Bunk beds are a great choice for a kids’ bedroom—especially for shared kids bedrooms. They help you maximize square footage by stacking two beds, and they are one of the most popular types of bed frames for small kids’ rooms. Plus, what kid hasn’t dreamed of a bunk bed at some point? It’s like summer camp every day of the year.

But choosing the right bunk bed for your child’s needs (and the needs of the space itself) can prove challenging. Not only that, but you’ll also want to consider style and longevity when investing in a bunk bed.

To give you some ideas for kids room designs, plus layout and style inspiration, we’ve put together the 9 best bunk bed ideas for a cool and functional kids’ room. (Bonus: these are also great ideas for those with vacation rentals who are looking to maximize sleeping space!)

Space saving bunk beds in rustic black and white bedroom

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Choose a Space-Saving Style

If you want to keep a two-bed area compact without sacrificing style, choose a bunk bed set up with a space-saving design. Exhibit A: this mid-century bunk bed with a sleek built-in ladder. The wood tones can lean either modern or rustic, which make the style extra versatile. We love it with the dark green walls pictured above. And, as part of West Elm’s mid-century collection, there are a lot of bedroom furniture options you can choose from to coordinate with this bed.

bunkbed with built-ni storage in transitional style kids rooms

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Incorporate Some Built-In Storage

We love the design of these stylish blue bunk beds—and we love the built-in storage even more! If bunk beds themselves help maximize space in a bedroom, a bunk bed with built-in storage takes it to the next level. This is a great option for a small bedroom, as the pull-out drawers under the bottom bunk offer extra storage. Plus, they’re at a height that allows kids to easily access their own clothes or toys. By eliminating the need for additional storage furniture, you get more open space in the room in front of the bunkbeds—offering lots of space for playing and setting up a bean bag or pour for reading.

Subtle natural wood finish bunkbed makes room for bolder color and accest items in this ecelctic kids bedroom

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Add Some Style

A bunk bed may be the largest piece of kids room furniture in their space—but that doesn’t mean it has to be the loudest, visually. By looking at more “neutral” bunk bed ideas and designs, you can use it as a backdrop to bring in a ton of personality to a bedroom. Adding fun pillows to the bunk bed, along with colorful paint, playful art, and decor, makes this space feel extra vibrant and youthful.

bunkbed with steps in coastal style kids bedroom

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Skip the Ladder

Kids not quite ready to climb a ladder into bed? Try a bunk bed design with a set of stairs instead. This bunk bed features a twin-sized bed over a full bed, with a stair walk-up at the end of the bed. But wait, there’s more! This bunk bed also has pull-out drawers under the bottom bunk for extra built-in storage. So, while the bunk bed itself doesn’t have the smallest footprint, the storage still makes it a good design for a small bedroom—as you can see here. This space is small but sweet, with a rug anchoring the open floor space and a sconce adding light without taking up floor space or requiring a nightstand.

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Opt for a Versatile Design

Consider transitional and modern bunk bed ideas if you’re looking to design a space that will stylistically last beyond early childhood. We particularly love the simple design of the bunk bed pictured above, which offers a lot of stylistic versatility and can grow up with your kids. It’s the type of style that colors and decor can change around it, but it will always look modern and relevant. The space above is animal-themed and designed for a younger child. But swap out the animal art for your child’s next interest and you have a new bedroom without requiring new furniture!

Another great way to maximize versatility is choosing a bunk bed design where the bunks can split apart and become two single beds in the future—if your kids move into their own rooms or get tired of bunk beds.

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Consider a Loft-Style Bunk

If your child or teen doesn’t need a second mattress but you still want to maximize floor space, consider loft-style bunk bed ideas. A loft bed raises the mattress and allows for the space under the bed to be utilized—meaning you get double floor space with this bunk bed set up. And this option isn’t just for kids. College students and even adults in a loft or studio space can enjoy this style of bed. You can add a living room setup underneath for studying, movies, and hangout space to make the most of a small dorm or apartment.

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Up Your Sleeping Capacity

A bunk bed design with a twin bed on top and a full bed on the bottom bunk is a great option for those looking for some added versatility. By having a full bunk bed, you create space for kids who want to have sleepovers, for older kids who need more space, or even as a good additional guest room option. For those with vacation rentals, this is a perfect way to up your sleeping capacity by one more person without taking up a ton of extra space!

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Make Room for Play

Since part of the purpose of a bunk bed is to maximize floor space while still sleeping two kids, we appreciate a bunk bed design with a built-in ladder that doesn’t edge out into the room. But there are other design hacks you can utilize to further save on floor space. Instead of a nightstand and bedside lamp, install some wall sconces above each bunk as a reading light. Then, utilize a toy chest and baskets to keep the floor in front of the bed clear of books and toys.

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Shoot for Longevity

Want some teen bedroom design ideas—particularly more “grown-up” bunk bed ideas? Check out the design above. The sleek modern lines and colors of this bunk bed design would be perfect for a teen space and wouldn’t feel too childish as they age. Since the design of this bunk bed is simple, it also offers the perfect backdrop to add personality in other parts of the bedroom. In this room design, a unique trunk doubles as storage and a nightstand next to the bed, and the rug and artwork add pops of color.

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