Wallpaper Designs and Styles We’re Loving Right Now

Wallpaper is no longer a design choice you only see in old, outdated homes. In the past several years, wallpaper has become a go-to way to bring pops of color and pattern into your home. And over the past year, it has jumped to the top of the interior design trend charts.

It’s becoming commonplace to use wallpaper in home design—to the point that it’s almost more surprising to see a newly designed home without wallpaper than it is to see one with wallpaper. Of course, wallpaper isn’t for everyone. But we believe that it can add such a fun visual element to a room design!

Bedroom with ornate bird themed wallpaper

While many people may think of their grandmother’s home or a Victorian mansion when they think of wallpaper, current designs go far beyond the stuffy patterns of decades past. Today, you can find a wallpaper pattern to suit any style. Yes, there is still plenty of traditional floral, damask, and Chinoiserie patterns to be found (but in beautiful, updated designs—like the lovely wallpaper used by Kate Arends in her primary bedroom redesign). But there is also a multitude of bold geometric patterns that are perfect for modern spaces.

We’d love to introduce you to some of our favorite wallpaper designs. Featuring a variety of designs that suit a multitude of design styles, these trendy wallpaper patterns can level-up any room’s design. Scroll down for our top 12 favorite wallpaper designs, which play into some of 2022’s best wallpaper trends!

But first, we’ll give you a quick primer on the different types of wallpapers so you can find the one that best suits your needs.

Types of Wallpaper and Wall Coverings

Crate and barrel black and white plaid pattern wall paper

Black and Ivory Removable Wallpaper, Crate & Barrel

Gone are the days of being limited to semi-permanent, pasted-on wallpaper applications. While that’s definitely still an option for those looking for a long-term design, there are also plenty of more temporary (and affordable) options available.

Unpasted Rolls

This is the most traditional method of wallpaper application. It involves starting with rolls of wallpaper and literally pasting sheets to your wall. This obviously results in a more permanent wall fixture, since you can’t remove it without a lot of elbow grease and glue-dissolving solution. The benefit of this method, however, is that it’s very durable meaning it rarely requires touch-ups. Plus, many traditional wallpaper rolls are washable to keep them looking great long-term!

Pre-Pasted Rolls

Pre-pasted wallpaper is sort of an in-between option that’s easier (and less messy) than unpasted rolls, but still more permanent than peel-and-stick wallpaper. This type of wallpaper comes with dried glue already applied to the back of the wallpaper that’s activated by adding water.

Self-Adhesive (Or Peel & Stick)

If you’re looking for wallpaper that’s more temporary, try peel and stick wallpaper. This is a newer technology with wallpaper which makes it easier to put up and take down, without leaving dried glue behind. This is ideal for those living in rentals or looking for a temporary design solution. However, peel-and-stick wallpaper rolls tend to be less durable—but ultimately the quality varies with the price point.

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1. Feather by Serena & Lily


Blue and white chevron pattern wallpaper in coastal bedroom

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Serena & Lily has some beautiful wallpaper designs. And we particularly love this graphic print! The pattern is inspired by traditional herringbone and chevron patterns but has a more organic spin.

Type of Wallpaper: Unpasted Rolls

This pattern is perfect for…

Coastal spaces. It has a slightly playful quality to it, which can help balance out the more formal elements of this design style. And the blue and white color palette perfectly complements the classic color scheme of coastal spaces, offering the perfect backdrop to natural materials.

2. Urban Walls Marigold Wallpaper by Pottery Barn Kids

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Soft and whimsical, this floral wallpaper adds a delicate touch to any space. Featuring an abstract, watercolor-inspired take on the floral wallpaper design trend, this pattern is soothing and serene—perfect for an accent wall or above wainscotting, like in the room above!

Type of Wallpaper: Unpasted Rolls

This pattern is perfect for…

Kids rooms and nurseries. A whimsical look is perfect for little ones! But it would also be beautiful in a bathroom or as an accent wall in an adult’s bedroom. This beautiful print is not just for kids!

3. Humming Marsh Wallpaper, Anthropologie

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This wallpaper pattern has some major retro vibes! Perfect for adding a cheerful pop of color and pattern to your space, this wallpaper print takes biophilic design and gives it a whimsical twist! It’s a fun and versatile print that can be used on anything from accent walls to little nooks where you just want a little pop of personality!

