20 Chic and Stylish Contemporary Living Room Designs

Contemporary style is more than clean lines, smooth surfaces, and sleek furniture and accents. It’s about creating a streamlined space that elevates your home and everyday life.

When it comes to designing a contemporary living room, there are some key elements to keep in mind but how you interpret and lay out your space is totally up to you. It’s part of the beauty of contemporary living room furniture and accents—they’re made for you to mix and match and blend seamlessly into spaces to suit your style and needs.

What’s also great about contemporary furniture is that there are many pieces that are softer interpretations of design styles, such as Mid-Century Modern or traditional. Which means you can easily find many unique iconic pieces that have been reimagined through today’s contemporary design lens.

Here, we’ve rounded up 20 simple tips from our designers for creating a contemporary living room design in your home. Read on for their foolproof tricks. And don’t forget to browse our gallery for more inspiring contemporary design ideas!

Contemporary living room with geometric patterns

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1. Play with Geometric Shapes

Bold lines and angular forms are pillars of any contemporary living room design. Bring focus to them through geometric designs, like a patterned rug or a graphic piece of art, which will add both sleek style and drama. If you’re not big on patterns, ease into geometric designs with smaller accents, such as pillows, throws, and even table accessories.

Contemporary living room with mix of textures

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2. Mixing Textures is Key

A contemporary living room is often grounded in designs with simple forms and neutral palettes. Having lots of different textures will make sure your space doesn’t feel overly spare and cold. Consider pieces made with natural materials like jute and rattan, as well as organic fabrics like linen and cotton. Not only will they add depth and dimension, they’ll also lend a sense of warmth and comfort.

Contemporay living room with modern accents

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3. Add Modern Accents

The best way to round out a contemporary living room is with a curated array of modern touches, whether it’s a bold geometric pillow or a sculptural accent chair. Having a few modern pieces in luxurious materials and colors will help to balance out contemporary foundation pieces, like a white sofa or a unique coffee table, and make your space feel more elevated and personal.

Contemporary living room with minimal styling

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4. Stick to Minimal Styling

What sets a contemporary living room apart is its crisp, pristine appeal. Part of that comes from minimizing visual clutter and sticking to a curated selection of display accents. Consider a tray with a box on top to corral small items or keep your fireplace mantel streamlined with simple art and ceramics. By paring down your accents, it will let your furniture pieces shine while also creating a more airy, open vibe in your living space.

Colorful contemporary living room

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5. Have Light Pops of Color

Contemporary style isn’t entirely void of color. Keep the mood uplifting and fresh in a contemporary living room with small bursts of colors, whether it’s a Millennial Pink sofa or an eye-catching rug with alternating bright primary colors and light pastels. Not ready to go all in with color? Opt for colorful accents that are easy to swap out, such as pillows, vases, lampshades, and curtains.

contemporary living room with foundational white furniture

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6. Set a White Foundation

The best way to ground a contemporary living room is to have an easy foundation to build on. A white sofa or sectional makes for a statement piece that’s sleek, versatile, and easy to style up or down with other furnishings and accents. If a crisp white sofa feels daunting, you opt for a rug, a large coffee table or simply keep your walls, which will make any furniture pop against it. The key is to have a solid white backdrop in some way, which will make it easy for you to layer on top of.

Also, see our guide for should you get a white sofa to decide whether it’s the foundation piece you want to start with.

Contemporary living with glam accent items

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7. Get Glam With Details

To keep a contemporary living room from feeling overly sleek and spare, find small ways to add warmth without diminishing the cool modern vibe. Contemporary furniture with glam touches and finishes, such as brass table legs, metal pendants, and sparkling art and accents are perfect details that add pizzazz without overwhelming your space.

Contemporary living room with luxurious accents

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8. Layer Rich Materials

Beyond pops of color and glam finishing touches, another way to enliven a contemporary living room is to layer luxurious materials. Consider mixing elevated designs in various materials, including velvet chairs and burlwood cabinets, hammered metal tables and lacquered wood stools or polished stone and gold-leaf finishes. All these rich materials will create a warm environment that plays up contemporary style through a layered, welcoming lens.

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9. Keep It Neutral

A neutral color palette is a timeless choice for a contemporary living room—especially if you’re not a big fan of even light shades of color. Just be sure to mix together neutral furnishings that have a wide mix of textures, from sleek surface to comfy fabrics to soft woven accents. And be sure to vary your neutrals from deep charcoal to creamy off-whites, which will lend a warmer look and feel to your space.

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10. Try One Statement Color

For a contemporary living room with a chic twist, consider adding one bold-colored piece that stands out from the rest of your furnishings. A vibrant sofa or bright matching armchairs or a large-scale painting all make for great focal points that add a captivating pop of color. They’ll also help add warmth and balance out other more sleek and clean-lined contemporary furniture pieces. Just be sure to stick to one distinctly colorful piece that contrasts with everything else.

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11. Think Cool Yet Cozy

A contemporary living room is all about finding the perfect balance between airy and cozy. Like any other design style, it’s important to approach your contemporary living room design with the goal of creating a space you feel comfortable and want to spend time in. To achieve that, start with a modern sectional that you can easily layer with pillows and throw blankets, or make room for a plush armchair you can curl up in. It’s all about how you dress up modern pieces to work for your idea of comfort at home.


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12. Create an Open Layout

One defining design element of a contemporary living room is a sense of openness in how furniture is laid out. Make it a point to not clutter surfaces and your floors and be sure to leave lots of walking room in between furniture pieces. Whether you’re working with a small living space or a large room, you can play up a contemporary look by simply arranging your furniture in an open layout format—which could be floating a sofa or forgoing a large coffee table for smaller side tables and stools. It’s all up to you.

For some easy layout ideas, see our roundup of ways to get a contemporary design scheme.

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13. Display Calming Art

One way to play up a serene look in a contemporary living room is to hang art in muted neutral tones. Consider a grayscale photo or a monochrome painting that brings quiet focus to walls while also instilling a feeling of tranquility in your space. Unlike a bold graphic piece of art, this is a soft approach to contemporary art that emphasizes a zen and harmonious feel.

