My Modsy Story: Creating a Home That Reflects Our Love of Traveling

When Faith and her husband moved into their first house they wanted the decor to reflect their shared love of travel and respective heritages—but they didn’t know where to start.

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Homeowner: Faith J.

Spaces: Office and Bedroom

My Style: Rustic Traveler

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The Backstory

When Faith and her husband moved to their first home, they were excited for the opportunity to create a space that brought together their respective heritages and their love of traveling.

“My husband and I recently moved into our first home and we were so excited to decorate. We both love to travel and have international backgrounds. I am from Guyana and he has Polish and Hungarian ancestry. We wanted our home to reflect our passion for travel and illustrate our roots.”

“We wanted our home to reflect our passion for travel.”

global style bedroom with cane headboard bed and gallery wall above bed

The Design Dilemma

Faith knew she wanted her home to reflect her and her husband’s love of travel but she was unsure of how to get started or if she’d ever find the time to decorate with her busy schedule.

“We knew the general look and feel we wanted for our home, but we have zero design experience. We were also so busy with work and had little time to find decor on our own—leaving our house feeling empty and impersonal. I knew we needed outside help, so I decided to try online interior design.”

global style bedroom with cane headboard bed and gallery wall above bed

The Modsy Moment

Working with her designer, Faith was able to collaborate on designs for multiple rooms in her house—creating curated spaces filled with decor that reflected the eclectic, well-traveled, and global vibe she and her husband were looking for in their home.

“We so enjoyed working with our designer. She really listened to what we had to say and paid attention to the things that were important to us—taking our thoughts and transforming them into designs that we can feel truly happy with.”

“Our designer really listened to what we had to say and paid attention to the things that were important to us.”

home office with white acrylic desk and colorful abstract artwork

The Real Results

Now that Faith and her husband have designs that reflect their unique style, they feel a new sense of ease in their home.

“Since working with our Modsy designer, our lives feel more organized and everything in our space just flows together better. The experience made us feel special because there was so much thought and care put into the design process. Our designer helped us make sense of our empty house—transforming it from a blank canvas into a work of art that we can call our home.”

“Our designer helped us make sense of our empty house—transforming it from a blank canvas into a work of art that we can call our home.”

hanging rattan egg chair with sheepskin rug

bedside table in black with caning details living room lounge with rattan daybed and blue velvet accent chairs

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Home Tour: A Cozy Cabin Full of Charming Boho Style

We may not be traveling for the holidays this year, but that doesn’t mean we can mentally escape somewhere new! Today, join us for another installment of our Modsy home tours series, where we’ll be digging into a beautiful home we’ve dreamed up. We’ve always been fans of Boho interior design, with its use of natural textures, fun colors, and patterns. So, today we’re exploring a home designed with a winter-inspired take on Boho design that feels cozy yet seasonally timeless.

But first: What is boho style, exactly? This carefree, eclectic style is a colorful look with global influences. It features layers of natural textures in both the furniture and decor, as well as a fun mix of patterns and colors. But there’s not just one way to do it as you’ll discover if you click over to our ultimate guide to Bohemian style.

While many people might connect Bohemian interior design with the spring and summer months, it truly is a style that you can embrace year-round. However, there are certain color and decor shifts you might want to make for this style to feel seasonally appropriate—as we’ll show you today.

Ready to see these Boho design ideas in action? Keep reading for the full home tour!

Bohemian bedroom / Bohemian bedroom ideas / bohemian bedroom style

Boho Living Room

This boho living room features lots of layers, for a space that feels inviting and cozy. Plush accents like velvet pouf and faux fur pillow add lots of coziness. And, while the velvet chesterfield sofa feels classic, with eclectic pairings it meshes well in this Boho space. We’re imagining this home in winter—so of course, we included a Christmas tree! Bonus: Sans ornaments and lights, this tree can even be kept for a while post-New Years.

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The Key Elements:

Think in layers. Layered textiles are a great way to up the eclectic nature of this style and bring in some extra winter coziness. Here, we started with layered rugs; jute is a practical choice under a kilim-style woven rug. We also did a lot of layering with the bohemian decor and brought in more cozy layers through pillows and throws. Even the furniture is layered—with the carved wood coffee table nesting well with the Scandi-inspired footrest.

Incorporate woven elements. Woven furniture and decor are integral parts of a Boho home. In this room, we brought in woven elements through a macrame garland and wall hanging on and above the mantle, a hanging rattan chair, a pendant light, a jute rug, and a woven jute stool. All of these add texture and natural elements to the space, driving home the Boho style.

Balance neutrals with rich hues. Colors help play up the eclectic foundation of the Boho style. In this winter-inspired space, we opted for rich hues of ochre, mossy green, and a dark charcoal wall. With all of the natural materials used in this space, these saturated colors bring richness, depth, and coziness to the space.

