Year In Review: The 20 Best Living Room Designs of 2020

It’s time for our annual Year in Review! While 2020 didn’t turn out how any of us expected, here’s one thing that did go well: home design. At Modsy, we designed countless rooms this year—and today we want to share some of our favorite designs.

The most popular room we helped customers design this year were living rooms. As the hub of the home, these are rooms that saw a lot of action in 2020 and holding so many different functions.

To celebrate the end of the year (and we really are celebrating!), we’re looking back on the 20 best living room designs of 2020. It’ll inspire you with so many living room design ideas. Explore and shop them all below!

best living room designs of 2020

1. Modern Farmhouse

This Modern Farmhouse living room is full of comfortable foundational furniture—but it has more modern appeal that a traditional farmhouse look. This space features a mix of materials—like wood, linen, brass, marble, ceramic, and seagrass—which gives it a dynamic look. You might not think of mod velvet club chairs or marble and brass side tables for a farmhouse look. But, when mixed with more down-to-earth elements and arranged in a symmetrical layout, you get a look that perfectly blends the warmth of rustic design with the elevated nature of modern decor.

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Why We Love It

This space is full of unexpected elements that add a refined element to rustic decor.

Two white sofas facing each other anchored by a large vintage style area rug

2. Bohemian Elegance

This living room takes all our favorite parts of bohemian design—the eclectic, collected nature; the global colors and patterns; the warm materials—but in a way that’s more pared down and curated. The result? What we like to call Bohemian Elegance. The use of color and pattern isn’t center stage, but it’s still very present in the throw pillows and rugs, giving some definite personality to this space.

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Why We Love It

This space is proof that boho design can come alive in a more formal and elegant way.

best living room designs of 2020

3. Modern Southwest

A living room full of earth tones and natural materials has us dreaming of a desert getaway. This Modern Southwest living room is brought to life through a mix of rustic and mid-century design elements, which are combined in a way that recalls the desert Southwest.

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Why We Love It

The muted colors used throughout this space are exactly the hues you’d find in the desert, which really creates a sense of place with this look.

Hygge style living room with white and grey decor

4. Scandinavian Rustic

This Scandinavian Rustic living room brings all the coziness of hygge to life. A neutral color palette with a ton of textures and natural materials create a layered look that makes hunkering down for the winter actually sound appealing.

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Why We Love It

It has all the simplicity of Scandinavian design and all the warmth of rustic spaces for a living room that’s peak coziness.

best living room designs of 2020

5. Bohemian Glam

Love the opulence of glam design but the laid back appeal of boho? No need to choose when you can combine them for this stunner of a design style! Bohemian Glam is a more modern and casual approach to glam—but in a way that definitely still celebrates moments of opulence. We love the lavish but cheeky nature of this eclectic style.

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Why We Love It

We’re swooning over the mix of glam materials with a boho color palette and natural materials.
best living room designs of 2020

6. New Traditional

This New Traditional living room takes all the best parts of Traditional interior design, but with more streamlined and contemporary silhouettes. While it has a more formal, symmetrical layout, it still feels cozy and inviting—the perfect space for conversations with friends or for curling up with a good book.

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Why We Love It

A blue and white color palette and traditionally inspired furniture bring to life our favorite parts of traditional design—but unexpected moments like the upholstery and modern shape of the wingback chairs give this space a contemporary spin that we absolutely love.

best living room designs of 2020

7. Bold Contemporary

When you think of Contemporary interior design, you may think of a very neutral color palette and minimally styled spaces. But not this living room! While it has the streamlined forms contemporary design is known for, the bold use of color and graphic black and white patterns—plus the more maximal take on bookcase styling—give this space a ton of personality.

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Why We Love It

The simple furniture forms mean the bold colors and patterns in this living room get to steal the show and let the homeowner’s personality shine through.

neutral living room with high-contrast drapery and fireplace

8. California Modern

The California Modern look is all about comfort. The foundational pieces are comfortable and cozy—but the high-contrast color palette and mix of materials and textures in this space take this look from rustic into a space that’s a bit more modern. The result? An easy, elevated look that prioritizes livability.

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Why We Love It

Subtle eclectic elements through the living room give the space a personalized and approachable vibe.

best living room designs of 2020

9. Modern Glam

This jewel box room brings the bold-colored rooms trend to life with a fun mix of jewel tones. The color palette and materials used in this living room establish a decidedly glam vibe. But the shapes of the accent furniture bring in modern design elements that make this look feel fresh and of-the-moment.

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Why We Love It

There’s some major contrast happening in this space with all these bold colors. And we are here for it.

best living room designs of 2020

10. Contemporary Collector

This is a living room made for lounging. The large sectional is the perfect space to gather for a movie night or to curl up with a book. The vibrant earth tones and natural materials gives this living room an eclectic but down-to-earth vibe!

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Why We Love It

This sectional maximizes the space in this living room, offering enough space for the whole family to pile on!

victorian style living room with roll-arm sofa and chairs

11. Victorian Farmhouse

This Victorian Farmhouse living room combines rustic, classic, and eclectic elements so beautifully. It’s full of adorned elements—like the elegant chandelier and the ornate, gold-framed floor mirror—that have a classical vibe. But the foundational furniture also makes it feel very livable and comfortable.

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A design style that mixes Joanna Gaines’ down-to-earth farmhouse aesthetic with Victorian styling and antique-inspired elements? What’s not to love!

best living room designs of 2020

12. Desert Modern

The mix of olive green and terracotta is one of our favorite earth tone color palettes—and a great way to try out a trendy but unexpected green color palette. A mix of natural materials adds to the earthy nature of this living room, for a look that’s warm and welcoming.

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Why We Love It

The combination of these rich, saturated takes on earth tones gives this living room a lot of warmth.

best living room designs of 2020

13. Traditional Comfort

Is it possible to use traditional silhouettes and a formal layout in a way that still feels relaxed? Look at this living room and you’ll say a resounding “yes!” While this space has classic formal design elements, the combination of plus materials, mixed wood finishes, and clean lives gives this space a Traditional Comfort vibe.

