Year in Review: The 10 Best Dining Rooms of 2021

In 2020 and 2021, dining rooms took on new roles in our homes. As we started working, distance learning, and doing so much more from home, we needed to make the most of our space. For many of us, that meant using the dining room in a new way—not as a space for hosting guests and dinner parties but as an overflow space for work calls, homework, and art projects.

But in the last several months, as we’ve started hosting small groups of family and friends once again, the dining room has perhaps been restored to its former glory in some homes.

Regardless of how you’re currently using your dining room, we wanted to take a moment to shed a little light on this room, one of the unsung heroes of our homes. We’re showing off some of our favorite and most popular dining room designs of 2021!

Japandi style dining room with warm wood tones and gray wall

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1. Japandi Dining Room

The Japandi decor trend grew in popularity in a big way this past year. And it’s no wonder! This minimal and zen style has a calming, grounding effect on any space. In this dining room, specifically, the use of natural materials and finishes gives the space an organic feel. A neutral and light color palette adds to the calming vibe—but pops of black add just the right amount of contrast!

Dark and moodsy dining room with dark cane furniture and glass display cabinet

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2. Dark and Moody Dining Room

Another design style that gained some traction this year? The Dark Academia trend. It’s a look that’s heavily influenced by classical academia—with decor reminiscent of an old library or study. It’s also centered on classical architecture and design. The result, as you can see from this dining room, is a moody space full of dark wood furniture, ornate details, and saturated colors. The furniture in this space is a mix of classic and traditional, with a touch of eclectic to show off some personality. Dark Academia also relies on vintage and antique decor, with a lot of elements having a finish that shows some patina and age.

Light but earthy dining room with natural matrials

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3. Earthy Modern Dining Room

This dining room is earthy and approachable. We love the neutral color palette, which gives the space a serene sensibility. But the varying wood tones add contrast and warmth to the room. Slipcovered dining chairs and a solid wood dining table are a foolproof table and chair combo; they give this space an elegant-but-approachable coziness while embodying the best of transitional style.

Green dining room with organic materials and traditional style

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4. Traditional Modern Dining Room

This past year, we’ve explored many different ways to combine modern and traditional decor styles. One of our favorite ways to bring this combo to life? Modern Manor style. This look combines the sophistication of European-inspired traditionalist styles together with sculptural modern pieces to create a beautiful blend between old and new. With minimalist leanings, ornamentation is found in furniture made of luxe materials with an ornamental quality rather than adding a ton of decor to a space. At once both eclectic and classical, this nuanced style is popular among those who are drawn to a sophisticated but offbeat look.

Eclectic and modern dining room inspired by Miley Cyrus

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5. Miley Cyrus’ Dining Room

We recreated Miley Cyrus’ home design in Modsy 3D after seeing her incredible home tour in Architectural Digest. We combined design elements from her two different dining spaces to get this dining room design. Sculptural pieces create drama while a maximalist mix of patterns adds a lot of visual interest to the space. While there are a lot of patterns happening here, they work together because of their similar hues. Ornamental materials, like bone inlay and marble, add a glam factor to the space. Overall, the design feels balanced while being incredibly unique.

Moody and modren dining room with white mis-matched chairs

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6. Moody Modern Coastal Dining Room

This dining room makes us think of a cloudy day at the beach (and not just because that’s what’s depicted in the wall art!). It has a baseline of coastal style but with a modern and moody spin. Dark walls add a dramatic touch and allow the lighter elements in the room to visually pop. But the natural wood and caning throughout add warmth and texture, making this space very inviting.

Light and airy shabby chis dining room with light upholstered dining chairs

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7. Shabby Chic Dining Room

This dining room design is a modern take on shabby chic design, with some French country elements to elevate the look. Natural light woods add warmth while being more contemporary and sleek than the distressed wood finishes that are seen in more traditional takes of shabby chic. A light, neutral color palette and delicate chandelier add to the shabby chic elegance of this dining room.

