Creating a Cohesive Design Roadmap for Our New Family Home

The customer: Michelle and her fam
The space: Multiple Rooms
The budget: $27k


Michelle is a mom and the director of Elementary Teaching for a school district in Seattle, WA., and saying she’s busy would be a pretty big understatement. So when her family moved into a new modern-style home, she was excited to create a cohesive design that matched the house’s architecture. Still, she worried about finding the time to create a design for her home while balancing work and life. So she enlisted the help of Modsy to draft a design roadmap that led her to a homey destination. 

Michelle’s Design Dilemma

Michelle’s empty living room and master bedroom before Modsy

Michelle’s empty dining room and kid’s bedroom before Modsy

My family had just purchased a new home. Because we wanted a more mature style that suited the house and our taste, we wanted to start over from scratch with new furniture and decor. We were excited about creating a new look the entire family would love. Still, it was hard to imagine exactly what the style would be and how we should execute it across multiple rooms, especially with my busy professional life.


How Modsy Delivered

Michelle’s 3D living room and master bedroom designs

Michelle’s 3D dining room and kid’s bedroom designs

I was so excited when I first saw our 3D designs! They helped me to envision the possibilities in each room. It was such a relief knowing right away that my designer really understood my style and had listened to my wants and needs for the space. They helped me create a practical, stylish, and cohesive look for my home and family.

I particularly loved how my designer blended items from many of my favorite stores into one cohesive vibe for our home. I would never have had the time to bring the vision for each room together with items from so many different retailers. But Modsy made everything so easy, especially purchasing everything for the house in one simple check-out!

The Final Results


Michelle’s living room and master bedroom designs after using Modsy

Michelle’s dining room and kid’s bedroom designs after using Modsy

With a new home, it’s sometimes hard to envision how everything will come together. It’s like venturing into uncharted territory. But Modsy helped me create a space I love by showing me a 3D roadmap into the future, where my new home was laid out exactly how I wanted it. It made me feel confident that everything would work, and now that my space is complete in real life, I absolutely love it! It’s everything I had dreamed of.

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Tackling Design Paralysis: Sparing Ourselves Time and Stress With Designer Guidance

When Laura and her fiancé moved into a new house together, they were ready to create a cozy space they could call home. They were even looking forward to the often challenging task of combining their styles. But with so many design options out there, they felt too overwhelmed to tackle their home design alone. Fortunately, Laura had a secret design tool that helped the couple create a home they love. Read on to learn what Laura’s secret was and how they created their sweet abode. 

The customer:
Laura and her fiancé
Their project: Designing a cozy bedroom
The budget: $6k

The designer:
Her goal: Bringing their vision to life
The outcome: A space they love

Laura’s Design Dilemma

Before Modsy

“Last fall, we bought our first home and got engaged. We needed to furnish our mostly empty house and wanted a space that felt homey, looked beautiful, and reflected our taste together. We needed so many things, and it was difficult to approach buying large items (like furniture) online without a vision and plan of what the final room would look like. We just didn’t know where to start.

Fortunately, I had used Modsy for one room in my old place, so it was a no-brainer to use it again for the new house. I purchased a multi-room package for three rooms (2 bedrooms and a family room) to help us furnish the spaces quickly and in a thoughtful and polished way.”

Designer Insight: 

“Laura and her fiancé’s biggest struggle was imagining a cohesive and cozy design style that felt understated without being boring. I knew seeing a selection of items tailored to their particular taste in Modsy 3D would be really helpful for them!”

How Modsy Delivered

Modsy 3D design

“Fortunately, my fiancé and I have very compatible tastes. So it was fun to take the style quiz together and discuss what we wanted each room to look like with our designer. We loved everything in our first design! Although, it was helpful to work with our designer and select alternatives at different price points.”

Designer Insight: 

“I was so pleased they enjoyed their first designs so much but more than happy to help them with design revisions, tailoring their budget where it was needed. For example, they wanted to save a little on wall art, so I swapped out a large piece of art above their bed in the first design and replaced it with three smaller, more affordable art prints. The visual impact remained the same, but they were able to save money with the change.”


The Final Results

After Modsy

“I really like interior design, but I’m not an expert. I could have spent countless hours researching different looks and items without knowing how they’d all look together in person. Instead, our designer helped us develop cohesive designs we’d never thought of alone. We even added bold accent walls in each bedroom!

Having Modsy create a vision and plan was incredibly helpful and allowed us to quickly furnish several of our rooms. It made us so happy. For example, I remember when we completed our guest bedroom IRL, we couldn’t help but pause at the door whenever we walked by it and say out loud, “Hello, sexy guest room!” It just looked so pretty!”

Designer Insight: 

“Working with these two on their design was such fun. It was neat to show them some simple ways to up-level their design. For instance, they could easily create depth and visual interest in the space with the accent wall.

I always love helping people work on their bedroom design because having a place to relax and recharge has such a positive impact on our lives. And creating a space where people feel welcomed and well cared for is always a joy for me.”

