9 Rooms That Prove White Kitchens Are Classic And Versatile

White kitchens. To some, they read classic and totally timeless. To others? Bland and without personality. It’s surprising how divisive a simple white kitchen can be!

For all the haters out there, we just want to say that a white kitchen can actually be pretty exciting—and functional. Beyond being light and bright, with white cabinetry, it’s easy to see dirt, so you can always stay on top of cleaning. Not exciting enough? Hear us out. White kitchens can also be a blank canvas, offering a perfect backdrop for you to play with more exciting and personality-packed textures, finishes, decorative accents, and furniture. You can even incorporate different (bold!) colors into your kitchen while still maintaining a white kitchen vibe.

Whether you’re a big fan of white kitchens or a long-time skeptic, we’d like to inspire you with some white kitchen designs we’re loving at the moment. We’ll also address some common questions about white kitchens and show you what design styles are actually super conducive to white kitchen designs.

Are White Kitchens Out of Style?

No! In fact, white kitchens are classic and timeless. Kitchens with bold-colored cabinets are definitely having a moment right now—but that doesn’t mean white kitchens are dated. It simply means they’re not the top trendy choice at the moment. The same goes for wall colors in any room of the house! White walls will always have their place in design, even if other colors are more trendy at different times.

WIth any kitchen—or any room in your home, for that matter—it all comes down to your personal preferences. If you want a kitchen that feels timeless or simply offers a clean slate for you to add personality with finishes, furniture, and decor, then white cabinets are a great choice. And even if you like dabbling in trends, you can always add a splash to a white kitchen by painting your kitchen island, painting the walls, or swapping out your hardware.

What Wall Colors Look Best in a White Kitchen?

White is endlessly versatile and can complement a wide range of wall colors—from a tone-on-tone look to something high-contrast and dramatic. But we definitely have some favorite combinations, which you can see below.

Shades of White (And Light Gray)

For a clean, streamlined look, pair white cabinets with white walls. We’d recommend avoiding the exact same tones for your walls and cabinets, however, which can make your kitchen look flat and one-dimensional. Instead, mix up the tonality. If your cabinets are a crisp, cool white, lean a little into warmer whites for your walls. And if your cabinets have warmer tones? Go for something a little cooler and a more pure white for your walls. Some shades of white paint we particularly love are White Dove, Chantilly Lace, Swiss Coffee, and Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore, as well as Pure White by Sherwin-Williams. You can also veer a step into gray with Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb Gray and Revere Pewter or Agreeable Gray by Sherwin-Williams.

Light-Toned Colors

If you want a little more color and contrast without going too high-contrast, stick with light tones of pinks, greens, blues, or yellows. This maintains a light and airy vibe but adds a bit of vibrancy and life to your white kitchen. Some color options we enjoy are Palladian Blue, Breath of Fresh Air, Saybrook Sage, and Hawthorne Yellow by Benjamin Moore; Mint Condition by Sherwin-Williams; and Cinder Rose or Dayroom Yellow by Farrow & Ball.

Dark or Saturated Colors

Want to go big and bold? Go for dark and saturated colors. This creates a ton of contrast against your white cabinets and gives incredible depth and nuance to your kitchen. Alternatively, you could opt for dark, saturated cabinets and white walls for an inverse that hits at the same idea. (Dark and moody kitchen cabinets are having a major moment right now!) Colors we love, for dark walls or cabinets, include Hale Navy, Salamander, and Wrought Iron by Benjamin Moore; Green Bay, Naval, and Rock Garden by Sherwin-Williams; and Studio Green, Railings, and Duck Green by Farrow & Ball.

What Floor Colors Look Best in a White Kitchen?

The type of flooring you choose—whether hardwood, tile, laminate, or something else—all depends on the look you’re going for in your kitchen. White kitchens can go with a variety of floor types, and to hone in on the right one for you, it’s easiest to think of flooring in terms of dark to light. Below, you’ll find some great options to consider.

Dark Flooring

Since dark flooring (whether that’s a dark hardwood stain, like walnut or espresso, or darker tiles) will create more visual contrast. As a result, you’ll get a bit more of a dramatic look. But it’s also warmer, which can be good for farmhouse, rustic, and traditional styles. Another way to add some contrast and personality? Black and white tiled floors!

