13 Dining Room Accent Wall Ideas

Over the past two years, many dining rooms have been used a lot less than previously without the pressure of regularly hosting dinner guests. Not only that, but many people place a table, chairs, and perhaps a buffet or cabinet into their dining room without additional consideration toward the overall design style of the space.

But we think it’s important to give this space a little love! After all, it’s where you share family meals, host loved ones, and in many homes it’s open to other spaces. So, it’s just as important to fully design this room as any other space in your home.

Whether you’re starting your dining room design from scratch or just want to add a little bit of visual “pop” to your space, we’ve got you covered. When designing your dining room, start with the dining room furniture essentials, like a table, chairs, and overhead lighting. Then, start focusing on the accents—like dining room wall art and paint colors. And if you really want to make a bold statement? Try out a dining room accent wall, which is a great way to add a bit of extra style and personality to this functional space. This is fast becoming one of our favorite ways to give dining rooms a quick and easy facelift.

Want some dining room design ideas for accent walls? Read on for some of our favorite dining room paint colors, as well as some other creative ways to create a visual accent in your space.

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Paint a Dining Room Accent Wall in a Bold Color

If you want to add some visual contrast to your dining room, pull out the paint! Accent walls add just the right amount of depth and drama to a space without overwhelming it. (Not to mention painting one wall is a lot easier than painting four!) Scroll down for some of our favorite dining room accent wall colors. And before you put any color on your walls, be sure to check out our tips on how to paint a room!

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Bachelor Blue, Benjamin Moore

Bachelor Blue is an ashy grey color that adds color to your dining room without being overwhelmingly saturated. It works beautifully when paired with high-contrast neutrals, like the black and white palette in this breakfast nook. This is a great dining room accent wall color for modern and transitional styles.

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Black Satin, Benjamin Moore

Black Satin is a deep charcoal color that adds an edgy vibe to a dining room—yet it still feels sophisticated and modern. While this color is statement-making on its own, it also makes other design elements in the space pop, like this marble table or a large houseplant. And we love it as a backdrop for a modern gallery wall!

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Rose Silk, Benjamin Moore

A pretty and soft pink, Rose Silk adds warmness and a sense of whimsy to a dining room. This is a great color for well-lit spaces with tons of natural light. It creates a light and playful look, which we love for eclectic and boho spaces. And we LOVE this color in a little dining nook, like the one pictured above, which adds just the right amount of soft contrast to the surrounding white walls and cabinets.

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Canary Yellow, Valspar

A fun, cheery paint color, Canary Yellow adds energy and light to a dining space. However, as a brighter and more saturated yellow, a little goes a long way. This color could be visually overwhelming for all four walls—which is why we love it as an accent wall color. Here, we used it on a wall of built-in cabinetry, with the white cabinets helping to break up the bold yellow and visually balance the space. This color goes particularly well in eclectic spaces, since it’s such a playful and unique shade of yellow!

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Tate Olive, Benjamin Moore

An olive green like Tate Olive is an earthy tone that is at once sophisticated, modern, and timeless. This is a great muted color choice for a variety styles—but we especially prefer it in modern dining rooms, where adding an earth tone can make the space feel more approachable. When paired with wood tones and other colors, this shade of green can almost read as a neutral, which makes it very versatile. And can we just say that we love how the gallery wall pictured here pops against the green?

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Kendall Charcoal, Benjamin Moore

Kendall Charcoal is a rich shade of gray that is deep but doesn’t read as black. It’s a great accent wall color for dining rooms with a more neutral palette. Anything lighter you put in front of the wall with pop, like the honey wood dining table and white captain chairs in this dining room. Deep, bold, and rich, this is a great color for adding depth to a dining space.

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Hunter Green, Benjamin Moore

Hunter Green is a deep and calming color—great for grounding a large dining space. Green in general is a versatile color that looks great with a variety of styles—and this shade of green is no exception. We particularly love it in a modern rustic dining room. It looks great with neutrals and natural materials—and looks very crisp against white trim and accents!

Dining room with accent wall painted in Gallery Gold by Behr

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Gallery Gold, Behr

A sunny and warm color, Gallery Gold adds beautiful warmth to a dining room. It looks great with other warm neutrals, like rust, tan, and creamy white accents. This is a great accent wall color for rustic and traditional styles.

Dining room with bright turquoise accent wall painted with Bscay, by Sherwin-Willams

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Biscay, Sherwin-Williams

Biscay is a fun, bright, poppy color that looks beautiful with eclectic and coastal styles. In the teal/turquoise family, it’s a bold color that offers enough of a “pop” without additional art on the walls. (Though, it does look great as a backdrop for plants!) This is an energizing color to put in a dining space, so it looks best in a dining room that gets a lot of natural light.

dining room with striped wall paper accent wall

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Create a Patterned Dining Room Accent Wall with Wallpaper

Patterns can be just as impactful as color for an accent wall. And hanging wallpaper is a fun way to add that pattern (and color!) to your dining room walls. Applying wallpaper to just an accent wall rather than the whole dining room is sort of like putting a giant piece of art on one wall. It creates a focal point and visual interest in the space without overpowering the style of the room.

When picking out a wallpaper pattern you can go bold and highly patterned, or you can opt for something more subtle—like this blush and white striped wallpaper. Whatever you choose, just make sure it’s balanced in the room with other patterns and colors to avoid any clashing.