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14. Play up an Accent Wall

To give your contemporary living room a feeling of warmth and depth, paint an accent wall in a deep neutral, like black or charcoal gray. It will provide a bold monochrome backdrop that offers a touch of drama and a new perspective to your space. If you have a fireplace, consider painting your fireplace surround or the walls on either side; if you have an open door frame to the room, consider painting the walls around that. Both approaches will add striking architectural appeal.

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15. Layer in some Leather

Light leather is always a great material choice for a contemporary living room. It has a sleek finish, modern look, and timeless appeal that’s all in keeping with a contemporary style aesthetic. Opt for light-toned leather armchairs for a bold and sculptural approach or work in small leather details, such as pillows, poufs, and table tops, for a soft touch.

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16. Bring in Natural Elements

Natural organic touches are the easiest way to liven up a streamlined contemporary living room—and they can range from plants to natural fibers and woods. Alongside sleek forms and minimalist designs, lush greenery and natural textures make for rich contrasts that will instantly impart warmth and a bright, airy feeling to your living space. Be sure to array these organic accents and textures throughout the room for a balanced look.

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17. Let Furniture Forms Shine

No matter your space, bring focus to your contemporary living room furniture pieces with a spacious layout that shows off their sleek silhouettes. From sofas defined by straight lines to the curves of sculptural armchairs and ottomans, style-forward pieces are just as much functional designs as they are artful showpieces in a contemporary living room. So play them up to maximize visual and sculptural appeal.

Not sure what furniture to look for first? We’ve broken it down in this Living Room Checklist.

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18. Accent with Metallics

For a foolproof glam detail that blends into any contemporary living room, pull in bold metallic touches. Think a coffee table with a sleek wood top and shiny base, a brass side table with a mirrored top or a collection of metallic trays and vases. It will add to the sleek appeal of your contemporary space while also perfectly complementing any range of colors and patterns.

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19. Combine Cream and Wood Tones

Off white shades, be it cream or ivory, pair beautifully with light wood tones. Together, they’re an ideal combination for anchoring a contemporary living room and ushering in a welcoming vibe. Start with a creamy-hued sofa and armchair, then mix in light wood tables for a tailored yet inviting look. Because these shades feature a warmer palette, they’ll contrast wonderfully against both painted and spare walls as well as alongside bold and soft patterned accents alike.

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20. Go for Mod Bold Colors

Finally, if you think contemporary style is all sleek and a little boring, think again! You can dial up colors while keeping a contemporary look in your living room by keeping to bold pops of color grounded in an earthy palette. As long as your base palette is cohesive throughout your space—be it rustic brown or yellow—you can play up a color-on-color look that doesn’t take away from the clean-lined aesthetic of your space.

You can also easily style up with more color or pull back with fewer bright accents. The key is making sure your room has an overall cohesive contemporary aesthetic that’s not entirely defined by the colors you bring in.

Explore our gallery for more living room design ideas!

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Spotted: 13 Places We’re Spying Contemporary Design in The Wild (and Loving It)

For many people, particularly those of us not overly-versed in the world of interior design, the realm of “contemporary design” may feel confusing. What does it mean? What style elements does it represent? It can be hard to spot if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Contemporary interior design is not, in fact, simply a term for styles that are popular or on-trend. Rather, it’s a style all its own that’s all about clean lines, smooth surfaces, and furniture with soft, rounded shapes (as opposed to the harder, more crisp lines of modern design). It’s an interior design style that’s approachable, simple, and doesn’t include much ornamentation. Crate & Barrel, in its early days, is the brand that gave contemporary design a name and made it stylish. This style is perfect for those who want practical, approachable spaces that don’t have any frills but still feel designed and considered.

Lately, we’ve been seeing more and more contemporary design elements in the wild. In the past, some have characterized this style as having no style at all—but now we’re seeing it camouflaged in many different ways. And ways that are quite stylish, to boot! We may go so far as to say that contemporary style is reinventing itself and getting a facelift in 2020. It’s no longer simply a way to categorize boring hotel furniture! This style is blending with other interior designs styles and showing up in many different forms—from furniture shapes to styling techniques.

Want to see today’s take on contemporary design in action? Here are 13 ways we’re seeing contemporary design ideas come to life.

Quintessential Contemporary

If you want an introduction to contemporary interior design, this is a perfect space to begin with. This sleek living room features geometric shapes, hard edges, soft curves, and a high-contrast black and white palette—all quintessential elements of a contemporary space. The metallic accents, with their high-shine finishes, furthers the contemporary vibe. Purchasing furniture in a set is big in contemporary design, and you’ll notice that the end table is in the same family as the coffee table in this room. The result of all of this is a simple and unfussy look.

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Chic Contemporary

The structure of this credenza is very simple, with the only significant detailing being the geometric, color-blocked handles. This simple and “safe” take on ornamentation is classic contemporary. This whole vignette has an 80s-inspired design—from the warm, light woods to the high-contrast black and white elements. This is a perfect example of how you might see a contemporary piece, styled with an 80s influence, in use today.

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Sculptural Contemporary

Contemporary interior design often features soft curves—and you can see that throughout this living room. The sofa’s streamlined, curved design is echoed in the shape of the accent chair and in the curved legs and oval surface of the desk—which is made of burl wood, a very contemporary material. The styling of this space is also very contemporary; there’s a simplicity to the design that favors practicality while still bringing in some personality through the patterns and colors.

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Preppy Contemporary

The simple lines of both the bed and the nightstand in this bedroom are very contemporary, but have preppy accents. The nightstand is campaign-style which shows up a lot in contemporary design due to its clean lines and simple design. But the brass handles and accents elevate the look of this piece. The graphic, curved patterning on the bedspread, which is somewhat echoed in the accent pillows, is also a contemporary move. This design style favors geometric shapes, for patterns that are both graphic and digestible. Contemporary bedroom designs are all about ease of use and comfort—but having preppy, elevated elements that gives this room a more stylish edge.

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90s Contemporary

This design screams 90s contemporary. Geometric elements are loud here—from the repeated geometric texture on the credenza to the high-contrast black and white patterns on the vases and lamp. Both the high-contrast palette and the patterns are very contemporary. But this style also shows up in the straight, clean lines of the credenza and the curve of the mirror. The one element that steps out a bit from your average contemporary space? The size and placement of the mirror. This piece makes a big statement, both in the scale of the mirror, and with the bottom of the mirror being tucked behind the credenza. Yet, the positioning is very intentional and creates a very considered vignette.

