10 Boho Office Ideas Designed For Creative Spirits

A home office is the part of our homes that are created for Getting. Work. Done. But that doesn’t mean they have to be all about function. They can be stylish, too! At Modsy, we’re of the belief that a home office should not only be a reflection of your overall design style—but it should also inspire you and spark creative and innovative thinking. But how you bring that to life completely depends on your personal style and what you need from a home office.

For those who are naturally more free-flowing and creative, we love the look of a boho home office. It’s a style that embodies creativity and lets your personality shine in a big way. Not to mention it will make your Zoom background a lot more interesting than the average cubicle!

What is Boho Style?

What is boho style, you ask? It’s a look that’s eclectic, colorful, and has a bit of global flair. In boho spaces, you’ll find a lot of patterns, textures, and layers, as well as an eclectic mix of collected objects and decor. Casual and carefree, this is a style that has a relaxed vibe.

With all this in mind, boho offices aren’t for everyone. Some people prefer their home offices to be more minimalistic to reduce distractions or more traditional if they want their space to feel more formal. But a boho home office is the perfect choice for creative spirits and those who want their workspace to inspire them and be a true reflection of who they are—as well as their goals and aspirations.

Want some boho home office design ideas? Keep reading for 10 boho office designs, along with tips for creating an eclectic workspace of your own.

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1. Hang a Gallery Wall

A boho gallery wall can bring a splash of personality to your home office. We love the idea of mix-and-match artwork to create a mixed media gallery wall, like this one. The mix of photography, art prints, a woven plate, a macrame weaving, and even a resin animal bust creates a textural, layered look that’s bursting with personality.

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2. Decorate with Plants

Crazy plant person? Why not! Boho decor is big on celebrating nature, so decorating with plants is a natural move. Plus, incorporating plants in your office helps with good energy and air flow, while adding texture and pops of green to your space. Bring in plants on multiple levels throughout your office, like we did above—with floor plants and hanging plants, plus plants that sit on various surfaces. This creates a relaxed boho office vibe.

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3. Maximize Natural Light

Making sure you get as much natural light as possible is good for any home office, no matter the style. But as such a lighthearted design style, it seems especially fitting for boho office designs. Natural light brings good vibes into an office space and helps keep your energy levels up. So, try to bring in as much natural light during work hours as possible by keeping windows open and uncovered. Bonus: natural light is a free and ample source of light at your desk!

Boho office with bold dark green walls

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4. Go Bold With Color

Boho can be all about airiness and creating a sense of calm and peace. But it can also be quite bold! If you want to add some boldness into your boho office design, a statement wall color is a fun way to do this. It brings some extra personality to your home office. Just make sure you pick a color that is energizing but not distracting!

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boho office with lots of textures items and a bold bold and white color scheme

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5. Create Textural Layers

Texture can make an office feel homey and cozy, which is important if you spend a lot of time in it. Add texture through natural materials like wood furniture, plants, woven poufs, rugs, and wall hangings. And find ways to do this from the floor to the ceiling! This cozy boho home office has texture on all levels, which helps the space feel visually layered and dynamic. This is also a great way to bring to life a more neutral boho home office.

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boho cloffice with pink walls and whimsical decor

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6. Sprinkle in a Dash of Whimsy

Love this boho home office nook? Then you might have a penchant for whimsical decor, which is another fun way to bring some personality and imagination into your boho home office. Consider home office furniture like a funky pendant light or carved wood desk, or decorative accents like an eclectic piece of artwork. Whimsical touches in a home office can help lighten the mood and bring a sense of joy to your workspace.

boho office with a vintage rug

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7. Lay Down a Vintage Rug

Part of the eclectic nature of bohemian design is the mix of old and new, which gives a space look of being collected and developed over time. A great way to bring in a sense of history to your boho home office is with a vintage rug, or a vintage-inspired style. Plus, a colorful boho rug can add so much color and personality to a space and really drive home the boho aesthetic.

Dark green boho office with chich glam touches including a ornate mirror

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8. Add Chic Elements

Want a bit more of a boho chic home office? Add some glamorous touches, and you’ll have yourself a boho glam look! Incorporate a gilded mirror, a decorative chandelier like the beaded boho one above, a marble or brass lamp, and maybe even some jewel-toned walls. All of these elements can bring a boho glam touch while still giving your office a casual and eclectic vibe, overall. Layer in some woven textures and a vintage-inspired rug for some global chic flair!

Boho office with airy decor and woven materials

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9. Pick Open and Airy Furniture and Materials

In a boho home office, we like to create an open and airy vibe through the furniture and materials we choose. To keep the space feeling open and bright, opt for natural materials and light-reflecting surfaces in the furniture and decor. Choose furniture with open frames and bases (like an open bookshelf or drafting-style desk) to keep the space feeling less cluttered. Boho offices tend to be full of textures, so the simplicity of lighter pieces of furniture helps the space feel inspiring rather than overwhelming.

Boho office with clean minimal style , with light gray walls and an leather desk chair

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10. Keep It Minimal

Get easily distracted? Keep things clean, uncluttered, and minimal with furniture that is still boho but boasts clean lines (like this mid-century modern desk with natural wood front). This is a great way to add that casual and light-hearted boho flair without the maximalism that sometimes accompanies this style. Because, while some people thrive in visually busy spaces, some people need some extra help focusing—which makes more minimal boho office decor a great choice. This is also a good approach for small home office designs.

