27 Ways to Fill an Awkward, Empty Corner

Whether you live in a studio apartment or a family mansion, you’re bound to run up against an awkward corner somewhere. By that we mean awkward spaces where there’s not enough room to fit a large piece of furniture, but it looks even more awkward to leave it as an empty corner.

Luckily, there are many creative tips and tricks to make use for an awkward or empty corner. So we’ve rounded up the easiest and most stylish ways to decorate an awkward corner. Read on!

Fill a corner space with plants

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1. Fill a Corner With Plants

If you’re dealing with an awkward corner next to or surrounded by big windows, work in a mix of plants. Add different types of plants at varying heights, from big leafy greenery to hanging ivies to cacti. Use planters and place those on stands to create a stylish visual display.

Also check out our bay window ideas for tips on how to decorate this type of space!

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2. Curate an Art Corner

Create a gallery look in a small corner by hanging art on both walls. Hang as many pieces as you want, as high as you want. Just be sure to have the same number of artwork on both walls. For a bold look, line the walls from floor to ceiling; or keep it simple with a few colorful pieces.

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3. Maximize Storage Space

An empty corner can always be put to good use as a stylish storage area. Think a mix of baskets on the floor, hooks for coats, and floating shelves for storage bins and other gadgetry and everyday items. This is a great solution for the space under a staircase or near an entry.

Also check out our design ideas for a nook under the stairs!

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4. Create a Mini Bar Lounge

Awkward corners in the living space can easily be made into a casual seating and bar area. Anchor the corner with a comfy lounge chair, then pull in a console table or bar cart stocked with your favorite spirits. For more of a conversation area vibe, bring in a pair of armchairs instead.

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5. Set Up a Bar Station

If you love entertaining and have been dreaming of building out a full bar at home, do it in any empty corner—be it off to the side of your living room or under the stairs if you’re pressed for space. Find a sideboard that fits your space, then top it with some stylish bar accessories.

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6. Add a Kid-Friendly Workspace

An unused narrow corner can easily be furnished into a home office and workspace for everyone in the family. Pull in a small table, comfy and versatile chair, and a desk lamp to make it into a space that’s perfect for responding to emails or for kids to work on homework projects.


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7. Design a Workout Corner

If you exercise at home and have been dreaming of a home gym, consider this alternative: Turn an empty corner or small nook into a dedicated workout area. Set it up with exercise equipment, free weights, and a stool for towels, and you’ve got a gym spot that won’t be an eyesore.


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8. Play Up a Kids Zone

For families with children, awkward corners in the home are perfect creating kids’s zones, which give little ones a space to play and call their own. Simply deck out a corner with a durable rug, storage baskets, their favorite big toys, and a mini table and chairs for a place to do crafts.

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9. Warm Up With a Bench

If you have bay windows or just an awkward nook with a view, take advantage of the natural light by adding a bench for reading and relaxing. It can result in a cozy nook that feels like a quiet hideaway that’s separate from the rest of your home. Think of it as your self-care corner!

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10. Go Big With a Hanging Chair

For a reading corner with a touch of boho flair, try suspending a hanging chair—especially if you have high ceilings. It will anchor your space while keeping it feeling airy, outdoor vibe. Most hanging chairs come with a deep seat, so it’ll also make for a casual and relaxing hideaway.

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11. Bring in a Bookshelf

A bookcase is one of the best ways to solve for any kind of awkward corner space. Because open bookshelves come in a number of sizes, you’re sure to find one that fits your corner. And it won’t take up a lot of floor space, either. Style it up with accents to turn it into a chic showcase.

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12. Lean Into Bold Artwork

When an awkward corner is too tight to fit a bookcase or storage piece, leana few oversize artworks along the wall instead. It will add a casual but very stylish feel, while bringing a dose of color, depth, and pattern to your corner. This is a great if you rent or live in a studio apartment.

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13. Showcase a Folding Screen

It’s always good to work up the vertical space in an awkward corner. Adding a folding screen does just that while also using minimal floor space. Plus, folding screens will also provide a three-dimensional element as well as sculptural appeal to the corner, just like a bold piece of art.

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14. Layer in a Vanity

If you’re dealing with a tight corner near a window in the bedroom, try decorating the space into a dressing vanity with a desk, ottoman, wall mirror, and a soft rug. It’s the perfect use for an empty corner that adds major style and function, and it can easily double as a desk—which is a perfect space-saving solution if you live in a studio or small apartment.


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15. Make a Dressing Area

In a spacious bedroom, try turning the empty space along windows into a dressing area. Set up a chair or a bench, a dresser or chest, and leave plenty of walking room so you can easily try on outfits and put on shoes. If you have the wall space, lean a floor mirror to round it all out.

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16. Carve Out a Seating Nook

Probably the most stylish use of awkward corners is to transform them into a comfy seating nook. Simply anchor your corner with a deep armchair or chaise lounge to start. Round it out with a cozy rug, chic lighting, and plush pillows and throws for an extra inviting place to curl up.

Get more inspiring tips with our roundup of reading nook ideas!

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17. Accent With Tall Greenery

Instead of a mix of plants, liven up an empty corner with a tall tree or plant. Station it in a large planter and let it fill out the vertical space of your corner. It will lend a sculptural and organic touch to your space while infusing color and texture—and it will keep looking better with time.


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18. Work in Corner Lighting

Whether it’s a sculptural floor lamp, a bold table lamp or even a cool hanging pendant, placing stylish lighting in a corner will instantly elevate the focus in your room. In a dark space, a corner light fixture makes for a functional light source while also adding captivating style. It’s a win win.

Working with an awkward-shaped room? Check out our awkward layout solutions for ideas on how to furnish and add lighting to a space.

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19. Build Out a Breakfast Nook

For homes with open living and dining spaces, it’s common to find awkward corners near windows and at both ends of the room. It sounds daunting but they’re actually perfect for creating a breakfast nook with a mix of chairs and benches along with a compact table. Depending on how much space you have, you can either keep it small and intimate or set up a dining table and nook seating for the whole family.

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20. Put Up a Clothing Rack

Consider placing a free-standing clothing rack in an unused corner in the bedroom, entry, home office or anywhere you can benefit from some extra storage for coats and jackets. It makes for a versatile alternative to wall hooks, and you can easily repurpose it in another room later on.

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21. Pile on Storage Baskets

Few decorative items are as useful and chic as large woven baskets. Arrange a pair or a set in an empty corner to hold extra linens, pillows, throws, and other soft bedding; and use another as a hamper for dirty clothes. They are the ultimate in portable storage that’s endlessly stylish.

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22. Hang Some Storage Hooks

With tight corners, it’s all about maximizing vertical space.Try installing wall hooks, which is a stylish solution for any narrow hallway or entry corner. It’ll help you corral everyday items, such as coats, backpacks, dog leashes, kids jackets, and more—all without taking up floor space.