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Geometric Contemporary

The furniture shapes in this living room are on-the-nose contemporary, with the sofa and coffee table featuring the more clean-lined and block shapes of contemporary while the chairs balance the look with their soft curves. The repeating straight lines and geometry in the rug and pillows further drive home the contemporary vibe of this space. While this space has definite warmth and comfort, you’ll see that there are really no unnecessary objects in the room. The patterns and high-contrast palette keep it from feeling spare, but it definitely has a pared down look.

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Glam Contemporary

This space, while featuring the clean, simple lines and soft curves of contemporary design, but the use of materials like velvet, brass and gold finishes, and marble and travertine table tops bring in an edge of glam to this look. The mixed shades of green throughout also bring this look a bit more of a glam vibe. However, the simplicity of the styling helps keep this look grounded in contemporary design, as does the abstract artwork, which is quintessentially contemporary.

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Cohesive Contemporary

The simple, practical styling of this living room, along with the clean lines of the coffee table and soft curves in the arms of the sofa, ground this look in contemporary. But the decor also plays a big part in this. The artwork is large-scale and abstract, while the sculpture above the fireplace echoes the geometric patterns found elsewhere in this space. The fireplace screen leans contemporary, though it’s probably a bit more decorative than some contemporary disciples would go. While different shapes are present, the use of black metals and a black and white palette throughout keeps the whole look quite cohesive.

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Mid-Century Contemporary

This room features a beautiful mix of mid-century and contemporary elements. Mid-century can easily bleed into contemporary design and a space like this is where they meet. The table’s base and acorn finish are very mid-century in style, while the legs of the chairs echo the finish. But the shape of the chairs skew more contemporary. The credenza is a perfect blend of the two styles, with a touch of rustic in the finish. The wall art and vases on the table are definitely contemporary in design though, with the art being more an abstract statement of color than an artistic expression.

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Eclectic Contemporary

This space is a more eclectic take on contemporary interior design. While it still has the clean, straight lines and repeating shapes that are hallmarks of this design style, the patterns found in the rug and pillows, along with the use of leather in the poufs and the more literal artwork, definitely bring this look into the eclectic realm. This is actually a very approachable take to contemporary design today. The contemporary pieces like the simple sofa and round wood coffee table, combined with a few eclectic pieces for some added personality, creates a simple but warm space that we see in many homes today.

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Colorful Contemporary

While contemporary interior design often features a black and white or grayscale color palette, using color certainly isn’t out of the question! This bedroom is a perfect example of color being used in a vibrant but very safe and approachable way. Orange is repeated throughout, from the rug to the throw, pillows, and lamp. This complements well with the blue accent wall, which adds a large wash of color to the space. (Accent walls are also very big in contemporary design.) The shelving unit is also quite contemporary, with its simple and straightforward design, but the triangular shape gives it a bit of extra visual interest.

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Coastal Contemporary

Contemporary and coastal styles go beautifully together—as fan favorite brand Serena & Lily has proved again and again. Contemporary design doesn’t use a ton of natural, textural materials—but that’s an absolute must for coastal contemporary. The simple shapes and geometric blocking in the bed and chair, along with the soft curves in the side tables and lamps, give this space a contemporary foundation. But the lighter, natural materials and woven elements, combined with the use of earthy colors, gives this space a very relaxing coastal feel.

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The 80s Are Back: Here’s How Designers Are Styling With 1980s Decor Influences

We have some exciting interior design news: The 80s are back! But don’t worry—only the good parts. Think: bold shapes, natural materials, and geometric patterns. (No waterbeds, ruffled bedding, rag-rolled walls, or wall-to-wall carpet in sight!)

When you think of 1980s interior design, your mind might be drawn to walls full of those 80s glass blocks, or perhaps Laura Ashley florals or piles of shabby chic ruffles. Or maybe you think of The Golden Girls and Blanche’s bedroom design in all its Miami Boho glory. Preppy style, pastels, chintz, and geometric designs reigned supreme in the 80s.

80s Design Styles and Trends

The 1980s was an interesting time in American history. The economy was booming, and there was a wave of wealth and “new money.” Technology was making significant advances. And traditional gender stereotypes were being seriously challenged—with major pop culture icons exploring androgynous looks and more women entering the corporate workforce in high-level positions than ever before. It was a decade of opulence, of change and upheaval. And out of all of these cultural shifts came a lot of iconic interior design trends.

Want to walk down memory lane? Here are some of the most popular 80s interior design trends that people love (and love to hate).

Memphis-Milano Movement

Memphis Design

When you think of 1980s design, what probably comes to mind is bright colors, bold shapes, squiggly lines, and funky furniture and decor. What you might not know is that there’s a name for this style: Memphis Design. This look was created by the Memphis Design Group, a group of designers in Milan, Italy in the early 1980s. Pushing back against the minimal, modern look that was popular in the late 70s and early 80s, they started creating bold, colorful, zany furniture and home decor designs. While the Memphis Design Group developed this aesthetic, it was the application of the style in pop culture that brought it to the popular consciousness. (Think: the Saved by the Bell set, the early MTV logo, and the design of Pee Wee’s Playhouse.

Learn more about the Memphis Design Movement in our Q&A with a design historian!


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Glass-Block Walls

You can’t talk about design trends from the 1980s without talking about glass-block walls. Sometimes used in place of traditional windows or shower walls, sometimes used on interior walls to let in more light, glass-block walls were all the rage in the 80s. They added both style and practicality to a home—the practical part being that they let natural light in without being totally see-through, and they’re more energy-efficient than the average window! They may seem like a dated design element to many people today, but in the late 2010s, glass-block walls actually started making a comeback in home and commercial properties!


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Tropical Prints and Plants Galore

The obsession with plants didn’t originate with millennials in the 2010s—it was happening way back in the 80s (and even before). In fact, iconic interior designer Dorathy Draper first created palm-print wallpaper and fabric while redecorating the Greenbrier hotel after WWII; though it wasn’t until the 80s that tropical prints became a major trend. But once they did, you could see them everywhere. Once of the most iconic examples in pop culture? Blanche Devereaux’s bedroom from Golden Girls.

And the obsession with plants went beyond wallpaper and upholstery prints. In the 1980s, houseplants had a major moment—faux plants, specifically. Not as quality as the faux plants of today, the styles from the 80s definitely looked fake—and collected a lot of dust. So today, this trend gets a pretty bad rap. But the spirit of the trend was all about bringing greenery (and probably a bit of happiness) into your home.


