set a pared-down but cozy and livable tone in your entryway.

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The Key Elements

Think big, think natural. Anchor your entryway with one statement piece that highlights the beauty of materials from nature, be it a smooth stone console table or a carved raw wood cabinet. These pieces will establish a quiet, rustic vibe for the rest of your home.

Mix your materials. What makes this look so warm and grounded are the different earthy materials, such as raw woods, stone, porcelain, and blown glass. Lean into a combination of these textures and natural finishes as a way to add depth and play up an earthy comfort.

Styled by minimalism. Uncluttered styling allows the organic materials and finishes to be the star of the show, and it will keep your entryway feeling airy and serene. Go for neutral but sculptural decor pieces, such as a hefty stone lamp, a uniquely shaped vase, or a driftwood showpiece.

rustic minimalist designThe Living Room

When it comes to rustic minimalist interior design elements for your living room, keep to clean lines with natural materials in light finishes, and be sure to leave lots of negative space on your walls.

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The Key Elements

Seek out Scandinavian styles. Unlike other design looks, Rustic Minimalism is rooted in furniture that has a distinctly Scandinavian aesthetic. Think light wooden chairs with slender and streamlined silhouettes. Then pair them with upholstery in light grays and off whites.

Amplify textures. Because the palette is made up of mostly neutral tones, the way to instill comfort and warmth into your living room is by mixing various textures. Combine grainy wood pieces with woven poufs and caned accents. Finish off the look with a pop of earthy green velvet!

Keep things spare. Keeping your walls bare will allow your furniture and decor to shine here. Pull back on bold visual accents, such as colorful art and oversized mirrors, and instead hang a wall shelf that’s sparsely arranged with pretty vessels.

The Dining Room

In our Rustic Minimalist dream home, the dining room is the ultimate communal gathering spot. It’s a room that exudes organic elegance and simplicity, and it has an instantly soothing effect.

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The Key Elements

Go for all the wood. What lends warmth to the dining room is the different natural textures and finishes. Pull in a rough-hewn rustic wood dining table, carved spindle chairs, and a woven seagrass armoire to play up intricate graining and textures, which will convey a sense of comfort and earthiness.

Blend in pattern. Minimalism doesn’t mean skipping patterns altogether. Instead, choose a design that works with the hues of your space. This rug with a large-scale geometric motif in a sandy hue complements the wood tones while anchoring the room.

Create stark contrasts. Industrial-style elements, like a black woven bench, a steel pendant, a stone side table, and a single framed monochrome photograph on the wall will help balance out the wood tones. Spread them across your room to create mini focal points that captivate.

rustic minimalist design

The Home Office

This rustic workspace in our dream home reminds us that investing in a few key pieces is all you need to pull together a room that’s inviting, comfortable, and perfectly balanced.

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The Key Elements

Pick a rustic showpiece. In any home office design, a statement desk not only makes for a chic focal point but it can also inspire you to be more productive. Invest in a table that makes you happy to show up for work, like this weathered-wood finish desk that has an open and airy feel.

Work the white tones. Your home office needs to be functional but it should let you work with comfort and ease. Crisp white and off-white hues, like ivory, soft beige, and cream, in upholstery, ceramics, and accents will further play up a calming atmosphere.

Put minimalism on display. Take the time to style and organize your office bookcase. Layer in rustic minimal decor pieces, such as artisanal vases, woven baskets, art tomes, and paper-wrapped books, all of which will add to the overall restrained beauty of your office space.

The Bedroom

Our dream Rustic Minimalist bedroom is the exact opposite of spare and cold. It’s outfitted with a plush and cozy bed, light wooden furnishings, industrial lighting and accents, and a touch of traditional style.

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The Key Elements

Choose a modern bed. The trick to minimalism in the bedroom is making sure you invest in a bed that doesn’t overwhelm the space. Look for a neutral-hued bed with delicate tufting and details that add light visual texture. This way it will still pop but also recede a little into the room.

Trad it up softly. It’s easy to want to go with a light-color rug if you’re after a serene bedroom atmosphere, but there’s a way to work in pattern without breaking that calming spell. Try a washed traditional rug with a faded pattern. It will add depth without coming off as bold.

Opt for sleek lighting. Industrial wall sconces really round out our Rustic Minimalist bedroom. A pair flanking the bed adds balance, function, and sculptural appeal all at once. Carry through the streamlined lighting approach to the rest of the room with table lamps in a similar aesthetic.

Bring the rustic minimalist look into your interior design scheme!

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Dream Home Tour – A Collected Approach to California Casual

It’s no secret we’re fans of the chic modern spaces that capture the calm, collected California casual look. It’s a style we currently can’t get enough of – think blissful rooms with comfy furnishings, a blend of natural textures, and soft neutral hues.

With all that inspo in the air and summer just around the corner, our design team couldn’t help but imagine what our perfect California home would look like. So, we got to work designing this dream home to showcase that laid-back, West Coast style we just can’t get enough of.

Get ready to see lots of relaxed designs, a mix of classic and rustic elements, layers of textures, and lots of eclectic accents. We’ve thoughtfully curated every room to reflect our idea of the perfect California casual home, with pieces that you can find directly through us to recreate the exact look and feel in your own space.

Come along for a room-by-room tour of the home along with all the design tips and key design elements you’ll need to bring the look home.

The Entry

california casualSetting an Airy Tone

The entry introduces the overall laid-back vibe in the home. To make it truly inviting, a bit of symmetry can go a long way. Bring in a statement piece, such as a modern credenza, to anchor the focus, then round it out with classic designs for stylistic contrast. To polish it off, layer in lots of woven details and accents. It really is as simple as it sounds!

california casualThe Key Entryway Elements

Start with a showpiece. The contemporary credenza has a woven leather front that adds both texture and intrigue. A big piece like this is also great if you need to define a pass-through space, which flows into the living and dining rooms.