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February Designer Highlights: Modsy Designers Share Their Favorite Designs and Tips for Home Wellness

At Modsy, we believe everyone can benefit from expert interior designer guidance, and we frequently include our designer’s tips in our blog posts. But more than just sharing their tips, we want you to know the incredible individuals behind our designs and show off the fantastic work they do for our customers. So, we’re launching a new series where we’ll be highlighting some designs they’ve made for customers and sharing their first-hand insights on how each look came together.

Since many people come to Modsy hoping to improve their lives with better-designed spaces, we’re focusing the first installment of this series on how interior design can positively impact your well-being. Below, we’re highlighting a selection of customer spaces where a designer tackled a customer’s particular design dilemma to create a space that enhances their quality of life.

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A Calming Minimal Glam Dining Room by Karen

“I designed this space for a young couple that lives in Austin. They wanted a minimal look in their dining room—something that would be clean, calming, and relaxing. But they were struggling to integrate the architecture of their house with their vision for the space and were left feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Working with them, I refined all their wonderful ideas into a streamlined design concept.”

Modsy Designer Karen

Karen’s Design Solution

“I think that COVID has made us realize the importance of having a home that’s comfortable, organized, and peaceful. And this couple certainly felt that need. Fortunately, they had great personal style, giving us the springboard to create their calming dining room design. I knew they’d benefit from lots of natural light, so I selected some sheer curtains and stuck to a neutral color scheme, which kept things airy and cheery. Color is also a very powerful communication tool, and neutral colors symbolize purity, cleanliness, and calm. I also wanted to integrate some colors from the rest of their house to keep things cohesive. I find this kind of design consistency in a home is reassuring for people.” – Karen V., Modsy Designer

To achieve a sense of calm in your own home…

  • Enhance natural light by removing items that sit in front of a window or swapping out heavy drapes for more sheer ones
  • Choose a soothing color palette—like soft neutrals, blues, or greens

Customer coastal bedroom design

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A Relaxing East-Coast-Inspired Bedroom by Mckenzie

“This customer had her hands full with an ongoing remodel on her new house and planning her wedding in June. She felt like she didn’t have time to pick out pieces and style her home, so she came to us to take that weight off her shoulders. Specifically, she wanted help bringing her bedroom to life—which is not a particularly large space. She wanted to keep the room spacious, light, and airy—to create a relaxing bedroom retreat while also speaking to her ideal design style, traditional East Coast design, which has a reputation for elegance and sophistication.”

Modsy Designer McKenzie

Mckenzie’s Design Solution

“Above all else, I wanted to create a space for this client that would help alleviate some of the stress that comes with all these major life changes happening this year! Having a calming, peaceful bedroom retreat is the perfect way to promote relaxation at the end of each day. I made the bed the focal point of the space (a specific request from the client) which offers a visual reminder that this space is for rest and relaxation the moment you walk through the door. I then pulled together a coordinated, elegant aesthetic for the newly remodeled space—which speaks to a traditional coastal aesthetic while also creating a sense of calm through natural materials and a cohesive design. Since it’s a small space, I kept extra furniture to a minimum to make the space feel as open, airy, and relaxing as possible.” –Mckenzie K., Modsy Designer

If you have a small bedroom but want it to feel light and airy…

  • Keep the layout and decor simple
  • Opt for a neutral and bright color palette
  • Choose materials that reflect light, like mirrors and glass
  • Keep the focal point singular since having multiple focal points in your space can create a sense of chaos in a smaller room

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A Multi-Functional Eclectic Glam Living Room by Carli

“This space belongs to a customer who is in her early 30s and was working from home due to pandemic office closures. She needed to incorporate a workspace into her small New York City apartment’s living area while still maintaining a conversational space for hosting friends and incorporating some practical storage. She wanted the space to function well and express her eclectic style and vibrant personality in a bold way. (She also wanted it to look great as a background on video calls.)”

Modsy Designer Carli

Carli’s Design Solution

“Sometimes wellness is simply about feeling confident and comfortable in your own space—and I wanted to give that sense of confidence to my client. Her new space has a place for everything, which helps her stay organized and feel at peace in this space. The comfortable (but stylish) furniture invites her to linger and relax while also offering an incredible space to host friends. And the office nook gives her a dedicated space to work from home while enabling her to feel confident that she is presenting herself as professional and polished. Layered lighting gives her versatility in establishing the mood (and function) of the space, depending on whether she’s working, relaxing, or hosting friends. But beyond all this, I also sought to bring her personality into her space—with a moody, dramatic wall color, pops of bright colors, and some quirky and unique accents. Because nothing makes you feel more at home in a space than when it feels like ‘you.’” –Carli S., Modsy Designer

To create a multipurpose space that is both functional and pretty…

  • Start with solid foundation pieces—like comfortable seating, a soft rug, and a desk that’s the proper height
  • Incorporate various light sources to meet a variety of needs and moods
  • Play up colors, textures, and decorative accents to inject some personality and create a space that feels uniquely you

customer modern rustic living room design

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A Relaxed Modern Rustic Living Room by Jacqueline

“When entering this client’s home, you walk right into this basement living area—so she wanted a space that felt relaxing and cohesive to help reset her mindset and emotions as she walked through the door. While she had some foundational furniture, she was struggling to enhance her space with finishing touches that captured how she wanted to feel in this space as well as her style—an earthy, modern-yet-approachable look with a neutral color palette.”