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Why We Love It

This is a really approachable take on traditional interior design while still leaning into classic patterns and motifs and a traditional blue and white color palette.

best living room designs of 2020

14. Earthy Eclectic

A deep green wall mixed with warm wood tones and leather creates a very cozy living room indeed. The wood tones pop against the saturated, earthy green of the wall. Bonus: This particular shade of green can compliment just about any wood tone. This look made it into our favorite fall color schemes round-up—but it’s a look you can embrace year-round.

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Why We Love It

This look is simple but feels both cozy and refined. Plus, you can easily layer in pops of other earth tones for a no-fail color palette.

best living room designs of 2020

15. Modern Coastal

This Modern Coastal living room has major beach house vibes. The furniture is very Mid-Century-inspired. But the beach-inspired color palette, weathered wood, and tons of natural textures tap into that coastal vibe—creating a relaxing but stylish space.

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Why We Love It

We’re big fans of coastal-inspired spaces. But we love how pops of dark contrast keep the look feeling fresh and modern!

best living room designs of 2020

16. Grandmillenial Americana

Floral patterns, a quirky mix of decorative objects, and a nod to classic Colonial design captures some of the best of the trendy Grandmillenial look. With an appreciate for heritage pieces and vintage-inspired designs, this living room feels both modern and timeless all at once.

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Why We Love It

The colors, patterns, and decor throughout this space pack a ton of personality into this small living room.

best living room designs of 2020

17. California Coastal

This living room is a more West Coast take on coastal style—a look we call California Coastal. Mid-Century forms, pops of cheerful colors, and mix of natural materials embodies that laid-back, cool, and unfussy Southern California vibe.

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Why We Love It

This living room has a bohemian edge that makes it feel so casual and comfortable.

best living room designs of 2020

18. Industrial Glam

Industrial and glam design elements might be an unexpected pairing—but if this living room is any proof, it’s a combination that absolutely works. This Industrial Glam living room highlights and celebrates the architecture of the space (a very industrial move) but brings in materials and textures that add a definite glam factor.

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Why We Love It

Bold, dramatic, and elegant, this look is absolutely striking and packs a big punch!

best living room designs of 2020

19. Saturated Southwest

Jewel tones are used in a big way in this living room. But the mix of textures in this space, plus the injection of some desert-inspired earth tones, gives it a decidedly eclectic flair—something you don’t always see in a jewel-toned space. Meanwhile, the leather sectional helps ground the look.

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Why We Love It

The clean lines of the contemporary furniture means that the colors can do all the talking in this living room!

best living room designs of 2020

20. Rustic Retreat

This cozy and serene living room has rustic farmhouse vibes—but in a way that feels very elegant. With its minimal styling color palette of soft neutrals, this living room feels light and airy. The perfect place to retreat at the beginning and end of each day!

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Why We Love It

This living room has such calming vibes. It feels like a space you might find in a cozy mountain getaway!

Want even more living room inspiration? Check out our best living room designs of 2019.

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Match the Nook to the Book: 5 Reading Nooks Inspired by Classic Novels

In the midst of 2020, we’ve all needed little escapes now and again. Some days that looks like binge-watching the newest show on Netflix, other days it’s self-care like an at-home facial with a glass (or two) of wine. Another favorite activity on our team here at Modsy? Curling up with a favorite book.

We’ve been turning back to some tried and true favorite novels this year as a way to get lost in another world or another time, but in a way that doesn’t take as much of a toll on our brains. (Re-reading a book is equivalent to the ease of getting together with your best friend vs. a brand new friend, don’t you think?)

As we hunker down for the winter, we’re trying to balance out TV shows and movies with some screen-free time—and that means adding to our stack of books! And the perfect thing to pair with a good book? Good armchairs and accent chairs! (That, and a steaming mug of tea or a tall glass of wine!) But really—what better way to inspire yourself to read more than to create a cozy reading nook somewhere in your home? (Or a window nook if you’re short on space!)

Today, just for fun, we created some reading nook design ideas, inspired by some of our team’s favorite novels! Read on for an inspirational escape. (And hey, you may just find the next book on your reading list from our list!)


Victorian inspired reading nook with wingback chairs

The Book: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

If ever there were a literary home we’d want to move into, it might just be Orchard House, the home of the March sisters in Little Women. Taking place in the Victorian era, during the Civil War, their New England home was cozy and comfortable. Dark, heavy upholstery and the sisters’ personal objects (and personalities) gave their home an intimate and welcoming ambiance. A novel that explores and fights against gender stereotypes, this space is neither overly feminine nor masculine but instead creates a space that is welcoming for all—much like the March home!

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How to Get the Look

Classic forms meet antique-inspired decorative items in this cozy, traditional reading nook. With the rising popularity of the wingback chair trend, we felt that this was just the reading nook to include this traditional armchair. Ever-restless, Jo March loved sprawling herself out on the sofa or rug—so we made sure to layer a vintage-inspired oriental rug beneath the pair of wingback chairs. A bookcase offers the perfect space not only for a personal library but also for personalized collections of trinkets and knick-knacks. This is exactly the type of space a modern Jo March would inhabit, don’t you think?


eclectic reading nook with colorful accent chair

The Book: 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez

A book filled with magical realism, 100 Years of Solitude, while at times grim, is a story filled with life and color. Based in the fictitious Columbian town of Macondo, the story follows several generations of the Buendía family as they establish and fight for their utopian existence. Playing with themes of alchemy and the circular nature of time, this otherworldly story uses colors and objects to convey deep symbolism.

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How to Get the Look

To create a reading nook inspired by 100 Years of Solitude, we used a lot of bright colors and gold accents, which capture the vibrancy of Latin American culture, the town of Macondo, the gypsies who would visit this isolated town. We brought in touches of the tropical with a large house plant—reminiscent of greenery you might find in a South American jungle. We opted for accent furniture in whitewashed woods and natural materials to support that tropical vibe and inserted symbolic uses of gold throughout the space. (Can you spot the goldfish and the homage to the gold chamber pot?) Make yourself a cup of coffee and get comfortable—because you could easily spend hours, days, or even a century here curled up with a good book!