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Lucite Furniture

Art Deco design had a resurgence in the 80s—and part of that renewed popularity was a love for clear furniture. However, rather than the glass furniture of the 1920s, the 1980s take was full of Lucite furniture. Lucite and acrylic plastic were first developed in the 1920s and 30s, and they grew in popularity as a furniture material in the 60s and 70s. But it was in the 1980s that clear furniture really hit its peak in popularity thus far, with Lucite being the favored material. (Fun fact: Lucite is a brand name of acrylic plastic. So, all Lucite is acrylic, but not all acrylic is Lucite.)


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Memphis design is one one end of the color spectrum when it comes to 1980s styles and trends—full of bright primary colors. However, on the other end of the spectrum was a love for pastels in the 80s. Pastel room design was a very popular move in the 80s, including shades of soft pinks and purples, as well as sea foam green. Sometimes you’d see small applications of pastel colors, and sometimes they overtook a whole room, top to bottom. The use of pastels showed up a lot in the next two trends we’ll show you.


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Floral Bedding and Curtains

In the 1980s, upholstery was all about florals. Whether it was bedding, sofa and chair upholstery, drapes, or accent decor, floral and chintz patterns were everywhere. Laura Ashley is a home decor and clothing brand that helped popularize this trend—but you didn’t have to have the name brand to embrace this trend. And it wasn’t just one application of florals in a room. Often, you’d have a room full of florals, from the drapes to the rugs, plus chintz wallpaper, lampshades, and furniture. But it didn’t stop there. In the 80s, ruffles often went hand-in-hand with floral patterns, making this trend even more over-the-top.


Shabby Chic Design

The floral trend showed up in big ways in Shabby Chic design. This design style, which originated in the 1980s, was all about embracing the type of decor you might find in an old English countryside manor. Naturally, that included a lot of florals. But it also involved classic design elements and rustic finishes. The result was an elegant, feminine style that had some frills but was also quite comfortable and inviting.

How To Get an 80s Decor Look Today

Trends come and go in cycles, and 80s-inspired design elements have been slowly coming back in vogue for a while now. And while we’re definitely seeing a love of chintz come back in the Grandmillenial design trend, we’re seeing 80s-inspired interior design trends come to life more in the way of furniture shapes and materials, geometric patterns, and 80s color palettes. And even in some 80s-inspired takes on Art Deco-inspired design elements (a 100-year-old style that made a comeback in the 80s and is back in style again today).

Want to get the 80s look? We tasked our designers to show us how they’re designing with an 80s influence. Keep reading for a few different ways they’ve used 1980s interior design elements to get the look!

1980s interior design

Minimal 80s

With this minimalist take on 1980s interior design, a select few sculptural statement pieces take center stage. This design is more about the shape, material, and texture of the furniture than applied ornament or decor. While there aren’t many pieces in the space, the negative space lets the forms and textures shine—making this look perfect for the Minimalist Maximalists out there. (And you could easily amp up the drama with a bold wall color.)

The terracotta color of the chairs create a statement, while an otherwise black-and-white color palette creates contrast in the space. The chairs’ curved, sculptural design with a velvet finish speak to both the mod and glam elements of 80s design. Marble was very big in the 80s, so the dining table, while sleek and modern in shape, fits in with that 80s vibe.

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1980s interior design

Colorful 80s

With a bold color palette, this look gives a nod to the ubiquitous Memphis style of the 80s. The 1980s really influenced the use of shapes in furniture and decor—and this bedroom drives home that idea. Here, we see round bulbs combined with a sculptural nightstand and curved bed. Basically, with less “stuff” in the room, the forms of the furniture and decor are the stars of the show.

The color palette speaks to the bold use of color throughout 1980s interior design, but in a format that was most seen in Memphis design. The art, with its bold colors and layered geometry, drives home that homage to 80s Memphis design.

Need help from a Miami interior designer for your home? Modsy designers are pros at finding expert design solutions for rooms of all styles and locations!

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1980s interior design

Chic 80s

This living room is a glam, chic take on 80s design. Inspired by 80s beach house contemporary style, this look is all about bold drama through shapes and statement pieces. The “puffy,” rounded furniture has a sculptural quality, with the velvet sofa and chair feeling contemporary but very bold. The polished stone finish of the sculptural coffee table balances out the softness of the sofa and chair, and it also plays off the geometry of the rug and artwork.

The high-contrast palette—with black, white, and blush sitting center stage—has a feminine-inspired feel. But the color palette alongside the furniture forms balances the masculine and feminine sides of Chic 80s style.

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1980s interior designEclectic 80s

This living room, with its eclectic mix of shapes and materials, brings the funkiness of boho style to an 80s aesthetic. Natural materials like cane and rattan were widely used in the 80s—and we’re seeing that natural materials trend come back to life today in a big way. Today’s use, however, is in a lighter, trendier way—but it still gives a big nod to 80s design. The natural materials in this space balance out the bold forms and geometry in the room, making it feel more casual and approachable than some of the other takes on 80s-inspired design. Meanwhile, the low, rounded sofa (which has a very 80s vibe) compliments the natural materials of the cane and rattan.

The bold shapes in the mirror and table lamp are a nod to the forms made popular in the 80s. The wall art also features a bold, geometric design that is reminiscent of the Memphis design patterns of the 80s.

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Contemporary 80s

This look brings in some 80s design influences, but in a much “safer” way. It mixes contemporary 80s style with today’s transitional style for a less in-your-face look. With a more subtle approach, it relies on a few pops of bold 80s design elements on a neutral foundation—making it very easy to switch up the look of this space over time.

The 80s-inspired design elements noticeably come through with the bulbous lamp, the Art Deco-inspired mirror, and the glam acrylic vase. The pastel-hued wood console, with its geometric knobs, really speaks to the contemporary 80s vibe. The color scheme, combined with the art sketch, brings to life the soft, feminine side of 80s-inspired design.

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Dine In Style: Get the Look of These 10 Stunning Contemporary Dining Rooms

It’s easy to think of dining rooms as a very traditional space—but you can really design them to suit any interior design style. If you’re looking for decorating ideas for your dining room design, consider a contemporary style, which gives you an updated and approachable but still slightly formal look.