Medium-Toned Flooring

Wood flooring in medium tones, which includes natural oak finishes and gray-toned finishes (as well as gray tiles) give white kitchens a more modern and contemporary look. The finish you choose will influence the final look of your kitchen, but in general medium-toned flooring compliments transitional, industrial, contemporary, and mid-century spaces. While cherry wood technically goes with white cabinetry, at this moment in time, that would result in a more dated look.

Light Flooring

In a white kitchen, light wood finishes, painted white floors, or white tiling will create a light and airy feel. This is a great look for someone who loves Scandinavian modern design, prefers a minimalist look, or just wants to drive home a light, bright look, like in a coastal space.

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What Hardware Looks Best in a White Kitchen?

Just about all hardware finishes look good with white cabinets. That’s the beauty and versatility of a white kitchen! But the hardware you choose will definitely impact the overall style of your kitchen. Below, we’ll outline some of the popular finishes and what styles they complement.

Brass Hardware

Brass adds warmth to white kitchens and looks beautiful with both crisp, clean true white cabinets, as well as warmer off-white cabinets. Brass is a great choice for traditional, coastal, and modern rustic styles.

Black Hardware

Black stands in stark contrast to white, so black hardware against white cabinets will really pop. This is a great way to add a modern edge to a white kitchen, or to achieve transitional style. Black hardware also works in a modern rustic space if you’re not a fan of brass.

Silver or Brushed Nickel Hardware

Silver hardware adds a contemporary edge to a white kitchen. It also offers a clean, simplistic look that feels both modern and timeless. For an industrial look, brushed nickel is a great choice.

What Countertops Look Best in a White Kitchen?

A classic approach to countertops in a white kitchen is to go for a tone-on-tone look and stick with lighter-colored counters. We’ll be the first to say that’s a great option. But you can also go for something more high-contrast. Scroll down for a couple of great countertop options for a white kitchen!

Marble Countertops

For a more elevated and refined look in your white kitchen, opt for marble countertops. But white marble isn’t your only option! You could go for black marble if you want a bold, high-contrast look. Or pick white marble with heavy black, gray, or brown veining to add both contrast, pattern, and personality to your whtie kitchen. But if you want a minimalist or classic white kitchen, stick with a simple white marble.

Granite Countertops

Almost any color of granite goes well with white cabinets. But the particular color or style of granite you should choose depends on the hue of white you go with for your cabinets, as different styles of granite will look better with different shades of white. For a more timeless look, find granite with gray undertones rather than brown or red.

Wood Countertops

If you want a more down-to-earth and approachable vibe in your white kitchen, opt for wood countertops. Butcher-block countertops add warmth and are perfect for a rustic or traditional white kitchen.

What Appliances Look Best in a White Kitchen?

There’s no one right answer for what color of appliances you can use in a white kitchen. In fact, because white is so versatile, almost any appliance color will look great! But below you’ll find our three favorite options.

Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel appliances have been the popular finish of choice for appliances for more than a decade. And it’s no wonder—they offer a modern look that goes with a ton of different cabinet colors and styles, including white cabinets! A white kitchen with stainless steel appliances is a classic choice and works best for contemporary, modern, and transitional styles.

White Appliances

In interior design, white on white will always look classic. White appliances have a clean, classic look, which is very fitting in a white kitchen. Depending on the countertops you choose, this white-on-white look can skew either modern or traditional. And if you love this look but want a splash of color, opt for a colorful tile backsplash.

Colorful Appliances

Like a look that’s out of the ordinary? A white kitchen offers the perfect backdrop to bring in some personality with colorful appliances. Common colors like red, blue, or minty green can add a quirky and modern pop of color to an otherwise neutral kitchen.

White Kitchen Design Styles

As we’ve already mentioned, the finishes, countertops, and appliances you choose for your white kitchen can give it drastically different looks and bring to life a variety of different styles. Scroll down to explore 8 different white kitchen styles that can inspire you in your own kitchen renovation and design updates!

Coastal White Kitchen

Coastal style white kitchen

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This white kitchen embodies that Nantucket classic coastal style. White kitchens are always in style in coastal homes, since coastal style thrives on a crisp, clean color palette, punctuated with blues, greens, and natural materials. In this kitchen, white cabinets are paired with a white marble countertop and white tile backsplash—a combination which offers a clean and classic touch to this space. Ample natural light keeps this kitchen feeling fresh, while the rattan counter stools and natural wood accessories add moments of warmth that visually break up all the white surface space.