Great Gatsby inspired reading nook

The Book: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Jay Gatsby, the main character in The Great Gatsby, is known across Long Island and Manhattan for his opulent parties and extravagant wealth. Taking place in the Roaring 20s, this story highlights the reckless jubilance of this era, alongside the story of a man trying desperately to recapture the lost love of his youth.

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How to Get the Look

This space is outfitted with Art Deco-style furniture—most notably this pair of curved and pleated reading chairs. Stylistically, they’re a bit over-the-top (in all the right ways). And, paired with this plush jewel-tone rug gives this space an air of opulence. We also layered in rich materials, like mahogany wood, brass, and marble to support the glam, Deco vibe of this space. And, of course, this reading nook wouldn’t be complete without a nod to the eyes of Doctor T. J. Eckleburg!


rustic reading nook with leather lounge chair

The Book: The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

The first of many Middle Earth epics, The Hobbit is a fantasy full of peril, bravery, and adventure. But, like both this story and The Fellowship of the Ring, it begins in The Shire, which is inhabited by peace-loving Hobbits. This space is reflective of Bilbo Baggins’ eclectic home that’s inspired by his travels throughout Middle Earth.

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How to Get the Look

We started with a leather chair that has wood-carved arms and legs that have a slightly mystical and eclectic quality. We surrounded it with lots of cozy textures and materials, plus a couple of plants—because hobbits love their gardens and being out in nature! The archway is reminiscent of the architecture of a hobbit hole, built into a hillside. This reading nook—and the space surrounding it—is filled with saturated earth tones, mismatched woods, and natural textures, which give the reading nook a cozy, collected quality. Be sure to keep a tea kettle and snacks nearby for Elevenses!


teal reading nook with curved sofa

The Book: Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote

Holly Golightly, the heroine of Truman Capote’s novella, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, has become something of a cultural icon thanks to Audrey Hepburn’s portrayal of her in the film version of this story. Taking place in a brownstone apartment in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Holly has transformed herself from a country bumpkin to a New York socialite. (Or at least someone who rubs shoulders with socialites.) She’s dreadfully chic—so we made this reading nook a reflection of that glamorous idealized version of herself. But we took a minimalist touch to the space—giving it an almost unfinished vibe that’s reflective of Holly’s inability to truly put down roots and settle down in a place.

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How to Get the Look

A mere chair wasn’t enough for a reading nook inspired by the infamous Holly Golightly. Instead, we opted for a small sofa that’s perfect for decadent lounging. Gold accents throughout contribute to the glamorous vibe, while a sheepskin rug offers opulent comfort. Inspired by the color palette of Tiffany & Co., we used accents of white against the classic Tiffany blue. Pops of bright pink bring in elements of Holly’s girlishness and zany personality—breaking up the glam minimalism of this space.

Love these literary takes on cozy reading nooks? Check out our other pop culture designs to see the homes of some of your favorite TV show characters and real-life pop culture icons!

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Modsy 2020 COVID-Inspired Design Trend Report

It’s safe to say that amidst the pandemic, our homes have become more important than ever before. Considering people’s increased connection to their living spaces, we couldn’t help but wonder how this is changing our decisions, priorities, and preferences when it comes to interior design. We sifted through our Modsy data, survey responses from 2,000 people across the country, and Google Trends data to put together a report on COVID-19’s impact on home design.

holiday set up for small dining space

Quarantine Styles

Sofas were considered the number one most splurge-worthy furniture item and living rooms were the top space people said they wanted to redesign post-pandemic. Not surprising, given the increased amount of time we’re all spending at home. Additionally, a decent number of people said their homes actually added to their stress levels, which were already higher than normal, thanks to the pandemic.

Interior design trends chart

According to our survey results, more people are interested in designing rooms with “flex space” this year, meaning they’re creating spaces where versatility is top of mind. These designs include things like added storage, designated places for hobbies/distance learning, and reading nooks. We’ve also seen an increase in interest in home hygiene/sanitization. More people are looking into germ-resistant materials for flooring and surfaces, automatic faucets, smart toilets, and indoor air quality monitoring.

home school set up with breakfast nook

Pandemic Parent Trends

Parenting has always been tough, but all the stressors surrounding COVID-19 have made it even tougher for parents. With many schools closing and parents working from home while taking care of their kids, the pandemic has contributed to an often very stressful home situation for many families across the US. This has given many people a different perspective on their home design preferences and priorities.comparison graphic about covid and home designFlex spaces and sanitization are top priorities for parents, even more so than non-parentsWhen looking at what’s most important to parents and non-parents in terms of room design, it’s clear that parents are more focused on flex spaces and home hygiene/sanitization.This makes sense given how most parents want to keep their homes as functional, multipurpose, and germ-free as possible with little ones around all the time!

comparison chart

Parents undertook more DIY home projects this year Parents were slightly more likely than non-parents to realize their home was disorganized during the pandemic (although that was still the majority consensus for everyone).Last but not least, parents were more likely to have undertaken DIY home or room design projects during the quarantine than non-parents. How they found the time? That’s a mystery!

closet converted into a changing station in nursery
Nurseries Are On the Rise

With all the speculation about a potential post-COVID baby boom (and our own data shows that nursery designs are on the rise), we wanted to see which states were the most interested in nursery designs.

comparison graphic about covid and home design

nursery side by side imageCOVID Home Stress IndexWhether you’re a parent or not, you’ve likely experienced an increased amount of stress while at home due to the pandemic. As it turns out, people in certain states experienced more stress related to their home design and organization amidst the pandemic than others.

