Decor Inspiration: 7 Ideas for Styling Your Credenza

Historically, a dining room staple used to serve food and display fine china, credenzas are a now favorite storage piece that can be used in almost any room of the house.

Whether you call it a credenza, sideboard, or even a buffet, these enclosed storage pieces are great for stashing clutter. They are also give you an opportunity to create a design “moment” in your home.

But you don’t need professional styling chops to turn your credenza in to an amazing focal point. Learn a few of our Modsy designers’ favorite styling tricks and get inspired by these seven creative credenzas below.

1. Elegant and Formal

If your style leans towards the classic or traditional, try a symmetrical composition for your credenza.

Start with a pair of matching lamps placed on each end, and arrange a few accessories in the middle. Center a large artwork above to create the pyramidal composition that draws the eye skyward.

2. Mirror Mirror

Looking for the perfect place to hang a mirror? Why not try it right above your credenza.

This is a great option for any space, but works particularly well in entryways. Create an easy place for last-minute outfit checks on the way out the door, and use the surface as a storage space for your keys, mail, or wallet.

This is also a great solve for small spaces, as mirrors bounce light around and will make your room seem more open and airy.

3. TV Time

Many living and family rooms just wouldn’t be complete without the TV. If you’re looking for a more stylish set up for your Sunday football gatherings or family movie nights, consider mounting your TV above your credenza.

Don’t be afraid to display a few small objects on top – just be sure to tuck them to the sides so they don’t block the view!

4. Making a Statement

If you have one large piece of art to put on display, consider hanging it above your credenza for a dramatic focal point.

Unsure about sizing? A good rule of thumb is to select a piece that is about two-thirds the width of your credenza, like this artwork above. This helps draw the eye up, and makes for a balanced composition.

Try placing a few taller objects on the sides of your artwork for some extra visual intrigue. A single lamp on one side is perfectly balanced by a trio of geometric candlesticks on the other.

5. Gallery Wall

Another great way to make a visual statement above your credenza is with a gallery wall.

There are no rules when it comes to gallery walls, but an easy way to get started is to decide on a theme or color palette that will unify all the pieces you choose.

For a more traditional look, opt for pieces all the same size. If you prefer something more unique, try mix-and-matching different sizes and frames for your artworks.


6. Botanical Tapestry

Another option for crowning your credenza is to hang a tapestry. Visually lighter, and less formal than a framed artwork, this is a great way to show off a more eclectic style.

Opt for some neutral accessories below to let your tapestry shine. Try placing the tallest pieces on the edges and layering in smaller objects towards the center.


7. Asymmetric and Eclectic

The textured wood front of this credenza makes it a work of art in and of itself. Let it be the star by choosing more neutral accessories that won’t compete with it.

We love the off-centered mirror here, which adds an extra note of eclecticism to the mix. If you try this at home, place a taller vase or lamp on the other side, to balance out the look.


Need help making your credenza look its best?

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