Modsy’s 2021 Interior Design Trend Predictions

This will be an interesting year for interior design trends. As we saw in our 2021 style trends report, COVID had a big impact on patterns and trends within the interior design world in 2020. Last year significantly changed the way we view and use our homes. With the shelter in place guidelines impacting so many Americans in March and April, office closures, and the introduction of remote learning, our relationships with our homes shifted. For many, our homes have now become a workplace, a school, a family entertainment center, and a literal shelter from the outside world. And that’s going to have a big impact on the interior trends that continue and emerge in 2021.

As we head into the new year, we’re looking at how the changes in 2020 kickstarted new trends that will define the 2021 design landscape—and we gotta say, they’re pretty great. Ready to dig into our top 5 predictions of trends for 2021? Keep reading. We’re excited for what’s to come in 2021!

Wondering where interior design trends come from and why they die? Check out episode 4 of our podcast, The Render!


open seating area with ruffled sofa, sculptural black arm chairs and dark green walls

Traditional Design

When we talk about the traditional design trend, we’re talking about that classic 1990s comfort look. Think Rachel and Monica’s apartment from Friends, early Pottery Barn style, homes in Nancy Meyers movies from the 90s and early 2000s, and even your parents’ home if you were born in the 80s or 90s. Whatever image comes to mind, we think that Traditional design brought to life by these cultural references will be making a strong comeback. Why? People are spending a lot more time at home and looking to add layers of functional comfort to their space. And there’s certainly a sense of comfort in overstuffed furniture, softer curves, and traditional styles that you can count on always looking the same.

But there’s not just one way to do the traditional look. When it comes to Traditional design ideas, you can go for the classic approach, or you can try on a more streamlined and updated take on Traditional style.

display of traditional wooden furniture against green wall

It’s perfect for…

Those who want their home to focus on comfort and reliability, but with a slightly elevated sensibility.

How to Bring This Look Home

Look for sofas, sectionals, and armchairs that have a comfortable look and feel—something that you could really curl up on and binge-watch TV or read a good book. (This is a great moment to try the wingback chair trend.) Choose furniture pieces that lean less minimal or mid-century and instead are more traditional, with simple decorative carvings and dark wood surfaces.

geometric wallpaper in lavender with a pink velvet roll arm sofa

Grandmillenial Style

Just as people are looking for traditional styles to soothe the uncertainty of the world, the Grandmillennial style offers similar comforts. This style, however, pulls from classic design styles and takes some inspiration from Colonial Americana style, leaning into antiques, Victorian-inspired wallpaper, busy patterns, and preppy elements such as florals and ruffles.

This trend is all about younger generations who love design and decor that might culturally be viewed as “old lady” or granny. It hinges on classical design forms and patterns, historic architecture, and, of course, “brown furniture” (aka dark brown wooden antiques). The rise in this trend predates COVID, with Gucci famously popularizing the granny chic trend in their ads and collections in 2018. But it has risen steadily in popularity since the, exploding in 2020, and even creating subculture offshoots like “cottagecore” and the rise of Instagram accounts like Cheap Old Houses, both of which celebrate a decidedly simpler life than the one most of us lead—albeit a completely idealized version of those “simpler times” of the past. However, in a time of social and political unrest, looking toward the past for stability and comfort—while having a bit of fun with patterns and colors—feels like an appropriate way to cope.

Want to mix and match 2021 interior design trends? Try on Grandmillenial style with one of the 2021 colors of the year, like Benjamin Moore’s “Aegean Teal!”

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grandmillennial style living room with chesterfield velvet sofa and wallpaper

It’s perfect for…

Millennials. It’s in the name, after all! But it’s also a perfect way for older generations who have long been into the antiques trend to give their style a lively update!

How to Bring This Look Home

Get up early on the weekends and hit up the flea markets! Look for Victorian or Early American furniture (or revivals of those styles). Pieces made of aged Mahogany, a beautiful and rich dark-toned wood, are perfect in Grandmillenial spaces. This style feels attainable and under-the-radar, like Victorian and Neoclassical styles have not been part of trending design movements, so you can find these antiques for a good price. For less than IKEA prices, you’ll have a well-made, solid piece of furniture that has already lasted generations and is poised to continue to last many more. For young professionals, buying these old pieces is a great way to make their budget go further while also making a more sustainable purchase.

large dining room with atomic brass chandelier, glass dining table and minimalist chairs

1980s Style Revival

The 1980s revival style is all about bold forms, geometric patterns, and 80s-inspired color palettes—plus a nod to Art Deco style and a bit of that Golden Girls kitsch. There are many ways to bring this look to life, just as there were many trendy design styles in the 80s.

In the 1980s, the interior trends shifted from earthy naturals to luxurious, modern materials and highly sculptural forms. In this decade, we saw the wide use of brass and lacquer, sculptural forms, glass and stone with high shine finishes, and sparkling new materials. Interior design in the 80s was all about wealth and opulence, pulling inspiration from Art Deco ideology and Minimalist style.

Just as antiques are a bargain, for the past few years furniture and decor from the 1980s have been easy and inexpensive to obtain on second-hand marketplaces. As the style comes more into the forefront, authentic pieces will command higher prices, and we’ll start to see mainstream retailers offering their own modern takes on the style.

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2021 interior design trends

It’s perfect for…

Those who have a nostalgia for the 80s or who simply love the bold, sculptural forms that herald the design style of this decade.

How to Bring This Look Home

Look for some hallmark 80s pieces such as a glass dining table with a chrome or marble base, and incorporate materials like lacquer, glass, and marble into your decor through accent pieces. Opt for high-contrast color schemes such as black and gold, or muted palettes that include mauves and dusty rose. Love that 1980s Miami look? Bring on the palm prints and rattan furniture à la Blanche Devereaux’s iconic bedroom.

modern white sofa on a grey jute rug with sculptural accent tables scattered around

Biophilic Design

Biophilia is the love of nature and everything that is alive. In the design world, this often shows up through the use of plants and other natural greenery as a way to increase people’s connectivity to nature. The hope is that incorporating natural elements will have positive health and environmental benefits. But it’s also woven into home design through the use of natural materials and an awareness of sustainability in the production of furniture and home accents. By 2021, we’re predicting that Biophilic Design will particularly show up through the use of natural, sustainable materials.

