Farmhouse design is a trendy-but-approachable interior design style that’s been quite popular for the past few years. While modern farmhouse style à la Joanna Gaines has far and away been the most popular take on farmhouse design, there are actually tons of different ways to get this look (most of which are decidedly more rustic than modern farmhouse).

This is also a style that blends well with other styles! Today, we’re going to introduce you to the key elements of a farmhouse style home and then show you the many different ways you can bring this style to life!

What is Farmhouse Design?

What is farmhouse interior design? It’s a style that takes inspiration from the simplicity and rustic nature of an actual farmhouse. Think: weathered woods, comfortable furnishings, character-filled details, and an approach to design that embraces the simplicity of country life. Ultimately, this style is all about coziness and warmth.

But, like we already mentioned, there are many different ways to bring this look to life. There’s classic farmhouse, which is a more on-the-nose interpretation of this style. But there’s also rustic farmhouse, French farmhouse, modern farmhouse, and so many other ways to mix-and-match this look with other styles, from coastal and traditional to eclectic and even Victorian-inspired!

Read on to explore 21 farmhouse decor ideas, with tons of examples of ways to get a farmhouse look in your own home!

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1. Vintage Touches

Adding vintage-inspired touches to your decor is key for pulling off a farmhouse look. We love adding vintage touches in a gallery wall with antique-style prints, through the use of weathered wood and galvanized or distressed metal (like the light fixtures, decor, and chairs pictured above!). All of these pieces add to the farmhouse look, harkening back to true farm materials.

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2. Pretty Pastels

Pastel colors are soft, charming, and definitely have a place in farmhouse decor. These colors beautifully complement the natural materials that are prevalent in farmhouse design. Use pastel tones in wall colors, textiles, and decor, like we did in this pastel farmhouse bedroom. To keep this space feeling earthy and rustic, strike a balance between pastels, neutral tones, and rustic natural materials.

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3. Bold Walls

Farmhouse decor ideas don’t have to just include neutrals and lighter tones. In some cases, farmhouse design can be quite bold! We love the idea of bold, saturated tones in a farmhouse room. Just be sure to keep these colors in the earth tone family to help ground the space in a more country sensibility. (A saturated jewel tone would make a space feel much more glam or boho.) This entryway does it perfectly. It uses rich rust orange, ochre and a deep forest green—all of which adds an earthy and rustic feel that is very in line with farmhouse style. But it’s not just the color palette. Beadboard walls are quintessential to farmhouse style and help further drive home the vibe.

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4. Joie de Vivre

French country style is a softer, more feminine take on farmhouse style, which features classical shapes; light, distressed wood; vintage-inspired floral patterns; and a neutral, almost faded, color palette. The French country take on farmhouse design is directly inspired by country homes in the south of France, giving it a light and airy vibe that also feels collected and full of rustic elegance.

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5. Plant Life

Farmhouse style is all about outdoor living brought inside and going back to the basics through rustic natural elements. One of our favorite ways to do this? Adding botanical art and decor to your space, which gives it an organic vibe. Botanical art prints, featuring flowers or greenery, are a Farmhouse staple. A botanical print on it’s own is lovely—but hanging a series of three or four will hammer home the look even more! And, of course, incorporating plants in your farmhouse decor ideas is a given! Incorporate plants throughout your home—whether it’s a fiddle leaf fig in the corner, a small fern on a shelf, or a vase full of hydrangeas on the table! You can, of course, go faux if you don’t have a green thumb.

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6. Wrought Iron Touches

Wrought iron is a timeless material and furniture made of this material are often used as rustic farmhouse decor ideas. You can incorporate wrought iron into your home’s decor through light fixtures or a classic metal bed frame. This material adds a rustic, earthy touch to any farmhouse space.

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7. An Americana-Inspired Palette

Red, white, and blue. This is a classic color palette that’s often used in traditional and Americana-industrial design, and it also happens to translate very well to farmhouse design. Use this color palette in large, bold ways. We love the application pictured above—with a deep blue wall color, a vintage-inspired rug with red tones, and fresh white linen upholstery for a classic-but-updated look.

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8. A Lesson in Layering

Laying textures through decor adds depth and helps you create that curated and collected farmhouse vibe. Layer surface decor on shelves, consoles, and even coffee tables adds a comfy, lived-in feel. Be sure to incorporate a lot of textures into your decor—like wood bowls, plants, ceramics, and even antique books!

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9. A Sophisticated Take

You might be surprised to discover that the comfortable and approachable nature of farmhouse design actually pairs beautifully with classic style. While these two styles may seem like opposites—one being more formal and ornate and the other being more rustic and relaxed—the blending of these elements creates a sophisticated take on farmhouse. Classic touches, like scalloping, elegant upholstery, and refined stylized surfaces elevate the more down-to-earth elements of farmhouse style. A limited, muted color palette helps perfectly bridge the gap between these two styles.

