6 Examples of How to Design a Living Room With 2 Entrances

We’ve covered off on many different types of living room layouts—from awkward living room designs to large open rooms that maximize space by floating furniture. Now we’re tackling living rooms with a uniquely awkward conundrum: The living room with 2 entrances.

A common design feature in homes, a living room with two entrances can be a tricky floor plan to furnish. In addition to figuring out the right living Room furniture, you also have to consider the traffic flow in the space room based on the doorways and where they lead.

To inspire you and provide some guidance, we’ve broken down six rooms with double entrances to show you different ways to make it work.

living room with white modern sofa and sculptural black side table

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1. An L-Shaped Living Room With Two Entrances

The Layout: An L-shaped living room with two entrances. One entrance is an opening that leads to a dining room; the other is a door that connects to the outdoor patio off the living room.

Additionally, the room also features a fireplace that’s directly in between the two entry points. The L-shape design of the space also provides a small nook that acts like a separate room.

overview of living room that has a fireplace and seating area with a home office off to the side

How To Make It Work:

gray living room with matching camel leather directors chairs

Arrange conversational seating. A conversational seating area set-up works best in this room. The two chairs face a sofa, and the arrangement is centered in front of the fireplace, which creates a more balanced look and flow throughout the space.

living room with white modern sofa and sculptural black side table

Zone it with a rug. The seating area is also set off as a focal point with a rug. All of the furniture is on the rug, making it clear that is the main seating area. The rug is also pulled up close to the fireplace, which creates a path on the other side with good flow and lots of walking room.

Add other functions. Making the most of small spaces within the room will help make the room feel more spacious. The floor mirror in one corner reflects light and gives the illusion of more space, while the office corner brings added function to the room and makes it feel larger as well.

Designer Tip: Use furniture with lower profiles and open designs, like the leather accent chairs, to keep the line of vision open from the entrance to the outside door. This will play up a more open look and feel in the room.

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2. A Narrow, Rectangular Living Room With Two Entrances

The Layout: An 18×11 foot rectangular living room with two entrances on opposite ends. One is an open archway that leads to a hallway; the other consists of double doors connecting to another room.

The double doors can be shut to give the space a more formal room-like look and feel. Additionally, the room also features a large window along one wall that lets in unobstructed light.

aerial view of long and narrow living room

How To Make It Work:

Arrange furniture along the walls. Given the long and narrow shape of the room, this set-up is ideal. The sofa along the window wall, the bar cart across from it, and the armchair in the corner keeps the layout feeling open and maximizes the room’s flow from entrance to entrance.

Make the sofa the focal point. With a narrow room, centering a sofa along a wall is the easiest way to bring symmetry and balance to the space. You can then decorate and build the room with the rest of your furnishings from there.

Have moveable pieces. Having pieces that are easy to move is good when you have entrances that require doors to open into the space. The rolling bar cart, ottoman, and low coffee table can all be moved around as needed for entertaining or to make more room.

Designer Tip: In a long and narrow space, captivating art on the walls and a patterned rug on the ground are key. They’ll keep the eye moving and also distract from the room’s compact and narrow shape.

modern rustic living room with layered jute rugs, a white sofa and modern nesting coffee table

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3. A Large Open Living-Dining Room With Two Entrances

The Layout: A large square living room with an open doorway and a narrow entry. The large doorway leads to the dining room and kitchen; the narrow one connects into a small hallway.

The two entrances occupy two of the living room walls. Another wall is taken up by a pair of large windows. And a last wall in the room features two more windows flanking a fireplace, which sits directly opposite the opening to the dining and kitchen area. All of this leaves little to no wall space for furniture to be placed around the room.

360 view of small living room

How To Make It Work:

living room with overlapping industrial coffee tables

Float all your furniture. Given there’s very little wall space to work with in this open living room, this approach is the most functional. By floating a sofa, coffee table, ottomans, and armchairs, you get a seating area that’s comfortable with plenty of walking room.

Partition with a sofa. Make the sofa the focal point in front of the opening to the dining and kitchen area. This centers the sofa across from the fireplace, and it also subtly acts as a wall that sections off the living room as its own space.

Keep your hallway open. By placing accent chairs and ottomans opposite the wall with the hallway entrance, you’ll maximize the flow in the space with a clear path into the living room as well as the dining and kitchen areas.

Designer Tip: With a random opening or an awkward entrance in a room, you want to de-emphasize its odd placement. To draw attention away from the narrow entrance in this room, a series of artwork flanking the doorway offers balance, symmetry, and a bold decor element.

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traditional style living room with white sectional sofa and blue floral print rug

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4. A Formal Living Room With Two Entrances

The Layout: A very long rectangular room with openings at each end to other rooms in the home. The living room feels almost like a giant thruway sandwiched between two entrances.

Along one wall, double doors and windows open to the outside. So, technically there are three ways to enter this living room. A fireplace also occupies another wall at one end of the room.

aerial view of traditional style living room with white sectional sofa and blue floral print rug

How To Make It Work:

traditional style reading nook by fireplace

Arrange multiple functional areas. Keeping the seating layout off to one side instead of floating it in the room can help the large space feel more intimate and cozy. This also leaves room for a seating area near the fireplace as well as a console area on the other end.

large living room with tv focal point

Create a TV focal point. The TV mounted on the wall is flanked with sconces, which makes the whole display a focus in the room. This also helps to center the room’s seating arrangement and gives a sense of visual balance to the overall space.

Maintain a triangular flow. The overall flow and walking zone in the room is a triangle shape that goes from the entrance to double doors behind the sofa to the opposite entrance. Be sure to keep this path clear to maintain the flow. It will make the room’s layout feel more intentional.

