Year In Review: Revisit The 10 Best Bedrooms of 2021

At the end of each year, we like to look back at the design archives and get inspired all over again by the designs our team created this past year.

2021 has been another strange one, full of ups and downs. As a result, many of us took solace in our bedrooms. These spaces not only served as places to crash at the end of each day, but they offered a space to relax and recharge. Bedrooms are important rooms—now, more than ever.

Today, we’re looking back at our most-loved bedroom designs of 2021!

Coastal style blue bedroom

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1. Modern Coastal Bedroom

Coastal design is known for its relaxing and laid-back nature. We brought this style to life in a bedroom design, giving it a modern spin. Various shades of blue add a fresh and relaxing feel to this space. Modern furniture lines give this bedroom a contemporary and trendy vibe that still feels very approachable.

California casual style bedroom

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2. California Casual Bedroom

California casual style is all about refined-but-relaxed living. Sounds like an ideal style for a bedroom, right? In this design, a symmetrical layout elevates the space so it feels formal but still approachable. Modern elements mix with eclectic accents and rustic furniture to create the ultimate haven. And a bold, patterned rug grounds space, while the rest stays neutral and serene.

Eclectic bedroom with blue wallpaper

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3. Eclectic and Glam Bedroom

If you want your bedroom to make a major statement about your personality, take inspiration from this eclectic glam bedroom. The bold teal wallpaper sets the vibe in this space, giving it a major eclectic spin. It’s accented by sculptural elements, which add some glamorous flair—like the suede chair in spice, the fluted nightstand, and that stunning table lamp. The cane bed helps ground the space, while also popping against the wallpaper.

Miley Cyrus inspired black bedroom glam bedroom

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4. Miley Cyrus’ Bedroom

Inspired by her home tour in Architectural Digest, we recreated Miley Cyrus’ LA home in Modsy 3D. We love this dark, moody, and bold design based on her real-life bedroom. It embodies 80s glam at its finest, with contemporary accents to balance out the look. We love all the sculptural elements and how this bedroom is loaded with luxurious textures—making it a true retreat.

French country style bedroom with shiplap walls

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5. French Country Bedroom

French Country design is sophisticated, feminine, and warm. And we thought these were perfect attributes for a bedroom retreat. Ornate details throughout the space—from the carved furniture with turned legs to the scalloped, camelback headboard and beaded chandelier—create an elevated rustic look with loads of elegance.


light blue boho style bedroom

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6. Transitional Boho Bedroom

This curved rattan bed is a total showstopper. Combined with teal walls, it gives this bedroom a definite boho vibe. The pastel color palette feels fresh and youthful, while transitional accent furniture grounds the room in a timeless sensibility.

Modern rustic bedroom with white shiplap walls

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7. Modern Rustic Bedroom

This bedroom design brings to life the popular modern rustic design style. A simple color palette keeps the space relaxing, with pops of black adding just the right amount of contrast. Organic textures like caning, jute, copper, and natural wood give this bedroom depth and visual interest, making it oh-so-inviting.

Japandi style bedroom with dark gray-green walls

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8. Japandi-Inspired Bedroom

With the growth of the Japandi design trend, it only made sense to bring this style to life in a comfortable, organic bedroom. A neutral color palette with a moodier edge makes this space feel sophisticated and zen. Streamlined furniture adds to the minimal feel, while earthy accents and sculptural plants bring in the natural aspect of Japandi design.

Transitional style bedroom with blue walls

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9. Textural Transitional Bedroom

Transitional design can feel very relaxing—but at times it’s a bit too subdued. To give this transitional bedroom a bit more visual interest, style, and depth, we added a variety of textural accents throughout the space. To keep the bedroom feeling soothing and timeless, we opted for a simple-but-classic color palette of creams and blues, mixed with natural hues from wood and natural fibers.

Eclectic english style bedroom with avian wallpaper

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10. Eclectic English-Inspired Bedroom

This year, we helped Kate Arends, the blogger behind Wit & Delight, redesign her primary bedroom—and we’re obsessed with how it turned out. It’s a very unique and eclectic space which combines traditional and modern elements for a space that feels like a streamlined take on English country. The rich tones found in the mahogany wood bed, sage green walls, and black accents add depth to this space, while the mix of patterns is both tasteful and charming.

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22 Headboard Ideas to Make a Statement in Your Bedroom

If you’re looking to make a statement in your bedroom, there’s no better way than adding a striking headboard. Not only does it set a stylish focal point behind and above the bed, but it also brings structure and definition to your bedroom.

