6 Sunroom Design Ideas That Make the Best of Indoor-Outdoor Living

If you’re lucky enough to have a sunroom or four-season porch as part of your home’s design, you’re lucky enough! But really—the delight of having a sunny bonus room is truly unparalleled. Far too many people squander these lovely spaces, though. Whether it’s using them for storage rather than another living space or not taking the time to decorate them and maximize the space, it’s a huge missed opportunity to not make the most of a sunroom.

At the same time, we know they can be tough to design. Since they generally have three walls full of large windows, you may have to approach your layout a bit more creatively—especially if it’s on the smaller side. And if you already have a main living space, and perhaps even an outdoor space, it can be challenging to know how to best make use of a sunroom.

sunroom design

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How do you design a sunroom?

There’s no one way to design a sunroom. It all comes down to how you want to use the space.  But there are a few design principles that can help you nail your sunroom design. Read on for some tips you can use in your sunroom design, no matter how you end up using the space.

Use Plenty of Natural Materials

Even though sunrooms and four-season porches are technically indoor spaces, with all the sunshine and potential for fresh airflow, they can sometimes feel more like an outdoor space. Because of that, we love the idea of playing up that outdoor vibe in your sunroom design by using plenty of natural materials. You can even use straight-up outdoor furniture! (This is especially a good idea if you have a three-season porch vs a true sunroom, which tends to only have screens. AKA your furniture is subject to inclement weather!) But even in a fully enclosed sunroom, there’s something fresh about rattan and wicker furniture in a sunroom, as well as wood furniture with a more rustic, weathered finish or pieces with caning.

Opt for Fade-Resistant Fabrics

Since sun porches get a lot of sunlight, that can also result in color fading in your upholstery. So, consider fade-resistant fabrics for sofas, chairs, and even pillows and rugs if any of them will sit in the direct sunlight.

sunroom design

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Bring in Houseplants as Decor

Sunrooms tend to have a greenhouse effect, trapping sunlight and keeping things nice and toasty. Because of this, they tend to be havens for houseplants. Greenhouses are all about helping plants thrive, after all! Since sunrooms also bridge indoor and outdoor spaces, plants are a natural way to decorate these sun-dappled spaces.

Worried about keeping your sunroom plants alive? Check out our plant care guide to pick out the right plants for your place.

sunroom design

Don’t Forget About Layered Lighting

Sunrooms, in their very nature, let in a ton of sunlight. But it’s nice to have additional lighting in these spaces so that you can use it even when the sun goes down. Many sunrooms have a ceiling light, but it’s nice to incorporate other lighting options like floor and table lamps, string lights (which add a fun and casual outdoor feeling), and even candles. This allows you to layer your lighting and create the vibe you want in the space any time of day!

Large or small, we’re big believers in maximizing those sunrooms and celebrating that sunny bonus space in your home! So, we rounded up six sunroom design ideas to show you how you could potentially use your sunroom and inspire you to make the most of your space.

sunroom design

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sunroom design

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1. Dining and Entertaining Space

Sunrooms can be a great space for entertaining and offer the feeling of dining outside (without the hazard of bugs). Creating an additional dining or entertaining space is especially great if you have a larger sunroom.

How to Get the Look

To bring this design to life, use a rug to designate the dining space. A durable indoor-outdoor rug, like a jute rug, is a great choice if you tend to leave your sunroom’s windows open during the summer. That way, it won’t matter if a little rain comes through! We also like the idea of selecting dining chairs that feature natural textures to give the feeling of outdoor dining space.

You can also set up a bar cart or console table as a place for serving beverages and storing outdoor plates, glasses, and pitchers. A nearby beverage tub for keeping drinks cold is another great addition to a space like this!

From there, hang up some string lights or light some candles for ambiance, throw the windows open to let in a fresh breeze, and enjoy an “outdoor” dinner with friends!

sunroom design

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2. Secondary Living Area

Use your sunroom as an extension of your indoor space by setting up a cozy living area! This is a perfect place to relax in the morning and gather as a family in the evenings, especially in the summer.

How to Get the Look

Since sunrooms are sometimes transitional spaces between your yard and the rest of your home, we love the idea of going with a slipcovered sofa, which is easy to clean if it gets dirty or wet. A rattan coffee table gives you a place to kick up your feet and a surface for playing board games. (And the round shape makes it easy to gather around!) A plush, woven indoor/outdoor rug helps anchor the seating area.

