Revisit Our Top 20 Most-Loved Interiors of 2018

Another year, another batch of beautiful homes sent into the world! To celebrate the end of 2018 we took a (virtual) walk down memory lane to revisit some of the spaces you loved most.

From rustic living rooms to iconic tv show sets, here are 20 of our best interiors from 2018!

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best interiors 2018

1. An Eclectic and Modern Living Room

A customer favorite for its modern yet livable design and playful patterns, this much-loved living room look was one of our best interiors of 2018! Featuring some of our favorite kid-friendly design tips, it’s a room you can actually live in (not just look at).


best interiors 20182. A Space-Saving Studio Apartment

One of our smallest spaces was also one of the biggest hits this year. The lesson? You can’t go wrong with a bold wall and neutral decor. (And skipping the nightstand in favor of vertical storage sure doesn’t hurt!)


best interiors 20183. Carrie Bradshaw’s One-Bedroom, Reimagined for 2018

Is there a more iconic interior than Carrie Bradshaw’s junior one-bedroom from Sex and The City? (Well, actually es, but more on that later.) To mark the show’s 20th anniversary, our designers gave Bradshaw’s place a 2018 makeover.

Bonus round! See how the apartment might have looked if the other gal pals – Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda – had taken over the lease!


best interiors 20184. A Neutral-Hued Living Room

What happens when you take all of our best-selling products and put them together in one design? You wind up with one of our most-loved interiors of the year!


best interiors 20185. A Marrakesh-Inspired Room with a View

Need a little more eclecticism in your life? Look no further than this studio inspired by Morocco. The image that sparked a thousand (or so) “where’d you get that” comments, this was truly one of the most popular designs of 2018.

But seriously, wondering where we got it? The full shopping list can be found here!


best interiors 20186. A Bedroom Designed Ala Chris Loves Julia

If gallery walls could talk, this one probably wouldn’t stop talking about its chart-topping debut on Instagram. Designed in our exclusive Chris Loves Julia x Modsy collection, it really is one for the books.

Need this design in your life? We thought so. Shop this whole image here along with the rest of the collection.


best interiors 20187. A Functional and Stylish Studio Apartment

One of the most challenging rooms to design, studio apartments have to fit three rooms in one and look good doing it! To help we laid out 2 completely different ways to style this same space, and it became one of our most-popular designs in the process.

Looking for layout help? Peek the 2 looks for this studio here.


best interiors 20188. A Living Room Where Rustic Meets Cozy

Nothing gets comfier than our latest Rustic Warmth collection, which brings together relaxed furnishings with rustic accents to give your room a cozy, lived-in feel. It’s no wonder this image broke records as one of our best design of the year.

Need this look in your life? You can shop the whole thing here.


best interiors 20189. The Iconic Friends Apartment with a 2018 Upgrade

The most iconic of our interior updates of 2018! To celebrate the 14th anniversary of the Friends series finale, we wanted to once and for all answer the question of what that purple apartment would look like today if Monica and Chandler hadn’t given up the keys.

And we couldn’t help but wonder how the space would look  if Rachel or Joey moved in.


best interiors 201810. A Pint-Sized Living Room Finds the Perfect Fit

A tiny living space calls for grand solutions. This petite space was one of our best interiors of the year! Not just a pretty face, it’s also got some great ideas that can work in any small room.

Learn a few lessons from the small space pros here.


best interiors 201811. A Textured Living Space Inspired by Iceland

Chilly weather making you want to snuggle up in a pile of chunky-knit throws and never reemerge? Our interior inspired by Iceland knows how you feel. What’s more, it’s got everything you need (including a wood burning stove) to keep you cozy all winter long.

Ready to hibernate here until 2019? This link has the full scoop on how to get the Icelandic look.


best interiors 201812. A Mid-Century Living Room With Playful Patterns

The changing of the seasons is the best time to give your home a design refresh. For spring of 2018 we recapped quick and easy ways to get your home into warm-weather shape. We may be a ways off from that still, but you can still admire this mid-century living room rendered in neutrals and blues!


best interiors 201813. A Refined Take on a Rustic Living Space

Sometimes you want a room that’s elegant, and sometimes you also want one that’s rustic and cozy. We found a way to do both.

Shop the look of this much-loved living room here!


best interiors 201814. One of Mandy Moore’s New Mid-Century Living Rooms

Mandy Moore’s newly renovated mid-century mansion is a design lover’s delight. This living room, from the curvy velvet chairs to the exposed brick partition, is the eclectic/mid-century mashup we didn’t know we needed.

Take the full tour of Mandy’s new pad and learn how to get the look here.


best interiors 201815. A Modern Living Room With Extra-Sneaky Storage

A design that had everyone talking, this living room has a secret. Not only does it look great, it’s also an expert as sneaking in hidden storage. Bet you didn’t spot all the clutter hiding inside the coffee table!

Get the scoop on 7 more ways to sneak storage into your space.


best interiors 201816. A Bold and Layered Living Space

When we put this rug on our homepage, we didn’t know it would cause the stir that it did. To help our customer success team field the never-ending inquiries, we divulged our source once and for all.

Shop the look of this must-have rug, along with 4 more of our designers’ favorites.


best interiors 201817. A Bland Basement Turned Modern Family Room

If you’re looking for a masculine way to work a blue sofa, stop scrolling now. From the family room of one of our very own Modsy customers, this industrial yet livable design shows us how it’s done.

Curious how Zack turned his cavernous basement into a functional family room? Read his full story here.


best interiors 201818. Blanche Devereaux’s Tropical Bedroom Update

One of our favorite cinematic interiors, the 33rd anniversary of the Golden Girls was the perfect excuse to give Blanche’s bedroom a 2018 update. Our biggest surprise? The number of people dying to get their hands on that gold, palm leaf headboard.

Take the full tour of Blanche, Sophia, Dorothy, and Rose’s 2018 digs.


best interiors 201819. A Living Room that Proves Neutrals Don’t Have to be Boring

Our Modsy Style Team is always refining and refreshing our design collections, but this year, they gave Mod Collector an update it will never forget. Out with the bold colors and in with the textured neutrals!

Is this your style? Let’s find out here!


best interiors 201820. An Industrial Yet Inviting Dining Space

Dining rooms don’t often make the list of best interiors, so when they do you know they have to be pretty spectacular. This industrial dining space invites color in through a bold wall and strikes the perfect balance between edgy and welcoming.


Want Your Room to be one of 2019’s best interiors?

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