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Boho Nursery Decor Ideas

Bohemian decor continues to be a popular design style across the board. This trendy look is playful and relaxed—which also makes boho style a great choice for a baby’s nursery! With an eclectic mix of colors, natural materials, and patterns, plus the potential to pack in a ton of personality, boho nursery decor gives you a ton of potential to create a unique and fun baby room.

Want some boho nursery design ideas and help bringing this look to life in your own home? We’ve rounded up some of our designers’ best tips for creating a boho nursery of your own. You can use all the tips or just a few—after all, boho design is all about creating a unique, personalized look! Read on for 10 boho nursery decor ideas, with tips on how to get the look!

Boho nuresery with clay colored walls and earthy decor

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1. Use a Muted, Earthy Color Palette

When it comes to nursery color schemes, we love a muted and earthy color palette, which can create some seriously soothing vibes for your baby’s room. And earth tones happen to beautifully complement natural materials, which are a staple in boho design. The color scheme in this boho nursery is earthy but neutral, with shades of tan, cream, and white throughout the furniture and decor. But the pops of color come from the art and warm peach wall, which add a ton of personality to this space. It’s the perfect color palette for a soothing nursery!

Want something a little more vibrant? You could also try out rainbow nursery decor to add some bold and fun pops of color to your baby’s room!

Boho nursery with sage colored walls and macrame accent items

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2. Hang Some Macrame Wall Art

Macrame wall hangings are popular in boho style in general—and they add a nice, soft touch to a nursery. They bring a lot of visual texture into a space, and since they’re more lightweight than most wall hangings, they can be safer to hang in a baby’s room, especially if you want art hung above the crib.

Boho nuresery with colorful woven accent like a bright rug

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3. Incorporate Woven Decor

With the eclectic nature of boho decor, woven pieces always have a home in this style—from baskets to trunks and laundry hampers. When it comes to boho nursery decor, woven pieces add texture and practicality. Consider adding woven baskets or a larger woven trunk like the one pictured above to store everyday baby items like toys, blankets, and books! You could also incorporate woven decor by layering a natural fiber rug under a softer, more colorful rug for extra texture and floor coverage!


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Vintage inspired boho nursery

4. Add Vintage Touches

Boho style can be eclectic and have a retro flair—so adding some vintage pieces can bring a personal touch to your baby’s nursery. To bring a vintage vibe to life, head to a flea market or antique store to find some vintage artwork or an antique rug for the space. Prefer everything in the nursery to be new? You could also go for vintage-inspired designs, like our VP of Style Alessandra Wood did in her baby’s nursery, pictured above! She opted for an antique-inspired brass crib and chose a classic William Morris wallpaper pattern to add a sense of history to her baby’s nursery!

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Boho nursery filled with natural matrials

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5. Use Plenty of Natural Materials

Natural materials are a great choice for furniture and decor in a boho nursery. Try a natural wood dresser, a jute rug, a woven pendant, or even dried plants as some easy decor. The visual texture, dimension, and warmth that natural materials add not only helps bring boho design to life—but these materials can also help you stick with a more minimal design approach in a neutral boho nursery or a small nursery design, without the space feeling cold or sterile.

Boho nursery with black accent wall and classic touches

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6. Consider a Few Classic Touches

To balance out the more eclectic side of bohemian design, you can bring in some classic touches that will help the nursery feel a little more timeless—whether that’s a traditional-style dresser, a more classic chair design, or the style of crib you choose. A Jenny Lind-style crib is a classic touch that looks beautiful in almost any style space. Specifically, it’s a great addition to a boho nursery with its turned spindles and arches.

Boho nursery with bright wallpaper and rattan furniture

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7. Opt for Rattan Furniture

Rattan is a staple material in boho spaces—and for good reason! Rattan furniture adds a casual, airy vibe to any room—and when paired with colors like green and pink, it can also take on a tropical flair. We love the idea of incorporating some rattan accent furniture to a boho nursery design. Pieces like a rattan lamp, chair, or even side table can add that airy and casual element that makes a boho nursery feel truly relaxed.

Boho nursery with geometric shag rug

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8. Cover the Floor with a Shag Rug

Warm up your floors with a soft and cozy shag rug! If you’re going for boho nursery decor, we especially love Moroccan shag rugs—aka those rugs with diamond patterns like the one pictured above. This style of rug is a staple in boho spaces; they add pattern and texture and are super plush underfoot. In a nursery, that makes for the perfect rug for sitting on the floor with your baby or helping baby comfortably get in some tummy time!

Boho nursery with charming Scandi vibe and shiplap walls

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9. Bring in Scandi-Style Furniture

A lot of boho room designs rely on Scandinavian-style furniture to add a crisp and trendy appeal to the space. And Scandi furniture can do just that to a boho nursery, too! We love the Scandinavian-inspired crib and rocker, pictured above, which give some modern appeal to a nursery design. To balance out the modern nursery furniture, try pairing it with more textural elements, like woven baskets or a sheepskin rug to add a cozy element to the nursery.

Boho nursery with narture themed wallpaper

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10. Hang Some Nature-Themed Wallpaper

Wallpaper is an easy way to add style and color to a nursery—and a nature-themed print is a classic touch to a boho nursery. You could wallpaper the whole nursery for more of a statement, or stick with just an accent wall or even a closet nook like the one pictured above for something more subtle that still adds a ton of personality!

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