6 Ways To Create a Guest-Worthy Bachelor Pad

Bachelor PadNo roommates? No problem! There’s no better feeling than having your own place to call home, but figuring out how to decorate in a stylish way can be overwhelming. No need to ask mom or Craigslist for help in furnishing your bachelor pad. We have some sure-fire tips to make your new place look and feel impressive to you and all your friends.

Bachelor Pad1. Go Minimal

Thanks to pop culture, minimalist spaces have historically been associated with sleek bachelor pads.

Get the look in your space by opting for furniture that is straight lined and geometric. Incorporate chrome and black metals into furniture legs, bases, and lighting fixtures.

A staple for minimalist spaces is a box frame coffee table, such as this one from West Elm.

Bachelor Pad2. Get High-Contrast With Neutrals

You can achieve a bold look in your bachelor pad without adding a lot of bright color. Incorporate pops of black or charcoal in throw pillows, art, and accessories, and then pair with off-white and lighter gray tones.

Pair this ombre gray rug from CB2 with a lighter color sofa. Then add pops of charcoal in the pillows, such as these.

Bachelor Pad3. Make a Statement

Design is about the details. Decorate your space with art, accents, and even plants that speak to you.

Things you’ve picked up in your travels, or something that reminds you of your favorite memories can be great places to start.

Don’t shy away from succulents and small cacti, which are surprisingly easy to keep alive. They literally add life to your home. A large black and white photo, like this one from Minted, will make a statement on any wall.

Bachelor Pad4. Up-Level your Organization

Create an organized space that shows off your unique personality and allows for moments of conversation.

Entertaining is easy when you don’t have to rush to clean up before your guests arrive. Opt for furniture pieces that help make organization a cinch, such as bookshelves and media consoles.

Closed storage is great if you’re a disorganized person because it can hide your clutter. This media console from West Elm has doors to keep all your junk out of sight for guests, so you’re always ready to entertain.

Bachelor Pad5. Drink Up Sophistication

Ditch the folding beer pong table and set up a bar area in your living room or dining room. You can do this on a console table, media center, or even a bar cart.

Invest in a cocktail shaker and tumblers that make you feel like you’re at your favorite bougie bar. Your guests will be impressed by a matching set of these double old-fashioned glasses from CB2. Mix a cocktail in this sleek shaker that can be kept on display as a sculptural piece.

Bachelor Pad6. Ensure Ample Seating

In a small space, you may not have room for a ton of extra seating but you can create a comfortable game night by using alternative accent seating such as ottomans, poufs, and even pillows on the floor.

A pouf like this one from Target is affordable and makes the perfect perch when you need extra seating (plus all your female or design-savvy friends will be impressed you drop the word “pouf” in the conversation!).


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