Traditional White Kitchen

All white traditional style kitchen

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Traditional-style kitchens can feature glass-door upper cabinets, and/or more ornate cabinet door details. In a white kitchen that’s designed in a more traditional style, you might find warm wood accents—whether in ceiling beams, the kitchen island, or butcher-block countertops, which add visual warmth to a space. Sometimes the cabinets will even be a warmer tone of white, like in the kitchen above. Elevated but approachable, it leans traditional through the use of wallpaper in the adjacent dining room, the details on the cabinetry, and the wood accents used throughout the space. Brass finishes serve to future warm up this white kitchen.

Contemporary White Kitchen

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Traditional-style cabinets, a marble tile backsplash, and stainless steel appliances make this a classic take on a white kitchen. In this kitchen, the black hardware and light gray kitchen island adds just the right amount of contrast, giving the space some contemporary flair. To give this style of white kitchen a visual pop, add some plants or wall art for small moments of color.

Mid-Century Modern White Kitchen

Mid century modern style kitchen

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A white kitchen can take on a very mid-century modern vibe simply by the lighting and accessories you choose. In this kitchen, the use of primary colors in the wall art and counter stools add a pop of energy—and that quintessential mid-century style—to this kitchen. The pendant light and Smeg countertop appliances also speak to the atomic age.

Industrial Glam White Kitchen

industrail glam style white kitchen

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Having a white kitchen doesn’t always mean your cabinets are white! It can also look like a kitchen with white walls and countertops, paired with light-colored wood—like the industrial glam white kitchen pictured above. The wood cabinets and island are light and bright, adding warmth and a sleek, modern feel to the kitchen. And the modern stone countertops and backsplash, with bold gray veining, add striking, glamorous patterning to the space while keeping the look clean. Plus, since the cabinets and flooring are both lighter wood finishes, they feel almost like an extension of each other. This is in contrast to most white kitchens where the cabinets are white, since you’ll rarely see white flooring in a kitchen with white cabinets.

Modern Rustic White Kitchen

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A white kitchen, with warm off-white cabinets, is perfect for a modern rustic-style home. Since modern rustic style has a warmth and approachability to it, brass pendants and hardware are the perfect choice. Warm leather counter stools and touches of natural wood help bring in more visual warmth while nodding to a rustic aesthetic.

Transitional Black & White Kitchen

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In a white kitchen, using black accents adds contrast and a contemporary touch to the overall design. In this kitchen, the black hardware and pendant light offer a modern foundation, while the curved Windsor-style counter stools with caning lean a bit more traditional. As a result, the overall look of the space feels transitional and timeless. Want to add a little extra contrast? Hang white subway tiles for a backsplash, but use dark grout rather than white!

Scandinavian-Inspired White Kitchen

White transitional style kitchen

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White cabinets with white walls (and a white subway tile backsplash) create a very clean slate—which is perfect for a Scandinavian modern or Scandinavian boho home. It’s the finishing touches that will help a white kitchen lean one way or the other. In this kitchen design, natural materials, like the jute runner and wooden stools bring in warmth and help add to the Scandi feel. These elements, along with the pendant lights and casual styling, give a nod to a boho aesthetic as well.

Farmhouse White Kitchen

rustic style white kitchen

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A white kitchen is given a farmhouse-style spin with a rustic wood kitchen island and vent hood—plus those ceiling beams! Rustic wood is a great way to break up a white kitchen and give it a more old-world feel. In this kitchen, the off-white shaker cabinets help brighten the space and balance the large swaths of brown in the space. The black hardware and stainless steel appliances give the space a slightly modern spin that makes the whole design feel really fresh and approachable. And, of course, you can’t have a farmhouse-style kitchen without a beautiful farmhouse sink!

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My Modsy Story: Creating a Restful Bedroom For Us and Our Newborn

When repeat customers Gema and Kev became pregnant with their second child seven months after their first, they decided it was time to return to Modsy to create a main bedroom with both a crib and luxurious style—ensuring they could keep an eye on their newborn while feeling relaxed by a pampering space.

