Homeowner: Briana B.

Spaces: Multiple rooms

When Briana, her husband, and their baby moved to a larger home in the suburbs, they worried about how they would furnish the extra space while maintaining a consistent and personal design style. Wanting to avoid any design missteps, they decided to try online interior design, and they enjoyed the combination of expert designer guidance and 3D visualization.

The Design Dilemma

Briana and her husband were excited to move their young family from a city rental to a larger home in the suburbs. But they found themselves daunted by the idea of furnishing a larger space from scratch.

“We were moving into our first home, and there were SO many more rooms to furnish! We really didn’t know where to start,” Briana explains. “We knew we wanted to fill our new colonial-style home in a way that felt personal, modern, and stylish—we just didn’t know how”

With multiple rooms to design and furnish, full-time work, and a baby, the couple was legitimately concerned over how they’d achieve the right look for their home. “We were most afraid of two things: either buying impersonal furniture sets straight out of big-box store catalogs OR combining a bunch of individual pieces that didn’t look cohesive or stylish in the end,” says Briana.

The Modsy Moment

The couple wanted to avoid any design missteps and ensure a cohesive-but-personalized look throughout their home. To help with the process, they turned to online interior design for expert guidance and 3D visualization.

“We were amazed to see how Modsy turned photos from a phone into a realistic depiction of the spaces in our home,” says Briana. “We genuinely got so excited when we saw our first designs. From there, it was so easy to bring our design vision together.”

Briana and her husband enjoyed how easy it was to collaborate with their personal designer and make minor tweaks to the design on their own using Modsy’s Live Swap feature. “Our designer was super responsive and gave us great design revision, always getting us closer to our end goal,” says Briana. “Between her expert help and having the option to swap individual items in or out on our own, we quickly create a consistent and personal look for our many unfinished rooms.”

After landing on a design they loved, the couple decided to use Modsy’s one-stop shopping to bring their design vision to life. “Purchasing furniture and decor from our designs was a breeze,” says Briana. “Just one click to buy from all the different stores and websites, and only input shipping/payment info one time? Amazing!”

The Real Results

Briana and her husband are so thankful for a home design that feels cohesive and reflects their personal style. They’ve even noticed over time that their home design has positively impacted their general mood, especially over the last year or so.

“Now that we work from home full time, we’ve noticed that having beautifully designed rooms to relax and unwind in is great,” says Briana. “We both frequently find ourselves staring at our rooms while on video calls for work. We can tell you, having a nice place for your eyes to rest during work meetings is a life-saver. “

Briana adds that “living in an aesthetically pleasing space genuinely improves our mood and quality of life. Especially now that we stay home more because of working from home, new COVID variants, and having a toddler!”

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