Do you love a look that’s both of-the-moment and steeped-in-history? But that’s also bold and playful, statement-making and full of personality? Well, it might be time to take a look at Modern Glam—a favorite of those who love adding a little glamour to the everyday.

What is glam style?

Glam style can come to life in a variety of ways, depending on what other styles it’s mixed with. But, in its purest form, it’s a style that’s ornate and extravagant, bold and dramatic. Another name for this chic and sophisticated style is Hollywood Glam, because of the associations with the over-the-top city where movie stars reside.

Homes decorated in glam style feel luxurious and rather formal—but they’re also unique and somewhat eclectic. This is not a relaxed style; rather, it’s full of statement pieces, high-end materials, and bold patterns and color schemes.

Green glam living room

How do you make a room feel glam?

Just as there are many ways to bring glam style to life, there are also many ways to make a room feel glam. However, there are some tried and true ways to give a room those glam vibes.

To begin with, use furniture and glamorous decor featuring ornate details, sculptural forms, and luxurious materials. Layering materials and elevating the space with detail is key. You can also spot a glam room by the use of luxurious materials (think: gold, silver, velvet) and statement pieces (anything that screams “look at me!”). And, of course, any glam home should have at least one element of animal print and sparkle! Some common glam color schemes are pink and green, black and gold, and the use of jewel tones.

And, while you can dress up any room in the house with glamorous decor, one of our favorite rooms to play with glam design is the living room. Why? It’s a space that can easily lean formal, and there are so many glam living room decor and furniture pieces that can drive home a modern glam look. Not only that—but since glam style likes being the center of attention, this central room is a great one to showcase luxurious style and decadent details.

Looking for more detailed tips on how to bring a modern glam look to life in your own home? Read on for our designers’ top 12 glam living room ideas and design tips!

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1. Use Metallic Accents

A glam room never met something shiny or sparkly it didn’t like! Embrace the luxurious side of this style with metallic accents! Gold is a fan-favorite for modern glam spaces, but if you’re not a fan of gold finishes, brass, silver, or chrome work, too! For a more luxe look, go for polished finishes, which will look shinier and reflect light. If subtle is more your vibe, you can opt for a matte finish, which will feel less ornate and lean more modern.

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2. Add Animal Print

Animal print decor is a staple of glam design. So, take a walk on the wild side by adding a pop of animal print—big or small—to your modern glam living room. You can go small by choosing animal print pillows or an upholstered side chair. Or you can go big and bold a full-on animal print rug that defines the space.

A related but slightly different must-do for glam spaces? Faux fur. We love to see faux fur throw pillows and blankets in a modern glam living room or bedroom!

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3. Try a Black and White Color Scheme

A black and white color palette (with pops of gold!) is a signature combo for modern glam spaces. It’s a high-contrast and dramatic color combination, and the absence of other colors lets the materials and forms in the space shine.

You can add in some grays to neutralize the space (like we did with this sofa). Or, if you want to really dial up the drama, add a graphic, printed wallpaper to your space. This room features Schumacher’s “Queen of Spain” wallpaper! (Fun fact: King of the glamorous rock-and-roll lifestyle, Mick Jagger, used this wallpaper in his London flat. Enough said!)

glam living room with white chandelier

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4. Play with a Pink and Green Palette

Pink and green is another signature color combo of glam spaces. It makes a modern glam living room take on a more tropical, Miami vibe, à la Golden Girls. A pink and green color palette offers a more eclectic take on glam and has a less formal vibe. If Boho Glam is your style, then this is the color palette for you!

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glam living room with jewel toned accents

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5. Find Inspiration from Art Deco Design

Art Deco design is a precursor to today’s modern glam style. Because of this, many glam living rooms use Art Deco design elements, bringing out the best of these two luxurious styles. Embrace Art Deco forms and principles in your design to immediately bring in glam style. Look for curved furniture forms that feel sculptural and geometric to really drive home the vibe—like the living room above. This roll-arm sofa, coffee table, and side chair understood the assignment!


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6. Bring it Back to the 80’s

The 80’s had some very glam design moments—so mixing 80s-inspired design elements, like billowy sofas and soft pastels, brings a mod glam look to life. The design trends of the 80s were also heavily inspired by Art Deco design, so it makes sense that there’s overlap with glam again here! This is definitely a take on glam style that feels less eclectic and more retro. If you loved 1980s interior design, this is a fun way to embrace your favorite decade in a contemporary way!

glam liviing room with tropical wall paper

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7. Play With Palm Prints

Palm prints are another iconic staple of glam design—and they look amazing with that signature pink and green color palette. Palm prints can be used as wallpaper, prints on upholstery and modern glam decor, and even inspire furniture forms.

Fun fact: Tropical motifs have deep roots in glam design. In fact, two iconic banana leaf wallpapers include Brazilliance and Martinique. The former was designed by interior designer Dorothy Draper and famously used in the Greenbrier hotel, and the latter was created by decorator Don Loper in 1942 for the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Green glam living room

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8. Use Velvet in Upholstery

Luxe and ornamental materials are a must in a glam space. From marble and brass to burl wood and crystal, the way materials are used in a glam style can truly elevate a room. But one of our favorite luxurious materials? Velvet. Velvet upholstery is a staple in the glam book and adds a sense of luxury anywhere it’s found—so try using it in large furniture like your sofa or in an accent piece like these emerald green swivel chairs. Bonus points for velvet in a jewel tone color palette! For additional small touches of velvet throughout a modern glam living room, try a velvet ottoman or throw pillows.

glam living room with yellow velvet sofa

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9. Get Sculptural with Furniture

A piece of sculptural furniture can feel like a work of art—and when added into a glam space sculptural furniture can add a very stylish and mod vibe. This is a great design choice for those who like the statement-making nature of glam design but prefer a look that’s more minimalist than maximalist. With sculptural furniture, you can bring the drama, but it’s the furniture forms that are doing the talking rather than additional ornament and decor within the room. Furniture like this doesn’t need any fussy touches to elevate them! They’re showstoppers all on their own.

pale green glam living room

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10. Use Curved Furniture

Curved furniture gives a living room a more feminine vibe—and it’s also very glam. It adds a visual flow to the space, letting your eye ease around the room. Try using a curved-back sofa, a curved accent chair, or even furniture with rounded bases to give your room some major flow and drama. There’s something about curved furniture that feels unexpected—which is something that glam style tends to love! If you like the tip above about sculptural pieces, this is a great way to put that into practice!

glam living room with traditional rolled arm sofa

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11. Layer in Luxurious Details

No detail goes unnoticed in a glam space—so it’s important to consider not only the big design elements but the small ones, too! To really elevate a modern glam living room, bring in little touches of the ornate and luxurious throughout your space.

Here, the agate detail in the table lamps elevates the design. The button tufting on the chesterfield sofa is a timeless and elegant look that adds visual detail to the space. And the gold finishes on the ottoman, side table, and sputnik chandelier tie the look together. And it’s all brought to life in a refined color palette that feels sophisticated but not overly serious. All of these luxurious details help drive home the overall modern glam vibe of this space.

glam living room with rustic accents

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12. Push Your Look More Eclectic

Glam style often runs on a continuum from formal and polished on one end, to eclectic and almost bohemian at the other. If you’re after a more playful, youthful take on glam style, push your space more eclectic. Add furniture in different styles, like mid-century and boho, alongside glam elements. Be sure to incorporate the key staples of glam style that we covered above (quick recap: animal print, gold, luxe materials) in different places, and you’ll have a recipe for a perfectly glam eclectic space.

Want to bring modern glam style into your own home?

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