12 Essential Tips for Designing a Scandinavian Living Room

Scandinavian design has long been a favorite interior style for the home. It’s Mid-Century Modern’s quiet but cool cousin, defined by clean lines, simple forms, neutral and natural tones, and layers of comfort.

More than any other style, Scandinavian interior design has a way of seamlessly blending modern and sleek elements with a cozy, welcoming aesthetic. Case in point: Step inside any Scandinavian living room design and you’ll likely find streamlined sofas and chairs mixed with nubby pillows, woven accents paired with light-wood tables, and steel or metal lighting displayed alongside graphic art. It all adds up to a space that’s thoughtfully curated for both style and function. Which means a Scandinavian design approach is also great for family-friendly living rooms.

To help you create the perfect Scandinavian living room, we’ve rounded up our favorite simple and chic tips for how to bring the look to life in your home. Check them out below!

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1. Incorporate Natural Woods

A hallmark of Scandinavian style is the use of beautiful natural wood furnishings, which are often in light tones or unfinished to reveal raw grain details.

To set the foundation for a Scandinavian living room, consider a mix of natural wood pieces. Start with a clean-lined sofa with an exposed wood frame or tapered legs. If you want to instill a feeling of warmth, lean towards darker woods, such as walnut and maple; if you want to play up an airy vibe, try a lighter wood, like birch or pine. Balance it out with a wood table or chair in a similar tone for a cohesive and curated look.

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2. Keep to a Neutral Palette

A simple neutral color scheme works perfectly with natural woods and materials, and it’s a key design element for a classic Scandinavian living room look.

An easy way to play up neutrals for a Scandinavian feel is to keep to soft, cool tones. Consider a light gray sofa, which can bring a versatile and serene look. Mix in warm white accents, such as a plush rug or sheepskin, a fluffy pillow or a cozy armchair, all in ivory or eggshell tones. Round out your larger neutral furnishings with barely-there notes of blues and greens for a hint of color—think pops of color from patterns, art, and even greenery. Finally, make sure to contrast these with different natural wood tones for a calming and curated Scandinavian feel.

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3. Layer on Textures

Coziness is a virtue in the Scandinavian living room, so adding layers of pillows and throws on sofas and chairs is an essential component of the look.

A great way to work in cozy textures is to layer from the ground up. Start with a plush rug that’s light on the eyes and soft on the feet, such as a Moroccan rug or sheepskin. These have a soft touch while also adding bold visual texture. From there, consider comfy accent pieces, like a woven pouf, table, or stool, which lend a warm look and feel. Finally top off your seating with lush pillows and throws, like a cable-knit cushion or a cashmere blanket, for the ultimate final soft layer.

Just be sure to stick to cozy Scandi decor in neutral tones to keep your space feeling layered and luxurious as opposed to cluttered.

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4. Contrast with Notes of Black

Pops of black provide rich contrast and a hint of edginess that can balance out the serene, neutral tones in a Scandinavian living room.

The most important thing to remember when decorating with black accents is to think of them as contrasting pops. Try sprinkling in a patterned pillow, monochrome photographs, and small ceramics for black accents that will add depth and blend seamlessly with the rest of your Scandinavian decor.

Remember you don’t want to overdo it by adding in too much black and you end up with a living room that feels boldly graphic with a high-contrast look. It’s about juxtaposing black and using the color as small anchors without taking away from the calming, curated Scandi look.

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5. Choose Furniture with Clean Lines

Scandinavian design is underscored by its clean-lined approach to furniture and decor. Not only does it impart simple streamlined appeal, it also lends a sense of calm and order to rooms.

Similar to spaces that play up the Japandi design trend, Scandinavian living rooms are anchored with clean-lined foundation pieces that emphasize style and functionality without frills. Opt for a linear sectional or sofa, rectangular or square coffee table, and accent chairs and tables that emphasize angular shapes and forms. Then mix in smooth curvy pieces for balance, like a pouf, rounded stool or even a globe pendant. The idea is to bring focus to sleek forms and designs that provide a modern and airy appeal.
Scandinavian living room with natural materials

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6. Embrace Natural Materials

Beyond cozy textures and woods, what gives a Scandinavian living room a feeling of warmth is a mix of natural materials that provide added texture, color, and an organic touch.