Modsy master bedroom design with neutral colors and a crib

The last time we spoke with our customers Gema and Kev, they had just moved into their first home with a newborn baby. They had finished creating beautiful designs from scratch for their living-dining area and their guest house. We featured those spaces on our blog and absolutely loved the unique designs Gema and Kev had made with their Modsy designer—so when we heard that they had returned to Modsy to design another room, we were excited to get the scoop. Read on to hear from them on their experience designing their bedroom.

Modsy customer headshot


Homeowner: Gema and Kev

Spaces: Main Bedroom with Crib

My Style: Rustic Traveler

Before space of Modsy customer space

Before space of Modsy customer space

The Backstory

“Within seven months of moving into our first home with our newborn, Kevin and I discovered that we were pregnant for the second time. We had just completed the designs for our living-dining room and guest house, and all of a sudden we needed to design our empty bedroom.

We both felt excited about our growing family, but we were also overwhelmed that we had more work to do in a short amount of time. We really enjoyed working with Modsy in the past and were optimistic that we could recreate that same magic with our new design project.”

Modsy master bedroom design with neutral colors and a crib

The Design Dilemma

“I (Gema) am a Spanish teacher. I speak English fluently but it’s still my second language, and I sometimes have a hard time communicating certain concepts or ideas with English-only speakers. In the past, Kev and I had struggled to communicate what we wanted for our space with a traditional interior design service. Obviously it’s so important to feel understood when you are relying on someone else to help you create your home.

It was extra important that Kev and I felt understood when designing our bedroom, because we suddenly had two babies and really needed a space that felt relaxing so we could feel rested enough to take care of them. Of course, this meant that we needed to have the same great communication and design experience we had with our first Modsy project. We were slightly nervous about getting lightning to strike a second time with a new design project.”

Modsy master bedroom design with neutral colors and a crib

The Modsy Moment

“Any doubts we had about getting the same quality design as our first Modsy project were immediately put to rest when we spoke with our Modsy designer. I knew within a couple of minutes of our design consultation that our designer understood exactly what we wanted for our bedroom. She was even able to help me articulate what I wanted for space when I couldn’t find the right words in English.

She listened to us so closely and really paid attention to our needs. She created a design that was aligned with the unique style we had in our living/dining room by tying in the same colors and materials. But she also selected items that made the space feel elevated and made us feel pampered—because I’d told her I wanted the room to feel like an upscale hotel. She actually found a crib with clear acrylic details that feels so glam! When I saw it I was so excited—I had no idea something like that even existed.”

Modsy master bedroom design with neutral colors and a crib

The Real Results

“Now that our space has come together, we feel so relaxed and at ease. Working with Modsy a second time has left us knowing we have a service we can rely on for any future design projects. I’ve even started to learn some design tricks from our designer and have applied them to finding accessories for other rooms in the house!”

Modsy customer neutral bedroom with nursery

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Treat Yourself: Simple Ways to Turn Your Bedroom into Your Oasis

Looking for some design ideas for sheltering in place? Start with your bedroom. With all the time at home right now, we believe your bedroom should be a restful oasis—a space that’s peaceful, relaxing, and separate from the chaos of the rest of your home.

But what do you do if it’s currently not a restful oasis? Not all of us can afford or pull off a total bedroom makeover. But don’t worry—that doesn’t mean you can’t make small updates to make your bedroom more cozy and relaxing!

There are some simple bedroom design upgrades you can make that won’t cost a ton of money but will make a huge design impact. So, if you’re looking for bedroom design ideas, let us be your guide as we dig into 13 simple ways to upgrade your bedroom design.

Decorate Your Nightstand With Objects You Love

A nightstand is one of those bedroom essentials. It’s one of the first things you see when you wake up each morning. So, make sure it’s decorated in a way that makes you happy and brings you peace! We love the idea of bringing in your favorite plant or flowers to give your bedside a refreshing vibe. Who doesn’t like waking up to flowers?? Then, layer on a favorite photo or decorative object that will bring you joy every time you see it.