Modern glam dining room with black walls and upholstered leather bench

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8. Modern Glam Dining Room

This is a high-contrast dining room design—perfect for modern glam enthusiasts. There are a lot of pastel tones in this space, which pop against the dark walls. And while there isn’t much pattern to speak of other than the classic rug, the room feels visually rich thanks to the materials and visual contrast throughout the space. This dining room is a fun, eclectic mix of old and new.


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9. California Casual Dining Room

Earlier this year, we dreamed up some Gossip Girl room designs, based on how we think the original characters would design their homes today. This California Casual dining room is where we think Dan and Serena would enjoy their meals together. Embodying Serena’s effortless cool, the natural woods bring warmth to the space while the use of earth tones adds to the organic feel. (And did you spot that original print of a photograph of Prada Marfa? A wonderful homage to her mother’s iconic Prada Marfa sign.)

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10. Tropical Coastal Dining Room

Love a classic coastal look? This dining room is just the ticket. This space is sunny, warm, and airy with light furniture and natural materials. It would make the perfect breakfast nook! The woven chairs, mixed with white accents, give this dining room that classic coastal vibe. And that large plant in the corner adds a tropical spin to the space!

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Year In Review: The 13 Best Living Room Designs of 2021

As we all continued to figure out what our “new normal” was in 2021, our homes remained more important than ever. And no room was quite so used in most of our homes than our living rooms.

Living rooms continued to be a place for relaxing and unwinding after a day of video calls and a space for movie or game nights with the family. And, as we slowly started entertaining again this year, our living rooms served as a place for small gatherings with friends—though it certainly looks a little different than before.

To celebrate these multipurpose spaces in our homes, along with the end of 2021, we’re rounding up the best living room designs of the year! Take a walk down memory lane to revisit (and shop) your favorite living rooms of 2021.

70s-glam inspired living room with rich earth tones

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1. 70s-Inspired Glam Living Room

Meet Modsy designer, Hope, the talent behind this stunning space! As part of a Modsy design challenge, Hope designed this glam living room, full of some 1970s vibes. It’s stylish and chic—but also cozy and comfortable. The mustard velvet swivel chairs and burl wood side table is a stunning combination of materials, and perfect for a glam space. And did you notice that teal cloud wallpaper in the corner? Perfection.


minimal glam living room with lux materials

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2. Minimal Glam Living Room

The curved furniture trend is on full display here! From the curved sofa and armchair to the rounded coffee table and ottoman, we’re loving all the soft, modern lines in this space. It creates an understated yet playful living room that’s full of personality. And the earthy pastel palette lets the furniture forms do all the talking.

Moody rustic living room with cozy rug

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3. Moody Modern Rustic Living Room

This living room was one of our most popular spaces of the year. Don’t you just want to crawl inside of this room? There’s not much color to speak of in this living room, but the space comes to life through the contrast of light and darks, along with the use of varying textures and materials. We’re talking about those pops of natural material (the wood coffee table and dried pampas grass), along with the sherpa pillows and sheepskin rug, that enliven the space with texture.

California inspired living room in white

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4. Cali Cool Living Room With a Rustic Twist

Fans of the Amber Interiors design style, rejoice! This rustic living room design is mixed with California Casual and a dash of the eclectic for an absolutely stunning space! We love the mix of patterns, like classic-style rug and folk-inspired ottoman. And natural wood finishes add an organic and casual touch to the space. Built around the desire for a conversation space, we maximized seating not just a sofa, but also various chairs and stools.

Living room showing a mix a traditional and modern styles

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5. Modern Traditional Living Room

Here’s another dream room design—this one from Modsy designer Angela Lee! This beautiful living room embodies timeless design, with a mix of furniture styles ranging from classic to modern and eclectic. While it has a more formal vibe, the layered rugs add a cozy feel. We love how the neutral palette is punctuated with green accents—from the velvet chaise armchair to the  use of plants and flowers throughout the space. This is another layout that’s great for entertaining and conversing, with tons of cozy seating options.