Not ready to fully commit to wallpaper? Try out peel-and-stick wallpaper, which is less permanent but makes just as much of a statement!

dining room with ship lab accent wall

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Give Your Walls Some 3D Texture

Another way to add visual interest to your dining room? Create a textured accent wall, either with panelling, other millwork, or with wall art.

dining room with millwork accent wall

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Update the Millwork

If you want to design a dining room accent wall that offers a bit more depth, and texture, try updating the millwork. (What’s millwork, you ask? It’s the collective name for trim, paneling, and wainscoting.)

You could do an accent wall of shiplap panelling or board and batten—either painted the same color as the rest of your walls for more subtle texture, or painted a bold color for some extra drama and impact.

However, the addition of wainscoting, a chair rail, or ornamental wall molding, like the dining room pictured above, are all great ways to add a traditional or classical vibe to your dining room. (Though, typically you’d add this kind of millwork to all four walls, not just an accent wall.) Additions like these add visual texture and impact but in a way that feels more timeless and subtle than other accent wall ideas. And they also make your dining room look much more custom!

Dining room accent wall made with gallery wall

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Create a Gallery Wall

If you live in a space where you can’t change the wall color or hang up wallpaper, try adding visual impact on one wall by creating a gallery wall. This is a great way to add color, texture, and patterns to an accent wall—no paint or wallpapering required. If you want it to be high-impact, consider choosing enough pieces to span the entire width of the wall where you choose to hang your art. You can opt for a themed gallery wall, or go totally eclectic. Not sure where to start? Check out our guide on how to create a gallery wall.

dining room with an accent wall created by hanging a large woven tapestry

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Hang a Large Tapestry

Want to keep it more simple than a gallery wall? Try hanging a large woven tapestry. A tapestry can add texture and pattern—and it’s a great way to add color to a room without painting if you opt for a more colorful weaving. However, even a neutral tapestry like this boho macrame wall hanging has the same effect as an accent wall because of its size. Talk about visual impact!

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How to Pair Dining Tables and Chairs + 5 Foolproof Combos

When it comes to dining room furniture, the most important pieces are chairs and tables. But how do you choose the right table and chairs for your style? And beyond the overall style, how do you begin to figure out how to pair dining tables and chairs that coordinate without buying a complete dining set?

It’s a common conundrum without a simple and straightforward answer. After all, style and design are full of nuance! But it can be done. To help, we’re breaking down key rules for making your choice and picking a dining table and chairs that perfectly match. (And keep reading until the end, where we’ll offer 5 foolproof table and chair combinations!)

7 Tips for Pairing Dining Tables and Chairs

To start things off, we’re sharing 7 tips to help you find the right table and chair combination and bring your dining room design ideas to life!

1. Begin with Your Dining Table

Your dining room table should be the foundation of your dining room, around which everything else is decorated (figuratively and literally). So, pick chairs to match your table, not the other way around. Since this is a larger piece of furniture, it’s more important to get this right based on your functional needs

Decide what size and shape of table you need first. If you have a smaller dining room, a round or oval table might be just the thing. Need to fit six or more around the table? Opt for rectangular. And if you love to host large gatherings, perhaps an extendable table is right for you!

Then, consider dining table materials. Wood dining tables are the most common, but you can also go for something more decorative, like marble or glass, or a material that’s easy to clean, like a composite wood.

Finally, you’ll want to choose a dining table style that matches your personal interior design style.

Need a little extra guidance? Learn all about how to choose a dining table in our dining table buying guide.

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2. Avoid Matching Sets

A room looks best when the furniture is coordinated but not overly matchy-matchy. That goes for dining rooms as well as living rooms and bedrooms! Sure, if you buy a complete, matching dining room set, you don’t have to worry about what chairs to pair with your table. But this look will also appear a bit one-note and can make your dining room design fall flat and feel dated. On the other hand, finding chairs that coordinate with your table without perfectly matching them will allow you to create a unique look that highlights your personality and style.

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3. Choose Chairs That are a Different Color from Your Table

When picking out chairs to go with your dining table, an easy rule of thumb is to invite contrast. Since dining tables and chairs take up a lot of visual space in a room, you don’t want them to be one solid block of the same color. This will make your dining room feel visually heavy and make the room feel unbalanced. (One more reason to avoid the matching set!)

Instead, break up all the sameness with different colors. This is an easy way to ensure your room feels curated but still layered and interesting. Just look at the dining nook above: the dining table is a light pine, and the black frame of the chairs adds contrast to the arrangement. And, while the chair’s seats are a similar tone as the wood of the table, they’re a different material, which helps add texture and depth. (More on that, below!)

One other curveball: if you go for wood tables and chairs, make sure that neither one is the same color or tone as your flooring! If you’re running into this problem, consider layering in a dining room rug.

Designer Tip: Chairs and tables in the same color aren’t always bad! It just depends on the design style of your dining room. A tone-on-tone look works well in Scandinavian or Mid-Century Modern styles, where pieces are made of stunning natural wood. If you go this route, just be sure the wood tones match exactly, as close-but-not-exact tones will clash.