Mix in classic design notes. This look is all about playing with contrast. And nothing makes modern pieces stand out more than being surrounded by Old World-inspired designs, like this classic-shaped mirror and traditional patterned rug with European influence.

Natural textures are your friend. Natural woven elements and details help play up the California casual feel, so don’t be afraid to go big. We flanked our console with a woven accent chair and a basket planter, and we also brought in a woven pendant light to top it all off. These pieces not only help frame the space but also offer balance. Another note: Don’t hesitate to add a natural-fiber rug for even more texture.

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The Living Room

california casualLead With Comfort

For the living room, we envisioned a welcoming gathering spot with an open layout that’s unfussy, rooted in comfort, and suffused with light. We also worked in beachy accents, organic touches, and rustic elements that emphasize relaxed living (think seagrass-wrapped chairs, stone tables, and a hefty chandelier).

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california casualThe Key Living Room Elements

Foundational pieces first. It’s always good to start with furnishings grounded in comfort, such as a big sofa in a dark gray that is both livable and durable. Likewise, the cushioned armchairs and benches offer practical extra seating. Once you’ve settled on your main comfort pieces, you’ll find it easier to mix and match designs to go with them.

Play up vintage vibes. A little Old-World rusticity pairs nicely with foundational furnishings, be they a washed-out rug that adds soft color or a European-style chandelier that brings an antique element. Looking to start small? Try a dark-wood mirror or a vintage wood side table.

Keep hues easy on the eyes. Neutrals and nature-inspired hues are at the center of rooms with a relaxed style. Opt for contrasting warm and cool neutrals for a palette that calms and eases the senses. Think a gray sofa grouped with crisp white fabrics, light woods, and natural fiber tones.

california casual

Marry function and beauty. Livable design also means maximizing your storage. Whether that takes the form of baskets and bins, a credenza, or built-in shelving is up to you! These pieces offer both smart storage and style, and they’re part of what gives the California casual home its charm.

Get beachy. You can’t have a beach-inspired home without textures that recall the coast, right? From the rattan floor lamps and seagrass-wrapped chairs to the woven benches and patterns on the pillows, we didn’t skimp on materials that bring elements of the beach indoors – and you shouldn’t either!

Nod to Nature. Keep to natural materials to add texture with minimal color impact. Designs like the stone-inlay table, woven rattan lighting, and natural-fiber details on the credenza facade, can help unify different furnishings in a room given their organic appeal. Similarly, stick to art that brings the outdoors in, such as botanical and fish prints.

The Office Corner

california casualPutting Style to Work

Home offices are great, but if you’re tight on space a vignette within a larger room can be just as effective. In large living rooms a small nook or corner dedicated to work not only expands your room’s function, but it also offers an unexpected focus area.

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california casualThe Key Office Elements

Lean traditional. Unless you’ve decided on a contemporary look, traditional furnishings, like a classic-style desk, a spindle bench, or a faded rug, perfectly complement comfy foundational pieces. A good rule of thumb? Pair a classic-style desk with a modern chair for an old-meets-new approach that is practically always a win-win.

Take note of gold. Accents in gold and brass are great buffers for adding a glint of polish and warmth to neutral spaces. A work desk is a great opportunity for layering in these shiny touches. This can take the form of a task lamp, a picture frame, or the hardware on the drawers.

Go for height. Distinguish your workspace by optimizing the vertical space surrounding it. Hang a large painting – we chose an abstract piece with undulating lines that recalls the beach – and pull in a streamlined bookcase that helps to play up a vignette and give it elevated focus without distracting from the rest of the room.

The Dining Area

california casualMixing It Up

Like the living room, the California casual dining space is anchored in comfort, so we imagined a room that combines a wide range of furnishings and styles that emphasize ease. A large table in light wood keeps the space from feeling cramped, while cane dining chairs make for casual and stylish companions.

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california casualThe Key Dining Room Elements

Get high-contrast. A collected dining space is all about uniting contrasting elements in a harmonious design. In addition to the light table and dark chairs, we opted for a dark metal sideboard and a dark wood cabinet to further anchor the space. The key is to layer in various materials and design styles that add warmth and personality to a space that’s normally considered for functional use only.

Think industrial. Since the centerpiece of any dining room is a large table, pulling in industrial pieces can provide good heft. Not to mention, industrial accents with worn finishes can add that Old-World touch – an element you’ll find in every room of this dream home – and balance out more coastal-inspired pieces.

Liven things up. It’s rare to find a room without plants or some sort of foliage in homes nowadays, and the dining space is no exception. It’s also a great place to try out trees and greenery with branches that can bring a little height and dimension to the space.

The Bedroom

california casualCreating a Serene Oasis

To conjure up the casual elegance that’s often found in California bedrooms, we created a space that’s enveloped in luxurious neutrals and textures. To get the look, consider plush seating, nubby textures, and a bed so comfortable you never want to leave. 

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california casualThe Key Bedroom Elements

Find calm in multiples. A balanced bedroom is a comfortable bedroom. You can achieve a calming look and feel with furniture and accents in pairs and multiples. Matching nightstands, table lamps, and artwork create symmetry that will bring a sense of order and serenity.

Opt for plush pieces. If we’re talking luxurious comfort, nothing beats an upholstered bed with a tall headboard, which grounds this bedroom. Extend that sumptuous look and feel by adding a sophisticated bench or armchair for extra seating that’s inviting and practical.

Texture, texture, and more texture. Whether it’s piles of pillows, a cozy throw, or a soft jute rug, the more fluffy, tactile accents you bring into the space, the more warm and welcoming it will feel. If you’re looking to give your bedroom a quick spruce up with big impact, start here.


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