Brands We Love: Chelsea Art Studio

At Modsy, we’re always scouting new brands to add to our digital catalog. From well-known names to up-and-coming brands—and even those that are hard to find—we work with a large array of partners, so you’ll always find pieces you love in your style and budget. In our “Brand Spotlight” series, we’ll be showing off some of our favorite brands and help you get to know the many names that you’ll find in your 3D designs! Next up, meet Chelsea Art Studio.

Meet the Brand: Chelsea Art Studio

All of the pieces from Chelsea Art Studio are made to order and are never mass-produced—meaning each piece of art is 100% unique to you. They are known for partnering with both up-and-coming and established artists to create their pieces. Because they partner with such a wide variety of artists, the art they sell is made in a plethora of styles and aesthetics—from traditional art to watercolor paintings, animal prints, abstract art, and ethereal giclee prints. You can really find something in every style!

What They’re Known For

Chelsea Art Studio is known for using innovative framing techniques, and all of their pieces come professionally framed or hand-stretched. They also source unique and high-end frames, which elevate the look of these already stunning works of art.

Why We Love Them

One of the many things we love about Chelsea Art Studio is that each piece is made to order and embellished by hand. So, it’s almost like having custom artwork in your home—without the custom price tag. These are pieces you’ll want to see up close; they have so much detail and depth and truly feel like pieces of fine art.

The pieces in the Chelsea Art Studio collection are so diverse and thoughtfully created—from the matting material to the paper quality and the overall attention to detail. Each piece feels so considered and unique. But enough talking about the pieces—we want to show you a few! Keep reading to check out a few of our stylists’ top picks from the collection!

Stylist Picks: Chelsea Art Studio

I See What You Hear

This high-quality giclee print is gilded with gold accents and framed under glass. It has a hand-brushed look, which we love, with incredible texture and an organic feeling. Abstract and a bit eclectic, this piece would fit perfectly in a modern home.

Jumble of Coral II

This art print by Sara Brown is a playful and slightly whimsical botanical drawing of seaweed. We love it on its own, but also works well in a trio of prints with others pieces by the same artist. This print is perfect for rustic, classic, and coastal spaces.

chelsea art studioSpotted Stalker V

Anything animal print is a yes in our book—and this print is no exception. This engraved leopard feels chic and glam, with a hint of old-world charm. And the frame only adds to this vibe! Try it in a traditional space, or in a gallery wall for a more eclectic vibe. It would also be fun in a kid’s room!

chelsea art studioTrace in Shapes II

This large-scale wall art has a hand-painted look, giving it the look of a custom piece of art. It features a non-objective design, which is perfect for a modern or minimal home. (“Non-objective” simply means a piece of art is abstract or non-representational. It’s typically geometric, like this piece, and attempts to convey a sense of simplicity.) Not only will this piece create a statement in your home, but with the swatch of turmeric color that it features—a popular hue for 2020—you’ll also be very on-trend.

Frosted Feathers I

Talk about a unique work of art! This print is giving us some major Baroque vibes. But, while the style it’s created in is very traditional, it features a modern subject. Because of that, this print would be at home in a variety of spaces—from traditional to modern, glam, and eclectic. Un-framed, this print comes in gallery-wrapped canvas giclee with hand-applied textures.

Modern Improvisation IV

We love the organic shapes and minimal design of this modern and neutral piece. With hints of turmeric, yellow, and gold, the color scheme is very on-trend. But the minimal design gives it a timeless look. This piece would make a stunning statement on its own, but it’s also available in a series.

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