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4. Pick Different Materials for Your Tables and Chairs

Mixing colors is great—but you can take it a step further and add additional contrast through different dining chair materials! How different you go simply depends on how much of a statement you want to make. Generally, the less similar your materials feel, the bolder or more eclectic your space will look.

For example, a wood table with cane chairs will feel cohesive and add a pop of visual contrast, because both materials are natural and have a similar vibe. Meanwhile, a marble table with velvet chairs (as in the dining room above) will bring a lot more contrast and create a super bold statement in your space.

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5. Balance the “Visual Weight” Between Your Table and Chairs

Did you know objects, like furniture and decor, have visual weight? This is an interior design principle that basically says larger, darker, and more solid objects will feel “heavy” in a room, while slim, open, and clear objects feel “light.”

What does this have to do with your dining room? Well, if you have a visually heavy table, you’re going to want to balance it out with “lighter” chairs—and vice-versa! For example, if your table has skinny metal legs and a glass top, you’ll want to avoid chairs that are also clear or have tall slender legs because the overall arrangement will feel unbalanced and too light. Instead, balance it out with a lighter table with more solid-looking, visually heavier chairs. Or consider the dining room pictured above. When you have a substantial pedestal dining table like this one, it has a lot of visual weight. To balance this, pair it with chairs that feel airy and light, like these white chairs with slender legs and cane backs.

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6. Think Outside the Box

Of course, like tables, you need to consider types of dining chairs so you can choose dining chairs that match your style. But there’s no need to limit yourself to a set of fully matching chairs when figuring out how to pair dining tables and chairs in your own home!

When it comes to dining room seating, you can think outside the box. You can go for mismatched dining chairs—either swapping out the two chairs at the head and foot of the table, or going full-speed ahead with all mismatched chairs for a more eclectic look. You can even nix chairs all together on one or both long slides of a rectangular table and use a dining bench instead! This is a great option for homes with kids or if you just need to add extra seating in a pinch!

7. Measure Everything

A surefire way for a dining room design to go sideways? Not taking measurements before purchasing furniture. Not only do you want to make sure that the size and scale of your tables and chairs will suit your dining room, but you also want to make sure the actual tables and chairs will work together.

So, make note of the table height, then make sure the seat height of your chairs will allow you to sit comfortably at the table. And, of course, make sure the backs of the chairs are high enough that they won’t slide under the dining table when pushed in. (Unless you have a bench!)

You’ll also want to measure the width of the chairs in comparison with the size of your table. It’s most comfortable to have about six inches in between each chair, in addition to allowing about 24 inches of eating space for each person at the table. So, do the math on how many chairs can comfortably fit around your table given the width of your chairs!

5 Foolproof Dining Table and Chair Combinations

Want a few more examples? Keep reading to discover our designers’ five foolproof combos for pairing dining tables and chairs.

dining chairs with slip covers and a wood dining table ad lots of texture and interest to this space

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Combo #1: Slipcover Dining Chairs with a Wood Dining Table

Linen chairs with a warm wood dining table is a foolproof look because you have built-in contrast in the material, color, and textures! The wood dining table is solid and has rustic vibes, while the chairs are soft and plush. The perfect level of contrast!

This combo works well with… 

Rustic, traditional, and classic styles. It’s also a great combination if you’re mixing styles (like modern and traditional) or want to create a timeless look. Avoid this combination if you like a modern or industrial look.

leather chairs and a wood dining table make for an sleek but cozy vibe

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Combo #2: Leather Chairs with a Light Wood Dining Table

Want to create a hip and modern look? Pair a sleek, light wood dining table with modern, leather chairs. Opt for leather chairs that have a bit of patina, which will increase the contrast between the modern light wood and the chairs. Choosing leather chairs with dark metal legs will add additional contrast to your dining room arrangement.

This combo works well with… 

More modern styles, like Scandinavian or Mid-Century. It’s also a great look for someone who loves industrial style but wants something a bit more warm and inviting.

Marble and velvet are a glamorus dining chair and dining table combo

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Combo #3: Velvet Chairs with a Marble Dining Table

Marble and velvet are both glamorous materials on their own. But when paired together, they are dynamite for creating an elevated look. The highly textured look of velvet contrasts beautifully with sleek marble. Up the ante even more by opting for velvet in a saturated jewel tone.

This combo works well with… 

Glam, modern, and mid-century styles and in spaces where you want to add a bit of drama.

Canning is a wonderful to give your dining room a classic feel

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Combo #4: Cane Chairs with a Black Wood Dining Table

Caning is classic material. And wood is the most common and timeless material for dining tables. So, pairing these two classic materials together creates a timeless and casual rustic look. This pairing also has an organic vibe since these are both natural materials. And, by opting for a black finish or paint on your table, you can add extra visual contrast.

This combo works well with… 

Rustic, modern rustic, and even coastal styles.

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Combo #5: Upholstered Chairs with a Glass-Top Dining Table

Glass is undeniably sleek and modern—but it can also feel somewhat cold. Meanwhile, upholstered chairs offer comfort and warmth. So, together, they make a great pairing for a dining room. The glass top offers a touch of elegance and luxury, and pairing it with a simple and sleek upholstered chair offers a more approachable look.

This combo works well with… 

Contemporary, glam, and modern styles where you want to bring in both a sense of luxury and comfort.