What is contemporary design?

But what exactly is contemporary interior design? And how does this style differ from modern or transitional design styles? Well, in contemporary design you’ll find a lot of clean lines and smooth surfaces. Furniture forms tend to have softer lines and more rounded edges than the stark, hard lines and forms of modern design. Color-wise, you’ll find lots of neutrals—whether creams and tans, black and white, or grays. Though, occasionally you’ll also see some bold color accents in a contemporary space! But, overall, a neutral color palette will help the focus remain on the shapes and lines within the space.

Contemporary design emphasizes simplicity. With minimal ornamentation, and a neutral color palette, the shapes and lines within the space are the main focal point. So, keep ornamentation at a minimum—but feel free to use texture and upholstery to keep things visually interesting.

Contemporary style is perfect for dining rooms as it creates a clean, welcoming environment to gather with family and friends. (Or the perfect low-distraction space to use as a makeshift home office.) Contemporary dining rooms feel modern while still having a lot of personality.

Interested in creating a contemporary dining room design? Or just want some dining room ideas to spark some inspiration? Keep reading for our 10 favorite contemporary dining room designs and get decorating ideas for dining room designs that will take your space to the next level!

Contemporary dining roomsSweet Simplicity

This dining room is a beautiful mix of contemporary transitional and minimalist styles, with a calm and open vibe. There are some high-contrast neutral moments, but it’s in a way that feels serene, not harsh.

The Key Elements

This dining room comes to life with comfortable, timeless classics, like these dark wood wishbone chairs. The dining table and chandelier have very modern but minimalist lines. We kept the ornamentation minimal—just art, greenery, and some choice ceramics. We even left the windows free of draperty to maximize the natural light for an open feel.

This Look Is Perfect For…

Those who like iconic, timeless furniture with a minimalist aesthetic.

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Contemporary dining roomsA Chic Affair

This contemporary dining room is a little bit classic and a little bit transitional, resulting in a space that is very chic. While the decor is minimal, the pieces that are used are high-impact—like the oversized art, the sculptural chandelier, and the large orchid on the table.

The Key Elements

A neutral and soft color palette, with subtle pops of blue and green, give this dining room a feel of sophisticated calm. While the dining chairs have a classic look, with the combination of upholstery and polished wood, the soft lines and curves of the design give it a contemporary vibe. Brass elements also play with that classic vibe, but in updated forms, like the dainty brass lamp, the modern marble and brass dining table, and the stunning scalloped pendant light.

This Look Is Perfect For…

Those who love beautiful, classical spaces, updated with contemporary touches.

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Contemporary dining roomsGet Lost In Conversation

This is a minimalist dining room if we ever saw one—but minimal with a very contemporary vibe. The minimalism comes through in the styling—where a simple bowl is all that’s on the table, paired with a tree in the corner and a contemporary trio of mirrors on the wall. And the lack of a rug gives this dining room a sleek look.

The Key Elements

We love contemporary dining room sets that are geared toward being truly livable. Case in point: Cozy upholstered chairs with arms are great for long meals at the table, filled with conversation. And the clean-lined wood frame gives them a contemporary look. A pendant light with a simple linen drum shade adds a bit of sculptural aspect to this arrangement, while the tiered mirrors on the wall help open up the space while standing in the place of art. A warm neutral color palette gives this contemporary dining room a very approachable feel.

This Look Is Perfect For…

Those who value timeless colors and comfortable furniture.

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Contemporary dining rooms

Step Right Up

This is one of our favorite dining room ideas for smaller spaces where you only have room for a dining nook. The bar-height table has a unique and unexpected shape, while the backless counter-height seating is very hip.

The Key Elements

To achieve this look, go for a mix of metal, wood and upholstery, where everything has clean lines. But that doesn’t mean hard edges! Incorporate curved forms throughout. A blue accent wall makes the neutrals in the furniture stand out, and we love the simple pop of the shibori print art. Since this is a smaller set-up, we went with an understated drum pendant for lighting—and added some candles on the table for added ambiance.

This Look Is Perfect For…

Those with small spaces or who want the addition of a casual dining space where they can hang out near the kitchen. This is also a great design for entertaining, as it offers a bar-height surface for people to set food and drinks while mingling.

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Contemporary dining roomsEnthusiastically Mod

Mid-century modern and transitional elements combine in this contemporary dining room. We love how the neutral color palette is warmed up with a honey-toned wood table, taupe wall, and navy upholstered chairs.

The Key Elements

We incorporated contemporary elements in this dining room with the silver table frame, chair legs, and lamps, as well as the rug with its solid striation of blues and whites. But the mid-century modern elements—like the sideboard, tiered chandelier, and the tapered-leg chairs—help ground the look. We streamlined the accents, like the glass succulents and the iron sculpture and silver lamps on the sideboard, for a more modern twist.

This Look Is Perfect For…

Those who like simple contemporary style with a hint of mid-century modern.

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Contemporary dining roomsInvite Industrial Over For Dinner

Industrial and contemporary elements meet in this high-contrast dining room. You see the contrast in the white of the table against the dark chairs and sideboard. But that’s not the only color element to take notice of. The pops of blue and yellow in the artwork add a fun, youthful vibe to the space. The tree in the corner also adds a pop of color, along with some organic texture.

The Key Elements

The white dining room table, along with the blue and white rug and the simple artwork, ground this room in the contemporary camp. But the industrial touches—like the black dining chairs, the blown glass and steel pendant light, and the metal and wood sideboard—add a rough-hewn, industrial element to the space. It makes for a very dynamic contrast! Aside from the blended styles, we also love that this dining room offers enough open space for entertaining, along with plenty of storage space!

This Look Is Perfect For…

Those who like a clean aesthetic but want to add some rough, industrial textures and elements.

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Contemporary dining roomsThe Contemporary Traditionalist

We love this cozy, contemporary dining nook. This mix of styling—traditional and transitional—is welcoming and homey. The simple, earth-tone color palette adds to this vibe, for a dining room that’s very practical and approachable.

The Key Elements

This dining room is all about the mix of elements. Traditional woods and upholstery, like leather, get updated forms for a mix of streamlined and classic. And the mix of chairs and a storage bench creates unique and flexible seating options. The solid jute rug is a lovely mix of rustic and contemporary styles. And the contemporary pendant light adds an updated touch (contrasting with the more traditional table) and doesn’t interfere with site lines for looking out the open windows.

