Buying Guide: The Ultimate Bedroom Furniture Checklist

If you’re designing a bedroom from scratch, or even if you’re just giving your current set-up a facelift, you might be wondering what furniture is necessary to include and what you can go ahead and skip if you’re short on space. Well, we’re here to help you through the process! With our interior design buying guides, we’ll walk you through the essential pieces for a space, the nice-to-haves, and the little touches that make a space shine.

At Modsy, we’re experts in helping people transform their bedrooms into havens of relaxation and comfort—whether you have a ton of space to work with or are just trying to squeeze a sleeping space into a studio apartment. And with that expertise, we can guide you through the pieces you absolutely can’t live without and what you can wait on and save for.

Today, we’re giving you a bedroom furniture checklist of what you should absolutely include in your bedroom (a bed!) and what pieces help when it comes to functionality, organization, and relaxation. Because bedrooms really should be a place where you can unwind at the end of each day and get ready to face a new day each morning!

empty room with white walls and wood floors

Early Considerations

But first things first—how much does it actually cost to design a bedroom from scratch? Well, it can vary quite significantly and totally depends on your tastes and needs for the space. Depending on what those are, your total cost could go up or down. But here are some general price ranges for the essentials:

  • Opening Price Point: $2,500
  • Mid-Range Price Point: $5,000
  • High Price Point $8,000+

So, take stock of what you need and how much you’re able to spend on everything combined to keep within a comfortable price range. To help you figure this out, we’ve also included a general price range for each piece of furniture in our bedroom buying guide.

Other considerations? The size of your bedroom and how you want to use the space. This can help determine if you have space for a king bed or just a queen. It can also help guide your decisions on if you’d like to add a sitting area or perhaps a small desk. Ultimately, the extras you include beyond the must-have pieces depend on your bedroom size and how you want to make use of the rest of the room.

Now, on to our bedroom furniture checklist!

The Bedroom Essentials

When you design a bedroom, these must-have pieces of furniture are where you’ll want to start. They establish the function of the space and make it what it is—primarily, a place to sleep and get ready for your day. But that doesn’t mean these pieces are just about function. They can also help establish the interior design style of your space!

grey bedroom with platform white bed

Bed Frame + Mattress

One of your most basic bedroom furniture needs? A bed. (It’s not really a bedroom without a bed!) Start by choosing a bed size and mattress. Bed sizes will depend on your personal preferences, and the size of your room. If you’re single, you may just want a full or queen bed, but couples tend to go for a queen or king. If you have kids or pets that crawl into bed with you—then probably the bigger the better!

Once you’ve landed on bed sizes, you get to choose a bed frame. This is where style preferences come into play. There are so many different types of beds—from just a utilitarian metal bed frame or minimalist platform bed to a fully upholstered bed and headboard and so much more! Think about if you want a more trendy, stylish bed or something more timeless that can be used for years. And consider your lifestyle, too. Do you want something low maintenance or have pets with lots of fur? Opt for a solid wood headboard instead of an upholstered bed. If you like to read in bed at night, a high upholstered headboard may be good for you. If you need extra storage, look for a storage bed or one that sits high off the floor so you can place bins underneath.

Check out our bed frame style guide for more information! (And remember, some bed frames necessitate the use of a box spring, while others don’t!)

Stylist Tip: Consider where your bed will go in your space. If you have low ceilings, a king canopy bed might not work. If you want to place your bed under a window, look for a bed with a low headboard.

Price Range: $300-$5,000

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carved natural wood nightstand with books, greenery and ceramic lamp on top


Another bedroom furniture necessity? Nightstands. Nightstands go next to your bed, and you can either have one on each side or just have one, depending on the size of your bedroom or your needs. They offer very necessary and practical storage and surface space next to the bed—offering you a place for a lamp, books, a glass of water, your phone, and more!

There are many different types of nightstands, and if you have two they can either be identical or mismatched. It all depends on your style preferences! (Like the mismatched look? Check out our guide to mismatched nightstands.) Just make sure it fits your needs. If you need drawer storage space or a larger surface area, put that into consideration! From there, simply find a nightstand style you like, then make sure it’s the proper height in comparison to your bed so it will be comfortable to use when you’re sitting in bed. Our nightstand size guide has more info on that.

