Attic Ideas: 6 Creative Ways To Put This Room to Work

When it comes to attics, you probably think of dusty storage spaces where heirlooms and family treasures are hidden or of the crowded teenage bedroom in the attic. You don’t usually think of it as a well-designed and comfortable room that you would use every day. But we’re here to show that you can actually get pretty creative with this A-framed space and transform it into a stylish and practical room that tops off your home.

The attic room is probably one of the most awkward spaces our customers need help designing. It makes sense since it can be a challenge to decorate given the sloped ceilings and compact square footage. But the beauty of an attic is that you can turn it into any room you want. Whether it’s an elegant attic bedroom or a home office for two, the possibilities are endless.

Here, we’ve rounded up our favorite creative attic ideas with tips to inspire and guide you in your own design—be it the attic bedroom of your dreams or a fun kids zone for little ones to spread out their games and toys. Find out more about how you can put your attic to work below!

attic ideasA Cozy Family Room

Turn any attic room into a sophisticated and comfortable family living room where everyone can unwind and kick back with a good TV show. Here, it’s all about big furniture and major coziness.

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Why It Works

It’s spacious but warm. Large-scale furnishings make way for deep comfort in small spaces. With an attic, a deep sofa, oversize rug, and a big ottoman will add coziness without making the room feel cramped.

It’s super functional. Think of an attic family room as the extra room where anything goes. You can turn up the volume for a movie or just take a break here from your day. Consider a sleeper sofa that doubles as a bed that turns the space into an attic bedroom as needed for guests.

It’s effortlessly chic. With an attic family room, the sloped ceilings give it a chic look by default. Layer in some poufs, a pair of matching bookcases, and a modern bench for a window seat for a space that’s elevated and rooted in practicality.

Perfect For… those who love to entertain in a more relaxed way that’s not about formal living.

attic ideasA Kid Hangout Zone

Attic bedrooms for kids are great, but a space where they can chill out is even better. Think of it as a laid-back playroom and gathering spot that can work for them (and you) for years to come.

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Why It Works

It’s all about play. Have electronics and games for entertainment. This truly makes it a space kids can call their own. And unlike an attic bedroom, they can kick back with friends and have free reign away from the rest of the home and not worry about messing up their actual bedroom.

It’s designed to last. Kids will outgrow an attic bedroom, but a hangout spot is practical for years to come with the right adult furnishings. Think large sectional for relaxing (also good for sleepovers), poufs for floor lounging, and versatile storage, like a low TV console.

It’s a study space. With the right comfy furnishings in place, this can also easily serve as a study room for kids where they can work on their laptop and get reading done. It’s essentially a makeshift communal work space for them.

Perfect For… families with young kids and teenagers who need their own space.

attic ideasA Quiet Master Bedroom

Nothing beats an attic bedroom that feels like a mini cozy escape from the rest of the home. Turning your attic into a bedroom is also a great way to free up another room for use.

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Why It Works

It’s the ultimate escape. You’re essentially treating yourself to a private hideaway that’s made for total rest and relaxation. The best part is that an attic bedroom doesn’t have to be fancy; it’s elevated and instantly cozy given the sloped interior architecture.

It’s perfect for low furniture. Most bedroom furniture come in low-profile proportions that make them perfectly sized for an attic bedroom. That means you don’t have to compromise style for function. Try a platform or low-slung wooden bed and two-drawer nightstands for starters.

It gets the best light. If there is a window, your attic bedroom will have the best natural light streaming in. This lends an added sense of airiness that’s sure to set a welcoming mood.

Perfect For… homes with an attic large enough to be turned into an attic bedroom for a couple.

attic ideasA Bright Reading Room

Take the reading nook to the next level with an attic room that’s designed for relaxing and reading. This is one of our favorite ideas after an attic bedroom since it’s chic and unexpected.

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Why It Works

It’s guaranteed to feel personal. Whether it’s a reading space that’s designed for two or all for yourself, you can make an attic reading room yours however you want. Pull in your favorite armchair, hang your favorite art, add a rug that doesn’t go with anything else. It’s all up to you!

It’s a (stylish) storage room. Make sure to add in low bookcases for books or other pieces that provide ample room for you to tuck things away. Think of your reading room as an organized attic storage room that’s there if there is overflow in the rest of your home.

It can be simple but so comfy. All you really need to carve out a welcoming reading space are cozy lounge chairs and good lighting. Round it out with a soft rug, shelving, and an ottoman, and you have a space that’s sure to feel effortlessly elegant.

Perfect For… those craving a quiet space in the home where they can get away and unwind.

attic ideasA Comfy Guest Bedroom

With an attic that’s not large enough for a master bedroom, consider making it an attic bedroom for guests. It’s the perfect solution for a space that’s awkwardly sized and not used often.

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Why It Works

It can feel like a hotel. An attic bedroom made for guests can easily be decorated to feel like a quaint bed-and-breakfast, which is sure to charm visiting family and friends staying over.

It can be full service. Design your attic bedroom for guests with all the essential amenities, such as a laundry basket, floor-to-ceiling mirror, a chest of drawers, and an elegant farmhouse-style bed. They’ll create a room that feels like a total cocoon for guests.

It’s all in the arrangement. With a smaller attic, the sloped ceilings might make the space feel even smaller. Try to open up the space by painting the room a bright white, opting for an open-frame bed, and using sheers for curtains that let light in. This will make it feel extra airy.

Perfect For… any small attic space that you don’t want to just use to store things.

attic ideasA Productive Home Office

With more and more of us working from home, if you have an attic room that’s unused, consider making it a creative shared home office space to separate your work and home lives.

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Why It Works

It’s about work-life balance. In many ways, attic rooms are perfect spaces for home offices. They’re separate from the rest of the house and now more than ever when many of us are working from home, creating an isolated home office is key to separate business from home life.

It’s more than work. Like an attic bedroom or family room, pull in pieces that let you to station yourself comfortably in the space for hours. That means a sturdy desk, floating shelves for storage, good desk lighting, and an armchair for when you need to take a break or hop on a call.

It should inspire you. Whether it’s a colorful patterned rug, artwork you love, or some lively greenery and plants, your attic work space should feel as inspiring as it is comfortable. Layer in objects that are pretty to look at or even install a sound system to play music while working.

Perfect For… those who need a designated work from home space but don’t have an ‘office’.

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