We’re seeing a softer, earthier look come out to play filled with organic shapes and natural materials such as cane, jute, leather, ceramic, and plants. Natural texture is the secret ingredient every room needs—and spaces with these materials feel more tied to nature and have a calming effect. We’re also seeing a move toward more natural wood furniture versus spaces with a lot of manufactured materials. With that, light-colored wood (from Scandinavia blonde to rustic, light oak) is rising in popularity, pushing out the medium tones that often dominate Mid-Century spaces. This lighter color of wood is uplifting and easy to design around, creating a slightly more modern look—even in cozy and comfortable spaces.

Stylist Tip: Our guide to flawlessly mixing wood tones will definitely come in handy this year as you incorporate lighter tones into your home’s design!

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It’s perfect for…

Those wanting to incorporate the soothing aspects of nature into their home or increase their connectivity to nature and sustainability through their furniture and decor choices.

How to Bring This Look Home/What to Look For

No matter if you’re leaning towards a Scandinavian or Rustic style, when it’s time to choose pieces of furniture, lean for lighter toned woods as opposed to dark wood, metal, or lacquer pieces. When it comes to incorporating natural materials, layer different natural finishes to create depth and texture within the space. You might layer a wool rug atop a larger jute rug, and add a cane or rattan chair to the space. Pile pillows and throws atop the sofa to create softness and fullness in the space. Look for materials that are certified sustainable by their manufacturers to ensure that you’re buying pieces that you believe in.

Want to dig deeper into biophilic-inspired designs? Check out our blog post on how to decorate with natural materials, dig into the cane furniture trend, and listen to our podcast episode on environmental psychology to learn more about why natural elements, like plants, make us happy. 

eclectic seating nook with green velvet sofa and gallery wall on dark grey walls

Jewel Box Rooms

Move over white, gray, and greige—because bold wall colors are about to take center stage. As people are looking to create more personalized interiors, we’re seeing an uptick in highly saturated, bold-colored walls. (And with that, often bold-colored sofas, chairs, and accents as well.) The result? Jewel Box Rooms.

A bolder cousin of the Victorian farmhouse trend, these spaces are filled with highly saturated colors from floor to ceiling, with both jewel and earth tones making appearances. With a classic, almost regal look—but with an eclectic edge—Jewel Box Rooms celebrate the artistry of design through the use of bold colors and fabrics. We see deep, saturated velvets combined with dark walls and classic and antique furniture forms to create a “cabinet of curiosities” vibe that sparkles with unexpected delights on every surface.

We think this trend is really inspired by people’s disconnect with the outside world and a yearning to create a home that has a bit more flair and personality. Looking back at a few golden eras of home entertaining, such as the Victorian era or the mid 20th century, people decorated their homes with bold and intense color palettes. Perhaps as we lead lives that are more centered at home, we too are turning to more bold statements through color and luxe materials.

Love the look of a collected, classic vibe in your home? Get inspired and take a page out of the Victorian interior design history book.

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It’s perfect for…

Anyone who loves a touch of British charm. (This look is very inspired by British designers.) It’s also perfect for those who want a cozy yet inspired space that’s full of life and personality.

How to Bring This Look Home

Intense colors in bedrooms or offices could influence your mood when trying to work or sleep. So, pick a space where you will not feel overly impacted by an intense color palette, such as a living or dining room. Think about some of your favorite colors. If you love green, for example, pick a shade that’s deep with earthy undertones. You can paint just one accent wall or the whole room for added drama! When painting a jewel box room, use semi-gloss paints. This helps reflect light, which will keep the space from feeling too dark or cramped!

Want to work from your favorite 2021 design trend?

Follow this link to download high-resolution images of each trend, which you can set as your Zoom or Google Meet background. Your coworkers will surely be jealous of your trendsetting style.

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Year In Review: The 20 Best Home Office Designs of 2020

It’s time for our annual Year in Review! While 2020 didn’t turn out how any of us expected, here’s one thing that did go well: home design. At Modsy, we designed countless rooms this year—and today we want to share some of our favorite designs.

Well, suffice it to say that home offices were the spaces we didn’t know we would need at the beginning of 2020—but now hold a place in people’s homes. These spaces were one of our most popular design requests this year, with so many people trying to figure out how to incorporate a work-from-home space into their home.

From dedicated rooms to desks tucked in closets and in nooks under the stairs, we enjoyed the challenge of bringing a home office design into even the most unlikely of spaces. Today, we’re looking back on our 20 favorite home office design ideas from 2020. Perhaps you’ll find some inspiration for your own home office in the mix!

rustic home office with two small wooden desks facing the shiplap wall

1. Reclaimed Visionary

Whether you’re homeschooling two kids or both you and your partner are working from home, this side-by-side desk set-up offers a solid workspace with a minimal footprint! And the rustic decor adds visual interest and looks great against the shiplap walls!

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Why We Love It

With the simple desk designs, this is a perfect way to add a two-person workspace to your home when you don’t have a ton of space to spare!

home office with white desk, vintage red rug and camel leather desk chair

2. Contemporary Minimalist

This home office is pared down to just the basics—a simple desk, a comfortable and practical chair, and some storage space for necessities. This keeps the space organized and uncluttered. Perfect for those who like a minimalist aesthetic or for those who are easily distracted! There’s nothing here to steal your attention away from your work.

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Why We Love It

Each piece in this home office has strong silhouettes. So, while the overall design is simple, it’s definitely not boring.

2020 best home offices

3. Urban Collector

A workspace with a view outside and plenty of natural light is the perfect way to embrace the work-from-home life. (Celebrate the fact that you didn’t have to work in a cubicle this year!) Since this is a narrower space (it’s actually a converted dining room), wall-mounted bookshelves offer plenty of space for storage and display without taking up much floor space.

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Why We Love It

The unexpected color of these walls makes this home office feel cozy and inviting.

2020 best home offices

4. Rustic Traveller

This home office is a total power move. The large desk and wingback chair, floating in the room rather than pushed against a wall, gives off those CEO vibes. But the accent furniture, the high-contrast black and white palette, and the pop of color and pattern in the rug brings in some really fun personality to the space. (Fun fact: this office design was inspired by Kendall Jenner’s home office.)