Modsy Designer Jacqueline

Jacqueline’s Design Solution

“Since this is the first room she sees as she enters her home, creating a space that made her feel relaxed and at ease was important. I know that walking into your home and seeing chaos or a design that doesn’t function will automatically add stress and negativity to your life. So I wanted this room to feel pulled together, tidy and grounding. To do this, I paired her existing furniture with finishing touches like tabletop decor, artwork, pillows, and lighting. These make the space feel pulled-together and cohesive. By using earth neutrals throughout the space, along with some biophilic decor, I further enhanced a sense of calm.” –Jacqueline B., Modsy Designer

To achieve a relaxed, cohesive space…

  • Minimize clutter by downsizing and/or making use of hidden storage solutions
  • Incorporate natural, earthy elements through wood furniture, greenery, and natural materials
  • Stick with a warm neutral color palette, which will feel welcoming and is easy to enhance with pops of color


Custom boho electic space

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A Harmonious-but-Eclectic Mid-Century Living Room by Hope

“A lot of couples struggle to combine their design styles into one space when they move in together—and these clients were no different. A couple in their late 30s, they both had distinct and developed styles when they moved in together and were struggling to blend them together. He likes a more masculine, minimalist/mid-century modern look, while she loves color and texture. They wanted a space that represented each of them as individuals, but also as a couple—and embodied the sense of harmony they feel in their relationship together.”

Modsy Designer Hope

Hope’s Design Solution

“My biggest aim was to help this couple see that there was a way to create visual harmony with their differing design preferences. I wanted to ensure they both felt their individual taste was reflected in the design. To bring that sense of balance and harmony, I mixed together pieces that are more traditionally masculine and feminine throughout the space—balancing hard lines and angles with soft, organic forms. I also kept the foundational furniture neutral and unfussy to create a good foundation for mixing styles. From there, I punched up the vibrancy of the design with bold color and texture in the textiles and art. Decorative elements like plants, books, photos and other collected treasures are a great way to bring two people’s personalities into one space, ensuring they both feel at home and represented.” –Hope C., Modsy Designer

If you want to mix styles in your own home…

  • Keep foundational furniture more “neutral” or transitional to create a foundation for mixing styles
  • Use accent furniture and decor to bring in elements of both of your preferred style
  • Find a commonality that brings each person’s design preferences together—whether it’s a color palette you both agree on or a furniture shape that you both like
  • Read our blog post on how to mix styles in a cohesive way

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Our Modsy Story: How We Created a Personalized and Cohesive Design for Our First Home

Homeowner: Briana B.

Spaces: Multiple rooms

When Briana, her husband, and their baby moved to a larger home in the suburbs, they worried about how they would furnish the extra space while maintaining a consistent and personal design style. Wanting to avoid any design missteps, they decided to try online interior design, and they enjoyed the combination of expert designer guidance and 3D visualization.

The Design Dilemma

Briana and her husband were excited to move their young family from a city rental to a larger home in the suburbs. But they found themselves daunted by the idea of furnishing a larger space from scratch.

“We were moving into our first home, and there were SO many more rooms to furnish! We really didn’t know where to start,” Briana explains. “We knew we wanted to fill our new colonial-style home in a way that felt personal, modern, and stylish—we just didn’t know how”

With multiple rooms to design and furnish, full-time work, and a baby, the couple was legitimately concerned over how they’d achieve the right look for their home. “We were most afraid of two things: either buying impersonal furniture sets straight out of big-box store catalogs OR combining a bunch of individual pieces that didn’t look cohesive or stylish in the end,” says Briana.

The Modsy Moment

The couple wanted to avoid any design missteps and ensure a cohesive-but-personalized look throughout their home. To help with the process, they turned to online interior design for expert guidance and 3D visualization.

“We were amazed to see how Modsy turned photos from a phone into a realistic depiction of the spaces in our home,” says Briana. “We genuinely got so excited when we saw our first designs. From there, it was so easy to bring our design vision together.”

Briana and her husband enjoyed how easy it was to collaborate with their personal designer and make minor tweaks to the design on their own using Modsy’s Live Swap feature. “Our designer was super responsive and gave us great design revision, always getting us closer to our end goal,” says Briana. “Between her expert help and having the option to swap individual items in or out on our own, we quickly create a consistent and personal look for our many unfinished rooms.”

After landing on a design they loved, the couple decided to use Modsy’s one-stop shopping to bring their design vision to life. “Purchasing furniture and decor from our designs was a breeze,” says Briana. “Just one click to buy from all the different stores and websites, and only input shipping/payment info one time? Amazing!”



The Real Results

Briana and her husband are so thankful for a home design that feels cohesive and reflects their personal style. They’ve even noticed over time that their home design has positively impacted their general mood, especially over the last year or so.

