Designer Picks: The Best Coastal Mirrors for Beachy Rooms

We love the easy, breezy nature of coastal design. If you want to add a touch of that classic coastal charm to your home—whether you’re designing an actual beach house or just want to infuse your space with some seaside vibes—hanging a coastal mirror is an easy way to do this. Coastal mirrors are the perfect accents to crown a beachy room or add some laid-back charm to a space that’s otherwise not overly coastal.

Today, we’re sharing some of our designers’ favorite coastal mirrors, all of which are timeless pieces that will give any room some of that coastal charm! (And hopefully you’ll get some excellent coastal design ideas along the way!)

What makes a mirror look coastal?

If you’re looking for a coastal mirror, remember: it’s all about the materials. Natural materials, to be specific. Rattan, white-washed wood, teak, and cane are all popular materials used to create coastal mirrors. Want to get even more beachy? For beach mirrors, try a material that’s specifically associated with nautical life—like rope, shell, and driftwood.

Coastal mirrors also often use specific shapes. You’ll find a lot of round mirrors here! Why? Probably because they’re reminiscent of portholes on ships, which is nautical at its finest. You’ll also see some coastal mirrors with wavy frames, reminiscent of ocean waves.

Where to Shop for Coastal Mirrors

Many brands carry beautiful mirrors that have a coastal look and feel. There are several brands in the Modsy catalog that we love turning to, since they specialize in coastal-style decor—including Ludlow Living, Ashby Home, Aidyn Decor, Serena & Lily, The Phillips Collection, and Pottery Barn, to name a few!

Designer Picks: The Best Coastal Mirrors

Want to add a coastal mirror to your home’s decor? No need to scour the internet for the perfect coastal mirror! We polled our designers to get their take on the best of the best. (Because sometimes it really is better to have fewer, better options.) Here are their 11 favorite coastal mirror designs!

Modren and cheery coastal office with Sea Coral Coastal Mirror from Uttermost

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Sea Coral Coastal Mirror, Uttermost

This shapely mirror is good for more eclectic coastal spaces. The shape is irregular and is meant to mimic the organic shape and texture of coral reefs. (It also gives us some ocean wave vibes, if you’re looking for beach mirrors!) And the white finish is great for almost all color schemes—but looks particularly great with that classic blue-and-white coastal palette.

Blue coastal kitchen featuring Bartholomew Live Edge 3d Mirror from Ludlow Living

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Bartholamew Live Edge 3D Mirror, Ludlow Living

This live-edge circular mirror is a celebration of natural materials and is good for giving a coastal space some global flair. The wavy frame has a 3D quality that adds more visual interest and depth to your walls than the average wall mirror. Since it’s smaller in size it can fit in tight spaces, and the teak finish adds texture and natural color to your walls.

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Coastal Round Wall Mirror, Aidyn Decor

This is a classic coastal mirror if we’ve ever seen one! With a round shape and natural rope frame, it embodies a quintessential coastal style. This is a larger mirror, which makes it a great choice if you want to make a statement and add a bold impact on a wall. And we love that the neutral, natural color of the rope goes well with casual coastal decor.

Pretty pink bedroom in coastal style featuring Seia Wall Mirror from Precitia Home

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Seia Wall Mirror, Precita Home

The carved wood detail of this mirror’s frame, which overlaps onto the reflective glass, adds a lot of visual interest and is perfect for a charming coastal style, or a home that mixes rustic and coastal designs. The classic rectangular shape makes this mirror versatile—while the detailing on the inside of the frame creates a dainty and unique look.

Palani Mirror from Aidyn Decor featured in coastal style white living room

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Palani Mirror Natural Rattan, Aidyn Decor

This fun and eye-catching round rattan mirror adds drama for a modern coastal space. Rattan, coiled in a large cone shape, makes a bold impact in any space and has a fun 3D effect, giving your modern coastal decor some dimension.

Blue entryway in contemporary coastal style with blue and white mirror Bar Harbor from Serena & Lily

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Bar Harbor Bone Inlay Mirror, Serena & Lily

What a beauty! This blue and white striped rectangular mirror embodies classic coastal style. We love this piece for a more formal Nantucket style home. A classic blue-and-white color scheme is elevated by a bone inlay design—which adds visual impact, texture, and unique pattern to any coastal space. If you’re looking for nautical mirrors with an elegant twist for your seaside cottage, this is just the thing.