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23. Give Yourself the Corner Office

Put an awkward corner to productive use by turning it into your personal home office and workspace. Tuck a desk into the corner for a private and distraction free work zone, then top off the space with all your office essentials: a comfy chair, office storage, task lighting, and some of your favorite art to inspire you throughout your WFH days.

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24. Slide in a Floor Mirror

Probably the most challenging awkward space to design around is the area between a sofa and the wall—which is often near a corner and too tight to fit any furniture. Instead, try leaning a floor mirror. It will slip in nicely without taking up floor space, and it will help open up the room also by reflecting light and making the space appear larger. Plus, it also looks stylish and unexpected.

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25. Cozy Up With A Rocker

Perfect for a nursery or kids room (but also any bedroom or study), a rocking chair is just that comfy furniture piece to anchor an empty corner. It makes for a practical and supportive seat for nursing and rocking a toddler to sleep. At the same time, it’s a supremely cozy chair you can relax in. The best part? You can reuse it in other rooms as your own stylish seat down the line.

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26. Line Up a Console

With awkward corners in front of windows, you usually have room to pull in a console table or sideboard that fits perfectly underneath. Station one below the window and use it as chic storage and a display surface for items you don’t need to access daily, such as decorative objects, books, and favorite objects.


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27. Use Corner-Filling furniture

The best way to get the most out of empty corner spaces? Readjust your layout or furniture selection so that you have pieces that tuck seamlessly into the corners. This could be a corner desk, sectional, or bed placed in a way so that it intentionally lines the walls and a corner. This will close up the corner space and open the rest of your room without the awkward corner flow.

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Layout Guide: Two Ideas for an L-Shaped Living Room

In our Layout Guides series, you’ll find layout solutions for rooms of all shapes and sizes. We show you different ways to lay out a space—because we’re big believers in working with what you’ve got! Here, we’re breaking down the essentials for a L-shaped living room layout.

L-shaped living room layout

The Space: A L-Shaped Living Room

The Challenge: The trickiest part about a L-shaped living room design is that you’re working with two different small spaces. If you can embrace both spaces—and the awkward angular shape of the room—as one open concept design, you’ll find there are tons of possibilities.

Just like designing any room, you want to be cognizant of how you’ll use your L-shaped living room. Does the space have to work for both living and dining? Or does it need to be family-friendly for kids? Do you WFH and need a dedicated office? Start by identifying and getting specific about the key uses for your space, be it for lounging or TV watching. This will help you determine the furniture you’ll need and how to eventually arrange the room.

To provide you with some guidance, here are two layouts with some easy L-shaped living room ideas to make the most of the space. Keep reading for our stylish, functional, and foolproof tips!

Ready to furnish your L-shaped room? Be sure to check out our practical furniture ideas from our small living room design tips and awkward living room design solutions.

L-shaped living room layout

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Layout #1: The Casual & Comfy L-Shaped Living Room

This L-shaped living room design approach makes for the perfect gathering spot for a family home. The best part is that both the large and small spaces can be dressed up or down to suit your lifestyle and needs. For instance, you can add a TV to the media stand or decorate the walls behind it to create a gallery wall display. Likewise, you can turn the smaller nook into a reading corner or make it a play space for kids.

In this L-shaped living room, the layout is also optimized for lounging and conversation. The main seating area is loosely arranged with modern pieces that are sophisticated without feeling stuffy. And because the mix of furniture isn’t overly formal, they give the overall room space a casual and open vibe.

Keep reading to see how you can bring a few of these L-shaped living room design ideas into your home.

L-shaped living room layout

Modern and neutral living room with fireplace and TV on media stand

Anchor With Streamlined Seating

When it comes to maximizing a L-shaped living room, one of the easiest ways is to anchor your walls and corners with seating.

Here, a contemporary sofa and two modern chairs help extend the short wall and also fill out the awkward corners in the room. Their simple form helps keep the room from feeling visually crowded. The sofa faces the fireplace and centers the focus of the room. It also subtly divides up the L-shaped room into a main seating space and nook. The two armchairs in the corners help tie everything together into a cohesive look. The result is a lounge and conversation area that feels visually balanced and thoughtfully arranged.

Also check out our guide to living room furniture for more L-shaped room design ideas around the right seating for your space.

L-shaped living room layout

Modern and neutral living room with fireplace and TV on media stand

Functionalize Awkward Corners

With a L-shaped living room design, you’ll likely have to work with a few tricky corners. In this room, it’s the small spaces alongside the fireplace.

To solve for this, we used an armchair to anchor one corner and placed a media console in the other, turning the corners into functional spaces. The media stand offers storage and can be used as many different things—a TV stand, a makeshift bar, a toy storage area, an art display corner. Fill it out with things that serve your daily lifestyle and needs.

Can’t figure out how to work around a fireplace in your space? Check out our tips for layouts for a living room with a fireplace!

L-shaped living room layout

L-shaped living room layout

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Build Out a Reading Nook

Turn the smaller space in a L-shaped living room into a cozy reading nook. Simply line a wall in the small room with a bookcase, add an armchair or beanbag chair in one corner, and ground it all with a rug.

This is one of the most functional and stylish ways to play up an L-shaped living room design, because it can be changed up and added on to over time. The reading nook can be an area for kids to play and read, then when they grow up it can also work seamlessly as a library for the entire family.


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Layout #2: The Formal & Functional L-Shaped Living Room

In this L-shaped living room layout approach, there is a slightly more formal arrangement and mix of furniture. It’s less about lounging and TV watching, and rather more about entertaining guests and having a functional home office.

The modern and contemporary furnishings help keep the room feeling open but still visually cohesive. While it’s less about multipurpose use and packing in lots of functions into one space, it’s a great layout if you’re looking to create a sophisticated L-shaped living room design that seamlessly merges your living room and a WFH office.

This is a perfect layout approach if you live alone or share an apartment or home with a partner.

L-shaped living room layout

L-shaped living room layout

Add A Cozy Flow With Seating

The seating arrangement is more formal here with a sofa facing two chairs.

Mid-Century style designs make for the best L-shaped living room furniture, because they’re streamlined, have simple forms, and come in compact sizes. The natural materials, light wood tones, and leather used for Mid-Century pieces also make them appear effortlessly tailored, cozy, and refined.

If you’re drawing a blank on L-shaped living room design ideas, start by looking at some Mid-Century Modern homes and spaces for inspiration. These spaces are often L-shaped or open-concept, which are a great jumping-off point for ideas for your own space.

Modern industrial home office with rustic clock

Zone Your Space With Rugs

The challenge in a L-shaped living room is creating two distinct areas. Using a rug to zone your spaces is the easiest way to delineate different areas. The rug under the seating area here helps section off the main room from the smaller office nook. It also helps delineate the flow and walkway in the overall room, establishing lines for the open flow and walkway throughout.

L-shaped living room layout

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Work In A Home Office

One of the upsides of a L-shaped living room design is that it provides you with the perfect-size space for a home office.

Here, the other side of the L-shaped living room is arranged with a floating desk that keeps the space open, a credenza for storage, and an armchair that provides comfortable seating for hours of work.