Designer Tip: Low-profile furnishings are a great option for long rooms with low ceilings, like this one. The large sectional here makes for a substantial piece but isn’t super tall so it keeps the line of vision open from each entrance, while also giving the room an airy feel.

small living room with bookshelf and sectional

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5. Small Living Room With Two Entrances

The Layout: A small 12’x12’ living room with two entrances on the same wall. There is also a window on the wall opposite the entrances. This creates two focal points in the space, making the layout of the furniture limited and a challenge.

aerial view of 12x12\' living room with jute rug and white sectional sofa

How To Make It Work:

living room with jute rug and white sectional sofa

Make the most of corners. Arrange furnishings in corners and along walls to optimize space. This setup invites you ‘into’ the room, with the sofa lining one wall and the TV and bookcase directly across from it—which creates a relaxing TV and reading zone.

living room with jute rug and white sectional sofa

Keep furnishings on one side. In a small room with smaller archway entrances, it’s best to keep the space open and not put anything in the way that blocks or makes the entrances tighter and harder to get to. Here, the entry areas and seating area are directly opposite each other.

Designer Tips: The focal point in this small room is the arched doorway by default. Complement its unique shape by decorating the vertical space around it with art and a standing bookcase, which will make it feel more like a part of the room rather than an entrance.

southwestern style living room with leather lounge chair in front of fireplace

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6. Living Room With 2 Adjoining Entrances

The Layout: A long living room with two side-by-side corner entrances that lead into other rooms. They’re also accompanied by a corner fireplace, which makes one side of the room with all the architectural elements the main focal point in the space. On the other side, built-in shelves and a large picture window offer a second focal point.

white living room with boho style and layered rugs

How To Make It Work:

Center a floating seating area. By floating and centering the seating area, it gives the room an inviting feeling and opens the space up to all the entrances. The sofa faces the fireplace and the entrances to the room, which visually invites you into the space.

Zoning with a mix of rugs. A mix of different style rugs help delineate the different areas in the room. A large rectangular rug sits under the main seating area, a hide rug marks the fireplace with an accent chair, and a smaller rug defines one of the two entrances to the room.

Designer Tip: In a long space with multiple focal points, the key is to maintain a cohesive look throughout. This keeps the space feeling balanced. For example, the fireplace and area between the entrances is decorated with furnishings to balance out the other side of the room

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Two Functional Layout Ideas for a 14×14 Living Room With Multiple Windows and Doorways

In our Layout Guides series, you’ll find layout solutions for rooms of all shapes and sizes. We show you different ways to layout a space—because we’re big believers in working with what you’ve got!

The Space: A 14×14 living room

The Challenge: Finding the right furniture arrangement with all of the architectural constraints of this 14×14 living room.

Sometimes the architectural elements of a space dictate the layout or furniture arrangement. That’s definitely a factor in this space. This living room has two walls with two windows each, along with three openings to different parts of the house. This makes it almost a pass-through space, with people likely walking through the space regularly to get to other parts of the home.

The combination of the architectural elements and the high-traffic zone means arranging furniture can be a challenge. But we didn’t want these challenges to keep us from creating a cozy, comfortable living area that a whole family can enjoy. So, some artful space planning was required. We landed on two living room layouts that work with the flow of the floor plan and maximize the possibilities within the space. Read on for these two creative living room design ideas.

teal living room with coral leather couches

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Aerial view of 14x14 living room

Layout Idea #1: Living Room with Bistro Table Seating Area

In this living room layout, we created two distinct seating areas, using the living room furniture to make the most of the space. The sofa is tucked between the two windows on one of the window walls, creating a sense of symmetry to ground the main seating area. This is more of an open living room layout, with the sofa and accent seating facing out, toward the openings that lead to other rooms.

But there’s also enough space in this living room to create a secondary seating area along the solid wall. Overall, this furniture layout optimizes seating without blocking the openings and doorways into this space.

teal living room leather couch coastal chair

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Create a Conversational Main Seating Area

The sofa along the window wall anchors the main seating area of this living room. And putting accent seating adjacent to the sofa creates a conversational layout. Since it’s open to the rest of the room, it creates a sense of welcome to anyone passing through the space.

teal living room with tall plant

Use Accent Furniture to Maximize the Space

The coffee table and side tables in this living area help make the most of this high-traffic living room. Since this space connects with so many other rooms in the house, you can expect a lot of coming and going in this living room. Opting for a round coffee table makes it easy to walk around the seating area (no fear of bumping into sharp edges!) while providing ample surface space for anyone enjoying the main seating area. And a C-table rather than a traditional side table adds surface space for a laptop or beverage to the far side of the sofa without blocking the doorway on that side of the room.

Bonus Decorating Idea: Use large plants to visually fill out what would otherwise be an empty corner! It’s one of those simple but impactful decorating ideas that doesn’t take up much space but makes a big difference!

mid century chairs teal living room

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dining nook with teal walls and mid century chairs

Add in a Secondary Seating Area

The addition of a bistro table and pair of wingback chairs adds another comfy place to sit in this living room. And the chair choice was intentional—rather than placing dining chairs with this table, we chose comfy, upholstered chairs that could be enjoyed for hours. This seating nook is a great place to play board games or cards, enjoy breakfast or a casual dinner, or for an easy work-from-home space. It also brings some versatility into this living room, as the chairs can be pulled into the main seating area when more seating is needed.

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white living room with blue sectional in elvet

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Aerial view of 14X14 living room in white

Layout Idea #2: Entertainment Area with Bonus Home Office

This approach to the 14×14 living room was more about creating an entertainment area where TV and movie nights could be enjoyed. In this living room layout, the main seating area faces inward, toward the window wall. The chaise sofa divides the room almost in half, creating a designated seating zone and a walkway to easily move through this space to different rooms in the house.

