The Best Trendy Interior Design Ideas of 2020 (So Far)

Curious about the latest and greatest interior design trends? There are some seriously great styles that are gaining in popularity right now. We’re loving some of the top 2020 home decor trends, all of which offer something fresh and new—and definitely deviate from mid-century design, which has been the trend darling for quite a while now.

If you’ve ever wondered where interior design trends come from—and why certain trends live on while others die—then you’ll definitely want to listen to episode 4 of our podcast, The Render. In that episode, we unpack some of our favorite and least favorite trends, and discuss how to incorporate trends into your home.

Speaking of which—we’re big believers in balancing trends with personal style. So, instead of going along with every trendy interior design whim, establish your own personal style, then simply incorporate pops of a trend within your space when it feels right. Wondering, “What’s my interior design style?” Take our style quiz to help pinpoint your preferences.

But back to the 2020 home decorating trends. If you’re curious about what interior design styles are trending right now, read on! We’re giving you the scoop on five of our current favorite trends—and we’ll even show you how to get the look, whether you want to go all out or just incorporate it into your home in more subtle ways!

 Trendy interior designTropical Bohemia

What do you get when you mix Hollywood glam with boho eclectic? Tropical Bohemia, a design trend we currently can’t get enough of. It’s a high-end tropical take on boho style, with a very Beverly HIlls Hotel aesthetic. It’s a style that’s not afraid of a little drama and opulence—typical of any glam style—but it’s brought to life in a way that feels playful and inviting.

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How To Get The Look:

Mix natural and luxurious materials. In a Tropical Bohemia space, you’ll find the unexpected combination of natural and glam materials. There will be velvet juxtaposed with leather. Rattan, jute, and cane next to marble and gold. This style is all about the contrast of materials for a bold and dramatic look.

Take a casual approach to styling. While traditional Hollywood Regency glam takes a very formal approach to layout, Tropical Bohemia has a more asymmetrical take. Though there are moments of luxury, this is not a formal style. So, balance out the opulence and drama with casual styling—like a piece of art propped on the floor or mis-matched side tables.

Opt for a rich, vibrant palette. Tropical is in the very name of this interior design style—so go with a color palette that’s inspired by the tropics! Lush greens should be at the top of your list, along with crisp whites, rich earth tones, pops of other vibrant tropical hues, along with gold and natural materials. And know that palm prints are always welcome!

This style is perfect for…

A modern-day Dorothy Draper or Blanche Devereaux. Basically, anyone who loves a sense of drama but wants a less-stuffy approach.

New Traditionalist

Another design trend we’re loving that looks back on the past? New Traditional. It’s a more contemporary approach to traditional interior design—but in a less whimsical and more tailored style than Grandmillenial. This style takes all of the comfort and homeyness of traditional styles, but plays with that idea through a modern lens. Basically, it’s a more modern, streamlined version of traditional

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 Trendy interior designHow To Get The Look:

Mix comfortable foundations with traditional accents. Comfort is key with New Traditional style. So, go for a plush sofa with a hint of traditional shape. Accent pieces can feature more traditional lines, which you can see in the accent chairs in this living room. Antiques are also very welcome in this style! Incorporating a balance of hard and soft makes this style feel rooted in the past but geared toward the needs of the present.

Design with a classic color palette. New Traditional design works best with tried and true hues. You can’t go wrong with a crisp and stately blue and white color palette, which is steeped in the history of traditional style. Add pops of red if you want to take an Americana slant to this style. Rich wood tones will add warmth to the design.

Incorporate traditional patterns and motifs. Play up the traditional side of this style with traditional patterns and motifs. This can show up in an old-world rug design, striped upholstery on accent chairs, and botanical artwork, as in the living room above. But, in general, stripes, florals, plaids, and any patterns and motifs that draw from the past are welcome here! Just be sure to opt for a few prints with a more contemporary edge to bring this look into the present.

 Trendy interior designThis style is perfect for …

Anyone who loves antiques mixed with modern spaces and who love the past but want to live in the present.

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 Trendy interior designEdgy Minimalism

Edgy Minimalism is an interior design style that features minimal style with an eclectic twist. The result is considered and sometimes spare spaces with a fun, energized vibe. There’s lots of room to display personality through a mixed collection of furnishings and a few bold accessories. But, even in the personality-packed elements, this style feels highly curated.

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 Trendy interior designHow To Get The Look:

Design with a high-contrast neutral palette. Edgy Minimalist rooms are bold yet neutral. How? A high-contrast color palette. You’ll see mostly neutral colors, but in a wide array of tones and saturation levels. We love the black and white palette of this dining room office, that also has pops of wood and metals to warm it up. The result? Energized spaces that still feel curated due to a cohesive palette.