To curate a simple and sophisticated mix of designs made with natural materials, look to the small details. While you can opt for linen upholstery and natural cotton pillows, an array of artisanal accents will instantly draw attention to the beauty of natural materials and finishes. Think a mix of wooden bowls, a collection of hand-thrown ceramics, a textured stone vase or even a knotted jute rug—which all make for accents that emphasize organic materiality.

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Scandinavian room with cozy accents

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7. Add Varying Light Sources

Another key element that amplifies a sense of warmth for a Scandinavian living room is a balanced mix of lighting, which helps create a space that feels at once cozy and airy.

The key to lighting in a Scandinavian living room is allowing for plenty of natural light to fill the space first and foremost. Keep windows unobstructed by curtains or opt for sheers that maximize daylight. By emphasizing sunlight, it adds an instantly cozy feeling to your living space. Then work in multiple types of lighting at different heights, such as table lamps for surfaces, wall sconces, and hanging pendant lights that draw the eye up. Finish it all with candles that you can easily move around to play up ambient lighting to set an inviting tone.

Scandinavian living room with fur rug

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8. Prioritize Cozy Comforts

Scandinavian design is often perceived as minimalist, simple, and spare. Even so, it’s never lacking in comfort and in fact emphasizes coziness as we’ve mentioned. And the resulting design look and feel perfectly captures the concept of hygge.

Rooted in comfort and inviting textures, hygge decor is a staple in a classic Scandinavian living room. You’re likely already familiar with these decor pieces, which can range from a fluffy sheepskin rug to knitted throw blankets to even chunky woven ottomans and rugs. Layering these tactile elements along with plush fabrics and textures will play up the hygge sensibility and give your room a distinctly Scandinavian look and feel.

Scandinavian living room with minimal styling

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9. Mix Minimal and Graphic

While Scandinavian style has a streamlined and pared-down look, graphic art and accents are essential decor elements. They offer bold visual counterpoints which lend depth and dimension to spaces.

Opt for artwork with strong graphic elements, such as a black-and-white print or photograph, which can liven up blank walls. Or you can hang minimalist paintings or linework drawings that are in keeping with the clean lines of Scandinavian decor and furnishings. When in doubt, choose art that blends into your space quietly instead of pieces that pop and overtake the room.

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10. Work in Earthy Tones

Neutrals are the default color palette with Scandinavian design, but you can also branch off into earth tones for a warmer, slightly more rustic feel.

For a Scandinavian living room that conveys a deeply sumptuous look and feel, consider mixing furnishings in a range of earth tones such as natural wood tones, light browns, and creamy whites. It will all add up to a warm living space that’s richly layered, softly hued, and deeply inviting. Try adding muted pastels on top of an earth tone palette for a hint of color that doesn’t overwhelm the space.

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11. Keep Patterns Simple

Scandinavian design doesn’t mean you have to skip patterns altogether. The key is bringing in simple patterns that are within a soft neutral palette, which add texture and dimension to a space.

When choosing patterns for a Scandinavian living room look, simple designs and geometric motifs are foolproof. Just make sure to keep to an equally simple palette. A Moroccan rug, a two-tone geometric pillow, and even a large-scale black-and-white photograph are all easy ways you can inject pattern into a Scandi room while keeping a minimal and calming atmosphere.

Scandinavian room with lots of plants

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12. Make Room for Greenery

The easiest way to warm up a Scandinavian look is to layer in pops of greenery that not only provide color and texture to the space but also lend an organic, welcoming feel.

With greenery and plants, you can work in as many or as few as you want. A tall tree in a corner can make for a sculptural focal point that invigorates a space. Meanwhile, a few well placed pots of leafy plants can fill out bookshelves and tables with a lush, natural look that adds to the overall feeling of minimal serenity in a Scandinavian living room.

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12 Cozy Living Rooms We Want to Hibernate in all Winter Long

With temps dropping and colder days settling in, it’s officially cozy season. It’s the time of year when you feel the need to snuggle up at home and get ready to hibernate all through the winter months ahead.

No matter your style or space, a cozy living room is essential since it’s where you lounge and spend most of your time. The key to cozy living rooms is furniture and textures that play up a warm and inviting atmosphere. You can start with these easy cozy decor updates, then layer up with winter decor all in your own style. For instance, if you have a rustic-style living room, you can cozy up natural wood textures by adding a fluffy sheepskin; or if you’re more of a minimalist, swap for ribbed and textured pillows on your sofa.