You can also easily line the walls with shelving or open bookcases to turn it into a functional home office and library. Also see our guide on How to Create a Home Office in Your Living Room for more stylish and practical tips!

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Modsy Customer Living Room Before and Afters

Everybody loves a good before-and-after home makeover story. Think about it: whether you’re watching Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines or you want to Double Down with the Property Brothers, there is just something so rewarding about seeing a space transform before your eyes.

Before and after photos and stories are also a great way to get interior design tips and inspiration (hello Pinterest!) and to vet new interior design services. Particularly helpful (and fun) to see are living room before and afters—perhaps because they are spaces with so many possibilities. With that in mind, we’ve compiled some of our favorite before and after living room transformations of Modsy customers.

Keep reading for a round-up of our favorite living room makeovers, get living room design ideas, and maybe even be able to get started on a living room checklist for your personal design project!

Modsy customer open living room before design

Seb and Nic’s Eclectic Glam Oasis in The City

The Design Dilemma: When Seb and Nic moved to a new apartment in Manhattan they were excited to create a calming space that would give them a respite from their beloved but chaotic city.  But After years of moving from one place to another the couple was left with an incohesive assortment of furniture that didn’t mesh well in their space.

Mid-Century living room with large artwork and leather sofa

The Solution: Seb and Nic knew they wanted to keep their cherished bar cart and dining table and their designer used the polished mid-century vibe of each piece as a springboard for the rest of their living room design. She added pops of gold across the room paired mid-century modern inspired silhouettes to tie in the glam feel of the barcart and clean line of the danish modern dining table. Finally she added a dark green accent wall and jewel-toned accent items in supple velvet to give the space the restful quality the couple needed in their urban retreat.

What Seb and Nic Had to Say: “Our apartment has become the restful oasis we wanted thanks to the cohesive design we got from Modsy. The space feels so pampering, like a luxury hotel where every piece of furniture and decor was selected just for us.” – Seb and Nic

Modsy customer before picture

Mary’s Pass-Through Living Room with Demure Contemporary Style

The Design Dilemma: Mary, a busy dietician, was wanting a design refresh for her awkward “pass-through” living area where she kept a baby grand piano. But she didn’t have the time or design expertise to create the right look for her space.

Modsy customer formal living room design

The Solution: Mary’s designer worked with her to select furniture and decor that would compliment but not compete with the stately piano in the corner of the room. By adding an understated white closed storage console, delicate accent chairs, and pops of red and blue they were able to open up the room considerably creating an airy and sophisticated living area where family can gather and play music together.

Modsy customer living room with mid-century accent chairs

What Mary Had to Say: “I loved that I could complete my project on my own time, putting each space together when it worked for me. Though I do have to say, I was excited to start purchasing furniture in my living area! It’s nice to know that this space that frustrated me for so long is finally one that I can enjoy.” –Mary

Modsy customer before photograph

Jeremy’s Tidy Mid-Century Modern Living Room

The Design Dilemma: In March of 2020 Jeremy decided he was ready for a living-room design make-over. Unfortunately for him deciding to empty his apartment—so he could work with a blank canvas—coincided with the first COVID related stay-at-home ordinance. Now he was stuck working from home with a busy schedule in an empty apartment and no way to go shop for furniture in real life.

Modsy customer open living room with leather sofa and arch lamp

The Solution: Using Modsy, Jermey was able to design and shop his entire apartment remotely. His designer helped him create a charming bachelor pad with cozy but streamlined mid-century modern inspired decor that would be easy to clean and not interrupt his busy work schedule.

What Jeremy Had to Say: “Now that my furniture has arrived and the space is complete, my apartment makes me feel better than I’ve ever felt in any place I’ve lived. Especially during the pandemic, it’s been so important to me that I feel comfortable and at home in my apartment. I couldn’t be happier with the design and the pieces picked out for me.” – Jeremy

customer living room before modsy design

Marsha and Dan’s Refined Coastal Retreat

The Design Dilemma: When Marsha and Dan became empty nesters, they decided it was finally time to give their beach house a design refresh before making it into their full-time home. But the couple struggled to find upscale, pet-proof furniture that lived up to the formal feel of the space while also having a coastal vibe.

living room with green walls and high ceilings with white beams

The Solution: Working with a Modsy designer, the couple got help selecting furniture that could not only withstand the sandy paws of their beachy dog, Gunner, but also perfectly complemented the architecture of their home and added coastal charm. Additionally, their designer created a formal layout with conversational seating centered around the fireplace—creating ample seating for when the couple’s kids are visiting from college.

living room with green walls and high ceilings with white beams

What Marsha and Dan Had to Say: “Our favorite part of the design process was seeing how our designer took our requests for durable furnishings and a casual beach look and seamlessly married them with the formal architecture.” –Marsha and Dan

customer living room before modsy design

Lisa’s Eclectic Living Room Centered Around Mid-Century Modern Style

The Design Dilemma: Lisa and her family had lived with the same furniture for 18 years—preferring pieces that were strictly functional and sturdy enough for the occasionally chaotic life of raising kids. But when two of their children moved to college, they decided it was time for a style upgrade. However, Lisa didn’t know what style of decor would work best for thier space or how to integrate the family heirlooms she wanted to keep.
eclectic living room with gallery wall over TV

The Solution: Lisa’s designer selected Mid-Century Modern foundational furniture for her living room, which turned out to be the perfect style for her eclectic home. The warm wood tones of the furniture complemented her heirloom belongings, while the sleek modern silhouettes of each piece didn’t distract from her keepsakes.

What Lisa Had to Say: “The whole Modsy experience helped me tap into my own creativity and bring more of my own vision and personality into my living room design. I literally bought everything I needed for the space in a single day!” –Lisa

customer living room before modsy design

Sandra’s Cheerful Mid-Century Modern Living-Dining Room

The Design Dilemma: When her mother passed away, Sandra was overcome with a tremendous sense of loss. She found herself alone in the home they had shared for many years and was reminded of her mother everywhere she looked.

Deciding a fresh start would help with the grieving process, she gave away most of her mother’s furniture, leaving the home a blank slate. But with limited design experience, thinking through how to fill and design her living-dining room proved quite difficult.

mid-century open living and dining room

The Solution: Using Modsy, Sandra collaborated with a designer who helped her create a space filled with bright white furniture and cheery pops of color. The designer  selected translucent accent items making the space feel more open and airy feeling, giving Sandra the happy and healing vibe she wanted for her home.

