Bedroom Layout Ideas for Rooms of All Shapes and Sizes

Let’s talk about bedroom layout ideas! This is a room where both comfort and functionality should be top priorities. But, depending on the size of your bedroom, the way you bring that to life can vary significantly.

Over the years, we’ve put together a collection of layout guides with some of the most popular bedroom sizes to give you inspiration and guidance on how to optimize your bedroom. And today, we’re rounding them all up in one place! You’ll find tons of bedroom design ideas to help you think through layouts, furniture choices, storage, and so much more. Whether you have a small bedroom, a large bedroom, or something in between, we have plenty of bedroom layout ideas to inspire you.

Designing a bedroom from scratch? Check out our bedroom furniture checklist, which will walk you through all of the bedroom essentials.

platform bed in corner of small bedroom with c-table and wall sconce

8×8 Bedroom Layout

An 8×8 bedroom is quite small. On top of that, we had a balcony door to contend with. But we managed to squeeze in as much function as possible into this tiny bedroom—coming up with three layout ideas for this 8×8 bedroom.

The key to making this small bedroom work was choosing a primary focus. Do you want to include a workspace in your bedroom? Extra clothing storage? Or do you want the design to be as simple and minimal as possible to make the room feel larger? The three layouts we created were based on these three priorities, which helped us make the most of the square footage. And in each one we also included some small bedroom design tips to maximize the space, no matter the layout.

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teal headboard in mid-century style with light wood dresser and nightstand

8×17 Bedroom with a Curved Wall

Renters often find themselves dealing with very awkwardly shaped rooms and architectural features. And when you don’t own a space there’s nothing to do about it; you simply have to work with what you have, awkwardness and all. Case in point: this strange, tiny bedroom with a curved wall! These design elements made fitting essential furniture—without the space feeling completely cramped—a definite challenge.

We created two different layouts for this awkward small bedroom. The first relied on visual tricks—like an angled area rug, a floor mirror, and an artfully placed plant—to help visually detract from the strange architectural features. With this design, we squeezed in a larger bed, making the space feel a bit more luxurious and like a retreat. The second bedroom design featured a twin bed, which allowed us to pack in a lot more function. Placing a desk in front of the curved wall makes the most of that corner of the room, while a wall-mounted bookcase offers additional storage.

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Bedroom with white walls and ornate head broad

Boxy, 150-square-foot Bedroom Layout

A small and boxy square bedroom can be difficult to arrange without it feeling like a dorm room—especially when you want to include a desk in the space like we wanted to here. Add in a tiny alcove in one corner, and you have even more of a challenge on your hands. But we managed to create two layouts that make the most of this small bedroom.

In both layouts, we put the bulk of the furniture on two adjacent walls. By doing this, rather than spreading the furniture throughout the whole space, we created the look of a slightly larger room. We placed smaller dressers in the alcove of both layouts, saving space in the main footprint of the room while still getting plenty of storage space. Each layout offered just a little extra space after the bed, dresser, and desk—so in one layout we added a tall bookcase, and in the other we included an accent chair in the corner between the closet and the French doors.

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monochromatic white bedroom with pops of blue in artwork and pillows

Small, Rectangular Bedroom Layout

This small, rectangular bedroom had a lot of doors and windows to contend with. The windows were on two walls, which added an extra challenge. The result was more limited wall areas against which to place furniture. Despite these challenges, we were able to create two different layouts that both made the most of the space.

The objective of the first layout was to create a serene and peaceful environment. We achieved this through the bed placement (so the sleeper can see out the windows when they wake up) and a soft, neutral color palette. The second layout was all about making the most of the limited square footage by maximizing floor space and functionality. A low-profile bed with built-in nightstand shelves made the bed’s footprint smaller than average. And placing it against the narrower wall opened up floor space in the rest of the bedroom.

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modern bedroom with black accent wall and modern brass lamps

12×14 Bedroom Layout

In this 12×14 bedroom layout, we worked around two large windows and a double-doored walk-in closet. While these are great features for a bedroom, they bring with them limitations in terms of layout and design. We wanted this bedroom to be functional, stylish, and feel spacious. Part of adding style meant thinking beyond the basics and adding bonus pieces (that also happen to add more functionality to the space).

But it would be easy for this medium-sized bedroom to start feeling crowded. That’s why the layout is so important. While there is enough space to include more furniture than just a bed, nightstands, and dresser, you have to be thoughtful about placement so that the layout feels intentional, not overstuffed. We accomplished this goal, creating two different layouts—one that offered a bookcase for decor and a small dressing area, and a second that featured a lounging nook.

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bedroom with white walls and cain bed and

12×15 Bedroom Layout

A bit larger than the previous bedroom, our goal with this 12×15 bedroom layout was all about bringing in the bedroom essentials without making the space feel cramped, since the closet cut into the main bedroom space. This architectural feature meant that the “entryway” of the bedroom was lost space that couldn’t be significantly utilized in the room’s layout. There were also three large windows that took up a full wall of the room to design around.

We created two different layout options for this bedroom—one with a queen-sized bed and one with a king bed. The two bed sizes called for different placement in the room. The layout that included a queen bed worked in such a way that we were also able to include a small seating area in the bedroom. Aside from that, we kept the bed areas fairly symmetrical in both designs to add a sense of simplicity to the design. Symmetry can not only be soothing, but it helps create a sense that you’re not trying to pack too much into the space.

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bedroom with gray walls and chalk board

15×12 Kids Bedroom Layout

This cute 15×12 kids bedroom is on the smaller side, but we wanted to maximize the space so it can handle hangouts and sleepovers. It also has a small alcove on one side of the room—which could either be an annoying feature in the space or one that’s celebrated. We went with the latter.

In the first layout, we went with a full-sized bed (sleepover ready!) and also included a small desk for a homework zone. And then we used the little nook as a lounging and reading space—complete with a comfy bean bag chair and a bookcase! In the second layout, we created a different take on a reading nook—with a cart instead of a bookcase for extra storage, plus a hanging chair. A very fun addition to a kids room! In this design, we opted for a single bed to maximize floor space, but it actually has a trundle which can be pulled out for sleepovers! Both layouts also leave plenty of space to spread out and play in the center of the room.

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Bedroom with blue walls and circular mirror and chandelier

Awkward 11×18 Bedroom Layout

Here’s another super awkward bedroom. This 11×18 space is full of weird angles, as well as plenty of doors and windows. At a glance it actually might seem impossible to make use of a space like this—but we came up with two different layouts that make the most of this awkward space.

The key in both layouts of this awkward 11×18 bedroom was to make the most of the one long, straight wall—placing the bed and nightstands (or, in the case of the first layout, a small dresser and desk as nightstand alternatives) along this solid stretch. In both designs, we used mirrors and shelving or hooks to capitalize on vertical space within the room and visually open it up as much as possible. And the combination of both rectangular and organic-shaped rugs helped soften the hard angles in the room. Finally, tucking a place to sit—a bench in one layout and an armchair in the other—in the smallest angle of the room helped make the most of that corner.