In terms of functionality, you could leave it there. But, lo and behold, there is room for a little something extra—a desk behind the sofa! This bonus home office area lets you get a little more function out of this space.

blue sectional in white living room

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Create a Cozy Seating Area

Give your family a cozy place to lounge by opting for a chaise sofa. This gives you extra space to spread out, and the chaise helps create more of a distinct zone for this seating area. The sofa is accented with a round coffee table and an accent chair for additional seating and comfort.

In terms of TV placement, a media stand sits opposite the sofa for optimal viewing. We positioned it squarely between the windows to create some symmetry within the space.

White room with cognac pouf and wicker chair

Squeeze in a Workspace

Since the sofa is floating in the middle of the living room, it’s nice to have a piece of furniture behind the sofa to help anchor it. You could go simple with a bench or console table—but you can also maximize the function of this living room by adding a writing desk. The combination of the desk, chair, and lamp serve a similar function as a sofa table while giving you a workspace to pay bills, work from home, or sit your kids down to do their homework. This creates multiple uses to the back area of the sofa, which would just be a pass-through area otherwise.

dark wood desk behind blue velvet sectional

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Use Rugs to Establish Zones

Rugs play a huge part in helping create two distinct zones within this living room. A large and colorful area rug grounds the seating area, while a simple jute runner zones the walk-through space and provides a soft grounding for the desk and chair. Essentially, the way these two rugs are used offer a visual cue that there are two uses within this living room.

white living room with blue sectional in elvet

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My Modsy Story: Balancing My Love of Knick-knacks with a Classic Design

As a realtor, Meredith makes it her mission to help her clients find their dream homes. But her busy schedule and penchant for sparkly home goods left her own home feeling cluttered and neglected for 5 years.


Modsy customer


Homeowner: Meredith K.

Spaces: Living Room and Dining Room

My Style: Rustic Traveler

Customer space before Modsy

before modsy

The Backstory

Five years ago, I moved into the house that had belonged to my grandparents. It was built in 1938 and is loaded with charming accents like crown molding, a beautiful fireplace, and dramatic arched entryways leading from the living room to the dining area.

When I moved in, I brought the furniture I already owned. None of it really fit well in the space, but with my busy career in real estate, I became so focused on making my clients happy in their homes that I was forsaking my own design dreams.

Dining room with blue upholstered chairs

The Design Dilemma

I’d say that I have good taste, but a busy schedule and penchant for sparkly home goods had left my house feeling cluttered and disjointed. After living this way for so long, I was starting to feel a little frazzled in my space. Plus, my adorable 16-week-old kitten was wreaking havoc on my furniture! So, when some of my real estate clients mentioned the convenience and nominal price of Modsy, I jumped at the chance to get the design help I’d needed for so long.

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corner desk with green lamp and mirror


Fireplace with plants and organic pouf

The Modsy Moment

When I saw my 3D designs for the first time, I thought “HOLY $#@&! Can my house really look this good?” I was just so excited to know that each item in the design was to scale, would fit perfectly in my space, and was selected based on my particular style and layout needs.

The designs my designer created for me included upholstered items that were cute and kitty-proof. There was also plenty of storage for my sparkly ephemera, but the design was aesthetically balanced enough to not compete with my more flamboyant keepsakes. (I have a gold octopus figurine in a birdcage in my dining room and I’m keeping it there!) It was also nice to have the 3D Editor to try out my own design ideas for the space, which was much easier than moving my actual sofa around the living room. My designer and I were able to communicate design concepts both visually and over email, making the whole process a breeze.

Living room with blue sectional and abstract art

The Real Results

Once the design portion of my project was done, it was so nice to be able to place all the items I liked from my design directly into my cart and purchase them all at once. As I wait for each item to arrive, I am refinishing my floors, painting, and hanging drapery. It’s all so fun and makes me feel even more exhilarated to bring my beautiful design together in real life!



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Design Challenge: One Living Room, Three Budgets

We’re going to start by stating the obvious: furniture is expensive. (Raise your hand if you had sticker shock the first time you saw the price for a sofa or bed frame!) But it also happens to be one of life’s little necessities. And if you’re getting your first apartment, living solo for the first time, or buying your first home and upgrading to more “grown-up” furniture, it can definitely feel overwhelming to figure out how to furnish your home and still afford to pay your bills and buy groceries.

Many of our Modsy clients are unsure how to think about budget and what to expect when starting a design project. How much does it cost to furnish a whole room? If you’re buying furniture over time, where do you start and what can wait? How do you make your space livable without it being fully furnished? It’s enough to make your head spin! So, we tapped one of our top designers to show us how she’d decorate one room with three different budgets.

Our hope is that this exercise will show you how far different budgets can get you when designing a room from scratch, as well as give you some practical living room design ideas. Of course, not everyone is starting from scratch—perhaps you’re starting with an existing sofa or decorating around a dining room table. But to level the playing field and show you as accurately as possible what it takes to design a full room, we’re starting with nothing but an empty room!

With some smart design choices and a couple of insider hacks, a Modsy designer can help you make the most of any budget. Read on to see how far $3,500, $10,000, and $20,000 will get you when designing a living room.

Budget Living Room in a casual coastal style

The Before

Here’s a little context before we get started: The room we’re designing is a 19’x17’ living room with a fireplace. Our designer’s main priorities for the space were to offer the functional basics and a conversational layout, with as much seating, storage, and surfaces as possible for each budget.

Budget Living Room in a casual coastal style

Design #1: Living Room With a $3,500 Budget

With a $3,500 budget, you’re just getting the bare necessities. When you’re starting with an empty living room, prioritizing function is key. So, we started with the living room essentials.