East-coast style coastl living room

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6. Nantucket Coastal Living Room

If you gravitate toward a classic, preppy, and streamlined look, then this is the living room for you. This space has a more formal look, but the plush furniture is comfort-forward and inviting, and natural materials bring in some warmth. The classic blue and white color scheme, along with that use of natural materials, make the design of this living room undeniably coastal and summery. It has us dreaming of an escape to a seaside cottage in the summer!

Scandi style living room

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7. Cozy and Layered Scandinavian Living Room

Scandinavian design meets the comforting nature of hygge in this living room, which is filled with layers of coziness. Natural, rich materials add a lot of texture and bring depth to the space. That use of natural materials, along with the neutral palette—contrasted with the moments of black accents—helps ground the look in Scandinavian style. And a plush sectional offers a perfect place to lounge around and get cozy!

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Moodsy eclectic living room

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8. Modern Eclectic Living Room

This living room was another dream room design, by Modsy designer Shelly Sutton. Full of global eclectic style, this space has a lot going on—in the best possible way. A maximalist’s dream, the mix of patterns—from the zebra print rug to the marble and floral wallpaper—helps break up the otherwise neutral color palette. And the charcoal walls add a dramatic touch that acts as a backdrop to the light furniture. The use of plants and natural wood throughout the space adds an organic feel that helps temper the drama of this living room design.

Cottagecore living room with pick walls

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9. Cottagecore-Inspired Living Room

The Cottagecore trend grew in leaps and bounds in 2021. Cottagecore style is inspired by the idea of simpler life, when things were slightly more rustic and idyllic. Basically, it embodies some major English countryside cottage vibes and celebrates the look of handmade items. To bring this look to life, we opted for oversized furniture to add a cozy place to lounge and relax. While the furniture style is a mix of classic and rustic, the bold use of color and pattern adds a dose of the eclectic to this space.

Modern coastal living room with leather sofas

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10. Modern Coastal Living Room

This living room design comes to life through a mix of modern and coastal styles. The blue and white color palette brings out the coastal side of this style, while leather sofas add a cool, modern touch to the space—along with richness to this lighter color palette. The symmetrical design is a nod to the formality of classic coastal design, but the furniture shapes and patterns in the space make it feel more casual. The layered rugs also add to that casual vibe while also grounding the large space to make it feel more intimate.

Industrial style living room in blue

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11. Modern Industrial Living Room

A mix of modern and contemporary furniture adds a fresh look to this industrial space. The color palette is cool with its use of blue, gray, white, and black. But we brought in warmth with the use of a natural wood coffee table and leather sectional. The crystal chandelier adds an elevated touch to the space without clashing the overall casual vibe of this living room.

high contrast style living room

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12. High-Contrast Living Space

Contrast plays a big role in this living room, adding visual interest with the limited color palette. The accent wall behind the fireplace draws your eye into the space, contrasting with the white fireplace and sofa. You can also see this contrast come to life in the use of textures throughout the space—from the jute rug and stool to the textured throw pillows and cane chair. And the vivid geometric rug, bold artwork, and patterned pillows bring further depth to the space through the use of pattern.

Green California style living room

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13. California Modern Living Room

This living room design is from our musings of where the original Gossip Girl characters would live today. This is what we think Serena and Dan’s apartment would look like—an embodiment of California Modern style, with eclectic accents sprinkled throughout. The space features a simple-but-cozy color palette, with earthy green and neutrals. And we love the conversational seating set-up, with the sectional and chairs centered around the fireplace and coffee table.

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Year In Review: Revisit The 10 Best Bedrooms of 2021

At the end of each year, we like to look back at the design archives and get inspired all over again by the designs our team created this past year.

2021 has been another strange one, full of ups and downs. As a result, many of us took solace in our bedrooms. These spaces not only served as places to crash at the end of each day, but they offered a space to relax and recharge. Bedrooms are important rooms—now, more than ever.