Emphasize geometric elements. Shapes abound in an Edgy Minimalist space. There’s a lot of drama in geometry. The foundational furniture often has bold shapes with little applied ornament—meaning the pieces themselves make a statement. The lighting, accent furniture, and decor feel sculptural, acting as functional works of art.

Style with a curator’s eye. While there is a good amount of “stuff” in these rooms, they still feel edited. Basically, it’s a less-is-more, minimalist’s approach to styling, where you just display your best pieces of decor—not all of your pieces. This lends itself to curated gallery walls and styled open shelving.

 Trendy interior designThis style is perfect for…

Those who can’t choose between their love of minimalism and showing off their personality—because edgy minimalism gives you both! It’s also great for couples or roommates who need to merge opposite styles into one space.

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Americana Farmhouse

Americana Farmhouse style is a rustic-meets-coastal, beachy take on farmhouse style. It celebrates everything we love about Americana design, but with coastal undertones that creates relaxing and livable spaces. It’s a fresh take on older, more traditional Americana design, brought to life in a way that feels stylish and on-trend.

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How To Get The Look:

Root the design in comfort. With Americana Farmhouse style, keep comfort in mind when choosing your foundational furniture, like the overstuffed sofa and comfy armchairs in this living room. Large furniture, like sofas and beds, should have streamlined forms with hints of traditional in their bones. Accent furniture can be more traditional, but should still have an easy approachability and comfort.

Incorporate plenty of natural materials. As you can see, there is a lot of texture in this Americana Farmhouse living room. With a limited color palette, textures help bring the room to life. Natural materials and textures like jute, linen, leather, cane, and weathered woods—to name a few—are incorporated in the furniture, rug, and decorative accents. All of this creates a neutral space that feels serene and approachable.

Opt for accents in red and blue. While, overall, Americana Farmhouse spaces are neutral, punctuating them with pops of red and blue brings the look to life. It gives a nautical feel to the space without becoming too beachy. We recommend incorporating the pops of red and blue in pillows, decor, art, and even accent pieces like poufs and coffee table books.

This style is perfect for…

Those who want a relaxed look that still feels polished. It’s a perfect family-friendly style, and is great if you like farmhouse or Fixer Upper style but want something fresh and for your living room to feel more unique.

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Grandmillenial Design

Grandmillenial style—also known as granny chic—is all about whimsey and an appreciation for the past. And it’s one of our favorite interior design trends of 2020. Those who embrace this style have a love of design elements that are often considered to be outdated or stuffy by the mainstream. As in: ruffles, floral patterns and chintz, chinoiserie, embroidered linens…the list goes on. Grandmillenials have a maximalist approach to decor—with patterns on patterns on patterns—and the furniture has classic underpinnings. There’s a nostalgic, old-timey aesthetic to this style, along with a sense of formality—but it’s definitely not stuffy. Rather, it’s a more fun and youthful take on your grandmother’s style.

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How To Get The Look:

Incorporate granny florals galore. As we mentioned, this is a style that says: the more patterns the better! Especially when they’re more vintage-inspired patterns like toile and chintz, or even the more modern but still nostalgic patterns, like those found in the wallpaper designs at Rifle Paper Co.

Opt for classic furniture. In a Grandmillenial home, opt for furniture styles that feel classic or traditional in form. So, no modern, sleek lines here! Rather, make sure there are some ornate details, like carved or scrolled furniture legs, scalloped edges, and tufting in chairs and sofas. But this classic furniture should also be comfortable—because this style is all about creating a cozy sense of home.

Curate Your Clutter: This is definitely more of a maximalist style—but you don’t want it to feel chaotic. Rather, collections and tablescapes should have a sense of being curated or edited. So, embrace your inner grandma and layer in lots of knick knacks and decor! But just make sure it’s thoughtfully arranged.

This style is perfect for…

Those with an appreciation for the past, who have a nostalgia for grandma’s house and style. (And also a deep love for floral patterns.)

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Our Very Best Home Decor Ideas for 2020

2020 has been a weird year hasn’t it? We’re now more than halfway through the year, and it’s safe to say that it’s been unlike any other. With all of us spending more time at home than ever before, we figured it was the perfect time to start a house project or take some time to refresh your space!

Whether large or small, something for your kids or for yourself, any type of design or decor update can make a huge difference not only for the vibe of your home but also for your well-being.