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Why We Love It

The eclectic mix of furniture and decor styles in this space creates a home office that feels unique and personality-packed.

2020 best home offices

5. Vintage Farmhouse

The design of a space can definitely iimpact how you feel. In this space, we harnessed feelings of empowerment—going with a rich, dark wall color and traditional executive desk for a space that feels established. We think this office could inspire confidence in just about anyone!

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Why We Love It

The dark wall color feels unexpected—but offers just the right amount of contrast to the more traditional furnishings.
contemporary office under stairwell

6. Modern Industrial

Don’t have spare room for a home office? Tuck one into any corner you can—like that awkward nook under the stairs! This small space is just the right size for a desk and a bit of storage. And the angle of the stairs offers a sense of privacy to the space!

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Why We Love It

A coordinating desk and storage piece lends a sense of cohesion to a small home office. (And the dark wood pops against the white walls!)

home office in entryway with counter height desk

7. Mod Enthusiast

We love this clever home office solution for those who live in small apartments. The minimal, modern desk keeps the workspace feeling visually clean. And opting for a bar-height desk not only gives you the option of using it as a standing desk, but it offers extra storage space beneath! Hanging a floating shelf above the desk and having a bookshelf nearby gives you all the storage space you need while keeping the footprint of your actual workspace to a minimum!

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Why We Love It

Opting for all-white furniture gives this workspace a clean, modern vibe which is perfect for a home office in a small apartment.

green walls and wood desk

8. Organic Modern

For a home office with a bold look, try a monochrome color palette. Earthy green walls and a mossy green velvet desk chair—combined with warm wood tones—creates a space that feels soothing and cozy.

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Why We Love It

This color scheme—a warm neutrals take on Organic Modernism in color—creates a space that’s perfect for getting in the zone!

2020 best home offices

9. Atomic Industrial

We love this set-up for those who have a larger space to dedicate to a home office. Two separate desks give individual workspaces for focused work. But a table in the middle offers the perfect space for a shared coffee break—or for working collaboratively

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Why We Love It

Opting for matching desks and chairs when creating a home office for two is a great way to keep the look of a shared home office cohesive.

home office with back to back white desks and large bookcase

10. Mod Visionary

Setting up two desks back to back is a great way to minimize distractions while working. But opting for swivel chairs means you can spin around and chat when you need a break! And a wall of shelves allows both people in this shared home office to show off their personalities and style (and have plenty of storage space).

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Why We Love It

The wall of shelves gives the look of a built-in, which we love. It’s the perfect way to maximize storage and bring some personality into a home office!

2020 best home offices

11. California Modern

Whether you need a shared home office for two or just need a little extra space to spread out, this is the perfect set-up to try. It’s great for collaborating or for supervising your child’s distance learning while you work! Bonus: the dark walls and light curtains create beautiful contrast, and the colorful rug adds just the right amount of warmth to the space!

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Why We Love It

This desk has serious rustic vibes—but with legs that angle slightly outward, it has some modern flair! This space is the perfect embodiment of California Modern style.

home office with large white table and black organic shaped chairs

12. Discerning Collector

This dining room home office is brimming over with bold and dynamic style. With a wall of low shelves, you can show off your collections and sneak in some storage, while the table can transition from workspace to mealtime with ease.

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Why We Love It

The modern, minimal furniture gives this workspace for two some serious style—while the shelving on the back wall gives the opportunity to showcase collected objects, creating a workspace that feels personal.

nautical themed home office cloffice

13. Coastal Cloffice

An office in a closet? That’s right. We call it the “cloffice” and it’s one of our favorite ways to squeeze in a home office when you don’t have extra space. Simply clear out a closet, remove the closet doors, and tuck a desk inside for the perfect little work nook!

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Why We Love It

We love when we can make use of an unexpected nook. Painting the inside of the closet a different color and hanging up some small artwork makes this space feel intentional.

monochromatic dark grey home office

14. Industrial Visionary

Want space to both work and lounge? Consider this approach. A great desk and office chair are perfect for computer work. But when you need to do some screen-free brainstorming (or just need a break in the middle of the day) the couch and bench offer the perfect place to kick back and think or relax.

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Why We Love It

This modern home office balances work and rest, while combining the functions with beautiful and non-traditional color scheme for a home office.

minimalist home office with neutral color furniture

15. Rustic Minimalism

Designing a home office doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply investing in a few key pieces is all you need to create a home office that’s comfortable and inviting. This rustic desk is the perfect focal point for the space, while the bookcase adds beauty and functionality to the office.

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Why We Love It

The neutral color palette of whites, ivories, and natural wood in this Rustic Minimalist home office create a truly calming atmosphere.

boho bedroom with kids desk in rattan chair

16. Boho Corner

Home offices aren’t just for the grownups! With 2020 came the idea of distance learning. And to pull this off, it really helped to give your kids a dedicated workspace! Replacing a nightstand with a small desk is the perfect way to sneak in a homeschooling zone into a kids bedroom.

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Why We Love It

This is a practical solution for adding a workspace to your kid’s bedroom. But choosing a desk or chair with some personality—like this rattan number—is the perfect way to make it feel more fun!

white desk used as nightstand in coastal theme bedroom

17. Modern Farmhouse

The desk-as-a-nightstand approach isn’t just for kids! For small spaces, this is also a great approach for a grown-up home office. Just look for a table lamp that works for a bedside lamp and for shining light on your workspace. And save one drawer in the desk for your bedside necessities!

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Why We Love It

This is a great way to get double-duty function out of one piece of furniture and to fit a home office into a small space!

2020 best home offices

18. Elegant Connoisseur

Want to make a big statement in your home office? Go glam. A brass buffet, floral rug, and pink velvet desk chair add a major glam factor, while the curved acrylic desk adds a dose of modern style. Recognize this savvy style? It’s our take on Kelly Kapoor’s home office for 2020. See all our designs for The Office characters.

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Why We Love It

In your face and over the top, this office was inspired by what we imagine Kelly Kapoor’s home office would look like in 2020. Check out our take on how all of our favorite Office characters would decorate their WFH set-ups in 2020.
green themed home office

19. Rustic Farmhouse

If you’re looking for a home office color palette that inspires productivity, try an earthy green. It’s a color of hope, growth, freshness, and prosperity. And who doesn’t want a bit of that in their work life?? This color is saturated but easy on the eye, creating a sense of calm within this home office.