“Now that we work from home full time, we’ve noticed that having beautifully designed rooms to relax and unwind in is great,” says Briana. “We both frequently find ourselves staring at our rooms while on video calls for work. We can tell you, having a nice place for your eyes to rest during work meetings is a life-saver. “

Briana adds that “living in an aesthetically pleasing space genuinely improves our mood and quality of life. Especially now that we stay home more because of working from home, new COVID variants, and having a toddler!”

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Meet the Designer: How Modsy Designer Vye Moran Is Tackling Her Own Home Project in 3D

One of the great things about the Modsy design network is the diverse backgrounds of all our designers. Some are formally trained, some are self-taught, and many had established careers in a totally different industry before making their way into the world of interior design. (Kind of like some of our favorite interior designers outside of the Modsy world!) We want to introduce you to some of our talented designers—let’s get to know the people behind the screens.

Want to work one-on-one with one of our talented designers to decorate your home? Start a Modsy design project and get matched with an expert who will show you designs in your exact space in 3D!

Meet Vye, a designer and mother of two from Westchester, NY!

Vye discovered a talent for interior design when she hired a designer for her family’s previous home and began collaborating on the project. Since then, she’s worked as both a traditional interior designer and as an online designer at Modsy, helping clients bring their spaces to life.

We (virtually) sat down with Vye to hear more about her journey to becoming a designer, how she’s using Modsy to design her own home, and some of the design tips she swears by!

How did you get into the interior design industry?

“When my family moved into the apartment we’re in now, I hired a designer to help us with our space,” Vye says. “She and I really hit it off, and in the process of working with her, I realized I was good at interior design. We’d go back and forth and it helped me recognize that I was good at it.”

The interior designer Vye hired for her project encouraged her to consider becoming an interior designer herself, and she even hired Vye to work on some client projects with her.

Prior to that, she had been a stay at home mom and social media manager. “I was home with our kids for quite a while, and once they were all in school, I started as a social media manager for several start-ups. I kind of fell into it, but I hadn’t really taken the time to think through what I really wanted to do,” says Vye.

When Vye discovered her knack for interior design, she switched gears and started taking on small design projects. She also started taking courses at the New York School of Interior Design and is working toward her design degree.


How did you find yourself at Modsy?

“When COVID hit, all of our work kind of stopped. Plus, with my kids, I didn’t want to take a train into the city and go to clients’ homes,” says Vye.

“I was trying to weigh options of what to do with interior design during that time, and one of my friends told me about Modsy and that they were hiring,” she says. “I had never heard of Modsy, but I looked it up and thought it was really cool and looked like something I could do.”

Vye started as a Modsy designer in February 2021 and now works with Modsy’s Luxe clients.

Vye’s new home is starting to come to life!

How would you describe your personal design style?

“It’s changed a lot, even since working at Modsy. At this point, I’d say it’s Scandinavian Minimal meets California Casual. I definitely like neutrals, but I love a little bit of glam, too. I love pops of blush pink, much to my husband’s dismay!”

Tell us about your new home that you’re designing!

Vye and her husband bought a new home in October 2021. It’s located in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York and it embodies Scandinavian cabin vibes. A true believer in the power of virtual interior design, Vye is using Modsy to design her whole home.

“I’ve become so spoiled with Modsy’s technology, and I wanted to use it in our new house to help envision our designs before making any big purchases,” says Vye. “We have a nice open living/dining room, and I wanted to be able to play with what works in that space.”

She started with the design of her open living/dining room, the primary bedroom, and a small den/office area.

“I was excited to design our home with Modsy and get to do for myself what I get to do for other people! With spacing and layouts, it’s extremely helpful to have the Modsy technology,” says Vye. “For that little multipurpose space, especially, we didn’t know what was going to fit. We didn’t want to buy stuff and have it not fit.”

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How would you describe the style of the space?

“The house lends itself to a more Scandinavian style—and luckily my husband likes that Scandinavian, minimalist aesthetic that I like,” says Vye.

Since their home is located in the Catskill Mountains, they wanted the design of their home to feel congruent with its location. “We wanted to create that minimal, Scandinavian vibe with a little bit of Modern Farmhouse,” says Vye. “We’re trying to make it feel cohesive with the area we’re in, while also feeling like us.”

What was it like designing your new home with Modsy vs how you might have done it before?

“As a Modsy designer, I have an intimate knowledge of the Modsy product catalog,” Vye says. “I’m in the catalog all the time for client projects, and it was fun to go in and immediately know some of the pieces that I wanted for our designs.”

Vye’s 3D Modsy design for her new home office

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One of Vye’s favorite parts of being a Modsy designer is being able to show her clients what their homes are actually going to look like. And she loved being able to experience that for herself. “It was really fun for my husband and I to do that for our space, as opposed to just creating a flat moodboard,” she says. “We were able to see what our actual space was going to look like and even look at the rooms from different angles. And it was nice to be able to share my designs with friends and with our boys.”

Another view of Vye’s design for her home office

The real space is starting to come together!