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bedroom with white walls woven light fixture and series of six framed pictures

20×15 Bedroom Layout

In a 20×15 bedroom, there’s a lot more space to work with. You can not only sneak in extra furniture and function—you can also enjoy open space and some breathing room within your room design. But the reality is that sometimes a large bedroom can be just as difficult to design as a small one! Sure, you have tons of space—but the challenge is thoughtfully filling it so that it doesn’t feel cavernous or overstuffed. This delicate balance requires some creativity.

We created two different layouts for this 20×15 bedroom design. Both layouts feature different takes on a seating area—one has a pair of chairs at the end of the bed, the other has an upholstered bench between the two bedroom windows. Since this is a long and narrower bedroom, we also tried out two different bed placement options, which impacted where the sitting areas and clothing storage ended up. We were also able to use large beds, even bringing a canopy bed into one of the designs to help fill out the space. In both spaces, we also used plants to help visually fill out the space.

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Bedroom with blue accent wal and bench

Attic Bedroom Layout

When a bedroom is in an attic, you often have shorter walls and angled ceilings that complicate some of your design choices. But these two attic bedroom layouts prove that you don’t have to sacrifice function or style just because of the weird angles and nooks. In fact, it makes for quite a cozy bedroom suite!

Because of the architectural limitations of this space, there’s only one place where you can put a bed. But the bed placement is where the similarities between these two layout options end. In the first layout, we placed a desk in the alcove by the half wall above the staircase, creating an en-suite home office. A dog bed, storage bench, and sizeable dresser help fill out the rest of the space. In the other attic bedroom layout, a comfortable accent chair goes where the desk was before, creating a cozy reading nook as a nice add-on to this cozy attic bedroom. Other than a dresser, the rest of the space is kept pretty open to combat the low ceilings.

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teen bedroom with white walls and pom poms above bed

L-Shaped Kids Bedroom Layout

Want to make the most of your child’s bedroom? With this L-shaped kids bedroom, we show you two different ways to bring a kids room to life—with functionality, colors, and fun to boot! How your child wants to use their space will help determine how to configure the layout.

Do they love having friends over or diving into a good book? Setting them up with a hangout zone, like our first layout, might be just the thing. In this layout, the colorful hangout area opposite the bed creates the perfect place to read or hang. A plush rug helps zone the area, giving your kid a place to spread out solo or with friends. One design note? We balanced out the rainbow of colors with modern, clean-lined furnishings that help ground the look.

In the second design, our focus was more on creating a space for homework and computer time. We placed a small desk in the window nook, which makes it feel like a separate workspace. The result is a bedroom that has plenty of space for rest, work, and play.

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Bedroom with white walls, cain headboard and blue curtains

Bedroom With Lots of Doors and Windows

A bedroom with tons of natural light and closet space? Now that’s a major score. On the other hand—as you can see with this room, that also means there are either doors or windows on every wall. This makes landing on a layout pretty tricky! But it’s not impossible. In fact, we were able to come up with three different, but beautiful, layouts for this challenging space.

There’s one wall in this bedroom that has the largest set of windows. This creates a lovely focal point in the room, which we used differently for each layout. In one, we placed a bench in front of the windows, creating a place to sit and read, enjoy coffee, or put on your shoes, In another, we placed the dresser in front of the window and opposite the bed—and we even had enough room to add a pair of armchairs on each side. The third layout saw the bed placed in front of the windows. This may seem unconventional with the height of these particular windows—but you can choose from a variety of bed frame styles that don’t totally block the windows but let some light peek through—like a spindle bed or a headboard with caning, like the one we chose. All this proves that with a little creativity, you can make your space work—even with architectural limitations.

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bedrom with white walls, plaid curtains and abstract landscpae

Large, Rectangular Master Bedroom Layout

When you have a bedroom that’s this large, you can get some extra uses out of it other than simply sleeping and getting dressed. With this super large, rectangular bedroom layout, we created two designs that celebrate all the space in this bedroom—doing so by creating distinct zones within the room.

In the first layout, we created a relaxing seating area for two. It’s the perfect place to chat and unwind with your partner at the end of the day. Layered rugs underneath help visually separate this seating area from the rest of the room. We also included ample storage within this large bedroom—with two full-sized dressers and a wardrobe, so you not only have space for clothing but also extra linens and anything else you want to tuck away!

In the second layout, we created a home office within the bedroom—but we placed the desk as far away from the bed as possible to help separate work and rest. Opting for a desk with built-in shelving helped maximize storage for the workspace. We also used rugs to help visually zone the different areas in this layout. Other than the large bed, we included two dressers and a bench to help round out this bedroom layout.

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modern rustic bedroom with tall slatted bed headboard

Bedroom Essentials for Small, Medium, and Large Bedrooms

Are you more concerned about what, exactly, you should include in your bedroom more than you’re worried about the exact layout? In this main bedroom layout guide, we walk you through three different bedroom sizes, with tips on what furniture, decor, and bed size to choose, depending on the square footage of your bedroom!

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Two Layouts for a 12 x 14 Bedroom

In our Layout Guides series, you’ll find layout solutions for rooms of all shapes and sizes. We show you different ways to lay out a space—because we’re big believers in working with what you’ve got! Here, we’re breaking down all the ways to master a 12×14 bedroom layout.

12x14 bedroom layout

The Space: A 12×14 Bedroom

The Challenge: In this light-filled bedroom, two large windows and a walk-in closet have to be factored into the bedroom layout, which needs to include a place to sleep, additional storage, as well as a small dressing area that needs to double as a reading corner.

What’s also challenging with this 12×14 bedroom layout is its size. It’s not exactly a small bedroom, but with several big essential furniture pieces that need to be worked in, it can feel like you’re packing too much into a small bedroom layout. So what’s the best approach for a bedroom that’s functional, stylish, and feels spacious?

First you’ll want to make the most of any windows in the bedroom—more daylight means a more airy look and feel. Then optimize your bedroom layout with furniture that double up on function, like using dressers for nightstands or a chaise that works as a reading chair while also setting apart a dressing area. Finally, opt for bedroom accents that use vertical space instead of taking up floor space, which will help open up your bedroom layout.

To help you design an ideal bedroom layout, we’ve rounded up some quick and easy tips below that are sure to inspire you. From stylish and functional bedroom furniture to simple ways to arrange your pieces, read on to get some of our favorite bedroom layout ideas.

All set with your bedroom layout but need help finding the right bedroom furniture? Get started with our Bedroom Checklist, then get tips for mixing your pieces in our gallery of Bedroom Design Ideas!

12x14 bedroom layout

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Bedroom Layout #1: The Functional, Clean-Lined Bedroom

In this bedroom layout approach, the space is optimized for sleep and storage. The centerpiece is the large-scale bed, and it’s paired with a range of storage pieces with lots of drawers and shelves. The concealed storage helps minimize visual clutter throughout the bedroom. It gives a small bedroom layout feel that’s cozy rather than crowded.