What Sandra Had to Say: “My Modsy designer assisted me in transforming every room, giving me a home that feels personalized and special. It’s now a place of peace.” –Sandra

customer living room before modsy design

Samantha’s Cozy Contemporary Living Room with a Rustic Twist

The Design Dilemma: When Samatha and her husband moved from a Traditional-style starter home to an open-concept Mid-Century ranch, they were excited for a fresh start. But they soon discovered that most of their old traditional furniture felt fussy and over-crowded in their new open living room space. Knowing she wanted a cozy modern vibe for her new home, but lacking the design knowledge to decorate on her own, Samantha decided to give online interior design a try.

open living room with seating area in front of television

The Solution: Using Modsy, Samantha was able to “try-on” different furniture and layout options in her open living room. Her designer showed her a couple layouts where she floated the furniture in the center of the space and paired it with a large area rug—creating a cozy living room “zone” that distinguished it from the dining and kitchen spaces in the large room. She selected contemporary-style foundational furniture with simplistic forms in rustic organic materials, giving the space the cozy and modern feel Samantha wanted but didn’t know how to create on her own.

TV over walnut wood media stand

What Samantha Had to Say: “Before our Modsy design, my husband and I were never in our living room, and now we both love sitting in there, watching TV or reading. Our dog loves the new space too—she’s a big fan of the rug, so she’s not on the cold floor, and the room is so much more inviting and open.” –Samantha

Sarah’s Formal Living Room With a Warm, Rustic Twist

living room before and after

The Design Dilemma: When Sarah’s family moved into a bigger house, they decided it would be nice to have both a formal living room and a more casual space for family hangouts. But Sarah needed help finding kid-proof decor that could stand up to her toddlers while still meeting her style needs.

“We wanted our living room to mostly be for adults and have a separate TV room in the basement for kids to destroy—I mean play in! That said, we are usually all together, so the living room needed to stand up to kids while still having a classic vibe.” –Sarah R.

customer living room with fireplace and seating area

The Solution: Sarah’s designer suggested a symmetrical layout for her living room design, which helped play up the formal quality of the space. Next, her designer selected performance-grade fabric for the traditionally inspired foundational furniture to ensure each piece could handle her kids. Finally, warm wood tones and accents in natural textures added a cozy warmth to the formal living room.

classic style living room with botanical gallery wall
What Sarah Had to Say: “I had great interactions with my designer, the designs were super cool, and the shopping experience was a breeze.”

Amy’s Contemporary Living Room With a Conversational Layout

Modsy customer living room before photo

The design dilemma: With their sons headed to college, Amy and her husband decided it was time to replace their collection of hand-me-down furniture with all new pieces. But they needed help designing a conversational layout and cozy TV-viewing space that also worked with the room’s unique Spanish-revival-style architecture.

living room before and after

The solution: Amy’s Modsy designer utilized a subtle, neutral color scheme and contemporary style foundational furniture for a minimal and stylish look that wouldn’t distract from the room’s architecture. Instead of a coffee table, they used a storage ottoman to minimize any clutter and floated an oversized sofa in the space for maximum comfort while watching TV. Her designer also added two armchairs opposite the sofa with an additional ottoman for the conversational layout.

living room before and after

What Amy had to say: “Modsy was able to create a beautiful and doable design for our living room makeover. My designer took the stress out of redecorating and online furniture shopping by filling my space with beautiful items at affordable prices. The whole process was fast, easy, and stress-free.”

Zoha’s Kid-Proof Mid-Century Modern Living Room

modsy customer living room after designs

The design dilemma: After moving to a new city, Zoha and her husband started looking into the possibility of expanding their family. They decided the smart choice would be to kid-proof their living room design for their 9-year-old and any future tots. But they wanted to make sure that they found childproof furniture that worked for their new space before making investment purchases for their living room makeover—so they signed up with Modsy.

modsy customer living room design

The solution: Zoha’s designer selected foundational furniture in performance fabrics and included natural textures in the accent pieces (like a jute ottoman). The sturdy organic materials had the dual purpose of standing up to the wear and tear of a young child while also tying in the large stone fireplace’s rustic quality. The designer was also careful to select furniture with smooth edges to prevent any injuries for rambunctious kids. They stuck to mid-century-modern-inspired silhouettes in a light color palette to keep the space feeling open and modern.

What Zoha had to say: “Our Modsy designer was absolutely amazing! She addressed all of our requests and went above and beyond.” –Zoha H.

John’s Contemporary Living Room With Optimal Seating

living room before and after

The design dilemma: When John and his wife decided it was time for a living room makeover, they knew they’d need to find comfortable seating solutions for their family of seven. They had a large sectional in mind but needed help selecting decor in the same contemporary style.

“We had a family room space that we wanted to make more comfortable, so we bought a big sectional sofa to replace the old sofas we had. But we needed help with design ideas for rugs, accent furniture, and wall art. Plus, I really wanted a stylish and unique reading chair.” –John P.

living room before and after

The solution: John’s designer began his living room transformation by selecting a soft gray wall color that complemented the fabric of his family’s new sectional while opening up the room. The designer brought in pops of pale blue for the area rug, wall art, and accent pillows which further expanded the openness of the space. They also added a statement wingback accent chair in the corner reading nook in the same tranquil blue-gray color palette. Finally John’s designer added poufs and ottomans throughout the space to ensure everybody in the family had a comfy place to sit.

customer customer living room design

What John had to say: “The entire experience could not have been any easier for my wife and me. Our designer was very responsive and really listened to what we wanted for our space. She offered beautiful and functional options for us to choose from. She even changed the wall colors for us!” –John P.

Sue’s Modern Studio in Rich Jewel Tones

Modsy customer living room before photo

The design dilemma: When Sue retired and moved into a cozy new apartment with an open floor plan, she wanted to make sure that she chose the right layout and furniture. Understanding she would know what she liked when she saw it, Sue decided to try online interior design—so she could “try-on” different layouts for her space in 3D.

living room before and after

The solution: Sue’s designer knew she wanted to see options for her space, so provided two designs with different color palettes—the first having soft neutrals and the second bold pops of jewel tones. In each design, her designer selected foundational furniture with clean silhouettes but kept the finishes organic. This choice gave the multi-functional room a streamlined but organic vibe, keeping the modern space from feeling too austere.

modsy customer living room with blue velvet sofa

What Sue had to say: “The 3D designs were just what I needed to decide the look of my studio space. My designer was great to work with and selected the perfect products to choose from for my home. The whole process was fast and easy.” –Sue G.

Curious about which color palette Sue preferred? In the end she decided that jewel tones were a little more her style, but seeing different options is always helpful for the decision making process. 

Barbara’s Traditional and Comfortable Living Room

living room before and after

The design dilemma: When her two sons left the nest, Barbara decided it was time to spread her interior design wings and try a new style for her living room. She knew she wanted ample and comfortable seating for when her family could come to visit again. But she struggled to decide on a new look for her living room makeover. Especially daunting to her was the task of finding the right decor for her space.

“I’m horrible at room accessorizing and really loved getting some guidance with how to add decorative accents.” –Barbara

living room before and after

The solution: To address Barbara’s request for ample and comfortable seating, her designer created a conversational layout by placing twin sofas on either side of an accent chair. Additionally the designer added a bench and reading nook in different corners of the room. They then filled the seating areas with plenty of cozy pillows and poufs for added texture and comfort. Finally, they added several small, traditionally inspired decorative ornaments throughout the space—like a pot of succulents with a rusted finish—to complement the traditional silhouettes of the foundational furniture.

living room before and after

What Barbara had to say: “I do not have an eye for design, so this was the perfect solution for me. Modsy really hit the mark with my style. I was very pleased with their flexibility, responsiveness, and affordability. It was a fun pandemic activity!”