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Get Organized In Style With A Basket

Want to get organized in a way that will also add aesthetic value to your master bedroom? Add a large basket at the end of your bed or in an empty corner. One of those easy bedroom design ideas, it’s a perfect place to throw your pillows when you’re getting ready for bed so they don’t spend all night on the floor. They’re also great for housing quilts or extra linens. And they’re easily moveable so you can switch up their location as needed. Don’t like the look of visible storage? Opt for under-bed storage, or even a bed with built in storage so you don’t have random stuff floating around under your bed!

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Incorporate Pops Of Color

If you’re into neutrals but still want a few fun pops of color in your master bedroom, pillows, throws, and decorative accents are a great place to start. Upgrade your bed pillows to your favorite color scheme. (Blues or earth tones are ideal for creating a calming vibe.) Then, layer in colors in other places for visual interest. Using your table lamps or small decor to echo the color scheme helps the room feel more cohesive. This is a simple upgrade for when you’re short on space and looking for small bedroom ideas!

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Find A Nightstand You Really Love

You want your nightstand to be a piece that’s both functional for your space but also to be a piece that you really love. So, if your current nightstand isn’t working for you, consider an upgrade! Choose a nightstand that offers enough storage for your bedside needs, and that’s large (or small) enough for the size of your bed. Consider this: You want to be able to easily reach your bedside lamp while you’re lying down. So, think about that when you consider the height of your nightstand.

Nightstands are actually a great piece of furniture to splurge on if you’re able. The finish of a nightstand can make it either look cheap or high-end. So, consider the materials and finish and invest in higher-quality materials.

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simple bedroom design Upgrade Your Bedding

Good bedding is key when focusing on comfortable home design. And a new duvet cover is one of those easy bedroom upgrades that can impact the vibe of your whole room. To freshen things up, consider switching out your duvet seasonally—having one for the fall and winter and one for the spring and summer. Opt for lighter weights in the summer months, with a lightweight duvet and a linen or light cotton cover. In the winter, get cozy with a heavier down duvet (or down alternative if you want the warmth but have allergies!) and a darker or more textural cover.

But a comfortable and cozy bed goes way beyond the duvet cover or comforter. In fact, the comfort of your bed starts with your mattress. This is one bedroom element that it’s important to not skimp on! While it doesn’t contribute to the overall aesthetic of your bedroom, it does impact your sense of comfort. So, find a mattress that suits your needs, and decide if you want a mattress topper as well. Top that with some lovely sheets for a good night’s sleep.

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Let Your Favorite Vacation Spot Inspire Your Room Design

Think of your favorite vacation spot—and then let the colors and aesthetics of that location inspire the design of your bedroom! In this room, we were inspired by the coast—so we brought some coastal vibes inside. We paired bright blues with warm woods and leather to recreate the natural elements of water and sand and bring in a beachy color scheme. Plus, we added some ocean-inspired prints, like the shibori pillow. This room is quite simple on it’s own—but these decorative accents give it a really specific vibe.

If your dream vacation is a mountain escape, incorporate greens, browns, blues and rough natural elements to your space. If it’s the desert, focus on earth tones and desert-inspired prints. Overall, simply consider your favorite locale, then incorporate the colors, prints, and materials from that place into the accent decor, which will really help your space come alive.

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Add A Reading Nook

Ideally, your master bedroom will offer more than just a place to sleep at night. As a relaxing oasis, it’s important to also create a space for yourself to unwind that’s separate from your bed. We love the idea of adding a little reading nook, with just a chair and perhaps an ottoman or pouf. But you could also add a desk for crafts or a meditation corner. Whatever helps you relax and brings you joy, make a small space for that within your bedroom!

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Change Up The Color Scheme

Color changes the whole vibe of a space. So, painting your walls is one of those simple interior decorating ideas that can majorly upgrade your bedroom. Not sure what color to choose? Consider going monochrome. A monochrome space is calming and soothing. In this room, we chose greens and greys to give this room a very relaxing feel. But it’s not just one tone of green, but rather varying shades that pair well together and are in the same color family. The shagreen nightstand looks grey on its own. But, when paired with a green wall, it brings out the green hues in the space—from the rug to the basket and pillows. Overall, a more monochrome palette brings relaxing balance to the space.