The good thing is there’s no shortage of chic headboard ideas to inspire your bedroom design. Whether it’s a fun DIY headboard alternative like a folding screen or a captivating carved design, there are endless options available from top brands today, so you’re guaranteed to find one that suits your personal aesthetic and needs.

Here, we’ve rounded up 22 headboard ideas that are sure to elevate style and comfort in your bedroom. Read on to get our favorite types of headboards, great materials to consider, and our top tips and tricks for making one work with your overall bedroom decor look.

Shopping for bedroom furniture? Check out our guide on bed frame styles along with essential pieces from our bedroom furniture checklist to round out your space.

Types of Headboards


Blue and white bedroom with upholstered head board

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Upholstered Headboards

An upholstered headboard simply means that it’s stuffed with a form of padding and is covered with a fabric.

Why We Love It: Materials can range from wool to cotton to linen to wear-resistant performance fabrics, which means your options for color and pattern are endless when it comes to an upholstered headboard. They also usually come with distinctive details, such as beautiful stitching, tufting, paneling or nailheads that give them a polished look.

Good To Note: These headboards tend to attract and collect dust easily, so if you’re allergic be sure to choose one that’s upholstered in a hypoallergenic fabric, and remember to wipe it down regularly. And if you have animals sleeping in bed with you, beware of sharp claws that might tear your upholstery!

For more on whether this type of headboard is for you or not, check out our guide on upholstered bed pros and cons.

Wood headboard in white bedroom

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Wooden Headboards

The most popular and common choice for bedrooms, a wood headboard is durable and timeless, providing enduring style and function to your space.

Why We Love It: A wood headboard will stand up to wear over time. And depending on the finish, tone, and feel of the wood, it has versatile appeal and can work with any bedroom style or look. If you’re not sure what headboard will work with your space, a wood design is always a safe bet.

Good To Note: If you have other wood tones in your space, make sure the wood on your headboard complements those finishes, tones, and grains so they visually clash.

green panel headboard in white bedroom

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Paneled Headboard

Paneling is a type of vertical tufting often seen in glam bedrooms alongside Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern designs.

Why We Love It: A paneled headboard provides comfortable cushioning behind the bed as well as a dramatic look. It’s a great back support if you love reading in bed or if you’re a fan of glamorous bedroom designs. With a paneled design, you can either go for a tall headboard or a long, horizontal look. They each have their own unique appeal but are both practical and beautiful.

Good To Note: If you’re going for height, just make sure your headboard isn’t so tall that it dwarfs your ceilings. Either way, you can never go wrong with a jewel-toned paneled design.


Carved white headboard in black bedroom

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Carved Headboard

This is typically a wood headboard that has been carved with cutouts that create an intricate detailed pattern. These headboards are true statement pieces because they’re always striking.

Why We Love It: Carved headboards can go with many styles but they’re most often seen in rustic, eclectic and bohemian bedrooms. Because of their handcrafted artisanal appeal, they work seamlessly in these spaces where there’s a bold mix of global and whimsical decor.

Good To Note: A carved headboard will show what’s behind it as well, so make sure it’s not being used as a cover up for wall dents or scuffs.

woven headboard in blue bedroom

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Woven Headboard

A woven headboard is a great way to add instant texture and pattern to your bed. It’s often made with a soft fabric or textile, like leather, or even natural fibers and can appear as a basketweave, cross-hatch pattern, and more.

Why We Love It: From casual to coastal bedrooms, woven headboards are popular choices for bringing a touch of pattern and texture to relaxed and laid-back spaces. It also works with many styles, including Mid-Century Modern, traditional, rustic, and even eclectic boho bedrooms.

Good To Note: Pay attention to the material and woven design of your headboard as it will determine how you’ll want to decorate and style your furnishings and accents around it!

tufted headboard in white bedroom

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Tufted Headboard

A plush tufted headboard is a luxuriously soft and padded option for any bedroom. Not only that, but it also adds elegant style, bold scale, and gorgeous visual texture to a space.

Why We Love It: Comfortable and classic, tufted headboards are great for elevating bedrooms with a warm and sophisticated look. Because there are endless upholstery and color options, it’s one of few refined yet versatile headboard ideas that can work with any style interior, be it rustic, transitional or traditional.

Good To Note: Consider the upholstery style and material that will work best with your bedroom decor look. And be sure to look at how the tufting is threaded together—if it’s secured with a button or knot detail—which can make a major stylish difference.