Despite the bed’s large size, it’s placed in between the windows, which help keep it from feeling oversized in this bedroom. The proportional nightstand dressers also help balance out the look and feel of the bed in the overall bedroom layout.

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Additionally, compact furnishings help round out this bedroom layout with more function, such as the ladder bookshelf and the hanging mirror paired with the ottoman in one of the bedroom corners. A mix of graphic and modern black-and-white art also add to the streamlined look of this bedroom, which keeps the space from feeling like a small bedroom cramped with too many large furniture pieces.

12x14 bedroom layout

12x14 bedroom layout

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Add Bedroom Function Like A Minimalist

One of the best ways to maximize any bedroom layout is to place a minimalist-style dresser along the entry wall to leave an open walkway from the entrance to the bathroom door as well as all around. With the dresser also directly across from the bed, this creates an open flow in the overall bedroom layout. Not to mention, a minimalist wooden dresser also easily does triple duty as functional storage, a display surface and vanity, and a statement piece all on its own in any bedroom.

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Also, in this bedroom layout the floor length mirror alongside the dresser makes for a practical dressing corner in the bedroom that saves a ton of space. Likewise, the ottoman is the perfect compact bedroom accent to pull into the dressing corner as a moveable seat and footrest.

12x14 bedroom layout

Opt For A Scenic Backdrop

The king-size bed placed in between the two large windows also helps to play up an airy and open look in this bedroom layout. The placement adds an open backdrop behind the bed’s high headboard, and the windows—along with the curtains and nightstands—also help frame the sleeping area and create an overall balanced and symmetrical bedroom layout. The wall art above the bed also helps establish the spot as the main focal point in the bedroom.

12x14 bedroom layout

Lean Into Vertical Space

To further maximize vertical storage and display in this bedroom layout, a pair of leaning bookcases next to the bed offers an optimal place for books, accents, and additional bedside essentials, all while taking up minimal floor space. The tall bookcases also fill up the large blank wall and narrow space alongside the bed with a practical purpose. They also play nicely into the bedroom’s overall clean-lined and minimalist modern style.

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12x14 bedroom layout

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Bedroom Layout #2: The Restful, Dressed-Up Bedroom

With this bedroom layout design, the focus is on creating a multipurpose bedroom space with a seating corner that also functions as a dressing area. The key to this bedroom layout was merging the different areas and various furniture styles so that the overall bedroom looks and feels cohesive.

Also important was pulling in bedroom furnishings that evoked a sense of comfort and cozy throughout. The result is a palette of neutrals and soft tones that elevate as well as ease up the look and feel for this bedroom layout.

Finally, to warm up the modern pieces in this bedroom layout, we layered in lots of textures, from the rugs to the pillows and light woods and brass accents. These chic details helped fill out the room with a coziness you would only get in a small bedroom. To bring visual balance into this bedroom layout, modern artworks in gold frames draw focus to the moody-hued walls.

12x14 bedroom layout

12x14 bedroom layout

Opt For Elevated Storage

Instead of a dresser, save on floor space with a tall wardrobe or armoire that’s elevated in height and style. This standing wardrobe fits perfectly between the big bedroom windows while also adding concealed storage to hang clothes. It’s a great option if your main bedroom has a large closet or a walk-in and you don’t need tons of extra storage. Given its minimal footprint, a slender armoire is also a great option if you’re working with a small bedroom layout.

12x14 bedroom layout

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Set Up A Lounging Nook

The easiest way to instantly warm up a bedroom layout is to carve out a bedroom seating area or reading nook. In our bedroom layout, we opted for a chaise lounge near the window and paired it with a C-table and a floor lamp, creating the perfect reading nook and lounge corner. It’s great for reading, relaxing, and just laying down and resting after a long day, but we also designed it to easily function as a dressing area for this bedroom layout. To ground this space and set it apart from the rest of the room, we layered a sheepskin rug on top of the larger bedroom rug to connect this space with the bed area.

12x14 bedroom layout

Balance Your Bed With A View

With a wall that has two large windows and a seating corner, the bed placed along the opposite wall was the perfect way to balance out this bedroom layout. We also flanked the bed with matching nightstands and tall table lamps, which bring in a bit of symmetry that balances out the overall bedroom layout since the seating area is already off center. Finally, not only does it keep the bedroom feeling open and spacious, it also frees up the windows to let in lots of daylight as well as a nice view that can be seen from the bed.

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Stunning Bedroom Transformations from Modsy Customers

Who doesn’t love a good before and after home makeover story? It’s fun to see a space get transformed before your eyes—and it’s beneficial, too, if you’re looking for some interior design tips and tricks for your own home design project. In our Customer Before and After series, we round up our favorite customer spaces by room type to share key insights on how actual Modsy customers are using our service to solve their design challenges.

Bedroom design before and after stories can be particularly useful because bedrooms are arguably one of the most important rooms in the home. Think about it: where do you unwind at the end of the day, recharge with a good night’s rest, and spend the majority of your time relaxing? The bedroom! With this in mind, it can be so helpful to see how other people have solved their bedroom design woes and turned them into real interior design “wow” moments.

We’ve compiled some of our favorites before and after bedroom transformations of Modsy customers, so when and if it’s time for you to work on your own bedroom design project, you’ll have some Bedroom design ideas and real-world inspiration to get you started.

customer photo of bedroom

Ann’s Grown-Up Boho Glam Bedroom

The Design Dilemma:

When her daughter moved away to college, Ann decided it was time to revamp the space with a more grown-up vibe that her daughter would enjoy when she came home to visit. But Ann needed help finding new Bedroom furniture (especially a larger bed) for the space and a new layout that would accommodate it.

teal wall bedroom with green draper

The Solution:

Ann’s designer selected a larger brass bed frame and centered it below the window. She brought additional brass accents into the room, like a floor lamp and hanging planter, to add warmth to the bold peacock blue walls. She paired the brass accents with natural fibers in the bedding, rug, and pouf, giving the space a bohemian glam quality which made it feel more grown-up and approachable. Finally, the designer kept most of the room accents light and bright in color to make the space feel more airy and open.

teal wall bedroom with green draper

What Ann Had to Say:

“I wanted to feel confident that I was making good design choices for the space. Working with my Modsy designer gave me that confidence” – Ann G.customer photo of bedroom

Deana’s Rustic and Traditional Bedroom

The Design Dilemma:

When Deana and her husband moved into a new home, they were starting from scratch. They had no furniture and needed several rooms designed at the same time. Working with Modsy, Deana chose to focus the majority of her budget on the other rooms in her home and needed to be more budget-conscious when it came to selecting decor for her bedroom. But she wanted to ensure that her bedroom design had the same cohesiveness as the rest of her house. Blue walls in bedroom with white desk

The Solution:

Deana’s designer started by suggesting a moody blue color for the walls, which worked as an inexpensive way to give the room a refined quality. Next, he added a luxurious faux fur rug and upholstered foundational furniture to maintain the upscale traditional look Deana wanted, while staying within her budget. Finally, he brought in some natural textures, like a jute rug, to play off the traditional rustic look Deana had in the rest of her home.