The top 10 states where people have felt the most stressed out about their home interior design since the pandemic began: google trends

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Virtual Togetherness: Tips for Celebrating the Holidays During COVID

We all know that the holiday season will look quite different this year. While there may not be any holiday parties and family gatherings will be limited, we all still deserve a holiday that brings us joy!

This past spring, we wrote about how design can help us cope while sheltering in place. And, with a long winter ahead of us, we’re going to continue leaning into those design hacks to help our homes work for our new needs. But, for the holidays, we want to approach this same theme from a different angle—how design can help create virtual togetherness. Because design can also spark joy and help you delight in the simple things, while also finding creative ways to connect with loved ones, near and far.

Want some tips on how to foster virtual togetherness and plan holiday celebrations during COVID? Here are some ideas from our Modsy designers on how they’ll be getting festive and celebrating safely this year!

jewel tone living room with glamorous style christmas decor

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Fill Your Home With Moments of Joy and Delight

Since you probably won’t be traveling this year, perhaps you want to use some of that travel money to turn up the dial on festive decorations? Filling your home with moments of joy and delight through your decor will bring a smile to your face, even if you’re sad to miss some of the “normal” holiday gatherings and moments. (Need some inspiration? Check out our Holiday Decor Lookbook.)

Here’s how our designers are doing it…

“I think this is an opportunity for families to be excited for the holidays, even though they’ll look different this year. Since travel and events don’t seem to be on people’s high priority list, there’s a high demand for home decor and redesign for the holidays of 2020. I’m a big fan of incorporating bright colors that bring happiness to holiday decorations this year!” –Brooke M.

“This winter, decorate your home just as much as you normally would if the whole extended family and neighborhood were coming over for a party, even if they won’t be due to potential illness. Let yourself decorate your home for YOU and appreciate all that you’ve done to make your home feel festive for yourself and your family, despite all challenges and tribulations.” –Sam K.

white brick fireplace with layers of beads, garland and brass holiday decor

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Spread Some Joy

Don’t stop at just making your home a space of joy. Take some time this holiday season to look beyond yourself and spread some joy to others. Whether that’s baking some cookies for a neighbor who lives alone, inviting a couple people over for a backyard winter bonfire, or volunteering with your favorite non-profit, now’s the perfect time to do something for others.

Here’s how our designers are doing it…

“Want to see people and spread some joy? Bake some pies or cookies and go deliver them to people who are spending the holidays alone. Just because we can’t all be together doesn’t mean we should all be alone.” –Katelin S.

fireplace mantle with wildflower bouquet and bar-ware

Create Winter Rituals

Instead of focusing on the things you won’t be able to do this year, why not start some new traditions? They don’t have to be big, either. Small, simple rituals—like lighting a candle and meditating each morning or setting up a reading nook by the fire where you can curl up at night—will help you feel more grounded, during the holidays and beyond.

Here’s how our designers are doing it…

“I have various small rituals for the holidays and the time leading up to them. In Autumn, I change all the candles in the house to black. It’s rich and elegant and perfect for my family’s style. Starting a ritual or continuing one during the pandemic is more important than ever for grounding the spirit and creating a safe retreat from the world.” –Don L.

“We’re keeping traditions that have nothing to do with large gatherings and are focusing on those—like going for a morning run in the park and having cider on the porch by the fire at night.” –Brielle M.

beige accent chair with small dog

Focus on the People Under Your Own Roof

We may not be able to have big gatherings of family and friends this year. But that makes it a perfect time to focus on your immediate family or housemates. Create some new traditions and find new ways to connect with each other. Whether that’s letting each person in your household plan an activity they want to do or each of you making a special dish for a holiday dinner, make the most of the time you have together. (And maybe even infuse some of those new winter rituals into your time together!)

Here’s how our designers are doing it…

“Since this year won’t include the same fun outings I am planning on making the most of our time at home with our immediate family. We’ll be doing things like making yummy desserts together, watching holiday movies, decorating the house as a family, and even doing some fall-inspired crafts.” –Amanda L.

“Times are definitely different this year for everyone but celebrating holidays is something we still need to do to keep our spirits high and to allow the kids to have some of the holiday magic they always look forward to. If you are unable to do your normal traditions, make new ones! Get dressed up and have a fancy Thanksgiving dinner with just your household, whomever it may be!” –Katelin S.

dining table setting for 2

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Bring Back the Virtual Gatherings

Remember this spring when we were all great at keeping (virtually) in touch with all our friends, through Zoom happy hours and long Facetime calls? By the time summer hit, a lot of us were feeling Zoom fatigue and cut back on virtual gatherings. But, with winter coming it’s time to bring virtual gatherings back for special occasions and holidays.

Does your family play games at every holiday gathering? Keep the tradition alive by organizing a game you can easily play virtually. Does your friend have a signature punch she makes for her holiday party each year? Have her send out the recipe so you and all of your friends can mix up a batch and enjoy a virtual gathering. Get creative in how you can keep special traditions alive this year.

Here’s how our designers are doing it…

“Thanksgiving will be small this year, however, we plan on playing Scattergories virtually with lots of family members! This is a perfect game to play. All you have to do is send the list via text or email and call out the letter to start. The host house will shout out the timer when it’s done and everyone can share their answers. We laugh non-stop!”  –Kelly W.
woman arranging flowers on dining table

Cook The Same Meal From Afar

Even if you can’t all be together for the holidays, break out the family-favorite recipes and have everyone make the same meal! Then, set up your laptop for a video call with everyone. Eating the same meal together, even when far apart, will make you feel closer together.

Here’s how our designers are doing it…

“We are cooking our traditional holiday meal using grandma’s recipes and then plan to virtually “sit down” together with all of our family members that we would normally see in person.” –Shelly S.

“Keeping safe is so important right now, but no one truly loves being alone during the holidays. Virtual dinners and drinks are perfect for those who can’t make it to their family physically. Set up a spot for your loved ones at the table and have fun cooking the same dishes together, from afar!” –Becky S.

dining room with table set for holidays with rust colored walls

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Practice Gratitude

COVID has taken a lot away from many of us. But perhaps it has also given you some gifts. Use this time to reflect on what you have gained this year—whether that’s more time in an ordinarily hectic schedule, a new hobby, or perhaps even a new love!