Price Range: $100-1,000

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neutral palette transitional style bedroom

Clothing Storage

Even if you have a closet, you’ll probably want a secondary source of clothing storage in your bedroom. Dressers or armoires are typically better for clothing that needs to be folded—plus, dressers offer surface space to display decor or put practical items like trays and jewelry boxes, or even a TV. You can choose from many different styles of dressers, from a long and narrow dresser with six drawers to a tallboy dresser that’s narrow and tall. Need more storage space for hanging dresses or tall clothing than your closet allows? An armoire can be effective as clothing storage, too. But whatever style of bedroom storage furniture you choose, it should feel like it blends in with the vibe of the rest of the space, since a dresser or armoire is the second largest item in a bedroom after your bed! But before choosing a size and style, make sure you measure your space to guarantee the dresser can fit through doorways and comfortably fit within your bedroom.

If you like the idea of matching furniture sets, you can find dressers that match your nightstands or other elements in your space. Often, furniture designers will design dresser sets as well, with one tallboy and one lower, longer dresser if you have space for two pieces. If you like antiques, dressers are a great way to incorporate an antique element into your space. Most antique dressers have simple designs and are made of solid wood so you can have them for a long time and even pass them down in the future! Dressers can definitely be investment pieces, though, with material impacting price. As you’d expect, the more solid and quality the build and material, the more expensive. Dressers can be made of solid wood, medium density fiberboard, or even plastic or metal (and many mixes in between).

Price Range: $300 – $3,000

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modern rustic bedroom with leather accents and buffalo check curtains

Window Treatments

If you have windows in your bedroom (and hopefully you do), having privacy is important—especially if you live in an apartment or if your bedroom window is close to a neighbor’s house. Plus, for quality sleep, you want to be able to block out light, so some type of window covering is necessary.

Styles of window treatments vary greatly. You can have simple roller shades, wooden blinds, roman shades, or full drapes. You can even have a mix—having both functional shades and stationary drapes. And with drapes, there’s a lot of variety—from airy linens and light cottons to heavy velvets and blackout curtains. The cost of window treatments will also vary greatly, depending on what style of window treatment you choose, the size of your windows, if the window treatments are custom, and how many layers you have.

Price Range: $20-$300 per panel

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Bedroom Nice-to-Haves

Once you have your must-have pieces in place, you can consider what extras you have the space and need

dark grey walls with blue and white artwork

Task & Accent Lighting

Lighting is essential in every room of your house. And, while many bedrooms have both overhead and natural ambient lighting, additional task and accent lighting is nice to have. Table lamps on your bedside table (or sconces hung above them) give you soft lighting for the evening, while floor lamps or other table lamps and sconces give additional lighting to other corners of your bedroom. And don’t forget about candles, which add lovely ambiance to your bedroom! Ultimately, having light sources other than your overhead light gives you more flexibility to tailor your lighting throughout the day. (Especially in the evening when you want your space to feel cozier!)

Price Range: $50-$1,000

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French colonial style wingback chair with grey velvet upholstery


Having a place to sit in your bedroom can add a nice functional and stylistic touch—whether it’s a stool or small upholstered dining chair or a full-on bedroom seating area with a lounge chair or loveseat! What you choose greatly depends on the space you have available in your bedroom and how you want to use the space. If you want to lounge and read, a loveseat or large chair would be nice. But if you just want a place to sit and fold laundry, a simple upholstered bench at the end of the bed can work perfectly. Just remember that the seating you choose should fit right in with the style and scale of your space. You don’t want to cramp your bedroom by squeezing in a chair that doesn’t fit!

Price Range: $50-$1,000+

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arched iron bed with vintage style red rug


Rugs add style and functionality to a bedroom. Functionally, they help insulate a room (especially if you have a wood or tile floor) and are great sound barriers. In a loft or a large room with hardwood floors, they can help dampen noise and keep the space from feeling echoey. But stylistically, they can help pull the whole space together with their colors, patterns, and materials. You can opt for something simple like a jute rug or go for a Turkish rug that brings lots of color and pattern into your space! And sizing definitely matters—you want a rug that covers a good bit of flooring under your bed! Check out our bedroom rug size guide for more details!