And don’t forget to add lighting so you can use this space well into the evening! Table lamps next to the sofa are great for reading and playing games, while string lights offer a nice ambiance for a casual gathering.

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sunroom design

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3. Seating Nook

If you have a smaller sunroom, you may only have room for smaller pieces of furniture. If that’s the case, we love the idea of setting up a seating nook. In a space like this, you can kick back on your own, or have a friend over for coffee or drinks and conversation.

How to Get the Look

It’s probably obvious that a seating nook requires a place to sit! So, pick out a matching pair of accent chairs. Place them at a conversational angle, with a side table in between and a pouf to use as a footrest. (In a pinch, it can also be used as an extra seat!) If your sunroom is deep enough, you could add a bench along the opposite wall for more seating—or a seating area like this could even be part of a larger living area if you have a larger sunroom!

sunroom design

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4. Home Office

Using your sunroom as a home office is a great way to get the feeling of working outside, without being exposed to the elements. Plus, it allows you to enjoy the natural light and the views! This is probably best for those who live in temperate climates though, as sunrooms can get quite hot or cold in states with more extreme weather and seasons!

How to Get the Look

Like any home office, you need the basics of a desk and chair. But you can also lean into the indoor-outdoor vibe of a sunroom and bring in some earthy, natural decorative elements to bring the space to life. (A hide rug feels like the perfect choice for a sunroom office!) And though you’ll have plenty of natural light shining into your home office, it’s worth having a desk lamp for task lighting, especially on cloudy days!

sunroom design

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5. Reading Nook

Use a corner of your sunroom to create a cozy reading nook! This is an especially great idea if you have kids. A sunroom design like this uses soft materials, and with everything low to the ground, it’s accessible too!

How to Get the Look

Any cozy accent chair will work in a sunroom reading nook—but we love the idea of using a hanging egg chair! The woven frame has outdoor porch vibes and is also a really fun place for kids to curl up with a book! Layering in a plush rug, floor pillows, and poufs, and a low bookcase will make this reading nook both cozy and functional. (Opting for a low bookcase vs a tall one ensures the shelves aren’t blocking the sunroom windows!)

sunroom design

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6. Lounge Space

Do you have cat-like tendencies and love to curl up in a patch of sunlight and take a nap? Then design your sunroom with the capabilities for some serious lounging! This is the perfect place to relax and soak up the sun.

How to Get the Look

A daybed is the perfect piece of furniture to use if you want to set up a sunroom lounge. It can be used as a sofa when you have company—but it’s also an ideal place to stretch out and take a nap. We recommend loading up on pillows and keeping a throw blanket handy so it’s extra cozy! (Alternatively, if the walls allow it, you could hang up a hammock!) Place a side table nearby to give you a surface to set a glass of water, and consider hanging drapery if you want filtered light or to block out the light completely.

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Make Summer Not a Bummer: Easy Ways to Bring the Vacation Vibes Home

Ok, so your vacation this summer got cancelled. (Ours, too.) But that doesn’t mean you can’t still take some time away from work to relax and recharge! In fact, we quite recommend it. But before you do, may we suggest adding some vacation vibes into your home to help your staycation feel more special?

Bringing some vacation-inspired decor into your home will help set the tone for some serious relaxing. And, even better, this decor can stick around long after your staycation ends. So, even on evenings and weekends you can enjoy the vacation vibes and get a little better at disconnecting from work after hours. This might be a summer unlike any we’ve had before, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it!

To help you get in vacation mode, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite summer decor ideas. They’ll help you bring those vacation vibes into your home and help you truly enjoy a summer at home!

Embrace Summer Colors

Looking for simple summer decorating ideas? Create a bold and colorful bedroom design by adding pops of summery, bright colors to your space. Bring in the color through artwork—swapping out existing artwork, prints, and wall decor for inspiring pieces in summer-inspired tones. Then, add throw pillows in bright colors that draw out and tie in with the colors from your new artwork. This will help give your space a cheerful, cohesive look.

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Destination Dining

You’re probably not eating out much this summer—so why not create a summer dining destination at home! For bright and cheery summer dining, we recommend creating a fun little breakfast nook. A cafe table or just a simple round table, paired with a few chairs and a bench are a perfect start. Put away any heavy decor or dark colors, and replace them with light colors and summer-inspired decorations, like candles in summery scents and cheerful yellow decor.