Pale green office nook including Round Venster Mirror from Cyan Design

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Round Venster Mirror, Cyan Design

Looking for just a touch of coastal flair? This small, round mirror, hung by a leather strap, adds some nautical vibes to coastal, modern, and traditional spaces alike. This small nautical mirror offers thoughtful detail without overwhelming the wall space. Because of its size, it fits great in a gallery wall, but it can also stand alone as a small-but-impactful coastal detail in your space.

Halifax Wall Mirror from Ashby Home in sage green coastal style entryway

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Halifax Wall Mirror, Ashby Home

This octagon-shaped mirror is large and makes a big impact on your wall. But it’s the weathered driftwood frame in a gray-washed patina that gives it subtle coastal vibes. (In fact, the shape is inspired by seaside cottage windows!) You can play up the coastal look with additional coastal or nautical decor—or let it bring just a touch of coastal style to a modern rustic space.

Love this look? Check out our blog post on coastal interior design tips for the full scoop on this design!

Melville Coastal Mirror by Uttermost in bright traditional coastal living

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Melville Coastal Round Mirror, Uttermost

This is a fun, modern mirror with unique iron and rope detailing. A fresh take on a classic coastal design, this nautical mirror is perfect as a focal point over a console or fireplace because it’s large and makes a bold statement.

white entryway in coastal style featuring Syden Round Wall Mirror from Ludlow Living

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Syden Round Wall Mirror, Ludlow Living

With its mango wood frame, inset with rattan caning, this mirror adds a sophisticated touch to a coastal space—perfect for those who want to create a modern and fresh coastal design. Small but mighty, this mirror is great for small spaces. But those caning details add a ton of visual impact, along with some neutral organic texture.

Rustic and coastal entryway with Ramos Mirror from Ludlow Living

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Ramos Mirror, Ludlow Living

This round mirror with a starburst-style frame adds an eclectic and boho flair in a coastal space. Made from teak branches placed around a circular wooden frame, this mirror makes quite a statement. Not only that, but it adds natural texture and color that pops against a white wall.

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19 Ways To Style An Oversized Floor Mirror

Besides giving you a full-length look of your outfit and your gorgeous face, an oversized mirror is the ultimate statement piece for any room. You can lean an oversized floor mirror in a corner in the bedroom for an instant dressing area or you can hang one in the hallway to make it look longer and more spacious. An oversized floor mirror can also open up a small space when it’s tucked away behind plants or a sofa.

For inspiration, we’ve rounded up the best ways to style large mirrors into your space, no matter the style or type of room you’re designing. Find out more below!

Need help finding a mirror? Discover the best mirrors curated by our designers..neutral bedroom design with a light wood dresser and an oversized floor mirror

1. Bring in a Contemporary View

Floor mirrors are perfect accents in contemporary bedrooms. The large mirror next to this streamlined dresser makes getting ready more convenient as well as balances out the scale of the room. If you’re working with clean-lined furnishings in neutral, gray, black, and white, consider a floor mirror with a thin black frame that keeps with the mod high-contrast theme.

Style Tip: A mirror with a thin frame often appears narrower than it actually is, so it’s perfect next to your bedroom door if it fits. It will help open up your space that much more.

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farmhouse bedroom design with a canopy bed and a gilded floor mirror

2. Add Antique Style

Some of our favorite bedroom design ideas feature oversized floor mirrors as part of the bedside space, like this antique-style mirror in gold. What’s great about a floor mirror next to the bed is that there’s no nightstand on one side, so it offsets the balance in the room and brings in a stylish look with an airy feel.

Style Tip: A large mirror with a gold frame can go a long way in terms of looks, so keep the area around it light on the decor so as not to overwhelm your room visually.

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contemporary bedroom design with two oversized mirrors hanging above each nightstand

3. Double Up

You can also opt for two-floor mirrors tucked behind nightstands and mounted on either side of the bed. This brings a chic and modern look to a bedroom and makes the space feel full and considered without appearing overly decorated. A pair of matching mirrors will give you a cohesive look but if your style is more eclectic, try mismatched mirrors in the same size.

Style Tip: Mirrors with rounded edges are a great way to break up the strong lines of bedroom furniture. Add one or a pair to soften the overall look in a bedroom.

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modern bedroom design with an oversized floor mirror

4. Lean Into Mid-Century

For a more traditional approach, pull in a large wooden leaning mirror off to the side in the bedroom. This style of mirror is great in a mid-century style space with bold black, white, and wood tones. Be sure to lean it on a wall parallel to the bed for a balanced look and layout flow.