Blue walls in bedroom with white desk

What Deana Had to Say:

“Having a cozy and pampering space like my bedroom is incredibly wonderful. It really epitomizes how my whole house feels after using Modsy: like a home.” – Deana S. 

Read Deana’s full story here.

customer photo of bedroom

Faith’s Bohemian Bedroom

The Design Dilemma:

When Faith and her husband bought their first home they wanted their bedroom design to reflect their shared love of travel. But they were both too busy with work and couldn’t find the time to shop for bedroom decor—leaving them to wonder if they’d ever achieve the eclectic and well-traveled look they wanted for the space.

eclectic global bedroom with cane bed

The Solution:

Working with her designer, Faith was able to collaborate on a bedroom design that captured the bohemian vibe she and her husband wanted for the space. Pairing the woven textures in her headboard and wall art with rich velvet accents, such as the tufted bench and pillows, lent a curated feel to the room. The blue and green color scheme worked to tie the different styles and materials together, adding cohesion to the space.

Nightstand styling with curtains behind it

What Faith Had to Say:

“Since working with our Modsy designer, our lives feel more organized and everything in our space just flows together better. The experience made us feel special because there was so much thought and care put into the design process. Our designer helped us make sense of our empty house—transforming it from a blank canvas into a work of art that we can call our home.” – Faith J.

Read Faith’s full story here.

customer photo of bedroom

Sandra’s Glam-Meets-Industrial Bedroom

The Design Dilemma:

Sandra and her husband are both in the military and have frequently relocated for work. When they moved into their current home, they decided they wanted to create a space that felt stylish and collected to help them feel grounded. But after years of relocating, they were left with decor that felt jumbled. They knew they needed some expert guidance to create a clean and modern design for their bedroom.

Mid-century modern bedroom with oversized abstract artwork

The Solution:

The couple’s designer mixed glam finishes, like gold and marble, with industrial elements,, like the metal chandelier to create a modern industrial glam look in their bedroom. Knowing that Sandra and her husband wanted to keep their upholstered bed in their new design, she selected a rug and pillows in a similar shade of gray and chose a moody deep green wall color that made all accents colors pop.

mid-century walnut dresser with marble top

What Sandra Had to Say:

“Modsy knocked it out of the park with my bedroom design. I love it, it’s gorgeous, and the furniture items are amazing! I’m so glad I did this Modsy thing.” – Sandra V.

customer photo of bedroom

Zora’s Minimalist Studio Bedroom Space

The Design Dilemma:

When Zora moved into her new studio apartment, she was excited to create a tranquil space that would help energize her for her important work as an HIV health advocate. But the self-imposed pressure to make her space as relaxing as she needed it to be, prevented her from being able to design it on her own.

large loft style bedroom and living room

The Solution:

With the help of her Modsy designer, Zora was able to create a design that met her need for relaxation by choosing a minimalist style for her small studio space—making it feel open and airy. Zora’s designer selected graphic black and white wall art to create focal points in the bedroom area of the space and brought in some yellow accent pillows for a cheery touch. The room accessories were kept to a minimum, which makes cleaning a cinch, so Zora wouldn’t have to worry about tidying at the end of the day and could relax instead.

Faux floral arrangement

What Zora Had to Say:

“When I received my 3D designs it was such a relief—it took all my anxiety away! I felt that my designer really listened to what I wanted, helping me hone in on the right look for my apartment.” – Zora V.

Customer before photo of bedroom closet

Brooke’s Organized Teen Bedroom

The Design Dilemma:

When Brooke was making the transition from working mom to going back to school, she wanted to help ease her family into the transition of her busy new academic schedule by redesigning several rooms in their homemaking the entire house more organized and easier to tidy. It was particularly important to Brooke that her daughter received a fresh design to help her feel prepared for the change, keeping her room cheery and well-organized.

Attic bedroom design

The Solution:

Knowing that the bedroom space was small, with a slanted ceiling on one side, Brooke’s designer opted to change three of the floor walls from blue to white, which opened up the space. She also chose white and gray foundational furniture with plenty of closed storage, keeping the room organized and feeling open. Finally, the designer placed curtains over the open closet so its contents could be easily concealed.

What Brooke Had to Say:

“I was especially impressed with the designs they did for one of my daughters, who has the smallest room. My designer added white furniture and a lighter wall color, which opens it up a lot. Like the rest of the designs in our house, her room design was perfect. Plus, each space has storage, which any parent or pet owner will tell you is a must for keeping your space tidy.” – Brooke S.

Read Brooke’s full story here.

customer photo of bedroom

Koula’s Luxurious Bedroom Oasis

The Design Dilemma:

Koula is a mother of two sets of twins under the age of two, so things can understandably feel a bit hectic at her house. When she and her husband came to Modsy, they wanted to create a bedroom design that felt restful so they could recharge after a long day of kid wrangling. glam bedroom with pink headboard

The Solution: 

Knowing they wanted a pampering oasis where they could get away from it all, Koula’s designer filled the couple’s bedroom with upholstered foundational furniture with stately tufted detailing and inviting pink velvet. She also added glass and gold accents to further accentuate the luxurious feel of the room.

Seating corner with two grey tufted accent chairs

What Koula Had to Say:

“I love my master bedroom design. It is exactly the haven I need to escape from the madness of having two sets of twins under the age of two.” – Koula B.

Read more bedroom design stories from really Modsy customers.

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Main Bedroom Layouts: One Look Across Three Bedroom Sizes

When it comes to designing our homes, it’s natural to first focus on the main areas, like the living room, dining room, and kitchen. But it’s important to not neglect your master bedroom design! After all, that’s where you unwind each night and begin each day. So, you want to make it feel considered and relaxing! Not to mention useful for your everyday needs.

When considering master bedroom ideas, there are a few bedroom essentials that you definitely want to include: a bed, nightstands, a dresser. Other elements depend on the size and layout of the room. Do you have space for a bedroom seating area? Do you want a bedroom with a TV? What size rug should you use? (Check out our bedroom rug size guide if you need help with that!)

If you’re looking for some bedroom design ideas and are wrestling with your master bedroom design, we can help. We designed three different master bedrooms of varying sizes to give you some ideas of what you could include in each size space, along with layout ideas for bedrooms of different sizes.

Keep reading for our ultimate master bedroom layout guide!

For a Large Master Bedroom

The Challenge: Filling out a large space in an intentional way.

When it comes to master bedroom design, In a large master bedroom you have the most space to live large and add in a few extra elements to your space. In fact, you want to fill it out to a certain point so that it doesn’t feel cavernous or unintentional. Opting for larger furniture will help fill up the space without the room feeling empty or cluttered.

master bedroom designThe Key Furniture

Start with a king-size bed—because, if you have the space for it, why not?? Plus, in a larger room, a king-size bed will help fill out the space in a way that feels intentional. Rather than a pair of petite nightstands, go with something more substantial to balance out the size of the bed (and give yourself more storage). As an extra bedroom storage idea, we like the idea of using wide chests or three-drawer chests instead of standard nightstands.