Then, add plants (real or faux) and nature-inspired decor—dried pampas grass and hanging plants are two of our favorites for summer decoration. You could even buy a bouquet of flowers each week for some fresh added color and a special touch. Then, be sure to open your curtains and blinds to let in loads of natural light. With that, your breakfast nook will go from just another place to eat to your staycation paradise!

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Swing Time

Create a unique summer reading area by hanging an indoor swing. The one pictured above is just like a swing you’d find at a beach resort or by a pool! Consider putting it in a sunroom, your entryway, or another cozy corner of your home. Just make sure it’s in a sunny spot so you can soak in all that vitamin D as you read!

For the summer decorations around the swing, add in pops of cheerful colors—like blue, yellow, or teal. Put textural baskets nearby to stack all your fave summer reads, then add a lamp for added reading light. Just make sure to keep the space clutter-free, as it’s now an area of your home designated for pure relaxation!

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An At-Home Jungle

Craving a tropical getaway? Create an indoor vertical plant garden to bring some of those tropical vibes home! Simply remove some of the decor from your existing bookcase or shelves, and add in plants instead. You can mix faux and real plants, or go all faux if you love the look but don’t have a green thumb. Go with whatever plants suit your fancy. But if you want to add tropical plants for a jungle vibe, just make sure your climate and environment is conducive to the plants you add.

Bringing the outside in like this gives your home a jungle vibe, helping you feel like you’re on vacation. You can also supplement the plants with staycation decor that aids in plant care—like a sculptural metallic watering can, books about plant care, and a plant mister.

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That Hotel Feeling

Do you miss the feeling of sleeping at a hotel, where everything has its place and all there is for you to do is relax? Well, we say make your bedroom into a resort oasis! Start by decluttering, so you only have the essentials in your space. Then add plush new bedding to give your space a fresh feel, and go for a soothing, muted color palette.

Consider adding luxury items to your nightstand—like a new hand lotion, essential oils, a summery new candle, or a basket or bowl to put jewelry or lip balm. Then, add botanicals or other natural items to really drive home the hotel resort feel. Finally, let all the natural light in, for a sun-washed space. Because, lighting sets the mood for relaxation!

Bring The Destination To You

If you were supposed to go on an international trip this year but now you can’t, bring the vacation to your home! By adding in patterns and textures through your decor, you can create a global-inspired feel.

Some of our favorite summer-ready living room ideas for adding a global vibe to your space are incorporating pieces like the Morroccan patchwork pouf, eclectic boho pillows, and tiger rug pictured above. Layers of textiles in global patterns and bright colors create a feeling of being at your vacation destination. This will add new life to your space in a fun but still practical way.

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At-Home Happy Hour

This summer calls for cocktail hour at home. So, drag your bar cart to a sunny corner of your home—or even out onto a porch—and create a drink-mixing station! Revamp and restock your bar cart with some of your favorite summer drinks and mixers. To give the whole set-up a facelift, get new glasses and decor, incorporate some plants, and perhaps add a pitcher for summer sangria?

And don’t forget to add lively colors and decorations for summer around your bar cart—like the tassel garland and citrus-inspired rug, pictured above! This will help your bar area feel like a party all the time, so you have a fun and festive space to hang out all summer long!

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Relaxation Zone

Since most of us are still working from home, it’s imperative to designate an area of your home for relaxation. Carve out a sun-filled corner of your bedroom or living room to create a makeshift sunroom! Add a lounge chair and pouf in a space with plenty of natural light, then layer in plants and beach-inspired decor for a tropical beach feel. (Pieces made of natural materials and in natural textures are ideal!) Remove clutter and visual distractions to make it a total relaxation zone. Now, turn off your work email and start relaxing!

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Summer-Inspired Accents

Want some summer decorating ideas you can incorporate throughout your home? Simply add summer-inspired decor accents in each room! Hang up some artwork with summer scenes or beachy landscapes. Set a pink flamingo statue on your nightstand or a shelf. Incorporate natural textures and cheerful colors through pillows, throws, rugs, and decor. Add a few extra plants to your home for some lush texture and color. (We’re big fans of Bird of Paradise plants, with their huge leaves and tropical vibes!)

Summer decorations and accents can be relatively inexpensive—so they’re a great and easy way to spruce up your home and add a little excitement to any space!