Price Range: $350-$10,000

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bedroom corner with floor mirror and off-white chaise lounge


Most people get dressed and ready for the day in their bedroom—so a mirror, while not a necessity, is very nice to have for outfit checks and doing your hair and makeup. Try putting a mirror above or beside your dresser for a complete dressing area. If you have room for a full-length mirror, we love the look of a leaning floor mirror—but a beautiful wall mirror is great, too! Mirrors are also great double duty items; not only are they practical, but they can also act as decor in your space. So, pick one that coordinates with the style of your space! And remember: mirrors can be expensive, but quality is key to make sure it’s stable and the glass doesn’t warp.

Stylist Tip: Since mirrors help reflect light, they can help a small bedroom feel larger! Even a smaller hanging mirror will help in a small bedroom design.

Price Range: $100-$1,000

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Bedroom Finishing Touches

To make your bedroom feel truly complete, add some finishing touches. These decorative items will drive home the style of your space and bring in some personality and life!

modern leather bed with stool as nightstand and large artwork hanging beside bed


Artwork adds color, pattern, style, and a personal touch to your bedroom design. It can be a whole gallery wall or just a single piece of art; what you choose depends on the style of your space and what look you want to achieve. But it should coordinate with the design of the space and be safe (no heavy frames over the bed!). If you don’t want artwork, you could also frame personal family photos or your own photography in your bedroom, which adds a very personal touch. And, while original artwork can be quite expensive, you can find prints for very reasonable prices.

Price Range: $40-$5,000

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Bent iron headboard with gallery wall above it

Throw Pillows

Besides the pillows you sleep on, throw pillows add a lot to your bedroom. They help give your bed a polished look and are a great way to add color and pattern to your bedroom. They’re also great for leaning on while reading or for propping up a book or laptop! As for the amount, that’s totally up to you. You can pile eight throw pillows on to a big bed or just choose one for a more minimalist look. (Just remember that you’ll have to take them off and put them back on each day—so choose an amount based on the amount of work you want to put in each day!) In terms of style, throw pillows should contrast with your bedding, but also coordinate in some way.

Stylist Tip: Since throw pillows are relatively inexpensive, you can easily switch them out seasonally or when you want to make a style change! A simple way to update the look of your bedroom!

Price Range: $25-$150 per pillow

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carved wood white dresser with blue painted wall


A pop of greenery is just the thing to give a bedroom that finished feel! Greenery adds texture, color, and a sense of life and hominess to a space. And with so many realistic faux plants, you can go for the fake ones if you don’t have a green thumb! You can go for a big plant in the corner, or just put a sprig of eucalyptus in a vase on your dresser—or any mix of sizes in between! Another option? Fresh flowers in a vase that you swap out weekly. Whatever size and style you choose, it’s a great way to add a bright, finishing touch to your bedroom! Just be conscientious of price. Fresh flowers can be $10 for a grocery store bundle, but a faux tree can easily cost up to $500.

Price Range: $10-$500

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Image of a wooden dresser with a floor length mirror and horse art in a bedroom

Small Storage

Small storage is nice to have for smaller items in your bedroom—like throw blankets, shoes, and your collection of “currently reading” books. And woven baskets are our favorite small, multifunctional storage solution for bedrooms. They’re great for a place to stash things when tidying up in a pinch, and they add texture to your room and can help visually fill empty spaces. They also make great under-bed storage!

Price Range: $20-$500

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Want more bedroom design ideas? Check out our best bedrooms designs of 2020, walk through our guest room checklist, and learn how to design a bedroom with a TV.

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Pretty in Pink: 10 Ways to Style a Designer-Approved Pink Bedroom

Here’s your friendly reminder that pink is not just for a Princess Barbie Dreamhouse. Contrary to long-held popular beliefs, pink is actually a versatile, soothing, and sophisticated color that can be used across many different interior design styles.

Various shades of pink have made their way into public consciousness in a big way in the past couple of years. Millennial Pink came onto the scene in 2016, when Pantone named Rose Quartz (aka Millennial Pink) as the Pantone Color of the Year. And with that, the color pink was officially reclaimed! It was no longer reserved for little girls and princess parties. Adults of all genders and identities were embracing shades of pink in their decor, clothing, and more.

As you might guess, we love incorporating pink into room designs. We particularly love the idea of pink in the realm of bedroom design ideas—and not just girls bedroom designs, but in adult bedrooms as well! When it comes to pink bedroom ideas, there are so many different shades of pinks, so you can really choose one that goes with your aesthetic and design style, along with your other decor. You can choose a more bright and bold shade for something glam or trendy, or a soft light pink for something more subtle. Either way, you’ll definitely be adding some style and class to your bedroom.