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10. Modern Contrast

An easy way to make farmhouse design more modern? Contrast. Since traditional farmhouse style is all about weathered natural materials, with a more neutral color palette, pops of black really add a modern edge. In this modern farmhouse dining room, we did that through black dining chairs. They’re in a classic Windsor shape, which fits well with a farmhouse style home, but the black finish gives them a more modern vibe. Metal accents, like the iron table legs and copper pendant take the best of both modern and farmhouse design, blending the two styles together. And a vibrant emerald green wall drives home the look!

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11. A Slipcover Soliloquy

If you’re going for a classic or French farmhouse look, it’s definitely worth considering a white slipcovered sofa. This can set the whole tone for your living room—evoking a sophisticated but relaxed vibe. Drive home the look with some provincial decor touches, additional upholstery, and pieces with some patina.

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12. Bits of Boho

We already told you that farmhouse style can mix together with a multitude of different styles. But in case you didn’t believe us—let us introduce you to boho farmhouse style. This look is full of eclectic touches, like woven macrame, carved wood and fringed textiles, which are quintessential elements of boho design. But the addition of some rustic touches brings in a relaxed farmhouse feel. This is a great style combo to play with if you love farmhouse but are a little more eclectic!

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13. A Mix of Old and New

You can have a farmhouse look and go a bit contemporary, too! When considering rustic farmhouse decorating ideas, keep the materials and vibe rustic through the use of raw natural materials, but opt for more sleek forms—as you can see in the accent chairs and coffee table, above. Balance these contemporary elements with more organic shapes, like plants, fluffy pillows, and a pile of logs.

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14. Check Mate

Checkerboard, buffalo plaid, and gingham patterns are seen a lot in farmhouse design. They’re classic patterns that have a very bucolic feeling. So, if you’re going for a farmhouse vibe, incorporate some of these checkered patterns into your decor! Applying this pattern to a rug makes a big statement and adds a lot of pattern to a room, complementing the other rustic-inspired pieces throughout the space.

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15. Kid-Friendly, Naturally

Farmhouse style has durability at its core—making it a naturally kid-friendly style. Think about it: sturdy, rustic wood furniture; comfortable upholstery; a warm, approachable color palette. It’s the perfect family-friendly style! The pieces of furniture you’ll find in a farmhouse-style home will last years if cared for properly. Go the extra mile to make things kid-friendly with a rug that has natural patina or a rugged texture for a piece that’s easy to clean and doesn’t show lingering stains!

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16. Bring the Outdoors In

Fresh flowers are the perfect way to add life and color to your farmhouse space. Even if you don’t have a farm or a garden, buying real or faux flowers and botanicals can give your home that extra fresh and earthy feeling. The blooms add texture and color, while the weathered wood furniture brings in a sense of history.

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17. All About Antiques

When it comes to farmhouse decor, you don’t have to stick with vintage-inspired pieces. You can also incorporate actual antiques! Using an antique church pew as a dining bench in farmhouse dining rooms or upcycling barn wood into furniture and decor are classic moves. This keeps your farmhouse look original and helps tie it back to the origins of this design style!

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18. Classic and Collected

Victorian farmhouse style? It’s a thing. This take on farmhouse features a mix of rustic, classic and eclectic styles to create an elevated but livable space. Warmth and comfort are the center of this design style, brought to life through pops of saturated earth tones in decadent materials (like the accent chairs above) and ornate, classical details, like spindle furniture legs and gold scrolling like you can see on that mirror!

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19. Pops Of Glam

You can add subtle pops of glam style to any farmhouse space, especially if it’s something like these crystal and antique bronze chandeliers! This works especially well when paired with white wood and upholstery. Subtle glam elements add a level of sophistication without compromising the basis of farmhouse style.

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20. The Wonders of Wallpaper

Adding wallpaper that has a worn or vintage feel can go a long way in a farmhouse space, especially if you have a home with less inherent character and more modern architecture. Choose wallpaper in muted colors, with a classic pattern like pinstripes or vintage florals.

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21. Minimal Farmhouse

We love a minimal and modern take on farmhouse design. Go minimal with sleek, clean-lined furniture that still celebrates natural materials. Style surfaces intentionally so that they have visual impact, with texture and interesting forms, but remain simple and minimal. Black accents—like in the chair, lamp, and mirror above—bring a modern edge to this rustic style.

Want even more farmhouse design inspiration? Check out our farmhouse design gallery.

Bring Farmhouse style to life in your own home!

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