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master bedroom designFilling Out The Wall And Floor Space

A gallery wall over the bed helps fill the large wall space, and a full-size upholstered bench adds a polished touch at the end of the bed—along with an extra place to sit or a surface to lay out tomorrow’s outfit each evening. Layered rugs help fill the large floor space and add coziness to the large room.

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master bedroom designDresser + TV Combo

Opting for a large, lowboy dresser adds ample clothing storage to your room. If you want a TV in your bedroom, mounting it on the wall above the dresser is the perfect place for it. It then sits right across from the bed for easy viewing of the morning news or some pre-bedtime shows, and also gives purpose to the wall space above the dresser.

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Thoughtful Details

A full-size tree or plant adds an organic touch to the bedroom and can help fill out an empty corner with color and texture. Hanging your curtains high above the window will help accentuate the ceiling height (or make your ceilings feel taller).

master bedroom designA Lounge-Worthy Sitting Area

In a large master bedroom that has the space for it, a full chaise lounge adds a luxurious touch. It creates a space other than your bed to lounge and relax, and since it’s tucked in the corner it doesn’t interfere with natural “traffic patterns” in the room. To make this one extra cozy, we layered a sheepskin rug beneath the chaise and a soft throw blanket on top. A bonus wall sconce in this sitting nook gives light for reading in the evenings.

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Full-Size Mirror

A large full-size floor mirror not only offers a space for outfit checks and selfies, but its grand size and beautiful frame makes a style statement in the room. It also serves to reflect light, helping make this room feel even more light-filled.

The Key Elements of a Large Master Bedroom:

  • Furniture that makes use of the space, including a king-size bed.
  • Layered rugs for extra floor coverage.
  • A chaise seating area for lounging and relaxing.
  • Small dressers as nightstands.
  • A dresser that doubles as a TV stand.
  • A large floor-length mirror.

Medium Master Bedroom

The Challenge: Right-sizing your furniture so that all the elements you want to include comfortably fit in the space.

In a medium-sized master bedroom, you can incorporate many of the same basic elements as in a large master bedroom, but on a slightly smaller scale. You’ll also have to reconsider the overall layout so that all of the furniture you want to include fits comfortably without the room feeling cluttered.

master bedroom designThe Key Furniture

Sizing down to a queen bed accommodates the medium-size space. (A king-size bed could overwhelm this room size and make the layout feel cramped.) We opted for a spindle bed with a platform frame, which adds a visual lightness and helps the room feel a bit more open. For nightstands, we still opted for slightly larger drawer nightstands, but in a style with an open base to visually open up the space.

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Filling Out The Wall And Floor Space

Like the large master bedroom, we hung a gallery wall above the bed to fill the wall space—but each piece is slightly smaller. And we again layered two rugs for depth and a mix of textures and patterns, but sized down slightly to fit the room’s smaller footprint.

A Petite Sitting Area

In a medium-sized master bedroom, you’ll likely still have room for a small sitting area. We tucked one in this corner, where it’s flanked by two windows and gets tons of natural light. We opted for a slipper chair, which works better in smaller spaces because it has a slim frame and no arms. And the rust upholstery adds a nice pop of color! Because of the placement, this nightstand doubles as a side table for the chair too—perfect for placing a cup of tea or glass of wine while reading or relaxing!

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master bedroom design

Tall Dresser + Mirror

Opting for a tall dresser gives you the clothing storage you need, without taking up horizontal floor space. In this bedroom, we opted for a larger mirror on top of the dresser to save on floor space while still having a mirror for getting ready and to reflect light and open up the room.

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Wall-Mounted TV

We still had the wall space available to mount a TV—but instead of hanging it above the dresser like the large master bedroom, we simply mounted it above a small shelf. The shelf offers a place for cords to rest and hide and helps nicely frame the TV so there’s no need for a media console beneath, which leaves more space to walk around the bed.

The Key Elements of a Medium Master Bedroom:

  • A queen-size bed.
  • A petite seating area.
  • Space-saving furniture (like a tall, narrow dresser) that still optimizes storage space.
  • A wall-mounted TV with a floating shelf.

Small Master Bedroom

The Challenge: Making the space functional without feeling too full.

A small master bedroom means paring down on what you include in the space. You don’t want it to feel too full or cluttered. But being more selective and strategic about what you bring into the space doesn’t mean you can’t still have a beautiful and relaxing master bedroom! Just follow these small bedroom design tips.

master bedroom design

The Key Furniture

We sized down to a full size bed to be proportionate to small room size. You could potentially squeeze a queen size bed in here, but it would start getting tight. A full size bed allows the room to still feel open and like there’s space to easily move around. We opted for a pair of average-size nightstands, but with a large drawer at the bottom for extra storage space. And, to keep the tops open, we hung wall sconces instead of using table lamps.

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Filling Out The Wall And Floor Space

To keep this small master bedroom feeling more open, we skipped hanging art over the bed. (Though you could certainly hang one piece above the bed if you wanted.) There’s no space for a sitting area in this room, or even a full bench at the end of the bed. But two low-profile folding stools? Absolutely! They offer an extra place to sit in the room, and they can easily fold up for if you want a little extra space. Choosing the wrong size of rug, or skipping one altogether, is one of those common bedroom design mistakes. We still used layered rugs in this bedroom but opted for smaller rugs to suit the size of the bed and the overall room.

master bedroom designA Space-Saving Dresser

A tallboy dresser gives you the clothing storage space you need but helps keep the floor space more open. We skipped a TV in this room, but we hung a piece of art on the wall above the dresser to create a nice vignette.

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Creating The Illusion of More Space

In a small master bedroom, incorporating some optical illusions can make the space feel larger. Like in the other master bedroom sizes, we hung the curtains significantly above the window frames to draw the eye upward and help open up the space. But it definitely has the biggest impact in this small room, where you need the visual illusion of more space! We also made space for a large, full-size mirror not only for practicality but also to help reflect light and visually open up the room. But, instead of having it sit on the floor and lean against the wall, we hung it flush on the wall to keep the floor space open.

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The Key Elements of a Small Master Bedroom:

  • Sized-down furniture, including a double bed and tallboy dresser.
  • Optical illusions to make the space feel larger and more open.
  • Simple styling to keep the room from feeling cluttered.
  • Smaller rugs to fit the petite footprint.

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Pretty in Pink: 10 Ways to Style a Designer-Approved Pink Bedroom

Here’s your friendly reminder that pink is not just for a Princess Barbie Dreamhouse. Contrary to long-held popular beliefs, pink is actually a versatile, soothing, and sophisticated color that can be used across many different interior design styles.

Various shades of pink have made their way into public consciousness in a big way in the past couple of years. Millennial Pink came onto the scene in 2016, when Pantone named Rose Quartz (aka Millennial Pink) as the Pantone Color of the Year. And with that, the color pink was officially reclaimed! It was no longer reserved for little girls and princess parties. Adults of all genders and identities were embracing shades of pink in their decor, clothing, and more.