For inspiration, we’ve rounded up cozy living room ideas that show how you can easily cozy-ify any style space. Scroll for our tips on creating a winter-ready living room that’s cozy to the max!

lounge chair with rattan frame sitting over a sheepskin rug

Cozy Organic Modernism

Serene and calming neutrals anchor this warm and cozy living room look. Here, it’s all about the modern furnishings made with natural materials and textures, which give the room a cozy organic feel.

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It’s cozy because… 

  • A plush sofa with throw blankets and plush pillows make it perfect for snuggling up.
  • Layered natural-fiber and sheepskin rugs add extra soft texture underfoot.
  • A comfy armchair that’s low to the ground makes for an inviting seat for curling up.

It’s perfect if you… love a modern look that’s light and soft with tons of texture.

hygge living room with beige sectional sofa and white fluffy rug

Layered Rustic Scandinavian

Part rustic and part modern, this cozy living room perfectly captures the Scandinavian winter ethos of hygge. The concept centers around all things cozy and organic, from soft colors, earthy textures, and pieces that convey a lived-in feel.

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It’s cozy because… 

  • The spacious and plush sectional is great for snuggling, lounging, and napping.
  • Oversized pillows in soft textures, from fluffy to tasseled, offer major comfort.
  • A soft patterned rug, knit ottoman, and fluffy floor pillow add warmth from the ground up.

It’s perfect if you… are a fan of hygge decor and the slower-paced winter life.

cozy living room

Rustic Eclectic Warmth

Take a cue from this cozy living room for a polished take on rustic. Large-scale neutral furnishings help to fill the spacious room with a cozy vibe despite the size, and pops of colors bring an eclectic touch that also adds warmth and ambiance.

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It’s cozy because…

  • Extra-deep facing sofas are perfect for conversation and lounging for hours on cold days.
  • Side stools and footstools are easy-to-move pieces that can cozy up next to the sofas.
  • The neutral layered rugs add plush texture without overwhelming the space visually.

It’s perfect if you… have a large sitting room or family gathering space that needs warming up.

Glam living room with tufted green velvet sofa

Vibrant Boho Glam

Bold patterns and vivid colors are the keys to this comfortable living room. The bright palette sets an instantly welcoming tone, while the mix of upholstery and closely placed furnishings make this the perfect hangout spot on chilly days.

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It’s cozy because…

  • A tufted green-velvet sofa and upholstered side chair make for cozy winter-ready seating.
  • The triple-layered rugs (natural-fiber, traditional, sheepskin) make for triple the cozy underfoot.
  • A patterned pouf, rattan table, and fur-lined pillows are warm finishing touches.

It’s perfect if you… find inspiration in bold decorating ideas that don’t sacrifice comfort.

cozy living room

Comfy Clean-Lined Modernism

For a simple way to warm up your living or family room, focus on elements that make up comfortable room designs. That means, large plush furnishings, easy textures, and lots of walking room, which will result in a cozy living room.

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It’s cozy because…

  • An overstuffed sectional lets the whole family pile on and comfortably lounge for hours.
  • Long weighty curtains add texture and keep the room heated and warm.
  • A little faux sheepskin rug adds softness while baskets hold blankets for cold days.

It’s perfect if you… live in a family home and need just a few easy cozy accents for winter.

seating area in front of fireplace with rustic club chairs

Inviting Refined Rustic Style

Play up an elevated lived-in look in a corner of your living room with big upholstered seats and rustic accents. Carving out a warm and inviting seating area is one of our favorite cozy living room ideas for any space.

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It’s cozy because… 

  • Deep wingback chairs with pillows and throws are comfy and cozy fireside seats.
  • A faux fur rug creates a soft landing that’s also plush and gentle on the feet.
  • A pouf doubles as an easy footstool while antiqued wood accents add rustic warmth.

It’s perfect if you… need to set up a cozy zone with a lived-in feel within a larger living space.

cozy living room

Traditional With Eclectic Ease

When it comes to cozy decorating ideas, a traditional look is always great for layering. Anchor a trad living room in any number of fall color palettes to give it an eclectic, comfy twist, then add in cozy textures and warm-hued accents.

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It’s cozy because…

  • A slipcovered sofa in soft linen with lots of pillows is an easy-to-clean winter seat.
  • The tufted ottoman table does double duty, adding instant texture and function.
  • A plaid wing chair paired with its own side table is like an instant reading nook.