Read more living room design stories, from really Modsy customers.

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13 Window Nook Designs Giving Us Major Nook-Envy

If your home happens to have a window nook—well, you should consider yourself very lucky indeed. Window nooks are one of those architectural features that makes a room feel unique and special. But, similar to a nook under the stairs, figuring out a design solution to make use of a window nook that doesn’t involve custom built-ins can be tricky.

To spark some inspiration, we rounded up some of our favorite window nook interior design ideas, showing you some of our favorite ways to make use of this type of space!

window seat with plants

A Plant-Filled Reading Nook

If you already have a built-in window seat, transform it into a cozy seating and reading area that you’ll actually want to spend time in by adding in a bench cushion and lots of pillows. Layering in lush plants will create a sense of bridging the outdoors and indoors as you gaze out your window and bask in the sunlight.

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window nook

Curl Up & Get Cozy

If you’d rather use a window seat as a storage surface or shelf, you can still create a reading nook design by tucking a cozy chair in front of the bench. Pair it with a pouf for a footrest and a side table to place your favorite beverage, and you’ll be set for some solo relaxing time!

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window nook with built in desk

A Petite Home Office

Turn a small window nook into a petite desk area by hanging a sturdy shelf in the alcove. By sizing the shelf to the window nook opening, you’ll get the feel of a custom built-in without the investment. Hang a pendant light and layer in some decor, and you have a lovely little working environment. This is a perfect solution for an at-home workspace when you don’t have a separate room for a home office—plus you’ll get loads of natural light flooding in as you work!

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window nook

Soak Up Some Sunshine

Even with a small window nook, you can create a cozy window seat. Simply add lots of pillows to make it extra comfortable, and use a pouf for a footrest since there’s not room to completely spread out in this amount of space. It’s a great place to sit and bask in some natural light.

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entryway console with white wooden table and coastal style decor

A Beautiful & Useful Entryway Nook

Have a window nook in your entryway? Tuck a console table underneath to make use of the space! We love the idea of having a mix of practical items and decor, so that it’s both beautiful and useful. But, ultimately, it provides a great place for setting keys, hats, wallets, and other necessities. And you can even line up shoes under the table, or stash your dog’s leash or hats and mittens in a basket.

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window nook

Lounging Space for Two

If you have a long built-in window nook in your living room, turn it into a seating area for two! You could either incorporate it into the rest of your seating area in your living room, or keep it as a separate seating zone. Either way, using an ample amount of pillows will help it transform into a cozy lounging area, and a pouf gives you a place to kick up your feet when two people are lounging at the same time! It’s a great place to read, chat, or simply enjoy the sunlight and the view out the window.

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window nook

A Light-Filled Workstation

Turn an impractical window nook into the epitome of practicality by filling it with a desk and creating a workspace. This keeps your desk tucked out of the way and makes this alcove feel super intentional. Personalize the area with plants, art, and office necessities.

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eat-in kitchen breakfast nook with sputnik style chandelier

A Cozy Breakfast Nook

If your window nook is off the kitchen, transform it into a breakfast nook. A round table, paired with a bench under the windows and two chairs makes the perfect cozy eating area. Painting the wall around the windows a fun accent color helps to stylistically zone the area and gives it an extra feeling of intentionality.

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window nook

The Illusion of a Built-In

Another way to approach a breakfast nook if your window nook alcove is more spacious is to incorporate bench seating around two-thirds of the table. This banquette looks like a built-in, but it’s actually a stand-alone piece of furniture. (Bonus: it has storage underneath.) To make this nook feel extra cozy and comfortable, add cushions to the benches and pillows in each corner.

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window nook

Sittin’ at the Desk in the Bay

Putting a small home office within a window nook is the perfect way to utilize a living room bay window alcove. In a space like this, there’s even room for additional office furniture. A round rug helps to zone the space while also highlighting the unique architectural detail of a window nook like this.

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seating nook with leather accent chair and bar cart

Time to Unwind

You could also turn a bay window into a lounge area, complete with a lounge chair and stocked bar cart. At the end of a long day, you can mix yourself a drink, collapse into the chair, and mentally unwind. This is great for bay window areas that are off of a den or dining space, as they can double as an extra seating and socializing zone when entertaining.

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window nook

A Sunny Space for Two

If your window nook is more secluded, take the idea of a lounge area up a notch with a pair of chairs instead of a solo seating area. This creates the perfect space for intimate social gatherings or for you and your partner to chat at the end of the workday.

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biophilic design

Distraction-Free Distance Learning

A bay window or window nook can also be turned into a kids workspace. It’s the perfect way to create a distraction-free zone for those who are homeschooling or distance-learning. By tucking their workspace into a window nook and having their back to the rest of the room, they can concentrate on their schoolwork. A desk with shelving or drawers, plus nearby baskets, will help them keep organized, too.

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3 Ways to Design a Fun and Functional Basement Family Room

For most of us, the first ideas for basements that come to mind often involve turning it into a laundry room, a media and game room, or some sort of multipurpose space that has a little bit of everything—a big sofa, a TV, substantial storage pieces, maybe even a pool table. And more often than not, it results in a room that’s all function and not exactly warm and inviting.

We get it. Many basements tend to have awkward room shapes, small windows, and low ceilings to contend with. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be transformed into a fun and functional gathering spot where the whole family can hang out and relax in comfort. In fact, with a few clever interior design ideas, basements can actually make for the perfect family room in a home.

Here, we’re providing you with 3 stylish and functional basement family room ideas along with useful tips for translating each look for your home. Find out more below!

Basement Idea #1: The Kid-Friendly Den

In this kid-friendly design layout, the basement design focus is a spacious family room that also accommodates young kids. We established two zones that include a tepee for a children’s play area as well as a large sectional that defines a gathering spot for the entire family. Here, it’s all about a communal space for relaxing that works for adults and kids alike.

An open floor plan maximizes space for spreading out:

For a family room that works for both adults and young children, an open layout that leaves tons of walking room for everyone all around is key. By clearly defining the main lounging area from the kids zone, this layout lets parents keep an eye on the little ones while they kick back or watch TV in the seating area.

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Family-friendly furniture adds to the functions of the room:

A large soft sectional paired with a round coffee table are key to keeping this room kid-proofed and safe for energetic children. The sectional also provides the ideal spot for snuggling up for family movie nights. Pull in an overarching floor lamp for a stylish and sturdy lighting source that’s perfect for storytime.

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Kids are given their own distinctive space:

You know we’re big fans of family rooms that pull double-duty as playspaces for kids. One of our favorite ways to kid-zone a living space is to set up a play tent off to the side of a room to clearly define an area that’s all theirs. The bonus is that you can also easily use it to store stuffed toys, games, and books when it’s not in use for a quick solve that keeps everyday clutter contained.