As you might guess, we love incorporating pink into room designs. We particularly love the idea of pink in the realm of bedroom design ideas—and not just girls bedroom designs, but in adult bedrooms as well! When it comes to pink bedroom ideas, there are so many different shades of pinks, so you can really choose one that goes with your aesthetic and design style, along with your other decor. You can choose a more bright and bold shade for something glam or trendy, or a soft light pink for something more subtle. Either way, you’ll definitely be adding some style and class to your bedroom.

And decorating a pink bedroom doesn’t have to be intimidating. If you’re an adult who wants to incorporate some pink into your bedroom, we’ve got you covered with some pink design ideas. Keep reading for 10 tasteful, adult-friendly pink room ideas.

Warm + Saturated Pink

Want some all-over pink bedroom ideas? This might be the look for you. We opted for peachy pink walls in this room—plus a rug in a similar tone—which creates a warm, cozy glow. We balanced it out with the white bed and bedding for some great contrast. And the use of natural materials helps further balance out the strong look of a pink wall and gives this space an organic feel.

This Look Is Perfect For…

Eclectic, coastal, and boho styles. The warm, enveloping glow created by the pink walls makes it great for styles with natural and organic elements.

Pro Tip:

Keep decor simple and focus on using pink in big items like wall colors, the rug, and wall decor.

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Pink + Green

Pink and green are two colors that go beautifully together and make quite a pretty color combo. Going for a more saturated green and softer shades of pink creates a soft look that’s very relaxing for a bedroom. However, punctuating the softer pinks with a few more saturated tones, like a hot pink, would bring more boldness to the space, along with an extra kick of color! We love balancing this color palette with neutrals and natural materials.

This Look Is Perfect For…

Someone with eclectic, boho, or classic style who appreciates a more bold use of color. This would be great for a teen bedroom design.

Pro Tip:

Make sure pink is the dominant color, but balance it out with complimentary soft colors. Using similar shades of pink throughout will create a cohesive and soft look.

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Blocks Of Pink

Instead of pops of pink, consider using big color blocks of pink in your bedroom, like we did here with this accent wall and rug. This gives the pink effect you’re looking for, but in a way that feels minimal and serene. In this room, the peachy pink feels like it’s part of the room’s structure since it’s covering big blocks of space. You can also add subtle pops of pink in wall art and through throw pillows. Just make sure you don’t use pink in the main pieces of the room, like a bed or nightstand.

This Look Is Perfect For…

Modern bedrooms or those with minimalist style. This look is all about the structure and shape of the decor, so it works well with styles where the furniture has clean and simple lines.

Pro Tip:

Keep the pink monochromatic to maintain a modern look—like the peachy pink used throughout this space.

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Big Bold Pink

If you want a bedroom with a big, bold pink element, consider an upholstered pink bed. The one pictured above grounds the space and adds a major wow-factor to this bedroom. The simple colors throughout the space—mostly just black, white, and brass—allows pink to be the star of the show. However, the printed black and white wallpaper definitely ups the glam factor of this space and goes perfectly with the vibe of this bed. But this big, bold pink look doesn’t have to be accomplished just with a pink bed. You could also opt for a pink dresser or wallpaper instead. The key is just choosing one bold piece to drive the color palette and style for the whole room.

This Look Is Perfect For…

Those who gravitate toward glam and mid-century modern styles and aren’t afraid to make a bold design move.

Pro Tip:

Complementing the blush pink bed with other pops of pink creates a subtle but impactful look. In this bedroom, we added additional pink elements in the ombre pink fur pillow and the pink vase on the nightstand.

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High-Contrast Pink

Just because you’re incorporating pink into your bedroom doesn’t mean it has to be the main color in the space. As you can see in the bedroom design above, we grounded the space with dark navy walls and wood furniture, then used white accents to stand out against the dark furniture and walls. Meanwhile, pink is more of an accent color. We opted for a highly saturated pink that’s just shy of hot pink, seen in the rug and artwork, to pop against the high-contrast dark and light color scheme.

This Look Is Perfect For…

Transitional and modern bedrooms. The clean lines add a sharp look—and the addition of pink makes the space really pop!

Pro Tip:

Use pops of pink on all levels of the room—from the rug on the floor, to the pink pillow and throw on the bed, and the pink art on the wall above the bed. Doing this helps the eye move around the space and keeps the look dynamic.

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Shades Of Pink

In this room, pink is used all over—most notably in the pink walls—but different hues are used throughout. We used peach, hot pink, and a purple-pink, creating a really fun mix of shades. All three of these shades work well together because we balanced them out with neutral furniture and brass accents. This gives the pink bedroom a sense of playful cohesiveness. The clean lines of the furniture and the simple decor keep the color the main decorative element and focus in this room.

This Look Is Perfect For…

Mid-century and transitional styles, where you want to have a little extra fun in the execution of the design.

Pro Tip:

Use three different shades of pink throughout the space, but balance it out with other grounding and complimentary colors. (Like we did with the wall art and front throw pillow.)

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Shabby Chic Pink

Shabby chic style and soft pastel pinks are a match made in heaven. The use of pink in textiles gives a space a soft and feminine feel. We used soft pink in most of the textiles, and also included some floral prints that feature pink. Shabby chic is all about floral, so we also used real flowers as decor. Keep the shades of pink muted and light, and pair them with weathered, whitewashed woods for a soft rustic look.

This Look Is Perfect For…

Those who love a good floral pattern and ruffle. Shabby chic is a look in and of itself, but even elements of this style are perfect for rustic and countryside looks.

Pro Tip:

Layering is key for a shabby chic look. In this pink bedroom, we layered pink on the bed, added flowers on the nightstand, and made sure there was a lot of texture present throughout the space.

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Minimalist Pink

If minimalism is your vibe, go for a minimalist space that leans pink. Use pink throughout space in simple ways. In this room, we went for pink in the rug, curtains, chair, wall art, throw pillow, and blanket. It sounds like a lot, but the execution is actually very restrained. While pink is actually the only color used in the decor in this space, aside from the furniture and lighting, the use of solid pinks and simple patterns helps promote a minimal feel.

This Look Is Perfect For…

Someone who loves a minimalist look, where the color itself becomes the decor.

Pro Tip:

Keep pinks within a shade or two of each other for a monochromatic pink look, and balance the pinks with white and neutrals.

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Boho Pink

In pink bedrooms like this, rattan and other natural materials set the tone for a boho space. But shades of pink used all over give this space some vibrant personality. There are pops of bold pink on the bed, and the whole look is grounded by the large pink pattern of the rug. All of this pink is balanced out by the neutral colors and natural materials. Layering different textures and shades of pink—in the pillows, throws, art, and rug—is one of those bedroom essentials when looking to create that boho vibe.

This Look Is Perfect For…

Bohemian and eclectic styles, where you can color outside the lines and have a lot of fun.

Pro Tip:

Play with different textures, patterns, and shades of pink to keep the look lively.

