The Top 6 Modsy Styles


What’s your home decor style? Modern? Traditional? Rustic? Chances are, it’s a combination of styles rather than something that can be defined with one word.

We’ve done a Modsy mashup of well-known home decor styles to come up with 36 unique combinations. When you take our style quiz (it’s free, by the way), you’ll get paired with one of these combos. This is ground zero – a launching point to help you get started creating your ideal home.

Our beta customers have helped us identify the 6 most popular Modsy Styles, as of now. These styles will be explored in-depth in coming weeks, so keep in touch!


The 6 Most Popular Modsy Styles

We’ve pulled inspirational images from some of the best home decor sources to give you an example of these styles. Words don’t always do justice to a style, but photos of beautiful homes say it all.

1. Mod Visionary:  A combination of Minimalist and Mid Century Modern styles. Clean, sleek and retro, often monochromatic. This style commonly includes Mid Century design classics.

(Source:, Thomas Kuoh Photography)


2. Atomic Industrial:  A combination of Industrial and Mid Century Modern styles. Weathered elements, Danish Modern and Atomic furniture often mixed with vintage metal and reclaimed wood.

(Source: West Elm)


3. Rustic Warmth:  A combination of Rustic and Transitional styles. Warm and welcoming with a blend of rustic and antique elements. 

(Source: Pinterest)


4. Elegant Connoisseur:  A combination of Hollywood Glam and Classic styles. Polished and considered, classic antiques with unexpected touches.

(Source: Angela Free Design, Photography By David Duncan Livingston)


5. Discerning Collector:  A combination of Eclectic and Minimalist styles. Spare with high contrast. A mix of styles with bold accessories.

(Source: Pinterest)


6. Rustic Minimalist:  A combination of Rustic and Minimalist styles. Traditional furnishings, set in crisp, minimal spaces. Primarily neutral palettes.

(Source: West Elm)

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