The best way to create a home design that feels personalized and unique to you is by mixing design styles. In doing this, you can bring together elements from two or more different styles that you enjoy, creating your own unique mix.

At Modsy, we believe in mixing styles for a space that is unique to you. While there are “pure” styles and people who are dedicated to one singular look, we find most people tend to be naturally eclectic—meaning, they design their homes by pulling in a mix of styles into one space. Most of us are drawn to many different styles and design elements that don’t necessarily fit into one particular style box—and it’s ok to have a room that mixes them together!

When it comes to mixing styles, two that we’re seeing combined this year are farmhouse and boho styles. Both of these styles are popular on their own, and together they create a fun and approachable look that feels super livable. Since this is such a popular style combination at the moment, we wanted to answer some common questions we get about this combination, introduce you to the style, and show you how to get the look in your own home!

Can you mix boho and farmhouse decor?

Of course! In fact, boho and farmhouse are great styles to mix together; they’re both relaxed, casual, and comfortable styles, which gives them some natural synergy. And the mix of these styles is pretty fun. You get the country cottage charm of farmhouse design and the lighthearted playfulness of boho style. This is a particularly great combination if you’re attracted to both of these styles—it’s the perfect meeting place between the two—or if you and a partner or roommate are trying to combine these two styles to honor both or your design preferences.

What is boho farmhouse style?

This is a design style that offers a playful twist on farmhouse style. With farmhouse as the foundational style, you can use boho decor elements to add fun, bright, and eclectic elements into your space. The result is a relaxed look that’s casual and inviting—hallmarks of both boho and farmhouse styles. This style also plays up textures and natural materials. However, while farmhouse style on its own is fairly neutral, boho farmhouse style is full of rich colors—spanning the range from earth tones to jewel tones, depending on how you want to bring this look to life.

Tips for Decorating a Boho Farmhouse Space

Want to bring a boho farmhouse look to life in your own home? Scroll down for 11 tips for decorating a boho farmhouse space!

1. Maximize Natural Light

Both farmhouse and boho styles thrive in homes that are awash in natural light. So, when it comes to boho farmhouse style, keeping the space well-lit with lamps or natural light can help it feel relaxed, casual, and welcoming. But don’t forget to decorate windows though with natural material items like bamboo shades or linen drapes, which not only offer privacy at night but also bring in layered textures to your space!

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2. Add in Natural Materials

Using natural materials throughout your furniture and decor is key in creating a boho farmhouse look. Start with farmhouse-inspired natural and rustic wood furniture. Then, add in boho staples like rattan furniture and macrame wall hangings. All of these natural materials look amazing with a warm earthy color palette.

Using boho-inspired natural materials is a great way to layer boho style into a space that’s style or architecture is already farmhouse—like this shiplap-walled bedroom!

3. Add Greenery Throughout Your Space

Both farmhouse and boho styles utilize fresh (or faux) greenery as earthy, decorative elements within a room. So, adding greenery to your boho farmhouse room design is of the utmost importance. It not only draws out the casual, approachable quality of both styles but it also acts as a bridge to help blend the styles together.

Bring this to life by adding vases of arranged greenery, as well as potted plants, to surfaces throughout your space. Utilize stylish vases, bowls, and baskets to add additional visual layers and textures.

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4. Utilize an Earthy Color Palette

An earth-toned palette is a great way to bring out the laid-back nature of boho farmhouse decor. We particularly love golds, greens, and blush tones, which add a lot of personality but still make a space feel grounded. Plus, earth tones are a beautiful compliment to soft natural materials like woven macrame, faux fur, and leather. These materials add richness to a boho farmhouse space and drive home the casual-but-cozy feel of this style.

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5. Incorporate Vintage-Inspired Elements

Boho farmhouse style has vintage or vintage-inspired elements throughout the space—since both boho and farmhouse design have a vintage leaning. As such, vintage decor like worn rugs and distressed finishes speak to both styles and are another great way to bring these two designs together.

You can either scour flea markets for a true antique or vintage rug—or go for a vintage-inspired design from a brand like Bhawan Textiles, that offers a lived-in patina. You can also layer in weathered and distressed furniture, like the coffee table pictured above, to bring a time-worn look to your space.

6. Layer Your Decor and Show Off Your Collections

Another thing that makes farmhouse and boho styles such great compliments to each other? They both have a look of being collected over time, with a lot of visual layers.

A great way to show off your unique collections and decor is to hang display shelves. Style your shelves by layering natural materials (like a woven plate or a vase of dried grass), vintage books, framed prints, and any other collected and unique decor. And don’t be afraid to go maximalist and layer down the whole wall with different textures and varying heights of furniture and decor, like in the room pictured above!

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7. Balance the Decorative with the Practical

In a boho farmhouse space, don’t hold back on the personality-packed decor. This is a playful style, and a big way you can bring that to life is through decorative accents and color. However, farmhouse style tends to be fairly practical—so it’s important to balance these decorative accents with practicality.

This boho farmhouse entryway is a perfect example, with equal parts decor and practical touches. With a high-contrast neutral color base—featuring black, white, and light wood tones—the entryway gets some visual pops with moments of serene colors like blush, green, and gold. The weathered bench is a farmhouse staple, while the jute basket, hanging planter, and fringe pillows add that casual boho vibe to the space.


8. Keep Things Cozy with Layers

When designing a boho farmhouse space, comfort and relaxation are key. Adding layers of textiles—like pillows, plush furniture, rugs, and throws—can make this style come together and feel super inviting while also offering a sense of functionality.

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9. Go Bold with High-Contrast Neutral Colors

If you want a boho farmhouse look that’s a bit more bold, opt for a color palette of high-contrast neutrals, paired with varying wood tones to keep it aligned with boho and farmhouse styles. Just be sure to incorporate plenty of textures in a high-contrast neutral space, which keeps the look from tipping into the modern farmhouse design style. In the room above, we grounded a high-contrast color palette with textures like the carved headboard, the rustic wood nightstand, the tasseled pillows, and the unique wall hangings.

10. Prioritize Rustic Materials and Clean Lines

A great way to keep boho farmhouse decor looking modern and relevant is by choosing furniture with clean, simple lines. But the key here is to stick with rustic materials, like raw, natural wood to keep the design in the farmhouse camp.

The dining table pictured above is a perfect example—this gorgeous farmhouse table has a vintage quality to it, but the clean, sleek lines make it feel more modern. You can then bring in boho decorative accents—like woven pendants, organic greenery arrangements, and eclectic wall hangings.

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11. Incorporate Whimsical Elements

One of the hallmarks of boho design is its penchant for whimsical decor. Layering whimsical decor into a room that leans more farmhouse style is an easy way to start blending boho and farmhouse styles.

In the bedroom above, the spindle bed and crib, in white and maple finishes, embody a classic farmhouse style. But the addition of the animal art, llama mobile, polka-dot rug, and tassel garland bring a boho-inspired whimsy to the room’s design. It’s proof that small decorative accents can completely change the vibe of a space and seamlessly blend two styles! This room is also proof that boho farmhouse is a perfect style for a kids room or nursery!

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