Today, we’re looking back at our most-loved bedroom designs of 2021!

Coastal style blue bedroom

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1. Modern Coastal Bedroom

Coastal design is known for its relaxing and laid-back nature. We brought this style to life in a bedroom design, giving it a modern spin. Various shades of blue add a fresh and relaxing feel to this space. Modern furniture lines give this bedroom a contemporary and trendy vibe that still feels very approachable.

California casual style bedroom

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2. California Casual Bedroom

California casual style is all about refined-but-relaxed living. Sounds like an ideal style for a bedroom, right? In this design, a symmetrical layout elevates the space so it feels formal but still approachable. Modern elements mix with eclectic accents and rustic furniture to create the ultimate haven. And a bold, patterned rug grounds space, while the rest stays neutral and serene.

Eclectic bedroom with blue wallpaper

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3. Eclectic and Glam Bedroom

If you want your bedroom to make a major statement about your personality, take inspiration from this eclectic glam bedroom. The bold teal wallpaper sets the vibe in this space, giving it a major eclectic spin. It’s accented by sculptural elements, which add some glamorous flair—like the suede chair in spice, the fluted nightstand, and that stunning table lamp. The cane bed helps ground the space, while also popping against the wallpaper.

Miley Cyrus inspired black bedroom glam bedroom

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4. Miley Cyrus’ Bedroom

Inspired by her home tour in Architectural Digest, we recreated Miley Cyrus’ LA home in Modsy 3D. We love this dark, moody, and bold design based on her real-life bedroom. It embodies 80s glam at its finest, with contemporary accents to balance out the look. We love all the sculptural elements and how this bedroom is loaded with luxurious textures—making it a true retreat.

French country style bedroom with shiplap walls

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5. French Country Bedroom

French Country design is sophisticated, feminine, and warm. And we thought these were perfect attributes for a bedroom retreat. Ornate details throughout the space—from the carved furniture with turned legs to the scalloped, camelback headboard and beaded chandelier—create an elevated rustic look with loads of elegance.


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light blue boho style bedroom

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6. Transitional Boho Bedroom

This curved rattan bed is a total showstopper. Combined with teal walls, it gives this bedroom a definite boho vibe. The pastel color palette feels fresh and youthful, while transitional accent furniture grounds the room in a timeless sensibility.

Modern rustic bedroom with white shiplap walls

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7. Modern Rustic Bedroom

This bedroom design brings to life the popular modern rustic design style. A simple color palette keeps the space relaxing, with pops of black adding just the right amount of contrast. Organic textures like caning, jute, copper, and natural wood give this bedroom depth and visual interest, making it oh-so-inviting.

Japandi style bedroom with dark gray-green walls

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8. Japandi-Inspired Bedroom

With the growth of the Japandi design trend, it only made sense to bring this style to life in a comfortable, organic bedroom. A neutral color palette with a moodier edge makes this space feel sophisticated and zen. Streamlined furniture adds to the minimal feel, while earthy accents and sculptural plants bring in the natural aspect of Japandi design.

Transitional style bedroom with blue walls

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9. Textural Transitional Bedroom

Transitional design can feel very relaxing—but at times it’s a bit too subdued. To give this transitional bedroom a bit more visual interest, style, and depth, we added a variety of textural accents throughout the space. To keep the bedroom feeling soothing and timeless, we opted for a simple-but-classic color palette of creams and blues, mixed with natural hues from wood and natural fibers.

Eclectic english style bedroom with avian wallpaper

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10. Eclectic English-Inspired Bedroom

This year, we helped Kate Arends, the blogger behind Wit & Delight, redesign her primary bedroom—and we’re obsessed with how it turned out. It’s a very unique and eclectic space which combines traditional and modern elements for a space that feels like a streamlined take on English country. The rich tones found in the mahogany wood bed, sage green walls, and black accents add depth to this space, while the mix of patterns is both tasteful and charming.