The house is a new build, so when Vye and her husband first brought their boys there, the space was totally empty. “With our Modsy designs, I was able to show them where our sofa was going to be and where we’d eat family dinners. It made it feel more real for them, and they became more excited to move in.”

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Do you have any favorite pieces or moments in the designs?

“I’m most excited about our bedroom,” says Vye. “I really wanted to give myself a desk area, just to be able to have a space for myself. Since my husband has the den as ‘his’ space, I wanted to have the bedroom feel like my relaxation area. It also gives me a space to get ready and work, with a little vanity/desk working area.”

Designs of Vye’s new bedroom

Going from a 2-bedroom, 1-bath apartment to a 3-bedroom, 2.5-bath home, Vye had a lot more space to work with as she designed their new space.

“It’s been really fun to design a larger space,” she says. “We’re so limited in our current apartment with what we could add to the space. Being able to play around with the designs—like designing an actual dining space and considering a sectional versus a sofa—there’s just so much more space to play with and add the things that I’d love to have in the space.”

When it comes to getting inspired for your space or clients’ projects, where do you find inspiration?

“I love absorbing inspiration. My husband will laugh, but my idea of relaxing is browsing Instagram or watching closet and bedroom makeover videos on YouTube. I try to absorb all types of inspiration. I save a lot of images I find on Instagram and Pinterest. I have a board that’s just inspiration—with colors, flowers, architecture, fashion. I try to just pull what makes me feel good and catches my eye.”

In your opinion, what is the secret ingredient behind a “great” design?

“Great design is subjective and is all about what makes you feel good, as the person living in the space. I think it’s important to hone in on what you love and how you want to feel in a space. You can have an objectively great design, but that doesn’t mean it will resonate with you or feel authentic to who you are. I think when you can really narrow in on what makes you happy when you walk into a room, that can help guide your design choices.

“I’m a big believer in getting in touch with what makes you feel good in your space—whether it’s colors, textures, artwork, whatever. That’s what makes a great design—when it’s a reflection of you and your personality.”

Vye’s 3D Modsy design for her new home office/den space

What are the 3 design tips you swear by?

  1. Organization. I’m a huge ‘Monica’ from Friends. I love when everything is really organized. It’s so important to add in those organizational pieces that will get toys, shoes, papers, etc. out of the way. That will immediately change how you feel in a space and change how the design feels. Even a beautiful design, if there’s clutter, will not feel like a nice design.
  2. Balance. There’s a fine line between a space having that ‘undone’ look and feeling cluttered. I try to find the middle ground between making a space feel styled but not making it feel like you just put out a lot of decor. When in doubt, less is more. It’s all about adding those finishing touches but not overdoing it.
  3. Texture. I’m a big believer in having a mix of textures in a space. No matter your color scheme, adding texture through decor like pillows and throws will make a space feel more ‘designed’ and more polished and complete.

Do you have a favorite design era or movement?

“I’m taking an architectural history class right now, and I really love the organic ‘Frank Llyod Wright’ design combined with Bauhaus-inspired furniture. But I also love the French Neoclassical era. Mixing those styles is my sweet spot when it comes to design. All those pinks, light blues, and gold tones with molded paneling mixed with the curving architectural furniture design—perfection.”

What interior from a movie or TV show would you live in if you could?

“Phantom Thread, with Daniel Day-Lewis. It’s a Paul Thomas Anderson movie, and the interior in that apartment is beautiful. It takes place in the 50s, and the apartment has these beautiful architectural details—French doors, brass hardware, moulding on the walls, powdery blue paint. It’s so beautiful.”

What’s your interior design pet peeve?

“I think the longer that I’ve been a designer, I don’t like when I walk into a space and it feels like someone bought a full matching set of furniture. I don’t like everything being so matchy. Again, it’s about balance. Having a matching dresser and nightstand? Fine. But I don’t want the bed to match the nightstands and the dresser and the armoire. It’s too much. I like when people are more open to mixing and not feeling like every piece in a room has to match.”

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My Modsy Story: Designing Multiple Rooms From Scratch

Gina’s family protrait taken by Liz J. Photography


Homeowner: Gina S.

Spaces: Multiple Rooms

My Style: Mod Enthusiast

The Design Dilemma

Gina and her husband had enjoyed living in a single-bedroom apartment in New York City for several years. But by early 2020, with two quickly growing toddlers, they knew they’d have to relocate their family to a larger space sooner rather than later. However, the couple couldn’t decide if they wanted to move to a larger apartment in the city or relocate to a home in the suburbs.

Little did they know that the onset of COVID-19 in March of that year would be the deciding factor in what kind of home they’d move to. “Our friend offered her vacation home to us to use until the situation in the city improved,” Gina says. “We quickly realized we loved living in a house together. So, that summer we decided to build a four-bedroom house”

Soon the house was being built and the entire family was excited to be entering a new phase of life together. But for Gina, the responsibility of finding the right layout and decor for several empty rooms went from fun to overwhelming in no time.

“After looking at tons of inspiration images on Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz, and Google, I became extremely overwhelmed with all of the choices. I reached a point of interior design paralysis,” she says.