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Why We Love It

This shade of green pairs perfectly with natural, rustic wood finishes, like this desk and cabinet.

2020 best home offices

20. Less is More Chic

This is another great example of a stylish home office for two. In a smaller space, placing the desks on perpendicular walls helps you make the most of your square footage. And a piece of large scale wall art helps create some visual space between the two workstations.

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Why We Love It

Despite being small, this space feels very stylish. The zebra-print rug and wall art offer some personality, but keeping the color scheme neutral helps the space feel more open and airy.

Want more home office inspiration? Check out our round-up of the most common home office design mistakes (and how to fix them), five layouts to set your little one up for homeschooling success, and how to bring joy into your WFH set-up!

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Announcing the Modsy 2021 Trend Report

Each year we take some time to reflect back on the design trends of the past year, as well as look ahead and make some predictions about what’s going to be popular in the coming year. Through our online interior design services, we design countless homes every year. This gives us a unique perspective on what’s happening in the world of interior design—from popular design styles to renovation trends and geographical patterns. It’s fun to see what trends emerge each year and to look back on if any of our predictions from the previous year came true!

In order to assess the past year’s trends, we do a deep dive into what our Modsy customers were searching for, liking, and buying for their projects throughout the year. And, to get even more insights on the most and least-popular styles of the year, we also survey thousands of people from our amazing design community. The result? The Modsy Trend Report.

Today, we’re unveiling our 2021 Trend Report. It’s definitely reflective of the strange year we’ve all had—but there were a couple of surprises along the way as well. Keep reading for a recap of some of our most interesting findings of 2020 and what we’re looking forward to most in 2021!

2020 Trends

In 2020, how we used our homes changed dramatically. This year, we saw a rising desire for functionality in our spaces—which makes sense considering how multifunctional our homes have become. Along with that, a penchant for nostalgia and a desire for personalized spaces also rose in prominence.

mid-century dining room with dark accent wall and gallery wall

Mid-Century Isn’t Dead

If you read last year’s trend report, you might remember us predicting that the “Mad Men” take on Mid-Century Modern would fall in popularity. But we’re not too proud to say that we were wrong! While we definitely saw a lot of people gravitating toward a more organic version of Mid-Century, there was still plenty of love for the clean lines and approachability of this style. Mid-Century Modern furniture tends to be highly functional and works well in small spaces. And, with more and more people looking to maximize the footprint of small spaces this year—but wanting their home to still look good—we’re not surprised that this style has continued to grow in popularity.

Modsy 2021 trend report

Traditional Design is on the Rise

In times of uncertainty, people tend to look for more security in their spaces. So, it’s no surprise that traditional design styles have risen in popularity this year. In the past, Traditional has consistently been one of the least popular design styles among Modsy customers. But there was a definite shift this year! The familiarity of Traditional design elements (think: the comfort of your parents’ or grandparents’ homes when you were growing up) have people embracing the Traditional Comfort trend and making their homes feel extra comfy and livable.

eclectic living room with pink velvet sofa and numerous gallery walls

Customers Love Eclectic Spaces

Styles with an eclectic twist also rose in popularity in 2020. With our homes becoming the center of our whole lives, people were looking to inject some personality in their spaces—and eclectic styles are the perfect way to show off your interests and personality. Of course, it probably also helped that the likes of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

Our 2021 Trend Predictions

Wondering what next year will hold? Based on our survey data—and a little bit of gut instinct—here are a few trends we’re predicting will get a lot of loving in 2021.

traditional living room with leather club chairs, wood coffee table and white roll-arm sofa

Traditional Comfort

We already mentioned that traditional design styles grew in popularity this year—and we’re predicting that they will only continue to be embraced in the design community and in real people’s homes. Particularly, we believe that Traditional Comfort—with the way it combines the simple lines of transitional design with elegant, timeless, and comfortable pieces—will be the favorite way to bring this design style to life.

grandmillennial style living room with chesterfield velvet sofa and wallpaper


With its mix of Classic, Eclectic, and Traditional design elements, Grandmillenial style has become a favorite way to inject some personality into “granny” design elements like antiques, wallpaper, and ruffles.

bohemian style dining room with natural wood furniture

Light-Toned Woods

We’re predicting that lighter-toned and whitewashed woods will take center stage this coming year. These woods are generally found in Scandinavian-style spaces, which include the ever-popular hygge-inspired look. If you want to embrace this trend and mix lighter-toned woods with the wood finishes you already have at home, check out our guide to mixing wood tones.

modern dining room with sculptural coral-colored dining chairs and marble dining table

80s Revival

The 80s are back—but only the good parts. People are embracing 80s-inspired design elements like sculptural furniture, bold colors, and dramatic statement pieces throughout their homes. What to dip your toe into the 80s revival trend? See how our designers are bringing 80s influences into their designs.

California casual style open living room

Natural Materials

We’ve always been big fans of how natural materials can bring contrast, visual depth, and effortless texture into your space. So, it’s no wonder people are decorating with natural materials as a simple way to give their homes a perfectly layered look.

jewel tone living room with large sectional and basket wall decor

Bold Wall Colors

Bold colored walls are a simple way to bring joy, excitement, and personality to your home. And, in light of the past year, we could all use a little more of that in our homes, couldn’t we? So, if you’re ready to try something other than white walls, we say: the bolder the better.

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Modsy 2020 COVID-Inspired Design Trend Report

It’s safe to say that amidst the pandemic, our homes have become more important than ever before. Considering people’s increased connection to their living spaces, we couldn’t help but wonder how this is changing our decisions, priorities, and preferences when it comes to interior design. We sifted through our Modsy data, survey responses from 2,000 people across the country, and Google Trends data to put together a report on COVID-19’s impact on home design.

holiday set up for small dining space

Quarantine Styles

Sofas were considered the number one most splurge-worthy furniture item and living rooms were the top space people said they wanted to redesign post-pandemic. Not surprising, given the increased amount of time we’re all spending at home. Additionally, a decent number of people said their homes actually added to their stress levels, which were already higher than normal, thanks to the pandemic.