Type of Wallpaper: Unpasted Rolls

This pattern is perfect for…

Those who gravitate toward a more bohemian, eclectic, or whimsical design style. It’s also a good fit for those who love retro mid-century vibes.

4. Grasscloth Wallcovering, Serena & Lily

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Want something more than paint on your walls but aren’t quite ready for full-on patterned wallpaper? Perhaps it’s worth trying grasscloth wallpaper! This style of wallpaper is crafted of natural grasses and fibers, which gives it a textured finish. But it comes in a solid color—giving your walls a lot of visual interest but without a pattern. Grasscloth wallcoverings are among the top wallpaper trends for more formal spaces.

Type of Wallpaper: Unpasted Rolls

This pattern is perfect for…

Those who gravitate toward classic and coastal design styles. The texture of grasscloth feels elevated, with its rich color and natural texture. But it also has an organic quality that adds warmth to your space.

5. Mosaic Scallop, Crate & Barrel

Living room with black and white deco style wall paper

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We love the elegance of these scalloped arches. This wallpaper design is a classic pattern in an even more classic black and white color scheme, the design is a great way to bring some large-scale drama into your space. We love that this pattern feels both vintage-inspired and modern, which makes it work well with a variety of styles and color palettes.

Type of Wallpaper: Self-Adhesive Rolls

This pattern is perfect for…

Fans of Art Deco design (just look at those scalloped arches!) and those who want to bring to life a modern take on 80s design. The arches, combined with a black and white palette are also a great way to bring some pattern into a minimalist glam space.

6. Blossom Chinoiserie Mural, Anthropologie

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Chinoiserie patterns have been around for centuries; inspired by Chinese and Japanese art, this type of wallpaper design first came into fashion in 18th century Europe. It’s probably because of that timing that this wallpaper style is often associated with grand European manors—but we love that this particular take on Chinoiserie feels updated and fresh while still having classical appeal. It feels like one giant piece of artwork!

Type of Wallpaper: Unpasted Panels

This pattern is perfect for…

Those with a classically inspired design style, and those who embrace the grandmillenial look. And, since Chinoiserie often features stylized flower and bird motifs, this pattern is a great choice for those leaning into the biophilic design trend that’s super popular right now.

7. Handloom, Magnolia Home

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Want just a little bit of pattern on your walls? Go for this Magnolia Home wallpaper. It’s the type of wallpaper where you can use it on all four walls (instead of just an accent wall) and you could also still hang art over it. It’s a great way to add patterns to your space without creating too much visual stimulus!

Type of Wallpaper: Pre-Pasted Rolls

This pattern is perfect for…

Almost anyone! It’s very versatile across styles—from rustic and transitional to farmhouse and traditional. It’s also great for minimalists and those with a more classic design style since it’s such a subtle, refined print.

8. Cloud Motif, West Elm

Bedroom with bold cloud inspired wallpaper in turqouise

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If you want a pattern that’s a bit more abstract, give this Cloud Motif wallpaper a try. Bold blues are having a major moment in interior design trends, and this pattern plays right into that. Bold blues add loads of color for visual impact in your space—but the abstract print makes a bold statement without being overwhelming. In fact, the pattern has an almost calming effect.

Type of Wallpaper: Pre-Pasted Rolls

This pattern is perfect for…

Those who like creating a moody look in their home. This pattern has some slightly vintage vibes, which you could either lean into use as contrast with modern pieces, like we did in the room design above. This wallpaper would also be great for someone embracing a dark academia vibe.

9. Herbal Moss, Anthropologie

Changing station with nature inspired wallpaper

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What a charming design! This wallpaper design features a charming collection of ferns and herbs. The design adds vintage charm and an organic feeling touch to any space. We love how it’s used in the design above, as a little pop of pattern in a closet-turned-changing-station.

Type of Wallpaper: Unpasted Rolls

This pattern is perfect for…

Kids rooms and nurseries. With its whimsical quality, this wallpaper design would add instant charm to these spaces. However, it also nails the biophilic design trend, so it would be great as an accent wall in any space embracing that trend! It would be perfect in a traditionally inspired study or library.