Headboard Materials

rattan headboard in teal bedroom

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Rattan Headboard

A natural fiber made of woven palms, rattan is durable and lightweight which makes it a great material for a totally unique headboard.

Why We Love It: Recently, rattan has come back into style, proving that it’s a material that can stand the test of time. And it’s perfect if you’re looking for a headboard material that grabs the eye from far away. A rattan headboard works especially well in boho and eclectic interiors or coastal beach homes where there’s a fun mix of tropical and relaxed decor.

Good To Note: Rattan can be woven into a crisscross pattern or bent into sculptural forms that show off its natural color tone and texture, so take time to think through the look you want for your bedroom before committing to this material.

Cane headboard in green bedroom

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Cane Headboard

Caning provides a beautiful texture especially when its on a headboard. A natural fiber that’s woven into a tight pattern, it’s a classic material choice that adds tons of character to bedrooms.

Why We Love It: A favorite for coastal style bedrooms, cane headboards have a light and natural appearance that offers a relaxed look and feel. It’s also a popular choice for rustic and classic bedrooms given its rich textural appeal and sturdy construction.

Good To Note: Caned furnishings can sometimes fray and become brittle if it’s in direct sun for extended periods of time. The same can occur if it sees a lot of wear over time, so it’s not the best choice for a kids bedroom where there’s lots of activity and traffic.

Wrought iron headboard in white bedroom

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Wrought Iron Headboard

Rustic, classic, and timeless, wrought iron has been used for centuries in bedrooms. It’s often curved and sculpted with open ladder designs that have a spacious and airy look.

Why We Love It: Wrought iron designs have enduring style as well as surprising versatility. So not only are they durable for years of use, but they also work nicely in a range of different style interiors, be it rustic, modern, or traditional. Think of a wrought-iron bed or headboard as an investment piece you’ll always find a place for.

Good To Note: Because of its open design, these headboards are not the most comfortable for leaning and relaxing. If you’re looking for plush support, this is not the best choice. On the flip side, it’s a luxurious option for guest rooms.

Cognac colored leather headboard in green bedroom

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Leather Headboard

There’s so much to love when it comes to a leather upholstered headboard. It’s sleek, it’s sumptuous, and it’s streamlined in style, which makes it a true investment piece in a bedroom.

Why We Love It: Equally stylish in modern, rustic or industrial spaces, a leather headboard provides a wide range of color options that can add warmth and comfort. Leather among our designers’ favorite headboard ideas to try given its durability and how it ages beautifully with a patina over time.

Good To Note: Make sure to choose a leather that makes sense for your space in tone and texture. A dark leather works best in refined bedrooms while a light leather is perfect in modern spaces—though it will age with a more vintage look over time.

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Velvet Headboard

For a bold dose of color and texture, you can’t go wrong with a velvet upholstered headboard.

Why We Love It: Like leather, velvet offers a touch of luxurious texture while bringing a sophisticated and cozy look to rooms. Most of all, it adds a soft shimmering luster that adds a touch of glamour and drama to even the most traditional and rustic bedrooms.

Good To Note: Velvet is durable but it can crush and lose its luster with heavy use over time, which is something to keep in mind if you plan to spend a lot of time in bed leaning against your headboard to read or work.

Unique Headboard Styles

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A Shelter Headboard

Tall with wraparound sides, a shelter headboard—also known as winged headboards for their resemblance to armchairs with a similar design—offer an intimate and cozy look and feel.

Why We Love It: A shelter design is one of the most luxurious options available and it often comes with gorgeous tufted details. It’s also one of our favorite headboard ideas for the bedroom. Not only does it add a comfy and elevated look, but it also cocoons you while you’re in bed so you’ll feel totally pampered.

Good To Note: This type of headboard takes up a lot of space both visually and in spatially, so make sure you’re not trying to squeeze one into a cramped space simply because it fits. It will end up making your room feel much smaller.

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A Spindle Headboard

Sometimes referred to as a Jenny Lind bed—named after the famous Swedish singer’s bed of choice—a classic spindle-style bed consists of a headboard featuring delicate vertical spools.

Why We Love It: Whether it’s a vintage design or a modern interpretation, a spindle bed offers timeless style and blends seamlessly with any bedroom style. It’s a popular choice for farmhouse style bedrooms as well as rustic and traditional style spaces.

Good To Note: A spindle headboard will never go out of style, but it’s not the most comfortable design to lean on. If you like to spend a lot of time relaxing in bed, this might not be the best headboard for you.

