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Brands We Love: Kerala Design

At Modsy, we’re always scouting new brands to add to our digital catalog. From well-known names to up-and-coming brands—and even those that are hard to find—we work with a large array of partners, so you’ll always find pieces you love in your style and budget. In our “Brand Spotlight” series, we’ll be showing off some of our favorite brands and help you get to know the many names that you’ll find in your 3D designs! Today, meet Kerala Design.

kerala designMeet the Brand: Kerala Design

From furniture to textiles, Kerala Design creates high-quality products with an upscale and timeless design aesthetic. Each piece includes unique and thoughtful details that make it a really special addition to your home.

What They’re Known For

Kerala’s designers are inspired by both modern and ancient objects from around the world—from welded gates in India to trendy boutiques in SOHO. You can see those global-inspired shapes and patterns in both the furniture and the pillows and rugs in their collections. Their furniture tends to be traditional and rustic, but often with more modern lines. But some pieces—from coffee tables to light fixtures—also have an industrial flair.

Why We Love Them

Kerala is focused on the details and creates products with soul. These are the types of rugs, pillows, and furniture pieces that you could have forever. Their timeless design means you’ll never get sick of their pieces or feel like they’ve gone out of style. And that’s something we can get behind!

We love that they use innovative finishing techniques on their textiles—like printed velvet and burnout, which is a process that creates a semi-transparent pattern against a more solid fabric, resulting in a look of layered dimension.

Many of their products also feature hand-embellished details, which gives them a high-end, custom look. Their furniture features interesting washes, reclaimed finishes, and mixed materials. This adds to the timeless and global feel that so many of their products have. Each of Kerala’s pieces will make a statement in your home, giving your space a unique edge.

Kerala DesignOur Stylists’ Picks From Kerala Design

Alpine Leather Club Chair

We love the sophisticated design of this club chair, with its minimalist lines and top-grain leather upholstery. With a deep seat and plush back cushion, it offers both comfort and timeless style. Its lines lean modern, but the finish of the leather means it would work in both rustic and contemporary homes.

Harlow Rug

This rug is proof that art doesn’t just belong on the walls! We love the pattern and texture of this black-and-white rug, with its sleek, handwoven geometric style. This rug would pair well with a variety of decor styles—from modern to eclectic—lending a bold yet inviting look to any room.

Indya Square Pillow

This pillow features a cotton blend fabric that’s incredibly soft, making it great for lounging! The intricate printed pattern gives it a distinctive look, while the tasseled corners add a playful element. We love the idea of pairing it with other blue and white pillows of various fabrics and patterns.

Pembroke Diamond Handwoven Area Rug

The pattern of this rug is more traditional and global-inspired—but being crafted of wool-jute blend fibers gives it an unexpected twist, along with a plush texture. It is handwoven for superior quality and has an elegant yet understated style. This rug is perfect for traditional and transitional spaces and is available in multiple sizes.

Jace Leather Club Chair

Inspired by the clean lines and simple forms of mid-century design, this club chair would make a stylish statement in any space. The black leather upholstery features top-grain leather, and the frame features rubberwood arms and a black iron base. All of this gives it a more industrial, edgy flair and some seriously striking style.

Odette Hand-Woven Pouf

Inspired by traditional Moroccan rugs, this pouf features thickly woven cotton, natural textures, and a pop of a geometric pattern. We love the boho vibe it brings to a room and how it can add a playful element to any space. The pouf’s fill material helps it keep its shape while also being lightweight enough that you can easily move it around your space.

Viktor Velvet Square Pillow

Terra Cotta is a hot color right now. And when paired with a velvet fabric, it takes on a very luxe feel. This is just one piece in the beautiful Viktor Velvet Collection, and it was hard to choose just one favorite! Made of 100% cotton velvet in a soft antique wash, this pillow is as cozy as it is beautiful—so pile a few pillows from this collection onto your sofa for a luxurious and comfy arrangement.

Yasmine Coffee Table

Made with reclaimed pine, this coffee table is hand-finished to accentuate the grains and natural variations of the wood. The table’s bowed legs and angled lip make for a striking silhouette that will bring rustic charm with some boho flair to your home.

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Brands We Love: Chelsea Art Studio

At Modsy, we’re always scouting new brands to add to our digital catalog. From well-known names to up-and-coming brands—and even those that are hard to find—we work with a large array of partners, so you’ll always find pieces you love in your style and budget. In our “Brand Spotlight” series, we’ll be showing off some of our favorite brands and help you get to know the many names that you’ll find in your 3D designs! Next up, meet Chelsea Art Studio.

Meet the Brand: Chelsea Art Studio

All of the pieces from Chelsea Art Studio are made to order and are never mass-produced—meaning each piece of art is 100% unique to you. They are known for partnering with both up-and-coming and established artists to create their pieces. Because they partner with such a wide variety of artists, the art they sell is made in a plethora of styles and aesthetics—from traditional art to watercolor paintings, animal prints, abstract art, and ethereal giclee prints. You can really find something in every style!