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Basement Idea #2: The Media Hub

With this layout, there’s a more elevated look and feel that’s tailored to movie-watching and entertainment. In terms of tried-and-true basement ideas that maximize space, this one does so with style to spare. Like many TV viewing layout ideas, this design emphasizes comfy seating and big storage for electronics, games, books, and everything family-room oriented.

basement family room ideasThe layout maximizes every corner for use:

The beauty of this basement design is that no square-footage is left unused. From the major shelving unit to the cleverly positioned floor lamp to the seating area that’s topped with a series of mirrors that open up the room even more. It’s about making the most of the length of the room to free up more walking space all around.

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There’s plenty of storage for beyond the room:

With a built-in shelving unit that spans an entire wall, there’s more than enough storage to accommodate all the needs of the family room and beyond. It’s a storage and entertainment center that’s an investment piece, but it gives you everything you need—a display case for books and favorite objects that’s also a cabinet that lets you conceal bigger items and clutter.

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A seating arrangement that’s made for entertainment:

The more formal leather sofa paired and the swivel side chair anchor the seating area while still leaving lots of breathing room around it. While the furnishings are less kid-friendly, they add up to a comfy gathering spot. An ottoman footstool also easily doubles as another seat as needed.

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A corner workstation makes this a triple-function space:

This quiet workspace anchored by a desk and Mid-Century-style chair adds another layer of function to the already practical room. This is an easy way to create an occasional office for wrapping up some quick emails, catching up on mail or even playing computer games.

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Basement Idea #3: The Rec Zone

If you already have a family room in the home, this game room basement design is the perfect complement to it. Think of this as the ultimate entertainment space that combines everything from the previous two layouts and then some. There’s a TV-watching lounge area that’s perfect for adults and kids alike as well as a bar area where people can gather and unwind with a drink.

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The sectional placement creates two functional areas:

With any other layout, choosing a sectional or sofa is totally up to you. But for this game room, a sectional is key since it also serves as a room divider that sets apart your conversational lounge area from your entertaining bar space. The result is two functional zones that feel distinct from each other but still appear visually cohesive in the room.

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Even the small accessories are about function:

Every accent counts when you’re working with a space that has multiple functions. Here, the versatile round coffee table allows for more walking room and baskets are totable storage pieces that can corral extra blankets and even toys if you have kids. Also look for accent furniture like a side table with a built-in lamp that adds both function and unique style.

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You get more out of not having a full built-in bar:

To keep the room’s layout free-flow and feeling airy and open, a bar cart is a moveable option that’s both space-saving and storage-friendly. You can easily tuck it into a corner for drinks or, when hosting game day parties, pull it into the lounge area as needed.

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Consoles give you an actual bar feel:

One way to up the look and feel of your bar entertainment area is to pull up matching consoles behind your sectional back. This creates an instant counter that you can stash bar stools under for a real bar vibe. This also sets up your bar space with a ledge that allows guests to comfortably watch a game or a movie while enjoying a drink.

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The 10 Golden Rules of Living Room Interior Design

Designing a living room can be hard. Of course, you want your living room to look like the spaces you see in magazines or as an accumulation of your favorite Pinterest images. But your ideas for living room design often stray far from the reality.

It’s no secret that decorating a room can be hard. That’s because it’s not just about buying the right furniture and choosing the perfect neutral paint color or living room decor—you also have to think about how it all comes together. And that’s where many people get stuck. How do you arrange your furniture? What size of rug do you need? How tall should the coffee table be—and how far away from the sofa??

These are questions we get all the time. So today, we’re breaking down our best tips on how to decorate a living room. These living room interior design tips will help just about every space come together and look more thoughtful and intentional. So, keep reading for our 10 Golden Rules for living room design!

Golden Rules Living Rooms1. Land on The Right Layout

Nailing the layout is key for any design. That’s because the layout is the foundation of the space and will guide what you put in it—so it’s a very important first step to consider. But there’s not one right way to lay out a living room.

To figure out what’s right for your space, start by considering how you primarily use your living room. Is it for entertaining? Watching TV at the end of the day? Do you value conversational seating or something more formal? Figuring out your values and use of the space will help guide the layout you choose. Once you land on that, arrange your furniture to suit your needs and how you want to use the space!

So, if you want a conversational layout, make sure you have a sofa and two chairs facing each other to promote face-to-face conversations. If you like entertaining, consider the flow from the living room to the dining room and kitchen—and make sure you have enough surfaces for people to place their drinks! If you’re looking for a TV viewing layout, put your sofa opposite your television. And, of course, you can mix these ideas together as well. But identifying the main purpose of the space will help guide your decisions!

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Golden Rules Living Rooms2. Balance Function and Fashion

Have kids or pets? You definitely want to consider that when putting together your living room. But that doesn’t mean it has to be all function and utility. In fact, we’re big believers in balancing the function of your space with style. Because you really can have both!

For beautiful designs and living room decor that don’t require too much maintenance, consider some of our best kid-friendly design tips: opting for a leather sofa or one with a washable slipcover, durable natural fiber or indoor/outdoor rugs, stashable storage like baskets or fabric bins. And if you have a baby or toddler, consider eliminating sharp corners from your design! All of these things will help you create the perfect balance between form and function—giving you a beautiful space that works for your lifestyle.

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Golden Rules Living Rooms3. Proportion is Key

We’ve all seen rooms where something seemed off. Maybe you weren’t able to put your finger on it in the moment, but if you paused to consider, you might notice that the side table is way too tall for the chair it’s next to, the petite media console is dwarfed by the 65” flatscreen TV, or the scale of the chairs doesn’t match that of the sofa. Essentially, the proportions of the room were off—and that can impact the whole feel of a space.

Proportion is one of those underrated but absolutely crucial parts of interior design. It’s what helps you make sure the scale of your furniture and living room decor works together as a cohesive design. So, when putting together your living room, measure pieces and consider how they’ll fit together. And if you need a little extra help with it, just remember that with our Modsy design packages, one of our designers will create a 3D rendering of your room, to scale. They’ll help guarantee proportions are correct, plus give you layout options for your space and help you find furniture and decor to match your style. You don’t have to go it alone!

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Golden Rules Living Rooms4. Find the Best Seat in the House

It’s important to think a bit practically when designing your living room—because living rooms are for living! Most of the time that means sitting, so you want to have seating options that suit your style and needs.

Since a sofa is the largest seating option in the room, let that guide the rest of your decisions. Decide if a sectional, regular sofa, or sofa-chaise is right for you. (And remember, your layout can help guide this decision—see rule #1.) From there, choose additional seating options to suit the needs of your space.

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Golden Rules Living Rooms5. Pick the Right Coffee Table

When it comes to picking the right coffee table, the most important things to consider are the shape, size, and material. Everyone is looking for something different, but these three considerations will help you figure out what coffee table is right for your space. Start with the shape, which is generally just a matter of preference. Do you like a rectangular table? Something round or oblong to eliminate sharp edges? Or maybe you want something in a more organic shape. Starting with your preferred shape will help narrow down your options.