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Add A Bright Burst Of Color

Not a fan of monochrome? Add a bright burst of color instead. This could be through a fun statement accent wall—whether painted or wallpapered in a fun accent wall. Either way, it brings a fun, bold element to the space without requiring you to paint the whole room. You can also get the effect of a bright burst of color through oversized wall art or a woven wall hanging for a lower investment of time! The idea is more to create a fun central focus and statement in your room.

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Give The End Of Your Bed Some Flair

The end of the bed often gets forgotten about or underutilized. But placing a bench or trunk here—or even an oversized basket—makes use of this space. This also helps visually ground the space and provides a lovely resting place for your decorative pillows, as we mentioned earlier in this post. And, if you choose a storage bench, or opt for a trunk or basket, you suddenly add a lot more hidden storage to your room!

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Give Your Room The Hotel Upgrade

One of our favorite ideas for bedrooms is to give your room the hotel upgrade. What we mean is, with a few subtle elements, you can make your master bedroom feel like your favorite hotel in your dream destination! Start by paring down any bedside clutter to simplify your space, and upgrade your bedding like we mentioned earlier. Then, add in some color and wall art or simple decor that evokes the vibe of your dream location. In this room, we were dreaming of Palm Desert, so we added subtle nods to that in the colors and decor.

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Incorporate Natural Greenery

When it comes to your bedroom, don’t skimp on plants. They add a natural element to your space to keep it from feeling sterile. But bringing plants in your bedroom has a ton of benefits, other than just adding visual interest and color. They help lean the air and visually brighten the space. However, if your bedroom doesn’t get a tone of natural light, faux plants work just as well (other than purifying the air). Add a plant to a dark or empty corner to create some visual interest to that nook!

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Invest In A New Bed

If you have a little more money to spend, consider upgrading your bed in your master bedroom. Since a bed is really the main piece of furniture in your bedroom and the focal point of the space, it’s an opportunity to set the tone for your whole room. Choose a bed frame that you’ll love for a long time to make the investment worthwhile. Consider your storage needs, the material or finish, and the color, which will influence the color and style of the rest of your space.

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Kids Room Design: 9 Ways to Design a Space for the Little One in Your Life

bohemian inspired kids bedroomIf you’ve got kiddos in the family, you know how much they love having a cool space to call their own! Depending on your kids’ ages and personal tastes, kids room design can involve a number of factors to come up with ideas. Whether it’s a girl’s room, boy’s room, baby’s room or pre-teen’s room, kid’s room designs will each have their own set of unique design challenges.

For example, a big consideration is designing a space they love now that will also last over the years. You also have to consider your personal budget, the style of the child’s room, and of course, all of the bedroom essentials: bed, storage, a sturdy rug, and other items that reflect their personality and interests.

All that to say, no matter if you’re looking for girls or boys bedroom ideas, there is a lot to factor in when planning a great kids room design—but you don’t need to hire a dedicated interior designer to make it all come together. If you’re embarking on a new bedroom design for the kids in your house, check out these 9 kids room design ideas to help inspire you!

1. Kids Room with an Under the Sea Theme

This is one of our favorite kids bedroom ideas for boys or girls who love animals! Start with a blue color scheme to set the stage for a cozy sleeping space. Tie in the wall color with a blue rug, pillows, and trunk. The patterned blue decor adds extra texture and makes a child’s room more dynamic. Rustic style furniture is the perfect choice for a warm, inviting bedroom and the natural wood textures fit right in.

There’s plenty of storage with the trunk at the end of the bed, nightstands with drawers and a dresser. Bonus: the trunk can double as extra seating for other family members! This kids room design features a symmetrical layout with the bed centered in the room—great for kiddo who wants a more sophisticated bedroom style. This is one of our favorite ideas if you have a storage or kids trundle bed, so the drawers/extra sleeping spot can be easily rolled into room.

2. Bright, Colorful, and Fun Bedroom Design

This fun, playful design is perfect for a kid who isn’t afraid to have fun. The key elements are the colorful bed, the cheery rug and all the pops of color and texture throughout the room design. We love the spindle bed in cheery orange-pink because it offers a playful update on a traditional design style. And the gallery wall above the bed is one of our favorite ideas because it lets kids show off their unique personality with pictures, artwork, etc.!