And decorating a pink bedroom doesn’t have to be intimidating. If you’re an adult who wants to incorporate some pink into your bedroom, we’ve got you covered with some pink design ideas. Keep reading for 10 tasteful, adult-friendly pink room ideas.

Warm + Saturated Pink

Want some all-over pink bedroom ideas? This might be the look for you. We opted for peachy pink walls in this room—plus a rug in a similar tone—which creates a warm, cozy glow. We balanced it out with the white bed and bedding for some great contrast. And the use of natural materials helps further balance out the strong look of a pink wall and gives this space an organic feel.

This Look Is Perfect For…

Eclectic, coastal, and boho styles. The warm, enveloping glow created by the pink walls makes it great for styles with natural and organic elements.

Pro Tip:

Keep decor simple and focus on using pink in big items like wall colors, the rug, and wall decor.

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Pink + Green

Pink and green are two colors that go beautifully together and make quite a pretty color combo. Going for a more saturated green and softer shades of pink creates a soft look that’s very relaxing for a bedroom. However, punctuating the softer pinks with a few more saturated tones, like a hot pink, would bring more boldness to the space, along with an extra kick of color! We love balancing this color palette with neutrals and natural materials.

This Look Is Perfect For…

Someone with eclectic, boho, or classic style who appreciates a more bold use of color. This would be great for a teen bedroom design.

Pro Tip:

Make sure pink is the dominant color, but balance it out with complimentary soft colors. Using similar shades of pink throughout will create a cohesive and soft look.

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Blocks Of Pink

Instead of pops of pink, consider using big color blocks of pink in your bedroom, like we did here with this accent wall and rug. This gives the pink effect you’re looking for, but in a way that feels minimal and serene. In this room, the peachy pink feels like it’s part of the room’s structure since it’s covering big blocks of space. You can also add subtle pops of pink in wall art and through throw pillows. Just make sure you don’t use pink in the main pieces of the room, like a bed or nightstand.

This Look Is Perfect For…

Modern bedrooms or those with minimalist style. This look is all about the structure and shape of the decor, so it works well with styles where the furniture has clean and simple lines.

Pro Tip:

Keep the pink monochromatic to maintain a modern look—like the peachy pink used throughout this space.

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Big Bold Pink

If you want a bedroom with a big, bold pink element, consider an upholstered pink bed. The one pictured above grounds the space and adds a major wow-factor to this bedroom. The simple colors throughout the space—mostly just black, white, and brass—allows pink to be the star of the show. However, the printed black and white wallpaper definitely ups the glam factor of this space and goes perfectly with the vibe of this bed. But this big, bold pink look doesn’t have to be accomplished just with a pink bed. You could also opt for a pink dresser or wallpaper instead. The key is just choosing one bold piece to drive the color palette and style for the whole room.

This Look Is Perfect For…

Those who gravitate toward glam and mid-century modern styles and aren’t afraid to make a bold design move.

Pro Tip:

Complementing the blush pink bed with other pops of pink creates a subtle but impactful look. In this bedroom, we added additional pink elements in the ombre pink fur pillow and the pink vase on the nightstand.

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High-Contrast Pink

Just because you’re incorporating pink into your bedroom doesn’t mean it has to be the main color in the space. As you can see in the bedroom design above, we grounded the space with dark navy walls and wood furniture, then used white accents to stand out against the dark furniture and walls. Meanwhile, pink is more of an accent color. We opted for a highly saturated pink that’s just shy of hot pink, seen in the rug and artwork, to pop against the high-contrast dark and light color scheme.

This Look Is Perfect For…

Transitional and modern bedrooms. The clean lines add a sharp look—and the addition of pink makes the space really pop!

Pro Tip:

Use pops of pink on all levels of the room—from the rug on the floor, to the pink pillow and throw on the bed, and the pink art on the wall above the bed. Doing this helps the eye move around the space and keeps the look dynamic.

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Shades Of Pink

In this room, pink is used all over—most notably in the pink walls—but different hues are used throughout. We used peach, hot pink, and a purple-pink, creating a really fun mix of shades. All three of these shades work well together because we balanced them out with neutral furniture and brass accents. This gives the pink bedroom a sense of playful cohesiveness. The clean lines of the furniture and the simple decor keep the color the main decorative element and focus in this room.