Next, think about how it will interact with your sofa. As we mentioned in rule #3, proportion is key here! You don’t want a coffee table that’s too large or too small for your sofa. Make sure the length of the table you choose is one-third to two-thirds the width of your sofa. You also want the surface of your coffee table to approximately match the height of your sofa and accent chairs. (For side tables, align the top with the height of the arm of the sofa.) From there, material will help you further narrow down the style options—whether you want a solid wood table, a marble top, or something with industrial accents.

Or maybe you don’t even need a coffee table! If you want an alternative to a coffee table, get creative and opt instead for a pair of poufs, an ottoman, or a cluster of side tables!

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6. Consider Your Color Scheme

Color is key to setting the mood of your living room! From walls to decor to foundational furniture, you want to make sure you have a cohesive color scheme. Whites and creams will keep things bright and crisp. Blue living rooms are classic and offer a soothing vibe. Perhaps you like a bold look and want to try something intense, like a red wall? A black and white color scheme will give you a high-contrast look. Or, of course, you can simply think in terms of a warm or cool color palette. Whatever you choose as an overarching color palette will help guide not only your wall color, but the furniture, accents, and living room decor you use to fill out the space.

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7. Scale Your Rug

Finding the right rug size for your layout can be tricky. You want to make sure it’s the right size and shape for your room. If you go too small, it makes the room look odd and out of proportion. Too large, and the room starts looking cramped. In general, you want to choose a rug size that allows for 6-10 inches from the edge of your furniture to the edge of the rug, on either side. Need a little extra guidance? Check out our guide for finding the right size rug for your room.

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Golden Rules Living Rooms8. Add Creative Storage

This is an easy one to forget about, but it’s one of our favorite ideas for living rooms. Why? Incorporating storage options into your living room will not only help you stay organized but will also help your living space keep that beautiful, polished look about it! So, start with furniture pieces that give you built-in storage—whether that’s a media console, and extra cabinet, or even a storage coffee table. Then, sneak in some clever storage options. And adding some baskets for tossing blankets, toys, and other clutter will help keep the room uncluttered and organized—a super important thing if you have kids or are simply spending more time at home!

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Golden Rules Living Rooms9. Style With the Rule of Thirds

Perhaps you’ve heard of the rule of thirds. It’s a decorating concept that says that objects arranged in threes (or any odd number) are more pleasing to the human eye. So, style surfaces with this in mind—whether it’s what you’re putting on your coffee table, credenza, or mantle. This also applies to artwork and even furniture arrangement. If you have an unused corner of the room, adding a trio of a chair, a table or cabinet, and some framed art is all you need to make it look intentional and interesting!

Golden Rules Living Rooms10. Get Multi-Purpose

Most of us are using our living rooms in many ways for multiple purposes throughout the day—so consider this in your design. What do you use your living room for other than lounging on the sofa? What do you do in your living room that you don’t have space for in the rest of your home? Is your living room also currently doubling as your home office? Perhaps your kids use this space as a playroom during the day. Or maybe you use your living room as your at-home yoga studio! Consider all of these additional uses when designing your space and make room for them. The result will be a multi-purpose living room that perfectly suits your needs!

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Layout Guide: A Large, Rectangular Living Room With a Fireplace

Arranging furniture in a living room floor plan may not be the most glamorous aspect of interior decorating, but it might be the most important! When it comes to rectangle living room layouts, you might think you have it easy because they are such a standard shape. You have 4 walls, with two long sides and two short sides—pretty straightforward, right? Not always.

A rectangular room can still be a tricky space to design and comes with many of its own challenges. Some rectangular rooms are long and narrow, leaving an awkward shape to arrange furniture. Some have a fireplace that takes up one entire wall. Others also serve as the entryway in some homes or serve other functions in addition to being your main living space. And some open up to the dining room and need a layout that accounts for the back and forth flow. So, what’s the best way to arrange furniture to create the best rectangular living room layout?

ectangular living room layoutArranging Furniture in a Rectangle Living Room

There is no right or wrong way to arrange living room furniture because so much depends on the function you want! Start by thinking through how you want to use the rectangular room. Will you be having friends over often for formal entertaining or mostly kicking back and watching movies with the fam? Do you love a space where you can cozy up in front of your living room fireplace? Or maybe you want to incorporate a work area to serve as your home office? The list goes on and on.

Once you have a sense of what the function of the living room will be, it’s time to think about arranging furniture in the space. Sectional sofas are a good choice for creating conversational circles in open floor plan living rooms. Long and narrow living rooms can benefit from an arrangement with a sofa against one of the long walls and the TV mounted against the opposite wall. For a small living room, consider using ottomans and benches as extra seating that doesn’t take up much space.

Here we designed one large, rectangular living room two ways to show some of the possibilities and help inspire you for your home.

Need help designing your rectangular living room? Bring your dream design to life with online interior design!

ectangular living room layoutLayout Idea #1: The Conversational Living Room

This long rectangular living room features a refined layout with traditional appeal and ample seating. It’s an open, beautiful space that creates a conversation circle as the focal point. It is spacious enough to allow for a large, functional coffee table and there is cozy seating by the fireplace. This layout is perfect for social gatherings and anyone who loves entertaining and showing off their beautiful home.

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ectangular living room layoutThe Key Elements

Having a large, sectional sofa pushed back against the wall creates space for additional furniture and maintains a good flow in the space. It adds additional depth to the room—and it has a great view out windows!

The room features plenty of additional seating options, too. The sofa, chairs, ottomans, and bench are all located in one section of the living room so that guests are drawn to the same area to mingle and converse. And low seating like the bench and ottoman are perfect furniture choices for this space because they don’t interrupt the view of the fireplace and window like some tall chairs would.

To make this living room layout extra primed for entertaining, it features a bar cabinet in the corner! An essential element of a good cocktail party, a bar cabinet also doubles as a handy place to store board games for game night. We also included a bookcase by the fireplace—who doesn’t love furniture that adds extra visual interest?  It also adds height and draws the eye to the fireplace area—plus, the display baskets also serve as extra storage.

ectangular living room layoutWill this rectangular living room layout work for you? Yes if…

  • You love any excuse to have guests over.
  • Your living room design has a fireplace and you want to take full advantage of it.
  • You are more into conversational furniture arrangements than staring at the TV.
  • You want the option of creating a small living room area for use as a den, study area or kids’ play zone!

ectangular living room layoutLayout Idea #2: The TV Viewing Living Room

We designed this rectangular living room as a space to watch TV and get comfy and cozy with your friends and fam. The living room is divided into two separate areas, but the transitional furniture and style across the whole space helps them blend together seamlessly. It’s a perfect idea for those who want a multi-purpose space to vege out with your favorite movie or cozy up by the fire with a good book.