Style Tip: A mirror with a thick wood frame makes an instant modern statement and it will provide lots of warmth in a bedroom. Just be sure to ground or lean it firmly on a large wall.

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5. Contrast Light and Dark

Similar to the previous bedroom, this is a traditional use of a floor mirror that helps bounce light into the far corners and make the space feel larger. In this modern bedroom with high-contrast tones, the contemporary mirror also stands in for art as a clean-lined and minimalist showpiece.

Style Tip: A mirror with a thick black frame will work in any modern or contemporary space. It adds a bold look that’s easy on the eyes and perfectly complements furniture in black and white.

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6. Fake a Window

Another way to play up a leaning mirror in a bedroom is to place one along the wall directly opposite the door. This adds a balanced look and fakes a “window” by opening up the room.

Style Tip: In a modern space that’s layered with light woods and natural textures, the mirror will reflect light and add emphasis to those materials.

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oversized floor mirror

7. Extend Your Hallway

A hallway or passageway is always a practical place for a mirror. Mounting a large full-length mirror in the hallway creates both a focal point and a stylish spot for checking your reflection between rooms. Hanging and installing a mirror on your wall is safer than leaning one, especially if you have kids or are working with a narrower hallway that’s also a high-traffic spot.

Style Tip: With public living spaces, try more decorative mirrors, like one with a silver frame or beveled edges. Think big! You can also layer plants nearby to draw more attention to the spot.

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oversized floor mirror

8. Brighten Up a Corner

Use an oversized floor mirror to dress up a reading corner or nook. You can pair it with a sconce or floor lamp for an added light source and an accent that helps warm up the space around the mirrors, like this cozy seating corner. The sconce also gives a big structure to the mirror, which would otherwise appear to float emptily between two windows.

Style Tip: Go for a mirror made with natural or luxe materials, like stone, ceramic, or even inlaid tiles. Gorgeous materials will add texture, which is always a good idea in a small corner layered with cozy furniture and rugs.

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9. Have Fun With Shapes

Working in floor mirrors with fun shapes and designs is another great way to add a sculptural art element to your space. Try layering a uniquely shaped mirror behind a nightstand in the bedroom to add depth and to offset the boxy silhouette of bedside tables, like in this bedroom. With mirrors that have geometric designs, they’re guaranteed to be instant conversation pieces.

Style Tip: Large geometric mirrors have a way of bringing a mod, almost 80s vibe to a room. Keep to one statement geometric mirror so that it looks intentionally handpicked.

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oversized floor mirror

10. Think Architectural

A uniquely shaped full-length mirror can also bring an architectural element to spaces, like this arched design. If you live in a modern home with not a lot of bold interior architectural details, an arched oversized mirror with a strong silhouette can give you that ornate sculptural touch.

Style Tip: Bold-shapes floor mirrors anchor smaller areas and corners in the room, setting them apart from the rest of the space. Layer these spots with baskets and storage to add practicality and purpose to the area.

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oversized floor mirror

11. Keep It Minimalist

If you love the pared-down minimalist look, an oversized floor mirror is a piece to bring into your spaces. Because spare minimalist rooms are all about considered and curated designs that also serve a practical purpose, a large mirror gives you all that, adding style, reflecting light, and opening up a room all at once.

Style Tip: For a minimalist look, take a cue from this bedroom and go for a design that has intricate ornaments and details. Or keep it modern and simple for an extra tailored look.

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oversized floor mirror

12. Build a Wall 0f Mirrors

For any home gym or dedicated workout space in the home, a wall of full-length mirrors is always a good idea. Placed side-by-side, they’ll act as one giant mirror that not only lets you check your form while exercising, but they also open up and brighten the space. And let’s be honest, no one enjoys working out in a dark room!

Style Tip: For a series of mounted mirrors, no-edge designs are best. This allows you to hang mirrors closer to each other along a wall and create one seemingly large mirror.

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13. Make an Artful Display

Mirrors are practical pieces but they can also just be decorative in your living or dining rooms. Try filling out an empty corner with an arch-shaped mirror and a few large baskets, or tall trees and plants. Keep size in mind in relation to other objects. You don’t want your mirror to feel too large or too small next to your sofa or other large artworks.

Style Tip: Consider your mirror frame finish in relation to your furnishings in a room. Gilded or metal frames work well with brass pieces while wood always goes with other wood designs.