This Look Is Perfect For…

Those with kids, as the bench adds a cozy place to sit along with storage underneath. And when they want to sit in chairs, the leather is very easy to wipe down.

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Contemporary dining roomsA Table For Two

This dining room has a very classic vibe—but with more contemporary shapes and a higher-contrast color palette. We love how both the chairs and tables are in black-and-white, creating a sophisticated and dramatic foundation for this dining area. But blue drapes keep it grounded in a more classic look.

The Key Elements

To a contemporary spin on classic, it’s necessary to update the forms. Opt for clean lines—a mix of curves and straight lines for good balance, which you can see in the table, chairs, and bench. (Speaking of, we love the mix of a bench and chairs to make this space casual but classy.) Meanwhile, the seeded glass pendant adds a fun touch to the space. A pop of pattern comes in through the rug, and the simple botanical art print adds a sweet element.

This Look Is Perfect For…

Those who love a sophisticated, classical look but want it updated with contemporary lines and a bit of contrast.

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Contemporary dining roomsNo Reason To Be Blue

This contemporary minimalist dining room is characterized by its simple decor and minimalist aesthetic. The result? A clean and open space that’s very welcoming.

The Key Elements

The foundational pieces in this room—the table and chairs—are the main element in this minimal space. And though loaded with style and made with contemporary lines, they’re neutral in color, which further drives home their contemporary vibe. To give this space some personality, we added pops of color in the rug, wall, and art—but all in soothing and serene greens and greys. Other than that, the decor is simple, with just the artwork and wood bowl on the table to give an organic touch to the space.

This Look Is Perfect For…

Those who like minimal and transitional dining rooms but want to add some color ot the mix.

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Contemporary dining roomsA Touch Of Rustic Warmth

Rustic and transitional elements combine for an unexpected take on a contemporary dining room. A neutral color palette keeps this space grounded and approachable. And the fact that these are warm neutral of creamy whites, taupe, and browns speak to the rustic side of this style. And while the decor is simple, the way it’s layered on the buffet further drives home that rustic vibe.

The Key Elements

The forms found in the table and chairs—with their soft lines and curves—is what makes this dining room lean contemporary. But the leather tones, natural fiber rug, and natural wood dining table and buffet ground this table in the rustic camp. Upholstered captain chairs add an elegant touch to the space; they’re very transitional in style but the weathered wood trim adds a rustic element. And the modern cage light fixture in antique brass perfectly blends both styles together.

This Look Is Perfect For…

Those who love a rustic aesthetic but appreciate the clean, soft lines of contemporary design.

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Sleep In Contemporary Style: 12 Bedrooms You’ll Want to Doze in All Day

Designing a master bedroom is a fun endeavor that lets you exercise your design chops and create cozy space you can retreat to at the end of the day. And if you want to infuse your bedroom with fresh, approachable vibes, look no further than contemporary style! Contemporary is a look that’s all about relaxed approachability. It’s a fresh and clean style that feels pared down without being too stark or minimal—just the right amount of uncluttered. Contemporary design style is also a great choice for those who like dabbling in new trends but don’t want to commit to something too “of the moment.” If you like the polished look of modern bedroom design but don’t want it to feel stuffy, these contemporary bedroom ideas might be just what you’re looking for.

How can I make my bedroom contemporary?

Contemporary style, also known as transitional, is a mix of traditional designs and modern finishes. We like to think of it as a low-drama, “safer” style because it lets you play around with designs for bedroom styles without committing to one trend or another. Contemporary bedroom ideas are meant for easy living—this means that you feel right at home from the second you walk in. You can mix it with more daring bedroom styles to create a slightly different vibe but contemporary itself is about straightforward approachability and comfort.

This style is full of comfy furniture—you’ll often see plush and inviting designs that make you want to curl up with a good book and a cup of hot tea! Think oversized armchairs, creature comforts like plush rugs and downy linens, and straightforward nightstands and side tables that double as storage space. Contemporary style often follows “rules” of interior design, meaning symmetrical layouts and balanced spaces. It’s fair to say that there is nothing “unexpected” in contemporary design—it’s a sensible style with clean lines and conventional forms.

Similar to modern design, contemporary works best with a neutral color scheme and you’ll also find lots of chevrons, trellis, and two or three-tone geometric patterns. You can find lots of furniture, decor, linens and other essentials for your contemporary bedroom at places like Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, and Room & Board.

The best thing about contemporary style is that it is one of the most versatile looks that you can mix with other styles to create your own unique space. To prove it, we pulled together 10 contemporary bedroom design ideas to help you get inspired!

contemporary bedroomContemporary Minimalist Bedroom

Combine contemporary design with minimal stylings to create a clean and cozy modern bedroom. These two styles are perfect for creating a casual and tranquil atmosphere in your master bedroom or a guest room. Minimal ornamentation makes the bedroom feel unfettered and bright so you can sleep peacefully after a long day. The color scheme of this bedroom focuses on subdued and soothing grays for a clean, contemporary balance. Adding in pops of lively grass green brings a refreshing, organic feel to an otherwise cool-toned space.

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contemporary bedroomModern Contemporary

Contemporary bedroom design looks amazing with touches of mid-century modern design. This bedroom is all about stylish comfort and immediately creates a relaxed and hip atmosphere. It incorporates a mix of modern patterns for a classy mid-century look—check out the wall art, bed linens, and the funky leaf print rug! To keep the patterns from feeling too loud for a bedroom, we went with a grayscale color palette. A little greenery and some warm wood accents ensure the bedroom feels warm and cozy with an overarching sense of modernity.

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contemporary bedroomPure Contemporary Vibes

This bedroom style is 100% pure contemporary to create an atmosphere of casual elegance. Unlike stark modern design, this look is super welcoming and packs in tons of smart style. Geometric patterns like the rug and duvet cover look crisp and clean against a white brick wall. Elegant touches like the bench at the foot of the bed of the striking bed frame make the space feel serene and modern. And the navy blue and gray with bright pops of yellow add just the right inviting touch.