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Home on the Road: Decor Inspired by Our Favorite Travel Destinations

School’s out for the summer! And while that usually means trips to the beach and some extra time of work, most of us had summer plans that came to a screeching halt because of COVID-19. Whether it was a vacation, a wedding, a family reunion, or just plans to be a tourist in your own city, we’ve all had to recalibrate and rethink how we’ll spend our summer days and nights.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun! In fact, we think it simply means you should bring the vacation vibes to your home! How might you do that, you ask? Well, simply think of your favorite travel destinations, and let those be a starting point for some travel-inspired home decor updates this summer! (Perhaps you even want to reallocate some of your travel funds into home decor updates??)

To spark some ideas, we’ve rounded up some of our team’s favorite travel destinations—along with summer travel decorations inspired by each location. Ready? Let’s hit the road. It’s time to kick off your stay-at-home summer with some travel-inspired room decor!

Travel inspired room decor

Countryside Retreat

How idyllic does it sound to escape to the English countryside right now, with its rolling green hills, wildflower gardens, and ancient stone cottages? The countryside retreat may have to wait, but you can definitely bring those relaxing vibes into your travel inspired home decor.

Start by mixing antiques—or pieces with an antique vibe—with classic elements and natural textures. Wood finishes should feel weathered and rustic, and a light color palette of pastels and neutrals will help drive home that countryside vibe. Though, we love pops of blue to help ground the look! Layer in some traditional patterns, like gingham or soft floral prints, and finish things off with pops of fresh florals, just like you’d find in a countryside garden. (Bonus points if you cut them from your own garden!)

Easy updates to get the look:

Swap an accent chair or coffee table with a weathered wood one that you find at a vintage or antique shop for an eclectic cottage feel.

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Travel inspired room decor

Tropical Beach Resort

Craving some time at a beach resort? Work in some subtle tropical beach themes into your home decor instead. Start by thinking of the colors and materials that you might see on an island getaway. Then, embrace that laid back, coastal feeling with beach-inspired artwork, woven materials and textures (like raw wood, jute, and rattan), and bold pops of color. And definitely make sure you include foliage in your space for those tropical beach resort vibes! Palms are always a win, but big, bold leaves like elephant ear banana leaves add a fun sculptural element to your space.

Above, we went for a more subtle beach resort vibe, and stuck with more of a blue color palette—but you could also go bold tropical with pinks and greens and fun global prints! Either way, we love the idea of incorporating travel-inspired home decor like the Palma Pendant, pictured here—it’s a sure way to imbue any space with island vibes! And don’t forget to set out some travel books so your mind can wander.

Easy updates to get the look:

Introduce a few key pieces of foliage such as palm trees and leaves. If you’re not in a climate to support those plants, go faux!

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Travel inspired room decor

Desert Spa Oasis

There’s nothing like a spa retreat to the desert southwest to rejuvenate your soul and your skin! While we don’t recommend recreating an at-home mud bath, you can bring the desert spa vibes home. Start with a rich color palette of high-contrast neutrals. Think: warm browns and clay reds inspired by the arid southwestern landscape. Sleek furniture adds to that spa-like vibe.

Layer in organic, boho prints in the pillows, rug, and art—with patterns and textures that recall the geography of the desert. Finally, subtle sourthwetern accents and a few potted succulents or cacti will really set the mood!

Easy updates to get the look:

Pare down your color palette so it’s rooted in textured neutrals. Add a diffuser so you can pump lavender and eucalyptus oil through the air. Then, may we suggest, an at-home facial?

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Travel inspired room decor

Modern Mountain Getaway

If a getaway to a mountain lodge in Lake Tahoe or the Rockies is more your speed, then this one’s for you. You know there’s nothing like the lush greens found on the mountainside in the summer. So, channel that vibrant but serene palette in your space.

Neutral textures and floral prints further evoke the feeling of lush forest growth. Rustic furniture pieces that have a modern feel are a perfect add—specifically, a gray tone wood finish, which helps recall the rockiness of the mountain. All set? Don’t forget to pamper yourself with 5-star hotel treatment. A tray with cocktails creates the perfect DIY mini bar!

Easy ways to get the look:

Introduce green into your space, either through a total room makeover with fresh wall paint, indoor plants, or with pops of green in art and accessories for an earthy vibe.

