Style Spotlight: 7 Ways to Nail the Discerning Collector Look

eclectic minimal

Are you team minimalist or team eclectic? When it comes to articulating your design style, most people can easily pick a side. But it’s not always so simple! Maybe you love the clean look of minimal interiors, but are also drawn to full, lived-in spaces with a worldly feel.

Sound like you? If so, your style might actually a look that our Modsy Designers call “Discerning Collector.” A design style that combines clean lines and paired-down forms with bold accent pieces, the result is just as minimal as it is eclectic.

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Excited already? Read on for 7 ways to get the eclectic minimal look in your home and shop the look of our latest Discerning Collector collection.


eclectic minimal

1. Embrace a Minimal Color Palette

First things first, start your eclectic minimal design with a simple, paired-down color palette. This helps anchor your space and keep it from feeling to busy.

You can’t go wrong with neutrals and shades of grey – they’re easy to layer and will help give your space the minimal edge you’re looking for.

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eclectic minimal

2. Mix Up Your Materials

Eclectic spaces are all about playing with different elements and bringing them together in unexpected ways. An easy way to do this is by incorporating different materials into your design. Think leather, fabrics, marble, jute, wicker, and metals all together in one space.

Don’t be afraid to mix in a little something surprising! Swap your coffee table for two side tables, or hang your artwork off-center.

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eclectic minimal

3. Curate Accent Pieces With a Story

It’s easy to think “eclectic” and imagine a space decked from floor to ceiling with tchotchkes galore.

To put a minimalist slant on this style, adopt a curator’s eye when choosing your decorative accents. Select only the pieces that most appeal to you – a sculpture you picked up during your travels (or trip to CB2), a piece of art you love, and a unique vase. It’s all about making a bold statement in an understated way.


eclectic minimal

4. Play With Texture

Add texture to your room to keep your eclectic minimal space from feeling too sparse. Pieces sporting a natural wood grain, chunky jute rugs, and wicker furniture are all great ways to give a minimal space an eclectic oomph.

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eclectic minimal

5. Lean in to Layers

Want the secret to creating a space with an eclectic, lived-in feel? It’s all about the layers.

From pillows on your sofa, to accessories on your credenza, the right combination of effortless layering is sure to give any space a signature eclectic vibe. Keep it minimal by selecting pieces within a similar color palette and not over-crowding your surface.


eclectic minimal

6. Make a Splash With Pattern

Another way to add visual texture to your eclectic minimal room is by playing with patterns. Depending on your tastes you can go with a more geometric look, or maybe try an organic approach with pops of mud cloth or tie dye patterns.

If you’re feeling unsure, try incorporating patterns in just your pillows or decor. Or go bold with a patterned rug (this is one of our favorites under $500!).


eclectic minimal

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Have Fun

You can always expect the unexpected in eclectic spaces, and that means it’s ok to have some fun. Embrace a little humor with decor that makes you do a double-take or a cheeky artwork that’s sure to start a conversation.


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