In particular, Gina worried about creating cohesive designs for the family’s new great room and family room. “Our new house is very open-concept—the lower level and great room were very challenging for me to envision,” Gina says. “I desperately needed help figuring out what furniture to buy and how to lay it all out!”


The Modsy Moment

Once Gina began her design project with Modsy, her interior design anxiety and paralysis were transformed into a new set of feelings. “I experienced a mixture of relief and excitement as I started working with our designer,” Gina says. “I was relieved to utilize an expert’s guidance instead of piecing together the design myself. And it was so exciting to see the designs come to life in 3D. For a few days after I received the first 3D designs, I just pretended I was living inside of them—they looked so real, it was hardly a stretch.”

“Working with Modsy turned a stressful situation into an enjoyable experience,” says Gina. “I loved working with our designer, Caitlin, on three room designs: our open-concept lower level, our main floor great room, and our home office.”

The Real Results

Now that the family has moved into their new home, they are enjoying its designs together. Gina especially is reassured that she can always turn to Modsy for design visualization and expert guidance for whatever design project life throws her way.

“Modsy really helped me get a handle on how each room could be well laid out and functional for my family,” she says. “Everyone is so happy in our space, and friends and family that visit are impressed with the design.”

After such a good experience, Modsy is becoming an ongoing source of help. “We’re already using Modsy again to finish our master bedroom and then kids’ rooms next year!”

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Our Modsy Story: Using Design to Make Our Short-Term Space Feel Like Home

Modsy. customers

Homeowners: Carmen and Kika

Space: Living Room

Their Style: Rustic Traveler

Apartment before Modsy

Apartment before Modsy

The Design Dilemma

Carmen and Kika live together in a small apartment in Bayside, New York. They love their neighborhood and community, but when Kika first moved in—doubling the couple’s belongings—the small space felt overcrowded and left them wanting more room.

“Our first instinct was to move to a larger space,” Carmen says. “But we’d miss the neighborhood, and we didn’t want to spend more money on a larger apartment when we could put savings toward buying a home—which we planned to do in a year or so.”

“We wanted to reconfigure our apartment so that it would give us the style that we wanted and the space that we needed,” Carmen explains. But the couple had no idea how to make that happen.

Customer apartment in Modsy 3D

The Modsy Moment

“One day, while surfing the web, we found Modsy. At first, we were a little hesitant,” Carmen explains. But the couple was fed up with their cramped apartment and decided to purchase a design package.

As soon as they had their design consultation, they “immediately felt comfortable,” says Carmen.  “Our designer understood what we wanted and beautifully reimagined our space.”

Carmen says that she and Kika “didn’t know how to create a stylish design for a small apartment.” Their designer helped them understand how the different colors and patterns intertwined within the space, helping it appear larger.

The couple loved the designs, and Carmen says, “We could not have done that by ourselves.”


The Real Results

Now that their living room design journey is complete, the couple has embarked on another project. “We really enjoy our living room now, and our designer inspired us to redo the dining room area, too,” says Carmen.

She says these updates assure them that they’ll continue to love their current residence until they’re ready to move into their own house.

“Knowing that this design was specifically created for our home makes us feel like we have settled into the space,” she adds. “And that has given us peace of mind.”

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Our Modsy Story: Using Online Design to Find the Perfect Layout in Our Home


Homeowners: Isaac and Steph

Spaces: Living Room and Guest Room/Office

Our Style: Rustic Warmth

The Design Dilemma

When Isaac and Steph moved into their house together, they were excited to enter into a new phase of life and a home where they could build new memories together. But they quickly discovered that their recently combined furniture and decor didn’t add up to a cohesive design that reflected the harmony they felt as a couple.  In particular, they struggled on deciding what furniture should go in which room.

“Our living room and guest room were just tragic,” says Isaac. “We knew we wanted one room to have a work area but couldn’t decide which of the two rooms should have our desk in it.”

“We tried putting it in the living room, but our desire to make the space multifunctional had forced items into the room without a plan for integrating them into the rest of the space,” Isaac explained. “Both rooms felt ill-conceived and jumbled with a random hodgepodge of furniture and decor and no overarching vision.”


The Modsy Moment

Feeling frustrated by not knowing how to design their two rooms, the couple turned to Modsy for some expert guidance. Working with an interior designer helped them determine the right layout for each space, and seeing each room in 3D helped them finally decide which room would be the best spot for their at-home work area.

“The combination of working with a designer and seeing a 3D version of our room was great,” says Isaac. “We could discuss our ideas with our designer, get her expert opinion, and then see each concept professionally executed in our design. Knowing that she was there guiding us through our design decision reassured us both that we wouldn’t make any big mistakes. It was a total game-changer for us!”

The Real Results

Now that the designs for both rooms are complete, the couple is blown away by how easily each space came together once they decided to try online design.

“We thought we had such a difficult-to-design living room and guest room—until we saw each room in Modsy 3D!” Isaac says. Using online design changed their perspective on their space and future interior design projects. “Instead of seeing obstacles when it comes to design, we now know we have access to a design expert. We love that our designers’ great ideas, combined with the amazing 3D technology, can show us exactly how those ideas can be executed in our home!”