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Mod Enthusiast

We love this bedroom’s pairing of mid-century modern and contemporary. The design is sparse but manages to feel supremely fresh and welcoming, and the lack of clutter creates an airy and elegant atmosphere. The pared-back bedroom combo allows for funky statement wallpaper that offers a visually stunning backdrop (one of our favorite wall decor ideas for bedrooms). And the crisp, wintery whites lend the space romantic modernity that can stand the test of time.

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Discerning Minimalist

This contemporary bedroom design incorporates elements of both mid-century modern and minimal styles for a look that’s discerning yet casual. This is a great option if you’re looking for contemporary bedroom ideas that create a dignified and modern bedroom atmosphere. The refined mix of materials, like leather, linen and wood, look striking with understated neutrals and rich black accents. A bedroom like this is a testament to the peacefulness of monochrome style!

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Serene Contemporary Style

Another great contemporary bedroom design for purists, this master bedroom is 100% modern comfort. The atmosphere exudes hipness, yet the bedroom is still down-to-earth and accessible. A muted gray color palette draws attention to the pastel wall art with pops of pink and blue to create a soft, cozy vibe. And the clean silhouettes and pared-down styling makes the small bedroom design feel more open and expansive.

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Cool Contemporary Style

If you want a calming, bedroom with a curated look, this blend of minimal and contemporary strikes just the right balance. The aesthetic is all about creating discerning tranquility—the bedroom looks as immaculate as an art gallery yet still feels welcoming and soothing. To retain a sense of warmth, it makes minimal use of mixed materials like metal, buckskin, and dark wood. And the bedroom has a low-profile color scheme focused on dark grays with a few pops of warm yellow to give it a playful vibe.

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Contemporary Bohemian

If you aren’t super into the sleek looks of modern bedroom design, try blending contemporary with elements of rustic and bohemian design. This combo results in a bedroom with a charming personality and a welcoming atmosphere. Natural materials like wood, leather, and woven accents make this bedroom homey and approachable, but it still has a crisp and clean aesthetic overall. The neutral palette is super zen and earth tones like camel and terracotta warm it up and offer a rustic, organic appeal.

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Classic Contemporary

This contemporary bedroom features classic elements for sophistication and elevated comfort. Furniture pieces like the platform bed and the gorgeous twin nightstand lamps add to the refined and cozy atmosphere. Classic formal touches like the gold accent add additional polish—and we love the assortment of textures. The upholstered headboard makes a definite statement against the dark blue-green wall—and the warm cream tones play up the elevated feeling of this luxurious bedroom.

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Contemporary Chic

Adding a few well-placed touches of glam design to your contemporary bedroom is a great way to create a look of pampered simplicity. A dramatic green wall color creates a dark and moody base and the light gray platform bed and rug feel restive and relaxing. Glam materials like velvet, gold, and glass give this look a classy boost, and the stimulating hues and rich textures add to the luxurious modern atmosphere.

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Contemporary Collector

If you like a master bedroom that feels as lavish and serene as a snazzy spa, this mix of transitional and eclectic styles might be just what you’re looking for. The look starts with transitional base furniture like the king-size bed and armchair—think clean lines and expected forms that offer a sense of livable ease. The neutral palette is crisp and calming, perfect for creating a delightful bedroom oasis. To give it a little personality, layer in eclectic accents on top like playful patterns, geometric shaped nightstands and lamps, the mid-century bench, and tropical art. The eclectic mix of materials enlivens the bedroom—just pick items based on what looks good together, like the natural jute rug, chair, and bench. This look is great for striking a balance between unique and serene space. It has a simple, accessible design but the accents give this design a totally original character.

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Contemporary Comforts

Who doesn’t love a bedroom filled with creature comforts! If you’re into plush and cozy spaces, you might just love the style of a rustic-transitional bedroom like this. The design is all about comfort—it’s the perfect bedroom for cozy hibernating (or sheltering-in-place!). The bedroom’s foundational furniture is plush and ultra-comfy, like the upholstered shelter bed and plush oversized armchair (because a bedroom seating area is always a good idea).

Natural textures are a great way to bring the outdoors into your bedroom, adding an approachable element. For extra soothing vibes, we went with a neutral color palette and the super comfy sheepskin rug, white linen armchair and white duvet cover look clean and cozy at once. This bedroom is functional too! The baskets, nightstand, and side table offer plenty of storage and the armchair and pouf provide extra seats when you don’t feel like lounging in bed.

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Rustic Contemporary

Mixing transitional and contemporary design elements is great for creating a welcoming space with rustic vibes. The look features sleek pieces with streamlined, clean lines and a hint of minimalism. Rustic materials like the weathered wood bed, distressed and vintage-style rug add texture and cozy charm. And the plush layers in pillows and curtains are perfect for a bedroom. Notice there’s not a lot of stuff—minimal clutter adds to a clean vibe in the space. This style is great if you want a rustic design without a lot of stuff—mixing it with contemporary keeps the bedroom approachable and fresh.

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10 Contemporary Bedroom Ideas That Will Satisfy Your Design Cravings

contemporary bedroom

Contemporary design is a tricky style to define, whether you’re new to the world of interior design or have been an expert for years. You’re not alone if you’ve ever wondered what exactly makes something “Contemporary” and how this style differs from modern design and other styles like it.

Contemporary design is all about clean lines and smooth surfaces. Furniture forms lean toward soft, rounded shapes as opposed to the stark edges seen in modern design. Neutral shades are essential, so you’ll see a lot of blacks, whites, tans, and grays with occasional bold accents in these spaces. A good rule of thumb in contemporary design is to emphasize simplicity, high-definition, little ornamentation, and conscientious use of texture. Combining these elements creates a totally unique look that’s stunning, subdued, and absolutely approachable.

Contemporary bedroom designs are a popular choice today for plenty of reasons, including that the look is versatile enough to work as it’s own aesthetic or to blend it in with other modern styles! It’s super approachable and has near-universal appeal—plus it is one of the most functional styles for comfortable bedroom ideas. The rounded corners and soft furnishings are great for families with young kids and the smooth surfaces and modern vibe make for easy clean and clutter-free zones.

If you’re looking for bedroom designs to update your master bedroom or guest bedroom, these 9 examples show off how well contemporary design can work with a variety of styles!

contemporary bedroomContemporary Minimalist Bedroom

This is one of our favorite master bedroom ideas for a sleek, minimal look. Contemporary furniture forms are perfectly attuned with the minimal approach to styling and color. The neutral shades of the platform bed and bed linens are the focal point and pops of green and dark wood add balance to the bedroom.