The matching set of nightstand, dresser and bookcase are perfect for your young son or daughter’s room. It offers a more coordinated vibe so the furniture doesn’t look too hodge-podge. This makes it easy if you don’t want to think about coordinating a bunch of different pieces—and you can swap in new, fun pieces over time. Plus, purchasing furniture as a set can often be a lot cheaper on the family budget.

3. Bedroom Design for the Rustic Animal Lover

Who says brown walls have to be boring? This rustic, brown kids room design is perfect for the adventurous animal lover in your home. The brown walls give a girl’s or boy’s room a cool, cozy vibe and the neutral base is soothing—a great choice for a peaceful sleeping space.

This style incorporates pops of pattern with the rug, throw pillows, and other decor. The quirky, hanging swing will be a hit among kids and friends and offers a cool alternative to a reading nook. And the fun animal art is kid-friendly but won’t feel too much like a children’s room in a few years! There’s also a ton of extra storage in the end of bed trunk and the tiger basket so you don’t have to worry about excess clutter in this kid’s bedroom.

4. A Kids Bedroom in Classic Blue

Blue is a great color for children’s rooms. It’s gender-neutral and works for a boy’s room or girl’s room. Blue is a soothing color that can grow with them over the years. Not to mention it goes with almost any furniture/decor! Layered rugs are great for adding extra plush to the room to make it even cozier. The layered look makes a colorful pop and still offers extra floor coverage. Putting a jute rug underneath is a great option because you can get larger sizes at affordable prices. They’re also good for high-traffic areas, like kids’ rooms!

The wall-mounted shelves don’t take up any extra floor space and also add a lot of extra storage—always needed in a kid’s room. You can keep books tucked away but still in easy reach for bedtime stories. And the stars and moon decor will be a hit for the outer space enthusiast! The moon is actually a lamp and makes a wonderful nightlight and a charming addition to the space.

5. Pre-Teen’s Bedroom in Sunny Boho Style

This fun room is one of our favorite kid’s bedroom ideas for a pre-teen who’s ready for a room refresh. The vibrant and eclectic look helps to show off style and personality—your kiddo will be the life of the slumber party! The gold bed frame is a super chic look and goes with so many decor styles. Furniture pieces like this are great because they have major staying power—in a kids’ room that’s important because you won’t have to replace it in a few years.

The desk in the corner offers the perfect study spot and also doubles as a nightstand on the other side of the bed. Rattan accents like the desk chair and nightstand add a fun 80s pop. Plus they are stylish AND affordable—just right for a kids room. The fuzzy stools at the end of the bed are stylish and functional and help soften the overall look of the room.

6. A Bedroom for Two!

This cozy bunk beds room is ideal for siblings who share a room. It also works for a little one who loves to host sleepovers! The room is colorful and extra comfy and the pastel jewel palette creates a fresh, youthful look. Pops of pattern in the rug, art and pillows tie all the colors together and make the room look grownup and whimsical all at once!

The oversized blue basket is a perfect storage solution for a kids’ room. It makes it easy to stash toys, clothes and other stray clutter, keeping it out of sight and easy to maintain. Little decorative touches like the star decor, plush horse, and the layered gray rug add magic and personality to the space.

7. It’s Game Time

This is a bold bedroom for the small sports enthusiast in your family. The dark wall color is strong and soothing and creates a cozy vibe for this sleeping space. It’s balanced out by light-colored furniture so it’s not too heavy. Pops of various patterns throughout the room add a playful touch that softens the dark wall color. The twin bed with headboard against the wall leaves room for a desk by the window. It’s a great setup if your kiddo needs space for homework or creative projects.

The trunk at the end of the bed is perfect for stashing sports equipment, extra clothes, blankets, or even games! The basis of this style is simple and sleek foundational furniture—always a great way to go in a kids room. These pieces work with a variety of styles so you won’t have to replace items when they grow out of them. You can also repurpose pieces like the trunk, dresser, nightstand, desk, etc. in other rooms (or for younger family members) in a few years’ time.

8. Serene Sleeping Space for Two

This kids room idea also features a bunk beds setup. It’s a smart solve for a small bedroom like this because the second bed doesn’t take up any floor space. This is great if you’re tight on space or live in a city apartment and have to make a small room work for two twin beds. And if/when your kids don’t need to share a space anymore, you can remove the lower bunk bed and convert the space into a hangout/lounge or a mini study spot with a desk.