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14. Try a Rustic Take

Think of mirrors as finishing touches that can round out a style in a room. The classical ornate mirror in this rustic farmhouse living room is a great accent piece that anchors the space with a vintage look. It also perfectly fills out the otherwise stark corner, making it feel more like an extension of the rest of the space.

Style Tip: Make sure a large floor mirror is placed so that it captures other furnishings in its reflection. It’s one way to add another layer of color that echoes the palette of your space.

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oversized floor mirror

15. Go For Streamlined Appeal

You can also use a mirror as a backdrop that recedes a little. Here, the mirror is layered within design elements of the living space, such as a cane chair and tall leafy plant. Creating this type of vignette is a chic way to decorate a large space without making it look overstyled or cluttered.

Style Tip: Look to the motifs in your furnishings to inform your mirror choice. The arched mirror here ties in nicely with the geometric print, round pillow, and circular shapes in the room.

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16. Make for a Curated Mix

Another way to layer a floor mirror into the design of your living room is to set it behind plants, art, and lighting. This gives your living space a more curated and fuller look and feel. At the same time, the mirror also helps to extend the space to appear larger. If you’re pressed for space, this is an easy way to work in a floor mirror without it taking up too much visual space.

Style Tip: Tucking a floor mirror within a seating area adds up to a collected and curated look. In small spaces where a floor mirror often feels too big, this makes it look more receded.

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oversized floor mirror

17. Make It Your Backdrop

Layering a floor mirror behind a sofa creates a high-contrast backdrop that instantly opens up any living room. Try a sculptural mirror so that it also functions as an art piece for your space. The circular mirror here adds contrast to the square frame of the sofa while also adding height.

Style Tip: For a captivating design trick, layer lighting in front of a mirror to add depth and a striking visual element. It will feel considered and purposefully curated.

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oversized floor mirror

18. Hang It High

Instead of leaning a full-length mirror, you can also mount it high on a living room wall. It’s a sculptural alternative to a large art piece and makes for a gleaming focal point that’s hard to miss. If you have high ceilings, this will create the illusion of height and draw the eye up.

Style Tip: With wall-mounted mirrors, consider a design that mimics windows and doors. A mirror with a window-pane design, like this one, brings an architectural element to the walls.

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oversized floor mirror

19. Set the Scene

Leaning a floor mirror in a dining room can be a tricky maneuver. It’s best for lower-traffic dining rooms and larger, more formal spaces, especially since it’s not as kid-friendly. Place an oversized floor mirror at one end of the dining room, as in this space, to help ground a blank wall and balance out your dining table. Think large dining table, larger mirror.

Style Tip: Take a cue from your dining table and chair designs for your mirror. This farmhouse style mirror has an antique feel and adds a pop to a traditional rustic space, while a clean-lined oversized floor mirror in black can bring a minimalist vibe to a contemporary dining room.

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How To Find The Best Wall Mirror For You

best mirrorsThere’s more to a stylish wall mirror than pure functionality. Beyond reflecting your beautiful face and giving rooms the appearing more spacious, we like to think of wall mirrors as sculptural art and showpieces. They make captivating focal points above a console in the entry; they can add depth and dimension on the wall behind a sofa or a bed; or they can serve as sparkling accents that lend a touch of shine to empty walls. All to say, a well-placed wall mirror can instantly transform a room, offering both chic style and a new perspective.

But when it comes to choosing a mirror that’s suited to your style and space, the endless options can feel overwhelming. Should you go with a chunky octagonal wood frame or a large and minimal round mirror instead? Does a rattan or sisal frame feel too beachy in an apartment? Don’t worry, we’re right there with you.

To simplify your search, we’ve rounded up our top ten picks for the best mirrors in the market now. Read on to see how you can bring them into your home and make them work for your style and needs.

best mirrorsIf you’re after simple and sophisticated style…

You can’t go wrong with a classic gold-rimmed round mirror. It’s our idea of a timeless and always-chic mirror design.

It’s a great addition to vignettes since it pairs beautifully alongside graphic artwork, modern ceramics, and other polished accents. It can also play up the warmth and gorgeousness of darker wood tones, so if you go this route, try to group it with console tables and cabinets in rich woods.

When it comes to styling, we love both hanging or leaning one against the wall on top of a console in a living space. Just make sure to keep other gold and metallic touches to a minimal to avoid too much glimmer and shine.

Our Pick (For Leaning): Eye Gold Mirror

Our Pick (For Hanging): Circular Mirror Gold-Amber

best mirrorsIf you love the modern rustic look…

A large mirror with a thick weathered driftwood frame will lend your spaces that rustic look with a coastal bent. For added visual appeal, consider a classic wood mirror in bold geometric shape, which has classic streamlined style with an edge.