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Budget Living Room in a casual coastal styleBudget Living Room in a casual coastal style

What You Get

  • A Simple Sofa: For a budget-friendly sofa, we opted for a comfortable but less expensive option. Though it’s a fabric-upholstered sofa (made in a durable vinyl), it has a faux leather look which we like. The single bench seat cushion gives the sofa a sleek but simple look. It has smaller dimensions than the average sofa, being shorter and less deep, which helps keep the price point lower.
  • Basic Accent Furniture: The simple accent chairs, side table, coffee table, and floor lamp help fill out the function in this space. They offer a bare minimum for surface space and seating and are all 100% focused on functionality. But that doesn’t mean they’re lacking in style! Small details—whether the shape, material, or finish make them still feel like thoughtful pieces within the space.
  • A Synthetic-Fiber Rug: Why are rugs so expensive? Size and material are huge factors. So, we opted for a rug with slightly smaller dimensions and made of synthetic fibers (since synthetic-fiber rugs tend to be more affordable than their natural fiber counterparts). This rug is made of a combo of polyester and polypropylene and woven in a beautiful, global-inspired pattern that makes it look more expensive than it is. It provides necessary floor protection and helps to “zone” the floating furniture, but the material it’s made out of means it won’t last forever. (AKA, this isn’t an investment piece but rather a rug that does the trick for now!)
  • Minimal Decor: There wasn’t a ton of money left in the budget for decor—but we didn’t want to leave this living room feeling bare. So, one statement piece of wall art above the fireplace (a beautiful landscape painting) adds color and a touch of intentionality to the space. A basket next to the sofa adds a touch of hidden storage, and a few throw pillows and a plant help finish the look.

Budget Living Room in a casual coastal style

The Strategy: Function With a Few Frills

This is a “no-frills” living room design. When decorating on a budget, you’re getting the basics and not much else. But we didn’t skimp on functionality. Even with a smaller budget, we were able to fill out the space with essential furniture and accessories while leaving plenty of room to add more over time.

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Budget Living Room in a casual coastal style

Design #2: Living Room With a $10,000 Budget

With a $10,000 budget, you’re able to upgrade some of the basic pieces of furniture to add a little more luxury to your space. You can also go beyond the essentials and fill out the living room with a bit more decor.

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Budget Living Room in a casual coastal style

Budget Living Room in a casual coastal style

What You Get

  • Upgraded Essentials: At this budget, you can spend a bit more on a sofa and accent chairs—leaning more toward investment pieces than shorter-term placeholders. (Check out our guide on how much to spend on a sofa if you’re waffling between a mid-range and more luxurious sofa.) We swapped out the vinyl sofa for a leather one with brass legs. Not only is it a material upgrade, but it’s also longer and deeper, offering more room to kick back and relax. The accent chairs are also more substantial; this design is more comfortable to sit in for long periods of time.
  • Additional Seating: We added two poufs in front of the fireplace to add seating and visual depth to the room. Bonus: they can easily be moved around as needed. We also swapped out the coffee table for a tufted ottoman, which can be used for additional seating as needed.
  • A Larger Rug: Rugs get more expensive the larger they are; so it makes sense that with a smaller budget you likely have to go with a smaller rug. But with more to spend, you can upgrade the size. You’re able to cover more floor space—which, with this floating furniture layout, allows the whole furniture set-up to expand and feel more spacious.
  • Layered Lighting: For lighting in this living room design, we started with a larger and more decorative floor lamp, making a grander visual statement in the space. But we also added additional lighting—including a table lamp on the console, candles on various surfaces, and a beautiful beaded chandelier to give the space more layered lighting.
  • More Accent Furniture and Decor: One of the most notable upgrades to this living room with a $10,000 budget is the addition of a credenza. This not only offers added storage to the living room, but it also offers a styled surface for lighting and decor, and helps fill in the wall alcove on one side of the fireplace. Beyond the credenza, we were also able to add more decorative accents, as well as a large tree which adds texture and color to the space.

Budget Living Room in a casual coastal style

The Strategy: Upgraded Essentials

The name of the game at this price point was giving the essential furniture and decor an upgrade. Larger pieces made of higher quality materials will last longer and give this living room design a more elevated look and feel. The addition of a few extra pieces also helps fill out the space.

Living Room decorated with a $20,000 budget in a casual coastal style

Design #3: Living Room With a $20,000 Budget

With a $20,000 budget, get to go way beyond the essentials to a fully furnished and styled living room (with upgraded furniture and decor, of course). And with extra furniture, you now have a perfect set-up for larger entertaining and family hangouts.

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Budget Living Room in a casual coastal style

Budget Living Room in a casual coastal style

What You Get

  • Two Sofas: We loved the sofa from the previous design—so we decided to level up this living room design with two of them! Having a pair of matching sofas facing each other (especially ones finished in such beautiful, high-quality leather) really elevates the design of this living room.
  • Extra Accent Seating: Rather than ditch the pair of accent chairs from the previous designs, we simply swapped out the poufs and placed them in front of the fireplace instead. This offers more substantial seating options, rounding out a robust conversational seating area. The tufted ottoman coffee table or bench behind the sofa could also be used as additional seating when needed.
  • Larger, Layered Rugs: When a budget allows for it, we love layering rugs to add visual depth to a room and give it a stylized and finished feel. And that’s exactly what these layered rugs do for this living room. The top rug also adds beautiful color and pattern to the space—and it’s handwoven by artisans in India, in a durable but lightweight cotton (a meaningful upgrade from power-loomed, synthetic-fiber rugs).
  • Two Display Cabinets: With a larger budget, we could afford to upgrade the one credenza to two display cabinets that frame in the fireplace. This helps utilize the empty space that’s created on either side of the fireplace while adding lots of space for displaying decor and oodles of storage.
  • Additional Accent Furniture: To help fill out the space and give it a more polished look, we added a console table behind the sofa on the window side of the room, offering an extra surface for accent lighting and decor. And a bench behind the other sofa adds some visual depth and a warmer welcome when you enter the space (rather than having a bare sofa back be the first thing you see when you walk into the room).
  • Plenty of Decor and Accents: This budget allowed us to fill out the room with tons of decor and accents. We were able to style all the surfaces—from the coffee table and console to both of the display cabinets. We were also able to swap out the landscape print above the fireplace with a custom piece of artwork. Additionally, we added layered window treatments—building on the roman shades with silk curtains.