It’s perfect if you… are after a living room that’s easy to cozy up and dress down as you like.

mid-century modern living room with wooden detail wall

Modern Rustic Coziness

One design style that naturally lends itself to warmth and comfort is modern rustic. You can easily play up a cozy living room by combining clean-lined upholstered pieces, warm organic tones, and inviting textures and colors.

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It’s cozy because…

  • The close-knit conversational sofa and chairs setup turns it into an instant cozy spot.
  • The armchairs with pitched backs are made for comfy lounging for hours.
  • A dark green accent wall adds visual warmth that also cozies up the space.

It’s perfect if you… love modern style and are after decor ideas that add warmth to the look.

living room with large wooden cabinet and white sectional

Textured Organic Minimalism

A calming, comfortable, and cozy living room doesn’t always have to be layered with lots of furnishings. You can achieve the same cozy feel with a minimalist living room that plays up rich textures and shapes.

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It’s cozy because…

  • A contemporary sectional balances streamlined style with lots of plush textured pillows.
  • Moroccan-style rugs have a fluffy texture that’s always winter-ready.
  • A dark coffee table adds rich visual contrast and further emphasizes a cozy atmosphere.

It’s perfect if you… prefer pared-down spaces with a focus on comfy but curated decor ideas.

small TV den with floating media cabinet and futon sofa facing television

Modern Rustic Made Intimate

The best part about designing a small living room is that it automatically feels warm and cozy. The key is finding the right living room furniture pieces and an arrangement that maximizes warmth. This modern rustic-style space with its space-saving seating manages to do just that.

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It’s cozy because…

  • The love seat and lounge chair make for small-space seating with big comfort.
  • A perfectly sized natural-fiber rug brings texture and tons of warmth to the area.
  • Heavy curtains always bring coziness to a small living space.

It’s perfect if you… have a small living space that can use some smart cozy updates.

cozy living room

Luxed-Up Eclectic Style

For a warm and inviting living room that’s layered and chic, this eclectic space has it all and more. Here, it’s all about furnishings with elegant detailing and gorgeous colors and patterns. An open-living arrangement is also optimized to heighten a cozy look and feel.

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It’s cozy because…

  • A plush, bright-pink velvet sofa is floated in the room to allow for multiple seating areas.
  • A striking tufted ottoman brings luxe texture into sharp focus in the room.
  • Patterned throw pillows that match an accent chair by the window tie the space together.

It’s perfect if you… want inspiration for a cozy living room that’s fashionably-chic in every way.

pink themed holiday decor living room with grey sofa and rattan accent pieces

Warm & Festive Boho Glamour

There’s no better time to warm up your living room with festive touches. Some of our favorite cozy living room ideas right now involve layering in lots of greenery, fun notes of red, and big fluffy textures—all of which add up to a boho-chic holiday look.

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It’s cozy because…

  • Festive colors, patterns, and shapes help set a cozy and glam holiday vibe.
  • Greenery and a furry footstool lend lushness and organic warmth.
  • There’s easy access to comfy essentials, like blankets and a tea tray for books.

It’s perfect if you… are looking for cozy holiday decor inspiration that’s easy and stylish!

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13 Window Nook Designs Giving Us Major Nook-Envy

If your home happens to have a window nook—well, you should consider yourself very lucky indeed. Window nooks are one of those architectural features that makes a room feel unique and special. But, similar to a nook under the stairs, figuring out a design solution to make use of a window nook that doesn’t involve custom built-ins can be tricky.

To spark some inspiration, we rounded up some of our favorite window nook interior design ideas, showing you some of our favorite ways to make use of this type of space!

window seat with plants

A Plant-Filled Reading Nook

If you already have a built-in window seat, transform it into a cozy seating and reading area that you’ll actually want to spend time in by adding in a bench cushion and lots of pillows. Layering in lush plants will create a sense of bridging the outdoors and indoors as you gaze out your window and bask in the sunlight.

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window nook

Curl Up & Get Cozy

If you’d rather use a window seat as a storage surface or shelf, you can still create a reading nook design by tucking a cozy chair in front of the bench. Pair it with a pouf for a footrest and a side table to place your favorite beverage, and you’ll be set for some solo relaxing time!

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window nook with built in desk

A Petite Home Office

Turn a small window nook into a petite desk area by hanging a sturdy shelf in the alcove. By sizing the shelf to the window nook opening, you’ll get the feel of a custom built-in without the investment. Hang a pendant light and layer in some decor, and you have a lovely little working environment. This is a perfect solution for an at-home workspace when you don’t have a separate room for a home office—plus you’ll get loads of natural light flooding in as you work!