Try on Dining Tables and Chairs in Your Room

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8 of Our Best Tips for Acing the Mismatched Dining Chairs Trend

Do you want to infuse your dining room with a little personality? Then check out this trend we’re loving: Mismatched dining chairs! Chairs are a dining room essential. And when you mix and match your dining chairs—where all are different, or you have two or three different styles—you bring added character and charm to your dining room.

The mismatched dining chairs trend flies in the face of the all-in-one, perfectly matched dining set. Rather, it’s one of those dining room design ideas that infuses your dining room with extra visual interest and flair! It gives your dining room a less formal, more eclectic style. This is a perfect trend for those who can never pass up a solo chair at a flea market or antique store, giving you the chance to show off the different chairs you’ve collected over the years.

But this look doesn’t have to be overly eclectic. There are more subtle ways to mix and match dining chairs as well—in ways that lean both casual and formal. It all depends on the dining chair styles you use.

Want to get the scoop on how to pull off the mismatched chair trend? Keep reading for our designers’ best tips on how to style a dining room with mismatched chairs.

mismatched dining chairs

1. Consider the Size and Scale

When playing with a mismatched dining chair look, it’s important to consider size and scale. Look for chairs that are roughly the same size but with enough visual variances that they feel like different chairs. This will give the set-up a complementary look while still achieving that eclectic vibe of mismatched chairs.

Stylist Tip: This is especially worth keeping in mind if you’re an antique collector or flea market fiend and are buying chairs one at a time!

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mismatched dining chairs

2. Use Mismatched Materials

For a mismatched dining chair look that is less eclectic but still impactful, Try to bookend the length of your dining table with end chairs (also called captains chairs) that add a subtle textural contrast to your space. We used slipcovered chairs in the image above, which adds visual weight and contrast to the slender wooden chairs thanks to the covers’ full silhouette in a soft jute-cotton blend. Other great materials to combine? Wood and cane chairs.

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mismatched dining chairs

3. Mix and Match Shapes

For added visual interest around the table, mix and match different chair shapes. You might not realize how much the shape of a chair’s back influences the vibe for a dining room—but they really do have a lot of impact! So, mixing different shapes not only adds nuance to the style of your dining room, but it adds a lot of visual interest as well. The shapes we chose in the design above, with the round and rectangular shapes, veers more formal, while a wishbone chair paired with a rectangular chair would be much more casual—proof that mismatched chairs can suit a variety of looks!

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eclectic dining room with pink wool rug and yellow accent wall

4. Mind Your Heights

When it comes to mismatched chairs, it’s not an “anything goes” situation. To pull off this look well, you want to make sure all the seat heights are approximately the same. This creates a “level” look and a sense of consistency, even when the styles of dining chairs are quite different. Plus, you want all your dinner guests sitting at the same height, don’t you??

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mismatched dining chairs

5. Keep it in the Family

If you’re more of a traditionalist and like the ease of a full dining set, but want the slightly more casual approach that mismatched chairs offers, try mixing chairs from the same family! For example, in the image above, the captain’s chairs are more of a wingback style—but, being from the same brand, they have the same color of legs and upholstery, and both have the nailheads, all of which helps tie this look together into a cohesive whole. This is a great way to play it safe with the mismatched chair trend.

Stylist Tip: Make sure the fabrics are the same, or are different enough that they’re complimentary. If they’re similar but only slightly off it will look like you tried to go for a perfect match and didn’t quite hit the mark. This goes for both the upholstery and the chair legs.

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mismatched dining chairs

6. Same Color, Different Style

When trying out mismatched dining chairs, color can be a great unifier. Whether you’re taking the flea market approach and every single chair is different, you have two sets of two chairs, or even two chairs and a pew, like we have above, having them all painted the same gives a common thread to the look. This lets you venture into a wider mix of dining chair styles and shapes, but in a way that will appear complementary!

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rustic dining room with sleek wood table and black wishbone chairs

7. Sub in a Bench

An alternate take on mismatched chairs? Using a bench on one side of a rectangular table, rather than two chairs. It will give that mis-matched feeling but with a grounding element that benches bring to the table. To get this look, use matching chairs around the rest of the table, and place the bench opposite two matching chairs on the length of the table. Of course, you aren’t limited to a bench. You could also incorporate stools, a pew, or a settee as alternatives to traditional dining chairs, any of which would add extra flair and personality to your dining room.

Stylist Tip: If you don’t want to clutter your dining room with chairs day-to-day, you could always tuck one or two chairs elsewhere in your home, then pull them out when you have company. Check out our guide on where to put spare dining room chairs for some ideas. Just remove the chairs at the ends of the table and add them back in when you need them!

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mismatched dining chairs

8. Don’t Forget the Table

When it comes to pulling off the look of mismatched chairs, dining tables are just as much part of the conversation in this trend. With an eclectic mix of chairs, you’ll want to make sure your dining room table is stylistically neutral so it doesn’t compete with the overall look. And, while you can use this trend around any table, round dining tables give you a lot more flexibility to lean into the look. Since you don’t have the formality of the “head” of the table and there’s no natural symmetry, you can get away with more varied chair styles. Without that built-in symmetry, your eye won’t be offended by differences.