Here’s how our designers are doing it…

“We spent the beginning part of quarantine learning how to garden. Now we have an abundance of zucchini as well as a few pumpkins! We plan to help the kids write what we are thankful for all around the pumpkin. Even though there is a lot we are missing, there is still so much to be grateful for.” –Lacey P.

cozy white sofa with layers of holiday themed pillows

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When It Comes to Gifting, Think Cozy

We’ll all be spending so much time at home this winter. So, think about cozy comfort when gifting this holiday season! Plush materials like velvets, furs, and chunky knits (in throws, pillows, and even sweaters) will keep you and your loved ones cozy all winter long.

Here’s how our designers are doing it…

“Sending cozy items like throw blankets or personalized candles as holiday gifts can help make your loved ones feel closer. It’s basically like sending them a hug!“ –Valentina

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The Changes Our Designers Are Making at Home in 2020

2020. What a year, right?? Most of us are spending more time in our homes than ever before. We’ve talked about how to transform your dining room from day to night, how to set up a home office for two, and how to design a kid’s workspace for those who will be homeschooling this fall. We’ve even walked you through how to design an at-home gym! But what about giving your bedroom some love? Now is the time to give some serious thought to bedroom design ideas.

With our homes becoming multi use spaces to the extreme, our bedrooms have become somewhat of a sanctuary for many people. When you have nowhere else to go, this intimate space becomes your oasis and respite.  But for those of us with small bedrooms, you have to get extra clever with how you use your space.

Modsy customers aren’t the only ones struggling to adjust to the new reality. Our designers are also making changes at home to make their bedrooms to make them more relaxing—whether they’re tiny, small spaces or spacious master bedrooms. We polled our stylists to get inspired by the changes they’re making to their bedrooms—and we’re making some changes based on their tips! Read on to get inspired with our first-hand tips on small bedroom design 2020!

Refresh Your Room With a New Coat of Paint

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: a fresh coat of paint can completely transform a room. It’s one of those simple bedroom design upgrades that makes a huge difference. So, whether you want to jump on the bold colors trend or decorate with neutrals, simply giving your walls some fresh color can refresh your room and give you a new perspective on the space.

“Quarantine finally gave me the excuse to finish my bedroom almost a year after moving in. I bought a can of paint (Naval, Sherwin-Williams’ color of the year!), a pair of sconces, and a new nightstand to complete the other side of the bed. It feels like a whole new space! It was so easy but the reward was huge.” – Mackenzie R., Modsy Designer

small bedroom design 2020Get Creative With Design Solutions

When you have a small bedroom, every square inch counts. And that often means getting creative with design problems and solutions. Start by considering your layout. Is it giving you the space you need? Or would putting the bed on a different wall open up the space differently? Then, think about your furniture. You can save room by choosing a bed without a footboard. And, if a traditional bedside table would make your space feel cramped, opt for a small, low-profile side table instead. You can even hang your curtains in a way that makes your ceiling look taller or your windows seem larger!

“Every inch counts in our small downtown Chicago master bedroom! To optimize the layout we positioned our bed in front of the window and hung layered curtains to give the illusion of a larger window beyond it. A small side table takes the place of a traditional nightstand and still provides surface space for necessities. Since there is no room for a lamp here, we suspended raw bulbs that hang over the curtain rod—no electrician or drilling required!” – Rebecca S, Modsy Designer

Upgrade Your Bedding

If you want to up the relaxation factor in your small bedroom, upgrading your bedding is a great place to start. Choose a color palette that brings you a sense of calm, and create cozy layers—whether that’s through a sheepskin throw, loads of pillows, or maybe a linen duvet for that perfectly relaxed look and feel.

“Painting our wall a mid-toned blue/gray color gives the space a sense of calm, while light bedding brings contrast and adds airiness. The layers of textured pillows to drive home the cozy feel and tie it all together.” – Rebecca S, Modsy Designer

small bedroom design 2020Cut Down On Clutter

To make your room into more of an oasis, simplify your space and cut down on clutter. By cutting down on what’s in your space, you’ll have more mental space to relax and unwind at the end of the day. It may even inspire you to carve out time for meditation or mindfulness—something we could probably all use a bit more of these days.

“My bedroom has become a sanctuary space where I enjoy my coffee in the morning and meditate in the evenings. I decluttered my room to make it more peaceful, and swapped out my nightstand for a small stool so I would have more floor space” – Katherine T, Modsy Designer

small bedroom design 2020Hang A Favorite Piece Of Art In Your Bedroom

Often, when we get a new piece of artwork or decor, we’re tempted to put it in our main living spaces to show it off. While there’s nothing wrong with that, we love the idea of saving some of your favorite pieces for your bedroom—helping to make this space more personal and inspiring.

“When I got my stimulus check this spring, I decided I was going to use some of the money to support small businesses that I love. With that, I finally pulled the trigger on buying a print I had admired for months from an artist that I love. I was going to hang it in my living room, but then I thought: how lovely would it be to hang it right over my bed, so it’s one of the first things I see in the morning and one of the last things I see at night. It’s brought me so much joy to have it in this space!” – Amy O, Modsy Designer

small bedroom design 2020Add Layered Lighting

Layered lighting can help your bedroom feel extra cozy in the evening. And, if you’re working in your bedroom during the day, changing the lighting can also help you transition from work mode to relaxation mode. If you don’t have extra floor space or surface areas for lamps, consider installing sconces. They’ll give you the layered lighting you deserve, without taking up any extra space!

“I gave my room a refresh to stay sane. I added a pop of color to one wall, added sconces, and changed up a few accessories.” – Cristina R, Modsy Designer

small bedroom design 2020Make Room To Move + Breathe

These days, it’s more important than ever to prioritize your mental health. While we’re all on different wellness journeys, taking time to pause and connect with our bodies is something we could probably all benefit from. So, we love the idea of making space in your bedroom to roll out your mat and meditate, stretch, deep breath—and ultimately just take time each day to connect with and care for ourselves.