Bohemian bedroom / Bohemian bedroom ideas / bohemian bedroom style

Stylist Tip: You may not naturally think of including a hanging chair in a living room—it’s probably a piece of furniture you’d think of more for a porch or perhaps a teen’s room. However, it adds a playful element to this living room. And, when hung opposite the hanging pendant light over the sofa, the whole arrangement feels balanced.

Bohemian bedroom / Bohemian bedroom ideas / bohemian bedroom style

Boho Mantel

This mantel is very boho chic—the perfect focal point of a boho living room. By painting the mantel and the surrounding wall in a dark charcoal, we’re bringing some major contrast into this living room. Candles instead of firewood add a funky and cozy element to this arrangement, while sprigs of greenery add an earthy feel to the design. Macrame is a subtle way to add a wintery element to the decor, but it also ties in with the woven textures seen throughout the Boho design of this space.

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Bohemian bedroom / Bohemian bedroom ideas / bohemian bedroom style

Boho Bedroom

When it comes to bohemian bedroom ideas, it’s all about incorporating lots of layers and textures. An easy way to do this in a Boho bedroom is through textiles and bedding. We love how the patterns on the pillows have a modern and geometric feel, which complement rather than clash with the geometry found in the bedspread. Aside from all the layering in the textiles, the layers on the nightstand add an eclectic and collected feel that’s often seen in bohemian bedroom decor. And a color palette that feels fun but grounded is a perfect way to help bring this space to life. A sleek teak wood platform bed allows the fabric and other textures in this space to be the star of the room.

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Bohemian bedroom / Bohemian bedroom ideas / bohemian bedroom style

The Key Elements

Pick an earthy color palette. Muted green and pops of earth tones like brown and whites add a grounded and earthy feel to this boho bedroom. But don’t stop there; add a pop of something fun! The red-orange color used in this bedroom adds contrast to the muted, earthy palette and brings in some boho eclectic flair.

Play up the textures. Boho spaces are always really layered and texture-filled. But in the wintertime, turn it up a notch. Bring in textures through natural materials; we did this with eucalyptus sprigs and pampas grass stems, as well as a jute pour. The shiplap wall adds some nice texture to the space, as does the macrame wall hanging. And the hide rug layered over the woven wool rug adds additional depth and dimension to the space. Baskets add some practical storage to the bohemian bedroom decor, while the woven pattern adds more visual depth.

Bohemian bedroom / Bohemian bedroom ideas / bohemian bedroom style

Add some contrast. To give this space a modern bohemian edge, we wanted to add in some contrast to the earthy color palette. This rattan chair adds that contrast we’re looking for with its black frame and white cushion. Rattan and woven chairs are inherently boho and eclectic, and this particular chair feels like an edgy version of that style.

Have some fun. When it comes to bohemian bedroom style, we love bringing in some playful elements. Here, we did that with pom curtains and tasseled pillows!

Bohemian bedroom / Bohemian bedroom ideas / bohemian bedroom style

Boho Dining Room

This Boho dining room has a year-round appeal. But we brought in some cozy, wintery elements which offer some seasonal appeal. This casual dining space is created with a rustic, light wood dining table, classic Mid-Century Modern wishbone chairs, and a leather bench. These pieces of key furniture are supported by woven elements that drive home that Boho style.

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The Key Elements:

Create a collected vibe. An eclectic nature is at the heart of Boho style. The colorful, vintage-inspired rug sets the tone for this space, giving this boho room a collected feel. A mix of textures throughout further supports this vibe.

Bring in cozy elements. What takes this dining room design into winter? Cozy touches. The layered sheepskin rug is a great addition for cold-weather months, adding some major coziness to this space. A velvet pillow backrest is also a great way to bring some cozy texture into this dining room. Pine sprigs add a sweet seasonal element to the space.


Bohemian bedroom / Bohemian bedroom ideas / bohemian bedroom style

Boho Home Office

This light-filled home office is brimming with Boho style. It’s the perfect casual space to work from home. While the whole layout leans a bit minimalist, we brought in some fun personality through the rug and wall decor.

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Bohemian bedroom / Bohemian bedroom ideas / bohemian bedroom style

The Key Elements:

Start with the basics. Two office necessities? A desk and chair. The simple writing desk with tapered legs has a modern rustic touch. But the sculptural rattan office chair brings in some major personality, adding a fun modern bohemian touch to this space. The addition of a small cabinet on the nearby wall brings in some practical storage.

Add a personal touch. Floating shelves offer the perfect place to display quirky accents, plants, and books. Wall baskets bring in a global-inspired, collected element and add color and pattern to this more minimalist space.

Bring in some warmth. We mean this visually and literally. Especially in the winter months, you want to keep your toes warm. So, a rug underneath the desk brings plush comfort and warmth to a tiled room. But the colors and patterns also bring in some visual warmth! Some touches of greenery bring life and warmth to the space as well.