What They’re Known For

Chelsea Art Studio is known for using innovative framing techniques, and all of their pieces come professionally framed or hand-stretched. They also source unique and high-end frames, which elevate the look of these already stunning works of art.

Why We Love Them

One of the many things we love about Chelsea Art Studio is that each piece is made to order and embellished by hand. So, it’s almost like having custom artwork in your home—without the custom price tag. These are pieces you’ll want to see up close; they have so much detail and depth and truly feel like pieces of fine art.

The pieces in the Chelsea Art Studio collection are so diverse and thoughtfully created—from the matting material to the paper quality and the overall attention to detail. Each piece feels so considered and unique. But enough talking about the pieces—we want to show you a few! Keep reading to check out a few of our stylists’ top picks from the collection!

Stylist Picks: Chelsea Art Studio

I See What You Hear

This high-quality giclee print is gilded with gold accents and framed under glass. It has a hand-brushed look, which we love, with incredible texture and an organic feeling. Abstract and a bit eclectic, this piece would fit perfectly in a modern home.

Jumble of Coral II

This art print by Sara Brown is a playful and slightly whimsical botanical drawing of seaweed. We love it on its own, but also works well in a trio of prints with others pieces by the same artist. This print is perfect for rustic, classic, and coastal spaces.

chelsea art studioSpotted Stalker V

Anything animal print is a yes in our book—and this print is no exception. This engraved leopard feels chic and glam, with a hint of old-world charm. And the frame only adds to this vibe! Try it in a traditional space, or in a gallery wall for a more eclectic vibe. It would also be fun in a kid’s room!

chelsea art studioTrace in Shapes II

This large-scale wall art has a hand-painted look, giving it the look of a custom piece of art. It features a non-objective design, which is perfect for a modern or minimal home. (“Non-objective” simply means a piece of art is abstract or non-representational. It’s typically geometric, like this piece, and attempts to convey a sense of simplicity.) Not only will this piece create a statement in your home, but with the swatch of turmeric color that it features—a popular hue for 2020—you’ll also be very on-trend.

Frosted Feathers I

Talk about a unique work of art! This print is giving us some major Baroque vibes. But, while the style it’s created in is very traditional, it features a modern subject. Because of that, this print would be at home in a variety of spaces—from traditional to modern, glam, and eclectic. Un-framed, this print comes in gallery-wrapped canvas giclee with hand-applied textures.

Modern Improvisation IV

We love the organic shapes and minimal design of this modern and neutral piece. With hints of turmeric, yellow, and gold, the color scheme is very on-trend. But the minimal design gives it a timeless look. This piece would make a stunning statement on its own, but it’s also available in a series.

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Ashby Home

Brand Spotlight: Meet Ashby Home

Ashby HomeAt Modsy we’re always scouting new brands to add to our digital catalog. From the well-known names to up-and-coming designers and even brands that are unique and hard to find, we work with a large array of partners so you’ll always be sure to find pieces you love in your style and budget. Our new “Brand Spotlight” series shows off some of our favorite brands to help you get the know the many names you’ll find in your 3D designs.

First up is a brand we think you’ll love: Ashby Home!

Ashby HomeMeet the Brand: Ashby Home

Ashby Home provides a range of furniture styles that blend with everything from classic to contemporary, and even industrial.

What They’re Known For

Ashby Home is known for their high-quality, timeless furniture pieces that never sacrifice on style. Their brand offers a huge assortment of furniture and home decor pieces and you can mix and match pieces in a range of different design aesthetics. They run the gamut in styles from eclectic to industrial, classic to traditional, contemporary to modern—Ashby Home definitely has the broadest assortment of aesthetics in the game.

Ashby HomeWhy We Love Them

Let us count the ways! We love Ashby Home because they have impeccably high standards on product build and packaging. They guarantee the best quality so you know you are purchasing items that are sure to last.

And not only is their furniture sturdy and durable, but they also have an eye for detail in manufacturing and color. They don’t overlook a single detail and their pieces are top-notch quality and have some serious style.

Ashby Home also follows through on quality with their packaging—it’s the best in the business. We love that their items arrive in beautiful condition and you don’t have to deal with the hassle of returning damaged goods. And no frustrating order experiences for you is a huge win for us!

Ashby HomeOur Stylists’ Picks from Ashby Home

Morrice Mirror: From rustic to modern, the Quinn mirror works with any style. We love it for its top-notch quality and beautiful, timeless design.

Dalton Table Lamp: Its cement base plus linen shade gives this much-loved table lamp the perfect combo of modern and rustic styles.

Mythos Wall Art: Add a pop of pattern to your space with this beautiful piece of art. The print features a lovely texture that also lends an organic appeal.

Stockwell Dining Chair: Part rustic and part classic, this dining chair is the perfect piece to add some farmhouse charm to any dining room.

Textured Scatter Table: This minimal accent table has a sculptural quality that makes it a subtle yet gorgeous addition to any space.

Una Floor Lamp: Bring a dose of rustic sophistication with this floor lamp. We love it in rustic and traditional interiors as a welcome pop of industrial flair.

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