Keep in mind that contemporary design doesn’t need a lot of extra adornment, so keep wall-art and accessories to a minimum. And this is in line with minimal bedroom decor too! And extra storage in nightstand offers extra functionality for a modern, uncluttered bedroom aesthetic.

This look is perfect for: Anyone who loves a sleek, pared-down master bedroom, but not at the expense of comfort!

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contemporary bedroomContemporary Cool Bedroom

This bedroom offers a playful balance of clean, contemporary lines and chic, stylish accents. It’s approachable and comfortable but also maintains a distinct personality. The gray accent wall offers a dramatic starting point and chic gold finishes bring the bedroom to life!

The neutral, sophisticated color palette works well with pops of smokey pastels, and gold elements add a touch of luxury. The abstract rug adds a bit of drama and softens up this space and a mirror on the back wall adds extra light and energy.  With functional bonuses like extra storage in the bench and a chic shelving option, you can keep the room free of clutter. Layers of texture like the fur throw on the rug and woven bed linens make the bedroom more dynamic.

This look is perfect for: Anyone who loves a master bedroom with a chic, dramatic flair—or folks who want a touch of old school Hollywood glamour in their contemporary bedroom design.

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contemporary bedroomScandi Bedroom With a Contemporary Twist

We love contemporary bedroom ideas that make use of a funky space like this! This design features natural wood finishes and an open airy layout, both hallmarks of Scandanavian and contemporary design. The clean, sparse look is perfect for a relaxing and cozy bedroom retreat.

The Scandi end tables and stool pair well with the industrial bed and contemporary finishes like the twin black lamps. Contemporary design is all about a black and white bedroom color scheme like this with Scandi pops of blue, a natural wood finish, and cozy texture from the rug and pillows. Keep the room tidy by tucking clutter into nightstand drawers and under-the-bed hidden storage.

This look is perfect for: Sparse-style lovers who also want their space to feel serene.

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contemporary bedroom


Inviting Industrial Bedroom

Adding elements of contemporary style is the perfect way to warm up a contemporary industrial bedroom design. This room seamlessly blends the clean, contemporary aesthetic with a subtle industrial edge for a bedroom that’s intriguing and inviting.

Industrial touches like the metal framework of the bed and end tables complement the neutral color scheme. There’s extra storage in the nightstands and bench, and the bench also makes a great place to lay out tomorrow’s outfit.

This look is perfect for: Anyone who loves individual elements of industrial style but needs a bedroom design that balances out the factory vibes.

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contemporary bedroomContemporary Boho Bedroom

This contemporary bedroom design features playful bohemian elements that mingle with contemporary forms and finishes. All the woven textures throughout this easygoing bedroom feel like a vacation from the work-a-day world!

The simple, clean lines of the furniture add balance and complement the rustic, organic vibes. The light, unfinished wood furniture contrasts with the orange and grey pops and the accent wall. Earth-tone accessories tie the room together and bedside mirrors add extra light. If you’re tight on space in the guest bedroom, use a desk as your end table!

This look is perfect for: Anyone who loves a cozy, eclectic bedroom retreat but isn’t all-in on boho style.

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contemporary bedroomHigh-Contrast Contemporary Bedroom

The symmetrical layout of this bedroom keeps things inviting and modern. Forms are bold yet approachable and add drama to the small room without overwhelming it. The cool color pallet still feels warm with a lively mix of patterns and shapes, like the modern wall art, pillows, lamps, and decorative items. And if you’re short on storage, those floating shelves aren’t just for display! Just line the shelves with boxes to keep odds and ends organized.

This look is perfect for: Anyone who feels at home in inviting modern spaces.

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contemporary bedroomContemporary Connoisseur Bedroom

For a bedroom design with a formal touch, we love this contemporary connoisseur style. It features a classic, formal elegance along with gold accented furnishings for subtle glam that’s not over the top. Soft blues, pinks, and grays offer an elegant update on the classic contemporary color scheme.

This master bedroom gets added visual texture from bed linens and pillows and the rug makes a bold visual statement against the design’s clean lines. Using wall sconces instead of lamps help save surface space for added functionality.

This look is perfect for: Anyone who wants their master bedroom to feel like a soothing oasis that’s both relaxing and refined.

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contemporary bedroomContemporary Chic Bedroom

Chic style is a great way to add modern flair and personality to a clean, contemporary bedroom design. Classic lines, soft forms, and symmetry keep the design contemporary and boho touches add warmth and character. We updated the contemporary color scheme with monochromatic pinks to add a little understated drama.

Furniture is both fun and functional, with nightstands serving as extra storage beside the bed and a modern floating shelf that doubles as a vanity! The floating shelf, bed, and nightstands have the classic simplicity and soft form of contemporary bedroom design. And eclectic boho-chic elements like the shell chandelier, gilded mirror and fur throw add softness and style to the contemporary bedroom design.

This look is perfect for: Anyone who wants a bedroom design that’s equal parts character and class.

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contemporary bedroomContemporary Traditionalist Bedroom

Just because contemporary design is based on a neutral palette doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate bold color! The regal blue headboard in this bedroom design makes a big impact! It’s contemporary, but the stately blue makes it the perfect match for the traditional side chair and nightstand.

Blue helps the contemporary elements like the bed, pouf and room accessories tie into the more classically influenced pieces. Pillows and wall art have an abstract design that mingles well with a traditional space. And to save on floor space, the dresser doubles as a nightstand.

This look is perfect for: Anyone who wants a posh yet polished space.

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contemporary bedroomEffortless Organic Bedroom

Contemporary design is simple, yes, but it doesn’t have to be drab! This bedroom design takes a cue from the Organic Modernism trend and features rich textures and metallic pops to demonstrate that contemporary styling can be just as striking as it is subdued.

Colors stay in the neutral palette but get extra texture from the modern bed linens and roused pillows. The bold simplicity of the bench and wall art play up the minimalist aesthetic and the use of natural materials lends an organic, earthy element. Warm neutral walls and dark wood flooring keep the room approachable and contemporary so the strong statement pieces don’t come off too stark.

This look is perfect for: Anyone who wants their master bedroom to feel like an organic oasis with a cool, modern vibe.

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