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window nook

Soak Up Some Sunshine

Even with a small window nook, you can create a cozy window seat. Simply add lots of pillows to make it extra comfortable, and use a pouf for a footrest since there’s not room to completely spread out in this amount of space. It’s a great place to sit and bask in some natural light.

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entryway console with white wooden table and coastal style decor

A Beautiful & Useful Entryway Nook

Have a window nook in your entryway? Tuck a console table underneath to make use of the space! We love the idea of having a mix of practical items and decor, so that it’s both beautiful and useful. But, ultimately, it provides a great place for setting keys, hats, wallets, and other necessities. And you can even line up shoes under the table, or stash your dog’s leash or hats and mittens in a basket.

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window nook

Lounging Space for Two

If you have a long built-in window nook in your living room, turn it into a seating area for two! You could either incorporate it into the rest of your seating area in your living room, or keep it as a separate seating zone. Either way, using an ample amount of pillows will help it transform into a cozy lounging area, and a pouf gives you a place to kick up your feet when two people are lounging at the same time! It’s a great place to read, chat, or simply enjoy the sunlight and the view out the window.

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window nook

A Light-Filled Workstation

Turn an impractical window nook into the epitome of practicality by filling it with a desk and creating a workspace. This keeps your desk tucked out of the way and makes this alcove feel super intentional. Personalize the area with plants, art, and office necessities.

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eat-in kitchen breakfast nook with sputnik style chandelier

A Cozy Breakfast Nook

If your window nook is off the kitchen, transform it into a breakfast nook. A round table, paired with a bench under the windows and two chairs makes the perfect cozy eating area. Painting the wall around the windows a fun accent color helps to stylistically zone the area and gives it an extra feeling of intentionality.

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window nook

The Illusion of a Built-In

Another way to approach a breakfast nook if your window nook alcove is more spacious is to incorporate bench seating around two-thirds of the table. This banquette looks like a built-in, but it’s actually a stand-alone piece of furniture. (Bonus: it has storage underneath.) To make this nook feel extra cozy and comfortable, add cushions to the benches and pillows in each corner.

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window nook

Sittin’ at the Desk in the Bay

Putting a small home office within a window nook is the perfect way to utilize a living room bay window alcove. In a space like this, there’s even room for additional office furniture. A round rug helps to zone the space while also highlighting the unique architectural detail of a window nook like this.

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seating nook with leather accent chair and bar cart

Time to Unwind

You could also turn a bay window into a lounge area, complete with a lounge chair and stocked bar cart. At the end of a long day, you can mix yourself a drink, collapse into the chair, and mentally unwind. This is great for bay window areas that are off of a den or dining space, as they can double as an extra seating and socializing zone when entertaining.

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window nook

A Sunny Space for Two

If your window nook is more secluded, take the idea of a lounge area up a notch with a pair of chairs instead of a solo seating area. This creates the perfect space for intimate social gatherings or for you and your partner to chat at the end of the workday.

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biophilic design

Distraction-Free Distance Learning

A bay window or window nook can also be turned into a kids workspace. It’s the perfect way to create a distraction-free zone for those who are homeschooling or distance-learning. By tucking their workspace into a window nook and having their back to the rest of the room, they can concentrate on their schoolwork. A desk with shelving or drawers, plus nearby baskets, will help them keep organized, too.

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How to Style a Bookcase: 5 Takes on this Storage Essential

Not every home update has to be a major reno. Sometimes all you need is to restyle a few surfaces to bring new perspective into your spaces. One way to do that is by rearranging your bookshelves.

There’s no shortage of bookcase styling ideas on Instagram and Pinterest—and for good reason. The bookshelf is the ultimate storage piece. Beyond books, you can decorate the shelves with art, sculptures, plants, and other storage vessels, which ultimately turn the shelves into stylish displays and focal points in a room. Whether you have a built-in bookshelf in your living room, floating shelves above your bed or a freestanding bookcase next to your work desk at home, consider filling them with your favorite decor objects alongside books to add a bit of visual interest.

bookcase styling

It’s not all just about style either. Part of what makes the bookshelf one of our top furniture essentials is that you can customize and tailor it to suit your storage needs as well as how you use your space. If you love plants, you can layer lots of greenery to create an interior vertical garden of sorts, or if you have children, you stow and stack away storage baskets and bins with toys. It’s all up to you how you want to decorate and use your shelving.