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Soft Glam Pink

To create a soft glam space, use pink throughout the room, from the walls, to a pink bench and pillows, and even soft pops of pink in the wall art. Balance these elements with neutral and classic glam furniture. But make sure you incorporate glam touches in other places too—like the use of brass and mirrored elements, a tufted bed finished with nailheads, and a striking chandelier. These pieces all contribute to a soft glam pink look, which is a very feminine and sophisticated way to use pink. By the way—delicate blush pink walls are a must for this look. It sets the tone for the space and adds a warm glow.

This Look Is Perfect For…

Those with glam or classic looks, who want a bedroom that has an air of formality but is ultimately all about luxe relaxation.

Pro Tip:

Add layers of luxurious textiles—like faux fur, fluffy bedding, and a tufted headboard—and bring pink into all of these elements.

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Teen Bedroom Design: 8 Ideas for Your Teenager’s Bedroom Look

As your kids move from childhood into their teenage years, you might find they’ve grown out of their childhood bedroom and are in need of a bedroom more suited to their teenage years. They’re in a new stage of life, after all, and they need a new space that reflects their developing personality! So, it might be time to give your teen’s bedroom a makeover.

Designing teen bedrooms can be a fun project to work on together. You can help them find their style and translate their interests into a cool bedroom design. (Feel stuck? Don’t worry, we can help.) To give both of you some inspiration we’ve pulled together our favorite teenage bedroom ideas that both kids and parents will love!

teen bedroomFor The Low-Key Teen

Designing a small bedroom? This bedroom design is a great use of space that both a teen boy or a teen girl would love. With single beds, many people instinctively push them up against the wall. But the placement of the bed in this room really elevates the design and makes it feel more mature. Using a dresser as a nightstand makes better use of the space than having two separate pieces of furniture. And a large mirror next to the closet is perfect for getting ready! And since the bed frame is raised off the floor, you can utilize the under-bed space for storage to make the most of the square footage!

This teen bedroom idea is also a great reminder to invest in furniture that can stand the test of time! Each piece in this bedroom has a solid construction and features a timeless design. This allows for your teen’s style to evolve over time—or gives them a blank slate if they’re still figuring it out. When you choose timeless furniture, colors and decor can change around it, but the furniture itself will work with however their style evolves. (This is one of our favorite bedroom ideas for if you’ll be passing this furniture down to other kids in the future!)

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For The Budding Artist

This bedroom is a little moody and dramatic. (Sound like anyone you know?) In all seriousness, this eclectic teen bedroom would make for a very cool retreat for your budding artist. We love the idea of a gallery wall as a place where they can show off their personality. We kept this gallery in black-and-white to make it feel cohesive, but the mix of photos and art prints keep it feeling dynamic and fresh! While this room is on the moody side, the patterned curtains, plush bedding, and fluffy pillows soften the look—and create a cozy teen bedroom where they can unwind.

This room also offers a great roadmap for teen girls or boys who want to paint their room black. One accent wall won’t overpower the space but still creates the moody ambiance they want. It’s the perfect compromise.

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teen bedroomFor The Social Butterfly

This teen bedroom idea is modern, cool, and especially great for hosting friends. By arranging the pillows along the length of the bed, the bed doubles as a lounge space during the day (great for reading, spreading out, or having friends over) and a regular bed at night. And the hidden storage under the bed—kept tidy with a handful of baskets—helps your teenage girl or boy utilize every square inch of their room! The matching wall-mounted bookcase and desk will give them a great spot for studying and working on hobbies—while also offering a place for books and personal memorabilia. And the clip-on lamp saves on desk space!

But it’s not all function. The bold accent wall offers a pop of personality—as does the mini gallery wall! Your teen can show off their interests and hobbies through the art they choose for their bedroom.

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teen bedroomFor The Fashionista

This teen bedroom features a classic design with a feminine flair—perfect for that chic fashionista in your life. It has a very glam vibe, with its white furniture, sheepskin rug, plush bedding, and fuzzy pillows and stool. The tufted headboard helps elevate this teen bedroom and make it feel more polished. And a stand-alone headboard is also a great alternative to the investment of a fully upholstered bed, which your teen may not be ready for. The soft, neutral color palette is super classy, but the pops of gold throughout warm up the design.

The asymmetrical layout, with just one nightstand, is perfect for teens, and leaves extra room for hanging out with friends. And the full-length mirror is a must for those outfit checks and selfies! We topped off this look with some artwork that’s fun but not too childish—one of our favorite teen bedroom ideas.

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teen bedroomFor The Music Head

Have a budding musician on your hands? This teen bedroom design (with its slightly angsty flair) is the perfect match. Making room for extra seating, with the futon and floor pouf, creates the perfect hang space for jam sessions with friends. (Bonus: the futon has built-in bluetooth speakers.)

And we love the addition of wallpaper—this marbled design is very cool and edgy. Though, in a kid or teen room, we recommend going for a peel-and-stick option. It’s a cool way to personalize their bedroom without doing anything too permanent to your home. Music-inspired decor helps drive home the design, and pops of mustard yellow warm up the space without feeling cheesy or taking away from the theme.

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teen bedroomFor the Bohemian Bibliophile

Your budding bohemian will feel right at home in this bedroom, which has an eclectic mix of colors, materials, and textures. While the bed is more of a traditional style, the nightstand is glam and that iconic papasan chair is very boho. (And offers a perfect place for curling up with a good book.) This eclectic mix of styles makes for a fun adventure in putting the room together. You can look at different stores, instead of buying new furniture all in one place—and you can even mix in some furniture you already have or hit up some estate sales for something extra special! But, despite the unique mix of furniture styles, this is another example of furniture that can grow up with your teen. To keep things from feeling too mismatched, we went with a palette of pinks and greens to tie it all together.

Using shelving in your teen’s room, whether they’re built-in or freestanding, offer a sweet place for adding personal touches. Letting them decorate the shelves themself will help create a sense of ownership of their bedroom and offer an outlet for self-expression.

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teen bedroomFor The Athlete

Looking for bedroom ideas for your athletic teen? Create a space where they can work and play, like this inspiring girl’s bedroom design! The mix of patterns is energizing—but keeping everything in the same color family makes this room feel cohesive. The bed, nightstand, desk and light fixture have very mid-century modern vibes, which will beautifully age as your teen does. (Or can be transformed into a guest room after they go to college.) The desk gives them a place to keep up their grades, read, and work on art projects, and the open space with the pouf is a great place to hang out with friends.

While we went for more of a swimming theme—with cool diving prints and a rug that is reminiscent of water—you could really work any sport or hobby into a room like this. It’s a classy backdrop for whatever interests your teen. And baskets? They’re a great way to wrangle all that sports gear!

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teen bedroomFor The Nature Lover

This teen bedroom idea has a minimal boho, Joshua Tree vibe—perfect for your nature-loving teen who’s inspired by the outdoors. The soothing color palette will help promote relaxation and creates a perfect backdrop for pops of desert-inspired decor. But the patterned rug helps enliven the space and give it a youthful flair. And we love the idea of using plants as decor. It gives your teen something to take care of—and it’s proven that plants make people happy!

