Easy Fireplace Mantel Styling Updates for Fall

There’s no better time than fall to give your fireplace mantel a simple and stylish refresh. Since your living room fireplace is where family and friends will likely gather during holiday parties, take this time to make your space look its best.

But rather than a thematic approach that calls for gourds and spice, or all things red and green, try switching up your mantel with a look that’s pretty and polished for all occasions.

Check out these easy ideas below for ways to turn your fireplace mantel into an eye-catching focal point.


Mantel Styling

Add Sleek Lighting and Accents

Turn your mantelpiece into an illuminating display by placing small table lamps on opposite ends with modern art and accents in between.

Lamps make for a stylish alternative to sconces, which require hanging, and they’ll provide good lighting that will help to emphasize your art pieces.

Opt for white picture frames and lamps along with artwork that’s easy on the eyes, such as illustrations, tonal paintings, and watercolors; this way, when grouped together, these pieces will appear sleek and polished rather than minimalist.

Round it all out by adding a small vessel and a single leafy stem, which will bring a little life to the spot and help direct people’s focus.


Mantel Styling

Layer Rustic Elements

Take a more seasonal and casual approach by simply updating your mantel with a few earthy accents. This is an easy way to give your space a dose of major rustic appeal.

When grouped together, this olive topiary, evocative painting and hanging lantern, add height, warmth and boldness all at once to this mantel.

And rather than leaning a handful of art pieces against each other, try propping up one impactful landscape painting so that you’re able to easily change it up with another piece according to the seasons (and your liking).

Similarly, a stack of your favorite books used as decor can contribute nicely to the overall rustic vibe but can easily be switched out.


Mantel Styling

Try a Sculptural Approach

If you’re looking to make a strong visual statement, hang a sculptural piece above your mantel to turn it into a focal point in your space.

Rather than your run-of-the-mill oversize painting or mirror, choose a large piece with lots of texture and pattern that grabs people’s attention immediately.

This hanging basket with a mesmerizing swirl design adds just the perfect sculptural and textural touch to an otherwise empty wall space.

Fill out the rest of your mantel with vessels and ceramics in quiet neutral tones that complement rather than distract from your bold centerpiece.


Mantel Styling

Curate an Elegant Scene

Rather than just a catchall for interesting accents and quirky objects, style your mantel as you would your bookshelves, with books neatly curated alongside pretty art and greenery.

If you’re tight on space, turning your mantel into a secondary bookshelf can be a pretty, space-saving hack.

A large round mirror will help to open up the space and bring a little lightness to a book-lined mantel, while botanical art layered in front and potted greenery can help to bring the outdoors in—even when the temperatures are cool.

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