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A Pillow Headboard

For a more unique approach, consider a pillow headboard. It usually consists of a cloth and upholstered headboard along with either hanging or attached pillows for each person.

Why We Love It: This is a great headboard if you like to sit up in bed and read at night. Look for a headboard with pillows that can be detached or have removable covers that are easy to clean!

Good To Note: Pillow headboards have a bold modern look that can feel less cozy than other designs, especially if you’re looking for plush back support or a headboard that adds a feeling of warmth. So keep that in mind!

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A Curved Headboard

Sculptural and playful, a curved headboard makes for a captivating focal point in the bedroom, no matter what material it’s made of.

Why We Love It: This demi-circular shape has a boho vibe that’s perfect for casual, coastal, and eclectic spaces. If you’re a fan of bold colors, patterns, and decor in the bedroom, this unique headboard design is the perfect foundation piece for you to decorate around.

Good To Note: If you opt for a curved headboard, keep its distinct shape in mind when decorating around it. Because it’s a bold statement piece, you’ll want to keep art on the walls to a minimum to avoid overwhelming your space.

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A Storage Headboard

If function is a priority in your bedroom, this modern headboard with built-in storage in the form of nightstands and shelves will make for a perfectly stylish solution.

Why We Love It: Storage headboards come in a range of different forms, with some that have large hidden compartments. Often streamlined in style, they’re perfect additions to minimalist modern spaces, where clean lines and a seamless flow makes all the difference visually.

Good To Note: Consider the storage you need for your space before committing to a design.

Storage headboards aren’t very versatile as they come as one large piece. But it can look very chic if styled and organized in the right way.

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A Sleigh Headboard

Resembling a sled or sleigh, this style of bed has an elegant curved silhouette that extends from the headboard to the footer. It’s often made of wood and quite heavy, but it’s immensely stylish.

Why We Love It: The sleigh bed design is a result of the French and American Empire period of the early 19th century, which is the reason for their traditional and refined look. While they usually take up a lot of space given their curved headboard shape, these beds have a lot of presence. Moreover, they have a way of adding a sense of warmth and comfort into bedrooms.

Good To Note: Sleigh headboards require a lot of depth in a bedroom, so make sure to measure exactly how much bed space you have before considering one.

DIY Headboard Ideas

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Arrange a Gallery Wall

When it comes to DIY headboards, you can’t beat a gallery wall display above your bed. It’s colorful and visually striking but still easy on the eyes, which makes it a low-lift alternative to an actual headboard.

This is a great approach especially if you have a platform bed or simple mattress and bed setup or if your bedroom has an eclectic look. Hang a mix of colorful artworks in different sizes to play up a maximalist look. It will enliven the wall behind your bed with a bold dose of color and make for a makeshift headboard look.

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Add a Wall Decal

Removable wall decals are wonderful DIY headboards for kids’ rooms. They can be artfully placed to play up a ‘mock’ headboard look that’s still bold, colorful, and fun, all without taking up extra floor space.

With wall decal headboards, they’re best used in a casual or whimsical guest bedroom setting given their bright, youthful appeal. This is also a good option if you’re in a rental space and need a more compact and easy to execute headboard option. The best part about decals is that you can go as small or large as you want and today’s selections include lots of sophisticated and fun designs you can experiment with. Just make sure to measure your bed width to get the right size decal.

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Hang a Tapestry

For a chic and refined alternative to headboards, it doesn’t get more elegant than a hanging tapestry displayed above a bed.

A gorgeous tapestry displayed above a bed is as graceful and luxurious as DIY headboards get, and in certain scenarios, we even prefer it! Case in point: A tapestry hung up behind a canopy bed without a headboard offers an effortlessly stunning and elevated look. Additionally, tapestries come in a range of price points, so you can easily find beautiful affordable options, no matter your space.

For more decor inspiration, see our tips on How to Decorate Around a Canopy Bed.

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Set up a Folding Screen

Perfect for large bedrooms and open spaces, using a folding screen as a headboard where there is none provides both style and function in one fell swoop.

In a spacious loft or a small studio, a room divider screen is among our designers’ favorite DIY headboard ideas for saving space while adding big style. Not only does a room screen zone out your bed area from the rest of your space, it also adds major sculptural appeal. Some even have built-in shelves, which you can use as makeshift nightstand surfaces.

If you love the look of a folding screen headboard, just make sure you find one that’s sturdy and tall, so that it doesn’t tip over.