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Get the Look of Miley Cyrus’ LA Home (Designed by Her Mama, Tish Cyrus)

When we saw Miley Cyrus’ Los Angeles home tour in Architectural Digest, we immediately got thinking about how we could translate her style into a more approachable look. Her home, designed by her mother Tish, is boisterous, bold, and glamorous. It’s definitely a rock star’s home, with a look that really can’t be replicated.

However, there are some design principles and style elements in her home that you can definitely bring into your own home. It has a lot of modernist 80s design style throughout, with bright colors and bold geometric shapes. There’s definitely a maximalist approach at play in the styling. And it also has a good dose of Hollywood Glam style, which is a classic look in Los Angeles interior design. See? All elements you can apply in your own home if you feel so inclined.

So, we dreamed up how we could bring Miley’s style to life in a living room, bedroom, dining room, and sitting area. Ready to bring the look home? Read on for designer tips on how to get the look of Miley’s LA home.

Photograph of Miley Cyrus\' living room lounge with velvet blue sectional and dark charcoal walls and built-in shelves

Image from Architectural Digest

Rendering of Miley Cyrus reimagined living room with jewel toned furniture and dark charcoal walls

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Get the Look: Miley’s Living Room

Miley’s living room is about as funky as they come! Loud, bold, and poppy, it almost feels like an electrified space with all of the accents, shapes, and colors in the space. At a glance, the reproduction of her living room might read glam, but there’s a seriously eclectic mix of colors, patterns, and wall art that gives this space a ton of personality.

How to Get the Look

Go Glam: When picking out foundational furniture, like a sofa and accent chairs, lean into Hollywood Glam style. Velvet upholstery, channel tufting, bold jewel tones, and animal prints will give your living room a luxe foundation.

Try Out Minimalism: Much of Miley’s house is pretty maximalist. But with the bold foundational furniture in this living room, minimal accent furniture helps balance out the look to make it more approachable. So, opt for simple, clean lines in coffee tables, lamps, and side tables.

Have Some Fun: It’s obvious with her home’s design that Miley likes having fun. So, follow suit and let your funky side shine through in a Miley-inspired living room! Glamorous furniture can feel serious, so bring in some brevity through a playful collection of artwork, as well as funky patterns and bold furniture colors. You should even opt for a more casual layout so that even the arrangement of the room feels laid back and fun.

Photograph of Miley Cyrus\' bedroom with a metal four poster bed and and fur bedding

Image from Architectural DigestMiley Cyrus\' bedroom design with metal arched canopy bed, charcoal painted walls and starburst brass mirrors

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Get the Look: Miley’s Bedroom

Miley’s bedroom is a glam space that has high-contrast details and maximalist statements. Dark and moody, it gives off some major 80s revival vibes. The result is a dramatic and luxurious space that’s the perfect room to get away from the busyness of life.

Miley Cyrus\' bedroom design with metal arched canopy bed, charcoal painted walls and starburst brass mirrors

How to Get the Look

Bring in Those 80s Vibes: Moody 80s vibes is what this bedroom style is all about. Curved furniture and Art Deco-inspired mirrors set the tone, while gold finishes and faux fur, animal print pillows give off those classic rockstar vibes.

Make a Statement: The key to a Miley-inspired bedroom design? Making sure almost every decor piece feels like it could be the main statement piece. Arched canopy bed, boxy gold nightstands, a curvaceous sofa, textural table lamps—no one piece of furniture or decor claims the spotlight in this space. Individually, they’re all showstoppers; combined, become a maximalist haven. (The rug is really the only subdued piece of this room; its simple design lets the rest of the decor shine.)

Create Symmetry: To make a dramatic, maximalist space more serene (because you want a bedroom to be relaxing, after all) opt for a fairly symmetrical layout. Aiming for symmetry and balance in design makes a space feel more harmonious. In this design, though there’s a sofa on one side of the room and a bench on the other, the rest of the space is fairly symmetrical, with matching nightstands, lamps, and mirrors balancing out the statement bed and wall art.