Interior design trends chart

According to our survey results, more people are interested in designing rooms with “flex space” this year, meaning they’re creating spaces where versatility is top of mind. These designs include things like added storage, designated places for hobbies/distance learning, and reading nooks. We’ve also seen an increase in interest in home hygiene/sanitization. More people are looking into germ-resistant materials for flooring and surfaces, automatic faucets, smart toilets, and indoor air quality monitoring.

home school set up with breakfast nook

Pandemic Parent Trends

Parenting has always been tough, but all the stressors surrounding COVID-19 have made it even tougher for parents. With many schools closing and parents working from home while taking care of their kids, the pandemic has contributed to an often very stressful home situation for many families across the US. This has given many people a different perspective on their home design preferences and priorities.comparison graphic about covid and home designFlex spaces and sanitization are top priorities for parents, even more so than non-parentsWhen looking at what’s most important to parents and non-parents in terms of room design, it’s clear that parents are more focused on flex spaces and home hygiene/sanitization.This makes sense given how most parents want to keep their homes as functional, multipurpose, and germ-free as possible with little ones around all the time!

comparison chart

Parents undertook more DIY home projects this year Parents were slightly more likely than non-parents to realize their home was disorganized during the pandemic (although that was still the majority consensus for everyone).Last but not least, parents were more likely to have undertaken DIY home or room design projects during the quarantine than non-parents. How they found the time? That’s a mystery!

closet converted into a changing station in nursery
Nurseries Are On the Rise

With all the speculation about a potential post-COVID baby boom (and our own data shows that nursery designs are on the rise), we wanted to see which states were the most interested in nursery designs.

comparison graphic about covid and home design

nursery side by side imageCOVID Home Stress IndexWhether you’re a parent or not, you’ve likely experienced an increased amount of stress while at home due to the pandemic. As it turns out, people in certain states experienced more stress related to their home design and organization amidst the pandemic than others.

The top 10 states where people have felt the most stressed out about their home interior design since the pandemic began: google trends

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Trend Spotlight: Traditional Wingback Chairs are Getting a New Twist

Traditional design is rising in popularity across the country, as people spend more time at home and are looking for a little more comfort and familiarity in their home’s design. The surge in popularity of traditional interior design is something that steadily grew in the second half of 2020, and one of our 2021 trend predictions is that it will continue to rise into the coming year.

With its rise in popularity, we’ve been exploring different traditional design ideas, with furniture, decor, and overall room designs that bring this style to life. One piece in particular that we’ve been seeing in a lot of traditional and modern spaces alike? The wingback chair.

wingback chair

What is a wingback chair?

A wingback chair—also known as a wing chair, a fireside chair, or an easy chair—is a style of upholstered accent chair with “wings” attached to the seatback. Wingback chairs generally feature a high back, and all but some of the more modern styles of this chair have armrests. (Traditionally, the wings connect all the way down to the armrest in one continuous piece.) They tend to be designed with wooden legs and a fully upholstered body—though some styles have wood side panels and backs, or scrolled wood frames along the edge of the chair design.

You’ll also sometimes see wingback details in settees (which are perfect for a dining nook) or in upholstered captain’s dining chairs. This will add a more formal, traditional vibe to your dining space.

In the most traditional approaches to this chair style, you’ll often see nailhead trim, roll arms, and scrolled or cabriole legs—a classic Queen Anne-style furniture detail. But more modern designs forego these details, creating a more streamlined look.

Where do wingback chairs come from?

A quick lesson in the history of wingback chairs. The first wingback chairs were made in England in the 1600s—but they didn’t rise in popularity until the 1720s. They were created as a way to help shield a person from drafts of cold air (something quite common in colonial homes!) and also to trap the heat from a fireplace. That’s actually why they’re sometimes called fireside chairs, as it was a popular style of chair to have pulled up in front of or flanking a fireplace. While the earliest wingback chair designs were made entirely of wood, with no cushioning or upholstery, today they make very comfortable chairs to cozy up in, whether they’re pulled up next to a fireplace or not!

How to Style a Wingback Chair

Want to see wingback chairs in action? We’ve rounded up a handful of our favorite wingback chair designs in the Modsy catalog. Keep scrolling for some wingback chair design ideas and how to integrate this style of chair into your home!

wingback chair

Darlene Accent Chair (Black), Nyla Home

This take on a wingback chair features sleek mid-century modern lines. The dark color is sophisticated and modern and allows this chair to work well across many different styles. Despite the chair’s sleek form, its soft fabric and traditionally inspired shape make it a cozy place to sit!

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Marilla Accent Chair (Khaki), Jofran

The combination of gingham-patterned upholstery and wingback styling give these chairs a very traditional look that’s perfect for modern farmhouse and traditional styles alike. With their padded seats, arms, and backs, these chairs are the perfect place to curl up with a good book.

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Iris Wingback Chair (Cathedral Slate), Ravine Home

The classic blue and white pattern found on this wingback chair—along with the tapered legs and clean-lined frame—make this a perfect choice for those looking to embrace New Traditional design style. This chair will give your space a comfy, traditional vibe with an updated feel.

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wingback chair

Paul Accent Chair (Pink), Nyla Home

This is a very modern take on a wingback chair. In fact, we may even say it’s wingback-inspired rather than sitting squarely in the camp of wingback chairs. With an hourglass shape and metal framing, it adds a striking look to any modern or eclectic space. But it’s the high, curved seat back, plus the spindles, that give a nod to both wingback and traditional Windsor styles. To make it comfortable, this chair features a plush seat cushion and free-floating back pillow, which come in many colors to suit different color schemes and styles.

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wingback chair

Modern Wing Accent Chair (Navy), Scout Home

An absolutely classical take on a wingback, this navy upholstered wingback chair has a traditional form, with a camelback top, nailhead trim, and rolled arms. However, its simple, streamlined legs give it a slightly modern twist. This is the perfect choice for a sophisticated reading nook.

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Iris Wingback Chair (Shibori Coral Cay), Ravine Home

Just because you want a chair with a traditional shape doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with the upholstery! The fun Shibori-style print on the fabric is perfect for boho or eclectic spaces, giving your room a pop of color and global-inspired style.