This Look Is Perfect For…

Mid-century and transitional styles, where you want to have a little extra fun in the execution of the design.

Pro Tip:

Use three different shades of pink throughout the space, but balance it out with other grounding and complimentary colors. (Like we did with the wall art and front throw pillow.)

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Shabby Chic Pink

Shabby chic style and soft pastel pinks are a match made in heaven. The use of pink in textiles gives a space a soft and feminine feel. We used soft pink in most of the textiles, and also included some floral prints that feature pink. Shabby chic is all about floral, so we also used real flowers as decor. Keep the shades of pink muted and light, and pair them with weathered, whitewashed woods for a soft rustic look.

This Look Is Perfect For…

Those who love a good floral pattern and ruffle. Shabby chic is a look in and of itself, but even elements of this style are perfect for rustic and countryside looks.

Pro Tip:

Layering is key for a shabby chic look. In this pink bedroom, we layered pink on the bed, added flowers on the nightstand, and made sure there was a lot of texture present throughout the space.

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Minimalist Pink

If minimalism is your vibe, go for a minimalist space that leans pink. Use pink throughout space in simple ways. In this room, we went for pink in the rug, curtains, chair, wall art, throw pillow, and blanket. It sounds like a lot, but the execution is actually very restrained. While pink is actually the only color used in the decor in this space, aside from the furniture and lighting, the use of solid pinks and simple patterns helps promote a minimal feel.

This Look Is Perfect For…

Someone who loves a minimalist look, where the color itself becomes the decor.

Pro Tip:

Keep pinks within a shade or two of each other for a monochromatic pink look, and balance the pinks with white and neutrals.

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Boho Pink

In pink bedrooms like this, rattan and other natural materials set the tone for a boho space. But shades of pink used all over give this space some vibrant personality. There are pops of bold pink on the bed, and the whole look is grounded by the large pink pattern of the rug. All of this pink is balanced out by the neutral colors and natural materials. Layering different textures and shades of pink—in the pillows, throws, art, and rug—is one of those bedroom essentials when looking to create that boho vibe.

This Look Is Perfect For…

Bohemian and eclectic styles, where you can color outside the lines and have a lot of fun.

Pro Tip:

Play with different textures, patterns, and shades of pink to keep the look lively.

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Soft Glam Pink

To create a soft glam space, use pink throughout the room, from the walls, to a pink bench and pillows, and even soft pops of pink in the wall art. Balance these elements with neutral and classic glam furniture. But make sure you incorporate glam touches in other places too—like the use of brass and mirrored elements, a tufted bed finished with nailheads, and a striking chandelier. These pieces all contribute to a soft glam pink look, which is a very feminine and sophisticated way to use pink. By the way—delicate blush pink walls are a must for this look. It sets the tone for the space and adds a warm glow.

This Look Is Perfect For…

Those with glam or classic looks, who want a bedroom that has an air of formality but is ultimately all about luxe relaxation.

Pro Tip:

Add layers of luxurious textiles—like faux fur, fluffy bedding, and a tufted headboard—and bring pink into all of these elements.

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Teen Bedroom Design: 8 Ideas for Your Teenager’s Bedroom Look

As your kids move from childhood into their teenage years, you might find they’ve grown out of their childhood bedroom and are in need of a bedroom more suited to their teenage years. They’re in a new stage of life, after all, and they need a new space that reflects their developing personality! So, it might be time to give your teen’s bedroom a makeover.

Designing teen bedrooms can be a fun project to work on together. You can help them find their style and translate their interests into a cool bedroom design. (Feel stuck? Don’t worry, we can help.) To give both of you some inspiration we’ve pulled together our favorite teenage bedroom ideas that both kids and parents will love!

teen bedroomFor The Low-Key Teen

Designing a small bedroom? This bedroom design is a great use of space that both a teen boy or a teen girl would love. With single beds, many people instinctively push them up against the wall. But the placement of the bed in this room really elevates the design and makes it feel more mature. Using a dresser as a nightstand makes better use of the space than having two separate pieces of furniture. And a large mirror next to the closet is perfect for getting ready! And since the bed frame is raised off the floor, you can utilize the under-bed space for storage to make the most of the square footage!