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Photograph of Miley Cyrus\' dining room space with large concrete dining table and patterned dining chairs

Image from Architectural Digest

Neutral color scheme dining room with white marble table and patterned upholstered dining chairs

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Get the Look: Miley’s Dining Room

Getting Miley Cyrus’s dining room style is all about pattern play. We used inspiration from both her formal dining room and eat-in kitchen table to create this look—but we’d like to think she’d approve of the mash-up of design elements! Both spaces in her home featured highly patterned dining chairs and sculptural elements, giving off a modern maximalist vibe.

How to Get the Look

Mix Materials and Patterns: Go big on ornamental materials and patterns. Materials like marble and bone inlay give a space a luxe foundation, while more ornamental wood furniture—like the slatted wood bar cabinet featured here, or even a burl wood—add warmth while still feeling glam. Layering patterns into a space with ornamental materials ups the maximalist glam factor. Here, we layered a geometric-patterned rug under a set of textural patterned dining chairs to add some visual drama. (Designer tip: the blues in both of these busy patterns helps tie them together rather than having them compete for attention.)

Keep Furniture Forms Simple: To balance out all of the patterns, prints, and ornamental materials, keep furniture forms relatively simple and minimal.

Add In Decorative Details: Miley is a maximalist, through and through. So, it’s important to add decorative elements into your space to max out the style. Extras in a dining room could be a cocktail table, lots of tabletop decor, vases full of sculptural flowers, and plenty of other natural greenery.

Miley Cyrus\' living room with black walls and four blue velvet chairs.

Image from Architectural Digest

Rendering of Miley Cyrus\' living room lounge by Modsy with organic curved blue velvet chairs and a brass amoeba shaped coffee table

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Get the Look: Miley’s Sitting Area

With dark walls and a set of four matching accent chairs around a large coffee table, a sitting area like Miley’s is the type of space that might feel rather dramatic in the average home. But we gotta say—we kind of love it. A sitting area is a fun area to add to your home if you have the space; whether you have a long, narrow living room and need to break it into zones or you have a totally separate room to dedicate to it, we love how this type of space is designed for conversation and entertaining.

How to Get the Look

Incorporate Curved Furniture: This sitting area has curves! Curved furniture gives this space an 80s edge while also feeling quite organic. Since all four chairs are matching, the curves of these chairs become a focal point in the space. These same curves are echoed in the coffee table, and the round light fixture drives it home. The soft, organic curves offer a fun contrast to all of the metallic and manufactured materials in the space.

Create Contrast: A black wall can feel pretty moody and dramatic—but when paired with colors like powder blue and natural greenery, the space really pops. (Bonus: the contrast of light blue chairs against a black wall only further highlights their curved forms!)

Use Luxe Materials: To elevate a sitting area from a casual gathering space to something a bit more lounge-like, up the glam factor through materials. Here, you can see that in the velvet of the chairs; the gold finishes on the coffee table, chairs, and light fixture; and the marble tabletop. These materials give a simple design sitting area and air of luxury.

Miley Cyrus\' dining room buffet with eclectic gallery wall above and array of funky pottery on buffet surface

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Bonus Accent Area

Ok, we couldn’t help ourselves—we had to create just one more space that shows you how to bring that Miley vibe into your own home. This type of area could be along a wall in your living room, in a wide hallway or large entryway, or even in a dining room. Wherever it is in your home, the idea is to combine that glam 80s style with some funky playfulness.

Loud and funky, this little vignette showcases how contrasting pieces can really shine together. Two differently colored chairs flank a chunky, glamorous console featuring an eclectic assortment of art and objects. A maximalist’s dream, more is more with the surface styling of this piece. The funky shapes of the vases and sculptures collide with fun art pieces that range from photographs to humanist-inspired prints, resulting in a small gallery wall that feels a little modern, a little retro, and a whole lot eclectic.

Want more pop culture design inspo? Check out our take on Kendall Jenner’s LA home.

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