Designing a gallery wall can feel intimidating when you’re staring at a blank wall or an awkward space—the area above a staircase, a weird hallway corner, all that spare room around your TV—and you have no idea how to decorate it. Meanwhile, you’ve likely seen hundreds of gallery wall ideas on Pinterest and Instagram, and still, it feels like nothing will work in your space.

Putting together a gallery wall takes time and patience. Whether it’s a picture wall that’s filled with family photos or a display of equestrian wall art that captures your love of rustic horse country life, gallery walls require curation, planning, measuring, and styling. But where to start?

gallery wall ideasHow do you curate a gallery wall?

First, consider the room and space you’re working with. Is it the empty wall above your bed or an awkward corner? This will help determine the number of art pieces and the kind of wall decor idea you’ll want for the space. Then, think about the subject matter and color scheme for your gallery wall. Will it be black-and-white photos or a series of paintings? Finally, consider your gallery wall layout. Do you like the clean look of a row of frames or are you more into the idea of a mix-and-match arrangement that’s made up of different art placed a little more haphazardly?

For inspiration and guidance, we’ve rounded up our favorite gallery wall ideas that are easy to work into any style home or space. Check them out below along with our tips for recreating a similar gallery wall look in your home.

gallery wall ideas1. The Classic Gallery Wall

If you’re looking for simple gallery wall inspiration, this look is tried-and-true. It leans more formal and is perfect for those who want a space that has a cohesive overall style. There’s no defined grid with this gallery wall look, but the art pieces fit within each other and together they add chic visual interest to your walls.

What To Hang: To get this classic look, curate your wall art around a theme you love. The grouping of pieces you choose will help set the tone of your space, as in the collection of horse paintings and prints in this rustic dining room. A good place to start is to choose similar style artworks, such as rustic pieces with wood frames or abstract pieces with black frames.

How To Arrange It: Begin with six pieces of art and you can build out your gallery wall from there. Center them on your bare wall in an arrangement to your liking. Opt for all rectangular frames to start. Vary hanging them horizontally and vertically, aligning them with each other while leaving space in between the frames to create some breathing room between all the art pieces.

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gallery wall ideas2. The Grid Gallery Wall

For a gallery wall arrangement that’s easy, straightforward, and high-impact, try this clean-lined grid look. It’s the simplest way to display art with a curated look, and there’s no right or wrong way to do it as long as everything is lined up nicely on one wall.

What To Hang: Abstract art, paintings in complementary colors or even black-and-white photographs are all fair game here. It also depends on the room your gallery wall is in. For instance, you may want prints in soothing colors for the bedroom versus bolder, more vibrant artworks that can instantly punch up your living room’s walls. Just make sure to also go with matching picture frames for a totally cohesive look.

How To Arrange It: The single most important thing you need to remember is to precisely space out this gallery wall layout. You want to make sure that the space between each piece of art is the same and everything lines up in a neat row on your wall. The best part is that you can hang as many or as few art pieces as you’d like… two, three, four, five—it’s totally up to you! Be sure you have a level here; it will help you get your measurements just right.

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gallery wall ideas3. The Corner Gallery Wall

Think of this gallery wall idea as more of a picture wall. It’s a mini art space within the home that’s entirely devoted to your favorite prints, paintings, photos, and even wall decor if you will. What we love most about this fresh take on the gallery wall is that it has an eclectic vibe that feels at once curated but also casual, meaning it’s something that can be worked into any style room or home.

What To Hang: The key to this look is to make it eclectic by mixing all types of art styles and mediums. By bringing together simple line drawings, colorful prints, graphic abstract pieces, delicate paintings, and artful photographs, you’ll create a focal point that captivates and adds depth and visual interest to your walls. Start with a colorful piece and then pull in other works that repeat colors from the previous piece. Do this until you have a collection you’re happy with.

How To Arrange It: Just like the art, you want to keep the layout and arrangement free-flowing. Unlike other gallery walls you’ve seen, you want to break out of the grid pattern here. You can do that by combining a mix of different size art and frame materials. Then, be sure to spread out your arrangement across two walls. Yes, you heard us right. This is a bold approach and the more pieces you hang across multiple walls in a room, the better your gallery walls will look.

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gallery wall ideas4. The Wrap Gallery Wall

One of our favorite gallery wall ideas is this stylish and practical iteration. Your art is arranged around an object, like the television here, and helps to fill out the surrounding empty wall space, which would otherwise just be left empty and untouched. The result is a gallery wall that’s not only a focal point but also the centerpiece in a space like the family room.

What To Hang: Art pieces that are identical in sizes and similar in color and pattern will help create a cohesive look. The easiest way to do this is to purchase a series of framed art. If you want a more unexpected and eclectic look, you can play around with other wall decor ideas, such as a woven basket, a wooden wall sculpture, or even tie-dyed fabrics in frames. Just be sure you have equal numbers of things and they all come together to create a balanced look.

How To Arrange It: With this gallery wall look, you’ll want to pull together at least six pieces of framed art. Using a specific grid pattern—based around the object you’re decorating around in the center—will make your arrangement appear more controlled and purposeful. This gallery wall style is especially great in small spaces where you don’t want too much art on many different walls. This lets you direct focus and attention to one perfectly curated display that also lets you disguise and gussy up your more practical furnishings and objects.

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gallery wall ideas5. The Shelfie Gallery Wall

The best part about gallery walls is that whatever you ultimately choose to frame or hang is really up to you and what you like! Beyond art on the walls, consider wall decor ideas that are also functional. We especially love this shelving approach, which provides a chic twist to the whole idea.

What To Hang: By staggering wall shelves over a sofa or a bed, you can easily prop and layer art on to them to create a more three-dimensional gallery wall. That also means none of the art has to be anchored to the wall, which makes it easy for you to rearrange and swap out pieces as you like. If you’re really at a loss as to what art to start with, go with some abstract prints in shades of a single color, like blue or purple or red. You can never go wrong with that.

How To Arrange It: Varying sizes in your art and picture frames are key here. Try starting with two shelves and four art pieces. Lean larger artworks in the back and arrange the smaller ones in front. As you get inspired by more gallery wall ideas, you can add more shelves and start to include other objects, like vases and bookends, as a way to play up more visual variety and texture in your space.

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