This teen bedroom idea is also a great reminder to invest in furniture that can stand the test of time! Each piece in this bedroom has a solid construction and features a timeless design. This allows for your teen’s style to evolve over time—or gives them a blank slate if they’re still figuring it out. When you choose timeless furniture, colors and decor can change around it, but the furniture itself will work with however their style evolves. (This is one of our favorite bedroom ideas for if you’ll be passing this furniture down to other kids in the future!)

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For The Budding Artist

This bedroom is a little moody and dramatic. (Sound like anyone you know?) In all seriousness, this eclectic teen bedroom would make for a very cool retreat for your budding artist. We love the idea of a gallery wall as a place where they can show off their personality. We kept this gallery in black-and-white to make it feel cohesive, but the mix of photos and art prints keep it feeling dynamic and fresh! While this room is on the moody side, the patterned curtains, plush bedding, and fluffy pillows soften the look—and create a cozy teen bedroom where they can unwind.

This room also offers a great roadmap for teen girls or boys who want to paint their room black. One accent wall won’t overpower the space but still creates the moody ambiance they want. It’s the perfect compromise.

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teen bedroomFor The Social Butterfly

This teen bedroom idea is modern, cool, and especially great for hosting friends. By arranging the pillows along the length of the bed, the bed doubles as a lounge space during the day (great for reading, spreading out, or having friends over) and a regular bed at night. And the hidden storage under the bed—kept tidy with a handful of baskets—helps your teenage girl or boy utilize every square inch of their room! The matching wall-mounted bookcase and desk will give them a great spot for studying and working on hobbies—while also offering a place for books and personal memorabilia. And the clip-on lamp saves on desk space!

But it’s not all function. The bold accent wall offers a pop of personality—as does the mini gallery wall! Your teen can show off their interests and hobbies through the art they choose for their bedroom.

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teen bedroomFor The Fashionista

This teen bedroom features a classic design with a feminine flair—perfect for that chic fashionista in your life. It has a very glam vibe, with its white furniture, sheepskin rug, plush bedding, and fuzzy pillows and stool. The tufted headboard helps elevate this teen bedroom and make it feel more polished. And a stand-alone headboard is also a great alternative to the investment of a fully upholstered bed, which your teen may not be ready for. The soft, neutral color palette is super classy, but the pops of gold throughout warm up the design.

The asymmetrical layout, with just one nightstand, is perfect for teens, and leaves extra room for hanging out with friends. And the full-length mirror is a must for those outfit checks and selfies! We topped off this look with some artwork that’s fun but not too childish—one of our favorite teen bedroom ideas.

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teen bedroomFor The Music Head

Have a budding musician on your hands? This teen bedroom design (with its slightly angsty flair) is the perfect match. Making room for extra seating, with the futon and floor pouf, creates the perfect hang space for jam sessions with friends. (Bonus: the futon has built-in bluetooth speakers.)

And we love the addition of wallpaper—this marbled design is very cool and edgy. Though, in a kid or teen room, we recommend going for a peel-and-stick option. It’s a cool way to personalize their bedroom without doing anything too permanent to your home. Music-inspired decor helps drive home the design, and pops of mustard yellow warm up the space without feeling cheesy or taking away from the theme.

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teen bedroomFor the Bohemian Bibliophile

Your budding bohemian will feel right at home in this bedroom, which has an eclectic mix of colors, materials, and textures. While the bed is more of a traditional style, the nightstand is glam and that iconic papasan chair is very boho. (And offers a perfect place for curling up with a good book.) This eclectic mix of styles makes for a fun adventure in putting the room together. You can look at different stores, instead of buying new furniture all in one place—and you can even mix in some furniture you already have or hit up some estate sales for something extra special! But, despite the unique mix of furniture styles, this is another example of furniture that can grow up with your teen. To keep things from feeling too mismatched, we went with a palette of pinks and greens to tie it all together.

Using shelving in your teen’s room, whether they’re built-in or freestanding, offer a sweet place for adding personal touches. Letting them decorate the shelves themself will help create a sense of ownership of their bedroom and offer an outlet for self-expression.

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teen bedroomFor The Athlete

Looking for bedroom ideas for your athletic teen? Create a space where they can work and play, like this inspiring girl’s bedroom design! The mix of patterns is energizing—but keeping everything in the same color family makes this room feel cohesive. The bed, nightstand, desk and light fixture have very mid-century modern vibes, which will beautifully age as your teen does. (Or can be transformed into a guest room after they go to college.) The desk gives them a place to keep up their grades, read, and work on art projects, and the open space with the pouf is a great place to hang out with friends.