Budget Living Room in a casual coastal style

The Strategy: Add the Bells and Whistles

Feel like you’re seeing double? That’s because you are—with two sofas, two accent chairs, two display cabinets, and two rugs, there’s simply MORE in this space. And the pieces that are here are high-quality investment pieces that will last for years to come. But we didn’t stop at more furniture. With a $20,000 budget, we were also able to add in all the bells and whistles—fully styling this living room with decorative accents to give it a finished look.

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My Modsy Story: Creating a Design That Captured the Beauty Of Our Home

When Alberto and his partner moved their family into a Manhattan duplex, they loved the airy feeling of the space and wanted to make sure their decor complemented it perfectly.

Customer headshot


Homeowner: Alberto A.

Spaces: Living Room and Bedroom

My Style: Mod Enthusiast

Empty photo of customer\'s living and dining room

Empty photo of customer\'s living and dining room

The Backstory

When Alberto and his partner bought a duplex in Manhattan, they were excited for their family to have a bright and open space in the city.

“We had just bought the duplex and we wanted to make sure we kept the open feeling that we fell in love with. But we struggled to find furniture that would fill the open floor plan and maintain that sense of openness while also making space feel inviting.” –Alberto

Mid-century modern dining table with tapered walnute legs

Mid-century modern dining table with tapered walnute legs

The Design Dilemma

Alberto and his partner wanted to find decor that captured the airy vibe of their family’s new home, but they worried about investing in foundational furniture they hadn’t seen in the space beforehand.

“We wanted to try the furniture in the setting before we actually bought it so we would be comfortable with size and scale.” –Alberto

Bedroom with gallery wall over bed and exposed brick wall

After photo of customer\'s bedroom with eclectic gallery wall above the bed

Bedroom with gallery wall over bed and exposed brick wall

After photo of customer\'s bedroom with eclectic gallery wall above the bed

The Modsy Moment

Working with a Modsy designer allowed Alberto and his partner to see their open concept living room and their bedroom with decor that not only fit in the space but also complemented the open feel of their house—creating two inviting rooms with an eclectic-meets-mid-century-modern vibe the couple loved for themselves and their family.

“Modsy was an essential service when it came to decorating our home. We wanted to know the scale of each item in the design and how those items worked together and seeing our room in 3D allowed us to do that. We also loved that the 3D designs we received were filled with items from popular brands like West Elm and Design Within Reach.” –Alberto

Modsy customer design in open living and dining room

After photo of customer\'s open living and dining room

The Real Results

Now that Alberto and his family have a home filled with decor they love, they are excited for when they can entertain again.

“Our Modsy designs work great in our space. We love having people over to show it off and can’t wait to entertain again.” –Alberto

After photo of customer\'s bedroom with eclectic gallery wall above the bed

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My Modsy Story: Creating a Joyful Space With Modern Style

Lindsay and her husband had a bold vision for their new family home. They just didn’t have the design skills to bring that vision to life on their own—so they decided to give virtual interior design a try.

customer headshot


Homeowner: Lindsay B., Stay-at-home mom

Spaces: Living-Dining Room

My Style: Modern

customer dining room before photo

customer living room before photo

The Backstory

Lindsay and her family were excited to move into a new house and fill it with joyful memories and decor. But they were a bit overwhelmed at the thought of filling the space.

“When my husband and I moved into our dream house, we were so excited to make it our home. We knew we wanted our living-dining room to be a comfortable yet stylish hangout for us and the kids. We both imaged a space full of high-contrast color, with clean mid-century-modern lines, and a dash of stylish whimsy. But besides an heirloom dining room set, we were furnishing the space from scratch.”

“We both imaged a space full of high-contrast color, with clean mid-century-modern lines, and a dash of stylish whimsy.”

glamorous living room with floral rug and green velvet sofa

The Design Dilemma

They knew that they wanted to go bold with their design—but they struggled to find a cohesive look for their space.

“We both love bold colors and unique mid-century-modern pieces, but we are clueless about layout and struggle to make things feel cohesive. I was worried that if we were left to our own devices, our home would end up looking more like a college dorm room than the curated space we envisioned—which is something we’ve run into before. We needed help making our house the home I knew it could be. I’d heard about Modsy, so we decided to give the service a try.”

“We both love bold colors and unique mid-century-modern pieces, but we are clueless about layout and struggle to make things feel cohesive.”

Designer Insights:

“Lindsay’s biggest challenge for the space was creating something that felt really fun while still being refined.” –Cassie, Lindsay’s Modsy Designer

glamorous living room with floral rug and green velvet sofa

The Modsy Moment

Working with their designer, they got a playful color scheme tempered by tasteful mid-century-modern-inspired decor.

“We were completely awestruck when we saw our 3D design for the first time—so much so that our jaws dropped. Our Modsy designer, Cassie, understood what we wanted for the space even more than we did. She gathered a few of our stray thoughts and turned them into a magazine-worthy functional living space that felt so cohesive.

“We were completely awestruck when we saw our 3D design for the first time—so much so that our jaws dropped.”

“The furniture she selected went perfectly with our heirloom dining set and the colors she chose truly brought the space to life. The living room area included the most spectacular rug; I have never seen a better rug in my life! It was a magical moment to see the potential my raw space had. And that potential even included a pink accent wall!”