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Back It with Window Views

Finally, if your bedroom has gorgeous windows, consider backing your bed with the view outside, which will make for a stunning visual alternative to a headboard.

If your bedroom has windows that allow for this, just make sure the views are above the height of your mattress and your bed placement works with the flow in your space. And while this can look great, also keep in mind the climate of your locale in mind—this might not be the best placement for your bed if there is a draft by your window or the sun is too bright in the morning.

Explore our gallery for more bedroom design ideas!

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Bed Frame Styles: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Type of Bed For You

When it comes to finding the type of bed frame that’s perfect for you, picking the right mattress size is the easy part. But there are so many other factors to consider—like the color, material, and bed frame style—that you can easily feel overwhelmed.

Not to mention questions like, do I need a box spring? What about a headboard and footboard? Is a canopy bed too much? What’s a sleigh bed and is it just for log cabins?

If parsing through all the different types of bed frames and variety of styles has you ready to take a nap, this guide is here to help!

We tried on the most popular bed frame designs, added a few newcomers for 2020, and are breaking down the pros and cons of each. Read on to find out which type of bed frame is right for you.

orange bedroom design with a platform bed frame

1. Platform Bed Frames

Out of all the types of beds, one of the most popular frame styles is the platform bed. Platform bed frames come in a wide range of styles and offer a sleek, low-profile look. You can easily spot a platform bed frame by its flat base—all you need is a mattress, no box spring required!

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Platform Bed Pros

  • Cost-Effective: Platform bed frames are generally more affordable, as you don’t need to purchase a box spring to go with them.
  • Use Any Mattress: You can use any type of mattress with your platform bed. They’re especially perfect for memory foam mattresses.
  • Small Space Friendly: Platform bed frames are one of the best frame styles for small bedrooms. Why? Their sleek design takes up less floor space, which will help you minimize clutter.

Platform Bed Cons

  • Climbing In and Out: Platform beds tend to be low to the ground, so climbing in and out of bed takes getting used to. If you have back or knee problems, consider if this is something you want to do daily!
  • A Note for Side-Sleepers: Because the mattress sits directly on top of a solid platform or wooden slats, platform beds tend to be firmer. For side-sleepers, a firm mattress can create too much pressure and might become uncomfortable.

What to Look For

Platform beds are made for comfort across the board, so find a design or style that appeals to you. Many styles also feature hidden interior storage—an added bonus for small-space dwellers!

Perfect For…

Small spaces, such as urban lofts or small apartments. They also work well for open floor plans, as platform beds have a sleek look and feel that won’t add visual clutter.

gray contemporary bedroom design with an upholstered bed frame and end-of-bed bench

2. Upholstered Bed Frames

If it’s luxury you’re looking for, upholstered beds have you covered. These beds are super comfy, bold, and can easily fit into a wide range of spaces.

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Upholstered Bed Pros

  • Ultra-Comfy: The cushioned support and a soft headboard means you can comfortably read or watch TV in bed.
  • Variety: There are tons of different types of fabric, color, and pattern choices, so you’re bound to find a design that works with the rest of your bedroom.

Upholstered Bed Cons

  • Maintenance: You’ll need to keep your upholstered bed in tip-top shape with frequent and light vacuuming to keep dust and pet hair at bay. If you’re allergic to dust, an upholstered bed might not be for you.
  • Wear and Tear: Because fabric is simply less durable than wood or metal, dents, impressions, and grease spots can develop over time.

What to Look For

Make sure the bed frames are made of sturdy hardwoods and choose a fabric and color that can stand up to a little wear over time, such as a deep purple, navy, or gray. Check out our guide to upholstered beds for more helpful tips.

Perfect For…

Classic and traditional-style bedrooms or a large master bedroom that needs an infusion of cozy vibes.

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large bedroom with big windows and a wood storage bed frame

3. Storage Bed Frames

Designed to help you maximize storage in the bedroom, the storage bed is the most multipurpose and space-efficient of the bed frame styles.

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Storage Bed Pros

  • Storage (Duh): Storage capabilities are designed and built directly into the bed frame, so you have a bed frame that is one cohesive unit, stocked with everything you need!
  • Sturdy: Many storage beds are made with beautiful woods that give them good looks as well as a sturdy and solid construction.