To make your kiddos feel like they each have their own space, personalize each “level” with art and decor of their choosing! We think a wallpaper accent wall is a great way to let your kids show off their personalities. You can even try removable wallpaper—it’s easy to hang and remove if/when they outgrow the flowers and butterflies.

Stylist tip: Try dual laundry hampers or baskets in shared spaces! Each kid has their own section to be responsible for so it helps avoid squabbles over cleaning the space.

9. Kids Bedroom Design in Pink Perfection

This kids room design is perfect for the kid who loves pink! Hot pink can be overwhelming in a bedroom (AKA you’ll likely need to repaint in a few years time). But a blush or dusty rose has more staying power. We like to balance out this look with lots of natural textures, like woods, tassels, plush, sheepskin, etc. It helps add a sophisticated touch and keeps the space from feeling too fairy-tale cheesy.

We love the pendant cow portraits—they’re great for the animal lover and are as charming as they are stunning. The mobile, decorative pillows, and white accents serve to balance out the child’s room and create a cohesive look that’s smart and spectacular!


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7 Design Tips You Need to Know If You Want An All White Bedroom


We have three words for you: all-white bedroom. We’re guessing that thought either has you swooning or cringing. Either way, there’s no denying that all-white rooms are elegant and serene spaces that exude a sense of calm.

And when it comes to bedrooms, an all-white space might be a dream design for some, and it’s certainly a nightmare for others! If you’re in the “yes please” camp, read on to see what our designers have to say about all white bedrooms and get the scoop on their best tips for designing this intimate and welcoming space.

Textures, Textures, Textures

Textures are key to creating an all-white bedroom design that doesn’t look washed out and boring. Pieces like a woven rug, braided pillows, and rattan or wicker decor can help to create a dynamic, layered design. Even if all the pieces are white, layering textures in your all-white bedroom helps to bring the look to life and keeps it from falling flat.

white bedroomMix Up Your Materials

And while we’re talking about textures, an easy way to ensure you have lots of them in your space is to choose pieces made of a mix of materials. Instead of using just one or two basics, try incorporating materials like marble, wood, stone, ceramics, linens… the sky’s the limit when it comes to all-white bedroom designs.

You can even mix in natural materials like rattan and jute for an additional pop! These aren’t technically white, but as long as you stick with neutral colors, they won’t feel out of place in your all-white bedroom.

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bedroomThink about Wood Tones

Wood tones are also a fantastic addition to an all-white bedroom. Our only rule here is to pick a lane for your woods and keep the tones, be they light, natural, or dark, consistent.

Our vote? Natural or dark wood accents because they provide a lovely pop of warmth and contrast that all-white rooms usually lack. On the flip side, washed-out or blonde woods can fall flat or get lost in an all-white bedroom. But no matter which tone you pick, having wood in your space is a great way to add warmth, natural texture, and contrast to your bedroom.

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bedroomLayer On The Textiles

Layering textiles, such as rugs, pillows, curtains, etc. helps add depth, texture, and lots of contrast. Plus, lots of layers will help instill a cozy note to your white bedroom and make your space feel more dynamic and well-thought-out.

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white bedroomGo Big With Greenery

Greenery adds a welcome pop of color to an all-white bedroom without overpowering the look. A floor plant, hanging plant, or small succulent on your nightstand will also add texture and dimension to your space without interrupting the serenity. Plus, we all know that plants just make you happy! All in all, there is a lovely addition to a bedroom sanctuary, no matter your color scheme.

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Play with Fun Shapes

When you don’t have color, you have to find other creative ways to add visual intrigue to your space. One of our favorite ways to do this is to consider the forms of your furniture and decor. Playful and funky shapes will help spice up the look of an all-white bedroom. Think round forms, square forms, or even squiggles! Wall art, poufs, and patterned benches are also easy ways to add a little fun and flair.

white bedroomAdd Contrast Through Your Wall Color

Here’s a great little secret – it’s okay for your white bedroom not to have white walls! There are plenty of off-white and neutral shades that still create the look of an all-white bedroom design without being so stark and harsh. A shade of cream, off-white, or light grey can really help warm-up, cool down, or add contrast to your room while still maintaining the clean, crisp and calming look of an all-white bedroom.

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