Head to our design ideas page for more Eclectic design ideas!

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Tour this Home Designed in Decadent Bohemian Elegance

bohemian designWhen you think of boho style, you generally think of rooms full of bright colors, bold textiles, and tons of greenery. There’s probably also designs with Spanish influences and organic touches.

You’ll still find all of those elements inside this home designed in Bohemian Elegance. Except rather than taking center stage, they’re much more subdued. That means landscape art in black and white, plants in white ceramics, traditional rugs with global textiles, and clean-lined furniture with rustic-organic pieces.

It might all sound a tad formal, but the rooms are far from that. While Bohemian Elegance has a pared-down, curated feel, it also has the openness and free-spirited ease of boho-style homes.

Still not sure how that all plays out? Read on to peek inside a home our designers dreamed up that captures this idea of Bohemian Elegance—which we’re seeing as a trend that’s on the rise. And don’t miss our tips for bringing the look into your spaces.

The Entryway

From the moment you step into our Bohemian Elegance home, you’re in an entry that showcases a lesson in curation and sets the tone for the rest of the space.

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The Key Elements:

Make subtle nods to nature. It’s about minimal styling and finishing touches that bring the outdoors in. Think black-and-white landscape art and greenery and plants arranged in smooth, white ceramics.

Add boho details. Go for interesting boho elements, like the apogee arch shape of the floor mirror here and the kilim rug in muted desert hues. They’ll complement your natural accents while keeping the overall minimal vibe.

Play with color and contrast. Mix black and white with hushed colors for a palette that balances boho and contemporary. It’s a discerning approach that demonstrates how you can add high impact through restraint.

boho decorThe Living Room

When it comes to the main living area, it’s all about combining eclectic style with rustic elements. There’s a mix of warm materials and mid-century designs, layers of soft global colors and patterns, and it’s all symmetrically laid out. The result is a boho vibe that’s carefully curated.

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The Key Elements:

Mix materials and shapes. Bohemian Elegance is about the eclectic materials and textures combined with classic, clean-lined designs. It’s what creates the signature dynamic and layered look. Think a mid-century chair with tan leather and a crisp sofa piled with colorful boho pillows.

Pattern up in earth tones. Aim for a neutral but warm color palette, so go big with earth tones. Warm leather and wood tones will pop next to patterns in indigo, rusty red, and inky grays. Try anchoring your room with a vintage distressed rug that has a large-scale pattern in desert hues.

Organize with symmetry. There’s an unexpected approach to styling in boho spaces. This gets even more structured with the Bohemian Elegance look. Lean into symmetry with two facing mid-century sofas and a pair of matching leather chairs. They’ll provide a streamlined base that lets you layer in boho accents and colors without it all looking haphazard.

bohemian eleganceThe Corner Nook

Every home needs a corner spotlight that succinctly showcases the style of your home, be it a reading nook, a gallery wall, or a comfy resting spot off to the side of your living room.

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The Key Elements:

Add a statement piece. An anchor piece is always a good idea when you’re trying to bring focus to a corner. Consider a light-wood bench when you’re going for an elegant bohemian design. It will captivate and tie in the style of the home nicely—especially when it’s piled with fun graphic pillows.

Get eclectic with vertical space. It’s easy to go heavy on the floor and furniture accents and forget about the walls. Fill out your space with a tall plant and an art piece that feels unexpected but ties in the nature theme, as in this tiger print.

Play up an open vibe. Minimal styling is the surefire way to set off a corner area without it taking away from your overall living space. Go with a softer palette of neutrals and keep your accents bold but airy, like a bench that has an open-base design.

eclectic style dining roomThe Dining Room

In case you missed it, we recently called out the rise of the Minimalist-Maximalist trend. Bohemian Elegance plays with elements of that trend also, as in this dining space that combines bold wood and metal designs with simple silhouettes.

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The Key Elements:

Show off natural textures. There’s no better place to let textures shine, like the wood grain table, the woven chairs, and the polished-metal cabinet and pendant here. The key is making sure to balance them so no one element outplays another. You can do that by pulling in designs with these materials that also have bold shapes.

Get linear and sculptural. Boho style favors sinuous shapes and eye-catching art and colors. Here, they’re pared-down without losing any of the boho-style charms. Lean into abstract linework art and clean-lined chairs instead to play up that casual mix of fun forms.

Keep it lightly accented. With so much texture and strong shapes, it’s easy to overwhelm a space so make sure to only pull in only accents that add a bold note. And keep them minimal for an open, relaxed vibe in your living room. It’s about being high-impact and approachable.

boho bedroom decorThe Bedroom

Playful meets polished in the bedroom, where relaxed and eclectic furnishings and accents come together. It’s an unusual mix that includes a tailored bed and midcentury-style pendant, boho pillows and rug with a classic bench. It all adds up to a bohemian design that’s elegant and charming.