Designer Insights:

“I wanted to capture Lindsay’s joyfulness in her designs, so I chose unexpected wall color pairings (pale pink in the living area and rich forest green in the dining area) and then I grounded these colors by tying them into the decor. I kept the furniture classic but added in eclectic pillows, rugs, artwork, and accessories.” –Cassie, Lindsay’s Modsy Designer

glamorous living room with floral rug and green velvet sofa

The Real Results

Now that their home is coming together IRL, they have a design that lives up to their expectations for the space and provides a joyful feeling for their family.customer dining room with vintage wood dining table

“Before using Modsy, we thought our space had a lot of promise and design potential, but we didn’t know how to deliver on that promise on our own. As more and more items arrive from Modsy and our virtual design becomes a reality, I can feel our home radiate happiness—something I had not planned on. This colorful and chic space is beloved by our entire family. Even the dog seems happier in it!”

“As more and more items arrive from Modsy and our virtual design becomes a reality, I can feel our home radiate happiness.”

glamorous living room with floral rug and green velvet sofa

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My Modsy Story: Giving Our Home Office the Update it Deserves

Quarantine during COVID has presented many unexpected challenges for everyone. For spouses Rebekah and Jack, the extra time at home meant seizing the opportunity to create an office space they loved.

customer home office

Homeowners: Rebekah and Jack T. HR Consultant and Pharmacy Manager

Location: Waunakee, WI.

Spaces: Home Office

My Style: Refined Industrial

Two photos of a Modsy customer\'s home before

The Backstory

Shortly after moving into their house 10 years ago, Rebekah and her husband Jack had their first son. They had another son three years later and never had the time to really personalize their home office space.

Between work and our growing family, we were unfortunately left with little time to invest in our home!

“Between work and our growing family, we were unfortunately left with little time to invest in our home office! With the pandemic this year, we were finally able to devote some time to spurcing things up.”

The Design Dilemma


Spending more time at home this year not only made it evident that it was time for some updates—but also provided time and motivation to do it. But Rebekah and Jack weren’t quite sure where to start.

“We know what we like, but we were afraid to make a mistake by putting things together that did not belong. As a result, we did nothing for quite a while.”

Designer Insights:

“I wanted to create a home office that was functional for Rebekah and Jack but also felt personal and relaxing. We honed in on their style and I gave them a design that would be simple to implement.”– McKenzie, Rebekah + Jack’s Modsy Designer

seating nook with leather wingback chairs

The Modsy Moment

Knowing they needed some expert help with designing their office, Rebekah and Jack turned to Modsy–and were so excited with the transformation they saw in their designs.

Our first reaction with all the office designs was how well our style was captured with so little direction.

“Our first reaction to the home office designs was how well our style was captured with so little direction. It was like our designer could see what was in our heads and just brought it to life in our space!”

Designer Insights:

“I love that Jack and Rebekah were so open to pops of color and texture through the accent wall, rug, and other decor. Those elements really give this office space a cozy and layered feel! I added a wall shelf for them to layer family photos and personalize the space. And adding some leather chairs opposite the desk created a comfy reading nook where Rebekah’s kids could curl up with a book while she worked!”–McKenzie, Rebekah + Jack’s Modsy Designer

customer home office

The Real Results

Rebekah’s designer created a space where their family could both get stuff done and relax—while also offering plenty of storage space. It’s now a space in which they love spending time.

Our favorite part of using Modsy is how good our design makes us feel.

“Our favorite part of using Modsy is how our design makes us feel. Before using the service, we were embarrassed about how the space looked. Now, with our designer’s expert help, we’re proud of how the room looks and love that we’re able to honor the beauty of our home.”

Designer Insights:

“I wanted to make sure to give Rebekah and Jack plenty of function and comfort in their home office design. I focused on scoring items for work and relaxation while also being family-friendly.”–McKenzie, Rebekah + Jack’s Modsy Designer

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My Modsy Story: Rediscovering My Old Self With a New Design

When her two eldest children left the nest Lisa decided she wanted a fresh design for her space with ties to her past. Using Modsy she was able to bring the old and new together.

Customer home makeover


Homeowner: Lisa H.

Spaces: Living Room and Office

Her Style: Mod Collector

Customer home makeoverThe Backstory

Lisa and her husband were living with the furniture they bought when they moved into their house 18 years ago. After raising three kids in that home, their furniture was a bit worn, to say the least. When two of her kids moved out of the house this past year, Lisa decided it was time to freshen up the living room and turn one of the kid’s bedrooms into her office.

“When we first moved into our house, we had two little kids and just wanted something sturdy—the furniture was just about function. By the time they moved out, I was sick of our space, and I actually started looking at new houses online. But then I was like—I don’t need to move, I just need to re-decorate!”

“By the time the kids moved, I was sick of our space, and I actually started looking at new houses online. But then I was like—I don’t need to move, I just need to re-decorate!” 

Customer home makeover

The Design Dilemma

Knowing she wanted a fresh, more grown-up space for her husband and herself, Lisa was ready for a brand new style. But, she didn’t know what that style should be or how to source new furniture that would fit with the pieces she wanted to keep.

Customer home makeover

“I had no idea what my style was. This space had been about our kids—but with two of them grown and one teenager, we decided it was time to make our space feel more adult. I knew I’d be spending money on furniture, and I wanted to foolproof that investment to make sure I was buying the right items. I just wanted extra guidance for the process. Since I wasn’t sure how to pull it off on my own, I decided to try Modsy.”

Customer home makeover

The Modsy Moment

Using Modsy, Lisa worked one-on-one with a designer who helped her find furniture that fit perfectly with the items she wanted to keep in her home—like a Korean cabinet and some artwork from her grandmother. Lisa’s Modsy designer managed to create a new design that felt both fresh and personal.

Customer home makeover

“When I opened up my designs, I was stunned. They were nothing near what I expected, but totally perfect. My designer did a great job of seamlessly integrating my belongings into the design. She took my valued items, all cherished but stylistically disparate, and merged them together in a way that looked cohesive with the new furniture.”