Not to mention, the beauty of wood-framed mirrors is that they can work with either contemporary furnishings or more relaxed designs. So you can pair one with a super-sleek cabinet or a weathered wood console, and it will look just as stylish. With oversize mirrors, we also like using them to add impact in an entry or above a sofa to really drive the focus in a room.

Our Pick: Granby Wall Mirror

best mirrorsIf you like laid-back designs…

Opt for mirrors made with natural materials, such as sisal, rattan, and rope. These designs are especially great in rustic and beachy spaces, and you’ll want to go big with both size and texture to emphasize a cool, relaxed look.

But they can also work wonderfully in more clean-lined spaces, adding major visual texture and making a statement on a large empty wall. We also love the idea of mixing it with a raw wood console or a simple bench with woven seating to draw focus to all the rustic textures.

Our Pick: Kuna Wall Mirror

best mirrorsIf you prefer a little formality…

A bold geometric-shaped mirror in a wood frame offers just the right industrial note. This type of mirror, such as square-and-circular cutout style, works best as part of a living room console vignette. They have a way of giving a sense of structure and symmetry to a stylish display, so if you’re after a more polished look, this approach is your best bet. Just be sure that the console table or cabinet also has bold geometric elements that reiterate the mirror’s shapes so that the overall look feels cohesive and considered.

Our Pick: Sadie Wall Mirror

best mirrorsIf you’re looking for versatility…

We can’t sing the praises of this classic Modsy pick enough. This mirror has been our favorite since we first launched and it remains one of our most popular pieces with our customers!

Why it’s an all-time favorite comes down to its super versatile design. The simple round metal frame and slightly beveled detail give this mirror universal chic appeal, allowing it to work in a range of spaces in all styles, from rustic to minimal to eclectic. It also mixes nicely with all kinds of decor, be it with a pair of glam table lamps or an assemblage of smooth white ceramics. If you’re looking for a design that has good looks and flexible style, look no further than Quinn.

Our Pick: Quinn Mirror

best mirrorsIf you want an elegant statement piece…

A more sculptural design will likely deliver the impact and allure you’re after. Think a teardrop shape or unusual geometric pieces that lean more eclectic and glam in style.

The benefit of a uniquely shaped mirror is that it can add intrigue and lots of character to otherwise functional vignettes and corners. Anchor it with more rectilinear pieces to draw focus to the mirror’s distinct shape. Our favorite way to decorate with these mirrors is to hang one over a simply styled cabinet or a pretty and practical bar cart as a way to bring a little sparkle to entertaining spaces.

Our Pick: Arlington Mirror

best mirrorsIf you’re a minimalist…

We love the look of a super contemporary and very large round mirror for you. This is the kind of mirror that truly stands in as an art piece and it also complements midcentury pieces perfectly given its simple silhouette.

It’s a great way to add drama and create a striking focal point in a space while keeping the overall vibe minimal. To really bring this look to life, bring in neutral tones in addition to mid-century designs, which will help to elevate the look.

Our Pick: Eltham Wall Mirror

best mirrorsIf you like an eclectic vibe…

Try going for a smaller mirror that’s a little unexpected, as in one made with rattan or just a piece that has an unusual frame pattern or shape. Think of it as you would an art piece that you would add to a gallery wall.

For instance, we love this mirror frame that’s designed to like seaweed or coral, which brings in surprising visual texture and lends a touch of eclectic beachy elegance to a space. Remember that a mirror with a fascinating shape or frame always works great as part of a display or a mix of artwork, so if you see a small mirror with a wild frame that you love, go ahead and get it because you’ll always be able to find a place to hang it.

Our Pick: Portola Mirror

best mirrorsIf you’re into a little glamour…

Lean into designs with an Art Deco aesthetic. This trio of squares captures the look perfectly but one large mirror with a similar geometric frame can bring the same glam impact to your spaces.

If you decide to go with multiples, try hanging the mirrors horizontally or vertically in a row to create a cohesive, eye-catching look. A tip for decorating with multiple mirrors? The frames don’t need to match, just make sure the metallic finish does. For instance, mirrors with silver frames and detailing are glamorous by default, so if you line up options in different shapes that all have silver frames, you’ll still get the same chic, polished look. Round out silver mirrors with equally luxe accents, such a Lucite lamps and beautiful leather trays.

Our Pick: Gillis Wall Mirror

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