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wingback chair

Malia Accent Chair (Grey), Nyla Home

This elegant and rustic chic wingback chair will add sophistication to any corner of your home. With a weathered wood frame featuring beautiful scrollwork, neutral exterior upholstery, and a crushed velvet seat, back, and accent pillow, this chair is full of vintage charm. All of its elegance makes it a great stand-alone statement piece or a perfect pairing for those interested in decorating with antiques.

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Palm Desert Wing Chair (White), Global Views

With button-tufted linen cushions and a wood frame, this modern wingback-style chair has boho and coastal written all over it. The frame’s sleek lines make it perfect for modern and Scandinavian spaces as well. We love how the caning on the sides adds texture and an unexpected element that you don’t typically see on a wingback chair!

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wingback chair

Marilla Accent Chair (Navy), Jofran

The plaid upholstery on this classic wingback chair adds a warm and traditional touch. But lighter wood of the tapered wooden legs adds a sleek, modern rustic feel. We love how this piece adds a pop of color and pattern to a space—great for those looking to dive into the Traditional Comfort design trend.

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Iris Wingback Chair (Cathedral Blush), Ravine Home

If you’re looking for sleek and modern wingback chairs, this design in blush upholstery is the perfect choice. It offers an understated pop of color to your space and works perfectly on its own or in a pair. The subtle pattern on the fabric adds a fun, unexpected element to this chair—giving this classic chair style an updated look.

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wingback chair

Wingback Accent Chair (Beige), Jofran

This is a more simplified version of a wingback chair. With simple lines and a lower back, stylistically it’s almost a combination of a club chair and wingback style. But a pinstripe pattern and exposed nailheads give this chair a definite traditional bent. We love the idea of pairing it with a footstool for extra comfortable lounging.

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wingback chair

Erik Wing Chair (Burnt Sienna), West  Elm

This Scandinavian-inspired version of a wingback chair is great for adding classic flair to a modern space. The long, tapered legs in a dark oak finish add a definite mid-century modern touch, while the soft saddle-colored leather manages to be both trendy and timeless (and oh-so-comfortable).

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Drexel Arm Chair, Hyde Park

Add some sophistication to your dining room with wingback captain’s chairs. The nailhead trim gives it a striking look, and the espresso finish on the wood legs adds beautiful contrast to the light upholstery. A pair of these chairs is not only great for use at the head and foot of your dining table but would also look great flanking a fireplace.

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Tabitha Accent Chair (Beige), Nyla Home

These French country-inspired wingback chairs have a classic form with deep seats, which are perfect for lounging. With linen upholstery on the seat and back, burlap upholstery on the exterior, and a solid birch frame with carved feet, this chair is full of charming, elegant details. It’s perfect for Refined Rustic and Traditional spaces.

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Merchant Picks: Why We’re Loving The Cane Furniture Trend

Cane furniture is having a major moment right now—and we’re really loving it. While traditionally cane has shown up more in coastal styles, we’re seeing it transcend any one style and be integrated into modern, mid-century, traditional, and eclectic spaces as well. Large furniture retailers and small design houses alike are bringing this beautiful material into their furniture designs and we’re feeling so inspired by the many ways you can use this material! It’s the perfect way to bring some natural texture into your home.

We sat down with Meg Donovan, Modsy’s Senior Director of Product Development and Sourcing, to get the scoop on the cane furniture trend. Here’s what she had to say:

cane furniture trend

What is it that makes cane so special?

One of the things I love about working with and designing furniture is the artistry and craftsmanship that is required to make beautiful pieces. Even the most common and familiar materials look deceptively simple but actually require hours of labor by skilled artisans to produce. Rattan and cane are two such materials.

What exactly is cane, and how is it turned into furniture pieces?

The rattan vine naturally grows in the forests of Indonesia and supplies two amazing furniture materials—cane, which is the outer bark, and rattan, the inner pole. The art of harvesting, prepping, and weaving cane and rattan have been practiced for centuries in this area of the world. Despite the industrialization of manufacturing, the production process has changed very little over the years, as the natural fibers respond best to the skilled hands of an artisan rather than machine production.

Like the look of rattan furniture more than cane? Check out our best rattan design ideas.

cane furniture trend

What design styles does cane furniture go with best?

Most often, caned furniture evokes thoughts of coastal, beachy looks. The natural look of caned furniture lends itself beautifully to coastal designs, and I love using them there. But I am also obsessed with the new revolution of cane. Paired with solid, rich colors and interesting shapes, cane is going beyond the coastal vibe and is making a statement across multiple styles. In both traditional applications and this new evolution of cane work, I can’t help but marvel at the masterful work and appreciate the uniqueness of each piece. With cane, each hand-woven element represents the culmination of skills and passions passed from artisan to artisan across generations.

Below is a round-up of my favorite cane furniture ideas, all of which utilize this incredible natural material. I hope you find your new favorite among these or many other pieces in the Modsy assortment.

Keep reading to explore some of our favorite cane furniture designs!

cane furniture trend

Azalia Bed, Scout Home

This cane headboard is a total showstopper. It has a very earthy, organic vibe. But the mahogany backing and iron base give it a fresh, refined look. It’s a very chic way to bring cane into your home decor.

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cane furniture trend

Pulley Cane Side Chair, Scout Home

These cane dining chairs are super stylish yet offer a subtle way to add texture to your space. They have a clean, modern shape, and the mix of nettlewood, cane, and linen give them a look of casual refinement. Wondering if cane is the right material for your dining room? Check out our guide to dining chair materials.

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cane furniture trend

Macon Club Chair, Hyde Park

This cane armchair is a real beauty. It perfectly combines an elegant, classic form with coastal ease, thanks to the combination of cane and linen. It’s the perfect addition to this Americana living space—but could go just as well in a transitional, traditional, or rustic space.

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cane furniture trend

Bosca Table Lamp, Ludlow Living

Can you spot the cane in this design? It’s actually the table lamp on the console! This is a totally different look from other ways we tend to see cane. The lampshade is made of cane but painted black, giving it more of a modern boho vibe.

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cane furniture trend

Cane Chair, Global Views

This super stylish cane chair offers traditional design with polished appeal. We love how the design of the chair, with its cane back and black lacquer finish, works in formal spaces—but that it can also be a fun addition to eclectic homes! That, and it makes a splash against bold wall colors, as you can see in the design above!