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Travel inspired room decor

Coastal Beach House Vacation

There’s something about the idea of a beach house in Nantucket that feels like the most classic and dreamy place to spend your summer, don’t you think? Alas, maybe next summer! In the meantime, infuse your home with coastal decor and those beach vacation vibes.

Start with a palette of blues and seafoam greens, paired with neutral hues. This will create a calming backdrop and draw your mind to the sea and the sand. Can’t you almost taste the salty air?? Then, incorporate sea-themed home decor, like coral prints or sculptures. Now grab a book, put your feet up, and pretend you’re on vacation!

Easy updates to get the look:

Add a few pops of blues and greens through your throw pillows for a subtle beachy feel. Drive home the beachy vibes with travel-inspired home decor—like using a large shell as a decorative object on your coffee table or replacing a table lamp with the white coral number pictured above.

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13 Summer-Ready Living Room Design Ideas

Summer is almost here! And while usually, the change of weather means vacation season is about to take off and many of us will soon be lazing about outdoors, savoring those long summer afternoons and breezy nights.

This year, however, many of us will be spending more time indoors. That means it’s all the more important to find creative ways to celebrate the season, get warm-weather inspiration, and bring the vacation vibes into our living rooms. Whether it’s adding in some linen pillows or swapping in some beachy art, there’s no shortage of living room design ideas for brightening up your spaces for the sunny days ahead.

To help you kick things off, though, we’ve rounded up our best tips to give your space a vibrant refresh. Read on and get ready for some major summer living room inspiration!

living room inspiration1. Invite Bright Colors

If you’re looking for a bold dose of living room inspiration, nothing says summer like bright hues. It doesn’t mean you have to go full-on neon, but you can skip the cozy neutrals and springy pastels. Opt for saturated colors that bring the vibrant energy and cheer of summer indoors to your living room design.

Design Tip: Experiment with color concepts, such as shades that recall ice cream flavors or scenic hues, like sunset pinks, ocean blues, and minty greens.

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living room inspiration2. Bring Plants Indoors

When it comes to foolproof living room design ideas that work in any size or style space, embrace the whole indoor-outdoor living vibe by adding vibrant greenery and plant-inspired decor. Whether it’s a tall potted tree or a series of botanical prints, these lush accents make for instant mood-boosters in any room.

Design Tip: A fiddle-leaf ficus tree is always a welcome sight in a living room, but if you’re hesitant about big plants, try smaller ones like a snake plant or philodendron, which provide a lot of visual texture.

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living room inspiration3. Swap in Breezy Textiles

An easy way to freshen up your living room decor for summer is to swap out your heavy textiles from the colder months. From linen curtains to cotton throw blankets, light and breathable fabrics are a surefire way to open up your space to the breezy and warm summer weather.

Design Tip: Sheers are a wonderfully light and gorgeous window treatment for summer. They have a way of diffusing light that gives rooms a soft and soothing atmosphere. They also pair beautifully with linen, which is a favored summer material thanks to its breathable construction.

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living room inspiration4. Rotate Your Pillow Covers

Speaking of textiles, one of our favorite budget-friendly living room ideas for summer is to switch up pillow covers. It’s easy and is certain to add visual impact. Look for covers that feature colors and motifs that celebrate the summer season, be it bright and cheery orange or crisp and classic blue-and-white. It can be whatever you like as long as the covers remind you of summer and bring the colors of the outdoors in.

Design Tip: For a foolproof summer pillow mix, start with a foundation of blue and white (or any two-tone combination you love), then pull in one contrasting bright color for pop. Keep the rest of your pillow covers to shades of those three colors and you’re sure to have a palette that feels curated and cohesive.

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living room inspiration5. Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

There’s no better time to get rid of clutter than this transitional period right before summer takes off. Having things you don’t need or use out can add to the visual frenzy in your living room, so take a weekend to do a thorough home edit. This is especially crucial in small living rooms where space is at a premium.

Design Tip: Enlist the help of storage baskets, floating bookshelves, and coffee tables and ottomans with built-in compartments that let you easily stow things out of sight. Plus, fewer things means less organizing and dusting—and who doesn’t love that?

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living room inspiration6. Pop in Fun Patterns

Celebrate summer with patterned living room decor! Think pillows, rugs, and even art that show off fun designs, like a blue-and-white geometric, block prints, and cool boho medallions. Even just a few eye-catching printed accents will add energy and personality to your living room.