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Types of Dining Chairs: The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Dining Chairs for You

Even though we aren’t entertaining much these days, we still need to have a proper dining table and dining room chairs so that you can enjoy a proper meal! In fact, dining rooms are more important than ever because we are spending so much time at home! Along with a dining table, dining room chairs are an essential part of any dining space—peep this Guide to dining table styles if you need help picking out a table to start with.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to dining chair styles—you can find wood chair styles, side chairs with upholstered seats, Art Deco dining chairs, traditional dining chairs, rustic style side chairs….you get the picture. Dining room decor comes in all kinds of options and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with how many types of dining chairs are out there.

If you’re finding it hard to know which types of dining chairs will work for your dining space, we’ve got you covered! This dining chairs guide breaks down all the major shapes, sizes and types of dining chairs to help you find a solution that works.

And if you need a little extra interior design help in bringing your dining room to life, Modsy is here for you! Even though the holidays might look a little different this year, a well-designed dining room can help make the time at home feel special.


One of our favorite dining room chair types is the classic armchair.  Often used as a side chair, their larger size adds depth and character to dining room tables. They make a super elegant option and definitely complement a more formal look—but they fit well with more casual styles, too. Dining chairs like this usually have upholstered seats, which makes them more comfortable than hard materials. We love dining chairs that bring both comfort and class to your dining space!

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Side Chair

The classic side chair is one of the most traditional types of dining chairs. Known as a “dinnertime staple,” they take their name from the fact that they sit along the “side” of the table. These types of dining chairs can be more casual in style or super formal, depending on the type of dining room table you have. (Check out our guide to dining table sizes, shapes, and materials if you’re in the market for a dining room table, too!) These types of dining chairs come in all kinds of looks, so you can be sure to find one to match any style you like.

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Parsons Chair

The Parsons dining chair is another dining room classic. It gets its name from Paris’ Parsons School of Design and the dining chair features lean, simple lines and an upholstered seat. This type of dining chair comes in every fabric you can think of so there is an excellent variety to choose from. We love these dining room chairs because they can work for many styles—rustic, transitional, contemporary, modern, traditional mid-century modern—you name it! Dining chairs like this are also comfy to sit on and can fit in smaller dining rooms because they don’t have bulky arms to take up space.

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Wingback Chair

If you want a cozy, but sophisticated look for your dining chairs, the wingback chair might be just right! This dining chair has “wings” along the side of the chair to create a distinctive silhouette—they are often used just at the heads of the table. They are usually upholstered and stuffed with nailheads for a more traditional and sophisticated look. These dining chairs aren’t ideal for kids who make a mess—they are fully upholstered so they do require a lot of cleaning.

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types of dining chairsLadder Back Chair

The ladder back dining chair features horizontal slats spaced along the back of the chair, which is usually made of wood. They are great casual dining chairs and the slats create a light and open look. They work best in more rustic and traditional styles and make a great option for a kitchen table.

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types of dining chairsSlat back chair

Slat back dining chairs feature evenly spaced vertical slats, for a laid-back, quaint appeal. This look works for a variety of styles—traditional, rustic, mission, etc. and the dining chairs can be dressed up for formal settings or toned down for a casual look. They are practical and come in both solid or upholstered seating—a great choice for casual dining and households with kids!

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types of dining chairsWindsor chair

The Windsor Dining chair takes inspiration from early English designs. These types of dining chairs feature a half-circle back supported by vertical slats or rods, along with spindle legs. These dining chairs look great with rustic, traditional, and vintage styles!

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types of dining chairsCross back (X) chair

The Cross Back Chair has an X-shape on the back side of the chair that adds a light and airy look. These dining chairs range in styles from cafe chairs to rustic to contemporary. It’s a perfect choice for a casual dining room with a more stylistic approach. And these dining chairs are usually all wood, so they are kid-friendly and easy to clean!

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types of dining chairsSlope Dining Chair

The Slope dining chair is cool and sleek with a simple silhouette. This type of dining chair features a comfortable upholstered seat, usually in leather or faux leather. They can have a swanky, factory-style feel, making them great for modern rustic to industrial style. Bonus: the faux leather can be wiped down easily, making them super kid-friendly and pet friendly.

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Barrel Back Chair

Barrel back dining chairs have a bowl-like backrest that you can sink into when you sit down. These dining chairs are super versatile—some can swivel back and forth and make great desk chairs too. The upholstered seats are super comfortable for longer sitting, and they are style-forward but not stuffy. We love these dining chairs for mid-century modern, minimal, contemporary, and industrial looks.

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types of dining chairsSplat back chair

“Splat back” refers to the centrally placed, vertical column on the back of these dining chairs. These are usually found in metal, but historically they had a more gothic and English design. The metal chairs tend to be lightweight, making them versatile for indoor/outdoor dining. If you want dining chairs with a cool, industrial-chic look, these are perfect—plus they are super low-maintenance when it comes to cleaning.

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Wishbone Chair

The Wishbone Dining Chair is an iconic Danish design that’s usually made with a wood base and woven or upholstered seating. The elegant, curved frame forms a wishbone shape on the back and they are both comfortable and decorative pieces. This style of dining chair works well in eclectic, mid-century modern, rustic, minimalist, and boho styles.