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cane furniture trend

Dolores Cane Buffet Cabinet, Pottery Barn

A cane-front credenza is a perfect piece for a coastal dining room like this. It adds easy, breezy texture and elegance to the space. But the black frame adds some contrast as well, giving this piece a modern edge.

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cane furniture trend

Woven Cane Stool, Baylin

Looking for a small way to dip your toe into the cane trend? Try a pop of cane in a woven stool! It brings in just a little bit of texture without stealing the show. And a piece like this is super versatile. It can serve as a side table, a footrest, or an extra seat—plus you can easily move it from room to room!

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Caned Teak Armchair, Cascade Accents

This stylish cane and teak accent chair has a sculptural form, making it almost a work of art in and of itself. It’s simple design is reminiscent of the 80s—making it a perfect way to marry today’s cane trend with another one of our favorite trends of the moment: the 80s revival trend!

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cane furniture trend

Desiree Headboard, Ludlow Living

This white-washed cane headboard is a simple way to add rustic charm to any bedroom. It’s the perfect piece for a farmhouse, countryside, or shabby chic aesthetic. Pair it with a linen duvet cover for an effortless, cozy look.

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cane furniture trend

Abbott Canned Desk Chair, Scout Home

Elevate your WFH vibes with a cane office chair. With only a subtle pop of cane, this is a great way to try cane on for size if you’re worried about the trend falling out of style. (Although we don’t think that will happen anytime soon!) The retro-modern design of this chair will keep your office looking good for years to come.

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cane furniture trend

Harbour Cane Bed, Serena & Lily

A white wood and cane bed frame for your little one adds a stylish, charming look to their bedroom. It feels whimsical right now—but it also won’t be too childish in a few years. In fact, this whole look will grow up with your kiddo and, with a few swaps, can transform into something quite sophisticated!

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cane furniture trend

Jude Chair, Noir

Want something iconic to go with your trends? Try a pair of Jeanneret-style chairs! This iconic chair style is made of cane and teak—offering sophisticated design with a story to your space. It’s also a great style if you live in a hot climate, as the cane back and seat are super breathable!

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Harbour Cane Bed, Serena & Lily

Get a Farmhouse or Rustic look with the natural finish version of the Harbour Cane Bed. The combination of cane and a natural wood finish adds warmth and depth to this look and keeps this pink bedroom design from feeling too frilly.

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Want to get the scoop on more decor trends? Explore our trending design ideas page, and get ready to be inspired! And if you love the cane furniture trend but aren’t sure how to incorporate it into your home, check out our online interior design services. Our designers can help you bring the look to life!

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You Heard It Here First! These 5 Decor Trends Will Be Huge in 2020

2020 home decor trendsIt’s almost a wrap on 2019! Not only are we saying goodbye to the year but we’re bidding adieu to an entire decade. And with the start of a new trip around the sun means we get to welcome in a whole new host of 2020 home decor trends.

If you’re wondering what’s going to be big in 2020 (and what’s going to be out), we’ve got your covered. Keep reading for a peek into the future and get the scoop on 5 home decor trends we predict will be everywhere.

1. Ceiling Treatments

Yes, for 2020 we’re turning our design attention to the fifth wall, aka ceilings! Keep an eye out (or up) for painted, wallpapered, and even fabric tented ceiling designs. This bold design move was actually a piece de resistance at Napoleon’s Château de Malmaison in France, and now we’re seeing it come back into vogue. And while we probably won’t see this trend make its way into everyday homes, you’ll start to spy it in the pages of editorial magazines like Architectural Digest and Elle Decor.

2. Sculptural Furniture and Decor

Clutter is out, which means the design world is looking for ways to incorporate decoration into furniture. We’re seeing this desire show up in two key places—ornamented and sculptural furniture and decor pieces.

2020 decor trends3. Surface Treatments

What comes after cane and rattan? Pieces with ribbed or channeled surfaces are a major 2020 decor trend to watch. We’re thinking of these surface treatments as the next rev post 2019’s obsession with natural textures. Not to mention, these pieces have an 80’s Deco vibe that gives them a lovely dose of nostalgia, and who can say no to that?

4. Industrial Lighting

Lighting with an industrial minimal vibe is another trend we’re seeing as a big player of 2020. Lighting is becoming incredibly sculptural mixing stone and black metal to create beautiful forms and shapes, because why not have both form and function together in one piece.

2020 home decor trends5. Sustainability at Home

People are starting to think more and more about the environmental impact of home design. In addition to smart features and appliances that regulate energy usage, we’re also seeing a desire among our customers to shop sustainably. We’re seeing a rise in customers asking us about the products they are buying like how it’s made and where it comes from. People are choosing to invest in quality pieces they can keep for years to come!

Try on Some 2020 Home Decor Trends in Your Space

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These 3 decor trends will be everywhere in 2020

It’s that time of the year again. When we look back at the year behind us and predict what the next one has in store for home decor trends. And there are more than a few 2020 decor trends that we’re excited about.

But trends are fickle things. So don’t stress if something you love is on it’s way out. Trends come and go in cycles, so it’ll likely be back before you know it. Not to mention, we’re firm believers in designing with the pieces and styles you love—not the trends others say are in or out.

But all that to say, it’s still fun to peek into the future and see what’s coming! So, without further ado, here are the decor trends that we predict will be major players in 2020.

Decor Trend #1: Home Is Where the Bar Cabinet Is

2020 decor trendsOut: Bar Carts // In: Bar Cabinets

A few years ago, bar carts were the “it” piece of furniture everyone wanted. And no surprise considering that bar carts are the perfect mix of being relatively affordable, a great way to fill out an empty corner, and make for an Instagrammable design moment.

Shop The Look: Our Favorite Bar Cabinets

But fast-forward to 2020, and the once super-popular trend is feeling over-saturated and tired. Instead, we’re seeing the focus shift towards a more holistic approach to entertaining at home. So out go the bar carts, and in come the bar cabinets. We’re even seeing some homes where the “bar” area is woven into a bookcase or set up as a simple styling moment on top of a credenza.

But if you have a bar cart you love, don’t stress or toss it out on the curb just yet. A simple styling refresh is all you need to give your bar cart new life. We say skip the alcohol and try something a little unexpected—use it for storage, as a record stand, a home for your many plants, or even repurpose it as a nightstand.