“My small 9×11-foot bedroom is not only where I sleep and now work—it’s also become the space where I roll out my mat and do some low-key workouts and stretching since my gym closed. I arranged my room so that I have space to the side of my bed to do some at-home pilates, mindfulness, and stretching.” – Amy O, Modsy Designer

Add A Bedroom Seating Area

If you have space for it in your master bedroom, we love the idea of adding a loveseat or apartment-size sofa to your bedroom (one of our favorite small apartment furniture ideas). Or, for a smaller room, you could simply add a small armchair. Regardless of the size, it’s just nice to have a little corner where you can take a breather during the day—in a space that’s not your bed. Make this seating area extra cozy with a small side table and a pouf for kicking back and relaxing. Or, at the very least, add a sheepskin rug for extra coziness underfoot.

“I added a sofa into my office to use more as a TV room where I can get some ‘me time’ and relax with a glass of wine and Netflix.” – Cristina R, Modsy Designer

small bedroom design 2020Use Multipurpose Furniture

For those of us who have really small spaces and tiny bedrooms, you have to get creative in how you make room for both work and relaxation in your home. If you’re in a studio apartment or don’t have room for a home office outside of your bedroom, this can be especially challenging. One of our favorite small bedroom design tips is to use multipurpose furniture to make the most of your space when you’re looking for small home office ideas. Find furniture where your desk can pull double duty—whether that’s through a wall-mounted bookshelf/desk combo, nixing your nightstand and placing your desk beside your bed instead, or opting for a secretary desk that can double as a dresser.

“Both my roommate and I are working from home right now, and since we live in a small place, there isn’t room for either of us to have a proper home office. She’s working from the dining room table, so I wanted to create a separate workspace for when we’re both on calls—and the only place to do this was in my bedroom. I don’t have space for both a desk and a dresser in my small bedroom, so I use an antique secretary desk that gives me both drawers for my clothes and a desktop for my work!” – Amy O, Modsy Designer

small bedroom design 2020small bedroom design 2020Create Intentional Moments Of Calm

The reality is, not all of us have the luxury of making our whole bedroom into an oasis. But that doesn’t mean you should give up entirely. Even if it’s just one small corner of your room, turn it into an intentional space that brings you joy. That might mean decorating your nightstand with objects you love, since it’s the first thing you see each morning. Or perhaps it’s committing to buying fresh flowers for your dresser each week or decorating a shelf with your favorite photos and decor. Even in the smallest spaces, create intentional moments of calm in the midst of the chaos.

“Since my boyfriend and I are both working from home now, our bedroom has turned into a full-time office and gym, so there is not very much space for calm! So, I made my nightstand my one sanctuary in our bedroom, with a collection of objects I love.” – Karina L, Modsy Designer

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It’s the Little Things: 13 Decor Ideas That Will Make Any Space Feel Perfectly Put Together

We’ve all seen them—the photos on Instagram and Pinterest featuring homes that look so…perfectly imperfect. Rooms that are highly designed and considered but also look comfortable, inviting, and actually lived in. We’re living in our homes, well, every day. We have the sofa, the rug, and the accent furniture. So why does that effortless, lived-in-but-considered look feel so difficult to achieve? What’s missing?

What it really comes down to is the little things. The decorative accents, home decor, lighting, and storage solutions that make your home feel personalized and put together. And these little things are actually quite simple to incorporate into your home! So, we’ve rounded up a list of our best home decor ideas that help make any room feel complete. So, here’s our list of 13 essential finishing touches that make a space feel finished and put together!

decor ideasFor Adding a Pop of Personality

Decorative accents—like pillows, throws, vases, book ends, and other decorative objects—add a pop of personality to any room. And it’s home decor like this that takes a space from strictly functional to styled and thoughtfully curated. They can totally change the look and feel of a room (without breaking the bank).

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decor ideasThrow Pillows

In search of the perfect piece to tie your living room together? Or maybe you’ve been googling bedroom ideas in search of that special ‘something’ your space is missing. Look no further than throw pillows!

Throw pillows have a way of adding personality to any room and are the perfect way to tie together the colors and patterns in your space. They’re a must-have for both your sofa and your bed—and can also be incorporated into other spaces throughout your home. You can mix and match different patterns, colors, and textures for a pop of personality, or simply use them to tie together your color palette. And you can swap them out seasonally to change up the vibe in your living room or bedroom.

For your sofa, you can go minimal with just one or two, take a more traditional approach with groupings of two to three in each corner, or go all out boho with piles of pillows across the whole sofa! On a bed, we recommend starting with two matching throw pillows plus a lumbar pillow. It’s a timeless look and saves you from spending time removing and replacing pillows from your bed each morning and night! But you can always build from there to get the look you want.

decor ideasThrow Blankets

Keep your home cozy with a mix of throws throughout. Throws add texture, color, pattern, and cozy layers to your space and are one of our favorite living room or bedroom ideas to take your space to the next level. Just imagine a throw artfully draped over a chair or folded at the end of the bed. Sounds cozy, right?

And they aren’t just for cold-weather months. Keep some chunky knits on hand for the fall and winter, and have some lighter, breezy options for spring and summer. And throws don’t have to be basic, either. You can find options that accentuate your style and personality—whether that’s incorporating some fun patterns, finding throws with pom pom accents, or just going for some soft, cozy neutrals.

decor ideasAccent Decor

A bare bookcase or empty coffee table doesn’t give your room that polished look. So, add personality to any room with accent decor! You can style your surfaces with a mix of accents like vases, books, art prints, planters, and decorative objects. This not only fills empty spaces throughout your rooms, but it adds a personal touch and helps polish off your look. Accent decor can also act as conversation starters that people will ask about when you have guests over!