Design Tip: Mix together pieces that have large-scale and small-scale patterns alike. It will help give your space a balanced look. Keeping to a cohesive color scheme, like shades of green or black and white tones, will also help make your living room look curated rather than chaotic.

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best living room designs7. Trade In Your Rugs

Like textiles, take to replacing any wool rugs and sheepskins with warm-weather options, like kilims, natural-fiber foundations, or indoor-outdoor rugs. These summer-friendly rugs are not only great for high-traffic rooms, they’ll also add soft and durable texture underfoot. Not to mention, by changing up your floor covering, it’ll also usher in a fresh perspective that renders your living room furniture in a new light.

Design Tip: Layer your rugs to give your living room a foundation that’s both comfy and strong. Start with a natural-fiber rug, then layer on a kilim or flat-weave for a burst of color. This makes for a stylish space that’s perfectly suited for well beyond the summer months.

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living room inspiration8. Pull in Summer-Ready Storage

The best part about the summer months is that you can ready your space without making any major changes to your living room furniture. It’s about organizing and refreshing your decor, meaning stylish and well-designed storage is key.

We love bringing in lots of natural-fiber and woven baskets, which are pretty and portable and they lend a touch of summer texture. Spread an array of different style woven baskets throughout your home, from your living room to your entry, to corral books and even kids’ toys within easy reach at all times. This is one of our favorite ideas for living room storage that’s also stylish.

Design Tip: Much like art and pillows, baskets can make a chic style statement when used en masse, so go for the sets and multiples when you’re shopping for them. Trust us, you’ll find a use for all of them in your home decorating efforts year-round!

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living room inspiration9. Revamp Your Bar

When it comes to summer living room ideas, it doesn’t get easier or more festive than a bar that’s set up and ready for summer cocktails (or mocktails). The great thing about a summer bar is that you don’t even need a bar cart; simply restyle any console, sideboard, or table surface with some stemware, coupes, tumblers, glasses, and bar essentials. Then just decorate your bar with art and plants, and you’re good to go.

Design Tip: Nothing beats a fully stocked summer bar cart, so if you’ve been contemplating setting up a drinks station at home, this is the best time to do so. The great thing about investing in a bar cart is that you’ll also be set for the holiday season, which is likely when you’ll really be using this handy piece of furniture the most.

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living room inspiration10. Bring the Vacation to You

Since many of us are likely not going on big trips this summer, it’s all the more reason to layer in living room decor that turns your home into a mini escape with major vacation vibes. Start by incorporating decorative accents that speak to your favorite travel destinations, like an indoor palm tree or a Moroccan tile coffee table or pouf. This is definitely the time to work in any decor pieces you purchased on past family trips.

Design Tip: If you want to take it one step further, you can give your living room a major refresh by changing up your accents to reflect the color scheme of your favorite tropical getaway. The idea is to keep the atmosphere fun and reminiscent of a true vacation escape. So don’t hold back in transforming your ideal living room getaway!

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living room inspiration11. Swap in Summery Art

On the topic of bringing the vacation into your home, art with summery vibes is a perfect way to do that. Consider designs that feature palms and leafy motifs, beach and landscape photography, and framed photographs and prints from past family vacations. The important thing is to keep to bright colors and patterns that captivate and inspire a breezy, vibrant summer look and feel. It’s an easy way to change up your living room design with little effort.

Design Tip: You can even make room-to-room swaps, like moving art in the bedroom into the living room, if you don’t want to purchase any new pieces!

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living room inspiration12. Restyle Your Surfaces

If you’re looking for living room ideas that don’t require any major color or furniture updates, rearrange your surface decor with a few simple accents. You can swap in new coffee table books, add a new object or sculpture to your bookcases, hang new art on the wall, or add a vase or two to your fireplace mantel. These small tweaks have the power to instantly shake up the look in your main living spaces.

Design Tip: If you’re not one for a lot of accents, try bringing in some fresh summer blooms. They’re one of our favorite summer decor ideas to usher in a bit of color, pattern, and texture all at once.

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living room inspiration13. Try New Summery Scents

Last but not least, welcome summer by switching up the scents and fragrances in your living spaces. A scented candle that’s light and airy can set a breezy mood while diffusers and tealights that smell of the ocean can instantly transport you and your family from your home to the beach.