While we went for more of a swimming theme—with cool diving prints and a rug that is reminiscent of water—you could really work any sport or hobby into a room like this. It’s a classy backdrop for whatever interests your teen. And baskets? They’re a great way to wrangle all that sports gear!

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teen bedroomFor The Nature Lover

This teen bedroom idea has a minimal boho, Joshua Tree vibe—perfect for your nature-loving teen who’s inspired by the outdoors. The soothing color palette will help promote relaxation and creates a perfect backdrop for pops of desert-inspired decor. But the patterned rug helps enliven the space and give it a youthful flair. And we love the idea of using plants as decor. It gives your teen something to take care of—and it’s proven that plants make people happy!

This is also a very budget-friendly approach to your teen’s bedroom design. String lights offer low-cost mood lighting. Hanging a print with poster-hangers still looks classy but costs way less than a frame. And this minimal, no-frills platform bed has a clean look while being a much lower investment than other bed styles.

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The 13 Essential Things All Great Bedrooms Have in Common

There’s no fixed formula when it comes to designing the perfect bedroom. But, there is such a thing as the perfect bedroom. At least the perfect bedroom for you. Regardless of your personal style or budget, it simply comes down to the bedroom essentials. From plenty of good lighting to a plush rug and soft bedding, we’ve rounded up the top 10 must-haves for a vibrant and thoughtful bedroom design. Read on to get inspired and get our tips for bringing each bedroom essential into your own space.

Mid-century modern bedroom decorated in yellow and blue color scheme

From plenty of good lighting to a plush rug and soft bedding, we rounded up a bedroom checklist of the 13 essentials that will make every bedroom more cozy and relaxing.

Struggling to design your bedroom? Start your design project today and see your exact room expertly designed in life-like 3D! (There’s a reason we’re the #1 online interior design service!)

rustic bedroom with sloped ceiling, a neutral color palette, and small desk set-up

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1. Layered Bedding

No magic formula here. You can always count on good, comfy bedding as a surefire way to brighten your bedroom and make it look thoughtfully pulled together. A bed with just two standard pillows can look a bit sparse and empty, so pile on lots of colorful and textured pillows, make sure you have soft sheets and a fluffy duvet, and top it all off with a throw blanket.


Bring the Vacation Vibes Home

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2. A Stylish Bed Frame

If there’s a piece of furniture that signifies a grown-up bedroom, it’s a stylish headboard or bed frame. Just like nice bedding, a solid bed frame with a fun headboard adds instant personality and polish. Plus, it provides added support for leaning back with a good book in bed.

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bedroom design with dark grey walls, a cane headboard, and a stylish nightstand

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3. A Well-Styled Nightstand

Nightstands are about as essential as a bed in your bedroom. Because, when you’re lying in bed, you need a surface nearby to set down your phone and a glass of water. The perfect nightstand has both a well-styled surface and some space for bed-side storage—as well as being the right height in comparison to your bed. The type of nightstand and amount of storage space you opt for can depend on your needs and personal style. But when it comes to styling the surface, limit yourself to just a few bedroom essentials to keep it from getting cluttered—like an alarm clock, a lamp, and maybe a framed photo and a plant for a personal touch!

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A pastel bedroom design with a cozy rug, Scandinavian style bed frame, and tall ceilings with wood beams

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4. A Comfy Rug

A bedroom without a rug can feel cold and uninviting. Make sure to choose a rug that adds color, texture, or pattern to your bedroom from the ground up. This will help tie the room together and muffle sounds and the pitter-patter of footsteps. The best part? You’ll always step out of bed onto something soft and cozy. On a practical level, make sure you find the right size of rug for your space, since different bed sizes and room dimensions call for different sizes of rugs.


Cottage core style bedroom with wood furniture and floral patterned curtains.

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5. Good Curtains

While we love a bedroom that gets lots of natural light, we appreciate the privacy that curtains provide for our most intimate space in the home. Choose curtains that have subtle texture and can filter in sunlight when you need an afternoon nap. For a more vibrant approach, skip the neutrals and pick curtains that pull in colors from your rug, pillows, and other furnishings. Light sleeper? Go for blackout curtains.


a robin's egg blue bedroom with a bold, rattan bed frame and traditional but chic decor

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6. Ample Lighting

All rooms benefit from having ample, layered lighting, but in a bedroom having the right lighting is especially important. Ensure there’s more than one light source in your space. Think an overhead lamp, a floor lamp in a corner, table lamps on your bedside tables, and even an extra task light on the dresser. This bedroom essential will create a layered lighting effect that will elevate as well as cozy up your space.

