1 Bookcase 3 Ways – Tips for Styling this Storage Essential

bookcase styling

Picture this – you decide to design your living room and all your furniture has finally arrived. You get it set up just how you want it and are ready to congratulate yourself (or take a well-deserved nap on your new sofa), when you realize something is missing – all of your decor!

From your coffee table, to your bookcases, finding the right decorative pieces to fill up the empty surfaces in your new room can be a challenge. To help, our designers are sharing their best styling tips for every surface in your home. Today, we’re dishing our best tips for filling up your bookcase.

Read on for some new bookcase styling ideas and shop the looks in our bookcase styling studio!

bookcase stylingClean and Contemporary

If you need a bookcase that balances style with function, this approach might be your perfect solution.

Start with the essentials and use your bookcase as a main hub for books, baskets, and little places to stash odds and ends. This gives you a nice mix of open and enclosed shelving, so you won’t have to stress about keeping your bookcase neat and tidy 24/7. Be sure not to overstuff your shelves with items, as that can make your bookcase feel more cluttered than curated.

Then, sprinkle in a few decorative accents like a few succulents, some small art pieces, or a few unique decorative objects for that final polish.

Love this bookcase?

bookcase styling

Minimal and Modern

If you’re looking for a bookcase styling idea that embraces form alongside function, then this might be the perfect look.

With a modern and minimal design, your bookcase will be decorative but never crowded. This pared-down approach means treating your bookcase more as a vehicle for displaying a few well-curated artworks and objects. Of course you can still use it to house, you know, books, but consider a smaller number of carefully chosen volumes.

Bonus tip: Try placing large and bulkier items on the bottom shelves so that the eye is drawn up, up, up! This will help create balance and direct attention to your more delicate and striking items on the top.

Want this look for your bookcase?

bookcase styling

Artful and Eclectic

If you are a design rule-breaker, try dabbling in a more eclectic bookcase styling option. Play with mixing up unique items to make a statement, such as bowls, vases, or your favorite decorative objects. This look is all about making unexpected design choices, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box and display a few pieces that you wouldn’t traditionally think to put on a bookcase!

Eclectic doesn’t mean sloppy or random, so be sure to keep your bookcase design feeling balanced. A great way to do this is to pick a theme or color palette that will help guide your approach to styling and ensure the results feel cohesive.

Another great tip is to choose items of different heights and shapes and stagger them along your shelves. This will keep your bookcase from feeling too matchy-matchy and create a lovely layered effect.

Make this bookcase yours!

Need help finding the right bookcase styling ideas for your space?

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  1. Rebecca Gardner says:

    It made sense when you explained that putting too many items on a bookcase can end up causing it to look cluttered. My husband and I just moved to a larger home and are thinking about buying several bookcases and shelves to fill out the space. We like the idea of adding western-style decor and accessories as well as books, so we’ll be sure to keep your tips in mind when placing them!


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