Storage Bed Cons

  • Difficult to Move: Because they have all those extra parts and pieces, storage beds are heavy. And since they’re often built as one large piece, they tend to be difficult to move.
  • More Expensive: Equally hefty is the price tag on storage beds. They can often be more expensive than other bed frame styles.
  • Maintenance: It’s hard to maintain the hardware and track rollers that are built into the storage units underneath the bed. Over time, these can fall off or become loose and require repair.

What to Look For

Opt for a platform bed with storage built into the base. This approach guarantees your bed will have firm mattress support given the flat surface, deep storage units, and a stylish streamlined look.

Perfect For…

Modern and eclectic style rooms, especially a city apartment bedroom where storage is limited. Just make sure there’s enough space to fully pull out the under-bed compartments! Storage beds are also great for kids bedrooms where extra and easy storage is always welcome.

bohemian bedroom design with a woven rattan sleigh bed frame

4. Sleigh Bed Frame

Simply put, the sleigh bed is exactly what it sounds like—a bed that’s shaped like a sleigh, with a high headboard and footboard. This is one of the types of bed frames that has serious style and works in any setting.

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Sleigh Bed Frame Pros

  • Slay With Style: Think sleigh beds are out of style? Think again! A sleigh bed is an instant statement piece that’s sure to become the focal point in your bedroom. Sleigh beds come in styles ranging from solid wood designs to upholstered versions with more streamlined appeal, so you’ll have endless options to choose from.

Sleigh Bed Frame Cons

  • Limited Leg Room: If you’re tall, a sleigh bed with a footboard might not be the best option for you.
  • Difficult to Move: Traditional sleigh beds are made entirely from high-quality solid woods so they tend to be heavy. Modern upholstered versions are lighter, but can still be unwieldy to move.
  • More Expensive: Sleigh beds are generally quite expensive, given their design and construction.

What to Look For

If you’re considering an upholstered sleigh bed, make sure the bed frame is made of wood and not metal for durability.

Perfect For…

Grand, classic-style rooms and modern, open bedrooms alike. They’re suitable for spaces with distinctive interior architecture, like exposed wood beams or ornate molding.

blue bedroom with a queen bed with a carved wood headboard

5. The Headboard

For a bed that gives you all the style without the full frame, a beautiful, standalone headboard is a great choice.

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Headboard Pros:

  • Cost-Effective: You have the option of getting the headboard alone, which is less of a commitment and more cost-effective. A standalone headboard works with a range of setups, like a box spring or a metal mattress stand, and still looks super stylish from afar.
  • Easy to Move: Freestanding headboards can be easily attached and detached from a bed frame, making them easy to move.

Headboard Cons:

  • One-Piece Wonder: A headboard is just that—a headboard, not a full bed frame. If you’re looking for something to also hold your mattress, this might not be the option for you.

What to Look For:

Headboards that are made with solid or kiln-dried hardwoods, or an upholstered headboard that coordinates with your design style and bedding.

Perfect For…

When you’re looking to upgrade from your IKEA furniture on a small budget. Standalone headboards are perfect for guest rooms and kids rooms, too, because they’re simple, clean-lined, cozy, and versatile.

neutral bedroom with a canopy bed frame

6. Canopy Bed Frame

Also known as a four-poster, the canopy bed has been gaining popularity in recent years with more streamlined and modern designs cropping up in the marketplace. If you’re considering a canopy bed, be sure to check out our tips for decorating around a canopy bed!

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Canopy Bed Frame Pros

  • Stylish Statement: It’s difficult for other bed frames to compete against the ultimate stylishness of a canopy bed frame.
  • Cozy Vibes: Canopy beds make a room feel immediately cozy thanks to its enveloping design. Add some draped fabric for extra cozy vibes!

Canopy Bed Frame Cons

  • Maintenance: Dust tends to collect at the top, so you’ll want to clean it regularly.
  • Size Restrictions: Many of today’s canopy bed designs are built to fit into spaces both large and small, but you’ll still need tall ceilings in order for a canopy bed to work in a room.
  • Difficult to Move: Because of their size and construction, canopy beds will require a good amount of assembly to move in and out of your bedroom.

What to Look For

Consider a modern canopy bed with a built-in headboard for a piece that can evolve with your interiors over time—meaning you can redecorate and it will still blend nicely with your decor.

Perfect For…

Classic and modern bedrooms alike. They’re best in lofty spaces with lots of space and high ceilings, but would also be perfect in a master bedroom that gets a lot of light.

farmhouse bedroom with a wrought-iron bed frame and shiplap walls

7. The Wrought-Iron Bed Frame

When it comes to longevity, a wrought-iron bed outshines all other bed designs given its strong metal construction. These beds also come in a wide array of styles.