Customer home makeover

“My designer even incorporated my love of travel photography into the designs and selected artwork that reflected that interest.”

“My designer even incorporated my love of travel photography into the designs and selected artwork that reflected that interest. The art she chose actually inspired me to go back into my own travel photography archives and find meaningful photos to hang in my office space. The whole Modsy experience helped me tap into my own creativity and bring more of my own vision and personality into my living room and office design. I literally bought everything I needed for the space in a single day! “

Customer home makeover


“The whole Modsy experience helped me tap into my own creativity and bring more of my own vision and personality into my living room and office design. I literally bought everything I needed for the space in a single day!”

Customer home makeover

Customer home makeover

The Real Results

Before using Modsy, Lisa never spent much time in the living room and never had a dedicated space to call her own. Now that the living room is redesigned, Lisa finds herself relaxing in it constantly. As for the office, she couldn’t be happier to have a space that reflects her style and interests.

“Both of these spaces are everything I hoped for and more. The living room is so nice now. I love how we got our grown-up space that ties together the old and the new in a meaningful and pleasing way. And I absolutely love my office. It’s the first time I’ve had my very own space in this house. Before, I was taking Zoom calls from the bar counter in the dining room. Now, I have a dedicated workspace that’s also home to my personal interests. It’s so much MY space. My sewing machine, knitting projects, books, and travel photos all have a home in this room. After so many years of our home being geared toward our kids, who I adore, it feels special to have a space that’s all my own.”

Customer home makeover

Customer home makeover

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How to Design A Living Room With Low Ceilings

We recently dished out our best tips for how to decorate a room with high ceilings. But what about the opposite problem? Rooms with low ceilings?

Just like high ceilings, it can be a challenge to decorate a room with low ceilings. You don’t want to overstuff it with furniture and the wrong decor, which will make your space feel cramped and even claustrophobic. And that’s definitely not what you want, especially these days when we’re spending so much of our time inside our homes!

All that said, there are some easy decorating ideas that can help make your room with a low ceiling appear taller and more spacious. From curtains to tall mirrors, here are our best designer tips for solving the low ceiling dilemma for any space in your home.


decorate a room with low ceilings

Tip #1: Add Reflective Surfaces

In rooms with low ceilings, using reflective furniture helps bounce light around and visually open up your space. It’s the easiest way to create the illusion of a more spacious room.

Consider all furniture and accent pieces in reflective materials and finishes, like mercury glass decor, mirrored tables and chests, and even antiqued glass pieces. And don’t rule out clear furniture either, which can minimize the visual clutter in a room.

In this low-ceilinged living room, an acrylic side table and a glass-top coffee table help to anchor the room while opening up the space with an airy, open vibe. It’s also a great idea to work in these hacks to make a room seem larger!

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decorate a room with low ceilings

Tip #2: Mix In Small-Scale furniture

Low ceiling rooms come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, low ceilings are part of the home’s architecture that you have to work around, like a sloped or A-frame attic room. If that’s the case, you’ll want to lean into small-scale furniture that fits into your space without it looking cramped.

Try pulling in pieces with low profiles, which will in turn accentuate the height of the ceiling versus the size of the room. Small-scale furniture that’s proportional to your space is key.

In this attic nursery, the open-base dresser and crib bring an openness to the space. By hanging a large tapestry high up along one wall also helps draw attention to the vertical space instead of the compact, cave-like feel of the room. If you’re not sure what’s considered small scale in relation to your room, check out our guide to scale and proportion!

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decorate a room with low ceilings

Tip #3: Hang Tall Wall Decor

An entryway with a low ceiling can easily leave a claustrophobic impression. One way to make a ceiling look higher in a busy spot like the entryway is to hang wall decor high up, which will draw the eye up and elevate the focus in the space.

Center a tall mirror on a wall in your foyer to instantly add to the height of your walls and create the illusion of higher ceilings. Additionally, tall sconces that shine light upward or in both directions are also great for elongating your walls visually. Hang these accents closer to the ceiling, as in this entryway, to play up the vertical space in your entry and give it a more open look and feel.

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decorate a room with low ceilings

Tip #4: Keep To Minimal Patterns

Bedrooms with low ceilings are one of the most common challenges we tackle for Modsy homeowners. The trick is to minimize the focus on the size and height of the room, which means keeping colors and patterns to a minimum and finding furnishings that play up comfort.

Draw attention to the floors with one big neutral pattern and skip colorful prints everywhere else. In this bedroom, the geometric rug helps draw attention to the floor instead of the low ceiling. Meanwhile, the tall floor mirror reflects light, gives the look of more vertical wall space, and opens up the room as a whole. If you do want to add some color, go with two to three pops of soft neutral shades to avoid overwhelming the space.

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decorate a room with low ceilings

Tip #5: Paint A Dark Accent Wall

Similar to a room with high ceilings, an accent wall can change the perspective of size and space in a room with low ceilings. But the key is to always stick to a darker shade, like a black or deep gray, which will lend major cozy vibes and a spacious look.

The best way to balance a dark accent wall in a room that has a low ceiling is to mix in small-scale furniture. Small means it will feel more proportional to the room size and also work well in a space that already has a cozy dark accent wall. Keep to lower streamlined seats and pieces that are less bulky, like a deep reclining accent chair or a Mid-Century sofa. This will also prevent furniture from blocking light streaming into the room. If you’re working with an odd-shaped living room, start here with our awkward living room design solutions.

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decorate a room with low ceilings

Tip #6: Put Up Long Curtains

Low ceiling, long curtains. It’s a foolproof trick that always works. And it’s the easiest decor trick to make a low ceiling look higher. The key is to find the right length curtain that goes full floor to ceiling.

Start by hanging floor-to-ceiling curtains higher above your windows and closer to the ceiling as a way to draw the eye up. What this does is make the room appear taller and have more ceiling height than there actually is. The long curtains will also help elongate the walls and draw the focus upwards in the room.