For a minimal look, keep it simple and don’t over-clutter surfaces. But you can also rev it up for a more eclectic or maximalist vibe! For other styles, you may want a mix of decorative and useful objects that add personality. And you can always move pieces from room to room when you need a change of pace! It’s a great way to give your home a refresh without spending extra money.

decor ideasFor Layered Lighting

Dark rooms feel anything but finished. That’s why lighting is a fun and functional decor must-have for any room. In fact, layered lighting is the key to a cozy, relaxing space. Lighting can completely change the vibe of a room. (Consider the difference between overhead fluorescent lighting and the diffused light of a floor lamp.) The proper mix of lighting helps any room feel more polished and put together. So, add creative lighting to your home—and make a style statement—with lamps, pendants, and sconces.

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decor ideasTable Lamps

Other than the obvious function of adding soft lighting to your room, table lamps can also add interesting shapes and textures to your space! Table lamps allow you to control the lighting in a room, so you don’t have to just choose between it being dark or having harsh overhead lighting—adding a definite element of coziness in the evening. But during the day, they can also give you the task lighting you need to get things done. And, they can be functional decorative additions as you look to fill outside tables and consoles.

You can go for a matching pair in your bedroom or living room if you want a more formal or traditional look. But they’re also a way to add personality and intrigue to your space! You can go for a more fun look, with interesting lamp designs and patterned lamp shades, and you can mix and match lamps within a room for a more eclectic look.

decor ideasFloor Lamps

Make sure you have the task and ambient lighting you need with a beautiful but functional floor lamp. Floor lamps are great for reading nooks or adding extra light to rooms without having to utilize overhead options. And we love how some styles have such sculptural shapes, almost like stand-alone works of art that add a sculptural element to your space.

decor ideasSconces

Sconces offer another stylish lighting solution for your home. They’re great for small spaces where you don’t want to dedicate floor or surface area to a floor or table lamp. But they also give a very polished, intentional vibe to any room they’re in.

They can be used in the bedroom, in living rooms, in a reading nook, or even in an entryway. And if you don’t want to worry about hiring an electrician to figure out the wiring for a sconce, no problem! There are plug-in options available, so you don’t have to tear up your walls.


There’s nothing like a sculptural pendant to start a conversation! Pendant lights can be works of art. They’re great centerpieces in rooms and a perfect way to drive home the style of your space—whether that’s over your dining room table, in your bedroom, or in your living room. Depending on the style, they can add drama and intrigue or an air of casual relaxation. But they also just add dynamic texture and style to your space while serving as a beautiful focal point.

decor ideasFor Filling Empty Walls

Empty walls make a room feel sad and incomplete. So, don’t settle for blank walls! You can personalize every room in your home with a unique mix of wall art, mirrors, and sculptures. These are some of our favorite wall decor ideas to fill up your wall space and make your home feel put together.

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decor ideasWall Art

Framed wall art is one of the most obvious ways to fill blank walls. But that doesn’t mean it’s a boring solution! There are so many options and approaches to bring this to life. In each room of your home, you can decide if you want one large-scale piece of art to be the focal point of your space, or you can opt for a gallery wall—and pretty much everything in between!

So, find an artist you love and buy an original or a print. Frame some of your favorite family or vacation photos. Go big or mix and match smaller pieces. It’s up to you. This really is the easiest way to show off your personality and tie together your room with pattern and color.

decor ideasMirrors

Mirrors are a fun and functional add to any room—but they’re not the home decor item many people think of when deciding how to fill their walls. Yet, they really can add a lot of style and personality to your space. Mirrors with stylish frames or cut into fun shapes end up looking like works of art.

Mirrors also reflect light and make your space feel larger, which is a major bonus. So, hang one in your entryway for last-minute checks before walking out the door, above your dresser in your bedroom, or even in your home office or dining room to open up the space. Really, they can go anywhere in the house and add a useful, decorative touch to any room.

decor ideasSculptural Wall Decor

Add dynamic texture to your space with tapestries, woven baskets, and hanging sculptures. This might be an unexpected way to fill up your walls, but we really love the texture and personality they add to a room.

This is a more three-dimensional approach, and is perfect for homes with little hands that like to touch and pull on everything! And, often, sculptural wall decor is more budget-friendly than framed wall art, as framing can cost a lot of money! But you don’t have to go for one or the other. We love the combination of framed art and baskets for a mixed-media gallery wall!

decor ideasFor Easy (and Stylish) Storage Solutions

Storage is one of the most-requested features in our designs—for good reason. We all have plenty of stuff we want tucked away but accessible. So we say, why not add stylish storage that’s as pretty as it is functional? It’s a way to keep everything in its place, while still adding a decorative, thoughtful spin on it.

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decor ideasTrays

Clutter feels less cluttered with a tray! Trays are a great organizational tool—but they look cute, too. On coffee tables, they’re a great way to corral remotes, candles, and books. On a dresser, they’re perfect for makeup, perfume, and other styling essentials. In an entryway, they offer a surface for stashing your keys and wallet so you’ll never lose track of them! Ultimately, they offer a stylish way to get (and stay) organized.

decor ideasBaskets

Add some texture, style, and organization to your space with baskets in all shapes and sizes. We love using baskets, big or small, in every room for simple, stashable storage that also looks good.

They’re great in an entryway, lined up under your console, for stashing backpacks, outdoor gear, and shoes. In your living room? Perfect for that pile of throws you like to keep on-hand. They offer organization in your bedroom and an option for a laundry hamper that you don’t want to keep hidden in your closet! And best of all: they’re great for kids. They can help organize kids’ toys, school supplies, books, art supplies, and help you clean up clutter in a pinch!

decor ideasBowls and Catchalls

Little items throughout your rooms will instantly have a stylish home with the addition of some bowls and catchalls. Similar to trays, bowls offer a simple and stylish tabletop storage solution. They instantly make a console, dresser, desk, or coffee table feel more polished. And they’re the perfect way to catch keys and coins, keep makeup close at hand, drop remotes or store matches—along with all of the other little things floating around your home!