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Wrought-Iron Bed Frame Pros

  • Low-Maintenance: They’re extra durable, since metal doesn’t warp or fade over time. Wrought-iron beds don’t require the same amount of cleaning and care that wood and upholstered bed frames do.
  • Durable: Wrought-iron beds are durable and can hold a lot of weight, making them a great investment that will last for many many years.
  • Easier to Move: They’re not as heavy as you might think. In fact, they’re often lighter than other solid wood and platform beds.

Wrought-Iron Bed Frame Cons

  • Limited Styles: While there are lots of wrought-iron bed shapes to choose from, these beds have a very distinct look that can be difficult to decorate around if you’re looking to change up your bedroom design in the future.
  • More Expensive: Price points vary greatly and wrought-iron beds, in particular, can get super expensive. But that’s because of their high-quality construction, with perfectly welded joints.

What to Look For

Try wrought-iron bed frame styles that have a painted finish to them for a more versatile option, such as bright, antiqued white.

Perfect For…

Rustic and boho spaces alike. They’re great in starter apartment bedrooms where you want a bed that lasts or in guest bedrooms and kids rooms where you want a bed that’s durable and low-maintenance.

home office bedroom design with a rattan daybed

8. Daybeds

If you love multipurpose furniture pieces, then you’ll love this. A daybed is a bed and sofa in one. Typically a twin-sized bed, it can be used for sleeping, reclining, lounging, or as an extra seating option.

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Daybed Pros

  • Space conscious: Because of its dual purpose, it’s great for homes with limited space, where you need furniture to pull double duty.
  • Stylish: Daybeds can be more stylish than a typical bed. They have an almost luxurious feel that begs to be used for lounging.
  • Good for split-use spaces: Have an office that’s also a guest bedroom? A daybed is the perfect option, as it can be used for seating during the day and a bed at night.

Daybed Cons

  • Smaller Size: You don’t have a lot of versatility in sizing since daybeds typically only come in twin-size frames.
  • Bulky: Despite holding a twin size mattress, daybeds are bulkier than a typical twin bed, so you’ll need to consider that when thinking of the space where you want to use it.
  • Party of One: Since daybeds hold twin-size mattresses, they only sleep one person. So, this isn’t ideal in a guest room if you tend to host more than one person at a time!

What to look for

Daybeds come in so many different styles, so you can definitely find one in the style you want. Look for one that functions for how you’ll use it—like opting for a style with a three-sided “headboard” if you want to primarily use it as a sofa. Many daybeds also have trundle bed add-ons if you want additional sleeping space.

Perfect for…

Small spaces like studio apartments, where your bed also needs to function as your sofa during the day. They’re also great in guest bedrooms and kids rooms—or in home offices and basements where you just want another sleeping option for guests!

bedroom with red walls and an upholstered shelter headboard

9. Shelter Headboards

These tall headboards wrap slightly around on the sides—almost like the bedframe version of a wingback chair. They give the illusion of a safe shelter around your bed, enveloping you in cozy comfort.

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Shelter Headboard Pros

  • Cozy: Shelter headboards are typically upholstered. Between that and the shape, it gives a cozy feel to your space.
  • Style Statement: Their unique design makes a bit of a statement, adding a stylish flair to your bedroom.

Shelter Headboard Cons

  • Size: These headboards are very large, making them unwieldy to move or less suited for small spaces.
  • Accessibility: Because of the wraparound edges, they can block easy access to your nightstand. You’ll either have to float your nightstands a little bit away from the wall to make them more accessible or just be willing to reach a bit further to grab your glass of water at night.
  • Maintenance: Upholstery tends to need extra cleaning and special care, so these headboards are a bit more high-maintenance than a wooden or metal headboard.

What to look for

Since these headboards are taller and wider than average, you’ll want to choose a style that fits in your space, considering both ceiling height and the width of your room. You’ll also want to choose a headboard with sides that don’t block too much of your nightstands.

Perfect for…

A master bedroom suite, where you want your bed to make an elegant statement. They’re also perfect for creating that cozy bedroom feel.

mid-century modern bedroom with a warm wood bed frame

10. Mid-Century Modern Bed Frame

If mid-century modern design is your jam, opt for a mid-century-inspired bed frame! This style of bed frame has tapered legs, simple forms, and is often made of polished wood in a blonde or acorn finish.