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types of dining chairs

Cantilever Chair

The Cantilever Dining chair is one of the most unique looking options for dining rooms.  It gained popularity in the 70s and design enthusiasts still love it today! These dining chairs have a flexible form that makes them a little bit “bendy.” They can be upholstered or solid—caning is popular material, too. They work great with many styles, from industrial to mid-century modern

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types of dining chairsSlipcovered

For a more formal look, consider the slipcovered chair—it can add instant sophistication to a space. Slipcovered chairs can be bought as is or you enhance dining chairs like the Parsons chair by adding a slipcover over the frame. They make cleanup easy because the cover is easily removed and washed. This helps these dining chairs last over time—which is great because they tend to be a bit more expensive! They fit perfectly into classic and traditional styles.

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Plastic molded

For a trendy and funky look, try these plastic molded side chairs inspired by the Eames chair! These chairs for dining rooms are lightweight and airy looking—classic Scandinavian style. You can easily wipe the chair clean, so they are perfect for households with kids. And the dining chairs usually come in a solid color with metal or wood legs, making them super versatile and great with minimalist and modern styles!

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13 Contemporary Dining Room Designs That are Anything but Boring

If you’ve ever wondered what goes into contemporary design, you’re not alone! People often confuse contemporary and modern design, but there is actually a world of difference. Fundamentally, contemporary design is simple and deliberate. The focus is on the basics: color, texture, and shape. Contemporary spaces are “clean” and fresh in appearance—this style is much more approachable than minimal or modern dining room design.

Contemporary design typically focuses on a palette of neutral colors paired with metal accents and wood tones. Good lighting is a central element and you’ll usually see a lot of accent lighting in a contemporary style. Overall, it’s a look that keeps things simple and sleek.

Why is contemporary design great for a dining room?

Contemporary style is a popular choice for dining room designs. The ambient lighting creates a warm and welcoming place to gather, entertain, host dinner parties, etc. It’s a super comfortable and versatile look that can be dressed up or dressed down as needed.

These 13 contemporary dining rooms show off a range of how contemporary design can come to life and blend with other styles. Take a look and get inspired!

contemporary dining room designHigh-Contrast Dining Room Style

This dining room is all about crisp and clean elements that speak to contemporary dining room design. The round table with geometric elements and the patterned rug add interest and texture to the dining room while the white/wood dining chairs add sophistication. The natural wood sideboard is attractive and practical—it anchors the bold black and white art. Maintaining a grey color palette keeps the dining room calm and easy on the eyes, along with the simple and practical decor stylings. To keep the modern dining area from being too monotone, add a plant for a pop of greenery/texture and a few hanging pendant lights (like this sputnik design) never hurt either.

High-Contrast Dining Room

We love this contemporary dining room because it’s tasteful and streamlined, yet still so full of energy. Notice how sleek all of the forms are—the chairs, table, and sideboard have sharp edges and absolutely no ornament. A rich, high-contrast color palette featuring bold blues and crisp whites creates just the right amount of drama and visual intrigue.

Industrial touches like the metal chairs and dark wood floors look elegant with the large windows and view outside. It seamlessly blends contemporary forms with a minimalist edge that gives off an air of sophistication and refined taste. The stark white table on the vibrant white and blue rug helps ground the room and the long blue curtains balance the look. A key element of this look is the small details, as well. We love the geometric forms used in the table setting and the striking white giraffe lamp placed next to the simple mirror and decorative vases. It’s a super bold dining room that makes a statement but is still totally approachable.

contemporary dining room designNavy Blue Contemporary Dining Room

This blend of contemporary and Industrial dining room styles is moody and masculine to the max! The modern dining room features a blue and grey color palette with pops of white and wood for contrast. The brass/bronze light fixture adds geometry and interest and the classic X-Base dining table makes a substantial statement as the dining area’s focal point.

It’s a contemporary dining room design with simple, sleek chairs in a dark fabric so you don’t have to worry about spills. The woven jute rug adds durability and the curtains help to visually frame the setting. The simple but bold styling on the sideboard and the plants add pops of texture and life to the modern dining room.

contemporary dining room designCozy Contemporary Dining Room

This lovely dining room oozes with mod contemporary style and shows off the beautiful, light-filled space and high ceilings. It’s mid-century modern to the max with a transitional edge that makes it more approachable. The mid-century modern undertones in the furniture are unmistakable but also rendered in a more pared-down way so they are less stark.

The dining table is beautiful and substantial and looks great with this minimalist table setting. The key to this look is a mix of materials and shapes, like the forms of table and chairs, the stunning mid-century modern sideboard and the rounded mirror leaned up against the wall with the dramatic vase. We love how the patterned rug underfoot adds lightness and balances the design. And the stylish globe pendant lights are a sure-fire way to start a conversation and add a playful pop that’s cool and casual all at once!

contemporary dining room designEarthy Neutral Dining Room

This dining room has a super sophisticated and curated look that is all out contemporary. It focuses on minimal styling so that what you see has a bigger impact all around. Notice the frill-free chairs and furniture, including the bar cart for entertaining, and the simple pieces of wall art for impact.

The neutral colors of the furniture set against the green wall with blush accents create a sumptuous, luxurious feel while the rug brings in some grounding energy. The sculptural waterfall light fixture adds the perfect amount of mood lighting for this contemporary dining room.

contemporary dining room designContemporary + Industrial Dining Room

If you want to go for a totally unique dining room, try something like this blend of contemporary and industrial styles. The minimalist chairs feel iconic and avant-garde and the tulip-style table doesn’t overwhelm the dining room. The round, striped jute rug echoes the circular shape of the dining table and touches of black and white add a high-contrast, modern flair.