Here, we’ve rounded up five ways to style your bookshelf that are tried-and-true and guaranteed to give your rooms a whole new look and vibe. Read on for more and get our bookshelf styling tips along the way.

bookcase stylingTake #1: Shelves With A Mix Of Decor

Be it books and art or vases and bowls, this layered approach to decorating your shelves is all about curating a display of decorative objects and accents. Balance is essential here. You want to make sure your bookcase is arranged so that each of the shelves have an even distribution of decor and open spacing.

The Key Styling Elements:

  • Start with the big things. Begin by adding large, solid objects, such as tall vessels and boxes, to ground your shelves.
  • Layer in the small touches. Follow up with accessories, like framed art and decorative objects, so that each shelf tells a story and feels like a collection versus a random grouping of items.
  • Get creative with books. Line your books up vertically as usual, then stack bigger ones horizontally in piles of twos and threes. This helps balance out the shapes of the other decor.

Good rule of thumb: If you’re struggling with what objects to place where, try grouping things in threes (two small objects with one large item). It’s the easiest way to create a curated look.

This is perfect for… those who love a classic and elegant display that’s curated with all of their favorite books, art and mementos.

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bookcase stylingTake #2 – Shelves With Stylish Storage

Skip the books and double up on storage by arranging bookshelves with vessels, boxes, trays, and decorative baskets that provide even more storage. This is one of our favorite ways to minimize visual clutter of tchotchkes and small loose items. Plus, there’s no wrong way to decorate your shelves with this approach.

The Key Styling Elements:

  • Box it up. Stylish storage boxes are your best friends here since they come as a set in multiple sizes. Whether you stack them together or spread them out, it’ll always result in a cohesive look.
  • Think trays and jars. For a chic catchall, you can’t beat trays. Pair them with lidded jars that also keep knicknacks out of sight. From afar they’ll look like part of a beautiful bookshelf display.
  • Sprinkle in baskets. Not all baskets need to be tall and huge. They can be just big enough to hold books, toys, and remote controls. Go for matching ones so that you have a consistent look.

Good rule of thumb: The lower shelves are where you can be a little more prescriptive and just use them for storage baskets. It’s perfect for boxes for toys that children can easily grab.

This is perfect for… family-friendly spaces where practical storage is paramount but you still want your organization to come off as chic and cohesive looking.

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bookcase stylingTake #3 – Shelves With Plants & Greenery

Even if you’re not a plant parent, decorating with a bit of greenery on your shelves will help break up the color palette and also bring visual interest to your bookshelf. There’s no rule for the plants you bring in but we recommend low-light greenery and cacti, since those are low maintenance.

The Key Styling Elements:

  • Stack succulents. If you’re not sure how you’ll be able to take good care of plants, start with small cacti and succulents. Place them on stacks of books for some instant color and texture.
  • Opt for potted plants. Add large potted plants to serve as visual bookends that anchor top and middle shelves. Flowers, such as orchids, are great for bringing a colorful and sculptural touch.
  • Go faux. You also don’t have to go by the books and only stick to live plants. Faux greenery and flowers will provide the same vibrancy and color (without the need for care) to your shelves.

Good rule of thumb: Make sure to leave lots of breathing room for your plants on your bookshelves. You don’t want to overcrowd and dwarf them by adding books and lots of other objects. Stick to a few decorative items.

This is perfect for… modern minimalists who love airy plant-filled home look. This is definitely for someone who loves an uncluttered space as much as they love plants and greenery.

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bookcase stylingTake #4 – Shelves With Sculptural Objects

Your bookshelf is one of the best places to showcase personal collections, such as meaningful artworks and sculptures. With this approach, it’s all about filling your shelves with sculptures and accents that have unique and interesting shapes. Adding them alongside books is a great way to add movement and break up the straight lines of your bookshelves.

The Key Styling Elements:

  • Layer by size. Start by placing your largest sculptures and art pieces in the back of your shelves, then add smaller pieces in front. This creates a sense of depth that will draw focus.
  • Spread out similar items. Try to break up colors and shapes. It can be as simple as not grouping all the small white vases in one spot and dispersing them across several shelves.
  • Let statement pieces shine. Some accents shine brighter on their own, like statement vases and sculptures, which are more captivating without books and other objects around them.

Good rule of thumb: Not everything needs to be arranged in a cluster of three—which works best if you have an eclectic mix of decor. Separate matching objects and mix things up. It’ll feel more dynamic.

