We’ve talked quite a bit on this blog about the visual power of accent wall designs. Painting an accent wall is a great way to bring a pop of color to your space and create some visual contrast. But in looking at some of the best accent wall paint colors, you’ll see a lot of bold, saturated colors. And what if that’s simply not your style?

Enter: gray accent walls. They give you the visual contrast you crave while allowing you to maintain a more neutral color palette in your space. You can still go bold and moody if you opt for a deep, dark gray—but alternately, you can also achieve a more subtle and subdued accent wall with lighter or softer shades of gray.

Want help finding the right shade of gray for a gray accent wall in your own home? Read on for our designers’ 10 favorite gray paint options, along with design inspiration for how to style rooms with gray color schemes.

P.S. Before you paint, be sure to read our blog post full of tips for painting a room!

Mid-century modren living room with Chealse gray accent wall by Benjamin Moore

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Chelsea Gray, Benjamin Moore

Chelsea Gray is a warm gray color that’s modern, yet comforting and inviting. We love this sophisticated shade of gray as an accent wall color in a multi-purpose room, as a way to visually “zone” the two spaces. In the room above, we used the Chelsea Gray accent wall to create a home office work zone within a larger living area. This accent wall anchors this room, pulling you into the space and acting as a grounding background for the office set-up.

Contemporary living room with accent wall in Off Black by Farrow & Ball

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Off Black, Farrow & Ball

Off Black by Farrow & Ball is a deep gray that is almost black—but not quite. Unlike a true black, this hue still reflects light. We love using this color as a backdrop to a neutral-but-high-contrast space. It makes furniture and architectural features, like a fireplace, really pop—especially when painted or upholstered in white. However, in the room above we also layered in some black furniture to add interesting visual depth to this dark gray accent wall.

Mid-century modern style bedroom with gray accent wall in Jubilee by Sherwin-Williams

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Jubilee, Sherwin-Williams

Jubilee is medium blue-gray that is soothing and cool. Since it leans a bit blue, this is a great color addition to a modern-style bedroom like the one pictured here. This accent color gives the space a serene feel, adding visual interest without any busyness. In fact, we love the idea of letting this gray wall stand on its own, without additional wall art or ornamentation. Instead, the color itself can be “art” in a modern space!

Contemporary living room with gray accent wall in Graphite by Benjamin Moore

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Graphite, Benjamin Moore

If you’re looking for a deep gray to use as an accent wall color, give Graphite a try. This color looks great in industrial and modern spaces, and it has an inherent sophistication to it. In the room above, we painted a gray wall to accentuate the architectural details of the space, highlighting the unique window designs!

Transitional style bedroom with accent wall in painted in Lamp Room Gray by Farrow & Ball

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Lamp Room Gray, Farrow & Ball

Lamp Room Gray is a soothing and sophisticated light gray that can appear very neutral or a bit green, depending on the light of the space. In a smaller room or one without natural light, it will feel darker and more bold, while in a large space or one with a lot of natural light, it takes on a much softer feel. In this bedroom, this gray accent wall acts as a backdrop to the bed, bringing some visual depth to the focal point of this space.

Industrial style bedroom in with accent wall painted with Peppercorn by Sherwin-Williams

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Peppercorn, Sherwin-Williams

Like the idea of dark gray walls? Peppercorn is a classic, deep gray that has no undertones—which makes it a great paint color choice for many styles and color palettes. We love it in this industrial space, where the accent color juxtaposes with the brick wall, adding contrast without being too bold.


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Flannel Gray, Behr

A medium and versatile shade of gray, Flannel Gray is perfect for any space and style. It’s a great gray wall color for a gender-neutral kids room with white and light wood furniture, as pictured above. But it can also bring to life a modern or transitional-style space. Not married to a particular style? This is the type of accent wall color where you can change the style and furniture in the room it’s in, without needing to change the wall color.

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Stonington Gray, Benjamin Moore

Stonington Gray is a versatile light gray that can be used in both rustic and modern spaces. While not a deep shade of gray, this paint color works as an accent wall because of it’s slightly green undertones, which gives contrast against white walls and trim. In the room above, this gray wall grounds the sectional, adding warmth to the walls and making that full wall the focal point of the space.

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Railings, Farrow & Ball

A softer alternative to black, Railings is a deep gray with blue undertones. This is a good gray accent wall color for a small space with a lot of natural light—adding depth and drawing you into the space. We love it in a nursery; in the room above, we used dark gray walls to contrast with the white crib and the rest of the light furniture. The result? A sophisticated and modern touch to a classic nursery design.

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Attitude Gray, Sherwin-Williams

Attitude Gray is a light and airy shade of gray that feels neutral and serene. We love this color in both living rooms and bedrooms. In this living room, instead of painting a full gray accent wall, Attitude Gray is simply used to accent the floor-to-ceiling fireplace, making it pop against the white and light neutral color palette in this space.

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