10. Palmetto, Serena & Lily

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A bold take on a traditional pattern, Serena & Lily’s Palmetto pattern is an updated take on a classic damask pattern. The organic lines of the pattern feel almost hand-painted, while the colors help strike a balance between classical and bohemian.

Type of Wallpaper: Unpasted Rolls

This pattern is perfect for…

Those looking to merge modern and traditional design styles. This wallpaper design is the perfect marriage of these two styles and would serve as a beautiful accent wall in a living or dining room.

11. Etched Arcadia Mural, Anthropologie

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We love the graphic black and white appeal of this wall mural. The towering trees and vast sky featuring on the design has a classic, vintage-inspired vibe. This mural would look beautiful as a focal point behind furniture in contrasting colors.

What’s the difference between wallpaper and wall murals?

While most wallpaper features repeating patterns, wall murals are a little different. With a wall mural, you just get one image, on a large scale. Often featuring nature-inspired or landscape designs, they feature a large-scale design that can transport you. Wall murals perfectly blur the lines between large-scale art and a wallpapered accent wall. These can come in unpasted, pre-pasted, or peel-and-stick panels.

Type of Wallpaper: Self-Adhesive Panels

This pattern is perfect for…

Someone looking for a bold accent wall that can serve as a focal point for their space. Moody but classical, this wall mural would suit homes with minimalistic eclectic design styles.

12. Pimpernel by William Morris

Nursery with William Morris wallpaper

Archival patterns are having a major trend moment in 2022, and this wallpaper pattern is the perfect embodiment of this wallpaper trend. A favorite of our VP of Style, Alessandra Wood, who used it in her baby’s nursery design, this wallpaper is a traditional pattern by William Morris—a designer of classic wallpaper motifs. This one features floral trellises with strong symmetry. We’re big fans of floral prints and patterns; they can add so much visual interest and pattern without overpowering a space.

Wallpaper Type: Unpasted Rolls

This pattern is perfect for…

Those who love a vintage vibe, rooted in the traditional. Floral patterns like these are perfect for a cottagecore-style home. And, as you can see, it’s a sweet, unexpected pattern for a nursery!

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How To Find The Best Wall Mirror For You

best mirrorsThere’s more to a stylish wall mirror than pure functionality. Beyond reflecting your beautiful face and giving rooms the appearing more spacious, we like to think of wall mirrors as sculptural art and showpieces. They make captivating focal points above a console in the entry; they can add depth and dimension on the wall behind a sofa or a bed; or they can serve as sparkling accents that lend a touch of shine to empty walls. All to say, a well-placed wall mirror can instantly transform a room, offering both chic style and a new perspective.

But when it comes to choosing a mirror that’s suited to your style and space, the endless options can feel overwhelming. Should you go with a chunky octagonal wood frame or a large and minimal round mirror instead? Does a rattan or sisal frame feel too beachy in an apartment? Don’t worry, we’re right there with you.

To simplify your search, we’ve rounded up our top ten picks for the best mirrors in the market now. Read on to see how you can bring them into your home and make them work for your style and needs.

best mirrorsIf you’re after simple and sophisticated style…

You can’t go wrong with a classic gold-rimmed round mirror. It’s our idea of a timeless and always-chic mirror design.

It’s a great addition to vignettes since it pairs beautifully alongside graphic artwork, modern ceramics, and other polished accents. It can also play up the warmth and gorgeousness of darker wood tones, so if you go this route, try to group it with console tables and cabinets in rich woods.

When it comes to styling, we love both hanging or leaning one against the wall on top of a console in a living space. Just make sure to keep other gold and metallic touches to a minimal to avoid too much glimmer and shine.

Our Pick (For Leaning): Eye Gold Mirror

Our Pick (For Hanging): Circular Mirror Gold-Amber

best mirrorsIf you love the modern rustic look…

A large mirror with a thick weathered driftwood frame will lend your spaces that rustic look with a coastal bent. For added visual appeal, consider a classic wood mirror in bold geometric shape, which has classic streamlined style with an edge.