Elements like the hanging pendant lights and the single, bold piece of art bring all the earth tones together with added greenery for an organic touch. It’s an ideal dining room for those who love a little something unexpected and conversational.

contemporary dining room designMonochrome Contemporary Dining Room

If you want a uniquely curated dining room that makes an immediate impression, you might love this monochrome contemporary look! It’s a cheery, inviting space with tons of style and originality. The sleek, transitional forms give it a slightly posh edge and the green monochrome scale adds tons of personality and warmth, bringing it back down to earth. It’s a great option to consider now, just in time for spring!

We love these leather chairs because they are simple, easy to clean and make a statement while not being over-the-top. The gorgeous stone and wood dining table grounds the room in earthy tones and looks sharp and savvy. The colors look fabulous against the cool mint walls and the striking graphic art adds a pop of contrast, pulling the whole room together.

contemporary dining room designContemporary + Modern Dining Room

This dining room seamlessly blends contemporary and modern styles to create a colorful and playful dining room. Jewel tones and elaborate dining chairs give it a luxe feel and the vibrant rug adds color to the modern dining room. The bold, white cement table is ultra-contemporary—talk about a statement piece!

The design pairs well with the tapered legs of the mid-century-style dining room chairs and the striking oversized chandelier. We kept the decor simple with just a large plant next to the sideboard so as not to distract from the beauty of the dining room chairs and table.

contemporary dining room designContemporary Minimalist Dining Room

This minimal dining room pares down to the bare essentials for a gathering atmosphere ready for hosting. Comfort meets design with the upholstered dining chairs. And the honeycomb rug pattern is a smart choice for dining rooms because the busy pattern can help hide any accidental spills!

The blue color palette with greyscale is perfect for lovers of crisp, sleek, and modern dining room design. And when it comes to keeping your dining room clutter-free, there’s nothing better than a practical sideboard with storage.

contemporary dining room designContemporary Chic Dining Room

We love the mix of contemporary and glam touches in this stunning dining area. The regal blue color palette is offset with warm wood and brass tones that give it a luxe feel. Velvet dining chairs against the light, woven rug create a formal modern dining area and the chic sideboard styling helps accentuate the sophisticated vibes.

The unique sculptural pendant light fixture is the perfect ambient lighting situation for a contemporary dining room style. Complete the dining room look with a symmetrical and bold gallery wall to create a striking contrast and a trio of plants to add a modern, earthy feel.

contemporary dining room designContemporary + Rustic Dining Room

This dining room has a distinctly Tuscan feel with dark woods and iron elements that create an immediately inviting vibe. Barrel back upholstered dining chairs add a sophisticated touch and the sculptural sideboard offers storage as well as extra aesthetic appeal. The geometric dining room rug and black and white bold art bring the classic, formal styling down to earth. And a simple color scheme, one of the hallmarks of contemporary design, allows the bold furniture pieces to be the star of the show.

contemporary dining room designCool Contemporary Dining Room

For an urban, contemporary/modern dining room, you can’t go wrong with a look based on a greyscale color scheme. This dining space has just the right amount of mood and edginess and the sleek modern dining chairs are so cool they could be functioning art pieces. This is definitely an entertainer’s dining room—the sideboard can be used for bar/party storage so you can be ready to entertain at a moment’s notice!

The handsome stone dining table with a wood base grounds the room and balances out the black chairs. Then, we added a light neutral rug to bring a little extra relief to the dark colors. And the oversized wall art and tall tree plant in the corner add impactful pops of color alongside the grey chairs. This is the kind of look that’s serious yet swanky, with sass and sophistication galore.

contemporary dining room designUltra-Minimal Dining Room

This contemporary dining room takes a cue from the understated and simple stylings of minimalism. Wire dining room chairs and a glass tabletop give it a clean, crisp lightness that doesn’t impede the beautiful view. The white captain’s chairs at the ends punctuate the table for impact and make the modern dining room feel more formal while the unexpected organic metal chandelier brings nature inside.

For a little mid-century flair, we added the tweed patterned area rug and a single plant for a pop of greenery. Overall, it’s a welcoming, yet cosmopolitan dining room with enough chairs for a small dinner party.

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Dining Chair Styles Guide: Choosing a Seat to Match Your Style

dining table

Hosting season is here and it’s a great excuse to get your dining room in shape for holiday guests! Dining tables are, of course, the centerpiece of the room––but they can be pretty expensive, so you probably don’t want to switch this piece out with any real frequency. However, if you’re feeling a little blah about your dining room, don’t fret. There are still plenty of changes you can make to totally refresh your look!

Our favorite piece to start with is your dining chairs. You might think you can’t change your chairs without also changing your table, but that’s not the case! To prove it, we styled this traditional farmhouse dining table with 9 different dining chair styles to show you the possibilities. Read on to learn about how you can choose just the right seat to match your style.

dining tableFor a Traditional Style

For a traditional look in your dining room, go with a farmhouse chair, similar to a Shaker Style or Windsor Chair. The slatted back and spindle legs hearken back to early American designs that lend your space a traditional style.