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ectangular living room layoutThe Key Elements

The large, floating 3-piece sectional sofa is the heart and soul of this rectangular living room. Its three sides zone the entertainment space and then the area rug helps further define this part of the room. This furniture arrangement is perfect for movie nights or a celebratory TV binge with friends or family. The low arm of the sectional doesn’t block the fireplace and the circular coffee table makes it easy to slip into any seat on the couch.

In addition to the prime TV viewing area, there’s also a reading nook by the fireplace! Putting the armchair in the corner means you can enjoy both the cozy fireplace and the view from the window—and there’s plenty of light for reading. Two stools serve as extra seats in front of the fireplace, or you can pull one in front of the armchair as a footrest!

If your living room is doing double duty as an entryway, we added an end table by the entrance as a place to set mail and bags on the way in. Having a bench behind the sofa helps soften the visual effect of the long, blank sofa back and also offers a place to sit and take in the view out the window.

Will this rectangular living room layout work for you? Yes if you…

  • Love an ultra-comfy chill-out place for movie nights, sports games and anything else on the screen.
  • Prefer furniture that lets your guests kick back and get cozy versus a more formal gathering space.
  • Love an old-fashioned reading nook by the fire.
  • Have a living room that is immediately off the entryway.

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My Modsy Story: How I Balanced Raising My Baby and Designing My Living Room

new living room

When designing her new living room and caring for a newborn became overwhelming, Monica let Modsy step in to help with the heavy lifting.


Homeowner: Monica F, Editorial Director

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Room: Awkward Living Room in a New Home

Her Style: Atomic Industrial

The Backstory

Moving all her furniture from an apartment to a new home

When I first moved from my old apartment into a new home, I assumed that all of my old furniture would easily make the move with me. After all, we had more space, why wouldn’t it work?

Boy was I wrong. So wrong, in fact, that I had to replace almost everything.

Monica’s Living Room Before

The Design Dilemma

Trying to design her new living room and care for a newborn

What I really wanted was to turn our new living room into a family-friendly space that still looked like an adult home. But most importantly, I just didn’t know how to do all that while taking care of our first baby.

As a brand new mom, I found designing a home to be incredibly overwhelming. Just finding the time to browse furniture online was a challenge, let alone making sure it would all fit in our space.

What I really needed was someone to do the heavy lifting for me.

new living roomMonica’s Modsy Design 1

The Modsy Moment

When it all seemed too good to be true…

I saw Modsy in a subway ad and decided to look it up. I was shocked by how affordable it was. So affordable that I wondered if the designs would be really bad and cheap looking.

But holy cow, it was totally way better than I expected!

new living roomMonica’s Modsy Design 2

How Modsy’s Renderings Helped Monica

Sometimes the best design solution is having someone else to do the heavy lifting

The most challenging thing about Modsy for me was trying to get myself to stop playing around with it for hours. It was really addicting!

I had planned on getting a neutral couch and had been looking for some comfortable chairs to go across from it. I didn’t think a couch facing our fireplace would work originally, so I was pleasantly surprised to see how well it did in one of my Modsy designs.

For me, seeing our space designed virtually just really showed me that there’s always a way to make a difficult layout work.

The most challenging thing about Modsy for me was trying to get myself to stop playing around with it for hours. It was really addicting!

new living roomMonica’s Final Modsy Design

The Real Results

Putting all the pieces together with ease

The ability to visualize everything in my exact room made me feel so much more confident about making large purchases. Instead of spending time measuring, researching, and stressing, I was able to just see if it would fit and know right away if I liked it.

This really took the stress out of designing our home and let me focus on more important things, like caring for my new baby.

I know I’ll be following the layout to the T, but I’m planning to purchase a combination of pieces from my two favorite designs. You can bet I’m planning on using Modsy for my bedroom next when I’m ready.

See Monica’s Favorite Design in 360!

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My Modsy Story: Making A Small Living Room Work For My Family Of Five

small living room layout

With a oddly shaped space, Christina craved a small living room layout that worked for her family of five. See how she found the perfect solution for her space.


Homeowner: Christina M, University Business Officer

Location: North Logan, Utah

Room: Small, Awkwardly Shaped Living Room

Her Style: Comfortably Chic

The Backstory

Living in a charming home where comfort and practicality are paramount

We are a family of five and we’ve lived in our current home for about a year. We love the all the natural light and the vaulted ceiling, but that was about it.

Our living room is the center of our house. We’re big on movie nights and use the space to watch TV throughout the day, and it’s also where we entertain guests. Unfortunately it’s become a sort of waiting room and a playroom. And while it’s the most-used space in our home, it’s also the least functional.

small living room layout

The Design Dilemma

Dealing with a small living room that needed to work for a big family

I wanted this room to be a comfortable and inviting space since it’s the center of our home. But it’s so long, skinny, and just plain awkward that it seemed impossible to make it work. After six months of hating this room, I decided we definitely needed some professional help to make it into a space we loved.

But when it came to designing the space, we really needed help with everything – A functional small living room layout, some storage for kids toys and games, an awesome couch for movie nights and afternoon Sunday naps, seating for guests, and not to mention a space that was pretty. 

small living room layoutThe Modsy Moment

How a Podcast led her to the ultimate living room solution

I heard about Modsy on the podcast, Young House Love. I was slightly skeptical at first — what Modsy could do sounded awesome, but I wasn’t ready to commit. That’s until I got desperate enough for a design solution for my strange and small living room. Once I got started, it was so easy to use and I was totally convinced this was worth it!

small living room layoutHow Modsy’s Renderings Helped Christina

Getting the exact furniture and small living room layout she asked for — and more!

We LOVED the first two designs Modsy sent us. They were spot on with everything we needed! The 3D renderings looked just like our living room and it was so helpful to see the space with all the furniture in place.

It was amazing how our Modsy Designer was able to incorporate pieces in our designs that fit our style while factoring in all our needs as a family. Altogether, the designs were so doable and the small living room layout ideas were just so much more functional.

“We LOVED the first two designs… they were so doable.”

small living room layout

At first, we liked the simplicity and open look of the first design because it would work with the sofa we already had. We immediately rearranged the room with our existing furniture the very next day, and it made such a HUGE difference in the feel and function of the space.

Then in the second design, our Modsy Designer incorporated a console table opposite the sectional. This was so great to see because I had a very similar console table that I hadn’t thought would work in the space. After seeing that it could work, I pulled it back out and I’m now using it in the room!

small living room layout

Modsy’s idea to put chairs by the window in our second design was genius; it’s the perfect place for them! The round side table was one of our favorite pieces, and we ended up bringing this element to life in our space.

small living room layout

small living room layout

We also loved the mirrors above the mantle in both our designs — it was just what we needed for that space. Everything was just perfect for us.

Ultimately we really wanted a super comfortable space where we could put our feet up, relax, and cuddle with our kids. I had specifically requested to see an option with a sectional, and our Modsy Designer made it happen! Seeing that the right-sized sectional could absolutely work in our space and still look great was a huge eye-opener.

We ended up purchasing a super comfortable small sectional in order to make the sectional layout design happen—and we are so happy with all of it!

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