This is perfect for… collectors and art-lovers who want to show off the unique things they’ve amassed, be it a finds from their travels around the world or precious art given to them by friends.

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bookcase stylingTake #5 – Shelves With Colorful Accents

If you’re looking for a fun way to liven up the mood in a room, punch up a bookshelf with bright accents that add pops of bold colors. This is great if you have bookshelves in a living room that has mostly neutral furnishings, or if you’re working with a space that’s surrounded with stark white walls. Think of your shelves as a blank canvas for color!

The Key Styling Elements:

  • Complementary colors. Stick to colors that complement each other (blues and oranges here) for anchors. You can then explore accents in all the different shades of the colors you choose.
  • Pair books with plants. Give your bookshelves a bold dose of color and texture by topping colorful art books with a leafy plant. The natural greenery will help offset all the bright tones.
  • Oddities are great. When it comes to colorful accents, the more whimsical and odd the item the better. So bring on the weirdly shaped urn and the wild-patterned bowl. They all belong here!

Good rule of thumb: Color-blocking with your books is always a winning look. Group together the coffee table books that have the same color cover and spine to create a coordinated look that turns your shelves into an organized and eye-catching display.

This is perfect for… boho-style lovers who enjoy a mashup of colors and eclectic finds that each have a backstory. It’s all about keeping things quirky here!

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Our Modsy Story: Designing Jackie and Mike a Living-Dining Room They Both Love

Jackie and Mike wanted the perfect living-dining space for their new home but were struggling to make their dream come to life. See what happened when they decided to try Modsy.

Homeowners: Jackie and Mike, insurance underwriter + travel blogger and a medical sales representative

Location: Atlanta, GA

Room: Living-Dining Room

Their Style: Classic Collector + Rustic Traveler

The Backstory

We got married two and a half years ago and moved straight into a one-bedroom apartment in the city. We knew this was just a temporary space, so we never put too much thought or effort into making it feel like “home.”

When we moved into our new house, things changed—we were so excited about having a place we could call our own and wanted to get everything just right. We wanted our home to be a welcoming space with a cozy style that we’d enjoy for many, many years to come.

The Design Dilemma

Like many couples, we have similar yet different styles, Mike likes more classic traditional pieces and I enjoy the more bohemian style, on top of that, neither of us is a design “guru” by any means so it was challenging finding the right mix. We’d spent a fair amount of time on Pinterest and had ideas that we loved, but we struggled to put our different visions into action.

“We’d spent a fair amount of time on Pinterest and had ideas that we loved, but we struggled to put our different visions into action.”

Our living-dining area was a particular challenge for us—we were starting from scratch and it was overwhelming trying to figure out how to begin, where to shop, and how to stick to our budget. It was even harder to find items that fit both of our style needs and felt as cozy as we wanted.

The Modsy Moment

We first heard about Modsy from the blog In Honor Of Design—we loved the guest room that she designed with Modsy so much! We also loved the idea of using a professional design service that could help us create our dream living-dining space virtually. It seemed like the best way to get our new home in order!

How Modsy Helped Jackie and Mike

We were SO excited to see the first round of Modsy designs, and they fully lived up to our expectations. It was cool seeing our exact room designed online in 3D for the first time. Modsy brought our different design dreams together into one cohesive reality! Plus, all the furniture they picked was beautiful and we both loved the selection!

“We were SO excited to see the first round of Modsy designs, and they fully lived up to our expectations.”

It’s so wonderful that Modsy lets you order from a bunch of different brands. Which helped us find all the right pieces, even a pet-friendly rug for our dog, Hooper! We loved that they took care of things like price matching and shipping coordination. The discount codes were also great for large orders (we saved tons). We’ve purchased quite a few items from our Modsy designs. It’s been a blast putting our room together and seeing it come to life!

The Real Results

We wanted a casual, relaxed vibe that still felt traditional and that is what Modsy gave us! We love how our living-dining room provides both an inviting eating area and a cozy gathering space. It’s warm, welcoming, and comfortable. It’s truly a joy being in our home and living in the designs that Modsy helped create. Plus, It’s perfect for our daily streaming of Good Morning America while making breakfast. We love it and hope to do a few additional rooms in the future!

“It has been so comforting having our living-dining room designed during this unprecedented time.”