We love this simplified design from Beldan Lane. The chairs are made of metal so they’re long-lasting and easy to clean, which is great if you have a family that tends to make a mess! Plus, metal provides a lovely contrast to the rugged wood dining table. All in all, it creates a perfect balance of traditional and rustic, with an industrial edge.

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dining tableFor a Contemporary Style

Don’t be afraid to play with contrast and pull up a contemporary style dining chair. Here we styled our table with some Parsons chairs, which takes their name from the Paris Parsons School of Design.

The chair has a sleek, simple form combined with a high, solid back, fully upholstered seats and armless designs. It’s a more modern design that’s great for mid-century or contemporary interiors and the streamlined shape works with interiors and dining tables of any style, including rustic!

We love it paired with this rustic farmhouse table for a fun pairing of old and new. Plus, the airy, spindle legs make the design feel lightweight which perfectly balances the heaviness of the table. The cushioned seat definitely adds extra comfort but can also stain more easily, so choose a fabric in a darker shade or be sure that you’re extra careful when handling these chairs.

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dining tableFor a Mid-Century Modern Style

The Wishbone Chair is an icon of mid-century modern design and works perfectly with a rustic farmhouse table. This style of chair was originally designed in 1949 by Danish designer Hans Wegner, who was inspired by the forms of Ming Dynasty chairs. They feature a bent wood frame and a woven cord seat, and are designed to cradle the body and provide comfort and support. The sleek shape beautifully mixes traditional design with modern forms.

Wishbone chairs have recently regained popularity in the design world and are particularly known for their use in modern rustic interiors. We love the contrast between the traditional farmhouse table and the curved shapes and natural textured seats of this modern dining chair style.

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dining tableFor a Refined Rustic Style

If refined, rustic style is your cup of tea, this pairing of Bentwood and slipcovered chairs is the perfect dining room combo for you. And fun fact, the Bentwood is one of the most popular dining chair styles of all time. It’s also known as the Thonet chair because Michael Thonet perfected the process of creating chairs out of bent wood in the mid-1830s. They were produced on a massive scale and tend to be super affordable, which is why they were so popular in cafes.

These chairs are made of (you guessed it!) a bent wood frame, which is lightweight, durable and oh-so elegantly designed. Some contemporary designs come in metal options for a more industrial take on this traditional style. We love how this room changes up the end chairs with slipcovered chairs for a more polished look. This is also great for families where the parents want more distinctive seats at either end of the table.

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dining tableFor a Farmhouse Chic Style

Thanks to its classic design, the cross back dining chair is bound to be timeless. It is a close cousin of the Bentwood chair, made of a bent wood frame with a metal or wood X back brace and then a rattan- or linen-upholstered seat.

This chair is also closely associated with cafes, as they were first used in 20th-century French bistros. Here, they perfectly complement the farmhouse dining table for an overall classically rustic design. They add a touch of refinement to the rugged table and are great if you want a traditional style with a vintage vibe. Generally, they are a more affordable chair type and they often come in pairs, which is great if you need a lot of seats!

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dining tableFor a Classic Formal Style

These refined and elegant slipcovered chairs are the way to go for a classic and formal style. Slipcovered dining chairs are a staple of formal dining spaces and add a touch of class to any room.

They usually come in lighter materials, so they’re not always the most family-friendly choice if you have kiddos prone to spills. Luckily, you can find chairs with removable slipcovers, which makes popping dirty covers into the wash super easy.

We like to pair these style chairs with a wooden bench for a more relaxed vibe that ups the family-friendly factor. Done this way, the overall style is more classic rustic with a sophisticated polish.

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dining tableFor a Modern Rustic Style

If you love a modern rustic style, consider some Campaign style chairs. This style of furniture was popularized during the height of the British Empire. Military officers traveling on long campaigns (hence the name) needed portable furniture, so companies began creating pieces that were sturdy and easy to break down, transport, and reassemble. Most were made of wood and leather, and today are still a popular design style. The overall look is a modern rustic style at its finest.

And while these leather upholstered chairs don’t break down, they still sport the signature campaign style. Their woven backs and bent wood frames will add a major pop of personality, warmth, and style to any space.

Paired with a farmhouse table, they create the perfect modern farmhouse vibe. Keep in mind that leather is a more expensive alternative to cloth upholstery, but it can be much more durable and easier to clean––plus it just looks extra stylish in any room.

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dining tableFor a Classic Bistro Style

The French Bistro Chair, made of woven rattan and wicker, features a checkered design that comes in an array of colors. It’s iconic of French outdoor cafes and you can easily bring the classic bistro look into your dining room.

These chairs are famously light and easy to move, which makes them great for both indoor and outdoor dining spaces. The materials add texture and are designed to weather the elements. The Bistro Chair is a great choice if you want a more refined rustic style with cafe charm.

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dining tableFor an Eclectic Minimal Style

For a major pop of texture in your space, consider adding a set of woven dining chairs. The pliant, tough, and richly textured materials are perfect for the eclectic minimal style. Rattan and weathered woods have natural textures that collaborate perfectly for a space that’s super rustic and fresh. They can also push a bit more coastal if that’s your style!

To let the beautiful natural textures of the chairs and table do most of the talking, we prefer to opt for a quieter chair shape, like this sleek and streamlined form.

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