Good tip: Be sure to hang your curtains at least 3”-4” above your window frame if you’re going for this look!

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home office in terracotta shades with two office desks and wall mounted wood shelving

Tip #7: Work In A Tall Bookcase

It might sound counterintuitive, but a bookcase that spans floor to ceiling is a great way to open up a small room with a low ceiling. Why? Just like a tall mirror and long curtains, it directs the focus vertically rather than horizontally, so it distracts from the size of the room.

Try a modern and more streamlined bookcase that’s almost ceiling height. The minimal style will keep the space from appearing cramped or bulky and it will create a more airy, open flow look in the space. Contrast your tall bookcase with smaller furniture. This way, you’ll have pieces that are proportional to the largest piece in the room, creating perfect visual balance. Check out our small space furniture guide for some tips on how to decorate compact spaces.

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Also, check out our gallery for small living room design tips!

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Design Basics: How to Arrange an Area Rug in Your Living Room

For a functional living room layout, rug placement is key. Because an area rug will give you some basic structure around where to place your furniture. That said, how your living room furniture is arranged on (or off) a rug can ultimately determine the look and feel (and flow!) of your space. We know it might feel tricky and confusing.

So, to help you with your living room rug placement, we’ve rounded up a few rug layout options! Read on for our rug layout ideas and get our tips for making it work for you.

Stuck on finding an area rug or the right size rug for your living room? Check out our living room rug layout guide for what to keep in mind in your search!

black and white modern farmhouse style living room

Rug Layout #1: All Furniture On Top

With this layout approach, it’s all about scale, starting with the large area rug that covers the entire living room area.

The Furniture Setup: You’ll want to arrange all your furniture and table and chair legs on the rug. Just be sure to leave enough room on all sides so they don’t feel crammed onto the rug. Think 3-5 inches between your furniture and the edge of the rug.

The Vibe: A large rug size that anchors your main living room area will give you the look and feel of there being more space (smaller rugs tend to look and feel more confining). The result is a living space with an open and welcoming vibe that appears grounded.

Good to Know: This is definitely a layout for larger living rooms. And because the rug takes up the entire space, be sure to choose a design and pattern you absolutely love. A larger-scale rug is also likely more expensive, so keep that in mind if you’re leaning towards this layout.

black and white modern farmhouse style living room

Rug Layout #2: Furniture Partially On Top

In this layout, the area rug centers the room so that the focus is around the fireplace, not so much the seating area.

The Furniture Setup: You’ll want to arrange your furniture with only their front legs on the rug. Make sure there are at least a few inches between the edge of your rug and where the legs stand. What this does is balance out the long vertical placement of the rug.

The Vibe: This area rug approach plays up a casual vibe that’s also balanced and grounded. The length of the rug makes your space feel airy, while the furniture arranged around the fireplace also manages to give a comfy and cozy feel.

Good To Know: This is ideal in mid to large-size rooms, so you’ll need a relatively big rug. But because the rug is placed running long towards the fireplace, it’ll be easy to find a size that works, no matter your space. Be sure to use rug pads to hold down the edges to avoid trips.

black and white modern farmhouse style living room

Rug Layout #3: No Furniture On Top

If you want an airy and open living room, you’ll want to go with this area rug layout, where it’s more of an accent.

The Furniture Setup: With a smaller area rug as the centerpiece in a seating area, your only option is to have all of your furniture arranged around the rug. The key is to find a rug that runs the approximate length of your seating so that they all line up neatly along the edges.

The Vibe: The vibe is definitely casual in this space, as the rug size is smaller and less “grand.” But that doesn’t mean it’s any less special; there is just less of an emphasis on the rug itself and more on the furniture and the room, which feels very casual but still comfy.

Good To Know: When using a small rug in a large space, make sure the room doesn’t end up feeling bare and empty. Consider a rug that makes a statement or go with a vintage design. A plain jute rug here can look like an afterthought so avoid using a piece like that in this instance.

black and white modern farmhouse style living room

Rug Layout #4: Stacked Layering

For a cozy layout option, layering two area rugs under a seating area guarantees a warm and welcoming look in any space.

The Furniture Setup: Just as you would with a large area rug, you’ll want to set all your furniture on top of your largest rug. Then arrange only part of your furniture legs on the smaller top rug. This gives the seating area a stylish layered look that also adds a bit of depth.

The Vibe: This layered approach definitely creates a cozy look. But depending on your furniture, it can easily feel elevated or casual. So this is a great versatile option for family rooms that need to be laidback every day but entertaining-ready on occasion.

Good To Know: A patterned or colorful rug on top of a large natural-fiber works best here. Rug sizes also play a big part. A 5’x7’ or 6’x9’ rug that’s too small for a large space is perfect for layering as a top rug. Just be sure it leaves enough room around for a border.

Need help finding a natural-fiber rug for your foundation? Read our guide to natural fiber rugs.

black and white modern farmhouse style living room

Rug Layout #5: Organic Layering

This final option is about layering an organically shaped rug over a larger rectangular one, which will create a more free-form, casual-chic look.

The Furniture Setup: A balanced living space is key to this rug layout, where different shape area rugs intersect. The more symmetrical your furniture and seating, the better it will look and feel visually. The idea is for your organic-shaped rug to break up the linear look of your space.

The Vibe: This approach will result in a more boho and casual space, especially if you choose a freeform-shaped sheepskin or cowhide rug. They’ll add major cozy vibes while also playing up a subtly chic look.

Good To Know: This is one of our foolproof tips for layering rugs. It’s also one of our favorite living room ideas for cozying up a seating area or a small corner. Or you can use this technique to create a reading nook within a larger space as well as warm-up an oddly shaped corner.

Find more rug inspiration in our gallery of living room design ideas!

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