We want to help you make your home more functional and comfortable for all the time you’re spending there. We know that not everyone is sitting at home with loads of time and money on their hands—but if you have a little time or some spare cash, consider some home decor ideas to update your space and give it a refresh! We’ve rounded up our best home decorating ideas in one place to give you a mega list of ideas and inspiration!

Bring the Vacation to You

Just because you had to cancel your vacation this summer doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun. Actually, we think it means you should simply bring the vacation vibes straight to your home! So, think of your favorite travel destinations, and let those influence some vacation-inspired home decor updates this summer!

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Decorate With Leafy Greens

Not into eating leafy greens? Maybe you should try decorating with them instead! Because, not only do plants improve your air quality—they’re also proven to make you happier! Now that’s a win-win. This is one of those simple, inexpensive decorating ideas that will have a big visual impact in your home. And there are a ton of different ways to incorporate plans into your decor!

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Get Comfortable

Want your home to be more of a calming haven? Comfort is key. From your living room to your bedroom, your dining space to your den, incorporating a handful of comfort-focused elements will help inspire relaxation throughout your home.

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Create the Perfect Shelfie

Looking for home decor ideas that don’t require any demo? We’ve got you. In fact, this is an update you can easily tackle in an afternoon! By rearranging your bookshelves—incorporating not only books, but decorative objects, plants, ceramics, and art—you can bring a totally new perspective into your space!

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Staycation in Style

Did your vacation become a staycation? No problem. Add some vacation vibes to your home to help your time off feel more like a getaway! Vacation-inspired decor can help set the tone for some serious relaxing—and it can also help you get better at disconnecting from work on the evenings and weekends long after your staycation ends.

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Upgrade Your Mantel

Giving your fireplace mantel a refresh might be all you need to breathe new life into your living or family room! Since it’s a natural focal point, simply curating a few objects, pieces of art, or decorative items can have a huge impact on the overall vibe of your space.

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Add A Splash Of Color

Fresh paint can give your room a whole new look. But if you don’t have the time or energy to paint a full room, consider simply painting an accent wall! It will enliven your space and create a natural focal point.

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Get Organized

Why is it that we never seem to have enough storage space? While doing a major purge of our earthly possessions is always an option, you can also get creative with storage solutions throughout your home to get organized and make the most of the space you do have.

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Decorate On A Budget

Just because you live on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style when it comes to decorating your home. There are tons of tips and home decor ideas you can use to try out some popular trends and fill your space without breaking the bank.

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Create A Cozy Reading Nook

Who doesn’t love the idea of a cozy reading nook—a place to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea? Or even a dedicated space to unwind with a glass of wine at the end of a long week? Whether you have a ton of space or just a corner, you can create a cozy reading nook where you can get away from it all and truly relax.

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home decor ideas | home decorating ideasFill Your Blank Walls

Have you been staring at blank walls for too long? It’s time to finally hang some stuff up and make your home feel a bit more lived-in! And guess what? You aren’t confined to complex gallery walls or framed artwork. There are tons of unique and engaging ways to fill your home’s walls.

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Try Out Traditional

There’s something comforting about the familiar in these unstable times. And that’s just as true in interior design as any other part of life, which is why Traditional interior design is having a major moment right now.  Leaning into this time-tested design style lends a sense of comfort and stability during a season with so much uncertainty.

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Dress Up Your Dresser

Want your bedroom to feel a bit more polished and considered? Style the top of your dresser. This small update will make a huge difference on the overall feel of your bedroom.

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Bring The Beach Home

You may live far from any coastline—but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the laid-back style of the coast to your home! Create a white a blue color palette, layer in some natural elements, and you’ll be well on your way to a coastal dream home! It’s the perfect summer upgrade.

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Incorporate Some Relaxing Bedroom Essentials

Bedrooms are a place to relax and unwind. And as our homes become even more multipurpose than they were before, it’s especially important for our bedrooms to be a true retreat where we can get away from the frenzy and stress that’s perhaps lingering in other corners of our homes. And just a few small updates can make your bedroom even more cozy and relaxing!

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Get That Modern Farmhouse Look

Modern Farmhouse is a trendy style that is ever-growing in popularity. It’s a style that’s more bold than your typical rustic or classic farmhouse look—but with its mix of modern and relaxed style, it still manages to embody an effortless, livable vibe. Perhaps it’s worth incorporating a little more of this style into your home!

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Decorate With An Old Church Pew

Whether you inherited an old church pew or you recently stumbled upon one at an antique store and dragged it home, it’s easier than you might think to decorate with them. In fact, it’s a fun way to breathe new life into an old piece of furniture and add a unique element to your home!