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Mid-Century Modern Bed Pros

  • Sleek design: These beds are stylish, sleek, and simple—great for a modern space. Their sleek forms also mean they visually add less clutter, making them a good design choice for small spaces.
  • Low-maintenance: With simple forms lacking extra ornamentation, they’re easy to maintain and clean.
  • Versatile: While they have mid-century lines, this style of bed can be incorporated in rooms of many styles, making it a very versatile piece.

Mid-Century Modern Bed Cons

  • Not soft and cozy: While polished wood is beautiful, it doesn’t have the soft, cozy appeal of upholstered bed frames.
  • Style-specific: While these frames are simple, they definitely have a specific style and vibe, more specific to mid-century, modern, and eclectic spaces.
  • Price: Solid wood frames can be more expensive than other materials. And since mid-century style is popular right now, price tags for this style are sometimes marked up.

What to look for

Look for a frame with sleek, modern lines and tapered legs. These styles are often labeled as mid-century in the product description, which can help point you in the right direction. Look for polished natural wood—but make sure it’s not raw with knots, as this gets to be more rustic than modern.

Perfect for…

Modern and minimal spaces, where you want a bed frame that matches the style of your space without being a statement piece of furniture.

modern farmhouse bedroom with a spindle bed frame and matching nightstands

11. Spindle Bed Frames

Spindle bed frames are classics—and for good reason. They have a timeless, traditional look that’s still very versatile. What is a spindle bed frame, you ask? It’s a bed frame with—you guessed it—spindles, arranged in a row to create a headboard, and often a footboard. Typically these bed frames are wood, but occasionally you’ll see one made of metal.

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Spindle Bed Frame Pros

  • Open + Airy: The open space between each spindle creates an airy look and feel.
  • Lightweight: These bed frames are often more lightweight than a typical solid headboard—a great option for those who love to constantly rearrange their room.

Spindle Bed Frame Cons

  • Not comfortable for reading: Since the headboard isn’t a solid piece of wood or upholstery, it’s not the most comfortable to lean against. So, those who love to read in bed will either need to pile on the pillows or opt for a different style.
  • Style-specific: Spindle bed frames are a very specific style, so you don’t have the versatility of it translating as well to new spaces.

What to look for

Spindle beds can range from very traditional, with slightly more ornate spindles—like the Jenny Lind style—or lean a bit more minimal and Scandinavian modern. You can find spindle beds in natural wood finishes or many-colored finishes.

Perfect for…

Rustic and traditional bedrooms—or even for acing the modern farmhouse trend. This style is great for people who aren’t used for reading a lot in bed, where the less comfortable spindles won’t have a negative impact.

kid's bedroom with blue walls and a bunk bed

12. Bunk Beds

Want to make use of vertical space in a kids bedroom or at the cabin? We love the space-saving features of a bunk bed.

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Bunk Bed Pros

  • Saves space: The most obvious reason to love a bunk bed? You’re getting two beds for the floor space of one!
  • Fun for kids: It’s a truth universally known that kids love bunk beds. There’s something so fun and adventurous about them! It’s also a perfect design solve for shared kids bedrooms or when you’re short on space.
  • Great for sleepovers + guests: Bunk beds offer wonderful extra sleeping options for both guests and when your child’s friends sleepover. Opting for a double bed on the bottom bunk gives even more space and versatility!

Bunk Bed Cons

  • Climbing: When it comes to top bunks, there’s no avoiding climbing steps or a ladder to get to it. This isn’t ideal for kids under the age of six.
  • Not easy to get in and out of bed: Whether you’re on the top or bottom bunk, getting in and out of bed is more difficult in a bunk bed. You either have to climb up and down a ladder or watch your head if you’re on the bottom bunk.
  • Size: Even though bunk beds take up the same amount of floor space as a normal bed, they’re obviously larger with the top bunk. You’ll want to make sure you have enough ceiling height to accommodate someone sitting up in the top bunk.

What to look for

Look for style and construction that is easy to use for the age group using it. If you have younger kids, opting for a bunk bed with thicker ladder rungs and side rails. Then, consider if you want a twin over twin bunk bed or a full-size mattress on the bottom bunk, depending on how it will be used. We also recommend choosing a style that can be repurposed as individual beds when your kids grow out of wanting to bunk together. Finally, make sure you choose a set that fits the height of your space and matches the room’s overall design style.

Perfect for…

Households with kids or families that host a lot of guests. We also love using bunk beds in vacation homes and cabins where you’re likely piling lots of people into a smaller space!

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This post was updated on May 21, 2021