A small bedroom design with white furniture and a tallboy dresser showing different storage options

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7. Storage Dresser

And speaking of bedroom storage, it might seem like a no-brainer, but plenty of enclosed storage is a bedroom must. Not only does this help minimize clutter, dressers, and nightstands make for additional surfaces for corralling everyday items, such as keys, wallets, sunglasses, books, and knick-knacks.

It might seem like a no-brainer, but plenty of enclosed storage is a bedroom must. The best way to give yourself some extra storage is with a dresser or two. (Wondering what style of dresser to choose? That one is totally up to you.) Whatever style and shape, dressers help keep your bedroom feeling zen by minimizing clutter and keeping you organized. But they also offer an extra surface for corralling everyday items such as keys and wallets or displaying special books and knick-knacks.

Want some extra storage space in your bedroom? Consider an armoire, clothing racks, floating shelves, baskets, or bookcases. These pieces are all great for adding extra bedroom storage. You can choose your storage options based on the size of your bedroom and your personal style.


A modern bedroom design with lots of warm wood furniture, bold geometric patterns, and a tall floor mirror

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8. A Full-Length Statement Mirror

Let’s face it: a mirror, be it a full-length version or a large one that hangs above a dresser, is a practical and stylish addition to any bedroom. It establishes your bedroom as a place to get ready. It also adds a touch of glamour and makes your room feel more open and airy by bouncing light around the space. They also help visually open up the room by reflecting light, making even small bedrooms seem more open and airy!


bedroom with a bench at the end of the bed and decorated in eclectic decor

9. A Bench at the Foot of the Bed

Tuck in an extra place to sit beyond your bed to increase the function of your bedroom. A bench at the end of your bed offers a stylish place to plop bags, take off/put on shoes, and –if you’re a germaphobe – also helps keep street clothes away from your sleeping space. The end-of-bed bench can also serve as a luggage rack if you’re often on the go. If you’re tight on storage, opt for a bench with cubbies or one with a seat top that flips open with a big compartment for holding extra pillows and blankets.


A contemporary bedroom design with a black and white color scheme and a desk instead of a nightstandShop This Look

10. A Space for Your Favorite Activities

Since your bedroom is the most personal space in your home, make sure you create some room for the things you love most. An aspiring yogi? Create a yoga corner or meditation zone. Working on the next great American novel or love to unwind with a craft? Tuck in a desk for an inspiring workspace in your bedroom. Have a big reading goal for the year? Then a reading nook is a must. Whatever makes your heart sing, make space for it!


A mid-century modern dresser with plants by a window in a bedroom

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11. Plants or Flowers

If you haven’t heard the news, then hear it now: plants make people happy! So, bring some calm, cheery vibes into your bedroom with a few green friends. These can be fresh blooms, low-maintenance succulents, your favorite potted plants—or, go faux if you don’t have a green thumb! Short of floor space? Go for a hanging plant!


A rustic nightstand with a black metal lamp and side of an upholstered bed frame

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12. Personal Decor

Make the space feel truly you by showcasing bold accents and items that carry meaning for you. This is a fun way to add more personality to your room and warm up with a sense of familiar comfort. Think favorite books and perfume bottles, pretty ceramics you love and vases with fresh flowers, beautiful trays and jewelry holders. These are all perfect objects you can display on your dresser to play up a cozy, lived-in vibe.


A boho bedroom with sage green walls, pops of orange decor, and lots of natural textures

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13. Art You Love

Just like how all the little objects are an intimate expression of your personal style, so is some eye-catching art on your bedroom walls. Hanging a favorite painting or colorful abstract print in the bedroom is a great way to add depth and inject color into your personal haven. Hang a few pieces to instantly bring your bedroom walls to life. It can be a painting or print by your favorite artist, photos from your travels, an eclectic gallery wall, or you could even frame your kiddo’s art! Whatever you choose, wall art is a great way to add depth and inject some color into your room, bringing your bedroom walls to life.

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This post was updated on June 16, 2021