Embrace the Fake: 5 Reasons We Love Faux Plants

faux plants Fake plants have a bad reputation. To some people, they are only slightly above weeds in the plant kingdom. And frankly, the faux plants of yesteryear deserved this bad rap. They were made of thick plastic and looked about as real as you’d expect (that is to say, not real at all).

Fortunately, those days are long gone and the faux plants of today are realistic, long-lasting, and absolutely beautiful. They look so real that you might even find yourself watering them – whoops!

So if you want to infuse your home with some greenery, but aren’t sure real plants are for you, consider some faux alternatives. Here are five amazing benefits of faux plants!

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faux plants1. They’re Low Maintenance

Not everyone has a green thumb. If you’ve struggled to keep your plants alive, and often find yourself overwatering or letting them dry out, listen up! With faux plants, you get all the beauty without the worry.

No more asking the neighbors to take care of your plants while you’re on vacation – you can have your tree and not water it, too! With a faux option, you’ll never have to stress about it dying on you. How’s that for freedom!

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2. They’re Durable

While real plants can be delicate, faux plants are as beautiful as they are durable. Real plants also demand a certain amount of sun, the right amount of water, and protection from pests and diseases. When a real plant has been around a few years, it can feel like a miracle.

On the flip side, our faux plants are made out of durable materials. So not only do faux plants last for years; they also maintain their good looks the whole time.

faux plants3. They’re a Cost-Effective Alternative

Live plants are expensive, particularly if you have to continually replace them. We all have that friend who bought a $300 fiddle leaf tree only to watch it die in a few months. These expensive plant horror stories can now be a thing of the past.

You can purchase a faux plant for roughly the same (or sometimes slightly higher) price as their live counterparts. The upside is this is a one-time purchase. Instead of spending over and over on new live plants, you could swipe your credit card once and that’s it!

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faux plants4.  They Look Good

One of the best benefits of faux plants today is how real they look. Unless you really know your way around the garden, you probably can’t tell the difference with the new, better materials used today.

At Modsy, we partnered with the leading manufacturer of artificial plants, DW Silks, to add some of the most-popular and long-lasting faux plants to our catalog. We’ve dubbed them our So-Real-You-Can’t-Tell-They-Are-Fake-Line. No one will ever call your stripped agave an imposter!

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faux plants5. They’re Versatile

Perhaps the best benefit of faux plants is that you can put them anywhere. When you are a parent to real plants, you have to accommodate your photosynthesizing babies by giving them the right spot to thrive.

By contrast, faux plants thrive no matter where you put them. So if you live in Alaska but always wanted a room full of succulents, you can have your wish.


All in all, fake plants are a practical, beautiful, and cost-effective way to spruce up your home. And of course we love real plants too, but if they’re not quite the right fit for you, we’ve got you covered with some of the best faux plant varieties in town. Shop our faux plant studio to get the look in your home!

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