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You Heard It Here First! These 5 Decor Trends Will Be Huge in 2020

2020 home decor trendsIt’s almost a wrap on 2019! Not only are we saying goodbye to the year but we’re bidding adieu to an entire decade. And with the start of a new trip around the sun means we get to welcome in a whole new host of 2020 home decor trends.

If you’re wondering what’s going to be big in 2020 (and what’s going to be out), we’ve got your covered. Keep reading for a peek into the future and get the scoop on 5 home decor trends we predict will be everywhere.

1. Ceiling Treatments

Yes, for 2020 we’re turning our design attention to the fifth wall, aka ceilings! Keep an eye out (or up) for painted, wallpapered, and even fabric tented ceiling designs. This bold design move was actually a piece de resistance at Napoleon’s Château de Malmaison in France, and now we’re seeing it come back into vogue. And while we probably won’t see this trend make its way into everyday homes, you’ll start to spy it in the pages of editorial magazines like Architectural Digest and Elle Decor.

2. Sculptural Furniture and Decor

Clutter is out, which means the design world is looking for ways to incorporate decoration into furniture. We’re seeing this desire show up in two key places—ornamented and sculptural furniture and decor pieces.

2020 decor trends3. Surface Treatments

What comes after cane and rattan? Pieces with ribbed or channeled surfaces are a major 2020 decor trend to watch. We’re thinking of these surface treatments as the next rev post 2019’s obsession with natural textures. Not to mention, these pieces have an 80’s Deco vibe that gives them a lovely dose of nostalgia, and who can say no to that?

4. Industrial Lighting

Lighting with an industrial minimal vibe is another trend we’re seeing as a big player of 2020. Lighting is becoming incredibly sculptural mixing stone and black metal to create beautiful forms and shapes, because why not have both form and function together in one piece.

2020 home decor trends5. Sustainability at Home

People are starting to think more and more about the environmental impact of home design. In addition to smart features and appliances that regulate energy usage, we’re also seeing a desire among our customers to shop sustainably. We’re seeing a rise in customers asking us about the products they are buying like how it’s made and where it comes from. People are choosing to invest in quality pieces they can keep for years to come!

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These 3 decor trends will be everywhere in 2020

It’s that time of the year again. When we look back at the year behind us and predict what the next one has in store for home decor trends. And there are more than a few 2020 decor trends that we’re excited about.

But trends are fickle things. So don’t stress if something you love is on it’s way out. Trends come and go in cycles, so it’ll likely be back before you know it. Not to mention, we’re firm believers in designing with the pieces and styles you love—not the trends others say are in or out.

But all that to say, it’s still fun to peek into the future and see what’s coming! So, without further ado, here are the decor trends that we predict will be major players in 2020.

Decor Trend #1: Home Is Where the Bar Cabinet Is

2020 decor trendsOut: Bar Carts // In: Bar Cabinets

A few years ago, bar carts were the “it” piece of furniture everyone wanted. And no surprise considering that bar carts are the perfect mix of being relatively affordable, a great way to fill out an empty corner, and make for an Instagrammable design moment.

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But fast-forward to 2020, and the once super-popular trend is feeling over-saturated and tired. Instead, we’re seeing the focus shift towards a more holistic approach to entertaining at home. So out go the bar carts, and in come the bar cabinets. We’re even seeing some homes where the “bar” area is woven into a bookcase or set up as a simple styling moment on top of a credenza.

But if you have a bar cart you love, don’t stress or toss it out on the curb just yet. A simple styling refresh is all you need to give your bar cart new life. We say skip the alcohol and try something a little unexpected—use it for storage, as a record stand, a home for your many plants, or even repurpose it as a nightstand.

Decor Trend #2: Mid-Century Modern2020 decor trends

Out: “Mad Men” Style // In: Organic Modernism Style

We don’t need to explain the mid-century modern trend, which has been popular for over a decade. But we are noticing a shift in the way the design world is embracing the elements of mid-century modern design. While the mid-century modern of a few years ago might be described as “straight off the set of Mad Men,” today we’re seeing mid-century designs morph into something more organic and bohemian.

Instead of the sharp angles, Eames lounge chairs, and hairpin legs of yesterday’s mid-century modern, today we’re seeing the style push more earthy and organic—a look we’re dubbing as“organic modernism.”

Organic modernism is a softer, earthier side of the mid-century look. It focuses more on materials and forms derived from the natural world. It’s less about the iconic designs of the original style, and more interested in the shapes, materials, colors, and forms of the movement. Organic modernism is more eclectic by nature, and plays with natural materials and textures, curved and organic forms, pops of earthy colors, and lots and lots of plants.

Decor Trend #3: Minimalism Versus Maximalism2020 decor trends

Out: Minimalism and Maximalism // In: Minimalist Maximalism

The two opposing trends of minimalism and maximalism were both popular looks of 2019. While minimalism was about form, function, and “less is more,” maximalism was interested in over-the-top spaces. These two trends coexisted in 2019, and likely have each other to thank for their own respective popularity. But for 2020, we’re seeing a new design trend on the horizon that merges these styles together.

Meet minimalist maximalism! If that seems like an oxymoron to you, then you’ve got the right idea. This trend is exactly what it sounds like—a style that plays with the unlikely combo of a minimalist’s design principles and a maximalist’s love of patterns, colors, textures, and all things over-the-top. The look basically boils down to a space designed with a highly curated mix of statement pieces styled very minimally. Think show-stopping furniture with minimal forms and no extra frills or decorative clutter.

This 2020 decor trend combines our culture’s current obsession with decluttering (thanks, Marie Kondo!) and our desire to create an interior that shows off our unique style and personality. We’re seeing a new interest in material as ornamentation. Instead of adding more decor, we’re focusing on the decorative nature of materials like marble, velvet, and woven textures. These materials bring in a decorative element without adding more stuff. Thus, creating a space full of beauty and ornament but sans the extra clutter.


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