This is also a very budget-friendly approach to your teen’s bedroom design. String lights offer low-cost mood lighting. Hanging a print with poster-hangers still looks classy but costs way less than a frame. And this minimal, no-frills platform bed has a clean look while being a much lower investment than other bed styles.

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Layout Guide: 2 Ideas for a super large master bedroom

In our “Layout Guides” series you’ll find layout solutions for rooms of all shapes and sizes. Finding the right layout for your room can be the trickiest part of interior design! This week we’re looking at two different ideas for a super large master bedroom with tons of open space.

  • The Space: A huge, open master bedroom
  • The Style: Classic Rustic and Industrial Rustic
  • The Challenge: Designing a master bedroom layout that makes use of all the open space.

Your bedroom might not get a ton of foot traffic, but it is where you do most of your important work—sleeping and recharging for the day ahead! Designing a master bedroom layout can be hard with a small bedroom—but it can be even more challenging with a super large bedroom! All that open space can feel daunting… But with a little creativity, you can find a master bedroom layout that makes use of all the open space. Check out these 2 ideas for a super large master bedroom and get some ideas for yours!

Large BedroomMaster Bedroom Layout Idea #1: Seating and Sleeping Areas

Master bedroom layout #1 blends rustic design with a very classic formal look. It’s an eclectic twist that creates a really cozy, yet elegant look in the bedroom. It has a cottage vibe with tons of rustic materials, traditional style furniture, and lots of classic underpinnings to make it more stately. The soft textures and rustic accents make it an easy, breezy feminine space with plenty of countryside charm.

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The key elements:

Queen Bed along the short wall. We chose to put the queen bed on the short wall vs the super long wall. This helps section off the room and create a cozier sleeping space – and there’s still room for 2 nightstands on either side of the bed.

Lots of storage. With a room as large as this, there’s no reason not to have ample storage! We used two full dressers and an armoire. That way you have plenty of space to tuck away your wardrobe, unused bedding, laundry, etc. and keep your bedroom clean and tidy.

Seating area. This master bedroom layout also features a cozy reading/conversation nook. This is a great addition to any bedroom and gives you a space to relax that is in a totally different zone. The rugs help separate the space so you feel like you have two rooms in one.

Will this layout work for you? Yes if you…

  • Love soft, feminine vibes with a touch of rustic charm and elegance.
  • Need a bedroom escape full of relaxing, calming energy and color scheme.
  • Want two distinct areas in your bedroom—one for sleeping and one for reading/relaxing.
  • Need extra storage to make your room clutter-free, crisp, and oh-so clean.
  • Want your window view unobstructed for maximum sunlight and views.

Master Bedroom Layout Idea #2: Bedroom with a Home Office

Master bedroom layout #2 features a more industrial take on rustic style. This design is slightly edgier, offering a more masculine version of the rustic look. It uses raw, rugged materials, like metal and unfinished wood, to give it a cozy, cabin-like feel with a downtown twist.

All the furniture features a contemporary vibe, with sharp angles, straight lines, and no decorative ornament to be found. The bold patterns and high contrast color palette help add visual texture and make the overall style feel tailored and cohesive.

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The key elements:

Bed on the long wall. Placing the bed in front of the windows on the long wall leaves the entire front of the room wide open for other purposes. This is better if you like your sleeping spot tucked away from the main entrance for a more secluded vibe.

TV viewing. Having the bed positioned here is also ideal for TV viewing against the opposite wall. We opted against using a tall bed frame for this layout so it wouldn’t block any light or view from the window.

Desk area. This layout left plenty of space in the front of the room for a desk/work area—perfect if you need a home office and don’t have a separate room for it. We used a leaning wall shelf with a built-in desk to stay in line with the minimalist look, but there’s enough room for any desk of your choice! Just try to steer clear of heavy, clunky furniture with a style like this.

Tons of storage. The master bedroom layout also allows for tons of storage in addition to the desk. We were able to fit two dressers in addition to the nightstands, desk, and even some extra seating with the bench at the end of the bed!

Will this layout work for you? Yes if…

  • You want to watch TV in bed. The bed is ideally situated across from the TV for watching your favorite shows before the lights go off.
  • Want distinct areas in your space. Here two area rugs create two rooms in one—a sleeping area and a workspace.
  • You love raw materials and minimal ornamentation.
  • Cool, high-contrast industrial spaces are your jam. Bonus points if you love anything that makes a bold statement!

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Layout Ideas: 1 Boxy Bedroom, 2 Smart Ways to Maximize The Space

Often the trickiest part of designing a space is finding the right layout. In our “Layout Guides” series you’ll find layout solutions for rooms of all shapes and sizes. From the square-shaped to the narrow to the just plain awkward, this is your one-stop shop for layout ideas that work.

The Space: A 150-square-foot bedroom that is square-shaped with seemingly limited furniture arrangement and design possibilities.

The Challenge: Creating a layout design for a boxy bedroom that can accommodate a queen-sized bed, dressing area, and work space with a custom desk. All while keeping the room from feeling overcrowded or dorm-like.

layout ideas

Idea #1: The L-Shaped Layout

Layout idea #1 uses what we call the L-shaped arrangement where furniture is lined up along two walls of a square bedroom. This creates a cozy corner, opens up the rest of the room, and makes the space feel less boxy.

This approach is about maximizing storage and vertical space to balance the unfurnished half of the room.

layout ideas

Why It Works:

  • The bed does not face face the door, which creates walking room and a nice flow. This layout follows the rules of good bedroom feng shui.
  • The desk by the door is the ultimate multipurpose piece. It functions as a catchall for keys and random little things, a work surface for sending emails, and a vanity for getting ready.
  • Mini dressers as nightstands give you lots of extra storage for books, sheets, and blankets.
  • Placing a bookcase in the corner makes use of vertical space for storage and takes up very little floor space.

bedroom layout ideasThis Is Great If You…

  • Are looking to design a guest room that’s more grown-up feeling. This arrangement gives the space a hotel-like look and feel.
  • Share this bedroom with another person. The layout provides enough storage and functions for two.

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Idea #2: The Long Layout

Layout idea #2 is all about a sectioned approach that clearly defines sleep and work areas.

Add a sense of spaciousness to the room by lining up the bed and the desk in a row along the same wall. This also helps create good flow as soon as you walk in the door.

In this layout, there’s not a lot of storage space, but also a dedicated office area that makes the room feel like a functional live/work studio space.

bedroom layout ideas

Why It Works:

  • The desk tucked away in the corner makes a stylish office corner. This placement also takes advantage of the natural light from the window right above.
  • There’s more room for a nice comfy chair. It can be pulled up as a desk chair or moved and used as a reading chair anywhere in the room.
  • You definitely get more open floor space in with this layout since it keeps one side open with lots of walking room.

bedroom layout ideas

This Is Great If You…

  • Want a studio that has distinct spaces for all your activities, rather than feeling like one open room.
  • Don’t need a lot of space to host people in your studio apartment.
  • Live with a partner and want a space where you can cohabitate with a little more privacy and space to do your own thing.

See the layout idea #2 in 360!


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