Not to mention, the beauty of wood-framed mirrors is that they can work with either contemporary furnishings or more relaxed designs. So you can pair one with a super-sleek cabinet or a weathered wood console, and it will look just as stylish. With oversize mirrors, we also like using them to add impact in an entry or above a sofa to really drive the focus in a room.

Our Pick: Granby Wall Mirror

best mirrorsIf you like laid-back designs…

Opt for mirrors made with natural materials, such as sisal, rattan, and rope. These designs are especially great in rustic and beachy spaces, and you’ll want to go big with both size and texture to emphasize a cool, relaxed look.

But they can also work wonderfully in more clean-lined spaces, adding major visual texture and making a statement on a large empty wall. We also love the idea of mixing it with a raw wood console or a simple bench with woven seating to draw focus to all the rustic textures.

Our Pick: Kuna Wall Mirror

best mirrorsIf you prefer a little formality…

A bold geometric-shaped mirror in a wood frame offers just the right industrial note. This type of mirror, such as square-and-circular cutout style, works best as part of a living room console vignette. They have a way of giving a sense of structure and symmetry to a stylish display, so if you’re after a more polished look, this approach is your best bet. Just be sure that the console table or cabinet also has bold geometric elements that reiterate the mirror’s shapes so that the overall look feels cohesive and considered.

Our Pick: Sadie Wall Mirror

best mirrorsIf you’re looking for versatility…

We can’t sing the praises of this classic Modsy pick enough. This mirror has been our favorite since we first launched and it remains one of our most popular pieces with our customers!

Why it’s an all-time favorite comes down to its super versatile design. The simple round metal frame and slightly beveled detail give this mirror universal chic appeal, allowing it to work in a range of spaces in all styles, from rustic to minimal to eclectic. It also mixes nicely with all kinds of decor, be it with a pair of glam table lamps or an assemblage of smooth white ceramics. If you’re looking for a design that has good looks and flexible style, look no further than Quinn.

Our Pick: Quinn Mirror

best mirrorsIf you want an elegant statement piece…

A more sculptural design will likely deliver the impact and allure you’re after. Think a teardrop shape or unusual geometric pieces that lean more eclectic and glam in style.

The benefit of a uniquely shaped mirror is that it can add intrigue and lots of character to otherwise functional vignettes and corners. Anchor it with more rectilinear pieces to draw focus to the mirror’s distinct shape. Our favorite way to decorate with these mirrors is to hang one over a simply styled cabinet or a pretty and practical bar cart as a way to bring a little sparkle to entertaining spaces.

Our Pick: Arlington Mirror

best mirrorsIf you’re a minimalist…

We love the look of a super contemporary and very large round mirror for you. This is the kind of mirror that truly stands in as an art piece and it also complements midcentury pieces perfectly given its simple silhouette.

It’s a great way to add drama and create a striking focal point in a space while keeping the overall vibe minimal. To really bring this look to life, bring in neutral tones in addition to mid-century designs, which will help to elevate the look.

Our Pick: Eltham Wall Mirror

best mirrorsIf you like an eclectic vibe…

Try going for a smaller mirror that’s a little unexpected, as in one made with rattan or just a piece that has an unusual frame pattern or shape. Think of it as you would an art piece that you would add to a gallery wall.

For instance, we love this mirror frame that’s designed to like seaweed or coral, which brings in surprising visual texture and lends a touch of eclectic beachy elegance to a space. Remember that a mirror with a fascinating shape or frame always works great as part of a display or a mix of artwork, so if you see a small mirror with a wild frame that you love, go ahead and get it because you’ll always be able to find a place to hang it.

Our Pick: Portola Mirror

best mirrorsIf you’re into a little glamour…

Lean into designs with an Art Deco aesthetic. This trio of squares captures the look perfectly but one large mirror with a similar geometric frame can bring the same glam impact to your spaces.

If you decide to go with multiples, try hanging the mirrors horizontally or vertically in a row to create a cohesive, eye-catching look. A tip for decorating with multiple mirrors? The frames don’t need to match, just make sure the metallic finish does. For instance, mirrors with silver frames and detailing are glamorous by default, so if you line up options in different shapes that all have silver frames, you’ll still get the same chic, polished look. Round out silver mirrors with equally luxe accents, such a Lucite lamps and beautiful leather trays.

Our Pick: Gillis Wall Mirror

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