It has been so comforting having our living-dining room designed during this unprecedented time. Although it is hard not to go stir-crazy after 14+ days of social distancing, being able to spend time in our newly furnished home brings comfort and peace to both of us. We’re grateful for this laidback and welcoming space to call home in what is otherwise an uncertain and discomforting time in our world.

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Get Ready to Snuggle Up With Our Best Cozy Room Decor Ideas

Winter is finally here and that means it’s time to snuggle up and get cozy at home. For interiors, that means playing with a warm palette, piling on lots of plush pillows and blankets, and adding just the right amount of mood lighting.

Read on for inspiring ways to bring all these elements into your home and usher in comfort and coziness – no matter your space or your style. Trust us, it’s easier than you think.

cozy roomClassic & Comfy

Try taking a refined approach with a focus on rich, cozy details. With the right large-scale upholstery, a dark palette, and lots of good lighting and glimmering metallic touches, you can create a room that’s tailored (but not overly formal) while still feeling warm and welcoming.

Look to a Luxe Palette:

Keep to more substantial color schemes, such as gray, slate and deep blue-gray tones paired with ashy hues, charcoals, and black. Combine these hues for a luxe, streamlined feel, that’s not too rigid. The effect will be one that evokes a sophisticated lounge and polished speakeasy.

Look to Luxe Details:

Add texture with pieces that have lots of rich details, such as a patterned rug, a button-tufted linen sofa, or club chairs with enveloping seat backs. Mix it all with furnishings accented with leather, brass, and gold, which can lend a warm finish to your space. The idea is to let these smaller, distinct details shine amid the dark palette of the room.

Perfect For: Open floor plans, industrial loft spaces, living areas with high ceilings.

Love the look? Learn more about the Industrial Classic style.

cozy roomEclectic & Cozy

If you’re working with a small space, consider cozying up the room with an eclectic mix of furnishings that impart color and warmth. Rather than light and airy pieces, focus on bringing in designs with strong colors and big patterns that give your space an intimate vibe.

Opt for Warm Tones:

When it comes to cozying up a smaller space, no need to shy away from color. Warm tones, such as deep yellows, greens, and reds can come together to create an inviting, eclectic palette.

Opt for a Warm Mix:

Layer, layer, layer. It’s about a perfect mismatched mix of comfy furnishings and warm accents that make a cozy statement. Think a modern lamp with a traditional table, a woven chair paired with a streamlined one. Then try piling on big patterns (a colorful rug), soft textures (fluffy pillows), and rich materials (woven chairs and accents) to create a space that’s intimate and impactful.

Perfect For: Small city apartments, studio spaces, multipurpose spaces.

Love the look? Tour a modern studio after Mary Tyler Moore.

cozy roomGlamorous & Relaxing

Go for chic style and a convivial vibe by creating a gathering place that’s rich in color, shimmer, and strong textures. Here, it’s about setting a glamorous tone while maintaining casual comforts for a family-friendly space.

Go for Bold Hues:

Jewel-tones, such as cobalt, ruby, sapphire, and amethyst, can be surprisingly versatile in a living space. Plus, deep saturated hues will also provide a space with an instant cozy vibe. Opt for a sofa in a bold neutral, such as a dark navy blue, and pillows and accents in other ravishing bright tones, which will allow you to easily change up the look to be festive or family-friendly.

Go for Bold Textures:

Think lustrous velvet for your sofas and chairs, a plush rug or embroidered pillows, and nubby ottomans. The result is a stylish mix of fabrics with distinct finishes, from soft to strong. Having a wide variety of textures is a great way to balance out bright colors and jewel tones. Round it all out with a few gold and metallic pieces.

Perfect For: A family room, an open living room in a house, a large den.

cozy roomModern & Warm

No need to sacrifice coziness when it comes to modern furnishings. In fact, if a simple, modern style is what you’re going for, try modern designs that hit rustic notes, have generous scale and proportions, and come in warm neutrals hues.

Combine Cozy Neutrals:

From ivory and off-white to grays and browns, neutrals with warm undertones paired with natural woods bring a sense of rustic coziness. Bonus: Add lots of dim lighting and glowing candles to draw focus to the neutral palette.

Combine Cozy Materials:

Select furnishings made with sumptuous materials. Try adding a leather armchair, a deep clean-lined sofa in off-white, a light cowhide rug, and smooth ceramics. The idea is to choose materials that are soft and underscore a cozy vibe, then pile on cushy pillows and blankets to complete a rich, layered look that will make you want to curl up day and night.

Perfect For: A small family room, a library or guest room, an office den.

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