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Upgrade Your Home Office

Need some help focusing during these long work-from-home days? The color palette of your home office can actually make a big impact on your concentration and productivity. And there are actually a wide variety of color schemes that can help you out!

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Tackle Your Teen’s Space

If your teen is craving a more grown-up space, perhaps this summer is the perfect time to tackle an update together! It’ll mean some quality time together as you hone in on their style and update furniture and decor. And they’ll end up with a cool, updated bedroom that they love.

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Design Around Your TV

A design question we often get is “How do I decorate the wall behind my TV??” It can be quite the design conundrum. But there are actually a number of approaches you can take, with no blank walls in sight.

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Hang a Gallery Wall

Making the decision to hang a gallery wall is easy—but actually creating it? Not so much. But don’t worry, it’s not impossible. While it takes some time and patience, it’s actually not as intimidating as it may seem.

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Put the Finishing Touches on Your Room

How do you balance out making your home feel both polished and lived in? Curated but approachable? It’s all in the details. The right lighting and storage solutions, plus personalized home decor and decorative accents can help make your home feel both put together and unique.

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Stylist Picks: The 10 Best Poufs for any Room

best poufsOver the past few years, poufs have made a serious splash in rooms of all styles. They’ve become one of our all-time favorite decorative accessories here at Modsy, and we use the best poufs in our customers room designs all the time.

Not sure what a pouf is? It’s basically a cushioned footstool – or an oversized, overstuffed pillow, depending on who you ask. But the uses go far beyond footstools. Different poufs have different levels of firmness, and the material they’re made with are definitely a factor in how they can function in your room. Beyond footstools, they can also become a makeshift seating option, an improvised side table, a kid-proof coffee table (no sharp, hard edges here!), or just a pop of personality in your space.

Regardless of how you use them, and even if their use switches from day to day in your space, we’re big believers in poufs as a functional design element in any home. To help you find the best poufs for your home, our stylists have rounded up a few of our favorites!

best poufs1. Leather Moroccan Pouf

This super sturdy option adds a pop of warmth to your room with its rich leather exterior. The goat skin leather is soft but will be able to withstand the wear and tear of kids and pets. And the intricate stitching adds an eclectic vibe with Moroccan influences.

2. Zona Hand-Woven Pouf

This pouf adds a pop of color and texture to any space. The fringe gives it a playful vibe while the texture and pattern give it a lot of visual interest. It’s a sturdy option that will keep its shape, but it’s still lightweight enough to move around.

3. Braided Jute Floor Cushion

A different take on the traditional pouf, this piece is lower to the ground, making it more of a floor cushion. But we still love it. The natural jute exterior and dense filling make this a great reclining seating option when you feel like lounging around – but it’s sturdy enough so you could stack to for an easy side “table” when guests come over!

4. Anthracite Pouf

While at first glance this pouf looks like it’s made with a thick cotton weave, look closer and you’ll find that it’s actually made of woven strips of leather. This gives it a very unique look and feel, creating an incredible statement and conversation piece that’s perfect for a more contemporary style.

5. Cream Shiprock Modern Pouf

This pouf has some seriously southwestern vibes and adds a pop of geometric pattern to your space. Its woven wool exterior is durable without sacrificing a bit of style.

6. Black Malmo Texture Pouf

This two-tone pouf boasts both comfort and style. The hand-knitted construction adds texture and helps give a warm and inviting air to your space. It makes for an easy, comfortable extra seat – and the two-tone style can be flipped either way for a variable look.

best poufs7. Labyrinth Pouf

This eye-catching pouf features a geometric labyrinth pattern that works in a variety of interiors – from eclectic and rustic to all-out glam. And, unlike most options, this one features an interior wood frame for added stability and durability, making it a perfect makeshift table or seating option.

8. Bermuda Pouf

This guy is one of our best-sellers – and for good reason. It’s everything a pouf should be – sturdy but comfortable, visually striking, versatile – and nothing it shouldn’t be. With its jute construction, it adds natural texture to any space while also being highly durable.

9. Leather Pouf

If you’re looking to add a pop of warmth to your space, this leather number definitely fits the bill. But unlike the first leather pouf featured above, there’s nothing bohemian about this one. In fact, its clean lines and simple construction give it an elegant feeling, and the natural leather grain will age beautifully. You could even up the formality factor with two of these side-by-side in your living room.

10. Camel Palmetto Transitional Pouf

White and camel stripes add versatility and nautical vibes to any space. Made of cotton, this pouf is durable, comfortable, and oh-so-charming. It will effortlessly add warmth and comfort to your space.

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