Modern Rustic is a style that continues to be popular, year after year. We’ve talked about how to translate this trend-but-livable look into a modern rustic living room—but what about bedrooms? Because of its calming color palette and comfortable foundations, this is actually a great style to use when designing a bedroom! Looking for some modern rustic bedroom ideas? Read on!

What is Modern Rustic Style?

Modern rustic style is a mix of mid-century modern and rustic design styles. Within this look, you’ll often find a lot of mid-century-inspired foundational furniture that’s comfortable and streamlined, paired with rustic materials and accents, natural elements, and earth tones. This style is all about creating a comfortable living space with a slightly eclectic quality. The result is a design style that looks effortless and feels approachable—while still having an edge of trendiness to keep it feeling relevant year after year!

Why is Modern Rustic Style Great for Bedrooms?

We love using this style to design bedrooms because it’s comfortable and can create a serene and calming atmosphere. And isn’t that what we all want in a bedroom? Not only that, but since modern rustic style offers that mix of trendy and timeless, it creates a bedroom design that feels like it’s always on-trend.

Tips for Designing a Modern Rustic Bedroom

Ready to explore some modern rustic bedroom ideas and design your own space? Our designers are sharing their top 8 tips, along with a ton of modern rustic design inspiration and bedroom design ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

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1. Opt for an Upholstered Bed

A bed is (obviously) one of those bedroom essentials that you can’t do without. And an upholstered bed is a great way to set the tone for a cozy modern rustic bedroom. Upholstered beds add comfort, plushness and texture to your bedroom. Plus, it offers visual impact by creating a block of color in your space (which is true, even if the upholstery is a neutral color!). Try choosing upholstery in a natural fabric, like linen, leather, or wool, to help drive home a rustic feel.

Looking for a modern rustic upholstered bed? Try the Fadil Bed by Hyde Park.

Made in a durable, stain-resistant fabric, this classic wing-back style bed marries rustic sophistication and modern sleekness.

Modern rustic bedroom with mid-century-modern accents including an goat leather bench by Precita Home

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2. Layer in Mid-Century Modern Accents

After creating a comfortable foundation with a sleek upholstered bed, incorporate organic mid-century modern touches in your accent furniture. (Like nightstands, dressers, and benches.) The streamlined forms of mid-century-inspired accent furniture and accessories will create a dynamic look when paired with a comfortable bed and rustic materials throughout your bedroom. Try out a bench with tapered legs at the end of your bed (like the one pictured here!) and even some shibori print pillows, which have a mid-century vibe.

Want some mid-century modern accents for your bedroom? Check out the Goat Leather Bench by Precita Home.

The rustic channeled leather seat of this bench adds a comfy place to sit at the end of your bed. Its mango wood tapered legs give a modern touch to your space. The result? A piece that is both practical and stylish!

Modern rustic bedroom with lots of natural materials including a chunky wool rug in jute by Pottery Barn

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3. Incorporate Natural Materials

A variety of natural textures and materials help balance out the modern lines of your furniture and bring a rustic quality to your modern rustic bedroom. A mix of textural natural materials like leather, jute, linen, wool, seagrass, and reclaimed wood bring that earthy and approachable quality to your space. You can bring in natural materials in furniture, lighting, decorative accents, rugs, and even bedding! This mix helps a bedroom to feel visually dynamic and add pops of texture throughout your space.

Need help incorporating natural materials? Try the Chunky Wool & Jute Rug by Pottery Barn.

Neutral, versatile, and durable, this chunky, woven wool and jute area rug adds a lot of texture to a space. It’s also hand-loomed by artisans in India and crafted with sustainably harvested jute!

Modern rustic bedroom in earth tones and extra cozy bedding by CB2

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4. Decorate with Earth Tones

The ideal color palette for a modern rustic bedroom is a warm neutral palette, punctuated with earth tones like ochre, terracotta, olive green, and dusty pinks. Let your warm neutrals sit centerstage, then just use earth tones for pops of color in your decorative accents or even on an accent wall. Earth tones are beautiful in a bedroom, as they help create a serene setting and make for a calming place to sleep, while still adding depth and contrast. Plus, warm neutrals and earth tones are the perfect color compliments to natural materials used throughout your space. Want a little extra contrast? Add pops of black, which can also bring in a more modern edge to your modern rustic bedroom.

Looking for neutral-but-textural bedding that goes beautifully with earth tones? Try the Hatchmark Natural Duvet by CB2.

We love the subtle organic pattern on this duvet cover, with black hatch marks on a neutral open-weave fabric. A great staple for a modern rustic bedroom, the colors in this duvet color will coordinate beautifully with earth tones and other neutrals alike.

Cozy modern rustic bedroom design with a boucle reading chair by CB2

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5. Make Comfort a Priority

In a modern rustic bedroom, comfort is key. That means any furniture you sit or lay down on should be streamlined but seriously comfortable. So, opt for a plush upholstered bed, like we mentioned earlier. But also consider adding a cozy chair or chaise lounge to your bedroom for a comfortable place to relax. You don’t even need to create a full reading nook—a simple chair in the corner of the room is all you need to add an extra dose of comfort to your space! Just make sure you don’t sacrifice aesthetics for comfort. In a modern rustic space, furniture lines should be simple and clean to keep the look modern.

Want a comfortable place to relax? Consider the Bacio Boucle Lounge Chair by CB2.

Cozy and comfy, this chair is upholstered in boucle fabric, a super durable material created with a natural loop weave. But it’s not just comfy. This chair’s silhouette is modern while the neutral color helps give it a rustic quality!

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Modren rustic bedroom filled with organic textures including and woven pandant light from Ludlow Living

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6. Embrace Texture

Texture is so important, especially in spaces with neutral color palettes. Adding natural materials, as we mentioned above, will organically bring in texture—as you can see here with the caning on the bed and jute pendant. But you can also incorporate texture through textured walls—whether that’s grasscloth wallpaper or panelling like shiplap. This is a great way to bring visual depth into your bedroom on a large scale!

Want to add some extra texture to your bedroom? Check out the Josiah Pendant by Ludlow Living.

This handwoven wicker rattan pendant adds ambient glow to your bedroom—along with loads of texture in a neutral and natural material.

Modren rustic bedroom with subtle accents including faux-olive branch by crate and barrel

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7. Arrange Some Greenery

Adding greenery (real or faux) is essential for any rustic space. It adds a nice pop of natural earth tones to your bedroom, as well as some visual texture. Plus, flowers, stems of natural greens, or potted plants are also a great way to fill an empty corner or surface in your bedroom.

Looking for low-maintenance greenery? Try out the Faux Olive Stem by Crate & Barrel.

Faux greenery that will stay vibrant all year long—no watering required. Simply place one or two stems into your favorite vase and you have a beautiful pop of natural greenery to add to your dresser or nightstand.

Modern rustic bedroom with subtle patterned rug and ottomans

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8. Experiment with Organic Patterns

Patterns are a great way to add visual interest to a room with a more neutral color palette. But rather than choosing bold modern geometric patterns, which can look harsh, opt for subtler ones that feel more natural and organically occurring. This can be seen in the room above in the pattern of the vintage-inspired rug, the subtle scribbles and brushstrokes of the painting on the wall, and even the embroidered patterns on the poufs.

Want to add some organic patterns to your walls? Hang up the EnRoute Painting by Crate & Barrel.

This painting is a great way to add a big visual impact without overwhelming the room. The color palette of black, cream, and tan, along with the organic style of the pattern it brings to life, is perfect for a modern rustic space.

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