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The Key Elements:

Layer up with eclectic comfort. Mismatched frames, piles of patterned pillows, a large vase for the floor… It’s all about combining quintessential boho design elements with classic pieces that are big on comfort. Just be sure to keep your palette consistent with the rest of your home.

Pull in a captivating light. The best way to bring the mid-century vibe into the bedroom is to add a sputnik chandelier. This gives off a light and airy feel and looks like a dandelion puff—which is just oh-so-perfectly boho!

Embrace light and dark. Finally, with bedroom furnishings, it’s about balancing formal and relaxed pieces, foundations that are big on comfort and accents with personality. Contrast traditional nightstands and a formal bed or bench with a punchy rug and eclectic art, all of which will play up the eye-catching effect.

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The Naturalist’s Interior: Designing a Minimal Bohemian Living Room

Naturalist Living Room Collection

Warm, calming, and eclectic, this living room is the naturalist retreat you’ve been searching for. Come lounge around on a patterned dhurrie settee or plop down on the floor with some pillows; this space is for those of you looking for a way to satisfy your minimal and bohemian cravings.

Get the Minimal Bohemian Look:

Neutral Color Palette:

Lay the foundation of your naturalist abode with a neutral color palette. Opt for whites, beiges, and browns to create a warm and calming space.

  • We started with a coat of Decorator’s White (Benjamin Moore) to let the unique architecture of our space shine.

Natural Materials:

Incorporate natural materials to enhance your living room’s naturalist vibe. Choose pieces that use raw or unfinished materials like jute, rattan, wood, leather, stone, or shell.

Naturalist Living Room Collection

Play with Texture & Pattern:

Amp up the bohemian feel by incorporating texture and pattern. Playing with these elements will give your living room that essential eclectic charm.

  • Bring a welcome pop of pattern to your space with the Bridal Rug Settee (Wisteria). We also love the honeycomb pattern and translucent glow of Serena & Lily’s Capiz Honeycomb Chandelier made with real capiz shells.

Naturalist Living Room Collection

Naturalist Living Room Collection

Add some Natural Curiosities:

The secret sauce of this space is its perfect balance between the romantic and scientific elements. Equally charming and intriguing, these few details are essential for nailing the naturalist look.

  • We included an homage to one of the most influential naturalists, the larger than life John Muir Tribute Tree artwork (Natural Curiosities). Add a touch of natural whimsy with sculptures and small objects, like our Floating Marble Ducks (Wisteria).

Naturalist Living Room Collection

We love the idea of bringing the great outdoors into your home. As American writer, Genevieve Valentine writes, “Nature provides enough order to soothe and enough entropy to surprise,” making it the perfect interior design muse. So, if you love the boho look but not all the color, or if you like minimal spaces but find them chilly, our Naturalist collection is the “neutral territory” you’ve been seeking.


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Boho Glam Wonderland: Give Your Hollywood Glam Living Room a Bohemian Twist

Have you ever walked into a room and wanted to touch everything? That’s how we feel about this India Mahdavi-worthy living room, that’s full of luscious textures, earthy colors, and sumptuous materials. The result is a boho glam wonderland!

Boho Glam Living Room

Check out the shopping list below, with 100% real (and affordable) products and take a peek at our cheat sheet to learn how to get the look.

How you can get the boho glam look:


  • Start with materials: The key to this look is the combination of organic and luxurious materials. Soft leather, stone, sheepskin, velvet, and shiny gold are your friends.


  • Make an understated statement: Nix the frills of Hollywood Glam and say “no thanks” to button tufting, sparkles, and exaggerated patterns. Instead, let the materials shine by choosing pieces with sleek forms.


Boho Glam Living Room

  • Add natural textures: Emphasize the bohemian element of your space with textures that showcase nature. We love the Sandstone Pattern wall art from Williams Sonoma, and have our eye fixed on the watery surface of the Ripple Media Console (CB2).


  • Curate an earthy color palette: If you can’t find it in nature, you won’t find it in this living room (looking at you hot pink!). We started with a base of charcoal and stoney greys and then layered in earthy hues. Think jewel tones, and seek out those saturated colors that will give your space a bohemian edge.


Boho Glam Living Room

  • Top it off with some whimsy: Create a playful space with whimsical accessories. Look for artwork that is a bit tongue-in-cheek for some great conversation pieces (as if this living room isn’t enough already).
    • We love the playful look of Anthropologie’s Ibex Side Table, and got a good laugh out of Alex Kostinskyi’s Knuba print (Artfully Walls).

Voila! Your living room is now the perfect balance of bohemian, glamorous, and minimal – oh my!

The Boho Glam Living Room Collection