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Meet The Designer: Chatting 70s Rock Stars, Plants, and Traveling With Hope Colling

One of the great things about the Modsy design network is the diverse backgrounds of all our designers. Some are formally trained, some are self-taught, and many had established careers in a totally different industry before making their way into the world of interior design. (Kind of like some of our favorite interior designers outside of the Modsy world!) We want to introduce you to some of our talented designers—let’s get to know the people behind the screens.

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Meet Modsy designer Hope!

Modsy Designer Hope Colling has quite the resume. She toured with Kiss, was a Wall Street stockbroker, and owned two successful boutiques in San Francisco. A photo of her living room was even the most pinned image of 2012! All that to say, her path to becoming an interior designer has been far from ordinary. But it’s her unique journey that shapes her perspective when it comes to designing spaces for Modsy customers.

We (virtually) sat down with Hope to hear more about her life, design process, and what inspires her!

A throwback to Hope’s touring days!

How did you get into the interior design industry?

“I have a very unique and diverse background,” says Hope. “Now that I’m older, it’s kind of cool to reflect on my journey. But when I was younger, I felt like I had no shared experiences with anyone because my path was so different.

“However, the fact that I didn’t know anyone who had taken the same path as it gave me the confidence to take more risks! I went in my own direction without feeling limited by other people’s life choices or experiences.”

Hope’s career began in the entertainment industry when she was just a teenager. “Both of my parents were artists—my mom was a professional dancer and my dad was a musician,” says Hope. “I grew up in this very bohemian, rock and roll household.” So, at the time, it didn’t seem so crazy that her first real job was touring with Kiss and Mötley Crüe.

For three years she was on the road, and after touring she moved back to New York. Not knowing what her next move would be, she took a job as a receptionist at a financial firm. Hope soon developed a knack for finance, and ultimately became a stockbroker, working on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

But after 15 years in finance, living in New York during 9/11, and a diagnosis of ovarian cancer the following year, Hope was ready for something totally different. She had always dreamed of owning her own boutique, so she moved across the country and decided to take the leap. “I had no experience in anything like this,” she says, “but I just followed my instincts and wasn’t afraid to work hard. I opened a boutique in San Francisco in 2007, which was named the Best Boutique in the Bay Area for 4 consecutive years.”

View of Marmalade boutique from Union Street in San Francisco

The boutique, where Hope sold collections of women’s clothing, was called Marmalade. And it was in the process of designing and decorating her boutique that she discovered her love for interior design.

From opening day, customers were inquiring about the tables and shelves (all made by Hope’s husband, Pete) that she used to display clothing in the store. “More than buying the clothing, people wanted to buy the fixtures in the store,” says Hope.

And this sparked something for Hope and Pete. Together, the couple eventually opened a sister boutique, The Mason Jar, full of furniture and housewares. And they also launched a design firm, Colling Design + Build, to pursue furniture and interior design beyond their storefronts.

“So, I don’t have a background in this. I’m just a hustler and follow my instincts!” says Hope.

Hope’s many interests outside of interior design include swimming with sharks and riding her horse

How did you find yourself at Modsy?

“After living in California for many years and starting several businesses, we wanted a break from all the hustle. So, we sold our home and moved down to the Bahamas and bought a small house down there!”

Hope’s husband is currently working on a project in the Bahamas, but they also regularly spend time in both Florida and Austin, Texas, which is currently their home base in the US. Because of all the traveling they do, a traditional job isn’t in the cards for Hope at the moment. But with Modsy, she saw an opportunity to use her design skills while having flexibility as a remote worker.

“I’ve always been a superfan of Modsy’s technology and the direction the company is going—I really believe that Modsy’s approach, with our 3D capabilities, is the future of interior design. So, I kept my finger on the pulse of the company, and when I saw an opening I jumped on it. I’ve loved Modsy for a long time, and right now it’s also a good fit for my needs and skillset!”

A peek inside Hope’s cozy home


How would you describe your personal design style?

“I’d describe my style as Scandi-boho meets global eclectic, but with a minimalist undertone. I gravitate toward warm, earthy neutrals and simple shapes.”

Hope and her husband have travelled a lot, and her husband lived abroad when he was younger. She says that this influences their eclectic style.

“I’m a big believer that your home should be a reflection of your history.”

“A lot of our decor consists of pieces we’ve collected over the years through our travels, as well as family heirlooms and other beloved treasures that represent our story,” says Hope. “I’m a big believer that your home should be a reflection of your history. We like to showcase the story of our life in our home.” But the minimalist side of their style comes in through the styling, which is more pared back. “We don’t like clutter or a lot of textures and layers crowding our space,” she says.

living room tan couches wood sidetable

One of Hope’s many gorgeous designs, created in Modsy 3D!

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Where do you go for design inspiration?

“I find so much inspiration from Mother Nature. She never gets it wrong; I’m such a nature girl. I love looking to nature for inspiration on color palettes, especially,” says Hope. “By choosing color combinations and tones that are found together in nature, you can create a natural sense of balance.” She loves combining pinks and oranges, like you’d see in a sunset, or forest green and light blue, like trees against a clear sky.