Decor Trend #2: Mid-Century Modern2020 decor trends

Out: “Mad Men” Style // In: Organic Modernism Style

We don’t need to explain the mid-century modern trend, which has been popular for over a decade. But we are noticing a shift in the way the design world is embracing the elements of mid-century modern design. While the mid-century modern of a few years ago might be described as “straight off the set of Mad Men,” today we’re seeing mid-century designs morph into something more organic and bohemian.

Instead of the sharp angles, Eames lounge chairs, and hairpin legs of yesterday’s mid-century modern, today we’re seeing the style push more earthy and organic—a look we’re dubbing as“organic modernism.”

Organic modernism is a softer, earthier side of the mid-century look. It focuses more on materials and forms derived from the natural world. It’s less about the iconic designs of the original style, and more interested in the shapes, materials, colors, and forms of the movement. Organic modernism is more eclectic by nature, and plays with natural materials and textures, curved and organic forms, pops of earthy colors, and lots and lots of plants.

Decor Trend #3: Minimalism Versus Maximalism2020 decor trends

Out: Minimalism and Maximalism // In: Minimalist Maximalism

The two opposing trends of minimalism and maximalism were both popular looks of 2019. While minimalism was about form, function, and “less is more,” maximalism was interested in over-the-top spaces. These two trends coexisted in 2019, and likely have each other to thank for their own respective popularity. But for 2020, we’re seeing a new design trend on the horizon that merges these styles together.

Meet minimalist maximalism! If that seems like an oxymoron to you, then you’ve got the right idea. This trend is exactly what it sounds like—a style that plays with the unlikely combo of a minimalist’s design principles and a maximalist’s love of patterns, colors, textures, and all things over-the-top. The look basically boils down to a space designed with a highly curated mix of statement pieces styled very minimally. Think show-stopping furniture with minimal forms and no extra frills or decorative clutter.

This 2020 decor trend combines our culture’s current obsession with decluttering (thanks, Marie Kondo!) and our desire to create an interior that shows off our unique style and personality. We’re seeing a new interest in material as ornamentation. Instead of adding more decor, we’re focusing on the decorative nature of materials like marble, velvet, and woven textures. These materials bring in a decorative element without adding more stuff. Thus, creating a space full of beauty and ornament but sans the extra clutter.


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Velvet Trend Spotlight: How to Design with this It Material

living room

Velvet is fast becoming something of a stronghold in interior design schemes all over the world. You’ve probably seen this fabric used in main pieces of furniture and decor in hotels, restaurants, living rooms, bedrooms and so much more!

And while it’s usually a material associated with glam style interiors, we’re seeing velvet break out of the box and make a name for itself across styles like modern, rustic, and even minimal. From sofas to ottomans to curtains to carpets, the velvet trend is here to stay.

sofaWhy We Love the Velvet Trend

Material as decoration is the theme behind many of our favorite trends, like natural materials, industrial light fixtures, and the re-emergence of natural marble, to name a few. And velvet fits the same bill!

Instead of adding more decorative accents to space, we’re seeing a shift towards embracing a more minimal approach to decor, which clears the way for materials to be the stars of the show.

This is great for anyone who recently Marie Kondo-ed their home or doesn’t want to add a lot more decorative pieces/clutter. Even if you’re not all about keeping up with the latest trends, velvet is one of those decor choices that will stand the test of time.

Where to Use Velvet

living roomSofas and Armchairs

If you want to hop on the velvet train, your main seating pieces are a great place to start. Statement seating is super popular in interiors right now, so go bold with a big velvet sofa or armchair!

We really love a matte velvet because it offers a sleeker, more elevated approach. But crushed velvet is also fun if you want to add extra drama and flair to a room. Velvet seating can also help create a super cozy vibe because it’s so tactile and makes for a snuggly place to cuddle up!

Stylist Tip: Balance out the glam side of velvet by incorporating natural materials like rustic woods, jute, rattan, or even woven wall hangings into your space. This will help add textural contrast and ground your velvets in a more neutral design scheme.

bedroomBed Frames and Headboards

Velvet in the bedroom, ooh la la! A velvet bed frame adds a luxe, plush feel to your private enclave. You can find options with just velvet upholstered headboards or opt for a fully upholstered frame. We love this scalloped option, which adds a lovely Art Deco vibe to space.

Velvet bed frames come in a range of styles, so you can find one that fits your bedroom perfectly. Pair it with more traditional or modern accents to keep the look feeling less glam and more eclectic or even traditional.


If you want to incorporate the velvet trend into your design scheme without committing to a big furniture swap, consider adding velvet pillows into the mix! They add a lovely pop of texture and luxury to your living room or bedroom (or anywhere you have decorative pillows).

What’s more, throw pillows are inexpensive, which makes them an easy and low-risk way to dabble in this trend. If you already have throw pillows, you can even keep the inserts and just swap the covers.


Stools and Ottomans

Another small but impactful way to add a pop of velvet to a room is with velvet stools, poufs, or ottomans. Stools are a big enough accent to get the velvet look but you don’t have to commit to a full piece of furniture.

They are also a functional and fun addition to any room, as they add a decorative element and can also be used as seating, footrests, or even storage, depending on the style you choose. Add a few stools to your living room, at the end of your bed, or even tuck a pair under a console table for a pop of the velvet trend in any room.

dining chairsDining Chairs

Dining chairs are an unexpected way to dabble in the velvet trend and they can add a major style moment to what is often an overlooked space. The look of velvet upholstery adds visual contrast and texture to your dining room. Plus, dining chairs come in a wide variety of styles so you can find one that looks great with a velvet touch!

But as with all upholstered dining chairs, keep in mind it’s not the most kid-friendly choice as it’s more difficult to clean if it encounters any messy fingers or spills.


The final way we love adding velvet to our spaces is with an elegant bench! Similar to the stools, a bench is a fun way to add a substantial amount of velvet to your design but isn’t as great of a commitment as a bed or sofa.

Benches are also more portable so you have the flexibility of moving it from the entryway to your bedroom, or from the dining room to the living space if you want an easy way to change up your look.

Stylist tip: Pair a luxe velvet bench with a textured natural fiber storage piece, like this woven rattan wardrobe. The play between textures makes for a lovely contrast and creates a striking look in any space!

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