Design Tip: Poke around and find scents that resonate with you. The only rule is to make sure it recalls breezy and laid-back summer days.

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15 Ways to Refresh Your Home For Summer

decor ideas for summerNow that summer is here, it’s time to swap out those heavy layers at home to make way for brighter, airier rooms. Many people actually switch up their home decor with every new season—from adding more colorful pillows to even switching up their furnishings. But if you’re looking for decor ideas for summer that won’t require a full home makeover we’ve got you covered.

Ready for some simple ways to turn your interiors from cozy and cuddly to breezy and oh-so relaxing? We’ve rounded up 15 of our favorite decor ideas for summer that are sure to do the trick!

5 Simple Ways to Freshen Up Your Spaces

1. Bring in plants and blooms

Nothing beats a healthy dose of leafy greenery and fresh flowers for giving your home an airy look and feel. Spread them across rooms on counters, windowsills, and side tables for a pop of color that also brings the outdoors in.

2. Pull back those curtains

One of the easiest (and cheapest)decor ideas for summer, open your windows and let in the sunlight! This is an easy way to lighten and brighten your rooms and make them appear more spacious and open.

3. Array scented candles

Just as you would during the winter, add candles that have a light, fresh scent throughout your home—think kitchen counter, bathroom, bedside table, and even your fireplace mantel.

4. Hang art with summer vibes

Be it an ocean landscape painting or beach photographs, adding art that’s evocative of the season will create a relaxed focal point that eases up a space and expands the view in a room.

5. Make mirror magic

Add a large mirror to any room to help reflect more light and create an illusion of more space. On a smaller scale, mirrored pieces (like side tables or decorative objects) can also help spread light and add a touch of glimmer to your space.

5 Great Textures To Bring In for Summer

decor ideas for summer

1. Go for Natural Fiber

There’s no arguing that a natural fiber option is the top choice for a summer rug that’s both durable and stylish. The tight texture gives it an overall relaxed look and feel. Find the right one for your space with our natural fiber rug guide.

2. Work in woven accents

Opt for furnishings and accents that embrace classic summer textures, such as rattan and wicker. Traditionally used in indoor-outdoor verandas, these materials have a way of conjuring up a home in the tropics. One of our favorite wicker and rattan-rocking spaces? Blanche’s bedroom from Golden Girls.

3. Lean into linen

There’s a reason this is the fabric of choice for summer. Linen is light and breathable and it gets softer with use, which makes it ideal for hot summer days. One of our favorite decor ideas for summer, swap in linen pillows, throws, bedding, and even slipcovers for seats as you shed those heavier winter layers.

4. Opt for light woods

Whitewashed or weathered woods have major beach-house appeal. Try a distressed wood side table or a white-painted bench or cabinet, which will balance out spaces with a laid-back vibe.

5. Look for clear pieces

Okay, it’s not exactly a texture but transparent materials like glass and acrylic are great especially if you want to make a small space feel more open. Try adding an acrylic coffee table or a glass dining table. Even in a large room, these pieces can minimize visual clutter while also adding a modern edge.

5 Color Ideas to Brighten Your Rooms

decor ideas for summer

1. Play up blue and white

This classic color combo is both timeless and relaxed and will instantly infuse your rooms with a nautical vibe. Go big with an area rug or keep to small updates like pillows for a nice, crisp pop.

2. Max out with pastels

Love color but aren’t sure about turning up the brightness? Try layering in easy pastel hues, from soothing blues to pale pinks and soft greens. Whether in your pillows, a rug, or small accents, these delicate hues may be subtle but when combined they can pack a visual punch that’s just right.

3. Keep to natural wood tones

Wood pieces that reveal natural graining capture that perfect rustic summer look. Make sure to keep an eye out for natural woods and nubby details for a touch of rich texture.

4. Pops of yellow

Bright colors like yellow can easily feel like a visual overload in a room, so use it strategically in small accents for a nice punch. A sunny-hued sofa, pillows, or even a simple vase can go along way to brighten up any neutral space.

5. Seek out multicolor stripes

It’s a pattern that never goes out of style—and is always one of the winning decor ideas for summer. Look for pieces with stripes in lots of different colors, such as the upholstery or cushion of an armchair, a rug, throw pillows, or a pouf, which will usher in the lively colors of summer.


Ready to try some decor ideas for summer in your space?