Hope also finds a ton of design inspiration from 1970s fashion. “I’m kind of obsessed with the glamour of rock stars and models of that time—especially couples like Mick and Bianca Jagger, or Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin,” she says. “There’s this combination of very done and undone in those couples. Rock stars are edgy, messy, and discombobulated. And models and socialites are lovely, glamorous, and always done up. I get a lot of inspiration from that aesthetic.”

living room teal accent wall orange pillows pink rug

Modsy 3D design by Hope

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What is the secret ingredient behind a “great” design?

“Everyone has a different idea of what qualifies as good design,” says Hope. “Some designers say that ‘a room is only a success if your eye never stops moving.’ Others say that it’s only a success if your eye finds that one focal point. There’s no right or wrong answer. In my opinion, a room is a success if you feel good in it. Your house should fit your lifestyle, not just someone’s Instagram highlight. You can make anything beautiful, but it has to fit your lifestyle.”

“A room is a success if you feel good in it.”

living room brown couch round coffee table white chairs

Modsy 3D design by Hope


What are the 3 design tips you swear by?

  1. Plants, plants, and more plants. In my opinion, a house without plants has no soul—it’s like a hotel room. Potted plants, trees, succulents, air plants—they instantly (and literally!) bring life to any space. They add a punch of color, add a sculptural element that helps break up the lines and architecture in your space, and make a room feel lived in.
  2. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. That goes for patterns, textures, woods tones, metals, and price points. Good design should feel curated and layered.
  3. Support artists and makers! Infuse a little uniqueness into your home by shopping craft fairs or sites like Etsy for handmade pieces that tell a story.

Hope’s dream home would be the set from Nancy Meyers’ film, It’s Complicated

What interior from a movie or TV show would you live in if you could?

Meryl Streep’s house in “It’s Complicated” or Reese Witherspoon’s in “Home Again.” Nancy Meyers, the director of both films, does an incredible job of making her sets feel like a character in her films. You want to get inside the sets.

All of Nancy Meyers’ movies are romantic comedies, with a woman at the center. And there’s always something going on in her life—her love life’s a mess, her career is a mess. But she always has this beautiful, well-appointed house to come home to. It gives you this sense of, ‘As long as my house is in balance, my life is in balance.’”

modern living room ladder bookshelves white couch

Modsy 3D design by Hope

What’s your interior design pet peeve?

Sterile kitchens. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it should feel that way!

Hope and her husband, Pete, taking their pup for a walk

Favorite place to vacation?

Anywhere I haven’t been! I love to travel and explore new places. Though, lately, my biggest adventure is taking my dogs for a walk!

What’s the last book you read and enjoyed?

“Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert. I first read it a few years ago, but I thumb through it and read random passages pretty often. They’re always so timely and relevant.

You’ve already shared so many—but what’s another fun fact about you?

I’m obsessed with great white sharks. I’ve been fascinated with them since I was young, and in 2010 I got to go on an expedition dive in the Farallon Islands.

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My Modsy Story: Creating a Grown-Up Kids Room in Time for the School Year


Homeowner: Olympia A.

Spaces: Kids Bedroom

My Style: Contemporary Collector

modsy before image

The Design Dilemma

Olympia is many things—a busy consultant for nonprofits, a wine connoisseur, and a mother of three. But she’s not an interior design expert. However, as her sons Cash and Max entered middle school, she realized it was time to convert their small bedroom into something a little more grown-up and functional. Between her busy work schedule and lack of design knowledge, she struggled to create a practical layout where her sons could both relax and do school work in their room.

“Before we started our design journey, this room had gone ignored,” Olympia explains. “The room was an empty box with two rather child-like twin beds shoved in the corner.”

However, she knew that things in the space would have to change with the new school year fast approaching. “I needed to transform a space that was mostly for sleeping into a multi-functional room where they could do school work, relax, and play Xbox”.

Olympia says she even “cut out pieces of paper to replicate Max and Cash’s furniture to figure out the right layout!” Then, realizing that there had to be an easier option that could help with the room’s design, she Googled “virtual interior design” and found Modsy.
customer kids room modsy

The Modsy Moment

Olympia says both she and her sons were blown away by the first two designs they received from their designer. “The first layout was something I would have never imagined alone and I was really impressed with it. But the second design was perfect for my boys,” she explains. “When I showed them the design they actually thought it was a photo and that I decorated their room overnight! The designs were just that life-like.”

Max and Cash liked how the design gave them each their own side of the room and how the decor felt more grown-up. Olympia was impressed by how the designer opened up the space by adding hanging storage and a wall desk. And all three of them were crazy about the blue accent wall!

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kids room modsy

The Real Results

Now that the project is complete Olympia and her sons couldn’t be happier with the room. “Modsy provided me with a practical and beautiful design for my son’s room that we are all excited to show off. The whole design experience made me feel proud of what I could accomplish while designing from my sofa.”

Modsy customer on vacationOlympia, with her family enjoying time in California wine country

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